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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 4, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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not ready to go back to the future. they are benched against l.a. for the second straight game. flyers trying to take down the king, send them back to l. a. second period picking up scoreless. sean on the break away off the post. flyers 17 shots on goal. later in the second, flyers turn it over. michael caught off guard, makes the save, 27 shots in regulation stopped. in overtime, take a shot who wins, former flyer jeff carter says he got lucky. flyers lose 1-0 in o.t. wasting a great effort. >> he's been amazing. we have to find a way to win the game. after a performance like that, iit's tough. >> afterwards he would not commit to playing monday against st. louis.
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still to come, "college hoops," >> host: st. joe's goes to doube overtime, next.
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>> villanova chris jenkins hit one of the biggest shots to win the national championship. right now that shot mia. jenkins hit four shots and 15 points. villanova benched the start tonight against st. johns. dante from wilmington a career high 20. second half, josh hart two of 26, villanova 92-79, the 13th win over st. johns. >> double overtime, no time left, anderson, wow. scores five points, comes up with a steal.
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all of that in the last 14 seconds, loses, 86-83. >> la salle beat up by george mason, fall behind in the first, never catch up. he lost four of five, penn, drexel and delaware loses as well. tough night in "college hoops." >> the magic of story telling came to life thanks to disney. new and old disney stories read to kids of all ages at no charge. the event was held here in springfield mall. sunny is the parent company of "6abc." >> show you a few of the emotion reactions. >> and the nfl season comes to an end tomorrow.
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♪ "action news" continues. >> saturday night, walter perez. here's what's happening, president trump makes his first warnings sincremarks since a fee blocked his travel ban. >> and a gun found inside a car crash. why it's of interest to investigators. >> and patriot fans are waiting to see what bill belichick is wearing on the sidelines. >> president trump attended a white tie gala. he made his first public comments on a federal judge's order blocking the controversial travel ban. he said for the safety of our country, we'll win. elisabeth herr has the latest from new york. >> president trump is taking on james robart who slapped him with a restraining order halting
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his travel ban to seven muslim countries. >> have there been attacks from the countries since 911. >> the president tweeting, what is the country coming to when a judge can halt a travel ban. the opinion of the so called judge which takes law enforcement from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. >> judge robart imposed a nationwide hold on the president's policy saying it would cause injury were it to stand. >> this woman wants to be reunited with her husband. he is my husband. >> the department of justice is officially appealing the judge's
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ruling. >> abc news, new york. >> in boston there were cheers, hugs and flowers as passengers arrived from logan international airport today. one mother said they tried four times to get a flight to the u.s. to visit her two children. it was a trip she wasn't sure she would ever take again. >> i have no problem with the president. we are not terrorists. >> at one point immigration officials were advising people the best way to enter the u.s. is boston. >> vice president pence set down for an interview set to air this week. >> this is a judge who is nominated by president bush, 99-0, confirmed. how is he a "so-called judge."
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>> we face a dangerous enemy inspiring people to come into the country and those in the country and the president is determined to use the authority he has under the constitution and law. >> doesn't the judge have authority to do what he did as well? >> he does. that's why the administration is complying with the order as we speak. >> you can see the entire interview at 10:30 a.m. >> a driver was in a crash and a gun was found in the vehicle. he hit a telephone pole and the car overturned. a search of the car resulted in the finding of a stolen rifle 6789 he remains bars tonight.
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>> police in voorhees new jersey are investigating an accident that ended with a man shot. investigators said the two did know each other. the victim was taken to cooper trauma center. the suspect remains on the loose. a grieving woman is desperate to find her fiance's killer and hopes you can help. here's rick wi williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> he was out going and funny and caring. he always looked out for anyone and anyone who knew him, truly knew him, loved him. >> in 2013, jaifer and his fiance were expecting their first child. we found out what we were having the same week he passed on. we were having what he wanted, a
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girl. >> sadly he didn't live to see his daughter. >> on sunday october 27th, 2013 the 39-year-old was headed back to philadelphia from atlantic city. he stopped with friends at the bar in the kenzington section. the trio left just before 2:00 a.m. >> they pulled off and shots started. >> he was shot multiple times and died at the scene. they pulled my family apart. i want them to come forward. the city is offering $20,000 as a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> i want closure for myself and my daughter and the people that love him. >> for crime fighter, i'm rick williams. "action news."
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>> much more to come. exploring the wonders of science how youngsters learn that things we see everyday can be transformed into eye-popping experience. and why some are concerned about the coach's clothing as they are about the game on sunday. >> and it gets milder for the second half of the weekend. we have the details in the accuweather forecast. ♪ ♪
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>> february is black history month. that today in wilmington, they soluted black greek life. local fraternity and sorority
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chapter showed up at the ymca for today's event. there were performances and displays about the greek organizations. we'll celebrate african-american heritage all month long. there was a series of impressive science disapplies in university city. the best part everyone tried them. drebltion university hosted a day of hands on science for a second straight year. they walked in a pool that seemed like a solid that flows like a liquid. they used fruits and vegetables to make electricity. time for a final check of the forecast. >> we have a warm up on the way next week with temperature in the 40s and eventually the 60s. >> that's amazing. >> we'll show you double scan radar, no issues with precipitation.
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it's dry but chilly across the area. we'll show you the picture outside. looking at the ben franklin bridge on this saturday night, we have a partly cloudy sky turning cloudy throughout the night. we'll be tracking an area of low pressure cutting up to the north tomorrow. right now in philadelphia, 31-degrees, dewpoint 13. wind out of the southwest at nine miles per hour. windchill at 23 and ocean temperature 40-degrees. 29 in reading, same in lancaster 24 in allentown, 30 in trenton, 28 dover and 33 at the coast in cape may. wind are relatively calm for millville and allentown. nine miles per hour in philadelphia. we have a southwesterly wind flow on the way, overnight tonight into tomorrow. temperatures milder than they were for the start of the
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weekend. satellite six along with action radar, lots of clouds ahead of the moisture across the great lakes and a trailing cold front in the midwest. as it cuts north, you tap into the southerly surge of moisture. future tracker 6 showing you 11:30 in the morning, we have snow showers across the northern lehigh valley, scranton and the poconos. cloud early in the day, yielding to sunshine. we have that southwesterly wind five to ten miles per hour. 45 the high in philadelphia. lancaster, 41 allentown, 48 cape may and 47 in dover. as we fast forward into next week, the pattern changes again. it gets wet and milder, especially tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures in the upper 40s and 60s ahead of the cold
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front we'll be approaching from the west. as the front comes through tuesday and wednesday, we can find half an inch to inch of rainfall, gusts up to 5 50 miles per hour and colder on the backside as we close out the workweek thursday into friday. the seven-day forecast, clouds to sunshine sunday. a milder day up to 45, a flurry and sprinkles in the poconos likely. a mix is likely monday night. periods of rain tuesday, a milder day. we are up to 55 on wednesday early rain and a high of 62. the temperatures will be falling throughout the day much colder on thursday, a high of 35. 34 on friday and 43 on saturday. another reminder, monday night 11:00 on "action news," we have our february winter weather out look. cecily tynan will have more on
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what to expect throughout the month of february. >> very cool. thank you, melissa. >> as you possibly know the superbowl 50 is being held tomorrow. the key to the win is high flying offence but could victory actually hinge on what hood di patriot coach bill belichick chooses to wear? >> bill belichick's sense of style is notable. >> already the top bets are being made, 4-11 he sports the blue, 3-11 gray. 40-1, red. one man says there's a reason. if he was to wear red again, i think fans would have a meltdown. mike has kept tabs on the hoodie data base and the numbers don't lie. >> this year 31-9.
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he played the most games in this one. >> if he walks out in red what will you do? >> i might have to try to get to the stage to give him gray. >> he cast doubt on the superstition. >> i'm really not superstitious. >> the blue nike hoodie is the best bet. t.j. homeless holmes, houston.
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okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. >> snubbed, what happened? two of the greatest players to
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wear an eagle helmet not elected to the hall of fame, brian a dawkins and terrel owens both full short. beating them out, jerry james to name a view. matt ryan wins player of the year. the falcon quarterback hoping to win his first superbowl tomorrow against tom brady and the new england patriots. ryan is going for his first, brady is going for his fifth superbowl title. >> you owe so much to your family and your wife and spouse or people who support you because they are pulling the burden at home for us to live our dream. our dream is so important, but it's not their dream, so they are sacrificing a lot of their
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loves for what we do. you want to reward them. >> poor j jiselle. >> okafor says he only worries about what he can control. he's dealing with a knee injury in miami against the hottest team in the nba. sixers fail to cool him off. he scores 30, grabs 20. sixers held to 17 points in the first. second quarter, back come the quarter, within three. sixers fall apart. brett brown said his young players are trying to deal with trade rumors. >> we'll help get you better. it could be with us, somebody
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else. while you are with me until somebody tells me otherwise, i'm giving you my best effort. they understand that. we communicate. i give them tread credit on how they handle it. >> fliers and kings, making a second straight start, he deserves another. stops all 27 shots in regulation. in overtime, take a shot who wins, former flyer jeff carter, come on. he says he got lucky. flyers lose 1-0. they pick up a point, back at it monday against the blues. back to you, walter. >> thank you, jeff. they celebrated the chinese new year. reading center city market was packed, chinese cooking demonstrations, musical performances and crafts for
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sale. this is the year of the rooster. finally, how many types of handshakes could there be? this teacher in kansas knows about 100, one for each one of his students. she says it all started last year where she asked students to give a high five or knuckles at the end of class. that led to each student have their own handshake. it makes them feel special and helped her develop a bond with her students. >> castle is next. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a good night. i'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tblj
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