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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 15, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, february 15th. here's what's happening. >> a woman is kidnapped from her wilmington apartment complex and is then terrorized and robbed at gunpoint. >> a group is calling for increased security after a racist flyer is that found on a local campus.
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>> there's a new top dog. see which one took home best in show at this year's westminster dog show and why you should always try and try again. >> that is a gorgeous dog. that dog -- i can see why that dog wouldn't. >> there's a good back story. >> we'll tell you about it later. let's go over to dav dave murphy taking a look at accuweather and karen rogers is looking at your commute. >> we're off to a chilly start also some clouds sweeping through the region. i was able to detect a little moon creeping through the clouds. maybe we'll get sunshine later on but the morning does look somewhat cloudy. there are showers skirting across the southern half of delaware and some of this is clipping cape may county. pretty light though and that won't last all that much longer probably around 9, 10 o'clock you'll start to dry out there. 34 degrees in philadelphia, 31 in wilmington and trenton, 26 degrees in allentown. obviously pretty cold across the region this morning but like yesterday morning the winds are really down there and a lot of cases just calm. it will get breezy later today. but we're not combining those
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cold conditions with severe wind chills this morning. 33 degrees by 7 o'clock, 45 by noon. 48 at 3 o'clock and i think we have a shot at getting up to about 50, say, by 1:30 or 2 o'clock. after that cooler air does start to march in. by 7 o'clock down to 38 degrees getting breezier as the afternoon goes on. we're still looking at a very nice extended warmup headed in in time for the weekend though karen. details on that in the seven day. >> i'm really excited about the weekend. looking good. looking live on the vine street expressway no problems here. we had an overnight work crew out there roving westbound and it has cleared. all lanes opened. the vine will shut down at 11 o'clock and tomorrow night at 11:00 for the overnight construction. it's back. looking outside live in plymouth meeting no problem on the blue route at chemical road. northbound traffic moving fine headed towards the turnpike. up ahead on the northeast
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extension we had overnight construction but it is cleared. looking pretty good. we have a couple issues though. we have this downed tree and downed wires in bucks county that's blocking easton road. 611 northbound is blocked at durham road. use durham and coffee town road as your alternate. middletown township cape may this is one of the areas we have showers o-route 47 is blocked. this is an accident investigation that also brought down a pole here. so watch for this one and it's at shun pike road. if you're in this area stick to route nine instead of 47, matt. >> a gunman fired 15 shots outside of a philadelphia club. it happened on the 3000 block of castor avenue in the city's port richmond section at 11:15 last night f police say several men were leaving the penthouse club when another man walked up to them and opened fire. the men ran off and were not hit. a nearby business and a car were hit by the gunfire. we'll have a live report in the next half hour.
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a man kidnapped and punched a woman outside her own in that the delaware and then held her at gunpoint for a terrifying ride where he forced her to withdraw money from an amt. "action news" reporter katherine scott is following this story. >> reporter: matt, the victim was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. police are still searching for the man responsible and they're hoping that someone in the area has surveillance footage that can help in this investigation. let's go to video from wilmington. this happened at the top of the hill apartments off pryor road around 8:45 monday evening. the victim told police that as she got out of her car in the parking lot, a man in a ski mask approached her and pulled out a gun. police say he forced her back inside her vehicle and made her drive to a nearby atm on marsh road to withdraw money. during the incident police say the suspect talked out loud to himself and punched her. they both then returned to the apartment complex where he released her and fled. the ordeal has left residents shaken up. >> i have an older son, he's 22 and i was like do you want to come home with me tonight.
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>> that could have been my feians walking out here with my daughter and could have been anybody and that was somebody's mom, somebody's wife, somebody's daughter. >> reporter: a $20,000 reward is available to anyone with information leading to an arrest or conviction. live in the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> thank you, katherine. it's 5:05 and new this morning, campus police are looking into an anti-islam poster found at rutgers. the poster found on the building depicts the world trade center towers and an american flag with the phrase "imagine a muslim free america." on the bottom the poster hm contact information linking the message a white supremacy group called american van guard. the new jersey chapter of the council on american-islamic relations has called for increased security on campus for muslim students. >> from our delaware news room, new numbers coming in show an increase in overdose related deaths in the first state t a health official says about one third of the overdose related deaths last
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year were fentanyl related. the synthetic pain killer can be up to 50 times more potent than heroin. there were 308 overdose deaths in delaware last year which was an increase from 2015. >> an investigation is under way into what caused al raging inferno that tore through an old hotel in the lehigh valley. the fire gutted the three story building in north whitehall township last night. it had been converted into a home. the fire on the 1800 block of rockdale road went to several alarms. no one was hurt. investigators are expected to be back at the scene today to go through what will be charred remains. >> dave murphy is preparing us for a mild day today and then some big changes the very next day. >> yeah, we have some mild changes coming up starting on saturday. today not bad. tomorrow pretty cold and windy. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows us that we are looking at dry conditions across most of the region but down south there are a couple of showers popping through cape may county, milford, delaware and
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back toward queen anne and the eastern shore of maryland. all of this staying below dover in all likelihood and pushing offer the coast after about 9 o'clock or so much i know it looks like it's kind of coming to the north but it's not going to make much more of a run than you see right now. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies across the region. might be thin enough to get sun through the clouds later on. later today we're liable to brighten up a bit. that happened yesterday and i can see that happening maybe late in the afternoon as well. 34 degrees is your temperature in philadelphia, though. 26 in allentown, 28 in reading. we're very cold to start out. winds are on the light side this morning, so that's good but you still want your coat. in terms of that rain, well, there you see it pushing off the coast after about 10 o'clock or so and as we get through the afternoon again we might see bright anyone of the sky from west to east as we go into the later afternoon hours o up in the lehigh valley we'll call eight clouds and sun mix overall and bit of a breeze out there, 46 degrees is your high. down the shore, clouds and sun, breezy, 48 degrees the
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high there. and in philadelphia, we'll probably get up to about 50. now, the thing about these highs today, i think they probably hit a little early in the day, say, around 1:30 or 2:00 and then this northwest wind starts to kick in, it gets breezier and those temperatures will start to tumble a bit through the afternoon. i could see us down to, say, the upper 30's in philadelphia by dinnertime and then overnight we dip all the way to 28 degrees, partly cloudy, brisk and cold with winds in the 10 to 20 miles per hour range. then on thursday, well, we've got a front that's pushing away from us along with an area of low pressure and then behind it it is going to be chilly. we'll probably only see a high of 39 degrees in philadelphia. even if we manage 40 or so you're still looking at wind gusts in the 35 to 40 miles per hour range. now, these aren't as strong as those severe gusts we had on monday but it's still going to be pretty uncomfortable with wind chills in the 20's the majority of the day. probably wind chills in the teens in the morning. again that's the setup for thursday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast of forecast, today's high is 50 a mix of clouds and sun.
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tomorrow windy and colder way high around 39 feeling like the teens in the morning and 20's in the afternoon. then a little bit breezy on friday, but we do improve to 43 for a high in the afternoon. the big payoff comes for the weekend. we'll start out kind of cold right at dawn on saturday but we quickly see those numbers rise and in the afternoon we'll get to a high of 57 degrees on saturday. then sunday even warmer with a high of 64. still fairly bright, a mix of sun and clouds. monday for president's day, still nice and a high of 58. if your kids have a three day weekend coming up really good weather to go out and do some fun stuff. then on tuesday mostly sunny and 58 degrees. the early look has more clouds and maybe a shower on wednesday. by then i think the ridge is starting to break down but wednesday's high could still be in the upper 50's so several straight days of very mild air just around the corner but we've got a couple chillier ones to deal with on the way. >> thanks, david. next on "action news" a close call for actor harrison ford. he's under investigation for
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what he did while piloting a plane in california. >> reunited. jahlil okafor back with the sixers for their game in boston so what does that mean for his possible trade. karen. >> we're live in chadds ford delaware county. we've got no problems, quiet here, right, 202 at route one -- okay, one guy's awake, that's about it. we'll take you to fort washington and check things there coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there at the commodore barry bridge. it is now 5:12 and 34 degrees out there. >> karen rogers wants to help
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you get to work and not only that but on time. >> yes. >> that's right. that's my job. i'm a helper. so, let's do it. let's hit the suburbs right now and show you what's going on. the answer is not a whole lot. i actually did write a couple of notes to people's bosses on twitter when they asked us sorry please excuse them. i d i don't know if it worked. you can tweet me. you can see if it will help if you're late. no major problems. we're looking good. you have the closure of the turnpike bridge connector that's of course been giving so many people headaches. in radnor township we've got radnor chester road closed near radar road. watch for this. it is blocked because of road work. stick to lancaster avenue as your alternate for that one. in west deptford construction blocking the right lane up to 6 o'clock on the turnpike southbound here approach pentagon exit two. and in galloway township atlantic county we have a downed whole goin pole going on. right lane blocked. they're trying to fix that
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eastbound at pomona road. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have some showers down to the south well south of philadelphia but you see in cape may right on the garden state parkway just near sea isle city is kind of the ridge of that and also in dover, it's just south of dover those showers. so that expect a chance for a shower now if you're south of the city but the rest of us are looking pretty dry. 26 degrees in quakertown. it's cold out there. 30 in warrington. 34 in center city. lots of clouds. 29 in browns mills. sitting at the freezing mark in vineland and above that in dover where you may get a shower. it's already 37. your high of 50 today. clouds and sun, bit breezy. back to you, matt and tam. >> we'll take it. thank you, karen. people living near california's oroville dam spent their first night back home since being evacuated. water levels have continued to fall since last weekend so authorities allowed people to return. but officials are concerned about more rain expected this week. if the spillway fails it could unleash a 30-foot wall of water on communities below.
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president trump has approved fema funding for the area around the eroding spillway. >> ♪ >> controversial former pharmaceutical executive martin set to speak at harvard. he's expected to talk about vesting in healthcare. shkreli made headlines after his company jacked up the price nearly 5,000 percent. a judge granted shkreli permission to travel from new york city for the speech last week. actor harrison ford involved in a near-miss at an airport of airport in southern california while piloting the plane. the faa is investigating the incident. ford mistakenly landed on a parallel taxi way. he flew right over an american airlines 737 waiting to take off. ford is an experienced pilot but he has been involved in several accidents in the recent years.
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>> the flyers begin a three game trip in western canada tonight that starts with a visit to calgary then edmonton tomorrow. the flyers are battling to get into and that final wild card spot in the eastern conference. a source with the sixers confirmed to "action news" that jahlil okafor has rejoined the team in boston and will play against the celtics tonight. coach brett brown had said earlier this week that playing okafor in the middle of trade talks would complicate thing. the nba trade deadline is one week from tomorrow. two things, they might not like the offers they're getting for okafor or joel embiid has been injured they feel like maybe they want to keep another center. we'll see. >> it is 5:16. a warning for parents who have pets. could your pets' meds make your child sick. >> a woman is accused of bullying a teen to death leading police to file manslaughter charges. courtroom developments are coming up. >> ♪
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>> visitors are getting a special treat at yosemite national park it looks like lava flow there at the park. instead, that is an optical illusion. >> the sun. >> it makes it look like the horse tail waterfall is on fire. did you say the sun karen. >> that's what i was thinking. >> you're right on track. this happens when there's enough snow note produce the waterfall and then the setting sun needs to hit the water at just the right angle and it makes it look like it's on fire. >> you probably have about two minutes to take that picture. >> but it's worth it, right. >> oh, yeah. >> you told me you had some pretty pictures and you didn't lie. >> and you guessed right. >> you delivered, that's right. all right, let's take you outside right now near olney here. this is the roosevelt boulevard past broad street and that northbound traffic on your left headed towards oxford circle moving fine but ahead if you continue northbound at goodnaw street in the inner drive we have an accident. it's off to the side but traffic is moving here. that's northbound on the boulevard at goodnaw street.
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warminster line catching a train that's 10 minutes late. market frankford line they're running five to six minutes, every five to six minutes. not too bad dave. >> all right, karen, we're chilly this morning so we're dressing the kids in extra winter gear. not much wind but we have temperatures in in the 20's in a lot of neighborhoods. freezing mark in philadelphia. this afternoon it gets breezy a little milder. i'd still advise a decent coat because of the pickup in the winds. 33 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon 45 and you might want to head out earlier in the day to get your shopping done if that's what you're doing today. we are going to get a high of 50 but we probably hit that around 1:30 or 2:00 and then after that the temperatures rise and those winds start to pick up and it is going to feel more uncomfortable later in the afternoon. your temperatures or i should say your conditions at airports all green aircraft on our big board which means no major delays and unlike yesterday we're looking at dry conditions in all of our big travel destinations, tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check a new warning for parents with young children. the flee medications heart
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worm pills millions of americans give to their pets are sending kids across the country to their er. toddlers are being poisoned as they pick up and eat pills spit out by a pet p many households do not safeguard pets' medicines. parents are now being advised to be as vigilant with animal meds as they are with any other drugs. >> "action news" viewer is back from a trip of a lifetime and she says the vacation never would have happened if it weren't for the "action news" troubleshooters. nydia han has a preview of her and special report tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: al big part of our troubleshooting is done by our call for action volunteers. and in this case, not only did they get a canceled trip reinstated for this consumer they turned it into a top notch luxury vacation. >> they're an amazing, amazing group of volunteers. hats off to each and every one of them. i love them. >> reporter: find out how the "action news" troubleshooters solved this one. it's a happy ending plus news you can use. tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:0 11:00.
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>> ♪ >> nydia gets it do. up next in your morning buzz american doll is creating some buzz by doing something that it's never done before. >> plus, there is a new top dog. see why they're calling this a comeback story with a tale at the westminster dog show. first up, "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, just days before christmas, 17-year-old kenny sutner took his own life. now his former boss is facing manslaughter charges over his suicide. prosecutors accusing her of essentially bullying him to death. he worked at this fayette missouri dairy queen where prosecutors say his 21-year-old supervisor harley bran ham subjected him to constant harassment. after his death, the coroner making the rare move to call an official inquest, a public hearing with a six person jury to determine whether criminal charges should be filed. a prosecutor charging her with
5:23 am
second degree involuntary manslaughter. bran hamden nice bullying sutntory and dan abrams will weigh in on this case coming up at 7:00 a.m. for your "gma" first look i'm mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> ♪ when a cold calls...
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>> ♪ >> 5:26. going have to say goodbye to the love statue for a little while. a live look where its temporary home is right next to philadelphia city hall. put it in the shop and prepare it for its grand reunveiling at love park which is where it belongs and tam, i really hope they take care of the letters l and o in particular because they are my favorites. >> i think they'll take care of all of the letters much it will be better than new when you see it again, matt. talking about something new let's come over to the morning buzz here at the big board. american girl doll is making some news with its newest doll. it is a boy for the first time in its 31 year history. the doll's name system logan everett end plays the drums in a band. he's part of mattel's push -- you know what karen and i were saying he looks a little bit like you matt. he's part of mattel's push toward more diversity in the american girl lineup much i think i know your christmas or birthday present. logan will be up for sale on thursday for $115.
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>> better dresser than me i think. it was a fierce competition at the 141st westminster kennel club dog show. last year's runner up walked away this year with the top prize. you're taking a look at rumor a german shepherd who won best in show. she beat out 3,000 other dogs. five-year-old rumor is named after the adele song, i know you lover this, matt, rumor has it. she was favored to win last year but then she was upset by a german short haired pointer. rumor's handler planned on retiring her and said something let's let her compete one last time. a six-year-old irish setter from ocean city, nearly took home that that plow ribbon adrienne was named runner up. adrienne should compete against next year. maybe it will be next year's rumor. >> rumor proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> yes. >> 5:27. quick thinking by a police officer likely prevented tragedy at a fast food joint in texas. see what the officer did with his own patrol car. a center city restaurant is offering more than just
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good food. it is an fyi for you later on "action news." >> ♪ ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns] [angry shouting] excuse me! [storm siren] when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it.
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and with 34 map overlays like traffic, crime, natural hazards, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. >> and gunfire outside stalls the good times inside a club in philadelphia. >> mother nature's taking us
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on a rollercoaster ride of mild highs followed by a frigid dip. >> new this morning, the pure reading papas are too cute. philadelphia dads raise the bar at a daddy-daughter dance a class. you had to have laughed at something i just said. >> you had a few too many puns. >> i liked it. >> 5:30 now on this wednesday. good morning david and karen. >> hats off to those dads though. that's pretty cool. we've got some clouds across the region this morning. they might be thin enough top occasionally allow some sun in. at the same time there's also some showers pushing through southern delaware and clipping the southern half of cape may county. this looks like it's probably going to be popping through between now and about maybe 10 o'clock or so this morning and then it subsides. later in the afternoon and evening we'll be watching snow showers possibly popping down into the poconos and maybe down into the lehigh valley as well. they look fairly light but that's something to keep in mind later today and tonight much maybe a little sprinkle around up north. 34 degreesi


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