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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 1, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking now on "action news" a tractor-trailer overturns in one of the worst possible spots. a ramp between i-95 and the blue route. >> developing overnight, kidnap ertpers ambush a woman taking her on a wild ride until police camp up with the car. >> the president's pick is in. now the white house prepares for what can be a lengthy and even bruising road to his confirmation to the u.s. supreme court. >> good morning. it's now 5:30 on this wednesday february 1st. dave murphy has the call today from accuweather but we want to get first to karen rogers and back to that breaking news on the blue route. good morning, karen. >> what a big accident in
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delaware county. it's our breaking news on the ramp from i-95 southbound to the blue route. this ramp has been blocked for a couple of hours now. so, here's the tractor-trailer. it flipped over. we've got a couple of tow trucks on the scene. looks like one heavy duty tow truck and they're getting ready hopefully to upright this tractor-trailer. we've got a lot of emergency workers here blocking this ramp. you see no traffic getting by from i-95 southbound to the blue route. here's a great shot of this and we want to thank the woodlynne fire company for sharing this here and we got it on twitter and you can see a better shot of how this tractor-trailer on its side, some debris out here. so, they still haven't uprighted the tractor-trailer and even begun to clean this up so the ramp from i-95 southbound to the blue route is still blocked. so, what can you do? you can take the ramp to 420, take that to macdade boulevard to the blue route. you could keep going past the blue route, take that to 320, take that to macdade boulevard or if you keep traveling on i-95 southbound you can flip around at 322 if you want because you can get
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from i-95 and northbound to the blue route. you just can't get from i-95 southbound to the blue route. big accident. that's our breaking news coming out of delaware county. that tractor-trailer flipped over. here's the vine street expressway. the overnight construction is cleared. traffic is fine. we are dry for a change. so, we have no weather related worries out there and on the big picture really the only issue is that major accident in delaware county, dave. >> wow, that 95 ramp coming south onto the blue route i take that on the way home from the airport or citizens bank park. that is out of commission this morning for the most part. as we take a look at satellite and radar, we have no snow showers for a change out there. there are some breaks in the clouds overall. we are looking at a clouds and sun mix. 41 degrees is your current temperature so we are as expected a little bit milder today than we were yesterday. 32 degrees in allentown. still kind of cold up there and out toward reading. 37 in trenton. 38 in millville and 36 in cape may.
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winds not a real big factor but a 14 miles per hour breeze in philadelphia. so, we are on the somewhat breezy side and as we roll through the day it is going to be a mild one. good day to get stuff done if you've been kind of holding off with that colder air the last couple days. 40 trees by 7 o'clock, 46 by noon. going for a high of 49 at 3 o'clock. sure it's a little bit on the breezy side but not bad. still holding 47 by 5 o'clock and 43 by 7 o'clock. cooler air comes in tomorrow, colder air in time for friday and the beginning of the weekend and then that super bowl sunday rain and snow shower activity. i'll have more on that coming up matt in the seven day. >> thanks, david. let's begin with the developing story. a woman abducted at gunpoint while leaving work in port richmond. police manage to find her plus a suspected kidnapper but three others remain at large. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live where this kidnapping took place along aramingo avenue. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right. police are looking for at least three more suspects. they do have one suspect in custody.
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police do believe that the belie victim wal was targeted. thankfully police were and able to witness the abduction and they followed the vehicle. let's go to video from the 2600 block of emery street in port richmond and that's where that police chase came to an end. you can see the victim's toyota that the suspect forced her into. shortly after 8 o'clock last night, plainclothes narcotics officers were tipped off that there was going to be an abduction in a shopping complex on the 2400 block of aramingo and that it was going to be happening within minutes. they were told the suspects would be in a red jeep cherokee. sure enough officers saw the jeep with four to five people inside, one woman and several men. then they witnessed two of the suspects approach a 25-year-old woman who was leaving work. they told her they had her children which turned out not to be true but of course they didn't know that at the time. she was forced into the back seat of her own toyota and the car took off. the plainclothes officers
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followed the vehicle but police believe the suspects knew that they were being followed by police and sped off. the suspects spun out of control on emery. they got out of the car, jumped over some fences and fled. police also tried to follow the red jeep cherokee but lost sight of it. that car was later recovered on livingston. it was registered to an address outside of the city. >> we did contact the law enforcement agency at that location and they are keeping an eye on the property. >> reporter: and police do believe there are surveillance cameras in this area at the shopping complex and nearby homes so they're hoping there's footage that can help. the motive is under investigation but police do believe that this woman wall was targeted. live in port richmond katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you. a man gunned down in frankford last night has died. philadelphia police blocked off the scene of the shooting on the 4800 block of
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tackawanna street. the victim believed to be in his late teens or early 20's was shot multiple times in the chest neck and head. there's no word on arrests or a motive. five-year-old boy is recovering from a serious crash in wilmington delaware. he was trapped underneath a pickup truck. you can still see his shoe left behind on the 1200 block of linden street. medics pulled the little boy out from under the truck and rushed him to a.i. dupont hospital. right now he's in serious but stable condition. >> a jury found six defendants liable in the deadly center city building collapse. now the panel must decide ouch each defendant will pay up. an unsupported wall fell on the salvation army thrift store on june 5th of 2013. seven people died. 13 others were yo injured. the defendants included a new york real estate developer salvation army the architect the demolition contractor and the man hired to use his
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excavator to demolish the building. the penalty phase is expected to begin on friday. >> happening today, president trump's supreme court pick heads up to capitol hill to begin meeting were it lawmakers. the president has tapped federal appeals court judge neil gorsuch. the appointment would not change the court's balance since gorsuch would succeed the late justice antonin scalia who was also a conservative. he's being closely compared to scalia. if confirmed the four man conservative block would square off against four liberal justices and that leaves justice anthony kennedy as the crucial swing vote. and here is some of what gorsuch and president trump had to say during the prime time nomination. >> judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills a brilliant mind tremendous discipline. >> i pledge that if i'm confirmed i'll do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great countr country. >> republicans praised the choice while democrats promise
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a rough path to confirmation. >> two groups have filed suit against the trump administration on behalf of local immigrants affected by the president's travel ban. the american immigration lawyers association took legal action yesterday. they are supporting three families who were denied entry into the united states at philadelphia international airport over the weekend. the aclu says president trump's executive order is unconstitutional. the president says it is about keeping america safe. >> let's turn now dave murphy. cold but not a bad day today. >> yeah, not as cold as it was chilly certainly this morning and no snow showers for a change. ho you can that. >> hello february. >> first morning in three. >> yeah, february 1st and we're shutting off that snow shower faucet. right now we've got dry conditions. taking a look outside we have sky6 and we're looking at penn's landing, the ben franklin bridge in the darkness in the distance and we are expecting a mix of clouds and sun to develop across the region once we get that sun up over the horizon. temperatures not too bad.
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at 41 tree 41 degrees in philad. the winds out of the southwest at 14. that's a little bit breezy that's not that bad it's around our average high. some suburbs are in the low to mid 30's so in some cases you're a little bit cooler but not bad overall. and certainly a little milder in most spots than it was the last couple mornings. a break in the clouds every now and then and that sun and clouds mix is expected today. temperatures are going to wind up milder than we've been in awhile. 41 degrees by 8 o'clock, 43 by 10 and a comfortable 46 by noon. still jacket weather and a little bit breezy today but not bad on the thermometer. in fact we'll go up close to 50 in philadelphia by 3 o'clock. some spots like center city might hit 50 for a brief spell this afternoon. by 6 o'clock still holding 45 so not bad. high temperatures across the region, a little cooler up north as is often the case. 45 degrees the high in allentown. 46 in reading. 47 out in lancaster. 49 degrees up and down the i-95 corridor and some spots to the south will probably have a little easier shot at
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50. and then tomorrow ground hog day it looks seasonable with a cooler high of 42 degrees. there will be a bit of a breeze as you can see running out of the west-northwest. lots of sunshine tomorrow, though and then cooler air coming in for the weekend. no big snow in the forecast and that's been the case so far this winter. only up to 6-inches of snow in philadelphia. that's just 59 percent of normal snowfall up to this day. we had a stretch of three weeks in january where there was no measurable snow in philadelphia. looks like maybe a snow shower, a light snow shower on sunday night in some neighborhoods but that's about it for the foreseeable future. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 49 degrees breezy and p milder mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow, 42. and then friday brisk and colder. there could be a flurry probably not enough to measure but 36 degrees is your high and it will be colder. sunny and still cold on saturday 35. sunday is the interesting day t37 degrees is your high with clouds increasing. in the afternoon a weak system
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arrives and it looks like it could give us a rain or snow shower. not expecting a lot of accumulation here and normally later day and nighttime snow on sunday wouldn't bother me so much because everybody is kind of like hunkering down getting ready for the work week but of course sunday is super bowl sunday. there's a lot of folks out driving and matt as you mentioned it's not a great night to be out driving. >> big night for dui. >> and this is not the year to go out there -- never is to go out without a designated driver but this year especially because there could be some slick roads. >> absolutely. thank you david. >> a lot of options. >> next terrifying moments played out at a california fast food restaurant. man went on a rampage stabbing several people. >> and a woman explains what she was doing when her iphone became a fire ball. karen. >> you can see penndot on the scene right here blocking the ramp from i-9 i-95 to the blue route. we'll see if they're making any progress with the overturned tractor-trailer and a check of 422 when we come
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back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:44. breaking news. karen, i'm afraid to ask how long it might take to fix this problem on the blue route. >> it's been two hours and as we look at this shot, i know it's hard to see because it's dark here but this tractor-trailer still overturned blocking the ramp here in delaware county major
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highway. i-95 southbound to the blue route, you can't get from i-95 southbound to the blue route. this tractor-trailer still flipped over at this point. we do have tow trucks on the scene but i haven't quite upright -- they haven't quite uprighted it. lots of police there as well. breaking news out of delaware county. it's been two hours. here's a better shot of this thanks to the woodlynne fire company for sending this but you can see the tractor-trailer is on its side, debris everywhere. it's been two hours and still not upright, still not getting ready to tow it out of here. let's go over your alternates. you can take 420 or you can take i-95 southbound to three and 20 to macdade or go to 322, flip around and take that to i-95 northbound to the blue route. other than that, no other major problems out there right now. it's dry, your highways are in good shape. we're looking at 422 here at 23. no eastbound delay just yet at this point and the overnight construction on 422 is clear so some better news there. let's show you the temperatures right now. it's not quite as cold as yesterday but 33 in
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quakertown. it's still cold. 38 in saint davids and 41 already, though, in center city. 31 in browns mills. 42 in hammonton and 35 in dover. we're dry today so no snow showers to worry about. headed up to 49 with sun and clouds and a bit breezy, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, police in southern california shot and killed a man who they say went on a stabbing rampage. authorities say the man first stabbed someone near a liquor store in hollywood. he then went into a jack in the box fast food restaurant on sunset boulevard. witnesses say they saw him swinging a knife at people inside. at least one officer opened fire. three people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds. the man with the knife was pronounced dead at the scene. >> a florida woman says her iphone caught fire as she slept right next to it. amanda bentz says her iphone 6 plus was plugged in and sitting on her night stand when it burst into flames. her husband, kyle, grabbed one of his flame retardant work shirts and put it out. >> we were seconds away from it being a really big deal.
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that's kind of what was really nerve wracking. >> the curtains and even her pillow were singed. apple has told the couple it would like to examine the iphone before it sends a replacement. >> 5:47 now. valentine's day is just a few weeks away. find out where you can get some sweet treats for your sweety in delaware county. >> and singing for survival. college students voice their objections to moving their new jersey campus. >> ♪ly. ♪
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>> this weekend is fyi philly's annual valentine's special and of course the holiday wouldn't be complete without some sweets for your sweety. melissa magee has an fyi for you on a delaware county bakery with a love story built in. >> ♪ >> i'm going to try to write love. husband and wife jennifer and
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robert morris are the owners of cupcakology in collingdale. >> how did this come about. >> love of food. >> when it comes to cup cakes and each other love is always the answer. >> we're literally foodie sweet hearts. >> reporter: for valentine's day they are whipping up cupcake bouquets heart strawberry short cakes and of course classic red velvet cup cakes. >> edible gift my favorite. i could eat it. you're good with me. robert and jennifer met at teens working at a restaurant. he was the baking manager she has been baking since the tender age of nine. >> well, he got it. >> reporter: they have more than 100 varieties of cup cakes on the menuly. >> literally what we eat for dinner breakfast, what we dream about at night. we'll formulate into a cupcake. >> reporter: really? and if you like to do your own baking to are that someone special you can buy their batter. you can bake cup cakes together. >> that's right. >> cheers. >> happy valentine's day. >> ♪
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>> there's an idea. there you go. >> yeah. >> got lots of fun ideas for valentine's day t all right, let's check the roads right now and show you what's going on you can see the penndot out there with the arrow boards blocking the ramp from i-95 southbound to the blue route because of that big overturned tractor-trailer. meanwhile everything else is looking good so far this morning. ben franklin bridge looking good, all your area bridges you are dry and you are clear and mass transit so far everything is on time, dave. >> on the big board this morning not too bad on the bus stop. partly cloudy, a little bit chilly, 40 degrees by 6 o'clock, 41 by 8 o'clock. if you're in the suburbs especially allentown or rural central south jersey it's probably going to be about 5 degrees chillier but no snow showers this morning. just a little bit breezy. temperatures right now 41 in philadelphia, run in wilmington. again we are colder out in the northern and west just 32 in allentown, 38 in millville. as we roll through the day it's going to be a nice mild afternoon. kids might just have that jacket zipped open a little bit on the way home. getting up close to 50 degrees by 3 o'clock. you can see how we climb and still holding 47 by 5 o'clock
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and by 7 o'clock 43 degrees. if you haven't been out to the market and the colder weather the last couple of days this afternoon a good day to get that done. tam. >> all right, thank you, david. you can always get the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day you feel you need at this time. it's right there on our web site. just go over to >> mcdonald's is taking fast food to a new level but they're doing it just for show. the burger chain tested a vending machine in boston that automatically dispenses big macs. the speedy concession stand won't be seen at a franchise near you. it was a one off to promote mcdonald's new sizes of big macs. >> looks like fun. 5:52. >> and up next, see how a local choir's using music to try and keep their college from moving to a new location. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> triple fives rolling on the table there. sky6 taking a live look at atlantic city, new jersey. 41 degrees, so we're not starting in the 30's at least on city avenue and there's no snow out there for the first time in three days. >> a philadelphia police officer was behind the wheel of a car that hit and killed a pedestrian. the deadly accident happened late yesterday morning near the intersection of cottman avenue and algon in the northeast. police say the 50-year-old
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victim ran out into the street. the off duty officer stayed at the scene and is not now facing any charges. and the philadelphia police department says one of their officers under investigation for a controversial tattoo did nothing wrong. an image on the left forearm of officer ian lichtermann depicts an eagle with the word fatherland over it. now, critics have claimed it's a nazi insignia. the fop defends lichtermann as serving on the force 17 years without disciplinary action. >> happening right now, singing for survival in princeton new jersey. a 24 hour choir and performance marathon is under way as students and alumni fight to keep the doors opened at westminster choir college. >> ♪ the nonstop performances which again continue right now are happening at the historic nassau presbyterian church. rider university plans to sell
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westminster's princeton campus and move to rider's main campus in lawrenceville. the school is facing a $13 million deficit. members of the collegiate music education program say they are fighting back through song. >> this is us saying that we're not okay with the proposed sale of westminster choir college and this is us demonstrating to the community and true intrinsic value of this university and what we have to offer. >> the performers will continue making music until 11:00 a.m. >> it's 5:57. and talk about a high tech personal assistant. we'll tell you how a droid like invention can help you with your daily routine. >> we are not the only mammals trying to swipe right. introducing a new version of tinder that encourages breeding at the zoo. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news."
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delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday february 1st and we're following some breaking news. >> the race is on to on that upright a tractor-trailer that overturned a dangerous spot managing to block parts of two major highways. >> we're learning new details about an abduction in philadelphia's port richmond second. >> brand new the action cam just sent in video of where a driver went on a crash course through germantown treating parked cars like bumper cars. >> and we will get you to your accuweather but let's also go first over to karen rogers who has got the latest on what is going on there on the blue route. good morning. >> yeah, we're starting with this breaking news coming out of delaware county here. this accident happened more than two hours ago and now we can still see this tractor-trailer flipped over on its side. we've got the tow trucks here. we've got police on the scene but they've been unable so far to upright this tractor-trailer and so t


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