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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday december 27th. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> here's what's happening. panic ensues at dozens of shopping centers across the country as melees and disturbances break out among teenagers. we have details. >> current president versus future president. president obama makes a bold statement about the 2016 election and donald trump fires back. >> it's almost game time. the temple owls prepare to take on wake forest in the military bowl with a chance of making history. >> first up, it's going to make you feel like you're in hawaii today. let's turn to meteorologist karen rogers in for david and matt pelman. >> i was standing out here thinking it doesn't feel like winter because i'm always cold and i'm not cold. let's take a look at the temperatures through the area. it's 40 degrees in martins creek, it's 50 degrees in
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quakertown, pottstown, 52 in colesville, 53 in kennett square. it's already 56 in chester, center city and levittown. what's it look like in new jersey? 55 in browns mills, 56 in hammonton, line in woodbine, 55 degrees in vineland, 57 already in dover, delaware. couple of sprinkles trying to come down now as you take a look as they're hitting west of the city for the most part. we see them moving in from the west so just starting to get a little shower here and there. the first half of your day is going to be wet at times. satellite6 and action radar showing not a lot of rain with this but clouds have moved in. some showers starting to move in. the heavier showers are still out to the west and they'll move in in the next few hours. so, the first half of your day lots of clouds and a shower at times. we hit our high of 62 pretty early today and through the afternoon temperatures slowly fall so by 7:00 a.m., 58. by 10, a.m., 61. by 1 o'clock 59 with a bit more sunshine. it's a nice afternoon. by 4 o'clock 57 and 7 o'clock
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48 degrees. a little breezy outer here as well at times but we have a big change come tomorrow so i'll show you what it looks like in that seven day in just a few minutes matt. >> but for now we're liking these temperatures, karen rogers and for the most part we've been liking the speeds around the area except in this one spot. 95 and southbound we had a broken down vehicle between allegheny and this point at girard. they just got it pushed out of the way so now all of the southbound lanes are reopened here in the ongoing work zone but the speeds, well, they're still in the upper 20's as you come down from the betsy ross bridge. little bit of an early morning backlog because of that earlier dv on 95 southbound. but no big issues so far this morning along the roosevelt boulevard or the schuylkill expressway. and this is the vine street expressway just off the schuylkill. it's fine for the most part pretty dry and there was no overnight construction because of the holiday. so everything is opened. crews do come back tonight, though, to work and they'll work the next three nights and close it starting at 11 o'clock. and we expect the water department crews to return here today in queen village.
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the scene of our water main break from a week ago now on the southbound side of columbus boulevard but for this morning's commute the left lane is opened. however, i would expect some slowing. have a crash in tullytown bucks county this morning along levittown parkway near 13 by the dunkin' donuts and the trenton regional rail station, but our accident in douglas township on the ramp from 73 philadelphia avenue to 100 northbound is gone as is the one in chester along 291. all cleared out on this tuesday morning. matt. >> thanks matt. new on "action news," bursts of mall brawls and disturbances rippled across social media on a day many swarmed shopping centers for post holiday bargains. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the philadelphia mills mall in northeast philadelphia. annie. >> reporter: and matt last night there was a heavy police response here at philadelphia mills mall. however, there were no incidents reported. that was not the case at numerous malls across the country. authorities are wondering if those melees and brawls were
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linked to something that was organized on social media. late last night philadelphia police responded to philadelphia mills shopping mall way report of large crowds. there were no arrests or specific incidents reported but across the country police had a busy day at other shopping centers as crowds spilled in for post holiday sales and returns. in elizabeth, new jersey, this was the scene at the mills at jersey gardens after several people were injured trying to evacuate when a fight broke out in the food court. shoppers mistook a chair falling to the grounds for gunfire and ran. chaos ensued. two pregnant women suffered minor injuries, a 12-year-old broke his leg and an eight-year-old child suffered a cut finger. in ohio, officers used pepper spray to diffuse a fight. authorities arrested a juvenile for trying to hit an officer. ohio police believe the melee was loosely organized on social media. in aurora illinois just outside of chicago videos posted on twitter show mall security trying to get a group under control there.
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>> everyone is pulling out their phones i see the police rushing in. i see kids hitting each other, kids trampling each other so it was just madness. >> reporter: alexis malone was working inside the illinois shopping center and says multiple fights broke out inside around 7:00 last night. temporarily closing the mall. and back out here live those were not the only places across the country. arizona, texas, indiana, connecticut, colorado and tennessee also had similar incidents reported at their malls as well. again, authorities are looking into the link that overall they are all linked to something that was organized on social media. for now reporting live outside of philadelphia mills annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie, thank you. police are asking the public for helping identifying the cold-blooded killer who murdered an 81-year-old woman on christmas eve. police say the shooter came into marie buck's corner store at sixth and titan on saturday
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dressed in a dark hoodie and clothing and without saying a word opened fire shooting the senior a dozen times. buck had been running the store for 43 years. she was a fixture of the neighborhood who always helped people who were in need or just down on their luck. no one can figure out why someone would kill her. >> she was unbelievably warm loving person and the worst people didn't deserve to die like that. not alone the best. >> this is a supremes it's unbelievable. sometimes you think you want to wake up and it just be a nightmare you been dreaming. 81 years old. who could possibly have done that? who could have possibly hated her that much to do that? >> buck's family says she didn't have surveillance cameras because she didn't think she'd ever need them. she was set to finally retire next month. >> allentown police are trying to sort out a deadly double stabbing. authorities identified the victim who died as 27-year-old lord alfred guerrero.
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he was found at the intersection of sixth street and sumner court early yesterday morning. the other man richard mccause land is being treated at lehigh valley hospital. police say the two were involved in al disturbance involving several people. it may have been a road rage incident. >> a direction university professor has stirred up a firestorm over one of his tweets. it read, all i want for christmas is white genocide. george ciccariello-maher an associate professor of politics is defending his christmas eve and social media post calling it satirical. however, drexel summoned him to a meeting to find out more. the school released a statement calling his comments utterly reprehensible deeply disturbing and do not in any way reflect the values of the university. >> turning to business, retailers are banking on new sales to make up for the rush of holiday returns this week. erin aid is filling in for maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now, with many consumers heading back to stores this week to return or exchange
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their gifts retailers have an opportunity to make another sale. about 10 percent of holiday purchases are returned and that's according to the national retail federation. the vast majority of those goods they're returned to actual brick and mortar stores regardless of where they were purchased. now this gives retailers a chance to sell shoppers on new merchandise to help offset the high cost of returns and an opportunity e commerce players they don't share. elsewhere the stock market closed ahead of christmas on friday. the dow settling just shy of 25 points and right now futures are pointing to a higher open. we've got a full lineup of economic reports out this week including the latest on consumer confidence and pending home sales. holidays showed just how much consumers utilize their credit cards. now the average household has $16,061 in credit card debt according to personal finance site nerd wallet. sean mccray he's nerd wallet's credit and banking expert has a few tips to help americans
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reduce their credit card department mckay suggests setting aside any bonus or tax refund money and looking into balance transfers. the currents average credit card interest rate is 18.76 percent according to nerd wallet and that number may climb hire with the fed's decision to raise rates. that's all from the nas mark site in new york city i'm erin aiden. back to you guys. >> you got pay that off erin. it's a pretty high interest rate or spend less. thank you very much. happening today the temple owls face wake forest in the military bowl in annapolis maryland. interim head coach ed foley was on handled at the temple alumni pep rally in downtown washington, d.c. last night. the 23 ranked owls going for a record setting 11th victory of the season and they're favored in the game. you can watch the owls take on wake forest on our sister network espn. kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. >> time for accuweather. the headline is warm temperatures today, right. >> nice and warm. you can enjoy that after the showers. some showers moving through right now and storm tracker6
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live double scan showing that not a whole lot of activity. it's just starting to get a little wet in a few spots right now and we can go a little closer right now on double scan with our street level view to show you where it's happening. so, if you're along i-95 in newark and wilmington you're getting wet. coming down pretty good. in chadds ford you've been in and out of the showers. it's along 202 right now and a sprinkle near media and malvern up near lancaster avenue you're getting a little wet right there and that's heading towards norristown. more showers on the way. let's go on outside and show you what it looks like right now. sky6 looking live and we've got cloudy skies up above the center city skyline. it's still in red and green. the temperatures right now a whopping 56 degrees. the pressure is falling. the winds are southwesterly at times up to 22 miles an hour. really breezy out there right now. satellite6 and action radar slowing lots of clouds. we're only seeing a few showers at this point but you can see it's the rain that is headed our way. not terribly steady just kind of wet for the first half of
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the day on and off. this is a look at 9 o'clock in the morning. some showers here and there, maybe get a quick downpour and then nothing. and then we advance this to 12 o'clock and we could already see the showers leaving so you can get brightening skies through the afternoon hours and enjoy this high of temperatures about 20 degrees above average. here is a wider look at the precipitation. there's a cold front right here and it's going to make a big change in our weather so ahead of that front we have this mild southwesterly flow of air. you can see 69 in new orleans, even now, 56 in atlanta. behind it cooler air, so it's warm today, cooler tomorrow, a bit wet in between. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather forecast with your 12 hours 7:00 a.m. 56 degrees with lots of clouds and a shower. by 10:00 a.m., it's 61, still a shower around but you're dry by 1:00. temperatures slowly fall its 59 degrees. by 4 o'clock, you're in the mid-50's with a bit of sunshine and clouds and by 7 o'clock partly cloudy skies and 46. i want to advance this to thursday just to give you an idea of what we're tracking.
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a storm system that could produce a lot of snow in new england looks to give the poconos some snow. for the rest of us just looks like rain. i know a lot of snow lovers i have been talking to on facebook and twitter not too thrilled about this. but this is a look at thursday 2 o'clock in the afternoon looks like some snow in the poconos, a wintry mix or some wet snow in the lehigh valley and rain for the rest of us. it really depends other timing but that's what it looks like right now. thursday afternoon rain for most. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a wet start but a warm day, an early high of 62. tomorrow much cooler, back to reality, 43 but dry and sunny. thursday we have some rain and a wintry mix to the northwest with some snow in the poconos at times. 45 for your high. so you can see you have a mild surge of air. it's just rain most of the area. friday blustery and chilly maybe a quick snow shower or a flurry from lake effect snow 40 for your high. saturday mostly sunny skies and chilly, 38 degrees. as you ring in new year's eve it will be dry, clouds around and temperatures in the 30's. on sunday for the mummers we
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will see an early shower but clouds and 48 degrees for your high so that 48. >> bad for the mummers, that's for sure. monday periods of rain and a high of 47 degrees. so tracking a few showers here and there today. >> okay, thanks karen. >> thanks. >> 6:13. homeless for the holidays homeowners who live near a dangerous sinkhole in the midwest learn they may not be able to return for weeks. >> oops they did it again. the internet mistake which declares another celebrity death. this time hackers are to blame for a britney spears hoax. matt. >> nydia, smooth sailing so far this morning here in delco along i-95 by the exit for the commodore barry bridge. but if you're continuing southbound into wilmington on 95, there's some new issues there and new complaints in burlington county. i've got them for you when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. a pretty shot here sky6 hd and city hall camera looking live at dillworth park. i love that christmas tree and the ice rink looks so inviting today. 60 degrees. not a bad day to get out there. >> yeah, perhaps. do you think it will be more traffic than yesterday morning matt. >> i think there will be more than yesterday but i don't think there will be as much as normal so that's the good news. i think things will move a little bit better than the normal tuesday morning.
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also wanted to wish you guys a very happy national fruitcake day. yes. >> who you calling a fruitcake? [laughter] >> talking about the edible kind. yes, that is today. or you can celebrate it in february or july or next november. you know the fruitcake is going to be sticking around. it goes nowhere. here on the new jersey turnpike this morning we were sticking around here last night with some big southbound delays headed toward the delaware memorial bridge but this morning traffic is moving fine so through salem county you're looking good on the turnpike. but in burlington county, getting word of some new traffic light troubles along union mill road at larchmont boulevard by the tennis courts and the swim club. if you want to stay up on 38 instead of union mill no problems reported there this morning. but in delaware getting word of a new crash along 95 southbound there past mlk boulevard. left lane out of commission but so far speeds don't look too bad. speeds have been slow on 95 southbound in the city in port richmond just 29 miles per
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hour. that's because we had an earlier broken down vehicle near girard so headed towards center city you're still getting a slow patch and that's likely to stay out there for awhile because that of course is where we're normally busy during the morning rush hour. in tullytown still have that crash, serious one along levittown parkway near 13. so if you're headed to the dunkin' donuts this morning watch out for the emergency crews. camera time in king of prussia, this is 202 right by the king of prussia mall. extra traffic again today and each day this week as people head back to the malls to make returns. matt. >> thank you, matt. engineers warn it could be a few weeks before anyone can return to a suburban detroit neighborhood where a huge sinkhole opened up. officials in frazier started pumping raw sewage into that a nearby river to prevent it from backing up into the homes. a broken sewer pipe formed the chasm beneath the ground on saturday. it is 250 feet long and 100 feet wide. it has forced more than 20 families to evacuate their homes.
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>> now not white house transition. a back and to this brewing between president obama and incoming president donald trump. the pair traded competing claims about who would have won if this year's election would have been between them n a podcast hosted by david axlerod president obama says he's confident he would have won on his visions for america. trump disputes there. on twitter he says no way pointing to jobs healthcare and the ongoing conflict of isis. the discussion in the interview was of course pure political conjecture because the 22nd amendment to the constitution limits a president to two terms. >> oops, fake news did it again. britney spears is alive despite a hoax reporting her death. sony music it's twitter account was hacked and postd two tweets claiming spears was no longer with us. the tweets have since been deleted. spears rep was goin quick to say she's alive and well. sony music says its and social media account had been compromised and it apologizes to britney spears and her fans for any confusion.
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no word yet on who is behind the hack. >> ♪ this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis
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>> a wandering bear startled drivers in wisconsin. state troopers discovered the 90-pound beast was standing on its hind legs and pieing into passing cars. wildlife officials believe the bear is acting this way because someone has been feeding it. crews captured the bear and returned it to the woods to hibernate for the winter. >> yogi look for his own picnic basket. don't feed the bears. as we said outside this morning karen has been diligently tracking those showers moving through chester county. it is wet here in exton on 100 at commerce drive by the shopping complex. not raining any more here but wet in the wake of those showers. on the mass transit front no delays so far this morning but keep in mind if if you ride a
6:23 am
septa bus or a septa trolley all this week things are a little bit off. we're on a modified weekday schedule all week because of course so many people are off work and school. karen. >> at least one of them matt here recognizes my diligence. thank you. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have some of those showers. they're still along i-95 in newark and wilmington in chadds ford and near that area right now as well but it's now kind of hopped over into woodbury and near glassboro on 295 you're getting wet right now and this is just the beginning. we are going to see those showers on and off for the first half of the day but the big story is really just how mild it is today. temperatures 20 degrees above average. we'll hit an early high of 62 at 7:00 a.m., 56 with clouds and a shower. still some showers around at 10:00 a.m., 61 but we're dry at 1:00, 59 degrees. sunshine mixing with clouds. dipping to 55 at 4:00 and at 7:00 p.m. 46 degrees so starting off with showers ending still mild matt. >> thanks karen. it was a marquee basketball matchup in sacramento last night.
6:24 am
sixers joel embiid had the tough task of guarding demarcus cousins. the kings averaging almost 30 points a img sixers overcame an 11-point deficit but gave up a 13 to nothing run early in the fourth and they lose a squeaker 102 to 100. the sixers face the jazz in salt lake city tomorrow night. >> ♪ lilly.
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>> frantic search under way for a missing woman and her
6:27 am
granddaughter. barbara briley and five-year-old la myer briley were traveling from mays landing to north carolina over the weekend. family members have not heard from them since they stopped to get gas near richmond virginia on christmas eve. a clerk says briley was lost and asked for directions. >> i can't believe that i like actually physically spent time with her and helped her to get to her destination and she didn't make it. >> the two were traveling in a silver toyota rav4 with a new jersey tag c8 0els. calls placed to briley have gone straight to voicemail. police in hamilton township atlantic county are assisting in the investigation. new on "action news" a four-year-old miami boy alerted his mom to a fire with the help of a phrase from a popular children's movie. mason einhorn was with his two-year-old brother brody in the kitchen when a pizza box on top of the stove went up in flames. mom michelle was in the next room just feet away when she heard mason yelling fire in the hole a phrase from the
6:28 am
movie alvin and the chipmunks. >> first i saw smoke and then the fire and then i saw a big fire. >> michelle was able to quickly put out the fire and mason was rewarded for his quick thinking way trip to the fire department. >> pretty neat. >> yeah. >> 6:28. the sound of a chair slamming to the ground is mistaken for gun slots at a north jersey mall. >> a lehigh valley professor relives her brush with death on winter break. hear how she survived two days in the snowy wilderness next. >> ♪
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>> now on "action news" a lehigh valley mother gets lost in the arizona wilderness and explains how she survived two nights in subfreezing temperatures without any food. >> happening today, a historic
6:31 am
visit. president obama will join the prime minister of japan at pearl harbor. >> prepare for a one day warmup, morning showers and highs over 60 will make it seem like spring. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday december 27th. david and tam are off. nydia han joins us along with karen rogers and matt pelman. >> good morning. just a little misty out here right now but storm tracker6 live double scan picking up showers that have been moving through the army we can go in a little tighter. we see a shower near reading, a shower near lancaster bought little heavier shower in newark and wilmington along i-95. it's heavy still near media in woodbury we have a shower along the new jersey turnpike and it's now hit glassboro on route 55. a bit wet at times here and there through the first half of the day. as we take a look at the temperatures, yes, it's already 56 degrees in philadelphia. even in the lehigh valley, you're in the low 50's. 56 in millville. 58 right now in dover delaware. 57 in atlantic city airport.
6:32 am
normally our high would just be in the low 40's. it's 20 degrees warmer right now in philadelphia than it was at this point yesterday. a huge change in 24 hours. we'll have a another huge change tomorrow so just enjoy it while you can. here's your forecast. a high of 62. by 7:00 a.m., 58. lots of clouds and a shower. by 10:00 a.m., still cloudy way shower, 61. we'll start to seat numbers fall as the skies brighten a little bit. at 1 o'clock it's 59. at 4 o'clock, 57 you're dry with some sunshine. at 7 o'clock, 48 degrees. it's also pretty breezy. we're getting gusts of about 24 miles an hour right now at times in areas we'll talk about that and the big change for tomorrow in that seven-day forecast in just a minute matt. >> that's g the breezes can dry out the roads that are getting wet with the showers you mentioned. it all works out. good morning to you, karen. good morning, everybody. if you're heading back to work this morning on the schuylkill expressway a bit of a gathering crowd here on the eastbound side in conshohocken. headed westbound we were getting reports of a broken down vehicle on one of the ramps from the schuylkill
6:33 am
westbound to the blue route 476 but it looks like traffic is getting by on all the ramps at the moment just something to watch out for if you use one of those ramps. no big issues on the pennsylvania turnpike right now. 55 miles per hour in bucks county. but in tullytown bad accident along levittown parkway near 13 by the dunkin' donuts and the trenton regional rail station. on the big picture not much has changed on columbus boulevard in queen village. still have that water main break now from a week ago just one southbound lane gets by but the ramps from 95 are opened. i would expect delays there, though, as the morning progresses and already delays on 95 and southbound, 26 miles per hour from the betsy ross bridge into girard. earlier broken down vehicle there didn't help us out. and on 95 southbound in wilmington, we still have a crash near the stadium. left lane is blocked. starting to see some slowing just 41 miles per hour as you head southbound. getting word of a dv in the right lane on 42 as you come southbound by 130 off the walt
6:34 am
whitman bridge. plenty of lanes with which to get by on this tuesday morning. matt. >> a lehigh valley mother speaking from her hospital bed in utah about an amazing story of survival. she risked her life to save her family when they became stranded near the grand canyon. "action news" reporter katherine scott has these dramatic details live in our satellite center. katherine. >> reporter: matt this started thursday afternoon for this family. their car was stuck. they had no cell signal. it was freezing cold. so the mother decided she would try to hike to the nearest highway to try to get help not realizing that the highway was closed for the winter. she wasn't found until early saturday morning. she's now being treated for severe frost bite. >> i just kept moving forward thinking if i don't get there then -- i can't -- i'm not going to survive another night. lucky to be alive karen klein from palmer township is recovering in utah. her husband eric by her side. the associate professor at northampton community college
6:35 am
hiked for 26 miles for more than 30 hours in the snowy wilderness near the grand canyon to try to save her stranded family. >> my son needs his mother. my husband needs his wife. you know, i'm not letting my mother bury mism karen eric and their 10-year-old son decided to stop at the grand canyon while on vacation. they explained when a main road was closed, their gps led them on back roads. when snow and ice made driving impossible, they tried to turn around and their car went into a ditch. karen an experienced wilderness guide decided to hike to the nearest highway for help. >> by 6 o'clock we knew something was wrong because it wasn't like karen to be away. >> reporter: by friday afternoon karen still hadn't returned. eric walked 7 miles until he found cell phone service and called 911 but the search continued for karen. >> i know that she is somewhere and she's doing fine. i don't know how but i know it. so i'm going walk and we're going call and my son will handle being in the car by himself and we're going to find her and it's going to be
6:36 am
okay and that's -- hit repeat and say it over and over and over. >> reporter: karen will food and water when she started but eventually ate twigs and drank urine to survive. gone for 36 hours, rescue crews found her in a park ranger cabin near the entrance to grand canyon national park. >> i kept thinking this isn't how my life is supposed to end. >> reporter: eric and their 10-year-old son, isaac, were treated and released from the hospital for exposure and the entire family is looking forward to returning to the lehigh valley. we're live in the satellite center katherine scott channel6 "action news. nydia. >> an amazing story. katherine thank you. holiday shopping turned into chaos and panic inside a north jersey mall. someone yelled shooter and pandemonium ensued but the sound was actually a chair getting slammed to the floor. a fight broke out in the food court of the mills mall at jersey gardens in elizabeth. videos posted on social media show a stampede-like scenario play out.
6:37 am
>> it was like 13 of us in the bathroom plus a baby and every five seconds we just heard running and then boom, boom, boom. >> this was just one of several mall melees across the country. police do not know if or how they may be connected. an 18-year-old is now in custody for a deadly hit-and-run on christmas eve. delaware state police say bradford pollock struck and killed 54-year-old lisa bolden. she was crossing christiana road just east of edinburgh drive in new castle on saturday night a tip call led police to the alleged striking vehicle with front end damage parked outside a home. pollock is being held on $6,100 bail. >> happening today, president obama welcomes the prime minister of japan to pearl harbor. shinzo abe will make history becoming the first japanese leader to visit the site. abe laid wreaths at various cemeteries and memorials yesterday including at the
6:38 am
national memorial cemetery of the pacific near downtown honolulu. today's visit comes 75 years after the attack that brought the united states into world war ii. wild weather hampered holiday travel in the midwest and parts of the south. wind gusts led to power outages and drifting snow in minnesota, michigan and the dakotas. in the plains where it is warmer, there were rare wintertime tornadoes and in virginia drivers dealt with dense fog. ly. >> time now for accuweather. a little light rain in our area. >> we have some showers. not everybody is seeing them but you'll get them on and off through the morning. let's show you who is getting them right now. storm tracker6 live double scan shows a couple showers near reading near lancaster. they'll be moving into allentown pretty shortly. let's take a closer look at the showers in south jersey here on our double scan. near wilmington, newark we've got in delaware some showers along i-95 starting to get a little heavier right now just east of media and that's going to cross the city pretty shortly.
6:39 am
on 55 in glassboro route 30 in berlin as well as near 73 and inn med for lakes and i'll show you one more wide version of this to show you not a lot of precipitation. you're getting showers here and there through the area and they'll build in through the morning. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now on sky6. looking live in atlantic city where you are still dry but lots of clouds. could have a touch of fog in a few spots this morning as well. 56 degrees, a mild temperature already. 50 even in allentown. 58 in dover. 57 in atlantic city. the winds kind of gusty at times gusting to 31 miles an hour in dover, delaware. 26 miles an hour in trenton, 29 miles an hour in that philadelphia so a breezy day. we have our always on day planner to help you out hour by hour. satellite6 and action radar showing the clouds moved in starting to get more of those showers. still the bulk of the activity down to the southwest. that's going to swing through as well. it's the first half of the day that will be wet at times. future tracker showing at 9 o'clock this morning this is
6:40 am
a new model run showing a little enhanced in a few areas. i don't think we'll see quite that heavy as it's showing but we will get some showers that 9:00 a.m. and then by 11:30 it's kind of already starting to move out at this point so it's the first half of the day that's wet and then skies will try clear a little bit so you can enjoy these mild temperatures. here is the actual cold front that we're tracking. ahead of that front you've got a southwesterly flow. that's bumping up the mild flow of ample you can see it's already 69 in new orleans, 56 in atlanta. we have that mild flow behind the front it's cooler and we'll get that cooler air tomorrow so we've got a lot changing in the weather in the next 12 hours. here's your 12-hour forecast. at 7:00 a.m., 56. it's mild, some showers. by 10:00 a.m., 61, still some showers around but you're dry at 1 o'clock and it's 59 degrees. temperatures will decrease slowly in the afternoon as the sun increases, kind of a trade-off. by 4 o'clock, 55 degrees with clouds and sun. and by 7 o'clock, 46. it's a nice breezy mild
6:41 am
afternoon even after this wet start. but i want to just advance to thursday afternoon for a minute to show you something. this is a look at lunchtime on thursday. we're seeing snow in the poconos, a wintry mix or some wet snow in the lehigh valley and rain everywhere else. that's just an advanced look at thursday at what's coming our way. what will be a snowstorm in new england for us is mostly just rain. here's a look at your accuweather forecast starting with today it's breezy and mild but we have a wet start. warm with a high of 62. tomorrow much cooler, 43 but you're dry. thursday some rain and maybe a wintry mix in the northwest, 45 for your high. friday it's blustery or chilly, a snow flurry or a quick shower to the north and west, a snow shower possible, 40 degrees for your high though so not in the afternoon. on saturday mostly sunny and chilly, 38 as you ring in the new year it's dry but rather chilly with temperatures in the 30's. sunday a shower and some clouds around and 48 for the mummers. on monday, periods of rain and 47 degrees so we actually need some rain and we've got a few
6:42 am
days where we've got a shot at it. >> thanks karen. >> thank you. >> just about 6:42. when you invite everybody to a party, don't be surprised if everybody shows up. that's what happened to a mexican family when they posted a birthday invitation on facebook. >> new this morning, a flight overseas never makes it off the ground. we'll tell you about the emergency that has passengers jumping to safety. matt. >> found our disabled vehicle on the ramp from the schuylkill to the blue route 476 southbound. luckily it's off to the side so the ramps and main lanes are all opened. watching a new crash giving us restrictions on the 30 bypass and a bad one in there lawncrest section of the city. details when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:45. got a little ship there going beneath the commodore barry bridge. 56 degrees on this tuesday morning on city avenue. getting up to 62. look out for a little rain, scattered rain this morning. >> look out for a little traffic, right, matt. >> yeah, just a couple little issues as we head out, maybe head back to work on this tuesday morning matt and nydia. like a new crash in the coatesville area of chester county. it's the 30 bypass westbound side past route 82 involving a car and a tractor-trailer. we're hearing that one of the two lanes is blocked so emergency crews are headed there way. i wouldn't be headed that way if i were you. maybe use business 30. headed eastbound though which is the way most of you come in the morning, both lanes are opened at this point. but word of a big new problem here on the big picture.
6:46 am
it's in lawncrest. it's an accident involving a tractor-trailer that struck several cars and then caught fire and right now it's in the speed way. the gas station parking lot. truck on fire in the gas station parking lot. maybe not the best situation. oxford and levick is where it's all going down in lawncrest. definitely a good intersection to avoid. let's show you these slow speeds. 27 miles an hour southbound on 95 from the betsy ross bridge on into inn toward girard. looks like we believe a broken down vehicle here on the side. northbound on 95 but slower speeds are southbound. it's not a bad delay just a little bit sluggish as you head towards center city. then farther south on 95 and southbound in wilmington we've seen a few slow speeds because of a crash near the stadium in the left lane but those speeds are increasing so i'm thinking that crash might be clearing out. as has our broken down vehicle on 42 near gloucester city southbound side. all lanes reopened. dv is out of the way. northbound side of 42 a little bit of volume headed up toward two night.
6:47 am
it's definitely wet but not a big jam like we would normally see and in burlington county watch out for traffic light troubles along union mill road at larchmont boulevard. if you want to stay on 38 that looks okay. nydia. >> matt thank you. russia's defense ministry says it found a flight recorder from the plane that crashed into the black sea sunday. 92 people were killed in sochi. this is new video of a growing memorial there. russian officials say pilot error or possibly a technical problem is likely to blame for the crash. they have not yet ruled out foul play. the flight was en route to syria when it went down. dozens of singers from russia's world famous military choir were on board. dramatic video in just in from india where a jet airways flight veered off the runway. this happened during takeoff this morning. 12 passengers are being treated for injuries. some of them were forced to jump from an exit door down to the ground. no one was seriously hurt. >> a north carolina family is grateful a stranger stepped in
6:48 am
just in time to save their dog. debbie hilton's suv caught fire when she and her family were inside a restaurant in ashville yesterday morning. their dog abbey was trapped inside the burning vehicle. chad saw the smoke and the dog and knew exactly what to do. >> grabbed my pocketknife and started smashing windows. i tried to reach the dog through the first window and he wouldn't come out. i started smashing windows and all of a sudden he ran out of the back window and took off. >> the hiltons believe wiring in the suv caught fire sparking the blaze. >> ♪
6:49 am
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6:51 am
>> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> giving the handoff to paula ferris joining us with a look at what's coming up. hey paul hail. ire i'll take that baton from you matt and nydia. good morning to both you. coming up on "gma" this tuesday chaos in malls across the country. on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. look at this fights breaking and a fires works explosion sending shoppers running. the question we're exploring this morning is could social media be to blame for the seemingly planned disturbances. also ahead i know you guys are covering this this morning, this extraordinary story of survival out of the grand canyon. a local family there in pennsylvania stranded in the middle of brutal weather the parents separately walking dozens of miles to find help. our hospital bedside interview with this brave mom this morning. plus a new curbside warning. could your holiday gift garbage be attracting thieves to the new big ticket items in your home a couple easy quick
6:52 am
fixes to avoid us all from becoming vulnerable this time of year. make sure you tune in this morning to "gma." have a great show. >> thanks paula, you too. >> quite the situation unfolding in lawncrest. chopper6 hd high in the sky over it. this truck ran into some cars and then caught fire ended up in the parking lot of the speed way gas station so the fire crews will to hit an emergency stop button to stop the flow of gas to the gas station so there wasn't even more of a catastrophe t looks like the fire for the most part is out. this is unfolding at oxford and levick. watch out for emergency crews out there this morning. there's also a downed pole so it is a mess of a situation there in lawncrest. 30 bypass no eastbound delay this morning but heading westbound toward coatesville by 82 there is a crash taking out one lane. karen. >> storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have some showers. we're going to see showers on
6:53 am
and off through the first half of the day. we're dry by lunchtime. looking at the temperatures, 56 degrees, very mild today. temperatures are going to be 20 degrees above average. we'll hit a high of 62. normally the high would be 42. the record is 65 so getting very close to that record high. here's a look at your forecast. it's cloudy the first half of the day with some showers. we hit an early high of 62. by 7:00 a.m. it's 56. by 10:00 a.m., 61. we slowly drop with the temperatures in the afternoon. it's very breezy as well but a nice mild afternoon, nydia. >> all right karen thank you. thousands of people attended a 15-year-old's birthday party in mexico. ruby's party became popular after her parents posted a facebook invite online inviting everybody. the post went viral. ruby has since received offers to appear on a tv show free airplane tickets. the celebration included live music a horse race an sit down dinner for some of the guests. i love her dress. happy birthday, ruby.
6:54 am
>> ♪
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6:56 am
>> chopper6 hd live over the lawncrest section of the city this morning at oxford and levick where this truck ran into some cars, caught fire and ended up in a gas station parking lot. it is a mess of a scene. avoid oxford and levick in lawncrest. karen. >> temperatures already in the mid to upper 50's and we're
6:57 am
looking at some showers. that's the way it's going to be the first half of the day. clouds and showers on and off. a mild high of 62. enjoy the afternoon. >> nice. >> picking the owls this afternoon. >> whoo-hoo! >> against the demon deacons. "gma" is next. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪
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good morning, america. mall mayhem. violence erupting at malls across the country. panicked shoppers scrambling for safety on one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. >> i see kids hitting each other. kids trampling each other so it was just madness. >> fights breaking out even reports of gunfire. was social media at the center of it all? treacherous roads and stormy skies. stopping travelers in their tracks. families snowed in. car windows turned to ice. road closures from arizona to new england. just as millions of people try to make their way home. they're calling it a christmas miracle. a family stranded in the frigid wilderness, the brave mom's desperate 30-mile hike fighting through blistering c


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