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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday, february 8th. here's what's happening. >> new surveillance video shows thieves stealing kobe bryant's memorabilia from inside lower merion high school. >> a volunteer fire department in pennsylvania might need to turn on the fire hoses for a different kind of heat as it prepares to hold another naughty fundraiser. >> and looking live outside as the delaware valley gets ready for a bit of a rollercoaster when it comes to weather. it's going to feel like spring today but then tomorrow you will definitely be in the middle of winter. >> david and karen mother nature doesn't have to make up her mind because, well, she's mother nature. >> right. does what she wants.
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right now i don't even have a jacket on outside. it's very mild as we step out. take a look at satellite. we had some earlier sprinkles come through so your road conditions and sidewalks might be a little damp but there is some clearing out to the west. and we expect to transition to a clouds and sun mix for a time today before the clouds get thicker later today and tonight. and how about the numbers? 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. now, we're still colder in northern areas, just 37 in allentown and reading. and 42 not too far north along i-95 in trenton. but the farther south you go the warm air is here and that southerly flow is going to make everybody warm for a time today before we start to crash later on tonight. 57 degrees in philadelphia at 7 o'clock, 61 by noon. if we hit that high of 64 it will be around 1:30 or 2:00 and it will be a record for this day. the old record 63 set back in the 20's and then by 5 o'clock we're down to 56 and by 7 o'clock, 50. now, overnight tonight we are going to crash into the 30's. snow arrives after midnight and there is a winter storm warning in effect that technically kicks in at midnight in the northern suburbs at 4:00 a.m. closer to
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philadelphia and extends until 4:00 p.m. on thursday afternoon. in that warning area we are looking at the potential for four to 8-inches of snow, less down south. i'll detail that and show you the arrival and departure of the snow with future tracker6 karen but what a difference we're looking at in as little as 12 hours or so maybe 18 hours. >> it's crazy the way the temperature is up and down with us again. let's head outside. an accident partially blocking the ramp to the schuylkill. this is south street, the ramp to the schuylkill westbound and you can see traffic is getting by but an accident partially blocking that road and ramp -- and roadways a little bit damp as well so be careful. westbound traffic on the vine has been slow at times as you head towards the schuylkill so we're seeing that volume kind of kick in right now on the vine street expressway. i-95 here at cottman, that's your southbound traffic head towards center city. no major there was southbound just yet. no real fog in this shot. as you head farther north in the lehigh valley and trenton we have some fog there but it hasn't been an issue in
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philadelphia and areas south. and on the big picture, no big problems on the blue route, schuylkill, i-95, speeds still moving in the 50's for the most part. area bridges are in good shape. here's the ben, westbound traffic coming up into the city and moving nicely at this point. matt and tam in thank you, karen. and taking a live look at philadelphia international airport a nice calm morning for you but several area lines have already and issued travel alerts ahead of tomorrow's tomos snowfall. katherine scott is live there talking to travelers who are trying to go before the snow. katherine. >> reporter: matt, you're right its very calm here now but tomorrow, late tonight the snow is coming and a lot of airlines have given their passengers opportunities to change their tickets before this weather hits and if you take a live look right now here at the security lines between terminals d and e, you can see that there are no crowds here. everyone is getting through just fine today. but tomorrow expect there to be trouble and not just in philadelphia. this storm is expected to
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impact a number of cities over the next several days. in many cases travel alerts from airlines started coming out yesterday. american posted a list with a number of cities that could be affected and that includes philadelphia, ally tow a allentd the new york airports. if you're traveling to or from a city on the list and you're supposed to travel tomorrow passengers will be able to change their tickets and american will waive the fee and we've seen similar travel advisories in effect for other airlines including delta jetblue and southwest. we have been speaking to travelers who were already scheduled to depart today. they're happy to be heading to their vacation before the weather hits. >> here we are. >> everyone is getting bread and eggs. >> we'll leave them to it. >> reporter: and as we take a live look right now at security, you can see that folks are getting through okay. again, the snow expected to hit later on. at this point we haven't seen snow advisories on frontier or spirit's web sites but as
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usual, best to check with your airlines before you head to the airport. we're live at philadelphia international airport, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. "action news" will be on the air early tomorrow to track the snowfall and the impact on your morning commute. we will also have the latest on any school closing. join us for "action news" mornings beginning at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> ♪ >> new this morning, police released surveillance video showing two thieves stealing kobe bryant memorabilia at lower merion high school sometime over the weekend. the stolen items include lower merion's 1996 state championship trophy and a signed replica jersey. if you looking at that video and you say i know those fellas please call police. it is 6:05. a bandit and an accomplice caught on tape in heists after heist across philadelphia and police wants to get ahold of them before somebody gets hurt here. newly released surveillance video shows the pair holding up several stores at gunpoint. they've been targeting convenience stores and restaurants in west and southwest philadelphia since
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november. we'll have more on this robbery spree coming up in a live report in our next half hourly. >> homicide detectives looking for a killer who gunned down a 51-year-old man in strawberry mansion. he was shot several times yesterday afternoon rushed to the hospital where hawpe pronounced dead. investigators have not -- he was pronounced dead dead. investigators have not released a motive. this man has stolen several women's purses in broad daylight. he has struck four times in the last few days in germantown, west oak lane east oak lane and mount airy. could, to police the suspect drives this beat up maroon buick which they say should be easy to spot. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> now, there's some classic arguments that cause division between couples like does the toilet paper go on the roll over or under. under, of course. >> over. >> under. but a new debate -- we'll work on this in the break but a new debate over phones is now
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keeping hearts apart. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. i can hear my husband agreeing with matt saying over. she's got a look at that after stocks. good morning. >> reporter: it's under by the way w good morning. >> thank you. >> reporter: nasdaq closed as a high. futures pointing to a higher open. no major economic reports today. single iphone users are 21 times more likely to judge an android user negatively. android users judge iphone users negatively as well. this is the findings of the survey of more than 5,000 singles from survey found if you have an older model of either smartphone you're 56 percent less likely to get a.m. date t matt and tam, it's not the car you drive, it's the phone you own. >> it's always something when it comes to dating now maribel. >> why do we have to be divided on everything? >> we're married. >> we're divided on smartphones, too? >> yes. i think the question is what are we not divided over. >> i'm glad we all get along.
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[laughter] >> me, too. >> karen, did you hear that. >> yeah, we did hear that. >> all right, storm tracker6 live double scan we are dry after some morning sprinkles and showers. they're now off the coast. some of your roads a little bit wet. taking a look outside we got plenty of clouds across the region right now. commodore barry bridge in that easy view, though, because there's no fog down along the river currently and we are looking at very mild conditions. how about it? 59 degrees in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington. close to my 60 in millville reason 60 on the nose in dover and the airport in ac. northern suburbs, though, haven't really benefited from this climb of warm air just yet so if you're headed outside early in allentown and reading and even over towards trenton it's cooler and you probably want a heavier coat than you need in the city. satellite shows you some breakup in the clouds out to the west. i think we'll transition to a mix of clouds with some sun. up in the lehigh valley, we'll call it mostly cloudy with some sunny breaks and it is going to be mild during the day today. 56 degrees the high in the lehigh valley. we'll probably hit that in the
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early to midafternoon hours. at the shore, 60 is your high, mostly cloudy and mild. we're not thinking about snow today, are we, with all these mild numbers? how about philadelphia, a record setting high of 64, the old record 63, so if we can manage that 64 its a new record. mostly cloudy with some periods of the day where there's brighter conditions and then winds out of the southwest at eight to 16 miles per hour. now, overnight tonight incredibly the numbers crash. by 7 o'clock, we'll be down to about 50 and the 40's after that. tomorrow morning down to 33 and we'll have snow arriving overnight and winds picking up as well. in else the o terms of the snows are slowing down the arrival. midnight looks like it's cloudy but dry. after 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning snow comes in from the west. by 5 o'clock it's rain to the south, snow everywhere else and then the snow line pushes down to the shore by 9 o'clock. you'll get a little less snow down the shore because of that initial rain but everybody is going to see at least some snow and by 9 o'clock it could be really coming down heavy. that dark purple shade is the
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model's way of showing you the heavier snow. by the time we led up to noon most of that heavy stuff is beginning to push toward the east, we're drying out to the west and the last of the lighter snow showers probably off the coast by about two or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. what are we expecting on the ground? well, this is a general idea forecast for you. four to 8-inches is generally what we're thinking from about camden and gloucester counties north through the i-95 corridor and all the way to the poconos. the higher amounts will be easier to achieve up in allentown and the poconos, might even go higher that a and that, eight in a couple spots. then a band of two to four through central south jersey and southern new castle county delaware and a coating to an inch farther south than that but i'll point out that the models are varying of course as they usually do and there are some that suggest philadelphia could go as high as seven, some as little as four. somewhere in that range seems likely. the higher snow amounts we get would indicate heavier snow bands and that's where i think we get more coverage on roads if we happen to get some of those heavier bands across philadelphia. up north in the lehigh valley it's going to be easier to get those higher numbers.
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the low end model projection is 5.6. one goes up to about nine and i do think that nine or 10-inches in some spots up north is possible so it's one of those typical deals where the farther north you go the more snow you're going to see and the worse road conditions will probably be. down the shore in atlantic city most of the models around two, a couple of them recently have gone up to more like three and half inches. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today 64 degrees, hard to think about snow with these filed in some cases record setting high temperatures but that snow will that come as temperatures crash overnight and as you saw it's in the overnight hours that it arrives. then morning snow on thursday, heavy at times. some gradual afternoon drying, 35 is the high. again because it's so mild the initial snow overnight might have difficulty sticking to roads but because we're now calling for such heavy snow and such high amounts i do think that by morning there is a pretty decent chance that a lot of roads are snow covered so we'll see how that evolves and karen and matt pelman and i will be on the air getting you through that and showing you how things are evolving tomorrow. friday sun to clouds 32.
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clipper system at night brings a snow shower that could go into saturday morning and saturday afternoon we're dry, up to 47. back to 53 with periods of rain sunday. 52 with drying on monday. and back into the 40's on valentine's day tuesday. it's coming guys. maybe today is a good day to go out and order those flowers. >> one thing you can do. >> i just have to say we had an argument over the toilet paper. i have gotten more tweets. all the guys agree with me, all the girls agree with me. >> now you know. >> there you go. >> let's go on to some other news. >> ♪ >> 6:12 and the trip of a lifetime takes a tragic turn. up next a young american tourist is found dead on an island in central america. >> smash and grab robbers get turned away when the glass just won't break. karen. >> i want you to know i'm with tam. sorry matt. looking outside live in chester county this is the 30 bypass at 322. no major eastbound delay just yet. we'll check on that accident on the schuylkill and we've got a closure because of a downed tree branch in bucks county. all the details coming up. >> ♪
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roadway will be covered up in white. >> the roads are shiny, though, right now, karen. >> yeah, we had some showers move through overnight and so the roads are a bit damp as you head out. it's not causing too much of a problem but we have a couple accidents. here's an accident and we can see it right here with police on the scene. this is on the ramp from south street to the schuylkill expressway westbound its partially blocking that ramp so watch for that accident scene on the south street ramp to the schuylkill expressway westbound. also we have a be downed tree -- a downed tree limb in new hope bucks county. pine hill road shut down partially blocked at street road because of that that downed tree so watch for that. let's go to the commuter traffic report. i-95 and this is northbound near 452 near upper i have chester. getting word of an accident. it's engle delaware that will told us about that. as we look live on our traffic camera you can see that slowing on i-95 northbound with this new accident just in. looks like it's blocking the right lane as the camera shakes a little bit. this is near 452, i-95 and northbound near upper
6:17 am
chichester an accident just coming in right now and not really sure we see police on the scene with that one just y let's check the visibility reports. you can see right there on i-95 it wasn't a problem n philadelphia 10 miles. the fog isn't a big deal there but in allentown just .3 of a mile so really foggy there and less than 2 miles in reading, 4-mile visibility in trenton due to the fog so fog is an issue in some spots. i just want to show you these temperatures. it's 59 degrees this morning in philadelphia. cooler in the lehigh valley but very mild today. headed up to a record breaking 64. >> a pair of would be thieves tried to break into a gas station in florida that was built to last. surveillance video shows the men approaching the store in port saint lucie early yesterday morning. the first man uses a hammer to try to break the glass. doesn't work. then he tries to ram his body into the shattered door. they stylo could not get inside. the men ended up leaving empty handed and what they did not realize was that the glass at the station was hurricane
6:18 am
resistant. a new york woman was that found dead during a trip top panama. authorities are now trying to determine if there was foul play. 23-year-old catherine johannet a columbia university graduate went missing during a solo day trip to bastimentos a tiny island near the panama coast. after days of searching, her body was found along a hiking trail. her family has arrived in panama to identify the remains. authorities are awaiting autopsy results before declaring it a criminal investigation. >> ♪ >> a panel of supreme court judges will continue reviewing president trump's travel bandas the white house too us to get that ban reinstated. the three judges questioned lawyers on both sides last night as to whether the president's order was motivated by concerns about terrorism or instead by a bias against muslims. the ban which is on hold for now temporarily suspends immigration from seven mostly muslim countries. a decision is likely to come later this week. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes youtube ramping up its
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>> we're having a good time this morning. >> we are kind of. >> we'll see if that goes downhill tomorrow. let's take a look outside. we're backed up on i-95 at the delaware state line as you
6:22 am
travel northbound here to the blue route on your right-hand side because that's near 452 i showed you that accident blocking the right lane. police on the scene now with that but i-95 northbound jams from 495 to 452 so a slow go this morning. don't forget market frankford subways still on that modified schedule. they still have the supplemental shuttle buses running because of the problems they're having with the cars, they're short. also this affects septa buses. you may see delays on other bus routes because athyrea using them for shuttles dave. >> really mild today. i've got light jackets on thed can for the first time in awhile. not a lot of wind. staying mild for most of the day. 61 degrees by noon. by 3 o'clock 62 and that's actually coming down from a high of 64. we'll hit that around 1:30 or 2:00 this afternoon. you can see how temperatures do dip a bit. by 7 o'clock, we're down to 50. clouds mixing with some sunny breaks but we continue to plunge overnight into the 30's and we are looking at the arrival of some snow after midnight tonight extending in through tomorrow's rush hour
6:23 am
and through most of the morning tapering off tomorrow afternoon. tam it looks like anywhere from four to 8-inches across the bulk of the region and there could be some snow coverage on roads tomorrow so plan ahead. >> thank you david. in health check doesn't it seem like everybody is sick and taking forever to get over it. the cdc is agreeing this year's flu season is pretty bad around here. the extremely high prevalence of sickness is the case in more than a dozen regions across the country and that includes the delaware valley. experts say there have been more than 31,000 confirmed cases of flu this season. the virus associated with 15 pediatric deaths. health officials say it's still not too late especially in these conditions to get the flu vac been. >> a bucks county cemetery that was the focus of an "action news" investigation last year is once again accused of misplacing a family's loved one. investigative reporter wendy salt man has a preview of tonight's special report called "another grave error." >> reporter: this grieving mother says her son's body lab lost. >> one thing about a mother you remember the date that you
6:24 am
had that baby and you remember the date that baby leaves you. >> reporter: but when the family went to visit his grave, she says she was sent to the wrong plot. >> it's like another slap in the face, another stab in the heart. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00 we confront the cemetery for answers. >> off my property before i break your camera. >> reporter: plus how the family seeks to find their missing loved one. >> get to digging. 'cause you going to digger rick walker up. >> reporter: don't miss my exclusive investigation another grave error only on "action news" tonight at 11:0 11:00. to do the best
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look there at philadelphia international airport. our katherine scott is there helping you plan ahead for some serious snow coming our way for tomorrow telling you what to expect, what airlines are willing to help you out if you want to try to make some alternate plans so stick around she'll be back with us in about 10 minutes. >> the fire department in schuylkill county, pennsylvania, is creating the type of heat you cannot necessarily see with its creative fundraising efforts. the hometown volunteer fire company will host its second adults only naughty bingo night on march 11th. instead of competing for cash people will try and win adult themed prizes. the company says it made a few thousand dollars with its first naughty bingo fundraiser last year. the event was so popular people came from as far away as new jersey and it was standing room only. >> i guess not everybody wants
6:28 am
to just netflix and chill. 6:27. debate over cabinet pick starts a dustup on the senate floor. now one lawmaker is temporarily banned from speaking. >> later powerful tornadoes offer a painful reminder of hurricane katrina for new orleans. new video of the damage is still coming in this morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," prize temperatures before a reality check. accuweather is tracking a wild one with record highs and then some snow. >> catch me if you can. police say this brazen bandit clearly does not know what he is doing and yet his crime spree continues. >> roadside rescue. a man is alive thanks to bystanders neighborhood cpr. >> good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday february 8. guess who is out there with just a blazer on right now. >> how about that. really mild this morning. almost feels like i'm doing
6:31 am
two different forecasts, one for spring and one for winter and it's all happening within about 18 hours of each other. we'll start you with satellite. we had overnight sprinkles and showers dying off the coast. we had cloud cover and there are breaks in the clouds but this morning will feature sunshine for awhile and then clouds get thicker later on. we're also starting out very mild. we're in the upper 50's in philadelphia, wilmington and millville. still colder up in allentown and reading so up in those areas you'll still want the winter coat but even there you'll get milder later. here's how numbers are going to progress today. 57 degrees by 7 o'clock. 61 by noon. a high of 64 around 2:00 if we hit it it will break the old record high for this date and then 62 by 3 o'clock. but down to 50 by 7:00 and then we crash into the 30's overnight. remarkably snow arrives overnight and by tomorrow morning it will feel every bit like winter. we have a winter storm warning that kicks in at midnight in the northern areas little bit later farther south until 4 o'clock thursday afternoon. overnight snow begins to build
6:32 am
in from west to east and we wind up with heavy snow bands up and through the late morning hours tomorrow and then some lingering snow showers over to the east as late as two or 3 o'clock. in itwhere from four to 8-inches of snow, maybe a little more than that in points north in that big area highlighted in pink. down the shore a little bit less, two to 4 inches. cape may might only get a coating to a couple inches in the advisory area. when i step inside we'll track the arrival and departure of that snow on futur future track6 and more model information. karen no snow this morning and even the rain is gone. >> yeah, temperatures near 60 degrees. roads a little bit damp. 95 near 452 in delaware county. ayou're still pretty slow on 95 from 495 to 452 where that accident was blocking a lane and just cleared a second ago. a new one to replace it over here in delaware county in darby chester pike right now
6:33 am
near pine street. some restrictions with that accident. starting to get heavy on the vine street expressway. this is your westbound traffic and you could see at times we're seeing kind of a jam as you head towards the schuylkill expressway. we had an accident here that just cleared on the ramp from south street to the schuylkill westbound so now traffic's moving a lot better. it was partially blocking that ramp and a bunch of other accidents have come in. here in pottstown one on hanover street at wenler circle. another in norristown on main street at colonial and also in new hope we have a downed tree branch that's kind of partially blocking pineville road so watch for that one in bucks county. handful of things happening right now, tam. >> thank you, karen. it's a great day to travel today but it's a good bet that tomorrow going to be a very different story. several airlines are already reacting to the coming snowstorm easing restrictions on their change fees. let's go to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she is live at philadelphia international airport where the lucky travelers are heading out today, katherine. >> reporter: that's right,
6:34 am
tam. yeah, tomorrow could be a rough day at the airport so a number of airlines are allowing passengers to change their tickets ahead of time and they're waving fees. as we take a live look now here at the security lines between terminals d and e, you can see that there's not really too many crowds. we had a little bit of a rush earlier but folks are getting through security just fine this morning. a lot of travel alerts from airlines started coming out yesterday. american posted a list with a number of cities that could be affected and they included philadelphia, allentown, baltimore and the new york airports just to name a few. if you're traveling to or from a city on the list and you're supposed to travel tomorrow, passengers will be able to change their tickets without having to pay an extra fee and so we've seen similar travel advisories in effect for other airlines including jetblue delta and southwest. at this point we have not seen such advisories on frontier's or spirit's web sites but again as usual, the best thing to do before you head to the airport any day is to check
6:35 am
with your carrier before you go. we're live at philadelphia international airport, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you, katherine. a ream mind we'll be here half an hour earlier tomorrow morning right here for you. join us for team coverage of the snowstorm and we'll also have any school closings or delays that will all be available starting at 4:00 a.m. >> a bumbling armed robber in philadelphia keeps up ending up on surveillance video but also somehow keeps slipping by police. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at southwest detectives with that story. annie. >> reporter: yeah, and police are still looking for him. they're hoping that somebody recognizes him in the video that you're about to see. november 27th at the gm mini market this armed robber wearing a mask holds up the store. the owner pulls a gun chases him a shootout plays out in the street with no injuries. at some point the alleged robber is caught without a mask seen in this surveillance video. then january 27th, the mask is off. police believe this is the
6:36 am
same culprit. here he is seen getting out of a dark colored chevy monte carlo with another man. police say they hold up the haverford grille at gunpoint in the 6500 block of haverford avenue. then on january 29th at the eagle's corner chinese restaurant at 62nd and spruce police believe the same man and his accomplice announced an armed robbery. here the owner pulls out his own gun shootin shooting is the accomplice in the back. police arrested the accomplice when he showed up at the hospital. the main culprit remains unscathed finds a new partner and strikes again at the vine street deli at 262 north simpson. >> you'll see al video where he puts al mask on but he puts the mask on backwards and tears it. but still goes in and tries to complete the rob regional rail you can clearly see he doesn't know what he's doing. >> reporter: now police are also looking for his new accomplice in the latest robbery. if you have any information, 215-686-tips. for now reporting live in west
6:37 am
philadelphia annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> a youth hockey club mourning the death of a player. the wissahickon state skating club confirmed the death of nick bond captain of the under 18 national team. bond reportedly collapsed coming off the ice after the game on sunday. according to the president of the skating club bond died monday after undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. >> 6:37. a final confirmation vote is expected today on attorney general nominee jeff sessions. republicans have banned senator elizabeth warren from speaking on the senate floor until debate over the cabinet pick ends. gop leadership interrupted the massachusetts democrat while she read from a 1986 letter written by coretta scott king. it was critical of sessions, the alabama senator who at the time of the writing was a nominee for federal judge. majority leader mitch mcconnell stopped warren citing a rule that forbids calling into question the character or motive of another sitting senator. warren later completed her
6:38 am
readings on facebook live. >> time now to turn to dave murphy because some people might step outside and think spring is here but it is not. >> well, yeah, and boy are we going to get a change as soon as 18 hours from now. >> wow. >> just total flip-flop in the weather pattern. right now storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we're dry after some overnight sprinkles and showers. some of your roads and sidewalks might be damp. looking outside clouds over parts of the region including the shore but we're starting to see breaks in the clouds moving from the west and some of you will see sunshine early today. and then eventually clouds get thicker. 59 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. winds west-southwest at 12 miles per hour. the farther north you go, there is a.m. cutoff where it gets a lot colder up in the lehigh valley and reading we're still in the upper 30's but down around most of the i-95 corridor and south it is very mild and we're all going to wind up enjoying a fairly mild afternoon. satellite and radar showing that you rain that came through, it's now gone. there's the breakup in the clouds to the west and even over philadelphia i'm beginning to see some breaks in the clouds and looks like
6:39 am
we'll transition to a clouds and sun mix and then eventually go back to kind of more of a mostly cloudy setup later in the day. boy, it's mild for most of the day, though. 57 by 8 o'clock, 59 by 10 o'clock. by noon, 61. if we hit the 64-degree high, it will probably be around 1:30 or 2:00 and that my friends will be a new record high for this date. that will strike less than 12 hours before snow is arriving. weird weather but anyway, 64 around 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. and then 62 by 3:00 p.m. you can see how we drop 10 full degrees in three hours to fifty two by 6 o'clock and that drop continues overnight. we're into the 30's overnight and then eventually cold enough to set the table for some snow but ahead of all of that 56 in allentown later 59 in reading 64 millville and 60 in cape may. so here comes the snow. the models are holding back on the arrival time. yesterday it was looking like as soon as midnight we might get some northern and western suburbs affected by this. and that could still technically happen but the latest model runs are holding this off until about 3 a.m.,
6:40 am
4:00 a.m. this darker shade is a heavy snow band and rain down south but even that rain goes off the coast eventually and by 9 o'clock, most of us are getting snow maybe a little bit of a mix and those places where you're getting its initial rain your snowfall amounts won't be as high but most of the area is looking at a pretty decent snowfall. late in the morning until lunchtime you see the heavier snow starting to push to the east, drying in the northern and western suburbs and the last of the lighter snow showers probably heading off the coast by about two or 3 o'clock tomorrow. in general, we're expecting about four to 8-inches of snow anywhere from points south out of philadelphia up through the poconos. the higher amounts you have a better chance farther north. there's a two to 4-inch ban in through millville and a.c., maybe dover gets clipped by that and then just a coating to an inch farther south where more of that rain will be mixing in but there's a wide range of possibilities on the models. for philadelphia we've got a low end projection of 4.3-inches. on the high end 7-inches and if we manage to get some of
6:41 am
these higher amounts even though it's warm today in the initial snow may not stick to road surfaces right away you start getting into this amount and it probably will defeat that warmth and wind up making roads at least slushy and maybe snow covered. up north even easier for that to happen. some models are projecting as high as 9-inches around the lehigh valley, a couple at seven. i think there's definitely a chance in northern suburbs that you wind up with snow covered roads and down the shore again not as bad. in a.c. anywhere from about three and a half inches down to 2-inches on the model projections. obviously worst farther north you go. 64 is today's potential record setter in else th terms of thath temperature. temperatures plunge overnight snow arrives and tomorrow morning snow falling heavy at times and then it dies away a bit during the afternoon. friday afternoon's high is 35 degrees, again look for the potential of snow covered roads on thursday morning into about midday thursday and then hopefully it dies away and we start to get the plows out there and things get better. 32 on friday with a clipper bringing a snow shower at night into saturday morning. then saturday afternoon 47.
6:42 am
53 with rain on sunday and back to 44 for valentine's day but at least it will be sunny on valentine's day. >> it will give you a reason to want to snuggle with your sweetheart. >> that's right. >> and the sunshine. >> 6:42. in the right place at the right time. training kicks in for a nurse who sees a man collapse in the middle of the street. karen. >> we've got heavy traffic on 422 and a bit of fog in the distance. this is eastbound here at trooper. heavy from oaks to 223. roads are a little bit damp. we'll check a jam on the schuylkill coming up. >> a tornado strikes the same part of new orleans ravaged by hurricane katrina 12 years ago. storm chasers are posting powerful video from more twisters from the same storm and you will see it next. >> ♪
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> tornadoes struck southeastern louisiana injuring about 20 people. you can see debris flying through the air as someone drives through one of the twisters. a tornado damaged a nasa manufacturing facility in new orleans and toppled cars in the parking lot. the worst damage was in the same ninth ward that was so heavily flooded in hurricane katrina. taking a live look from sky6, a super mild day is expected before a system brings the delaware and lehigh valleys a rarity this winter, you remember it, it is snow. >> and we will be getting some. let's go on over to karen rogers to talk about that and your commute. good morning. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. starting your day off we got a jam on the schuylkill. we're looking live on the schuylkill at the boulevard. this is your westbound traffic and you see how heavy that and westbound traffic is. you're jammed at this point from the boulevard to gladwyne. eastbound is heavy from conshohocken to the curve and
6:46 am
then again boulevard to girard. so, jammed westbound and pretty heavy eastbound, too,. on the schuylkill and you see those slow speeds. our accident on the schuylkill expressway near south street has cleared. so no problem there. i-95 slow speeds, 15, 19 miles an hour southbound as you head near girard so your usual jam there but we have a handful of accidents that have been coming in. so i want to take you to darby delaware county where we have an accident right now. doesn't want to go. there you go. darby chester pike near pine street so watch for this accident. they are restricting traffic in this area. and also an accident in pottstown, hanover street at wendler circle. one on main street at colonial avenue. another in upper moreland. a whole bunch come in in the last 20 minutes. this is easton road at mill road. we have a downed tree limb partially blocking a road in new hope in bucks county. it's pineville road so watch for that one. let's check the weather for you. we have been talking about fog
6:47 am
north of the city. it's not a problem in philadelphia but if you're in allentown fog is reducing disability, there's .3 of a mile it's been in way all morning. a little bit better in reading but still an issue at 1.5-mile visibility. not quite as bad in trenton 4 miles. someone on twitter was calling it the warm before the storm. 59 degrees, a record high of 64 today. dry. tomorrow, no, matt. >> got it. thank you, karen. bethlehem police just released this dramatic rescue video. it shows complete strangers helping to save a man on the street. he collapsed from a heart attack in front of the sands casino on tuesday. a nurse and construction worker performed cpr on the man until police arrived. that man is now in the hospital and is expected to survive. >> a sick little girl from ocean county new jersey received a magical surprise after her disney souvenirs were stolen much abbey porpora suffered short gut syndrome and gets her nutrition through al feeding tube. she celebrated her birthday world at disney world but when
6:48 am
they got back home to toms river her mother noticed special items missing out of here suitcase disney souvenirs including dresses and dolls and abbey's feeding pump were all gone. our parent company disney replaced all of the missing souvenirs and a medical company donated a new pump. >> ♪ ♪
6:49 am
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>> time now for a preview of "gma." >> robin roberts joins live in the "gma" studios. wild weather and here in nyc robin but we got some other places down south that are experiencing a lot worse. >> yeah, talking a lot of my family and friends yesterday when that was happening, that trail of destruction after massive tornadoes ripped through louisiana and mississippi, homes torn apart. thousands without power this morning. this is massive snowstorm takes aim at the northeast as you alluded to. we'll have all that you need to know. also ahead late night showdown senator elizabeth warren shut down on the senate floor while opposing the attorney general nominee. republicans voting to silence her. the latest on trump's transition coming up. and the mysterious death of a young american woman while on a trip to panama after her body was found along a hiking trail. authorities are awaiting autopsy results as they look to see if foul play was involved and unfortunately does seem like that was the case. and it's a "shark tank" takeover. the whole gang, they are here on "gma" this morning and
6:52 am
we're going put their knowledge of their own investments to the test . >> [laughter] >> all right. >> reporter: that's all coming up here. >> that will be a good show. >> reporter: yeah, uh-huh. >> she's ready. >> all right. [laughter] >> she looks like she's ready to get them a little bit. let's take a look outside on the roads. we're jamming up in chester county. this is the 30 bypass. already heavy from past 340 to 113. don't forget you need extra time headed out to the market frankford line because of the problems they've been having. they have the supplemental shuttle buses that creates delays possible with other septa routes and now we're starting to get a couple of delays with the regional rails coming in dave. >> karen i've got light jackets on the kids this morning and when i've been outside i've just had the suit coat because it's very mild in philadelphia. the farther north you go up toward the lehigh valley you're still in the 30's. you'll need heavier coats there. as we roll through the day, with snow coming tomorrow and i know it doesn't seem like it with these mild temperatures this is a good day to get out there and get stuff done. by 7 o'clock, 57. most of your showers are done at this point. 62 by 3 o'clock. that high of 64 will probably be rather early in the
6:53 am
afternoon, say, around 1:30 or 2:00 and that will be a new record for this date if we hit it but you can see how quickly we get down to 50. we'll continue to plunge overnight into the 30's and sometime in the overnight hours before the rush hour tomorrow, tam, snow does arrive, it continues heavy at times through about midday in the early afternoon and despite today's mild temperatures it does look like we could get some snow on some roads tomorrow. >> okay, thank you david. a charity basketball game turned ugly when a player walked off the court and punched another player and it didn't stop there. surveillance cameras recorded last month's attack at the international christian high school in crescentville. you see a player walk up to a man sitting on the bench and punch him hm the victim tried to walk away and then a second person hit the man walking him out. both suspects took off a the victim was treated for cuts to his face. mom, i just saved a lot of money
6:54 am
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>> it's a jam on i-95. no accidents at this point but as we look live at the betsy ross bridge jammed from cottman avenue to girard. a 25 minute ride, dave. >> all right, karen, we are looking at a warm one this afternoon. i know it's a little cool in the northern suburbs but very mild in philadelphia, a high of 64 well above the 42-degree average and there's a winter storm warning that kicks in after midnight tonight and goes until 4 o'clock thursday afternoon. the worst of the snow will be a little bit before dawn up until about midday tomorrow and four to 8-inches in that warning area is possible tomorrow. >> we should go on early
6:57 am
tomorrow. >> yeah, that's a good idea, matt. >> you know what, 4:00 a.m., we'll see that you. >> yeah, see you there. >> ♪
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good morning, america. winter wallop. nine reported twisters ripping through the south. tearing roofs off buildings, sending these trucking slighting down roads. a nasa facility taking a direct hit. drone footage capturing the trail of destruction. the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency and now a major new storm heading for the northeast as much as a foot of snow expected. breaking overnight, an extraordinary moment in the fight over president trump's cabinet as republicans vote to violence senator elizabeth warren. >> mr. president -- >> majority leader. >> reprimanded for quoting coretta scott king's criticism. >> i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> the senator will take her seat. >> the president's trave


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