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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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started with meteorologist, adam joseph, in for cecily tynan live at the big board with the change coming our way. >> you felt the change in the last 24 hours yesterday it was balmy, 64 degrees near the record high and today we slip back down to 46 degrees that came at midnight and the afternoon high just 45 considerings, closer to the normal that sits at 4-degrees this time of year. stormtracker 6 live double scan we have got quite a bit of time before the next system arrives and will be here in the predawn hours and slicing near chicago and the ohio and tennessee valley and heads to the east and we get clipped by it before it turns to rain. especially up in the poconos, winter weather advisories there early tomorrow morning into the afternoon. that is when the majority of wet snow and sleet will fall for those ski resorts in the poconos. but locally here including spring mountain unfortunately
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will be rain this go around and 7:30 in the morning you see it pushes through here and briefly starts with a little bit of snow in the lehigh valley and northern bucks and montgomery county before it changes to rain there. it all starts at dawn tomorrow morning, rain for most of our area. a quarter to half inch. for reading and allentown to the north before it changes to rain there. it all ends early in the afternoon. we'll show you up north in the poconos how much snow to expect and look at the seven-day forecast going into the new year coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you adam. >> now to "action news" reporter, jeff jericho where who spoke to skiers where the winter weather is good news. >> reporter: they are looking at rain here and many are hoping for natural snow even if we don't get it there is plenty of the man made stuff here and lots
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of families to enjoy it. skiers are back in action. recent cold temperatures helped to turn places like spring mountain into winter wonderlands, just in time for the holiday break. it's tremendous compared to last year, it was so warm we didn't get open until january 6th. this is a busy week between christmas and new years. >> the slopes were busy many trying the sport for the first time. >> like everything outdoors, it was one of the things i wanted to do. >> we are having a great time and can't beat the weather. >> feels like spring skiing it's pretty warm out and man made snow but good enough to get out and get the little guy out there. >> spring mountain opened for the season last week. and four of eight slopes are open but plenty for the o'connell brothers in broomall. we are on winter break and want to do something fun. >> how is the snow? >> solid and painful. >> with a camera on his helmet
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he recorded his first runs and crashes. >> i see are you quip wade camera and everything. >> yes, it has a lot of pictures of the sky. >> the sky is what skiers are watching now expecting a long season on the slopes as long as mother nature cooperates. >> we need some snow, got to get someone to do a snow dance out here or something. >>. >> and we are back out here live. someone just crashed over there as we are not far from the ski slopes as we speak. management here believes it's cold enough tonight to start making snow again, they have not been able to make it for about a week because of the warm temperatures. even if mother nature does not deliver the white stuff skiing is a big activity on spring mountain. >> thank you jeff. and the snow possible check back
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often with the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar just a tap, swipe or mouse click away. police returned to a delaware county home with the hopes of closing a case that dates back three years. melissa rodriguez the mother of two young girls was last seen in 2013 and police consider her a missing person but police say her body may be hidden in the basement of her collingdale house where she lives. john rawlins will explain at 6:00. a woman is in custody after a shooting, terrell bruce was shot once in the head while driving on walnut lane and then crashed into other car and found dead at the scene. witnesses say they saw a woman running from the crash site. police say that homicide charges are pending against the woman in custody. >> new here at 5:00, plymouth
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township police and the fbi want your help tracking down the two men that robbed an armered car. it happened at the plymouth meeting mall, they assaulted the car in the service corridor and grabbed cash and ran off. both suspects and the car believed to be driving was all caught on camera. if you recognize anything about this video are you urged to can't police. also new at 5:00 a new jersey high school math teacher accused of sending inappropriate photos to a student has agreed to a plea deal. under the deal christ will sounder her teaching license. christ has taught algebra at south plainfield high school for two years now as well as coaching cheerleading there. in delaware two people are behind bars after illegal guns and stolen goods were found in their apartment. anthony hood and denise clark were arrested at the holly brook
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apartments in rural sussex county yesterday. after a tip was given to police. officials found three guns and a bb gun as well and several rounds of ammunition and stolen electronics and drugs, they are hold on $128,000 bail. a half dozen homes in the lehigh valley remain evacuated after a huge sink hole opened up on a bethlehem street. the hole was discovered at elm street and hamilton after few, that is where we find chad pradelli with more on the cleanup effort under way. >> yes brian repairs are still underway here in bethlehem. we want to give you a view behind me. just to show you how big the sinkhole was, it has been filled in with gravel and see the ditch here and crews right now are repairing the gas line, slicing a new line in there and repairing a water line and fortunately. most of the homes that have been evacuated, residents have been
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allowed back in. the earth opened up at 3:00 a.m. swallowing a worker from ugi and sending natural gas into the air and robby rogers woke up to a fire horn and a truck out front. >> we saw the guys then were great, came up and knocked on the doors, get out of the house, get out of the house, oh my god. 3:00 in the morning. >> bethlehem evacuated two blocks on hamilton street and credited an alert newspaper deliver we person for discovering the smell of natural gas coming from a crack in the roadway. >> there is a lot of gas trapped underneath the blacktop and the concrete. >> some displaced residents were taken to a local middle school as utility workers fixed the water and gas line. bobby rogers stayed with a neighbor. >> come on in she said we spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon over there.
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>> the ugi and water company and fire department and police department, they did one fabulous job. >> reporter: and the fire department tells me that three homes remain evacuated at this time. you have these two homes here there was gas reading in the basement and waiting for the gas to dissipate and this home is the only home that still does not have gas service and crews are working to repair the line and get is of back up and running to the home and we are told that those three homes, those residents will be allowed back in. as for the ugi worker, we are told that he was evaluated at the local hospital and doing just fine this evening. live in bethlehem, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. it is time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go to matt pellman. >> speaks are sinking as well on
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the schuylkill expressway eastbound from montgomery to this point at girard. this is the on ramp from girard avenue, from the zoo, and police activity and possibly a medical money out here. at times they are blocking the right lane and the eastbound schuylkill is jammed because of that activity near jared. 95 northbound in buck county a crash by 413 is gone and still 18 miles per hour as you travel northbound. and clementon camden county look for a crash that brought down a pole along the white horse pike by the dunkin' donuts and rite-aid. a lane out in each direction there. and northern delaware getting into pennsylvania a slow go with speeds in the teens on 202 northbound because of a crash in the left lane use 52 or 100 as alternates and the delaware memorial bridge is still crowded because of construction on 295 southbound where we had the crash this morning. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour.
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>> thank you. coming up a war of words with the u.s. and israel. we cannot in good conscious do nothing and say nothing when we see the hope of peace slipping away. >> tough talk from secretary of state, john kerry, after last week's controversial vote at the u.n. put a strain on relations with israel. >> and health check for a miracle with a 5-year-old child battling serious illness, how they banded together to get that boy a life saving treatment in philadelphia. about bassett.
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you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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officials in russia have now recovered both black boxes from the military jet that crashed foo the black sea last weekend. the second was bulled from the water today and the first is already be pulled data 92 people were on the flight from russia, including the famous military choir. and now they have a day to formerly charge a man after a deadly truck attack on the berlin market. the man was taken into custody after a search of his home and
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business, his cell phone number was saved in anis amri's phone. he was killed in a shootout with police days later. the man charged with killing a washington, d.c. yoga instructor is undergoing medical treatment and will appear in court if able. he is charged in the murder of tricia mccauley. her body was later found in the trunk of her car after a man walking his dog reported seeing the car with the suspect in it. she had been beaten and strangled. there say victory of sorts for president barack obama before he leaves the white house, the most admires man in america for the ninth year in a row in second place president-elect donald trump and hillary clinton is the most admired woman for the 15th consecutive year and michelle
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obama was second. and melanoma rates in northeastern estates are going down bucking the national rise. and that comes from 2003 to 2013. nationally melanoma was steadily ridesing for 20 years but in new england, the melanoma foundation revved up their programs putting sunscreen dispensers in large cities public places. and now a family is fighting to get a treatment that may save their son. >> here is my tux -- >> cute, 5-year-old jackson hundredor did not lose his playful nature despite acute leukemia that is no longer responding to treatment. his last chance may be at the philadelphia childrens hospital.
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medicate said no it's out of state and experimental and that is when the family needed action fast. >> put it out there on facebook this is a dire moment, we need this approval, we need it now, we need it yesterday. it went viral and we had -- people just calling and writing letters and emails, people are all fighting for you buddy. >> how sweet. jackson's mother gina hails from buck county and in one day they got at approval. no words can express their gratitude for everyone that helped and hope to be in philadelphia soon. we look forward to that. >> wishing them all the best. coming up the actor whose movies topped box office saled worldwide this year and surprise for a police officer in canada. and "action news" is all about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the headlines and accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us.
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pennsylvania senator bob casey and other state officials
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want to keep more than $23 million in federal funding to expand internet service. they offered the money to verizon to expand it in pennsylvania and verizon turned the money down and that could go somewhere else. and now bob casey is lobbying to give it to another company. and now they are investigating the ford fusion and mercury milan cars for the brake pedal. three crashes a s ares are blam problem. an estimated 475,000 cars are affected. the shiny penny in your pocket is beginning to lose luster, pennies cost more to make than they are actually work but the first time since 2011 the cost has gone up.
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each costs 1.5 cents to produce. the government and u.s. mint is looking for ways to reduce the production costs. scarlett johansson brought in the most money at the box office this year. johansson stopped the list. and chris evans and robert downey jr. tied for second and margo robby and amy adams rounded out the top five. coming up a check of the accuweather forecast. and a live look at sky 6 hd at the christmas tree outside of city hall, accuweather is up next.
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how cool is that. one canadian police officer got a holiday surprise in vancouver. he was ambushed by 61 carollers to put a twist on the favorite. they were singing police -- the group was headed from pub to pub to collect money for the salvation army when they made the impromptu stop.
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time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. adam joseph is standing by now in for cecily tynan with the latest on the forecast. >> reporter: yes, many are wishing this holiday season the kids would get some snow when they are home from school but it's another rain event as we go into our thursday. sky 6 hd temple university all is quiet at the present time. briefly clearing out the cloud cover we saw through much of the day today before the clouds thicken and increase once again. upper 30s for the lehigh valley and right now 37 in reading and 36 in lancaster, the numbers are tumbling back from the mid-40s where we sat this afternoon. millville 39 degrees. quite a change from yesterday afternoon when the majority of us were in the 60s. it's 18 degrees cooler this afternoon in philadelphia than 4 hours ago and 22 degrees cooler in wilmington and close to 20
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degree drop at the coastline as well. here is the when of dry air pushing in front to our west. you see precipitation breaking out north and east of memphis and this low is skirting by before it blows up, into a massive storm for northern new england thursday into thursday night. we get scraped by the system with t with the majority rain and have to be in the poconos or allentown to see anything before this changes to rain and the line pushes element all the way up into the poconos, moderate to heavy rain late in the morning into early afternoon and 2:00 it starts to push away and make turning to rain in the poconos as well before it ends and by 5:30 a lot of clouds lingering but a fairly dry afternoon with a peek of sun before the sunsets. nothing for the majority of the delaware valley tomorrow
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morning. at the onset a coating to inch for allentown to reading and north burkes county and 1 to 3 in the poconos. but the coating to inch will not last long on the ground before it wash as way with the rain. have you to hit the white mounds to get one to two feet of snow, in northern new england they are preparing for a blizzard that far north. tomorrow temperatures in the middle 40s with the morning rain going over to just cloudy skies in the afternoon and 20s for windchills on friday and maybe a snow shower and a lot of clouds and very cold. and as we go out of 2016 into 2017, it warms up a dry weekend and more rain come monday. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds good, thank you sir. more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00, her name is alexa she may hold the clue to solving a murder.
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>> and the late carrie fisher never got a star on the hollywood walk of fame so fans made their own right there. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues. tensions grow with the u.s. and israel as john kerry issues a sharp rebuke and the prime minister says that they don't need to be lectured about peace. >> and what did alexa here and will she be able to testify? she may be the sole witness to a murder case. and touching tributes to carrie fisher showing how their daughters used the force to be fierce. and secretary of state, john kerry, issued a sharp rebuke to israel saying that expanding is a threat to the peace in the
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middle east. and it brought the long time allies to their highest levels in decades. kenneth moton is here with more. >> reporter: secretary of state, john kerry, was blunt and candid. rejecting criticism that the u.s. was acting to hurt israel. the fight against expanding israeli settlement. >> no administration has done more for the security of israel than barack obama. >> and they call israeli settlements illegal. kerry says the settlement nearly 100 built since 2009 jeopardizes the solution between israel and palestine. >> if israel going down the one state pass it will never have true peace with the rest of the arab world and i can say that
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with certainty. >> the prime minister called kerry's speech skewed. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders, israel's hand has been extended since day one. he plans to provide proof to the next president. >> president-elect donald trump says on twitter, we cannot allow israel to be treated with such disdane and disrespect. >> the new administration signalled they will take a different path and that is for them to decide. >> and trump spoke out in south florida and lashed out one again at the united nations. >> and kerry pointed out that the united nations is following a policy that is in place for decades and supported by the international community.
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kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime, president-elect donald trump is continuing his steady stream of tweets. his latest taking aim at president obama. he is doing his best to disregard inflammatory statementses by the president. and trump tweeted that the transition is not going smoothly and then reversed course again. >> very good. >> trump is spending time at his estate in florida. as he continues to build his staff. there are 23 days until the inauguration. new york city officials are easing up on security around trump tower in the next few weeks. the area in front will stay closed. for the last month police armed with weapons and bomb sniffing dogs, surrounded the building and just yesterday a backpack prompted the evacuation of the building.
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and it was filled with childrens toys and harmless. the obama administration announces what steps they will take against russia following the cyber attack. and russia warned there will be a response and federal officials will lay out evidence why they are so confident that russia was behind the hacks and they will name the groups involved and the russian foreign ministry, says if the u.s. takes hostile action it will respond. a russian back cyber assault during the campaign results in the leaks emails that proved embarrassing to hillary clinton and her campaign. turkey state runnemede yeah says that a new cease fire plan is reached for syria, it was brokered by turkey and russia and going into effect after midnight but not all fighting would stop. operations against certain terror operations but it's not clear which ones. some rebel groups are armed and
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supported by the united states and other countries are fighting alongside syrian forces. philadelphia police are piecing together a shooting at a barb in southwest philadelphia last night. it happened at lounge 62 here on the 6200 block of woodland after few. investigators say it was sparked by a pool game in the back of the bar. no arrested so far. blessings were said for hanukkah before the menorah was lit. councilman blaine white was joined for the lighting ceremony. this is hosting by delaware county.
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the eighth night of hanukkah is on saturday the 31st. some parts of our area could be in for tricky weather and just in case road crews are getting weather. route 1 in langhorne they were brining the road and some snow is expected in the northwest suburbs and adam joseph will be along with the latest accuweather forecast. >> here we go. in the meantime speaking of the roads lets get a check of your evening commute. over to matt pellman to see what is up. >> tonight it's dry season still interesting in several parts. like here on 95 southbound side just south of woodhaven road and the overpass is in the way and right there a broken down tractor trailer takes out the center lane, it's jammed on 95 as you come southbound away from street road down to the scene past woodhaven. just past 95 no change on column why boulevard and one southbound lane opened because of last week's water main break. and repairs are complete and
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they need to make repairs to the road now. hopefully we'll be back to three lanes with one lane open. the schuylkill eastbound by girard has cleared and delays are thinning as well. in hatboro watch for a crash at york road at moreland avenue at the post office. getting out of delaware into pennsylvania, has been tough this afternoon along 202 northbound because of a crash at pile road taking out the left lane, 100 or 52 is a better bet. and getting into delaware from new jersey, it's a slow go on the delaware memorial bridge because of construction on 295 southbound and a crash in wilmington at 2nd and van buren and a crash at the white horse pike in clementon by the dunkin' donuts and rite-aid. >> thank you. according to lots of folks
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on social media, 2016 is just about the worst year ever. people had a chance to say good riddance, in new york city people put their bad year on paper and said good-bye. it's the tenth annual. and a truck was on hand to help destroy symbolic items from 2016 in order to start 2017 with a clean slate. still ahead on "action news." could amazon's echo be a high tech witness to murder. why they are struggling to get amazon to tell them. ahead carrie fisher and princess leia inspired a generation of young girls see how those youngsters and their parents are paying tribute. they will get walloped up in new england with a winter storm and we'll get a pass by it. coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> and the eagles get ready for
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their final game of the season as they prepare to face the cowboys. jaime apody with a preview.
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amazon's echo the personal assistant device is at the center of a murder investigation in arkansas. police want to know what it heard when the a man was killed in a home and they suspect it could have recorded what happened when victor collins was found down in a hot tub last year. the homeowner james baits is the main suspect but amazon is refusing the hand over the voice recordings and bates father disagrees about using technology against his son. >> i have a strong feeling about privacy but a more stronger feeling about my son's innocence. >> detectives say there could be more information stored on other devices in the home as well. tributes pour in for carrie fisher who died yesterday at at
5:43 pm
age of 56. she didn't have a star on the hollywood walk of fame so today fanned made their own, they transformed this blank star with a tribute. carrie fisher may the force be with you always and the hollywood walk of fame allows the star to stay there for a little while. those that new here are remembering her humor and resilience. >> she would say to people that are getting over emotional. buck up and have a coffee or a coke whoever. and she would very much know that life is going on without her. >> and speaking of tributes, check out these fierce photos, parents have been posting pictures of their daughters dressed as princess leia, how her grown breaking character inspires girls around the world. >> very sweet. time for jaime apody here and we count down to the eagles.
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>> it's the final count down. they finish up their season for the cowboys and they don't know which quarterback to prepare for and the quarterbacks may go with sanchez and not tony romo. a win would mean a whole lot heading into next year and carson wentz is sad that it has come down to the end already. >> it's been unfortunate this is the last game of the year and not playing into january, i loved it and loved it every step of the way and finally getting foo a routine as far as the weekly prep later in the year. but it went quick, unfortunately. >> we need to end the season with a win. you know come out and fight until the end and come out and take the momentum into the offseason. >> even though the season is not officially over there is noise that former eagle desean jackson is heading back to the nest. lesean mccoy posted something on
5:45 pm
inextra gram and jackson told him he would be back and wanted to ask coach peterson to come get me. and he realized he may have spoke too soon. >> that is not like me, a rookie mistake by me. >> you are not a rookie. >> know we want to make sure we show what we'll do next year. >> with desean on the the team. >> ha, ha, ha. >> i tried. really hard to get him to repeat those statements. controversy surrounding penn state as they start preparations, head coach suspended two players, wide receiver blacknell and manny bowan for violation of school rules. they play on monday in pasadena california. the flyers break is over and hit the road for three starting
5:46 pm
tonight in st. louis. and back in the lineup for the first time in a month and tough getting back into the swing of things and hopefully pick up where their 11-2 stretch took off. >> we have to go in and play our hockey. >> it's a tough one with travel and then we are going up against three real big team, it will be a greatest for us. >> time for the number one team in the nation to begin conference play, villanova host depaul. they will try to make it 45. and the national champs begin their quest to win a fourth straight big east championship. >> definitely a grind and have to bring it in every day. if you don't, you understand how good these teams are. >> we are in a good spot and i like the way we played preseason and we could get a lot better and the guys understand we need
5:47 pm
to get better. >> some holiday scruff going on and temple takes on 23rd ranked cincinnati and drexel is playing as we speak. >> thanks jaime. still ahead on "action news" canadians get crafty how residents in one neighborhood refused to let the cold weather trap them indoors and we'll step outside for a live look at sky 6 hd at philadelphia city hall, very much in the holiday spirit still. adam joseph has the exclusive and wintry forecast up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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we have got breaking news out of texas tonight where there are reports that a military aircraft has crashed off the coast of galveston. according to officials with the pasadena fire department crews are on a recovery mission with the hopes of finding survivors are fading. they have not said how many people were on board the aircraft reportedly a helicopter. we'll pass along details, breaking news out of texas a military helicopter crashed off the coast of galveston. and adam is here. with white stuff in our direction. >> in the lehigh valley before it changes to rain but 95% of
5:51 pm
you it's rain from the start. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you'll notice not much happening at the present time and it's a fairly quiet night and not until the wee hours of tomorrow morning that some rain and snow arrives. temperatures have cooled off quite a bit. in the 30s across the area at the present time 42 for philadelphia and cranking out man made snow in the poconos with a temperature of 27 degrees. lots of clouds this afternoon a few breaks late in the day and notice how the clouds have started to fall apart catching a bit of a break be then they are quickly on the increase after my night once again. here is the front and low pressure starting to develop, grabbing moisture in western kentucky and tennessee and this all will be sliding to the east and be here for the morning rush tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. you see green. that is all rain for a good amount of us. you have to head to northern berks county as well as the lehigh valley and north buck
5:52 pm
county to bump into some existing cold air to support a brief period of snow at the beginning but even there it changes over to rain by midmorning, you see that taking over the area and heavy rains in the yellow at times, mid to late morning tomorrow snow up in the poconos. they will see the majority of that. and as we head into the afternoon we see the heavier rain exit by about 2:00 or 3:00 as it drys up to the west and by late tomorrow afternoon even the clouds could kind of try to fall apart a bit for some returning sun before the sunset especially to the west of philadelphia. so the expected snow nothing really for the delaware valley, all points to southern new jersey, have you to head towards reading and allentown and buck county to see a coating to inch of snow likely quakertown and hamburg as well as easton before that washes away quickly and higher terrain in the poconos. behind the system winds are
5:53 pm
whipping and the windchills are dropping here. 6:00 tomorrow evening, we'll see the windchills crashing foo the upper 20s to the north and 23 in philadelphia and 23 in millville. friday morning windchills if the lower to mid-20s. teens in the poconos and gusting at times near 40 miles per hour on friday, and kicking the windchills only in the mid to upper 20s even at the peak heating of the day on friday afternoon so that winter feeling will return after a round of rain for most of us here tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast again rain the brief snow and onset far north and west the and windy and a snow shower and flurry with the cold air on friday feeling like the 20s and the wind stops here saturday sun and clouds and a nice day 41 and we ring in the new year with maybe a brief rain or snow shower around the midnight hour and it's mild on sunday, 50 degrees for the eagles and the mummers, more rain coming in on monday into
5:54 pm
early tuesday and late tuesday the clouds break apart and stays mild tuesday afternoon into wednesday for january with high temperatures well over 10 degrees above normal sitting in the mid-50s. so all the students that are home on winter break have you to go to the poconos to see some snow. >> all right adam thank you. with rain and snow in the forecast check back early and often with the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar at your fingertips and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. >> no, this is not a skating rink but a street in ontario canada, so much ice build up some residents laced up their skates to get around and a lot safer than to drive on the ice and more fun. >> still ahead on "action news" a day for laughter at the vatican, how the papal audience turned into a circus literally.
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pope francis has gotten gifts over the jeers but this one was special. they gave him a circus performance. the ac bats work for the golden circus. several popes have met circus performers in the past and bless them for bringing happiness to the people. right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00 tonight. authorities regroup in the search for a mother missing since 2013. the high tech tool they hope will bring them a break in the cold case. and a sinkhole opened up in bethlehem, not the only danger that residents faced today. >> and they have beefed up security at the mills mall. for the entire "action news"
5:58 pm
team i'm monica malpass join me need for "action news" at 6:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. wednesday night and jim is off. i'm monica malpass in the news two drivers run off after a crash in roxborough, and a thief uses a sledge hammer to smash his way into a buck county store. but the big story is the wintry weather heading our way and penndot was out brining roads in
6:00 pm
langhorne today. adam joseph is in for cecily with the timing of accuweather. >> the timing is not good tomorrow morning during the rush hour but the majority of us will see rain and not the wet snow. temperatures are dropping back yesterday with 64 degrees today we dropped to 46 degrees which is just above the normal of 46 degrees. where they will get hit hard with the blizzard is northern new england, the low develops too late for us and becomes a powerhouse storm east of new england bringing 1 to 2 feet of snow in northern new england. just in winter weather advisories for the poconos. here is the precipitation with the front early tomorrow morning before it transfers it's energy to a new low developing off the east coast of boston. starting at 5:00 p.m. through 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. they see 1 to 3 inches int


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