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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> one man trapped by flames and dies. two firefighters are hurt while they put on the the flames. >> police piecing together details of a deadly shooting. they found the victim on the front porch but say he was gunned down in his basement bedroomly. >> a family is devastated. they say their child has been kicked out of the boy scouts even though he lives as a boy but was born a girl. >> matt o'donnell is off,
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nydia han is joining us. let's get weather and traffic with dave murphy and matt pelman in for karen rogers. >> good morning, everybody. a little bit cooler but not a bad start. sunshine on the way across south jersey, delaware and the i-95 corridor, up north a few clouds but i think those are probably going to break up enough to give you a decent amount of sunshine today even to those northern areas. 40 degrees in philadelphia currently, same story in al town a lot of us in the upper 30's. that would include trenton reading and lancaster. 36 in wilmington. just 29 in millville and 40 degrees currently in cape may. winds not all that strong. most of us dealing with single digit winds right now coming out of the west-northwest that could pick up a little bit after sunrise. a bit of a breeze today but not horrible. still 37 degrees by 7 o'clock and then we spend most of it in the 40's. 41 degrees by noon. your high is 43 at 3 o'clock. and still holding onto 40 by 5 o'clock. by 7 o'clock we're back to 36. tomorrow morning we've got some rain arriving and it will be some snow at least for a little while up in the northern and western suburbs. we'll have details on that,
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show you how it all comes in on future tracker6 coming up, matt. >> all righty. for people coming into the office this morning it's not at all a bad start on the roads david. as we look live in center city we have been contending with overnight construction on the vine street expressway but it's gone now. everything is open and ready for you on 676. crews will return tonight at 11 o'clock and they'll close it down once again. same deal at last night. on the big picture it's a good ride so far this morning along the schuylkill expressway and roosevelt boulevard. our fire activity in fishtown along frankford and shackamaxon right by girard has wrapped up so those local streets have reopened. and we're opened but not by much again this morning here in queen village. it's just the left lane getting by here on columbus boulevard and southbound. the two right lanes remain closed because of last tuesday's water main break and we're hearing now this could be the setup, just one lane getting by for the remainder of this week. so as you get into the morning rush watch out for delays on columbus boulevard southbound coming off 95.
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on 95 in wilmington, still have some work on the northbound side as you head toward 202 the concorde pike. couple lanes out there for the next half hour on this wednesday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. this is breaking right now. let's go back to that fire on shackamaxon street. two philadelphia firefighters have been hurt at that blaze in fishtown and we've just learned the man they found inside the home has died. annie mccormick just got to that scene. she's got more. good morning, annie. >> reporter:. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. that's right, that man was found inside the home rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. i want to give you a look down the street where this all happened. fire officials are still out here including the fire marshal who is working to determine a cause. well, take a look at this video. what we know so far, the fire broke out around 3:30 this morning on the 1200 block of shackamaxon street here in the fishtown section of philadelphia. fire crews arrived and found a couch on fire inside of the home. the victim was that found unconscious on the floor on the third floor. he was rushed to hahnemann
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hospital with smoke inhalation and serious condition and later pronounced dead. well, two philadelphia firefighters were injured. they suffered cuts to the head. both, though, were minor injuries. >> fortunately tragedy -- unfortunately tragedy bee fem thbee fellthe fishtown area. there were working smoke alarms in the building. >> reporter: like we said the fire marshal still remains on the scene. there are about 11 apparatus and 40 fire personnel that did initially respond. they say it took about 27-point in get the fire under control. in this block and around this area there were some evacuations. however everybody has been let back inside their homes. reporting live in fishtown annie mccormick channel6 "action news." nydia back to you. >> a highrise fire forced near two lunn people to evacuate their amounts in
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philadelphia's overbrook section. it started on the 11th floor of the liberty tower apartments at north 63rd street and lebanon avenue around 5:30 last night. residents say they thought this was a false alarm because the alarm sounds off regularly. >> i heard the crackling in the wall. black smoke come rushing out. i told the maintenance man don't go in there. >> people were banging on doors saying you got to get out. the 11th floor is burning. the water was gushing down in my apartment. >> no one was hurt and the salvation army is helping residents on the tenth and helpth floors who were not able to return home. >> 5:35 and developing this morning a determined killer shot a man a number of times in the victim's basement bedroom. the murder happened just after 10:00 last night on inn a home on the 2700 block of west atlantic street. investigators say there's evidence at the scene avenue struggle. the 37-year-old man was hit multiple times this upper body. he was rushed to temple university hospital where he died and police are right now interviewing witnesses. >> the search for a missing mother presumed dead will
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continue in delaware county today. police spent hours digging on the property that once belonged to josé rodriguez. he is the estranged husband of melissa rodriguez who vanished in april of 2013. in recent days cadaver dogs picked up positive hits in the basement of the collingdale home but so far the search has come up short. >> ♪ >> new here on "action news," a north jersey mother says her eight-year-old child was kicked out of the boy scouts because he's transgender. joel maldonado was called jodi in kindergarten and first name but changed his name to joe in that second and third grades. his mother says she signed him up for the cub scouts making it cheese he's transgender. she got a call from the head council saying joe could no longer be a part of the organization. >> we were doing science experience and cool stuff like that. >> angry and i felt bad for my son because he was having a good time. >> a statement from the boy scouts of america says in part that the child does not meet
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the eligibility requirements. >> tributes continue to pour in for the late hollywood legend and america's beloved princess, carrie fisher. fisher died in a los angeles hospital yesterday yeswhere she had been since suffering a heart attack on an airplane on friday. she was the daughter hollywood royalty debbie reynolds and philadelphia native eddie fisher but she made a name for herself as princess leia and writing several books about her struggle with alcohol drugs and mental illness. we spoke with stunned fans who just watched the latest "star wars" film "rogue 1". >> she went through a lot. she overcame addiction and survived having bipolar disorder and continued to be a mental health advocate and a women's rights advocate. that's amazing she was able to do that and stay positive despite all of the hard ships she had gone through. absolutely she was a role model. >> in a statement co-star harrison ford said fisher lived her life bravely. carrie fisher was just 60
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years old. "good morning america" will have continuing coverage coming up right after "action news at 7:00 a.m. what an articulate fan she was. >> i know, i know. >> meant so much to so many people. >> well, storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows that you we're dry to start out your wednesday morning. and as we take a look outside we are looking at clear skies over the ben franklin bridge. the farther north you go through the region this morning the better chance you have of seeing a bit of cloud cover but i think most of us are going to start out fairly sunny and probably stay that way overall today. 40 degrees is your current temperature in the city, winds west-northwest at 7 miles per hour. these winds will probably pick up a little bit but it's not going to be a knock off the head kind of day. it will just ablittle bit chill and breezy. cooler than yesterday when we got up to 64. won't be there today as you can see on the left-hand side of your screen with our little day planner graphic for you. so there are the clouds to the north. sunshine to the south but most of us starting out fairly bright and probably staying that way as i mentioned. we'll go mostly sunny today with a high of 43.
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36 degrees by 8 o'clock. 39 by 10 o'clock. but we spend the afternoon in the 40's for the most part with in 43-degree high hitting at about 3 o'clock and back down into the upper 30's by 6 o'clock. high temperatures across the region today not much of a wide variation in numbers. we get up to about 41 in allentown, 42 in reading and trenton and the lancaster, 43 in philadelphia, wilmington. 42 in millville and 43 degrees in cape may. 45 is tomorrow's high but of course in the morning we have app front coming through and that's going to give us some periods of rain beginning before dawn. snow in the poconos and a little bit of a mix in our northern suburbs. here's the future tracker6 latest call. we're going allow for something coming in by 4, 5, 6 o'clock. the latest model run also has it holding off until after 6:00 in most areas. most of our snow should be in northern bucks montgomery county lehigh valley and maybe back in through parts of berks county. everybody else pretty much rain after maybe a snap of snow and then a changeover. and between 7:00 up to 11 o'clock you can see how the rain starts to push past
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allentown and farther to the north. whole thing looks like it's out of here fairly early tomorrow, maybe by about 2 o'clock or so and then just a few sprinkles after that. what are we expecting out of this? just a coating to an inch up north and that probably gets washed away by rain but i want you to be careful of possible slushy roads earlier. if you're going up into the poconos one to 3-inch center city possible there. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 43 today. tomorrow some rain, a little bit of a snowy mix, perhaps slosh she roads early in the morning in the northern areas. 45 is the afternoon high with drying. blustery on friday, 40 degrees. a brief pop-up snow shower or squall in out of the question and for new year's eve 41 degrees with clouds building during the day and in the evening or later at night the chance of a brief rain or snow shower. i don't think it has much of an impact but something i just want you to be aware. on new year's day looks mostly cloudy but dry for the mummers. probably be in the maybe down around freezing or so, a little higher than that for the early part of the mummers
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parade but then in the 40's in the afternoon. >> all right. they'll be warm from within. excited to be there. >> not a bad mummers forecast actually. we've will far worse. >> david, thank you. 5:41 right now. still ahead on "action news," new york city authorities have charged a bethlehem father for the murder of his child and the child's mother. >> a pooch gave lassie a run for his money when it dime saving his owner from a house fire. >> here along county line road and the 202 parkway a-couple people stopped for the light but overall a quiet and dry morning but a couple new construction zones in delco are giving us closures. we'll talk about them when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here down the shore into atlantic city. everything quiet at this early hour. it's 5:44. 40 degrees. dave murphy pointing out it's going to feel a little colder today than the almost balmy temperatures we had yesterday. >> hi, matt. how is it looking out there. >> hi nydia, hi tam. it's actually looking great which is kind of surprising and something we're not used to around here but this week the mornings have been pretty quiet and it's looking like this morning may follow suit which we are perfectly fine with. as you come out of the burbs
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so far it's nice and quiet in exton along route 100 at commerce drive by the exton shopping complex. not a lot of shoppers out and about just yet but i expect them to be out later on today. i think each day this week traffic around the area malls will be a little bit heavier than normal as people take back some of those unwanted or ill fitting christmas gift. that's the scene in exton. let's talk construction now. because in delco they're installing a couple of new water mains and these projects just got under way yesterday in nether providence wallingford avenue now closing during the middays from 9:00 until 3:00 for the next few weeks. woodward and possum hollow roads some alternates around that. and in upper chichester blue ball avenue is closed. this is around the clock. started yesterday through the end of february. instead of blue ball you could stick with chichester avenue or namaans creek road as some alternates. notify gloucester county just about 15 more minutes of the construction along 130 northbound at the brooklawn circle but for now the right lane is blocked. and in egg harbor township
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ridge avenue has been closed for a long time. this is the ridge avenue in egg harbor township atlantic county but it is scheduled to reopen later on this week. time again for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. one of our friends out and about in delaware along highway one northbound near odessa says watch out there's a vehicle stopped on the road in that area. nydia. >> all right, matt, thank you. a bethlehem man who once had a relationship with his high school teacher is now accused of killing her and the child they had together. police in new york city say 23-year-old isaac duran infante confessed to the murder. they were found dead in their apartment on monday. infante reportedly told officers he was upset over the way barahona was raising their son. happening today secretary of state john kerry will deliver his final mideast policy speech. it comes as israel steps up its response to a united nations resolution against the construction of settlements in the west bank. the u.s. drew criticism from
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breaking from tradition and abstaining from the vote. kerry said the peace process could be in jeopardy. >> an atlanta musician says his dog saved his life from a fire that destroyed his home. ed shroud was asleep when his poodle gracie started to lick his face and bark. that woke him up and he realized his home was engulfed in flames. shroud was you should many rushed to the hospital with burns. gracie was treated with smoke inhalation. since the fire you might imagine she's getting a lot of attention. >> she's actually a celebrity now. everybody in town knows my dog. >> the cause that of fire though is still under investigation. >> cute pooch. >> very cute. >> 5:47 right now. still ahead the chicago cubs fan who traveled from wisconsin to wrigley needle his wheelchair. >> now while some people in iowa are dealing with freezing temperatures hundreds of employees of one company in the town of waterloo they're getting their cruise wear
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together thanks to their boss. >> bundle up a bit there. 40 in center city and mostly 30's down across south jersey, a couple of 40's here and there closer to the shore and down towards dover, delaware. we'll be back with your 12-hour and forecast. a little cooler this afternoon but not bad. details coming up.
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>> a crash survivor using his second chance to give to others dennis schultz is traveling from wisconsin to wrigley field. he's expected to make it 209 cubs ballpark tomorrow. he lost part his leg in a crash four years ago. doctors gave him a 40 percent chance to live. but look at him now. schultz's 100-mile journey will go to five clarities including the march of dimes and the wounded warriors
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project 59 to note it is a cold time to have such an under taking. he really means it. >> wow. good for him. he's going to have some tired arms. >> yeah. >> no kidding. >> he'll need a massage when that's all said and done. let's head outside this morning. all wheels are turning quickly along city avenue at conshohocken avenue. very light volume so far this morning here by the taco bell if you're headed out for a breakfast burrito you good to go. south of here along city avenue near overbrook we'll have construction the rest of the days this week they'll be blocking the right lane in both directions from 9:00 until 3:00 basically between route 30 and saint joe's. mass transit is looking good so far this morning. keep in mind the septa buses and trolleys remain on a modified weekday schedule each of the days this week. david. >> all right, matt, so we've been eating all the cookies and the cake and the pie and all that stuff. time to get to the market and get some fruit today. 37 degrees at 7 o'clock. 41 at noon. by 3 o'clock you're high is 43. by 7 o'clock what was back down 36 degrees.
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tomorrow we are looking at some rain and in the northern and western suburbs a little bit of snow before a changeover to rain so today looking pretty good by comparison. and at the airport in case you are traveling a lot of folks sending their relatives off or maybe expecting folks to come back, all green aircraft. into sign of any rain or major delays in any of our big travel destinations early. nydia. >> david thank you. remember you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just head to now this is the kind of boss you want to work for. hundreds of workers in an iowa company are heading for warmer water and the company is footing the bill. you see the ceo of bertch cabinet in waterloo says the company met its year end goals so he is rewarding more than 600 employees with a caribbean cruise. the planter will close for a week so everyone can enjoy the tropical treat. bertch cabinets had to lay off employees in 2011 and adjust its sales model but in the
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last year or so business has picked up. >> we finally got back in the black in 2015 and we thought it would be nice to try to get a incentive going again to get people fired up. >> the employees set sail on january 8th. >> ♪
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>> members of a south jersey family are heading south to get personally involved in the search for a missing woman and her great granddaughter. 71 yields barbara briley and her granddaughter five-year-old la myer briley left their nome mays landing saturday morning headed to see family in north carolina. but they haven't been seen since briley stopped at an exxon nation virginia to ask for directions. loved ones say briley makes the same trip several times a year so they can't understand how or why she got lost. >> an iowa mother furious after she says her 12-year-old daughter was left unattended after a flight. the child flew from des moines iowa to houston to visit her grand parents. dana dunn says she paid extra to assure her daughter would be accompanied at all times from the airplane to the designated caregiver. dunn says that's not what happened and that the 12-year-old was found by her grandmother sitting alone in a hallway near the gate. >> i sat on hold with them for 30 minutes. they were calling customer
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service to see if we can find her. i said i know where she is but you guys don't and that's a problem. >> united airlines says it is looking into what happened and i understand why that mother is so angry problem indeed. >> next and new this morning a car rolls into a ravine and rescuers get to the driver just in time. >> one of the hottest holiday toys might not be all that it's cracked up to be. details on that hatchimals fail. that's coming up. >> ♪ fios in the house!
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 28. i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt o'donnell has the day off. >> we are following breaking news.
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two firefighters are hurt trying to save a man from a fire in fishtown. and the victim did not survive. >> police arrest several teenagers after a social media post leads to a massive disturbance at philadelphia mills mall. >> cooler air is moving into the tri-state area. accuweather is also tracking rain and snow later this week. >> so it's time to head on over to dave murphy. he's got more on accuweather. i see him bouncing out of his chair. that's why i know how it feels outside. matt pelman in for karen rogers. >> not too bad though. sat like take a look we've got the promise of plenty of sunshine across most of the region. a little bit of cloud cover trying to dig down from the north but we don't think that's going to be able to sustain itself that much longer. down to 37 degrees in philadelphia, line in allentown. line in reading and trenton, 37 in wilmington. a little bit cooler down in millville and the bit of a wind blowing starting to pick up a bit in allentown and reading a


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