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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 28, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EST

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we've got an allhowight this minute." it's a going vir you -- >> very skeptical of>> how senior citizens survive a bowling pin moment. >> oh, n powder makes for sometacular runs, but -- did you see >> what a noticed that is worth back for. one with many home comings. and people -- >> are happy to seehim. >> the moment he finallyface to face with dad. plus, bonus giveaway win r an amazon echo. and an elderly man who is about to -- see does toeyeballs that you've to see to believe. is the time of the year you maying people say -- dependingdialect, because it is the chinese new year known as the spring . if you literally the worst time to be china. ua rips to g family. think thanksg a here in this video dbe a part of he started riding his way in fact, by this poican seethe edge
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highway, he's been cycling mont.>> >> we very, very imp ent family and friends. >> and it's a huge lot of d happens through the holidays. i flew all the here for this? hey, y better be nice to>> it's so much worse than that charity. you can see in video where he's talking toficer gesturing as to what is going on what do young on the side of the highway? this is where the conversation took a turn. this is where the fellow found out that after a month o cycling northeast. in fact, he's now 1,240 miles off course. >> oh, my goodness. someone give him a ride, it's re hundredsllions of migrant workers in this country that work all over and try to get home to see their families for the holidays. and this guy put his best foot forward and started pedaling. but boy, oh boy was that ever a wrong turn. >> if he keeps pedaling, he's bet chinese new chinese new ear. he' >> no, don't worry, he's not going to be of the yea him and the police and some toll
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workers actually all donated money to him to get aww. powder everywhere! it's all over the place and that's a good sign for the skiers in the world. you can see him trying to find every deep bit of snow that he can at big bear ski resort. a lot of groomed trails so he's doing his best to get o a little bit, staying within the resort and still get up knee deep into that >> it is a winter wonderland. there's no other way to describe it. >> it looks like he's the only guy out there, righ he's got his trusty gopro strapped to capture all of the cool and fun action that he's having out there. >> that guy has some skills. i'm jealous right now but enjoying it. >> there's a buddy catching a chair lift with somebody. >> santa! >> the dude has the rest of the year off. >> he does. >> it looks like he's got the entire resort to himself he does. take a little jump there -- did you see what dylan sees? >> what is it?
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>> it's exactly what he's got strapped to his head. >> a gopro. >> yep! >> let's see what's on dylan saw on that gopro camera. the video a little bit blue, bu and over the same little berm that he found, snowboarders. a snowboarder takes a tumble doesn't realize that his gopro has fallen off.that's where the camera is left. we get a quick glimpse of the snowboarder's board boots and bindings. that is really what we have to go on. dylan, who we have been in contact with, also tells us he believes it to be a middle-aged man with tattoos. also gopro w footage ofing and beach course. that's what we've . these videos never get old. this is posted by eric the first one he'ssurprising with the roses is mom. is super super
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happy to see him. gives him a big then he goes into a classroom i'm guessing little sister? aww, how sweet is that? >> where is he coming back from? he been away? >> he's been in i don't know how long he may be gone. but i'm pretty sure this is brother cousin? >> it is a surprise. >> that was good. >> everybody was surprised by him. including these guys right here. they come out of the house, i'm thinking friends, cousins, maybe? >> when you've been through something like that or to something like that, it's all about the physical touch. it's always about th biggest hug you can give someone. hey, >> and then here's dad. and he says quote whatever i can do never dad. but dad is happy to see him.
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today's bonus day, that means we're giving away an amazon echo. >> two winners today. all you need is friday's buzz word, be 21 years oldlegal resident of united states or canada. stay tuned for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. squirrels are the underappreciated entertainers of the animal kingdom. >> but they provide and live out hours of entertainment especially when it comes to your house cats. >> at the beginning of the video i thought that was a bird feeder hanging outside the window. i didn't realize it was a squirrel. >> it's a squirrel on a bird feeder. >> it is taunting them. at the shot at the very end with eager to get to the squirrel. it's not going to happen. >> it's a full lion right
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and in the second video, same thing. squirrel taunting the cat. >> this squirrel is just checking out his reflection. or is the squirrel thinking his reflection is the cat and now he's straight up confused? >> what was in those nut, man? >> this is a video you can post on facebook and not lose any friends. >> that is true. it's safe for> now this is actual my favorite video, because turns out the squirrel has developed a relationship with the guy recording the video. relationship where the squirrels leave it in the bowl. the guy exchanges it for some food. so in this case the squirrel brought in a moldy old piece of parade bread. dude replaces it with fresh bread. >> this is basically fair trade. >> this is, essentially, recycling. cleaning up the earth where he lives helping the human bein make it a better > he's going up the escalator -- >> when suddenly -- >> no! no! >> oh no it's the eternal
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fall. >> see what happens next. >> no, not >> no! and they are on a hike. >> this is a good hike. i'm jealous. >> find out what awaits her at the top of the mountain. >> she's going to have to update something on that facebook. when you color your hair with preference it's a love thing. superior preference by l'oréal. with up to 12 tones in each luminous shade. preference is uniquely blended to be dimensional and fade defying up to 8 weeks. superior preference from l'oréal hair colorist/paris bounce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena sick, huh? i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. what's this sudden cooooling thing happening?
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aptioning provided by -- allegra-d®. a maximuth decongestant try allegra-d®. we're going to show what has made me very skeptical of escalators. >> i understand why. >> here you see this senior man going up the escalator. when suddenly -- >> no! no! >> oh, it's going to be the eternal fall. >> dude somebody help him! >> that's exactly what starts to happen, he starts to wa stutter-steps and then cahe ride all the way up yet? >> no back down. >> just when you think he may have been steady he comes rolling back down. >> there you go. finally somebody hits the button. he had to r medical attention and suffered a head injury. >> help, i've fallen and i can't
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stop! well, the next senior citizens can't stop either. there's four of them, also in china. now you can see this one woman loses her ball lapse and the guys try to help. >> oh no that is bad. and there's four of them. like bowling pins, they all come crashing d >> i wonder if there's some way to put some sort of sensor on the escalator that can tell if something like this is going on. we must have the technology, right? >> or maybe it's better judgment to know that maybe you should take the elevator if you do have some sort of mobility issues. >> or just take the stairs. your body will thank you. >> or just don't go up. or don't go out ever again. having a ball in the snow. ♪♪
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this was supposed to be just another hike for alicia. this is from december 14th last year. this is what we all take once in a while, we grab our gear and go hike into nature to enjoy the morning and enjoy the day. now alicia is reporting this because, again, she's thinking they are just out on a hike. just another hike. but when they get to the top, her man has something in store for her. and by in store, i mooean in a small little box in his possibility. but look at the view, it is stunning. michael is right behind her as she snaps a photo with her phone. >> no idea. >> not a clue. he taps her on the shoulder, he
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gets down on one knee. >> no, jk lol. >> did you see that? >> she says jk lol nice >> maybe he should tweet her. >> no, you're kidding. >> not today. >> not today. >> she turns around the second time to realize he's still on his knee. and now there's a ring. >> no! >> she really thoug joking. >> you're serious?u have to say? >> will you marry me? convinces her. it is legit. she comes over, says yes hurnin marry you. >> i say yes! >> a picture of both of them at the end to show the ring. it's mountain bike racing on the snow. >> lots of people stand around to watch this guy when a mountain biker goes flying. >> oh! >> right into the crowd. if you missed it yesterday no need to worry because it's bonus day once again. so don't miss the buzz word for
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becca doesn't know soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash promotional considerations provided by -- it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. ever since the invention of the bicycle, they have been used for so many things, deliveries and racing. that's where we join this action video of mountain bike racing on lots of people standing around to watch this guy. >> oh! >> straight into the crowd. >> all those people basically formed a human guardrail for him as he comes hot dogging and over the jump but doesn't quite up over the handlebars and
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just face plants. >> yeah. >> no information on injuries in this viral video. next to the mountain bike video charging down this trail. that one doesn't look so bad. he calls it a pedal strike. he hit a rock and that tosses him to the ground. but watch where the bicycle ends up. >> ouchie. >> the of him. now let's listen to the pain set in. okay that hurt. and then as the adrenaline slowly starts to trail off, you reach the f-level of pain. [ bleep ] me. >> that's how much it hurts. no word on serious injuries here. i think it was just the heavy meeting of mother earth and
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mountain biker. she's putting alcohol in her mouth because she's about to do some healing. >> with her mouth? >> yes, with her mouth. watch what she's about to do. she is licking this man's eyeball. is so weird! >> oh, yabba dabba doo! she's a professional eyeball licker. >> why? why? >> this is why. this is something she learned from somebody else. and she helps people who work in the construction industry. she's able to remove pieces of lead, iron coal product and glass although i'm really
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nervous about her removing glass. because if that gets in your stomach that can kill you. >> okay, slow down here grandma. you know what else does all t? eye wash. >> she's eye wall wash, let's be honest. >> she's 80 years old and has been doing this a while. she sterilizes her mouth before and after. you can see what she removes on her tongue is on the napkin. >> call your optometrist. they have fancy tools. in a small village. and they may not have the same access to an or hospital that we would. so i can see people relying on her expertise to help them out. >> plan b right here. >> i can see great, buts stinky breath. >> let's try it! >> don't!
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it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. we're giving away an ipad mini and amazon echo. >> you need the buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter on facebook twitter or both. you can use both each day. >> let's reveal friday's word. it's response. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word r-e-s-p-o-n-s-e. >> and you'll want to enter today because it's bonus giveaway today. that's two winner, one gets the ipad mini and the other an amazon echo. good luck, everybody. he made it his goal to lose weight. >> and so in this video, he documents his weight loss. he took a picture of himself every single day. >> if you're looking motivation, this may inspire you. >> you can notice the smile on his face as he's feeling better.
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akes 15 hours to carve the owl. another five hours in finishing touches. when puppy meets machine. we just brought in the new year and most folks made their
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resolutions. and it is about now where the resolutions die off. we are at the end of january and starts to get clearer.2016, it was his goal to lose weight. so in this video documents his weight loss. he took a picture of himself every single his starting weight was 240 pounds. and in 90 days he lost about 45 pounds. and you see his transformation from day tot's glorious. >> so the miraculous fad diet of eating well and doing exercise? >> bingo >> wow! better choices when out and about when at home cooking. >> and initially he says he started workin three days a week doing a mixture of cardio and weights. but it worked.>> look at the photographs, his face. you can notice the smile on face as he's feeling better.>> it stood out to me as well. you just saw that moment where suddenly he likes to have his photo taken. >>. you're right. we see the before and after pictures, you got the frontward
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facing one, the backs boy. >> you two? this has an important in it.shows, days is not that long, it's three months. you make a resolution. by tend of april, you can have the same results he does. it's not impossible. it's just like christian said, just make better decisions. >> it really doesn't matter where you are or what date it is. the point is to start making choices to make you feel better about what you're doing with your life. >> it doesn't have to be for ek stettic reasons. this thing he's going through is extending his life and making it better to live. he's more capable and active to go out and do more things. that's our round-up of the day's top viral videos. has a lot more fun content or catch the next brand new episode of "rtm." spent the night in a couple of weeks. brought a malbec. i was hoping you could read the label to me in spanish.
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uh, okay, i'm in your kitchen now, so i'm gonna hang up. hey, sam, you upstairs? [ horn honks in distance ] [ siren wailing in distance ] [ baby coos ] [ chuckles ] hey. i thought you were upstairs. uh, marlo showed up a few hours ago. she's completely exhausted. this little frog has been, you know, crying all day long, so i've been doing laps around the block to try to calm her down. i tried to call you first. [ exhales sharply ] it's thursday. uh... i-i completely lost track. it's okay. you know what? you got a lot on your plate right now. maybe you can share this with marlo when she wakes up. that would be nice. she had no else to take the baby. she's got to get some sleep, okay? so, you know we don't want her to not sleep. we're all trying to figure this out together, remember?how could i forget? andy. andy, come on.
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i'm sorry. good night. please. [ door slams ] ♪ baby, let me stay ♪ [ indistinct conversations ] ♪ when the world is gone ♪ [ coughs ] ♪ promise i'll behave ♪ ♪ never right your wrongs ♪ i was gonna say, "i'll have what she's having," but now i'm reconsidering. ♪ is that what you want? ♪ excuse me. i thought you were supposed to be in vancouver. not till tomorrow. i have to testify at steve peck's hearing. lucky you -- get away from all this drama. ♪ someone you can flaunt ♪ you know, andy, you're probably never gonna see me again... ♪ like the other toys? ♪ -- thank you -- i mean if you want to talk... we had plans... sam and i. not -- not just for tonight. i mean for our life. we're getting married. how am i supposed to marry him in the middle of all this? a-another thing i'm really confused about is right from the beginning
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does it sa "my brother is a good guy, so please don't send him to prison" or that, "i'm an unreliable witness so please send him to the electric chair"? hey. hey. bring it in. [ scoffs ] okay? you're gonna go in there. you're gonna tell the truth. everything else is up to the judge.i hate to admit this but i really don't know what i would do without you. call me as soon as you're out of court. inspector. gail: dad. chris. hi. you look nice today. oh. thank you. you too. so, do you know which courtroom it is? yeah, gail, i do but let's have a seat and talk about what you're planningtoday. i was in the lounge with steve an hour before the bomb went off. he's gonna need a better alibi than that. do you want me to lie and say that i was with steve in his office drinking coffee when the bomb went off? yeah.
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that would work. as long as you were with him between 5:00 and 6:00. now, you listen to me. your brother was a guns-and-gangs detective. how long do you think he'd last in prison? i'd like that, actually. yes. hey, check it out! new leaf, new me. i'm leaner, i'm meaner... and it's still on sleep mode! all right, i'll bite. why the new leaf? oh, you know just everything going on with mdad and the trial, you know. it's -- but i-i got to stay focused, keep my eyes on the ball you know? you know, plus, i don't -- i don't want people to associate me with what he did
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