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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, rick and sarah are off, i'm matt o'donnell. in the news, several people need to deal with car repairs, a vandal slashed their tires often
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christmas day. new york attorney general may take issue with donald trump trying to shut down his charitable foundation. new on this noon, it's a damp and chilly day after christmas. cloudy and cool, look looking at the ben franklin bridge, a touch of freezing rain is possible in the poconos this afternoon. meteorologist karen rogers is in for david murphy with a check on the forecast. >> reporter: national weather service extended the freezing rain advisory for berks, north hampton and poconos until 1:00 p.m. watch for the chance of this through the afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing it's just showers near the city itself. let's start to the north, we can see near lake harmony you're getting freezing rain, be careful alongism-80 and 209. allentown and easton, 202 it's rain, but it could be slick.
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pilots and honeybrook if you're traveling around 322, 422 it's coming down steadily, it's just rain, along the edge it's blue. it's possible when it coming down lightly at first be the adheres to the roadway. something to be careful of as you head out right now. i want to show you the temperatures in the area. let's start with the north and west, 3 # -- 33 in martins creek and pottstown. in the valleys the hills may get different temperature readings be that's why the concern for the freezing rain. 40 in kennett scare, 38 in saint davids, 42 in center city. in new jersey, upper 30s to 46 in hoom ton. 49 in -- hammonton, 49 in woodbine already. it feels cool out there because of the clouds and the drizzle. the windchill is 38 degrees. the actual temperature bumping up close to 50. that hams tonight. satellite and radar showing the clouds in place, some of the freezing drizzle that we're
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talking about, here the temperatures in the afternoon. 2:00 p.m., 44. 6:00 p.m., 46 degrees. they keep going up. 8:00 p.m -- 10:00 p.m., 48 degrees, matt, so the temperature rising up, we have more precipitation on the way tomorrow morning. i'll show you that in a few minutes. >> this day after christmas is a travel day for many people who went elsewhere for the holiday weekend. action cam live at philadelphia international airport, flights are going smoothly. chicago has seen delays at the two major airports because of rain. from the return trips to the returns to the registers, because sometimes santa claus doesn't bring you exactly what you ask for. annie mccormick is tracking the post christmas returns and sales and joins us live at the gloucester premium outlets in south jersey. matt, we have another chance to get it right. if you look out here at the
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gloucester premium outlet, looks like the holiday season is gaining momentum. we have several days of chanukah left and several people are off this week. just like santa, shoppers hold stacks of presents today after christmas, looking for deals an more family time. >> we came as soon as we open, so we can return her bag, and i'll buy her stuff today because it's a better deal. >> reporter: this family doesn't take a chance at guessing what their kids want under the tree. this time they spend time together. >> >> kids got money and gift cards and here to spend it. >> right after christmas let them bring their money, it's cheaper than getting it before christmas. >> reporter: some shoppers are returning, most are buying. >> we got 50% off. so we kind of went crazy. we didn't do any returns.
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i would say overall there are things i like in the store. for kids it was about staying warm at the outlet mall, when you're not the one buying, shopping can be fun. >> my mom does the shopping, sometimes i go with her, because sometimes she'll go here and we'll stop at stores like we want to stop at. >> reporter: who buys? >> my bottom. it's better to shop that way. >> reporter: for a lot of people who got gift cards, remember if you don't want to use them at a particular store, you can sell them online there's a number of websites you can buy them from you. there are a lot of holiday hours at a lot of shopping centers. back to you. >> a truck overturned and caused a mess in king of prussia on the ramp i-76 westbound to 202 south.
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at 10:00 a.m., the truck flipped on its side and appears to be construction debris. only one lane of traffic was getting by while crews were brought in to clean it up. the driver was treated for minor injuries. >> president-elect trump is working to fill his cabinet even while he finish his vacation in south florida. kenneth moten is following the white house transition and joins us live from the nation's capitol. >> reporter: donald trump is finding his veterans affair and agricultural secretary. he is trying to separate himself from the foundation and it is proving to be difficult. donald trump celebrates his last christmas before becoming president. a standing ovation from the president-elect who is busy trying tole fill out his cabinet weeks before inauguration day, he is stepping on the current
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president's toes making he is not happy about the white house's decision to not pass the itz settlement. >> after january 20th he will be the conduct of american policy. until then, president obama is. >> reporter: trump plans to shut down the family foundation to avoid giving the appearance of any conreflect in his role as president. the attorney general said not so fast he is being investigated over concerns how he collected and gave out money. he maybe putting out potential fires before taking office, but his popularity is lower than his predecessor. le trump is at 42%. >> donald trump has made great 'peels to his base, and the voters that support him, but few appeals that supported hillary
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clinton or a third party that's the problem as he takes office. >> and the man trumped tapped as the white house communications director is out. two days after taking the job, jason miller said the timing is not right and his family is his top priority. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> george michael fans are mourning the pop star who apparently died of heart failure at one of his homes in england's. 53-year-old was one half of the british pop sensation wham and followed that with a break out solo career. he sold 100 million records over three decades. we'll have more on his legacy and the tribute in the next half-hour. police are on the hunt for a man who murdered an 81-year-old woman inside her own business. marie buck was shot on south
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tight an -- titan street. the business is two doors down from the their home. a person was hit multiple times and is in critical condition. police initially said the shooter was wearing camouflage, now they believe he was wearing a green jacket with if you are on the hood and black cap and red stripes and snowflakes. 9 people in the north wood neighborhood woke up on christmas to find their car tires slashed. some of the damaged cars were parked along faulkrod street this morning. jeff chirico will have more on the investigation at 12:30. crews are recovering
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pieceful a russian plane that crashed into the plaque sea. president obama pays tribute to the troops during his final christmas as commander-in-chief. it's time to pack up the decorations, whew, we'll tell you how to recycle your christmas tree when "action news" continues. >> 'tis the day of mourning in
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russia to remember the 92 people killed in a plane crash in the black sea over the weekend. russian officials say a pilot error or technical problem is likely to blame for the crash. aviation officials say there could foul play. dozens of sirnlings from the world -- singers from the world famous military choir were on board. the black box is missing. residents in southern chile are cleaning up from a strong earthquake that strict yesterday. it truck 800 miles south of the capitol. no major damages or death were reported. thousands were evacuate over tsunami concerns, but allowed to return home. police have the man in
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custody who opened fire inside a crowded nightclub in the new york city suburbs. he as reportedly kicked out in mount vernon west chester which the yesterday morning, the mansion being the nightclub. he returned with a gun and killed two people, including the club's other than. four others were wounded. hillary was charged with attempted murder back in may. major highways in north dakota had to be shut down following dozens of crashes and snow and freezing rain, many cars were stranded in flagstaff, arizona. hundreds of flights were delayed and canceled nationwide yesterday. his last christmas, commander-in-chief paid tribute to the troops serving overseas. >> it's impossible to repay what you've done and the
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sacrifices you make. at least it's important to hear from us, what you do matters and that we know about it and we're grateful and will stay grateful even when many of you end up being out of uniform. >> the president has made it a tradition to spend time on christmas at the marine corps base in hawaii not far from the rented house where the first family is spending their winters vacation. the japanese prime minister will meet president obama at pearl harbor, that will mark the first time a japanese leaderred visited the -- leader had visited the site of the attack. astronauts on the space station feasted on turkey and potatoes and hot cocoa.
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residents in philadelphia can recycle their trees next week from january 2 through january 14. you can drop off your trees at the streets department convenience centers from 7:00 a.m. throw saturday. trees parkside along the curbs will be picked up on the regular trash day. plans are taking shape for the new year's eve ball drop in time square. find out who will be pushing the button in 2017. a super fan has a christmas he will never forget. see the surprise from his parents that had him crying tears of joy. fios in the house!
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going up in less than a week. drivers will pay less than 8 cents a gallon starting sunday january 1. this will be the third and final increase for the law passed in 2013 to pay for the state transportation project. pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the country and it is going higher. november and december account for less than 21% of annual retail sales at traditional brick and mortar stores, that's down from a peak of over 25%. experts believe it will continue dropping. people shop for the holidays all yearlong and fewer are waiting to make their big performs. "healthcheck" this noon, grandparents who look after their grandchildren may be doing themselves a favor. they live an average of five
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years longer than those who do not. the life span of 500 people from germany and switzerland between the ages of 70 and 103 years old. researchers are unsure of the region, but suggest it's something innate in our specious. minnesota will ban antibacterial soap containing tricosane saying plain old soap and water is just as effective. it interrupts hormones and lingers in water systems. the ban takes effect september next year. "action news" is working on news stories at 4:00 p.m. the average person gains a pound or two around the holidays, thanks to the parties and the food. we'll have tips from consumer reports and the appetizer to by for your waistline and wallet.
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. out there? >> reporter: up in the poconos and concern for it in the lehigh valley. let's go to storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see what i am talking about, not a lot of precipitation on the map. must have of it green meaning just rain, i want to go in closer with double scan give you an idea what's happening. here in the poconos you can see blue mixing in with that in the higher elevations. we have freezing rain there and the advisory lasts until
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4:00 p.m. mixed in with the drizzle you see areas of blue near easton and allentown. we could see freezing drizzle in other spots, as well. that's why the national weather service has that posted. closer to the city it's drizzle and nothing to worry about too much, be careful as you're traveling in case it's slippery. let's go outside and see what it looks like, chopper 6 hd was out doing flying and a cool look at the city with lots of cloud cover over the region. visibility down a little bit in the north where they are getting lower clouds and drizzle in the area. 42 degrees the current temperature right now. temperature rising, even though we're talking about freezing drizzle it's in the 40s in the city. the dewpoint, 33. the pressure is holding stealed. the winds out of the east/northeast, the ocean temperature, 43. you look at the temperatures, the concern for the poconos where the temperatures are in the 20s, in allentown, reading you're hovering near the freezing mark the reporting
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sites are above it, at the report sites might be a spot or two higher. 49 in cape may. salt -- satellite and radar showing a warm front moving through, temperatures are rising and we are getting spotty precipitation, you can see that on the radar. as we widen out the cold front that will hit us, that swings through tomorrow morning's commute and gets us a bit wet. not a lot of precipitation, but a bit wet. 2:00 p.m., 44 degrees, 4:00 p.m., 45. it will rain or drizzle at any point not a lot of precipitation enough to make it feel damp and dreary. the temperatures keep rising, upper 40s, 48 degrees at 10:00 p.m. tonight. that's the 12-hour forecast as we saw the temperatures progress.
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this morning we were in 30s. cloudy skies and misty, freezing drizzle not an wetter, but not a lot of -- north and west, not a lot of people see that. temperatures rise overnight, which is a good thing because we get more precipitation on the way. 10:30, not a lot happening. we advance this in the overnight hours, it's wet, but not freezing because the temperatures will be well into the 50s even tomorrow morning. we're talking about unseasonable mild air. let's check the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. starting with today, cloudy skies, some drizzle here and there, 48 degrees for the high. tomorrow, an early shower and warm high of 60 degrees. it's dry in the afternoon, get out there and make plans. wednesday toppling down to average, 43 degrees, we go from 60 to 43 behind the front. thursday, early rain, high of 49. friday, winds and colder, 40, maybe a snow shower in the northwest with some lake-effect snow.
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saturday brick and chilly, 39 -- brisk and chilly, 39. saturday sunday, temperature, 47 degrees. we're talking about snow flurries and 60s in the same week. >> we're learning about the new year's celebration in time square. the united nations secretary will push the button to begin the countdown to 2017. december 31 will be the south korean's state man's last day as the croon head. a comedy about mom that had lots of moviegoers laughing is coming back with a sequel. those stories and more neck. ever few
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>> hello, again, rick and sarah are off, i'm matt o'donnell. philadelphia police are looking at surveillance video as they search for the vandals who slashed tires on vehicles on christmas. mourners continue to leave flowers outside george michael's home in england who died suddenly yesterday. vandalism investigation is
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underway in a philadelphia neighborhood where vandals slashed tires on several vehicles, at least nine vehicles were hit all in the same block. jeff chirico is live along faulkrod street in north wood section with reaction with some of the victims. jeff. >> reporter: hey, matt when many of us were waking up to gifts under the law the tree, folks here woke up to headaches you can see it behind me, a row of cars with their tires slashed. the vandal was caught on camera. that's who folks along the 900 block of faulkrod street is responsible for a tire slashing spree on christmas morning. this man's sister's car was among those vandalleddize celebrating christmas eve with family. >> she was getting in the car to go home and realized the tires were


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