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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 13, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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sports car. all mercedes-benz. 5:00 a.m., monday, february 13, here's what's happening. >> a man in a wheshot inside hh philadelphia. hear what police say happened before the shooting. >> people living in a south jersey community find disturbing messages promoting racist and homophobic views. looking he the benjamin franklin parkway, -- looking at the benjamin franklin parkway,
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flags are flapping in the wind. let's go over to david murphy good morning. >> reporter: when i was coming into the station, i had to push the door and pull it close. we have a high wind warning in south jersey and delaware, and maryland. it's in the northern suburbs in both cases you're looking at strong blustery winds bringing down trees and branches and wires. you want to be careful of debris on the roads. wind gusts are as high as 50 miles per hour, higher than that the closer you get to the shore. we'll see plenty of the shades ready. looks like we are encountering wind out to the west. overall sunny skies, 37 in philadelphia. 37 in millville. 4 in allentown. the big story are the strong wind gusts 41-mile an hour in philadelphia. 45 in wilmington, we are up to 49 in lancaster, that's the
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strongest i've seen on the map so far this morning. keep in mind that these numbers can kind of mix and match and trade out as we go through the morning, that's a snapshot at the top of the hour, the gusts can go higher at any time. 35 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 39 by the high today will be a cool 43, around average for this time of the year, lots of sun, but again, the big story, the strong blustery winds, they will die down later in the day and evening. tomorrow looks better, eventually we have a warmup in the seven day, that's coming up. >> reporter: with the 40-mile an hour wind gusts we're seeing problems with downed trees, looking live in gladwyn, montgomery county, you're seeing the crews leave the scene right now. a minute ago i saw this shot route 23 westbound they had a downed tree blocking the roadway, they had crews come on the scene break it a part, we watch live as we see the last crews leave route 23 westbound at hall bow reopen.
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watch for problems with downed trees on the shoulder montgomery drive. providence they had tow shut down pawling road. street road and bristol road a lane is blocked. >> with the wind advisory, officials are urging property owners to take down or bring thins in doors. that applies to construction sites where things are on the upper floors. make sure all temporary fencing and signage and tarps are strapped down. scattered power outages are reported across the delaware valley. peco has 3200 customers without electricity. the numbers are slowly rising, we could see more if high winds
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cause damage today. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport, if you're flying out check with your airlines, several flights have been canceled, mostly because of the winter storm in the new england part of the county. 1400 flights were canceled yesterday. happening today, changes for the septa riders take the market frankford line, septa has added more trains and services operatings regularly schedule making all their regular stops. septa had used buses for riders after the discovery of cracks on cars. a man in a wheelchair sittin tv had a rough night. a bullet flew through the window hitting him in the chest. katherine scott is live at get a hold of a try >> reporter: good morning, tam, the motive is under investigation, the 61-year-old victim was taken to the hospital
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in critical condition. police say he is expected to survive. let's go to video from the scene last night in north philadelphia. this happened 1400 block of popular just before 7:30 p.m., police say they found one spent shell casing on the walk sidewalk outside the window, there was a small group of people inside the home when an argument broke out. two people left and immediately following their departure, a shot was fired through the window,tim was c sat in bedrooms nearby.officers arrived and he s critical condition. >> he is in the bedroom, he wheelchair bound sitting in a wheelchair watching television with friends when the bullet came through the window and struck him in the chest. >> reporter: and right now, police are looking for two men,
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one possibly wearing a flight jacket. they do say there are surveillance cameras on the block, they hope to find footage that can help in the shooting investigation. katherine scott channel 6 ction news." >> thanks, katherine. from our new jersey newsroom, residents in burlington county found disturbing messages along the street. flyers promoting racism and homophobic views were left in cinnaminson yesterday. the incident left neighbors stunned. >> it looked like a valentine. it looked like it had water drop late on it, it looked like a calendar, it said join the clan today. >> the southern burlington chapter of the naacp condemned the flier and called on other communities to do the same. >> a senior basketball player was shot in southwest
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philadelphia. john davis was in town to play for drexel went to a family function and was shot in the knee. no arrests were made. four people were put in the hospital after a possible gas leak, the call came in around 2:30 p.m. on west williams street yesterday afternoon. melvin jones had problems sleeping and he had a headache. when firefighters responded they forced their way into a neighboring home and pulled two women out who were feeling the effects of the gas. they were all taken to temple hospital. jones and his wife have been released from the hospital. david joins us, you know new england is getting socked with snow, that system kicking up the winds around here? >> reporter: it is we h pressure to south, close enougw squeezing in is wind tunnel fashion that's drawing it through the region.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry this morning. most areas as we go in tighter there's a snow shower pushing to the east throot -- through the poconos, if you're in allentown and have placebos plans to head out on the northeast extension you might run into that. an area of snow up to the north, appears as though it wants to try to push toward the mountains toward allentown, right now falling a part. in any event, stepping outside, the big story for most of us today will be the wind. there's the action cam live on the benjamin franklin parkway, the flags of the nations blowing sideways in some cases because of strong winds gusts this morning. 37 in 34 in allentown. 34 in reading. the temperatures dip to 37 in millville. 40 in cape may. of course it feels cooler than that with the strong gusty winds gusting in the 30s and 40s
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currentlyou'll need shades on ty highways and by ways. look out for debris on roads as especially in the rest of the morning, after sunrise, the wine ending in the afternoon. it's near the coast the strongest gusts will occur perhaps 55 mileser hour at times. in philadelphia, 43 degrees, there are the gusts the way up to the mid to upper 40s across the region byan t hoy begin to ease back a little bit by winds warnings
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expire tonight. mainly clear and cold overnight tonight, 28 degrees, tomorrow, valentine's day mostly sunny,ess wind, high of 45 degrees, and most s much wind out there. the exclusive y forecast, todaye wind is the story be careful of downed trees and debris on roads, also high profile vehicles, even like minivans can be harder to control wnpop up. up to 50 on wednesday, clouds and sun, increasing clouds on thursday, 42. looks like friday stays chilly under the sun. nice changes for the weekend, i love this sort of thingfor satu. 51 on saturday and with sunshine, and 60 on sunday.
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>> flight was delayed two hours after the pilot was removed, her appearance and what she had tosg for theccident that kept victory.neriming >> reporter: we'll take you to exton, chester county, check roads out there, coming up. music continues ]
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atlantic city, sky6 live hd, the camera is nodding yes. i can only imagine what it's like on top of one of the vehicles staring out to the sea with the winds sike they are. >> karen you were sayingaring . be careful as you're traveling, we have a handful of cases of downed trees, thiss chester county route 100 at commerce drive, no problems coming in from phoenixville or chester springs. you want to watch for debris on the roadway. we had a downed tree new had anover township, just cleared, big red road is reopened. we have a downed tree affecting port indian road stick to
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trooper road if you're in this area of montgomery county. vine street expressway, camera shaking in the winds, but no overnight construction, traffic moving j fine. on the commuter traffic report, we have debris on the roadlue route. 37 degrees in philadelphia. let's check the wind gusts, 41 in philadelphia. 45 in wilmington, 48 in dover, delaware. hold only, tam. >> i'll do my best. >> this story had a a lot of people talking this weekend,paso san francisco went to the exit before the flight tookff. passengers became concerned about the pilot's mental state
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she showed up in casual clothes sheted over the ifrom everythin. >> she was not in the right >> we were afraid having someone that was unstable flying the plane. >> they opened the plane doors and some passengers grabbed their carry ons and ran for it. the flight was delayed for two hours before the airline could find a new pilot. hang today, phillies pitchers and catchers report to clearwater today and they start practice tomorrow. >> okafor did not go with the sixers in charlotte. the talks heated up so much, coach brett brown decided to hit him for saturday's game,
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well. a 4-year-old boy killed in a freak accident at a water park are speaking out about it for the first time. >> we look at the most memorable moments at last night's grammy awards. >> a runner in ireland
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sprinting toward victory but w denied a first place win because of the unfortunate accident. ng and became tangled up that broke off when a was it officials let the runner take part in the finalac a freak thio happen. let's take look outside and check the roads for you, we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound at
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mcdrive, we've got a downed ee blocking the right lane, crews are on the scene you can see penndot with the arrow board as they deal with t paoli thorndale 30 minute delays due to amtrak win warnings andisories across the region. be careful with debris on the roads. it will be cold on the bus stop, mid to upper 30s, very windy clear skies and sun comingp. if you have plans to head out to the market, great, strongest winds through the morning and blustery in theernoon advisories and warnings don'ten. be careful of debris on the roads. a bumpy ride in and out of philadelphia with the winds, up in boston we have snow right now. >> in "healthcheck," officials say there is a flu outbreak at the university of delaware,
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officials say it happened when the students came back from the winter break. there were 26 this week alone. this is an issue across the state with officials finding a spike in college age people in general. there's been a lot of flu activity for children five and up. cdc is reporting high flu activity in pennsylvania and new jersey. >> "action news" as a warning about a popular medication that some say are linked to neurological and psychiatric issues in children. wendy saltzman has a preview on the special report at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: these parents are sounding the alarm after their exirn e -- children experienced side effects. >> sudden she had weird ticks. >> i trust in the medical community, they robbed me of part of my son.
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>> rin philadelphia to determine if the drug is safe. >> it breaks my heart because i know how i felt, i didn't want anyone to feel that way. >> tonight miss my specialn net at 11:00. up next in the morning buzz, the history making moment at the 69th annual grammies. of valentine's day, warning at scammers. >> ror the parents of a ten-year-in a tra . last august, the family decided to take their four boys to the wa park. caleb and nathan went to the 170 scaffold. i said brothers stick together, he said, i know, dad,stick toge.
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>> it was the time they would see caleb alive. big brother for him at the bottom when the unimaginable happened. >> he flew. >> reporter: you'll here more of our emotional interview at 7:00 a.m. with the "g.m.a." first look, i'm matt gutman, abc news new york.
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>> good morning, 5:26 a.m., monday, taking a look at the benjamin franklin parkway, windy out there, we have a wind advisory. wind could reach 50 miles per hour today. >> in the morning buzz we're talking about last night's grammy grammy award, they belonged to adele. the singer won five awards including album of the year. for the second year in a row she had a rough grammy. but she powered through. >> i'm sorry, i can't mess this up for him. >> the singer cursed after a tribute to george michael and didn't sound right and asked a restart.
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♪now, adele'sopping performance the shine from beyounce. she s tr performed twoon from her album d a minute artistic set that celebrated motherhood. beyounce took home the award al. ♪ and artist, chance pp best new artist, his album coloring book was an streamg only album which was banned from k, but academy relaxed it's rules and he won. a lot of billed
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adele versus beyounce. even though adele won the awards she made it clearha she loves beyounce. she praised saidce >> no kanye taylor swift. >> a mom is getng attention from social media, see how she stepped it up for her son on dads and donut day. 200,000 people were evacuated because of damage to this nearby dam. "action news" continues. stw.
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>> now on "action news" we're waking up to wicked winds, some gusts could be strong eno knock out power and push cars around during your commute. >> bullets fly into a home hitting a man inside sitting in his wheelchair. >> the country's tallest dam led to chaotic evacuation in california. >> good morning, everybody, david and karen have weather and
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traffic. >> reporter: make sure your trash cans are secure, tie down any lse


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