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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 2, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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hostage situation inside the james t.vonn correctional center in smyrna, delaware. it has prison community on edge. >> two prison workers are being held against their will. the standoff continues from yesterday morning when a corrections office road for help. >> we'll have more on the hostage situation ahead. >> first david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: we're cold up in allentown, we had flurries falling a part at this point she head toward allentown -- as they head toward allentown. we have breaks in the clouds, overall we're expecting clouds and sun today. 27 in allentown.
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35 in millville. as we take a look at the way things are rolling today, it will get breezier than it is right now. 36 degrees by 7:00. 42 by noon. we have a high today of 44 degrees with a breeze blowing making it feel like the 30s. 40 degrees by 5:00 a.m., 35 degrees by 7:00. tomorrow looks colder, breezy with windchills in the 20s. then comes the weekend we'll have the details in the seven day. >> reporter: all right, dave, as we look at the big picture, no major issues on the blue route, schuylkill expressway or i-95 are moving mostly in the 50s. in hatboro, montgomery county we have an accident it brought down a pole. the accident investigation going on on county line road at madison avenue if you want to watch for that. the overturned tractor-trailer is a problem in burlington county, the ramp 206 to the turnpike northbound is partially blocked with crews on the scene. crews are blockerring the
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turnpike -- blocking the turnpike southbound. traffic is moving okay so far. >> we're following breaking news inside delaware's biggest prison, a hostage situation that's dragging on for hours. two correction works have been released two more employees are stuck in the buildings. >> annie mccormick is taking you through the negotiations as they happenment. >> happenment -- happening. >> katherine scott is live near the corrections facility let's start with katherine. >> reporter: all right, matt and tam, that's right, there's a lot of question as to what happened yesterday, how it happened, the focus is now getting the hostage out safely. a hostage situation at the james t.vonn correctional facility in smyrna.
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total of 46 inmates and two correctional officers have been released. >> we've put all the resources are that we haver: this startedd 10:30 a.m. four members of the department of corrections staff taken hostage. officials have not said how many people are behind this, whether they have weapons or have made any specific threats against the hostages. the first staffer was released mid afternoon with non-life threatening injuries after the 35-year-old officer was struck numerous times with fists and mop wringer. a few hours later, 8 inmates came out an chopper 6 hd was overhead as the second correctional officer was released, as well as 19 more inmates. 12:30 a.m., 14 additional inmates were released and held securely elsewhere in the facility. >> we don't know the dynamics of the takeover if any inmates were held against their will or if they were requested to be
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released. there are reports that the motivation behind the hostage taking was political. >> we cannot speculate on what the motives are at this time. >> reporter: as to the two staff members inside, so far officials have not released a whole lot of information about them, what they have not released are their names and ages, we are hearing that one is a man an one is a woman. katherine scott channel 6 "action newsment." >> let's go over "action news" reporter, annie mccormick you've been pouring over the audio talks between the prisoner as police. what can you tell us? >> reporter: up until a point we were able to hear conversations over police radio at least one inmate that was holding an employee hostage, and the employee talking to negotiators trying to end it. >> i'm bleeding out, you need to get it together now before i
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pass out. >> reporter: that call is coming from inside the james vonn correction center a prison employ injured. >> they are at my next with a knife if you don't hurry up and turn the phones on now. >> reporter: they have other demands, too, this conversation comes hours after a group of prisoners took four employees hostage, one was released with non-life threatening injuries around 2:40 p.m. yesterday. a second employee was released several hours later. authorities have not said if the inmates released were held against their will. and little details have been released, we don't know if the employee you can hear on the conversation was one that was released. late last night we were no longer to hear the conversations over police radio, the inmates were demanding that the phones be turned back on, we believe
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that is how they may be communicating now. there were demands made by the prisoners, we'll have more organ that coming up in the next half-hour. reporting live from the satellite center, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> we'll see you then. this is not the first time, someone has been held hostage at the prison facility. in 2004, scott miller a convicted serial rapist took a female counselor hostage with a homemade night and sexually assaulted her, a sharp shooter ended that siege. our coverage of the standoff continues throughout the morning on air and at we have posted the latest information there with photos and video from the scene. you can hear once again the recorded exchange between a hostage taker and negotiator. >> new this morning, police in the lehigh valley have released a sketch of a man who they believe is impersonating an officer. a woman said the man pulled her over on saturday.
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he had lights on top of his vehicle and wearing a badge. he asked for her drivers license, when she told him, i'm going to dial 911 first, they say he returned to his car and drove away. a 17-year-old girl was stabbed in the arm between a -- in a brawl between two grooms of girls. the fight spilled into a chinese restaurant that's where the police got their hands on the video. the victim is being treated in the hospital. many are gathering to celebrate groundhog day. will phil see his shadow meaning a longer winter. we'll take you there live when it begins. records show phil has seen his shadow, 102 times before forecasting an early spring 18 times which is when he did last year.
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i would like to see if they go there and the second most famous groundhog pops out. >> reporter: and sells lottery tickets. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are basically dry, we had light snow showers and a little bit of sleet up north around allentown. that appears to be off the radars at this point. looking outside, looking at the shore, looking south, not much wind this morning. we are expecting the day to get breezier as we go past sunrise, overall a mix of clouds and sun in store. 38 degrees out the door in philadelphia. grab the coat and extra gear, the winds not all that strong, but they will grow as the day goes on. you see the cloud cover on satellite, from allentown south we have a fair amount of cloud cover, looks like it will start to break out in more sun and overall we'll call today partly
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sunny and some parts cloudier and some sunnier. 36 degrees by 10:00 a.m., noon, 42. today will be chillier than yesterday, yesterday which featured a fair amount of clouds during a good portion of the afternoon felt chilly with a breeze. today, 44 degrees versus yesterday's 50. mix of sun and clouds. 38 degrees by 6:00 p.m. getting cool again there. 35 in in allentown. 40 in reading, 44 in trenton and philadelphia. similar numbers from wilmington through millville, dover and on down the coast to cape may. tomorrow, colder air comes in. overnight tonight, we'll dip into the 20s in most neighborhoods. tomorrow rebounding to 36. plus we'll have clouds it will be breezy again. windchills in the 20s. basically it will feel like the 30s today with the highs in the 40s. tomorrow, highs in the 30s, windchills in the 20s, getting
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colder in the in effect 48 hours. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 44 degrees, partly sunny and breezy. hopefully phil does not see his shadow. brick and cold tomorrow, high of 36. windchills in the 20s underneath clouds. saturday, sunshine, cold high of 34. 39 with increasing clouds on sunday. you remember the last couple of days i've been talking about the afternoon feet being a weak one, looks like we'll not get much more than flurries or sprinkles. it's looking better and better in terms of not having a major event or too much slipping and sliding on the roads. we'll have to be careful sunday evening, maybe not too bad. monday, partly sunny and 41. next storm systems consults to the west, that will put -- cuts up to the west. that will put us on the warm side. rain arriving in the afternoon. periods of rain on wednesday, 54 degrees, back in the 30s on
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thursday, once the system gets out of here. >> word of a legendary businessman's battle with cancer. >> one of trump's pick may be on the ropes with two respects saying they will vote no. >> reporter: we're e we'll be checking i-95 and hopping into hatboro to talk about a close e closure there.
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>> let's get you up to speed on the breaking story out of delaware. prisoners are holding two employees hostage inside the james t.vonn correctional center. the situation kicked off at 10:30 a.m. yesterday. dragging on still hours later. since then two corrections officers have been released. the prisoners are demanding education and rehabilitation. karen rogers joins us, will it be groundhog day for the schuylkill expressway, i-95 they will be jammed, as usual. >> reporter: i'm not a groundhog, i can see my shadow in the lights, that means big delays on all the majors. later on -- right now you're
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good to go. no issues on the ramp 206 to the new jersey turnpike northbound we have an accident here involving an overturned tractor-trailer causing problems this morning. be careful for that. traffic is kind of squeezing by the ramp this morning. pennsylvania new jersey turnpike connector still closed. they have the structural problems, this continues to provide headaches for people and it does again this morning. we have an issue in hatboro. we have an accident investigation going on, the accident itself damaged the pole. police on the scene county line road at madison avenue look for that. on the commuter traffic report i found someone on the waze app talking about a pothole aspen street. it's 22 in martins creek. 32 in pottstown. we were seeing flurries in the north and west. but it's dry. 38 degrees in center city.
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new knowledge, 32 in violented. 38 in dover -- vined, 38 -- vineland, 38 in dover. albert bosscov is suffering from late stage cancer. he sent a letter to employees informing him of his diagnosis. in his typical business first fashion, he began the letter by thanking them for the latest earning results. former exxon chief rex tillerson has been sworn in another cabinet pick has lost supporters from two senators from maine and alaska could not vote for devos. if all others support her, it would mean a 50/50 tie.
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mike pence could break the tie. a special invitation was a philip was sidelined from playing on the girls team. she fought to play on the boy's team. the judge sided with the school saying there was no legal foundation for phillips case. >> i was bummed when i couldn't play with the boys be because i'm better than them. so. >> as well, cindy's parents learned that saint teresa is kicking her and her younger sister out of the school, an official region has not been released. crowds are gathering in western pennsylvania to celebrate groundhog day. >> a dog saved a woman's life.
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>> if you're dressing the kids puddle them up. we have temperatures in the 30s, there's a bit of a breeze buildings in the afternoon. we get up to the 40s, i'll have the day planner forecast in the next 12 hours, we'll cover. that's coming up.
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>> an iowa woman credits her neighbor's dog for saving her life. she was in the backyard when she had a a stroke and collapsed. mac, the neighbor's black lab went over and was barking. >> he knew something was wrong, he had that 6th sentence something wasn't right. >> the owner came outside and found alan who spent two days in the hospital and expected to be
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okay. >> man's best friend indeed. >> reporter: i believe that, absolutely. >> reporter: let's go outside and check the roads, live in bucks county, i-95 approaching route 1, we're watching the accident, kind of hard to see, you see the flashing lights, looks like a van ran into the grassy median there, they are trying to pull it out, they have police and penndot on the scene. traffic is getting by in both directions, i-95 northbound in bucks county. gloucester county, turnpike southbound approaching exit 2 we have the right lane blocked until noon. it will cause problems. a new accident reported woodstown, lincoln road involving an tractor-trailer and another vehicle. >> reporter: on the big board we have chilly numbers, 38 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington, 33 in trenton. still in the upper 20s in allentown. mid 30s in millville. not much windy out there this morning, obviously cold enough to get coats a little bit of
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extra gear going. if you have plans to head out this afternoon, 42 by noon. the high today will be 44 degrees at 3:00 p.m. there will be a bit of a brisk breeze and mix of clouds and sun going back and forth, a chilly day, coats required all the way. 5:00 p.m., 40, 7:00 p.m. back in the mid 30s. >> if you don't want to liston the groundhog, listen to david murphy or go to for the hourly and extended forecast. >> let's look at the ground hog day crowd in punxsutawney, they have a great time. they have pom pom halts -- hats on and brightly colored sweaters. the group on gobbler's knob will reveal the forecast before 7:30. keep an eye on things until then, people are enjoying entertainment, singing and dancing leading up to the big
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announcement. >> time, 5:53 a.m., summer is quickly approaching really? not even spring yet. we'll have fitness tips to help you slim your thighs. a volunteer group for a -- that helped a local family, the family is backing down on volunteering a reward. we'll have more when we come right back. by peggy lee playing ]
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>> two berks county parents are accused of letting their toddler daughter die of an infection. they facenvoluntary manslaughter, they the daughtera common form of phenomena and could be saved by antibiotics. they promised the judge they would take their surviving children to the doctor if they get sick. a teacher was arrested, nina scott had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old. it's a court order facility for children with emotional and behavioral problems. the family of a marine have
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recinded the reward she had offer. volunteers with burlington county 59 search and rescue are credited with finding james. the family said they decided to recind the offer. >> we brought lance home like we brought others home. >> we want to take this experience and pay it forward to the next person. >> the family said they offered a much smaller less specified donation. the consumer alert mad rush to replace credit cards that don't have a chip with ones that have a chip, appears the security is still coming up short. >> live team coverage of the hostage situation at a prison in
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delaware up next.
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thursday, february 2. >> breaking overnight, 14 inmates have been released after a revolt at delaware's only maximum security prison. this is still a hostage situation with two employees being held against their will. >> a man is shot from pointblank range sitting in a car in southwest philadelphia. >> protests turn violent at california berkeley after an


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