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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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> good afternoon it is sunday, january 15, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a taxi driver is in critical condition after being shot in west philadelphia. happening right now, the search is on for the gunman. a sinkhole leaves a number
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of families without gas or water. the work being done nearly a week later. plus, ahead of his inauguration, president-elect donald trump enters a war of words with civil rights icon representative john lewis, we'll tell you what sparked the confrontation. but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. a beautiful day, chris. >> reporter: that's right, we have the slightest breeze out of the northwest, we're tracking any storms, we have a decent amount of sunshine across the delaware and lehigh valleys. the numbers are responding, yesterday we had the cloud cover and wintry, mix. 40 in millville. 40 in atlantic city. 38 in cape may. 34 in allentown. with the breeze it's cooler than the numbers you just saw. it's not a bad day, 27 degrees with the winds in allentown. 34 in millville. 36 degrees with the wind in cape may. satellite and radar along with
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action radar, high pressure quickly passing on by from west to east, that's kind of driving the cloud cover pushing it to the south across the virginias and the carolinas, that means from this point on it's full sunshine, 44 degrees, mostly sunny skies, that's it is call from accuweather. when i come back in just a few minutes, if you think that's mild wait until you see what's in store in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, heading back into the 50s, guys. the big story this sunday is a violent confrontation between a taxi driver and customer that ended in shooting overnight. the driver was shot 13 times and is now fighting for his life. we know police found the 56-year-old cabby shot and lying on the sidewalk with the cab engine still running. it happened in the 800 block of brooklyn street in west philadelphia about 2:00 a.m. a half-hour earlier, police say the driver with the philadelphia taxi cab company refused to a ride to a difficult passenger, about two blocks away at 42 andy
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ogdon street. police are searching for the black vehicle leaving the scene of the shooting. the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. philadelphia police are looking for a masked man who attacked a woman in her parking garage overnightment the woman was walking from the car at the marine club condominium. the man was armed with a shotgun when he mugged her. he got away with per purse and cell phone. she was not hurt. residents in kensington have gone a week without any gas or water. relief could be inside. bob brooks joins us from the 3500 block of east boston street. hopefully, bob, you have good news for these people. >> reporter: gray, i do, work is underway a week without gas, you can see boston street shut down.
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we're not getting a good vantage point blocking our view, good news, we're hearing the gas might come on later today. it's sunday morning in the 2300 block of boston street in kensington is getting a makeover, one that's much needed. one residents can't wait for to be finished for a week many had no water and no gas, it was shut down after the road opened up and the sing hole to big formed scwal lego -- swallowing two cars. this is one of the people who saw the car sunk in, she is working with the city to get that strained out. >> they think -- straightened out. they think if they pay my insurance deductible, that would be enough. >> reporter: with little ones at home, they had no choice, but to
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have them elsewhere. >> they've been gone since sunday. the gas will be turned on today, the water sometime this week, as for the the sinkhole it's almost filled. >> you have to work around i tell, it's crappy, but it is what it is. >> reporter: a live look at boston street, again, the work is underway, we hope the services get stored back to normal quickly, officials say everything will be back on midweek. reporting live in kensington, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> an improving situation, bob, thank you. police in delaware county are searching for a gunman after two men were shot outside a chinese restaurant. the action cam e cam was on the scene parker avenue in chester. two men were shot and rushed to crozer-chester medical center, no word on there conditions. search efforts continue
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this weekend for a missing fisherman in ocean county. friday search crews found the boat that belonged to christopher hugg in tuckerton bay in egg harbor. coast guard along with police are part of the search effort. we continue to follow the transition to the white house five days before the inauguration, one day before martin luther king, president-elect is doubling down with his war of words with civil rights icon john lewis. >> others have called john lewis the conscience of the congress, he bears the scars from the brutal beating he received in the march on selma, 1965. blunldz sunday he has been -- blood sunday -- bloody sunday, he has been an icon of civil
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rights every since. he told an interviewing he is boycotting the inauguration for the first time in 3 decades. trump went ballistic lambasting lewis as all talk talk talk no results. democrats spoke up. >> john lewis is our hero and he symbolizes everything we stand for. >> reporter: corey booker praised lewis for facing down some of history's most hateful now and then. >> john lewis is a great, moral, civil and human rights leader. >> reporter: the vice president elect attended the 45th anniversary of the march on selma. mic pens calling him a legendary civil rights leader.
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>> reporter: donald trump needs to spend time reaching out to the americans who did not support him. and an argument with john lewis is not the way to reach out. >> reporter: tomorrow as a kickoff for inauguration week, donald trump was scheduled to tour the new smithsonian museum african american history where several exhibits feature lewis prominently. president-elect donald trump will be sworn into office friday. "action news" and abc news will bring you live coverage from washington. the legendary musician, cal loss santana will perform for musikfest august 4. tickets go on sale this friday. 6abc is a proud sponsor of musikfest. >> there's much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. a new study might convince
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orderly people to try a mediterranean diet. we'll tell you about the benefits found in the major part of the body. a dangerous ice storm is hitting the southern plains. a look at the damage it already caused. plus, meteorologist chris sowers will join us after the break with a full look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. "action news" continues after the break.
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>> extreme cold near mongolia triggered a national phenomena called ice fog. melting ice freezes. how cold does it have to get?
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temperatures dipped below minus 40 degrees on thursday and friday. i will stop complaining about the cold here. >> and the little snow we saw yesterday. >> reporter: 40 below what does it feel like. >> at at some point, whether it's minus 30 -- >> reporter: i think at that point it's different degrees is terrible. here's a live shot live on sky6 live hd, city hall camera. folks are enjoying the nice day, lots of sunshine, they are going ice skating. they are having a blast, lots of folks out there it's chilly, but not too cold for january standards. today, it will be fairly mild for later on. they just took a crash there. it will be nice later on for seasonal averagesful the numbers have bounced around, we started out chilly, tuesday was coming off the five state days of
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bitter cold air where we had three straight in the 20s and in the 30s, nice snowstorm last weekend. here comes the january thaw, wednesday, 54. thursday, 65. friday, 61 that was after midnight. during the day we were in the 50s, yesterday it was a colder day with a high of 36. from this point on we're climbing again. today we're showing 38 right now we should manage a high of 44 everyday from now on it will get a little bit higher. you'll see that in a moment in the seven day forecast. dewpoints, 23, pressure is rising 30.39 inches of we have a slight breeze out of the northwest at 5 to 10. 40 for millville. cape may, 39. slightly cooler to the northwest. 34 in allentown and 36 degrees in trenton. again, there's just enough of a breeze to produce windchills this afternoon. general wind speeds are out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. even though you saw the
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temperatures in the upper 30s, it feels like the low 30s because of the wind. there's yesterday's storm that small little system that produced mixing snow sleet and rain. that is gone at this point. the result has been for the cloud cover this morning to disappear and push farther to the south. that's the rest of the afternoon right there. we're looking at mostly sunny skies and tranquil conditions out there, and a slight breeze. future tracker 6 confirming that. mostly sunny, clear skies overnight tonight. monday we'll start out with sunshine only to see the high, thin clouds gradually increase in the afternoon, which is in advance of the next system that we're watching that will arrive on tuesday. right now most of the latest forecast guidance doesn't suggest a big storm, but enough to produce rain and drizzle from time to time enough to get the roads wet. right now rainfall totals look like a quarter inch half less.
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once this system passes it's a warm front pushing through from wednesday on, the high shoot up into the 50s. we could see 6, 7, 8 straight days of 50-degree temperatures. mostly sunny today, 44 degrees is the forecasted high. for the remainder of the afternoon you can see a few clouds here. the numbers will cool down after sunset sharply as we progress along. 36 by 8:00 p.m. all the way down to 19 overnight tonight across the outlying suburbs, that's cold. 26 degrees in center city. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. look what happens here, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 45 degrees sun and clouds for tomorrow. 48 for tuesday, that's the rain day with the warm front, once the warm front crosses all the clouds push over to the north, skies open up a little bit, perhaps a brief period of rain on wednesday, all of a sudden with a little bit of sunshine
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we're up to 56. thursday, 352. friday, sun and clouds, another high of 52. friday, sun and clouds, 52. looks like 51s and 52s for the next three or four days after that. it's 7, 8, 9 straight days of 50s. >> keep going. >> we'll enjoy it. because 20 million americans are in the path of a major winter storm and there have been seven weather related deaths since friday. abc has more. >> reporter: this morning more than 20 million americans are in the path of a major ice storm causing dangerous travel through the heartland. in kansas this car hit black ice before spinning out of control right through a red light sliding at least 100 feet down the road. in oklahoma, roadway conditions turning deadly. one person killed in a massive wreck on i-40, both lanes on the
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interstate shut down through the night. the heavy ice knocking down thousands of trees branches cracking under the weight of the ice littering the streets, damaging homes and cars overnight. darkness blanketing neighborhoods. salt trucks out in heavy force this morning hoping to make travel much less treacherous. >> life can be a challenge for people, you know, it's always great to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going. that was abc's adrien bankard. going to space is riskier than thought. and later ae finds himself stranded surrounded by ice. crews come to his rescue. >> welcome back on this sunday,
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1219, 38 degrees, sky6 live hd looking at philadelphia international airport. nice blue skies and we're warming up at the endsful week. a new study sheds light on how stress can lead to heart attack and stroke. heightened activity in the brain that points to stress may lead to heart attack and stroke. scientists found those with the higher activity in the brain associated with stress are more likely to have subsequent carried crow vascular disease. bone marrow produces extra white blood cells that causes arteries to develop plaque. national academy of scientists say exposure to radiation is the biggest concern
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in space travel. there are additional health matters to worry about for a 2 1/2 year trip, muscle and bone loss, vision loss and nutritional deficiencies. >> few you're trying to eat healthy by eating wild salmon from alaska, it's been infected by the japanese broad tape worm that can cause obstruction. the cdc said it can grow up to 30 feet in length. adequately cooking or freezing the fish can destroy the tape worm. we are learning information about the benefits of eating a mediterranean diet finds it preserves brain health in orderly people. it consists of eating lots of plant based foods, fruits, vegetables and beans and olive oil, seafood and wine. the diet relies on herbs for
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flavor instead of salt. it's good for your heart. >> it's a delicious way to eat. much more to come on "action news," including sports. when parents find a burn mark on their two-year-old son-in-law, they look at their nanny cam and later you'll hear about the shocking discovery they made.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, in sports 50 years ago today was the first super bowl. the game did not sell out and tickets only cost you $12. the 2017 conference championship will be set later today. jeff skeverski has more on that and tough day for the sixers and flyers.
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>> reporter: no joe joe last night. sixers star joel impede getting a well- embiid getting a well deserved night off. guess who was in, jahlil okafor making up for lost time against the wizards. season high 26 points. later in the first, the cross over, the save, yes, sixers fans love it, they are taking over the place. so are the wizards. the 13 point lead vanishes quickly. they find themselves down 24 in the 4th. game over on that three game winning streak. the 6 sixers were hot the flyers are not. the flyers have lost 8 straight road games, the last time the boys beat anyone away from home, one month ago, hopefully they end it today in washington. flyers coach said they have not
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had a complete effort onto the road. first period they turn it over on the power play. flyers fall behind 5-1. they are on a five minute penalty kill. it kills them. the flyers have allowed the most scores in the nhl. they lost 6-3. gm said they have to play smarter. flyers legends bobby clark, they can use them. clark said he is playing for the final time in the alumni game against the penguins. what a move in front of the net for the goal. final seconds in the third we pick it up. it is tied up. the legends of doom can win it. eric lindros to johnny la clair. what could have been the game finishing in 3-3 tie. dallas hosting the packers.
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the winner plays the falcons in the title game. matt ryan lost four of five playoff games for the falcons until this against seattle, yesterday, falling all over themselves. rustle wilson tripped over his teammate, come on man, meanwhile, ryan throws for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. atlanta, 36-20. they face either the cowboys or the packers who play later today. an unlikely hero for tom brady and the lewis scores a rushing touchdown and receiving touchdown and return a kick for a touchdown in a playoff game. lewis 98 yards. patriots 34-16 over the texans, they face the chiefs or the steelers who play today. that's sports, i'm jeff
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skeverski. have a great day. >> >> space x launched a rocket into space since an explosion four months ago. the falcon nine blasted off into space in california yesterday. it's puts a constillation of satellites into orbit they will provide voice and communications. philadelphia's mayor takes to twitter following backlash following a rule where you can't sit in rittenhouse square. a teenager who was taken when she was just a baby meets her parents. you'll hear what her parents have to say about this emotional
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reunion. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> happening right now on "action news" a road rage incident in the city's parkside section lands a driver in the hospital. why he said another driver shot him. a gunman opened fire on two tow truck drivers we have details on the fatal shooting as the search continues for a gunman. after nearly a century and half of entertainment, the greatest show on earth announces
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its final performance. >> those stories, but first a check of the exclusive accuwether seven-day forecast, you have good news, chris. >> reporter: good news for those who don't like snow and cold. for me not good news. we have a lot of sunshine, the numbers are climbing whatever you saw first thing this morning in the back roads it's gone. 38 in philadelphia. millville, 40. atlantic city, 40. cape may, 40. trenton, 36 degrees. it's easy to take for this time of the year. the normal high is 40 degrees, you could see worse being it's january 16. the pattern is not allowing for that. high pressure in control. from this point on we're looking at mostly sunny skies, it's a nice finish to the weekend. as we go out wider there's a big mess taking place across the heartland of the nation. if you're flying to oklahoma
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city, kansas city, wichita, home had a, check with your carriers to make sure your flight is not canceled because of that system. that storm travels east, and becomes our headache on tuesday. fortunately the terms are warm enough -- temperatures are warm enough it's just rain. high today of 44. when i come back i'll talk about the rain potential on tuesday and the 50s in the forecast. >> thank you so much. this morning a man is recovering in the hospital after he is shot during a road rage incident. this happened in the city's parkside section. jeanette reyes has the details. >> reporter: a 25-year-old man is in the hospital after a road rage incident ended in gunfire, philadelphia police received a call after reports of a man with a gun and male who was shot. officers responded to the 1700 block of north 53rd street where they found the victim with a gunshot wound to his hip.
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on the sedan you can see a single bullet hole on the drivers side door. the victim told police, the shooting was the result of a road rage incident that began on the expressway about a mile from the scene. that suspect drove off in a black toyota camry with tinted windows. >> i'm not surprised to hear about it. >> reporter: why's that? >> there's an up surge far as violent activity is concerned in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the victim we're told is in stable condition. he was not ain't to get a good -- he was not able to get a good description of the suspect. if you have information you are encouraged to contact police. jennifer joyce channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police are looking at surveillance video that shows the moment a gunman walked up to a pair of tow truck drivers and open fire. a 28-year-old was killed, his co-worker is in critical condition. the ambush happened friday night outside his home on the 6600 block of haggerman street in
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tacony. his family has no idea what could have triggered the killing. >> this is a good young man. this is a young man who worked, he wasn't in the street, it was about his family, he was about his children. >> he leaves behind two young boys. his family is begging the gunman to turn himself into police. the cost to cover the healthcare of four firefighters injured in a deadly blaze in delaware is expected to reach $9 million or more. the september 24th blaze killed three wilmington firefighters. city funding will be used to pay their for hospital bills. wilmington said the city doesn't have workers compensation insurance because of a decision made in the 1980s. technicolor home plant will layoff many of its workers. it's produces and packages
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dvds and cds, demand is lagging due to increased popularity of tickettal downloads -- digital downloads and streaming. the demands has gone down and that means prices are down. drivers can fill up for 2.63 are a gallon. that's a one cent drop from last week. new jersey, 2.38. delaware seeing 2.34 a gallon. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenny has weighed in on a controversial rule about people sitting on the walls at rittenhouse square. he tweeted -- his remarks come after new signs were put up at the park telling people to stay off the walls. the parks department approved the new rule to protect the recently restored structure. it is the end of an era for the greatest show on earth, the
12:36 pm
ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is coming to an end. marcy gonzalez has more on the announcement. >> reporter: after 146 years of flashing costumes and breath taking acrobatics and exotic animals, ring renting they will be take ago -- ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus they will be taking down the big top for good. overnight the circuses owner breaking the news to its staff. >> it's been through world wars and every kind of economic cycles and a lot of change. >> it's ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. >> reporter: for generations for kids and families, the circuses march into town for fun and wonder. for animal activists the dazzling stars of show were called to own. in 2016, ringling brothers and
12:37 pm
barnum & bailey circus announced all of its performing elephants would be retired to an animal sanctuary in florida. in may we were there as the elephants performed for the last time. >> they are moving the elephants from the touring units we saw a sharp drop in attendance. the fate of humans has been under scrutiny, too, ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus was sued after this stunt went wrong. 8 aerial performers hanging from their hair collapsed to the ground. audiences were stunned after a bmx routine ended with one rider motionless. the performer was taken to a hospital for valuation. 30 more performances scheduled until the final bell set for may 21 in long island, new york. marcy, gonzalez, abc news new york. >> reaction mixed.
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>> sure. much more to come on "action news" sunday, a popular book about sisters breaking barriers, details on 6abc loves the arts. a man is behind bars accused of setting a mosque on fire. the latest on the investigation. let's go outside live right now, sky6 live hd looking over center city skyline, meteorologist chris sowers says prepare for the 50s. he has the full accuweather forecast, when "action news" returns.
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so glad you stayed with us arc rescue team in denver worked to save a dog surrounded by ice. crews say theo chased birds across the frozen lake, but got trapped. it took rescue teams a half-hour to get across the ice and rescue the dog. >> you go through the same motion whether it's a dog or human, we've been doing quite a bit lately, because dogs get you
12:41 pm
out on the ice and fall through. >> th. he o was returned to -- theo was returned to his owner because the dog escaped the fence. >> reporter: i was saying to lori, i could never go to the shelter, because island take them all -- i would take them all home. >> reporter: cape may, lots of sunshine, chilly, 40 degrees on the sand in cape may. it's 40 in atlantic city, and it's 40 degrees in millville. dover, 37. philadelphia, 38 and wilmington, checking in at 39. we have the slightest breeze out of the west/northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. you could subtract a good four or five degrees from the tempts you just saw. satellite and radar we're in the clear across the mid atlantic and the northeast, all the talk weather wise continues to be out
12:42 pm
here across the heartland of the nation, a tremendous mendsous ice storm is taking place right now right through the central plains northern texas and oklahoma and kansas and stretching far north to the southern portions of nebraska it's not snow or sleet, it's freezing rain. this is the 32-degree line, that cold air as it continues to drive in like this, aloft you get are 5, 6, 7,000 feet up. winds shift out of the south and temperatures go above freezing. aloft, the air flow is like this. it squeezes out the moisture in the rain, it's rain falling from the clouds, but it freezes on contact with the ground because the ground ask so cool. this is day number 3 now of an ice storm across the plain states, this is how bad some of the ice is. take a look at the pictures right. that right there that's the
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fence right there. look at how high the ice accumulation is on either side of it. it's 3/4 of an inch right now. it is again in buffalo, oklahoma here's another picture here, this is a stop sign or at least the back of a stop sign, everything completely covered in ice, you can see the icicles hanging over the stop sign. look at the ground and the trees behind it. it's a complete accumulation of ice everywhere. there's power outages can't go anywhere, the roads are glazed over. it's part of the reason why the nfl delayed the playoff game steelers chiefs game from 1:00 p.m. to 8:25 p.m. start. temperatures will climb above freezing a lot of the ice will start to melt. here's the good news for most of the lower 48. starting wednesday, this will last at least for next week to ten days, the pattern will go flat, the jet stream west to
12:44 pm
east. that will allow the wind to shift out of the southwest everybody moderates. it's a very mild wind flow for us. the next 6 to 8 days starting wednesday could feature high tempts in the 50s maybe higher. the only way we see high temperatures in the 40s if we get clouds and rain. otherwise, from wednesday on, 6 to 8 days we'll top out in the 50s. mostly sunny, today is nice, 44 degrees, that's the forecasted high. wilmington, 44. millville, 44. atlantic city, also 44 degrees, overnights tonight it's cold, temperatures dropping down, clear skies, calm winds the numbers will plummet quickly. 19 degrees in allentown. 19 for millville. 26 for philadelphia. trenton, 23. on the boards in atlantic city, 27. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, here comes the warmup, 44 today, mostly sunny skies, monday clouds and sun, it's a nice day, 45. tuesday is kind of damp and dreary, lots of clouds, periods of rain, temperature wise not
12:45 pm
bad. 48. here come the 50s. 56 wednesday, thursday, 52, 52, and 53. >> having our say, karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the play is a true life story of the delaney sisters who share their memories of personal strife while unified by family faith and the passing of time. they were born in the north carolina in the late 1800s, the dawrls of the former slave -- daughters of the former slave. the harlem renaissance after world war i drew the sisters up north. >> these two women who lived
12:46 pm
together most of their lives. >> reporter: the show is set in 1993 they reflect on the last century while preparing an meal for the their father's birthday of they share their memories of growing up in the jim crow south and the barriers they broke. one became a high school teacher in new york, the other one of few black women licensed to be a dentist. to portray them is to honor them. we're bringing them back to life. they are two extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances. >> reporter: their story was first shared in the 1993 best selling memoir written by the delaney sisters and new york city reporter. >> the challenges they face are challenges we still face. >> reporter: the book premiered on broadway in 1995 and toured the county. it's a warm and
12:47 pm
thought-provoking evening of theater. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. welcome back on this sunday,
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almost ten minutes to 1:00 p.m. sky6 live hd taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. a nice day out there, mostly sunny, high of 44 degrees today. a man who at one time joined members for a washington state mosque in prayer is accused of setting it on fire. firefighters battled 40-foot flames early saturday morning. they found the suspect in the parking lot. he is in custody for suspicion of arson and outstanding warrant in seattle. we based the findings on statements mr. wilson made to officers, evidence complected at the scene and video footage implicating him in the crime. >> mosque leaders had to file a restraining order against wilson in july. the place of worship would be vandalized a few months ago,
12:50 pm
it's unclear if they are related. the teenager reunited with here biological parents after being snatched from the hospital as a newborn metes -- meets the parents she never knew she had. >> reporter: this morning the baby reunited with her birth family 18 years after being kidnapped from a florida hospital. her biologic father grateful sharing the photos with abc news. >> it was beautiful and wonderful. >> reporter: the birth family meeting in private at a police department in south carolina where eakens by lodgal daughter was raised now going by the name alexis. she was 8 hours old when a mysterious woman snuck her out of the hospital. nurses and staff thought she was family. police launched an all out search, the case featured on america's most wanted, but
12:51 pm
nothing until now. new tips sending the investigators to south carolina. according to police dna testing approving the 18-year-old is the missing baby. the woman who took her 51-year-old gloria williams raised her as her own. >> we're trying to paint a picture of what happened 18 years ago. >> reporter: williams is behind bars facing kidnapping charges. >> she is processing everything, and she is going to have to take this day by day. >> this was eva pilgrim property of -- reporting. fbi investigation into db cooper hijacking is closed. amateur detectives are not ready to throw in the towel. the volunteer salutes believe the thai has tiny particles
12:52 pm
found only in boeing hitech jet back then. he was never seen again after demanding $200,000 ransom. a 21-year-old nanny was arrested after she was caught on camera deliberately burning a 2-year-old boy with the curling iron. the boy's family saw the burn marks on his fingers and legs. she became frustrated when he wouldn't listen. >> this is not something that just happens once, my heart skip beats, because i don't know what i i don't know. >> the danny is charge with two counts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. meanwhile, the toddlers parents say he was not seriously burned they have been shaken by the i
12:53 pm
want. changes are coming to monopoly and you have a voice in the old favorite. a #, a winking emoji and pair of bunny slippers as hazbro gives fans to choose the new token lineup. the originals are there shown in silver competing against new ones shown in gold. voting runs through january 31. head to for the link on how to cast your vote. >> i like the bunny slippers and the rubber duck. when "action news" continues an update of our top stories, plus a final look of the forecast when we come right back.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," the search continues for a gunman who shot a cab driver 13 times in we also philadelphia. police found the victim lying next to his taxi on the 800 block of brooklyn street. else in the hospital in critical condition. police are investigating road rage shooting in philadelphia's parkside section. the victim was shot in the hip when a bullet pierced his car. he was being followed off the schuylkill expressway with a person in the black toyota camry with tinted windows. gas service will be restored for people along east boston street. it's been a week since a water
12:57 pm
main break created a sinkhole disrupting goods and water services. >> reporter: it's 44 degrees, a little above average. it's chilly with the breeze. are 45 tomorrow, 48 for tuesday, tuesday is a milder day with a warm front punching through. there will be clouds and rain. tuesday night on, the temperatures start rising up to 56 wednesday. 52 thursday, friday and saturday, actually we could extend those 50s through the middle of the following week. a complete waste of a winter. >> a waste of weather? >> we love it. it's not easy to find a vhs movie store. check this out, such a store opened in los angeles, it contains 14,000vhs copies of jerry mcguire. it will not rent out of the takes place. they hope to build a permanent
12:58 pm
pyramid in the desert madous of, you guess -- made out of, you goodsed -- guessed it, jerry mcguire tames. we the dream 2017 is up next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. >> now for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you next weekend.
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- i would simply like to say that i think this has been one of the great days of america. - [narrator] we have a dream is a two hour television event that celebrates the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. - change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitably, but it comes through continuous struggle so said dr. martin luther king, jr. - [narrator] in honor of both the martin luther king national holiday, and black history month this dynamic program features innovators in a variety of fields including governments. - it's hard not to realize that you will be a united states senator, but you'll be one that is african american. - [narrator] business. - our business is ultimately about hope. - [narrator] medicine. - the value of education, and hard work in focus. - [narrator] the arts.


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