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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 3, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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it's february 3rd. time for new viral videos, "right this minute." suspicious p cameras in their home. see what got the baby-sitter busted. >> as parents this is in the see where skiing can get you down the mountain. a surprise guest arrives for a party after a family -- >> we had planned this night out. ft. >> oh. plus, bonus give away day means your shot at a new ipad mini or an amazon excoy, oli,
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charity, gayle and nick break down what is happening. and shakira breaks it down. >> they're gyrating their hips. >> find out the prize for the best bootie shake and why some of us probably won't win. >> can we stop now, can we please sto >> i don't know what other way to put it, other than this is a parent's worst nightmare. this is security footage from inside a home in argentina that parents have set up because they were suspicious, their daughters were acting diff. so they set up several cameras around the home and turned them on while the girls were with the baby-sitter and this is what they captured. the 18-year-old baby-sitter is being very aggressive with their daughter. the girl is sitting on the chair r coming towards her and slaps the child and grabs her by the hair and pushes her
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straight to the ground. the little girl crying, buries her face in the cushions of the couch. >> it's just such a difficult situation, you know? as parents, this is always in the back >> can you trust them and unfortunately in this case, they couldn't. but because they have this video, they were able to turn it over to authorities who got involved. it looks like now this woman is facing assault charges because of this -- >> sad part too, you wonder what this young girl, this 18-year-old as a child herself. where did she learn this kind of behavior? >> her mom did release a statement saying she feels really bad about what her daughter did and she thought she had raised her daughter better than that. >> what about the young child? is the young child okay? e emotional distress that s left parents are concerned about. here in india, some farmers were clearing out some sugar cane and they cameo beautiful 3d
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cubs. look at them. >> where's mom? that's the first question. like, guys, all right, be really careful. >> that was my first question. like, oh, i hope you had the machete close. so they called wildlife oss and then they put them in the traps, set up a camera and waited. they put the traps near where mom was last sighted. >> baiting a trap with the kids, man. that's an interesting approach. the camera caught. they recovered the babies but mom will take them back ho ♪ oh, thinking of going skiing on the weekend? you know, there's snow about and then you think of the gear, you have to have the pads, the helmet and the robot accessories and the ray gun. >> you don't need that much
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stuff. >> yes, you do. >> what the heck is that? >> i don't know. i guess it's what happens when you combine play with snowboarding. just happened upon this randomly on twitter. wherever this is. a giant pink robo outfit like something from the power rangers. they're just carving it up. >> why wouldn't you? that is amazing. >> you know this is some kind of japanese popular character that we're just not aware of. >> that is a cool encounter on the snow. >> maybe on the bottom -- now on the off-season, ski runs are a great place to find people mountain biking, but if you also really like mountain biking and winter weather? well the guys in colorado have a solution. put skis on your bike. >> ski bike. >> this is great. you can see they have got the suspension at the front and the back. you can go wherever you want. you can go on the moguls, on the flat runs.
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sign me up. >> no kidding. i think i'd be a lot better if that was skiing. i was riding a bike since i was 3. >> i feel like a learning curve for a lot easier for anybody because it's like riding a bike. >> and t mountain views. i think once it gets out there, everyone will be like me too, me too. >> pretty cool. >> sarah rodgers who watches us in toronto, canada, is the latest winner of the ipad give away. >> we'll go giving away an ipad mini and echo. >> you will need friday's buzz word, need 21 years of age at least and a resident of u.s. and canada. stay tuned for the ar kia give way. this is a surprise birthday dinner for my sister. >> it's her sister's leah's birthday. she has planned this night out t woman standing at the
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stairwell. that's natalie. she is enjoying dinner with her friends and family. >> oh, my god. that she gave up for adoption 20 years ago and she happens to stumble upon the dinner? d sees . her standing there. >> have they ever met before this? never. >> there is the first time they have met. >> dang. >> wait, did leah have any contact with her daughter before this? >> she must have seen a picture or something. >> the daughter contacted her birth mom for first time this january and wrote her this message on facebook. >> hi. >> hi. oh, my god. >> this is if first time they're seeing each other. >> since birth. >> they're both just bawling. >> okay. ♪ happy birthday to you >> yeah. >> she was going to make a wish
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but no need for that. it's come true. >> as you can see, you can sing happy birthday. she walks over and she has other people in the room. >> that woman in the red, that could be the adopted mom. >> emotional gift. a lot to process on your birthday. >> back it up again. watch it. that moment. the moment of realization. you see it on her face. it was like instant goose bumps of like what happened? look at that. >> a face drop, not a mike drop. >> yeah. >> this is absolutely a beautiful stor brave guys, explore hawaiian volcanoes. >> a lot of activities up in that park recently. >> see why this adventure is simply smoldering. >> i want to be there. >> she's showing you an easier way to burp the baby. >> nothing is happening -- oh! brought to you by olive garden's never ending classic. all your favorites.
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- and this is me treating back pain with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. i want to show you how to properly and effectively burp your baby. >> oli, you know this better than anyone at the table. if you have a baby, that baby
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needs to burp if you feed it. >> yes. the key to how to burp the baby, you eat the baby first and burp it up. >> i learned something today. >> the best way to get the baby to bisr baby is not crying and also to make sure that your baby is awake. >> well, sherry has a way that you could burp the baby that's easier. she's a registered nurse. she's a certified midwife, an expert in breast-feeding and has a masters in nursing. she is kind of an expert, isn't that obvious though that you have to burp a baby? >> yes. >> but she says she has a new technique that will help people burp their bays a lot easier. >> it's not necessary in burping your baby and it's more difficult -- [ burp ] >> oh, you. >> i take my thumb and forefinger, put it under the jaw. >> you have to relax. relax. >> while my pinky goes right unde >> okay. okay. all right.
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>> your other hand put it underneath the baby's bottom like this. >> okay. don't kill me. [ laughter ] >> up and down. >> go. go. >> nothing is happening. [ burp ] >> see her chin is reacting as i do that up and down. up and until you get the burp. [ burp ] >> i'm not coming back until wednesday. [ laug >>well, if you want to see the more critical approach to see how to make kids burp like me, .o to our website or use our there are 58 national parks in the united states and i firmly protected. just in case you haven't had a chance to get to any of them or many of them, that's okay.
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because our friends over at the more than just parks website, will and jim patese are the crusaders to capture each and every one of the parks. the latest video just dropped in 8 "k" primarily. if you have a fancy tv, kick it on. this is from hawaii's national park, there's been a lot of activity in the park recently and the boys were there to capture for several weeks. >> oh. >> that they got to spend there. >> i want to be there unpaid intern. >> what's funny, not only am i enjoying the video and how beautifully it is shot, is it weird that i'm looking at the colors that i want a lipstick lo volcano. because the colors are stunning. but i want to wear >> okay, right. >> hey, give her a call. >> the boys capture her more than just the volcanoes. they go deep into the jungle and capture this. just speaks to your heart.
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speaks to your inner beast, making you want to go out there and see it for your own eyes. the constant battle between fire and water and building of ea a . hang a hammock, pull a prank. >> a lot of work went into this being the laziest prank ever. >> up next on "right this minute." still to come, jessica here to take girl scout sy girl scout cookie bars. >> get the easy recipe that is definitely sweet tooth approved. >> oh, my god. this is so g plus the bonus day buzz word you need if you want to win an ipad mini or a to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation
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psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. psoriasis relief. breaking free from dandruff great... max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. it's a cold world we're living in and people have lost their mind. this man is minding his business, when suddenly -- was that intentional? >> it was like intentional, it was like direcy at him. >> they say maybe the driver drifted off the road, but either way the driver kept going. >> oh. >> did they even realize they hit somebody? >> no word on that, but i have to believe that you feel the impact. you see him immediately fall to his ground, he doubles over, he stands and walks the other way and then he falls down and lays
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flat. he's holding on the his abdomen, but he never reported it to the police. >> so there's footage of the incident. we don't know the driver, we don't even know the victim, what kind of condition he's in. >> well, the other side, this video footage was used to find the driver and they have apprehended the dr >> things are also out of control in russia. the video opens up, there's a man sitting in the car. he's been pulled over and he's fussing. he is not happy he is being pulled over. he claims that he was a detective. they're not buying it. phone? when suddenly it sounds like he's had enough. >> oh! >> uh-oh. >> wow. >> not so good. he starts to drag the officer with his car. >> wow. >> up over the median and everything. >> jumps the median and tries to take off. it's not over. oh, they fire -- shots fired. >> warning shots by the look of it. >> another officer jumps in and fires four shots. they finally catch up to him. now, here's the thing.
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he hasn't been charged with anything. it's all under investigation. aw when this set of law enforcement officials reached out to the bureau that he claims to be with, they say they have no record of him on file. >> s >> no way. >> that is unreal. i thought for sure that story -- >> oh. gosh, do i love cookies. i love cookies. and few do girl scouts, right? the samoas, the trefoils and the thin mints. everywhere right now. how can you make this better? our friend jessica has improved upon cookie. >> they're awesome business women. awesome. did you see how many cookies i have? >> if you can't decide which one to eat, why not make something else with ach of them like jessica teaches us how to do.
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>> no. >> you mix them all up? >> hold up. >> we're going to try girl scout cookie bars. >> she makes a crust with the trefoils, pulsing that and putting it in the nine inch pan. >> once you have it nice and uniform in the bottom of the pan, we can pour some more goodness in there. >> add some chocolate chip, samoas. what, are you catching me here? >> we'll make a li cookie crumb get ready to be blown away, jessica, ple >> on the way out -- >> i was very concerned that the girl scout cookie was about to get messed up because it's really kind of hard to improve on it. >> i'll eat just a box with nothing else, but if you want to make a recipe out of them they have all kinds of recipes on girl this came from a 15-year-old girl scout herself. >> oh, my god. this i [ laughter ]
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>> milk -- >> this is the bomb. >> oh, dang. >> in the middle though, it covers the palate with joy. >> i know we're not the only one with a visit from the girl scout. this is what you can do. >> yeah, this is what you can do i have to give a shout-out to bailey. bailey came into the office. i think she sold us like $100 worth. >> hey, gayle, i don't think you'll finish that. >> i think you guys will like it too. if you want to try the recipe out, cli it's time to give away another ipad mini and it's bonus give away day today. that means somebody is going to win an ipad mini and an amazon echo. >> enter the buzz word and be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of u.s. and
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canada. >> and the buzz word on facebook and you do it each day. >> it's echo. >> so click on the win ipad button, enter friday's buzz word, echo. >> you want to enter today because it's bonus give away day. that means someone will win an ipad mini and an amazon echo. good luck, everybody. fans are shaking their hips soccer date with shakira. >> the internet is flooded with this videos. >> my hips are definitely telling the my favorite part about being a dad -- just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up.
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that giant log so they can move it closer to home and no doubt create. here's something we know about shakira? >> her hips don't lie. >>r famous. this one of her latest videos. ♪
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and she's been dating since 2010, a very well known football player. well, they kind of teamed up their talents for a challenge. and she has asked her fans and followers to post videos on social media that are dancing and gyrating their hips so they don't lie either. for the opportunity to go with her, hang out with her at a barcelona football game. so need i say that the internet is flooding with these videos? >> well, of course they are. as a couple, you're both going to be happy. the guy gets to go watch what is basically the best soccer team on the planet right now, and then she gets -- shakira, this is perfect. >> only one person gets to go though. >> well, lots of people are going to >> basically, you have to dance better than one of the best dancers in the world.
2:57 pm
>> or better than all of the other people. >> well, you see, nick, your hips have been known to tell the truth. [ laughter ] >> that is not a lie. that is not a lie. >> i feel like maybe we should get into this. >> do you want to have a chance at going to a barcelona title? i think we should at least try. >> can we all agree we're not going to be very good at this and just not do it? i'm good at food tasting, don't make me dance. >> so which one of us is sh. ♪ >> okay. oh, my. >> see, my hips are definitely telling the truth right now. ♪ . >> can we stop now, please can we stop now? i didn't even dance at my own wedding, okay? >> whoever actually gets to go, have fun. >> bye-bye, everybody. g g g g g
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did you talk to the boys? i did. they all say "hello." they're very excited to see you. i told them you've been hurt... thank you. they have to be on their best behavior. no rowdiness. have you, um... have you thought about what it might be like [groans] if you and i were to actually make it official? you know, getting pelted with rotten tomatoes and all. yeah, i can handle it. you're not concerned about what certain people might say or do? are you? um, not really. i mean, i've been called every name in the book at least once. i'm concerned about you. well, i may be small, but i'm not a wimp. [ chuckles ] i know.


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