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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 4:30 on this wednesday february 8th. >> and here's what we're following for you on "action news." a winter snowstorm is headed our way. sky6 taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. airlines already alerting flyers to alter their plans. >> philadelphia police are trying to catch the robber behind an aggressive crime spree where before people get it. >> a lehigh valley man suffers a heart attack while crossing the street and people nearby including a nurse rush to save him. >> we'll get to all of that in a moment. let's talk a little bit about this snow coming in with dave murphy. karen rogers is watching your
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commute. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. as you step outside you're not going to believe snow is coming tonight because it's so darn high. couple sprinkles clearing the coast over by the shore and we're in the process of drying out. as we take a look at the wide view, cloud cover a plenty. we'll probably get some sunny breaks later on and for now as you look to the west there really isn't a lot of additional precipitation but there's an area low pressure boiling down to the south of us and it is, excuse me, on its way here and overnight tonight in through tomorrow morning we are going to get some snow. winter storm warning has been posted by the weather service starting at midnight in the northern suburbs starting at 4:00 a.m. in the i-95 corridor. it doesn't end until 4:00 in the afternoon tomorrow and we're looking at periods of heavy snow overnight tonight in through tomorrow morning. this area in through here could go anywhere from four to 8-inches with maybe some higher amounts the farther north you go. 61 degrees right now ahead of all of this, just incredible how fast things are going to change around here. 63 degrees in wilmington. just 38 degrees in allentown.
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you can see that that warm air hasn't punched that far north and that colder air that you see to the north is going to come sliding back down into philadelphia later on in the evening hours. you can get stuff done ahead of all of this, though. 57 degrees by 7 o'clock k61 by noon t62 by 3 o'clock. your high today is actually going to be 64 and i think we'll probably hit that in here around 1:30 or 2:00 and then by 7 o'clock still 50 but shortly after that we are going to be plunging through the 40's into the 30's and then that snow arrives after midnight. i'll have the latest future tracker showing the arrival and departure of the snow and a map showing you where we think the highest now fall amounts are going to be. karen that's all coming up. >> all right dave. roads a little damp after showers moved through overnight. looking at i-95 near the betsy ross bridge just a little damp and the not seeing any big deal with fog even though we had that last night. the overnight construction once again no overnight construction there so and traffic moving just fine. here's a live look at the vine street expressway westbound, eastbound moving fine, all lanes are opened at this point
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but a dark ride westbound and roads again a little bit damp but no rain coming down at the moment n willow grove we have an accident on wyandotte road at easton road. watch for crews on the scene. crews blocking the right lane and center lane on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound near bensalem. live on 422 under 23 and we can see we had construction here. should be cleared pretty soon. eastbound was blocking the right lane. westbound no overnight road work and we can see no major issues on the highways yet tam. >> thank you, karen. people get ready. it is time to plan for tomorrow morning's heavy snow. that includes airlines and passengers with flights. katherine scott is live at the airport with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. tomorrow could be a rough day at the airport. though a number of airlines are getting passengers the opportunities to change their tickets ahead of time. as we take a live look right now here at philadelphia international airport, you can see that the lines are moving just fine its pretty light at security right now between
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terminal d and e. a lot of travel alerts for tomorrow came yesterday from american airlines, they posted a list from a number of cities that could be affected. they included philadelphia, allentown, baltimore and the new york airports just to name a few and if you're traveling to or from a city on the list and are supposed to travel tomorrow passengers are supposed to be able to change their tickets without having to pay an extra fee. we've seen similar travel advisories including jetblue delta and southwest. at this point we haven't seen such advisories on frontier or spirit's web site but as usual check your airlines before you go but again right now here at philadelphia international airport, we're seeing light travel, a lot of passengers getting out of town before the storm hits later on. we are live at philadelphia international airport, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> katherine thank you. we'll be on the air early tomorrow morning as the snowstorm impacts our area. we'll be on starting at 4:00 a.m. we'll bring you the latest from accuweather traffic and any school closings or delays, so get up early and turn on
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"action news." >> happening today, the senate is scheduled to hold a final vote for attorney jeff sessions. republicans cut off elizabeth warren during last night's debate on sessions nomination. warren was reading from a 1986 letter from coretta scott king the widow of dr. martin luther king had written an opposition letter about sessions who was then a nominee to become a federal judge. republicans have that forbidden what are tone comment on the senate floor about the nomination. >> after this person who they're saying has gone on a violent robbery spree and they want to nab him before innocent people get hurt. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live now at southwest detectives with the details on this case. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala and detectives believe that this armed robber is responsible for a number of robberies dating back to november. sometimes he wears a mask,
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other times he has been caught on surveillance camera without a mask. some of the incidents have gotten violent. they're hoping that someone recognizes him so that they can help get him off the street. november 27th at the gm mini market this armed robber wearing a mask holds up the store. the owner pulls a gun chases him a shootout plays out in the street with no injuries. at some point the alleged robber is caughber is caught wia mask. then january 27th the mask is off. police believe this is the same culprit. here he is seen getting out of a dark colored chevy monte carlo with another man. police say they hold up the haverford grille at gunpoint in the 6500 block of haverford avenue. then on january 29th at the eagles corner chinese restaurant at 62nd and spruce, police believe the same man and his accomplice announce an armed robbery. here the owner pulls out his own gun shooting is the accomplice in the back. police arrested the accomplice when he showed up at the hospital. the main culprit in these
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robberies remains unscathed finds a new partner and strikes again at the vine street delhi at 262 north simpson. >> he puts mask on but puts it on backwards annotates. you can see he clearly doesn't know what he's doing. >> reporter: there have been two incidents now as you heard in that story where shots have been fired. police are concerned that somebody innocent will get hurt. if you have any information 215-686-tips. reporting lively in west philadelphia annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> thank you annie. surveillance footage captured an attack during a charity basketball game in the city's crescentville section. it happened at the international christian high school on east tabor road. the 25-year-old victim was sitting on the bench when a player walked up to him and punched him. the victim got up and walked away but a second person hit him knocking him out. both attackers then took off. the victim was taken to the
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hospital for cuts to his face. >> a local hockey club is mourning the death of a popular young player. the wissahickon skating club in chestnut hill has confirmed the death of nick bond captain of the under 18 national team t bond reportedly collapsed coming off at ice on a game on sunday. he died on monday at einstein medical center and further details on the circumstances surrounding bond's death could not be confirmed. >> ♪ >> new on "action news" a lehigh valley man suffered a heart attack while walking across the street but lucky for him a nurse and a construction worker at the scene immediately started cpr. this is what it looked like in front of the sands casino bethlehem yesterday afternoon t officers arrived and continued cpr and used a defibrillator. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. survive. >> 4:38. new this morning a law forces organizers to cancel a 52
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tynes day in the midwest. it's like foot loose. >> very much like that. robbers try to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to try and force their way into a home in the west. david. >> we have lots of clouds this morning, a couple sprinkles over by the shore. they're getting out of here. look at how mild it's going to be on the bus stop. by 6 o'clock 58, maybe sliding to about 57 by 8:00 a.m. and staying very mild this afternoon so lighter gear is fine. but a big change coming tonight and tomorrow with the arrival of snow and crashing temperatures. i'll detail all of that and have the latest model information on how much we get. that's coming up next. >> all right, thank you david. twisters tear through parts of new orleans already heavily damaged by hurricane katrina. new video of what happened there, cleanu cleanup right on e other side of the break. >> ♪
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>> new orleans is reeling this
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morning from a series of tornadoes that tore through the area. at a the governor of louisiana says twisters hit seven parishs are during an afternoon of tumultuous weather yesterday. the storm left about 20 people injured, homes and businesses destroyed and vehicles flipped. the worst damage was in new orleans ninth ward which as you remember was heavily flooded during hurricane katrina in 2005. >> that makes me so sad david. you feel like those people deserve a 20 year pass but that's not how the weather works. >> that's not how it works. flooding is a big issue but anywhere in the south you can get tornadoes any time of the year. storm tracker6 live double scan around here showing very little weather issue this morning. we have a couple light sprinkles and showers heading off the coast. as we take a look outside there's a lot of cloud cover and some patchy fog is possible but we're not seeing any of that right now center city. all the buildings lit up red. no doubt for women's heart health month. temperature currently in philadelphia, boy, it feels nice as you step outside and
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really hard to imagine that in that 24 hours we're going to have a lot of snow on the ground but for now 61 degrees and the your winds south-southwest a little bit breezy this morning 14 miles per hour but you don't mind the breeze when it's as mild as it is. when you take a look at satellite and radar you can see some thick cloud cover in place. a couple more sprinkles out to the west probably falling apart and we'll transition to a portion of the day where we've got clouds mixing with some sunny breaks. not a lot on radar out to the west but there's a cold front that will be building in and that's going to bring us precipitation overnight and crash temperatures at the same time. 57 degrees is your temperature by 8 o'clock. no problem there. by 10 o'clock, 59. and then by noon, 61. we're going to get a high of 64. that will probably be fairly early in the afternoon, say, around 1:30 or 2:00 and then temperatures start to go the other way. by 3 o'clock still okay, 62. but by 6 o'clock down to 52 and by midnight tonight we'll be back into the 30's, plunging down toward the freezing mark overnight. 64 degrees in philadelphia. that's your high today.
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62 in wilmington. 56 in the early afternoon hours in allentown and in that reading 59. 62 in trenton. 64 in millville and 60 is your high today in cape may. so, here comes the snow overnight. i'm going to start you at midnight and the the latest model runs are slowing this down a little bit so that it may not get cranking until maybe 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning the winter weather warning does start as soon as some id night up in the northern suburbs and 4:00 a.m. in philadelphia. this is the 5:00 a.m. view and you can see how the snow is beginning to come through. temperatures at the surface and especially in the i-95 corridor may still be a bit above freezing and because it was so mild today, we might have a hard time initially getting the stuff to settle on the road surfaces but the problem now is that the snow is going to be heavy enough that i think it hm eventually overtake that warm condition of the surface and i do think we're going get some coverage. by 9 o'clock you'll see snow just about everywhere even down the shore mixing in and by 11:30 you can see how it's
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beginning to break up a little bit but still steady down at the shore and all snow at the shore. then we finally get to about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and most of this is moving away from us tomorrow t how much are we expecting? a general four to 8-inches seems likely from areas south of philadelphia i was the way up through the poconos and then we'll get a band of about two to 4 inches when you start out as rain and then change over o farther south a coating to 2-inches including most of cape may county and southern delaware. a variety of models are taking different stabs at how much we get in philadelphia and there is one, the rpm that's a little high but it's going as high as 7-inches and 6-inches on the gfs so that four to 8-inch range we could be fairly wide degree within that range. and if we go up to allentown, the models right now showing you 5.3-inches on the euro but as much as 9-inches on the rpm and it wouldn't be out of the question that some pockets get up to nine or so up in those northern areas. here's your seven-day from accuweather. mostly cloudy, late snow
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64 degrees most of it falling after midnight. morning snow, the heaviest during the morning and then gradually tapering off during the afternoon a high of just 35. sun to clouds on friday, 32 is your high and a little clipper system could bring us a snow shower at night into saturday morning. and then saturday afternoon milder, 57. 53 with rain on sunday and staying in the 50's on monday with a morning shower, cooling down for valentine's day. when we're not on the air you can get the latest information new model output any new thoughts we have on snowfall amounts or any of that by going to >> okay, thank you, david. >> yeah. >> new this morning, an explosion leveled a house in akron, ohio. last night's blast could be heard for a mile and a half away and at least one man was hurt. neighbors were evacuated. the gas company is now helping officials figure out exactly what happened. take a look at this new video showing home invaders trying to get to a home in new mexico. police say a woman first knocked on the door of the home on thursday.
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someone inside opens the door. a dog runs out and starts to bark. moments later three armed men walk toward the darn the person inside quickly closes the door. the men are seen trying force their way into the home before running away. >> ♪ >> happening today a federal judge in philadelphia will live stream a hearing on a concussion settlement with the nfl. the live feed will allow retired players at home to learn what is ahead as the estimated $1 billion settlement rolls out this year. the awards cover als, parkinson's disease always himes disease dementia and deaths involving cte. the settlement resolves thousands settlements. >> new on "action news" a new law meant they couldn't cut loose, foot loose for a valentine's dance in oklahoma. the ordinance henrietta states dancing is prohibited within 500 feet of a church, the church is 300 feet away from
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the business where the dance was to be held. robby kenny says she raised the question of the laws legality on facebook. >> laws are laws and we're going to abide by them. we can't pick and choose what laws we upholdly. >> lady. >> please louise. >> the lady canceled the dance because her husband is the city attorney. a little girl from toms river new jersey comes home from a make a wish trip to disney but needed medical equipment and special souvenirs were missing. we'll tell you her story right after the break. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" here a little girl from ocean county, new jersey, received a magical surprise after her souvenirs were stolen. three-year-old abbey purpora developed short gut syndrome and gets her nutrition through a feeding tube. when they returned home to toms river her mom noticed several items were missing from the girl's suitcase disney souvenirs including dress dolls and abbey's feeding pump were gone. >> it's horrible to have her open it and her things aren't there. >> well, our parent company disney replaced all of her missing souvenirs and a medical company donated a new
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pump. >> thank goodness they did that. people are terrible, aren't they? looking outside live at i-95 approaching cottman little damp out there. that's your southbound traffic headed towards center city. no delay. no problem. let's switch over to 422 and see what it looks like right here and this is near 23, the construction has cleared eastbound. westbound they didn't do any so 422 moving pretty nicely. here's what's going on in willow grove, though. we have an accident out here so watch for wyandotte road o westbound on the turnpike near bensalem the right lane and the center lane are blocked. speaking of construction they're trying to fix the ongoing structural problems pennsylvania-new jersey turnpike connector so that continues to be shut down until at least april so watching for that and also burlington bristol bridge overnight construction there is clear and all lanes back opened, tam. >> okay karen as you know i have a need for speed when it comes to the roadways. maybe this is my next car.
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tesla's model s is now officially the world's fastest car. motor trend took the car to the test. the model s jumped from a dead stop to 60 miles an hour in 2.28 seconds. that's faster than any other street legal car. facebook extending benefits for employees who lose a family member. the social media company is giving employees 20 paid days for the deaths and an immediate member of and 10 days for extended. the dow gained 37 points. this morning futures look like they're pointing to a you here open. and the diamond stately is touting record breaking tourism numbers. more people visit edell wear in 2015 than ever before. the top reason for the eight and a half million tourists were the beaches followed by dining and tax free shopping. governor john carney says tourism accounted for $3 billion of the state's economy and 42,000 jobs. >> maybe a small state but it is mighty. >> it is mighty.
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>> time right now is 4:53. new on "action news" lower merion police release video of the kobe bryant memorabilia theft coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> u.s. customs officers take a second look tam shipment of what seems to be key limes coming into the country and realize hold on that's more than just fruit. that story is up after the break.
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>> u.s. customs and border protection in texas found nearly 4,000 pounds of marijuana camouflaged in these
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key limes that are not really key limes. agents discovered the smuggled drugs in a tractor-trailer coming into the u.s. from mexico on january 30th. officers used a nonintrusive imaging system along with the help of some k-9 teens to locate the narcotics. street value is nearly $800,000. >> wow. it is 4:57 and we're continuing to track snowfall. doesn't feel like it out there but it's coming our way. it's impacted travelers at philadelphia international airport. we have a live report from there come "philly what's up" >> they used hammers but these thieves could not get inside. you will learn why coming up.
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>> ♪
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> googood morning everyone its 5 o'clock on this wednesday february 8th here's what's happening. >> new surveillance video shows thieves stealing kobe bryant's memorabilia from inside lower merion high school. >> a volunteer fire department in pennsylvania might need to turn on the fire hoses for a different kind of heat as it prepares to hold another naughty fundraiser. oh and let's take a live look outside as the delaware valley gets ready for a rollercoaster of weather. it's going to feel like spring today, it already does, but we're telling you this time tomorrow we'll be talking about snow. >> you saw that open that we rolled before the news every morning, it's going to actually look like those pictures around here in a little bit. here are david and karen. >> we get the shot of the kids shoveling and all that and sledding. might get a little


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