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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 28. i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt o'donnell has the day off. >> gunfire erupts in a philadelphia bar overnight and police say the shooting was sparked by a game of pool. we're live with the details. >> police arrest several teens after a social media post leads to a massive disturbance at philadelphia mills mall. >> cooler air is moving into the tri-state area. accuweather is also tracking some rain and snow later this week. >> so, let's get a first taste
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of that. dave murphy has more in accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers, he has your commute. good morning. >> a few clouds this morning up north but we're expecting mostly sunny skies across most of the region, even these clouds we're hoping will kind of back off and give way to a good deal of sunshine. temperatures are cool this morning. 40 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. 39 in reading and mid 30's in wilmington. 39 degrees in trenton. just 29 degrees in millville and 41 degrees in cape may. a little bit of a gentle breeze right now coming out of the west-northwest but most of us experiencing single digit winds. later on after sunrise we'll see them tick up a little bit but it's just slightly breezy today. 37 degrees by 7 o'clock. but we'll spend most of the day in the 40's and of course yesterday we got up to 64 so this is much cooler. 41 degrees by noon. your high today 43 at 3 o'clock. 40 by 5 o'clock and we'll be back down into the mid 30's by 7 o'clock again mainly sunny skies, maybe a few more clouds the farther north you go through the region. tomorrow before dawn we're expecting rain arriving and in some parts of the region a bit of snow. i'll have more on that with
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future tracker6, matt. >> oh, boy, here we go. good morning to you david. good morning, everybody. our traffic pattern so far this week has been relatively quiet mornings and then pretty busy afternoons. so we'll see if that holds true today. for now it is relatively quiet except for some overnight construction that did close down the vine street expressway here in center city but it is closed no longer. all lanes renope both directions. crews will be back out here tonight at 11 o'clock and they'll close it then but for now you're good to go on the vine, good to go on the schuylkill, good to go on 95, just off 95 in queen village still just one southbound lane opened on columbus boulevard. we're hearing that's probably going to be the case through the end of the week and we're watching this situation this morning. it's a fire location here in fishtown right by johnny brenda's. the fire is on shack max son street. they also have that frankford avenue blocked off. maybe use second or howard or hope some of the other local
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streets. we have local closures in fishtown this morning. over in gloucester county some construction closures. the northbound 130 right lane at route 47 there at the brooklawn circle is blocked for another ramp. the ramp from 295 northbound has reopened. patco high speedline running again. it was not last night. septa buses and trolleys remain on a modified weekday schedule on this wednesday morning, tam. >> thank you, matt. the story developing overnight a burst of violence in two separate bars in philadelphia center several people to the hospital. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live for us now at police headquarters with more on what's going on here. good morning, annie. >> reporter:. >> reporter: good morning, tam l they're separate incidents. both had violent struggles in separate bars and now it has investigators on different sides of the city looking into this. well, take a look at this video. first, a shooting napped a southwest bar just before 11:30 in the 6200 block of woodland street.
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the shooting victim only known as a man in his 30's was that rushed to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. he is expected to survive. but police believe the vic that i'm has no i.d. was playing pool and a fight broke out and the victim was slot in the stomach. cameras did capture a man with a gun in hand leaving that bar moments later getting into a dark sedan traveling west on woodland. now, this is video from the second incident that happened just before 1:00 a.m. second district police responded to a call of a fight that turned into a stabbing. that was inside the hookah lounge in the 7700 block of caster. >> they found three victims. they found a 41-year-old male stabbed two times to his torso, once in the arm. medics transported him to aria torresdale. they bound to other victims with facial injuries. >> reporter: now in that case in the hookah lounge
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police have a suspect, a 25-year-old who was one of the three that was actually taken to the hospital was identified by one of the victims, also in the hospital as well. in both cases, there were several witnesses. many of those witnesses are being interviewed by detectives. if you have any information call police. for now reporting live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you. >> new on "action news" a driver is on the mend after being pulled from a lake in chester county. the action cam was on the 17 new garden township. police say a driver lost control at around midnight on the unit block of clubhouse lane. the car went down a ravine noon somerset lake. firefighters pulled the driver out of the water. police say the driver suffered multiple injuries and was taken to christiana hospital in stable condition. the crash remains under investigation. >> reporter: flames destroyed an attached garage and started bunk along the roof line of a home in riverside burlington county. chopper6 was overhead as firefighters tried to keep the blaze at bay.
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the fire grew to two alarms before it was finally put out. no one was hurt but seven people are now out of their homes. >> it is 5:06 and a group of teens did their best to make trouble at a northeast philadelphia mall for the second night in a. oh chopper6 was over the scene at philadelphia mills mall last night and police say about 200 teens arrived on the scene from septa buses with the intention of causing problems. officers were ready for them there to assist security after similar incidents monday night. only about 30 teens were actually able to make their way into the mall. >> they went to the food court area and that's when they started running around yelling and screaming and acting disorderly. >> police were able to break up the crowd. at least four teenagers were taken into custody. police say it appears both the issues monday night and last night were organized on snapchat. they are similar to incidents at other malls across the country including some in illinois and connecticut.
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>> ♪ >> president-elect donald trump continues to name more leaders to his administration. thomas bossert. he served in a similar capacity under president george w. bush. trump's plan to dissolve his charitable foundation hit a wall. new york's attorney general says it is still under investigation. trump's team says it wants to erase any potential conflicts of interest before he takes office. a scare sent people running from the lob beef trump tower. several bystander who's got caught up in the incident recorded as they ran but the all-clear was given at 5 o'clock when bomb squad officers examined what sparked the scare an unattended backpack. they determined it contained children's toys, nothing dangerous. president-elect trump lives and works in the building but he is currently in florida.
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>> so david yesterday was a great day to take out the laser tag guns the boys got for the holidays and have some fun outside but they may need jackets today. >> it's a little bit coolinger today, yeah. storm tracker6 -- sounds like fun, though. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us we're dry. as we take a look outside, we have any cloud cover really thin and getting ready to march on out of here. the farther north you go through the region the better chance you have of seeing a little early cloud cover but we think most areas are going to be greeted by some sunshine pretty quickly this morning. 40 degrees currently in allentown, 40 in philadelphia. but most areas in the upper 30's. 39 in trenton. line in reading. 38 in lancaster. just 36 in wilmington. down to 29 in millville and 41 in cape may as we all get up early this morning. satellite shows you those clouds to the north but most of the area looking at sunshine early and even these clouds to the north may have a hard time really advancing much farther and hopefully they push back up so that even those of you in the lehigh valley have mainly sunny skies to today. that's what we're going to
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call for up in allentown. 41 degrees is your high this afternoon. cooler than yesterday certainly and at the shore mostly sunny and chilly with a high of 44. same ocean temperature right now. 43 degrees is your high in philadelphia, mostly sunny, cooler than yesterday but still pretty nice overall with that decent degree of sunshine. winds running northwest probably climbing to about nine to 18 miles per hour so a little bit breezy along with that cooler temperature today. and then overnight tonight more clouds build and we get a rain mix before dawn, 32 degrees is the overnight low so we'll be down close to freezing in philadelphia but it does look like we'll warm that temperature up pretty quickly as this precipitation comes in and we do expect mainly rain in philadelphia. 45 will be the afternoon high tomorrow with periods of rain through the first maybe two-thirds of the day and up in the poconos it will be snow. in fact a little closer to philadelphia there's the chance of a bit of snow anyway and as we take a look at future tracker6 you can see that between 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock it does start to clip northern bucks, northern
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montgomery, allentown maybe part of berks county but then it changes over to rain and we're not expecting all that much on the ground in those northern areas. in fact here it is. about a coating to an inch in perhaps berks county allentown and northern bucks and montgomery county before that changeover to rain. little bit of slushy road conditions in the morning though possible and up in the poconos we're going one to tree. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 43 degrees is today's high mostly sunny. tomorrow 45, rain for most of us a little bit of an early mix in the northern and western suburbs and then blustery with another snow shower possible on friday and a high of just 40 degrees there. on saturday new year's eve clouds mixing with some sun, more clouds as the day goes on, 41 degrees is the high. there's the chance of a brief rain or snow shower at night. i don't think it's really going to have much impact and then mostly cloudy and milder on sunday new year's day, a high of 48 degrees. back into the 50's by about tuesday. >> not a bad run of us. >> no. >> i like it. thanks, david. it is now 5:10. still ahead on "action news," more stories you didn't see last night. police open fire on a man after they say he tried to use a hostage as a human shield.
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we'll have the details. >> a florida officer goes to great lengths to save the life of a colleague. matt. >> and sounds like we may only be getting by in the left lane here on columbus boulevard southbound for the remainder of the week because of this water main break now from over a week ago. you can expect delays as the morning progresses and where is construction giving you delays this morning? we'll tell you when "action news" continues on this wednesday. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this wednesday morning. 5:13. it is 40 degrees. sky6 hd taking a live look outside right now. hope you enjoyed yesterday
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'cause colder today. you can see right now again 40 degrees. hope you like it. >> such a pretty place that we live in. let's go on over to matt pelman to take a look at your traffic. good morning. >> i'll tell you, i did enjoy yesterday. i scrapped the coat. >> nice. >> i was outside. it was lovely. really nice to walk around. today maybe not quite as lovely but could be worse for this time of year that's for sure. coming out of the burbs this morning we say the same thing, could be worse for this hour of the morning on these roads around here, it definitely could be worse. here in fort washington this is 309 right by the pennsylvania turnpike down at the bottom. no extra overnight construction on the turnpike and traffic on 309 coming drowdownfrom montgomeryville and ambler headed towards the flourtown area is moving along just fine so far on this wednesday. meanwhile there was some construction right by the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike along valley forge road. and it's still going on for another 45 minutes. valley forge, 363 '63 all blocked off. this is each night for about the next week or so from nine phenomenon 6:00 a.m.
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bustard road or broad street would be some alternates. let's talk about some new zones that just began yesterday here in nether providence, wallingford road closed until mid january. they're also installing a new water main in upper chichester so blue ball avenue now closed around the clock through the end of february. chichester avenue or namaans creek road gets you around that and in gloucester county still overnight work on 130 northbound at the brooklawn circle right lane out until 6 o'clock. work on the ramp from 295 to route 45, that has cleared. elsewhere in new jersey if you're coming southbound on route one in south brunswick township getting reports of a minor crash with the commuter report and the waze app right there by whispering woods, some, ververy quiet except for e that accident. >> we'll be quiet in the woods. thanks matt. three people killed in a small plane crash in eastern tennessee.
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the wreckage was spotted inside the great smoky mountains national park. a release from the park service says the victims two adults and a child were from florida. they were en route to the gatlinburg pigeon ford area when it crashed. >> new this morning a south carolina police officer charged with murder for killing a black driver running from the traffic stop will be back in court. michael slager native of mount laurel new jersey stood trial on the murder charge state court but a jury couldn't reach a verdict. state prosecutors have vowed to try him again. slager is also charged in federal court with violated walter scott's civil rights. that trial is set to start in may. this is also new. police in suburban chicago shot a man they say tried to rob a bank that ran into a nearby store and held an elderly man at knife point. north riverside police say the suspect tried to use the older man as a human shield as
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officers approached and ordered him to the ground. they say the elderly man was able to pull away enough to allow officers to shoot. the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital. no word on his condition. >> police officers have special bonds like saving lives but probably nothing quite like these two officers. back in august 2 miami dade officers underwent surgery. officer german alex suffers from a genetic condition and needed a new kidney. his fellow officer kye-gwan castillo offered him hers. both got a lot of hugs after they went back to work full time. >> i felt great and little by little i got to feel better and better. >> they kept asking me rush you want to do this? i'm like can we get this done already? stop. >> now the two officers didn't know each other very well before the surgery but after the transplant they say they will be connected forever. >> the flyers face the blues in saint louis tonight. the team hit the ice in voorhees yesterday morning. goalie michal neuvirth
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practiced for the first time since his knee injury. he's still not ready to play but sean couturier should be back in the lineup tonight after missing more than a month. the temple owls bid for their record 11th win and top 25 finish went out the window in annapolis yesterday. wake forest scored 31 straight points taking the lead before halftime in the military bowl. the owls showed their stuff in the second half but fell short in their comeback bid. temple losses 34 to 26. >> tragic end for a d.c. actress and yoga instructor who went missing on her way to christmas dinner. >> researchers believe they have finally unlocked the key to living a long life. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> hundreds of thousands of people will gather in times square to see that famous crystal ball drop and we're getting our first look at this year's new design. it's called the gift of
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kindness with 288 crystals cut into rows sets to symbolize unity. it's 12 feet in diameter with more than 2600 triangular waterford crystal paths weighing nearly 12,000 pounds. isn't it about thely. >> gorgeous. >> engineers test the 32,000leds that will illuminate the ball. to see the ball drop live tune into dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest much that's only right here on 6abc this saturday night starting at 8 o'clock. >> such an american tradition. everybody has spent some time with dick clark on new year's eve. >> unity i like that especially after 2016. >> yes. >> i have made no secret over the years about the fact that i have some favorite roadway names, balligomingo. add to the list shackamaxon street. this morning there was a big fire location along shackamaxon here in fishtown. the good news is we just watched it and frankford
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reopen by girard a looks like the local streets in fishtown are reopening at this point. mass transit we're pretty good so far this morning but the septa buses and trolleys remain on a modified weekday schedule all week long. david. >> all right there matt. we are off to a cooler start than yesterday and it's going to be a cooler finish, too, but not a bad day with a fair amount of sunshine, a little bit of a breeze at times. 37 degrees by 7 o'clock. 41 by noon. your high today 43 degrees in case you have to get to the market to maybe get some of that fruit to supplement all the sugar and cookies and stuff you've had recently. by 45 clock 40 degrees and by 7 o'clock 36 degrees. got some rain tomorrow and a little bit of light snow up in the poconos so today is a good day to get out there and get stuff done tam. >> consider doing more of was want to do, that enjoyment can mean a longer life. researchers from the university college london followed more than 9,000 middle aged adults them took into account several factors like education history of depression underlying health
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issues and wealth. the death rate was lower among people who consistently close to enjoy life, choose the enjoyment over things. we'll be right back. >> in this morning's "gma" first look the search for answers after a yoga teacher is found dead. 46-year-old tricia mccauley's body discovered early tuesday in d.c. mccauley was a beloved yoga instructor. >> she was just a very inspiring person. >> and a long time actor. >> ♪ >> appearing in the 2006 film step up as jena tatum's stand in. she was last seen sunday afternoon. police immediately issued an alert for the person believed to be driving mccauley's car. 29-year-old adrian dwayne johnson apprehended at a nearby cvs, mccauley's body found in her car. now johnson charged with theft, simple assault and her murder. >> ♪ >> as the community mourns. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., more on the investigation with
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>> time for the morning buzz. her royal ride was heisted. atlanta area police say her mercedes were taken at a gas station while somebody else was driving it.
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this is a current crime trend. while the driver pumps gas. in this case a bmw pulled up alongside the benz. officers did find the car. nobody mar has been arrested and in the police report the actress says she found lemonade and fruit punch bottles left behind in the car by the thieves. the joyride where they left behind the trash. fans count to mourn the passing of "star wars" icon carrie fisher. she died after a heart attack last week but some of the tributes were not taken so well in the social media world. cinnabon rubbed people the wrong way. it seemed to be part tribute and part advertisement. it says rest in peace carrie fisher you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy m defended the tweet as being thoughtful but others felt it was offensive. cinnabon apologized and deleted the tweet. 2016 is coming to an ends. one man says he's keeping donations to keep betty white
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safe until the new year. the man says he'll use the none fly anywhere to keep the 94-year-old safe. i'm not sure how he's going to do this until january 1st. he says his goal was to get to 2000. fans of white have taken to twitter in recent days saying they hope 2016 doesn't come for her being worried about the 94-year-old. white herself is set to climb in reassuring everybody about her health. nydia. >> odd. thank you tam. still ahead on "action news" a new jersey boy was banned from the boy scouts. we'll tell you why. plus the mother who was outraged after she says her 12-year-old child was left unattended at the airport after a flight. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> one man trapped by flames and dies. two firefighters are hurt while they put on the the flames. >> police piecing together details of a deadly shooting. they found the victim on the front porch but say he was gunned down in his basement bedroomly. >> a family is devastated. they say their child has been kicked out of the boy scouts even though he lives as a boy but was born a girl. >> matt o'donnell is


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