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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 5, 2017 9:00am-10:30am EST

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how travelers are being impacted now. a fire in new jersey leaves a bed ridden woman in critical condition. we'll tell you how she escaped the fire. a girl scout robbed in broad daylight in center city, what she said happened and who helped. >> meteorologist chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and help you plan for super bowl sunday. >> reporter: good day for the falcons -- [laughter]. as you can see it's nice and quiet i don't think, we have cloudy conditions and it is cold again. yesterday at this time we had windchills in the teens. this morning as you flip it over to the numbers, it's not as harsh as yesterday. but it's chilly. feels like 25 in philadelphia. 29 in millville. 30 in cape may. 29 degrees in allentown. 13 degrees with the wind in the poconos. if you're heading north to do skiing later today bundle up, because it will feel no better than 22 up there later this afternoon. even though we are forecasting
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highs in the upper 40s, with the winds it will feel no better than the upper 30s. another blustery day on tap for the delaware valley. cloud conditions across the keystone state. we'll seen increase in sun this afternoon after lunch. we'll have cloud cover until lunchtime. 3:00 p.m., gradual increase in sun. 45 degrees, a bit of a breeze, 5:00 p.m., 44. shooting for a high of 47. when i come back in a few minutes, we'll talk about the potential of rain tuesday and wednesday. >> now to the latest on the white house' attempt to get president trump's travel ban immediately reinstated. it is major let down for president trump in an attempt to get a hold on the croaferl travel ban has -- controversial
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travel ban has failed. >> a federal coulter decided to hold it for now. >> reporter: overnight a major set back for the trump administration, no sooner did the department of justice appeal its case to the 9th circuit, hours later motion denied. the federal appeals court rejected the government's bid to immediately restore the travel ban. outside maro protests made sure they were heard. all day long, he went ton a tirade, attacking seattle judge who dared to defy him. >> my question to you, have therein terror attacks in the united states by refugees or
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other immigrants from the seven countries listed since 9/11. >> reporter: trump's treat came fast and furious, the opinion of this so-called judge is ridiculous and it will be overturned. many bad and dangerous people are pouring into our country a terrible decision and the judge opens up our county to potential terrorists and others who do not have our best interest at heart. bad people are very happy even as the appeals process continues at home and a broad, the protests show no signs of letting up. meanwhile, trump's answer to bill o'riley in an interview set to air before the super bowl, is raising eye brows, as well. >> reporter: do you respect putin. >> i do respect putin.
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>> reporter: why. >> putin is a killer. >> you think our country is so innocent. >> reporter: iran is one of the countries named in the order has reversed its decision to deny entry visas for the u.s. wrestling team. shortly after the overnight decision to block the executive order, iran tweeted they would be granted visas, they are expected to compete in iran in the 2017 free style world cup later this month. mike pence came to philadelphia to discuss the new nominee for the supreme court. he made a stop to address the federal i also -- federalist society a conservative group. later this morning, it is this week, george stephanopoulos
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goes one on one with vice president mike pence, this week begins at 10:30 after "action news." an 81-year-old woman is in critical condition this morning after a fire in new jersey. an "action news" viewer sent in the video as crews responded to the fire around 3:00 a.m. on hayes avenue in deptford. firefighters and police rescue the woman who was bed ridden and taken to an area hospital. no word if there were smoke detecters inside the house. what sparked the blaze remains under investigation. a nine-year-old girl and her mom was shocked a man stole money from her pocket while she sold girl scout cookies. it's happened along the 400 block of south 16th street. they believe the thief got away with 50 to $100. >> he took, the many, -- the
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money and out of my apron pocket and he ran around the corner into the alley. >> people nearby heard what happened and tried to chase the suspect, but he got away. >> i was heartened by the good samaritans we had three separate people chase this guy for us, we don't even know them. people swung by, a minivan with a family swung by and gave her $4, and said that people in philadelphia are good people. >> a crash in delaware led to the arrest of a driver for allegedly having a stolen gun inside a vehicle. robert green lost control of his car last night. he hit a telephone pole and the car overturned. a search of the car uncovered a 22 caliber rifle that was reported stolen from a home back in july 2015. they found an assault rival and
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handgun in the car. he is facing charges and remains behind bars. a pole came crashing down on a woman walking on a sidewalk in center city. it happened before 2:00 p.m. along 700 block of chestnut street. the driver lost control and hit the pole and it fell on top of the victim. she was taken to the hospital where she is was listed in stable condition. chester county's matt ryan takes to the field atlanta falcons at the super bowl. flyers with ryan's picture were passed out at saint philip and james catholic church in exton. he played at penn charter high school. the cover shows number two which is ryan's jersey number. there were no shortage of science experiments on display in university city. drexel university hosted hands
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on science for the 7th year. kids got their feet wet in a pool. they used fruits and vegetables to make electricity. >> i like a good science fair. >> fun time. 9:08. a train derailment caused piles of poles to spill in virginia. laundry pads are is quick way to clean your cloths, -- clothes, but there's new dangers to your children. look look live at the center city skyline meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're going to warm up this week. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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i make sure i treat rudy too with a milk-bone biscuit. they've got vitamin d and calcium for strong bones. he loves them almost as much as i love him. hey! i was saving that for later. say it with milk-bone. give me some paw. (dog barks) homes buried after an avalanche in pakistan. 7 people are missing and most of the town is covered in snow. a train derailed in virginia causing a coal spill, 44 rail cars derailed. warehouse and buildings and home and car were damage from the coal spill. what caused the derailment remains under investigation. crews expect cleanup efforts and track repair to be expensive and on going.
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time for accuweather, it could get to 60 this week? >> reporter: there's a the familiar theme this winter. it has not been cold, when we get cold it doesn't last very long. this is out of here basically this morning we'll see improvement in temperatures, credit by wednesday some areas could hit 670 degrees. there's the view -- 60 degrees, there's the view overlooking the commodore barry bridge. gray skies this morning, there's flurries in the poconos. the radar showing the bark is much worse than the by the. all of it is not reaching the grounds. the only thing that's here is flurries in the poconos. the air is very, very dry. that's the saving grace, the dpowpt -- dewpoint is 21, the air is 34. when the numbers are this far a part, it's very, very dry. if they are close it's very, very moist.
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30.07 that's the pressure reading. winds out of the south southwest at 14 miles per hour. 29 in allentown. 13 in the poconos, 23 in trenton. feels like 29 in millville. even though we're forecasting highs in the mid to upper 40s, the winds will whip around all day long that will keep the windchill values in the upper 30s, the high temperature today is a little deceiving. satellite and radar have clouds out to pittsburgh and far northwest as cleveland. there's the tail end of it right there. that should start swinging through lunch time, give or take an hour or two. later this afternoon we'll see a decent amount of sun. sun and clouds today, overnight tonight partly cloudy skies monday looks great, a ton of sunshine, temperatures close to 50 degrees in some locations. monday into tuesday we see the clouds increase again, here comes the next system. by 7:00 a.m. tuesday you can see all the rain scattered about the
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delaware and the lehigh valleys. some of it will be steady at times throughout the afternoon. that will continue through tuesday night into wednesday morning. in case you're wondering why it's rain and not snow, here's the answer. temperatures by tuesday afternoon are all the way up to 59 degrees in philadelphia. millville, 57. wildwood, 50. through the evening hours, the model has 06 down for tuesday evening. 59 in wilmington, 58 in millville. you'll never see snow with temperatures that mild. again, that's just the way the winter has been. every time we get the moisture there's no cold air. when he get the cold air there's no moisture. it's unfortunate for the snow lovers. clouds and sun, breezy, 47 degrees forecasted high today. starting out with a lot clouds, increase in sun as the day wears on. 3:00 p.m., 45. 5:00 p.m., 44. overnight tonight, it looks chilly, but these numbers are
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not too bad. the normal low for this time of year is 26. 28 in allentown and reading under a partly cloudy sky. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows another nice day tomorrow, clouds and sun today, 47 breezy feeling like the 30s. sunny tomorrow, mild, high of 48. periods of rain for tuesday, right now we're posting 54 i just showed you the update on the modeling, we had it up to 59. we have to adjust that upward. wednesday morning, 60 degrees, thursday, colder, 38. maybe a couple of snow showers we're watching a coastal system that might brush the region with a little winter weather. >> i like that. a camden high school student found a new way to make extra money between classes. hiseneurial spirit got
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him a little more attention. they working on a different set up, where his profits can be donated to a school club or program. we'll be right back. [ alarm clock beeping ]
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okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. hey i'll share my yoplait custard if you share your yoplait dippers? deal. deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait. >> welcome back you're looking live at cape may, new jersey, via sky6 live hd. we're warming up this week, we could hit 60 degrees. "healthcheck," new research finds purposely hitting a soccer ball with your head known as heading could increase concussion. researchers suffered amateur adult soccer players over a two year period. researchers found those who were heading the ball were more than three times as likely to experience concussion symptoms.
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the state of delaware designed new rules to crackdown on the abuse of prescription pain killers. under the new rules, first time prescription for an acute problem cannot exceed etch days. a data base must be checked to make sure the patient is not getting medication elsewhere. it covers prescription for chronic problems and long term treatment. the new rules go into effect april 1. >> for all parents that are new concerns over laundry pods and the dangers they pose to your children. from 2012 to 2015, more than 1200 toddlers had burns to their eyes caused by the laundry pact. however an industry group counter that study claiming it was conducted before new voluntary safety standards wentz into effect to prevent such injuries. 19 antimicrobial chemicals
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will no longer be found in associated press when an fda ban goes into effect. those chemicals can be found in other common household products without any labeling, that includes, plush toys and plastic and scissors. nasa is monitoring the twins. they found his dna increase while in space. researchers believe this shows how sensitive genes are to changing environments whether you're on earth or in space. a pet ferret with bad heart
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had a pacemaker placed in her small body. veterinarians discovered she had a slowed heart rate due to a blockage. the owner took to kansas state university where the delicate procedure was performed.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads.
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welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. sunday morning starting out with clouds and chilly temperatures numbers modify this afternoon we'll see a gradual increase in sunshine. 47 degrees is the forecasted high. okay, the midweek storm looks like it will come at us in pieces now. originally what the models were hinge at was a -- hinting at was a big storm coming off the rockies and it cuts to the west and puts us in the mild sector because the winds would have been out of the south,
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southwest. now, the models are doing a 180. it's showing little pieces coming atous during the course of the -- coming at us, during the course of the week. tuesday and wednesday, that's rain. now we're seeing a clipper diving out of the plains reaching the tennessee valley it will sideswipe us as we get into thursday, that's what we have to watch that is a storm that could produce colder temperatures and perhaps a little bit of snow. the first part tuesday into wednesday is rain. this we have to wait to see what happens, it could be snow or snow showers, that would be thursday. gray. >> thank you for the update. apple has been knocked from its reign as the most valuable brand in the world. the recent report finds google is at the top. apple's brand drop 27% to
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127 billion. google is worth $109 billion. h and r block is getting high powered help they are working with the watson super computer. they use it to find credits and deductions. it's the first time it will be applied to tax preparation. the super computer has been trained in tax language to help answer questions for the preparers. super bowl is hours away, security will be tight for the big game. homeland security said it's ready for the crowds flocking to houston, texas. customs and border officers have three blackhawk helicopters at the ready as you would anyone
9:26 am
fly into secured area. officials say preparations have gone smoothly. >> outline eyes around -- all eyes around the world will be on this event. we need make sure we are prepared. i can tell you this morning walking around with kathy we are prepared. >> the public is being asked to keep their eyes and ears open and report anything suspicious to authorities. noodle patriots face the "atlantis" at that -- new england patriots face the falcons at 8:00 p.m. tvs are being marked down right before the super bowl. they want to make room for models that hit stores in the spring. if you're looking held out before the game starts and watch
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the game on the brand new tv set. >> what else on your menu for the super bowl party? >> google trend released a list of the top recipe severance for the super bowl. buffalo wings was the most searched snack. dip recipe were top severance, as well. in pennsylvania, the most searched was buffalo chicken dip. in new jersey, buffalo wings, in delaware, chili. >> my husband makes a mean chili. chip credit cards were spoaskt -- supposed to be a safer way to protect your identification. but a study shows they may not
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work. >> meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, he's talking about the 60s next week. we're back after this.
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>> good morning to you, 9:30 sunday, february 5. president trump's controversial travel ban is blocked yet again. we have details on the overnight decision.
9:30 am
the vice president trip to philadelphia was met with protests what he said about the supreme court nominee. 6 months after a jogger was killed, we have new developments in the case, we'll tell you who police have in custody. >> those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hi chris. >> reporter: it's not too bad out here, there's a windchill, but it's easier to handle than this time yesterday. feels like 24 in tanersville. 28 in martins creek. freezing mark in saint davids. levittown, 33. glassboro, 35. smyrna, 35. dune in the cape may area, the villas, dell haven checking in at 38 degrees, here's what it feels like with the winds. 29 in allentown. remember at the same time yesterday it felt like 13, a big
9:31 am
improvement north and west, philadelphia feels like 25. satellite and radar we'll start out with a lot of the clouds this morning we'll see increase in sunshine as the day progresses. if you look closely, appears as if there's snow showers falling across the area. the air is dry, all of i told is evaporate -- all of it is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we'll go clouds and sun today, breezy and mild high of 47. but, again, that number is a little deceiving with the winds it will only feel like the 30s. speaking of mild we're talking about a big warmup in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. some locations could hit 60 degrees all over again, i'll have that information in about ten minutes. the travel ban that set off protests worldwide and later appealed was shot down again overnight this time by a federal judge in san francisco. >> the jury charge's ruling
9:32 am
against the -- the judge's ruling will allow travelers to gain entry into the united states. the justice department has been dealt a blow in the middle of the night. a federal court in san francisco denied the request for the reinstatement for trump's ban. i effects travel from seven muslim majority countries. it was slapped with 'restraining order from judge james robart. >> my question to you have there been terror attacks in the united states by refugees or other immigrants from the seven countries listed since 9/11. >> reporter: the president responding what is your country coming to when a judge can halt a homeland security ban letting
9:33 am
anyone with bad intentions to come to the u.s. the opinion of this so-called judge would essentially take law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be over turned. the justice department argued that it's the sovereign providence of the president to admit or exclude aliens it will allow a syrian woman to meet her husband. >> legal battles over the ban about -- ban will continue for the coming week. vice president mike pence was in philadelphia in the building that was once the seat of congress.
9:34 am
his arrival drew protesters who picketed outside. bob brooks has more. >> reporter: he walked into a standing ovation greeted by 120 members of the federalist society inside the historic congress hall. the main focus of his speech was on the selection of neil gorsuch. >> i believe neil gorsuch will take his seat as an associate justice on the supreme court of the united states. >> reporter: vice president pens said there's nobody more qualified. >> the apa gave him a unanimous rating of well qualified which is the highest possible recommendation. >> reporter: he said the judge is hard at work in washington to gain approval of the senate. >> he met with 12 senators in both political parties and he is making himself available to meet with all 100 members of the senate if they are willing to meet with him.
9:35 am
>> reporter: those at the speech agree with the nomination. >> jury charge gorsuch is main -- judge gorsuch is mainstream and original iist. >> he is the biggest star on the bench. >> reporter: outside congress hall opposition to pence and gorsuch continued. he acknowledged there could be a fight mounted in the senate to get him through. >> they are threatening to use the filibuster procedure in the senate is to stop it. make no mistake about it this would be unwise and unprecedented act. >> reporter: the vice president went on to say he and the president will do everything in their powers to stop a filibuster from happening. reporting from independence mall, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> 9:35. happening right now, philadelphia police are looking for clues in the shooting death of a 65-year-old woman in
9:36 am
powton. police were called to the 300 block of holy street before 8:30. the victim was found unresponsive in a second floor bedroom. she had a gunshot to her stomach. officers were called to the 100 block of south 20th street around 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. the officers say they found a man trying to break into rittenhouse pet supplies. it took several officers to take down the suspect. today is the day many football fans have been waiting for all season long. it is super bowl sunday. later today, the new england patriots will take on the falcons in houston. leading up to the big game, companies like verizon helped set up thermal imaging cameras throughout the city. mike pence will be attending the
9:37 am
game. former president, george hw bush and his wife will be there to take part in the coin to say. both were recently released from a hospital. matt ryan was voted m.v.p. and today he is looking for a super bowl ring. he played at penn charter high school. >> i played the little quakers, got to know people from there, i got the opportunity to go to pen charter. my parents felt it was a good opportunity, i enjoyed my time there. >> ryan rooted for the eagles as a kid and went to north wildwood on summer vacation. falcons coach dan quinn is from new jersey, they bonded at the shore. there's much more to come on this sunday morning edition on "action news." >> a popular restaurant goes up
9:38 am
in flames in california. another restaurant offers it's kitchen. a synagogue in chicago vandalized. police are looking for a suspect. this is the rothman ice rink in center city. you see folks enjoying time on the oils. we'll talk about a warmup in the 60s, can you believe it, meteorologist chris sowers has the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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9:40 am
>> police in new york have a person of interest in custody in the murder of a katrina vatano. an autopsy report revealed she had been strangled. >> our last moments alive was fighting this evil savage. we cannot let her effort go in vein. >> investigators have not said much about the person in
9:41 am
custody, only that he has been a person of interest in the case for a few months. a famous restaurant in california went up in flames. this is the scene at the anaheim white house. the two-alarm blaze caused extensive damage. restaurant workers say they donate 2,000 meals for children to local charities every night. another area restaurant has offered to let the desperated employees use their kitchen to keep the charity work going. if you're wondering can i have the super bowl party outside? >> reporter: not outside, no, you'll be okay traveling to your super bowl party. no weather or falling snow or rain. it's nice and quiet on this sunday morning. beautiful shot the ben franklin bridge, you can see the cloud cover upstairs, the clouds are lowering and thickening. appears as if it is flurrying in parts of the area. the air is so dry none of it is reaching the ground.
9:42 am
there's no flurry activity over the delaware bay. they are not reporting snow in the poconos. none of this reaching the ground because the air is so dry. 47 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for today. a good five degrees above the seasonal average of 42. the temperatures dropped down to 29 in the city of philadelphia. we're rebounding a little bit, but we have work to do. 34 in philadelphia. 35 in millville. 29 in allentown and 24 degrees in the poconos with windchills right now in the low 20s, upper teens up here. it's cold in the mountains. there's no wind reported in the lehigh valley. general wind speeds elsewhere are five to 15 miles per hour. temperatures are in the mid 30s, you add on top of that a wind, ten to 15 miles per hour. all of a sudden you have windchills in the low to mid 20s. you definitely need to bundle up this morning before heading out. take a look at storm tracker 6 live, we set it in motion for you, what we were worried about earlier in the week, some of the forecast models had this diving
9:43 am
down across the ohio and tennessee valleys, it would merge with this piece of energy and come up. that was supposed to bring snow from richmond to albany new york. this never came down. it's skirting across the north the southern piece of energy is skirting on by to the south. as long as these two stay a part you can't get any storms, that's why we're not forecasting anything today. some of my snow lovers where is the snow on my twitter handle an facebook. this is red field new york, this is a roof that goes all the way back, this is 8 feet of snow that they have seen in the last nine days, you can see they say trying to get -- it's almost over her head. trying to shovel it off the roof. this is all snow here, oh, my gosh that's a ton of snow. i love snow and cold, but that's a little bit too much.
9:44 am
that's up in the north, upstate new york where all the snow will remain over the next 36 to 72 hours. there's no snow in the forecast in the "shelter me rescue of th. sun and clouds today, partly cloudy overnight tonight. lots of sunshine, we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. bright blue skies expected, terms climbing in the upper 40s, clouds increase monday night into tuesday, there could showers around, but at this point temperatures are so mild, again, everything is rain. it's liquid there's no frozen precipitation because some areas could reach 60 degrees tuesday night into wednesday morning. rainfall totals not impressive at all. maybe a quarter inch, some locations could be a little bit heavier. the big story with the storm which arrives tuesday night into wednesday will be the mild temperatures and the winds that develop on the backside. highs in the upper 40s today, feeling like the upper 30s,
9:45 am
temperatures drop into the 30s under partly cloudy skies, 32 in philadelphia, 28 in allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 47 is today, a nice one. 48 tomorrow, another nice one. periods of rain tuesday, damp and dreary. for now we're posting 54, we have information coming in the latest computer guidance showing numbers as high 59 to 60 tuesday evening that lingers into wednesday morning and wednesday night the cold front comes through and that drops the numbers down thursday and friday, maybe a couple of snow showers on friday. >> keep hoping criminals. >> you -- keep hoping chris. >> you can find storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at time 9:45, summer may be months away, but philadelphia passion and recreation will begin it's competitive lifeguard recruitment process. applicants are encouraged to begin the process early in order
9:46 am
to have enough time to pass the screening lifeguard and training course. the city hires 400 lifeguards to patrol their outdoor and indoors pools. lady gaga's half-time show at the super bowl will feature hundreds of lit up drones. a source said clearance for the unmanned aerial vehicles is required for the federal aviation administration, it will be the first time the half-time show as incorporated drones. fios in the house!
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we're at the "action news" bigger,
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once stud says think again. a study life lock finds that the security chips in credit cards may not be an effective deterrent to fraud. credit card and identity theft has risen with more than 15 million people falling victims in 2017. the sponsor of the study life lock makes it's money offering identity protection. when it comes to the most popular cell phone, guess who is top dog? apple is the top smart phone brand with 78 million iphones sold in the final quarter of 2016. sam samsung is in second place. researchers at mit have developed a smart watch app for those suffering from social anxiety or aspergers syndrome.
9:51 am
it detects the tone of conversation and let's the wearer known the mood of speaker. this is for people who suffer from social anxiety. the app was tested using a iphone 5s. it detected emotion with 83% accuracy. it is in development, and not yet on the market. that's a look at technically speaking. sports is next. welcome back, we're taking a
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
live look via, sky6 live hd philadelphia international airport. 9:53, 34 degrees, should not have any travel trouble today considering the weather. you should be good to go and come from your super bowl parties, high of 47 degrees. destiny day for the patriots and falcons is here they are squaring off in the super bowl. >> indeed they are, and two former eagles are finding out if they are going into the hall of fame. >> reporter: brian dawkins was so emotional he would scream after making big plays. eagles fans showing the same emotion after the former eagle end receiver and terrell owen failed to get voted into the hall of fame. other awards, exton native pen charter star matt ryan won m.v.p. beating out tom brady,
9:55 am
but the quarterback would rather beat out the brady bunch tonight and win his first super bowl. it is atlanta and new england in super bowl, xi. the sixers were in big trouble in miami. joel embiid ruled out for the road trip. okafor's knee giving him trouble. scratched right before the game miami is red hot. sixers held only 17 points in the first. second quarterback they come, they get within five and it goes south from there in south beach, downer as many as 34. sixers blown out 135 to 1 oh, --
9:56 am
102. flyers young star benched against l.a. for the second straight game. without him, the flyers attempted to send the kings out and back to l.a. without knowing what hit them. it didn't work. second period, on the break away, off the post, 17 shots on gold. even when he was caught off guard he catches up, makes the save, 27 shots all in regulation. in overtime, jeff carter, the former flier won it. only sydney cross brie -- crosby has more goals. flyers lose in overtime. in the three games coming in last night, chris jennings had only four shots and 16
9:57 am
points. jenkins on the bench for nova against st. john. second half they put it away, josh hart, 2 of 26. villanova 92-79 it's their 13 bt straight w over st. john. temple in college hoops today. >> there's much more to come on "action news." >> common core changes the way parents help with homework. >> those stories and much more, plus, meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. k?
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>> welcome back it is 10:00 a.m., sunday, february 5. in the news, the president's controversial travel ban blocked in court again. what the latest ruling means for travelers and refugees. a fire sends a woman in her 80s to the hospital. we have the details on how she
10:00 am
made it out alive. it is super bowl sunday, we're talking football, a preview what to expect during today's game. first meteorologist chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with a look at accuweather. >> reporter: good morning nydia, it feels like super bowl weather, it's blustery and cold, you will need the gloves and hat and scarf. when that air blows it will it e blustery and cold. tansersville, 25. -- tannersville, 25. center city, 36 degrees. we should manage to reach a high of 47. glassboro, 34. gandys beach 36. woodbine 37. you fashion in the win all of a sudden all those numbers feels like the mid 20s. philadelphia, reading, 26. poconos 18. wilmington, 28 degrees, here's satellite and radar if you look closely there appears to be snow showers up to the north, but the
10:01 am
air is so dry, none of it is reaching the ground. we have mainly cloudy skies across the delaware and lehigh valleys. the call from accuweather today we'll start out with a lot of the clouds we'll see sunshine as the day wears on. probably after lunch you will notice the skies brightening up a bit. it will be breezy, so this 47 is deceiving it will feel like the up 30s throughout the day. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about another storm system tuesday into wednesday, rain chances go way up, you notice i said rain not snow because the rain numbers go up, as well. >> overnights a major set back for the trump administration, a federal appeals court denied the request by the u.s. justice department to immediately restore trump's travel ban. here's what it means, the travel ban will remain on hold at least for now. bob brooks is live with the overnight developments. bob, seems like a back and forth, what does it mean. nydia and gray, good morning, it
10:02 am
means the travel ban is not in effect, it is suspended, but make no doubt about it, the trump administration is fighting back. in boston, they never thought this would happen. >> i believe you. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. a syrian born u.s. citizen is waiting for his mother to return home in saudi arabia. many feel it's a race against time before donald trump's expect -- executive order could be reinstated. the a judge in seattle spended spended -- suspended the order. the travel ban remains on hold. this 24-year-old yemeni green card holder is back in the u.s. he was visiting his fiance in turkey. he goes to college in tennessee.
10:03 am
people from seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. it indefinitely spends syrian refugees. the u.s. 9th court of appeals has asked for both sides to file legal briefs before the court makes any decisions on the motion. for many, this family is making the most of the ban suspension. turned around and set back to iraq a week ago, he announced they are on their way to the u.s. >> i'm happy to announce we have been cleared to travel to the united states. >> again there is no timetable for when the ban could be reinstated as the legal battle is expected to continue throughout the week. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> in response to the court's ruling on the travel ban iran which was one of the seven countries named in the executive order has reversed its decision
10:04 am
to deny entry visas for the u.s. wrestling team. shortly after the overnight decision to block the executive order the foreign minister tweeted wrestlers would be granted visas, they are going to compete in the iran in the 2017 free style world cup that happens later this month. an 81-year-old woman is in critical condition this morning after a fire in new jersey. an "action news" viewer sent in this video as crews responded to the unit block of hayes avenue in deptford. she was taken to a hospital. her son escaped without hep -- help or injuries. what sparked the blaze remains under investigation. a nine-year-old girl and her mother was shocked after a man stole money from the girl's pocket as she was selling girl
10:05 am
scout cookies in center city. this happened on south 16th street. anastasia and her mother think the thief got away with between 50 and $100. >> he took the money, the money out from my pocket, my apron pocket. he ran around the corner into the alley. >> people nearby heard what happened they tried to chase the suspect, but he got the away. >> i was heartened by the good samaritans, we had three separate people chase this guy for us, we don't even know them. people swung by a family in a minivan gave her four dollars and said tell her there are something people in philadelphia. >> there's a store with a surveillance camera facing where the theft happened. it is not clear if it was recording at the time. a crash in delaware led to the arrest of the driver for
10:06 am
having a stolen gun in his vehicle. robert greene lost control and hit a telephone pole and the car overturned. the search of the car uncovered a 22 caliber rifle that was stolen back in july 2015. they found an assault rival and gun in the car. he is facing charges and remains behind bars. a pole came crashing down on a woman walking on a sidewalk in center city along the 700 block of chestnut street at 2:00 p.m. the driver lost control and hit the pole and the pole fell on the victim. she was taken to jefferson hospital where she was listed in stable condition. we're hours away from super bowl, xi. the big question will tom brady be upstaged by matt ryan. or will he cement his legacy as the greatest quarterback in nfl
10:07 am
history with a 5th championship. >> the fans. the players, the excitement. all the pieces are in place for a historic super bowl showdown in houston. >> we're going to win. that's what the pats do. >> reporter: the headlines, the veteran versus the first timer, patriots quarterback tom brady has four championship rings, matt ryan is hoping to win the falcons their first. >> i'm confident in what i can do. >> reporter: brady is facing more than one opponent, the 39-year-old battling the ghost of deflate gate roger goodell's four game suspension at the beginning of the season. >> it was litigated extensively. >> the attention should be on the game. >> reporter: while both brush off the controversies he showed emotion. >> my dad is my hero, he is the
10:08 am
one i look to everyday. >> reporter: so far both teams are embracing the festive atmosphere. >> this is the opportunity of a lifetime ever since i was a little kid. >> reporter: some acting like fanses as -- fans as with the wn asked about the lady gaga show. other big names getting involved luke bryant will sing the national anthem, and former president george hw bush will do the ceremonial coin flip with wife barbara. more than a million people expected in houston, 07,000 lucky fans going to see the game live at nrg stadium. we have local law enforce. agencies works together and bringing in verizon to monitor
10:09 am
anything unusual. an avalanche hit a village in pakistan. the latest on the search for survivors. >> common core controversy, you'll hear why parents are not fans of the system and others are learning the new system. >> looking liver city skyline, we'll be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> an avalanche in pakistan buried five homes that killed 13 people. several people are still missing. most of the town is now covered in snow. rescue efforts underway to try to find any survivors. a train derailed in virginia causing a coal spill. 44 rail cars derailed saturday morning. the city said warehouse building and home and car were damaged by the coal that spilled from the train. good news no injuries were reported. no caused the derailment remains under investigation. crews expect cleanup efforts and track repairs to be extensive an on going. a car plowed interest a california cheese cake factor two days after a man tossed a smoke bomb into the restaurant. the two incidents are not related. the driver suffered minor injuries and tested for dui. there's no word on how much damage the crash caused.
10:12 am
nobody was engineer by -- injured by the smoke bomb and police have not found the person who threw that device. >> >> reporter: the ground showing said 6 more weeks, does that mean 6 more weeks of 50? there's snow, live on sky6 live hd spring mountain. we have not had much snow around here, that's for sure, one lonely snow events in january. we would that pocket of cold around that time, as well. what we're seeing mainly cloudy conditions, flurries in the poconos that's it, otherwise chilly with temperatures in the 30s and windchills in the 20s, there's double scan live, a couple of flakes being reported in the poconos. nobody else is receiving any snow at this time. 36 degrees, the dewpoint is 21, there's the dry air. pressure 30.04. it's rising. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. that gives us feels-like
10:13 am
temperatures in the 0s, this is better than yesterday at this time when all these numbers were in the mid teens, wilmington feels like 28 with the winds. 26 with the winds in reading. 31 in allentown. 26 in philadelphia. all day long just like yesterday we'll have to deal with the windchill, but it's not going to feel as harsh as yesterday afternoon. we'll stop the clock at 4:00 p.m. 37 degrees in philadelphia. at that point the high temperature is occurring then and somewhere around 46, 47. allentown it will feel like 37. 40s to the west, low 40s to the south and east. satellite and radar along with action radar, looks like a nice quiet finish to the weekend here. a little piece of energy working off the coast of the carolinas, there's snow showers pushing through upstate new york, buffalo, rochester, binghamton reporting light snow, none of that makes it south into our neck of the woods. the water evaporate shot i want to show you what's going on across the entire lower 48. if you follow the way the clouds are moving, everything is moving
10:14 am
from west to east. as long as that continues to happen you can't get any arctic air in here. the cold air we're seeing right now is in place, it will be shoved out to sea and the mild specific air replaces it. it's all in canada, it's mighty cold and it will never have a chance to drop into the lower 48 as long as the winds flow is from west to east. future tracker 6 combination of sun and clouds, clear skies overnight tonight, tomorrow looks fantastic. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s, and the clouds roll back in, here comes the rain tuesday morning. it's kind of very broken a part. it's showery, it's not that big of a deal. we'll see this throughout the day. it could continue into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon it works out to sea, we'll see the return of sunshine before the day ends. clouds and sun today, breezy.
10:15 am
47 degrees forecasted high. with the winds gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will only feel like the mid to upper 30s. as we take a look at it hour by hour, cloud cover to start, sunshine to finish. 45 by 3:00 p.m. there's the high once again, it's becoming breezy as the day wears on. part li cloudy and chilly tonight tonight. 28 degrees outlying suburbs. 32 for center city. the normal low for this time of the year is 26. we're still a good 6 degrees above average. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows ridiculous numbers later on this week. 48 today, 47 tomorrow. 54 tuesday, wednesday, rain and 60 degrees. thursday, 38 for the high. we have to watch thursday, the model shows a coastal storm clipping us brushing parts the area with snow showers, but it is february, those things tend
10:16 am
to get a little closer to the coast. we'll see what happens. >> thank you. for the third straight year a south jersey communities will help kids who need a boost. the action cam was in gloucester county this morning. this is where volunteers made hundreds of hoagies for hoagies for hope super bowl fund fundraiser. go to break neck road in mullica hill. it will help four local children with life threatening medical conditions. there was no shortage of science experiments on display at drexel university. drexel hosted the hands on scientist for the 7 account year. kids use cornstarch and fruits and vegetables to make electricity. common core has been a source of academic controversy
10:17 am
for years. >> erin o'hern has prospective from parents and educators. >> reporter: common core standards have not only changed what students center been required to learn, but how they learn it. while many say it programs them for 21st century careers. >> are you parents impressed with what you can do with math. >> i quiz them about what we're learning in math and science and stuff. we're talking 6th grade math. today's students are engaging in rigorous math and to catch up, u.s. students who have fallen behind their pierce -- peers in other countries. this newer approach focuses on how you get an answer not memorandum miezing the florida -- memorizing the
10:18 am
formula. >> as far as me helping i cant help them. >> reporter: the standards in the approach to math has drawn its fair share of criticism from parents and teachers. >> common core standards are ends mark. the curriculum that's the how of getting there. i think they get sometimes confused. >> reporter: you will find a met are met -- plethora of videos to help parents understand math and many parents use the website that has to too -- information r parents. >> there's so much controversy about it, if we knew about it, maybe there wouldn't be as much push back for it. >> reporter: while students are required to meet common core, the curriculum could carry which is contributing to the
10:19 am
frustration -- could vary, which is contributing to the frustration. we would like to hear from you go to my facebook page. i'm erin o'hern, channel 6 "action news." "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
10:20 am
what's going viral in the social corner. >> this is where we check out the images and videos that
10:21 am
everybody is talking from facebook and youtube and a whole lot more. okay, there's a teacher we would all love to have this is barry white junior, a 5th grade english teacher in charlotte, north carolina, he gets his students pumpedded up for class by geeght each and every one of them for a customized hands shake. he said he wanted to bring the bond to the entire if 5th grade, the video has been viewed 15,000 times. >> there's another teacher doing that. this video has gone viral it's easy to see why, whiskey is a kitten who discovered the mirror for the first time. he gets up on his back paws and tries to fight off the other cat. he battles the other cat for nearly a minute before giving
10:22 am
up. >> people just couldn't get enough of this video looking at roxie the snow sledding dog. david said it doesn't mind because it allows him to relive the days when his daughter was younger. he uses the same sled that his daughter once used. the owners say she has become an internet sensation, she might get her on tv show. tell us what you thinks about these videos by going to our facebook and twitter accounts. >> inside story is coming up. >> here's monica malpass. >> reporter: big local protests over president trump's executive order involving the ban to muslim immigrants from outside countries we'll talk about whether it will matter. in the civil trial jurors decide
10:23 am
if the salvation army buildings collapse the people responsible are the ones who were convicted in the criminal case. could the two men in prison get a new trial. that's coming up on inside story, i'm monica malpass, hope to see you then. at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. >> a dozen students volunteered to be servers and dishwashers and hostesses at the hope cafe
10:26 am
in chester. they gave you mean -- up their time to work along people in a addiction treatment. cafe hope feeds homeless. it creates a feeling of being out on the town. >> a great program. >> reporter: looks like they were out on the town there. let's talk weather here, here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're starting out with a lot of the clouds this morning, we'll see a gradual increase in sunshine, later this afternoon of we're posting a high of 47. but it's going to be a breezy day it may never feel like 47. windchills will be stuck in the 0s, 48 tomorrow, 54 tuesday, with some rain on and off, 60 degrees wednesday, leftover morning rain, some afternoon sunshine, but it's a windy day, thursday and friday, we cool it down a notch, 38 degrees both days, maybe snow showers thursday afternoon. thank you chris.
10:27 am
>> this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up at 10:30, here's a preview. >> reporter: good morning another fast and furious week of action for president trump. i sit down with vice president mike pence the ban on the travel ban, the response from the vice president this morning. two key senators from democrat and republicans who have been critical of president trump an a lot of to talk about on our power house round table coming up on this week. >> "action news" continues right back here at noon, here's some of the stories we're working on for you, you probably heard a song or seen a movie about finding a message in a bottle. it was a discovery on the jersey shore, ahead at noon, the mystery behind the find, and the length one couple is going to so solve it. a moving love story just in time for valentine's day. how your meet up with your commute crush could get you a
10:28 am
prize from the agency. now, for gray hall, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you back here at noon.
10:29 am
10:30 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos -- collision course. >> the world is in trouble. but we're going to straighten it out. >> overnight, another legal blow to trump's travel ban. are we headed for a supreme court showdown? we're one on one with vice president mike pence. >> the american people elected a man of action. >> facing tough questions about those trump tweets. slamming a federal judge. >> this is a judge who was nominated by president bush. 99-0. >> iran is on notice. what does that mean exactly? >> it means we're watching. and with the supreme court in the spotlight. >> i don't know how anybody can oppose him. frankly. >> leading senators weigh in on trump's pick to fill the


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