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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 15, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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. it's february 15th. time for a viral who her mom's surprise party suddenly realizes. >> that this may actually be for her. >> see the moment she knows for sure. >> it's a chinese new year fireworks festival. >> this one did not go off well. >> why it did go off, too much, too soon. >> whoa. >> we're going to the freeway. >> two guys on a travel challenge are counting on the kindness of strangers. >> otherwise known as hitchhiking. >> see how far that will take them in 24 hours. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle break down the best on the web, including a girl who knows what she wants.
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> yes. >> how putting the kabosh on that has her getting her cry on. >> how about a pony? would a pony do? surprises are the best, especially when you get to help in the planning. now in this case, ashley is helping her family plan a surprise for her mother's 65th birthday right there. at the very beginning playing the guitar. she is in the car and she's going to check out the surprise, making sure the choreography works. ♪ >> oh, it's like my favorite song. >> the car is taking off, it's in the oh, i see. they choreographed people to follow behind. we've seen a video like this before. >> yeah. start seeing the rest of her family. no surprises. she expected right.
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oh, look. ♪ >> and as the car keeps driving down the road more people start showing up. she's enjoying it. they thinks her mom is going to like this. up until here, this moment. now her friends are showing up, her family are there. they think right about nowen th may actually be for her. ♪ >> now we get to this part of the drive. now there's a house back there. that he has built by himself. guess who comes out. >> jeff. >> no. her man comes out. and he walks over and i think at this point she knows this was all for her. he takes her hand, he walks her to the middle of that circle of family and friends andstarts pr.
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fortunately everything went as planned and they are engaged. congratulations to both. [ applause ] oli, you were born and raised in hong kong so you've probably been to a lot of lantern festivals, the last day of the traditional chinese new year. >> one of m earliest memories. >> hundreds of people turned out in one city for this fireworks display because we know if there's one thing they do well du the chinese new year it's firerk displays. this one did not go off well. >> whoa! >> is that a car? >> it's like all of the fireworks. >> not a car but these fireworks went off too close to the ground. this video was shot near the pyrotechnics display where all those things were supposed to shoot up into the air. but instead they went off over the heads of hundreds of tourists in the area.
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>> that was massive. >> it was massive. you can hear the screams and confusion. >> they are in danger. there's nowhere to go. >> you're right, charity. it's not supposed to do that. that looks like an explosion in fallujah, not a fireworks display where hundreds of people are supposed to enjoy it. >> you mentioned hundreds of people. was anybody hurt? two people suffered burns but nobody from the city is saying anything. they think that they're embarrassed because of what happened, as they should be, because when you have hundreds of people around you don't want to happen. >> frequently on say you can travel and you can do it for relatively nothing at all. the guys are at the youtube are putting that to the test. they have 24 hours to get as far away from venice beach, california, as possible, using zero. they're using the kindness and spontaneity of strangers also knownhi>> okay.
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>> they had a pretty good idea. at first they thought let's go to the santa monica airport, a small ritzy airport where people use their private jets to fly in and out of. >> they find a quick ride, get to the airport and hang out for a couple hours and sadly strike out. >> we're going to the freeway. the signs take us anywhere. >> the tried and true method works. ♪ >> they find a ride and off they go. >> thank you for picking us up. >> this is cool. they are finally heading south. >> a possibility we might make it to mexico tonight. >> they still need to get a little bit further. they're stuck at a gas station. >> are you going anywhere interesting today? >> no. >> we want to catch a ride there. >> oh, no. >> what's your name? >> i'm ben. >> i'm mar. >> here we go. ben shakes their hands and them a ride a little further
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south. >> i'll take you to temecula the last town to san diego county. >> are you heading to san diego? any chance you're going to san diego? going to san diego? >> heading towards san diego? >> i will be going down there tonight. >> just by chance they meet chance. >> i can get you to the border and they get right to the border thanks to chance. super cool montage as they walk into mexico and they even get a ride from a nice local they meet. that guy takes them off to the clubs and they party in tijuana for the night, less than 24 hours after they left venice on zero money. >> they probably never imagined they would be in tijuana that day. >> that's 24-hour challenge. watch us on abc 7 in los angeles is the latest winner in the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> you need wednesday's buzzword 21 years of age and legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword coming up
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in a bit. >> standby for the "rtm" mini giveaway. ♪ this is every homeowner's worst nightmare. >> a [ bleep ] tree fell through my deck. like holy [ bleep ]. it teared through my -- oh, my god. >> it really did like fall through the deck. >> yeah. it did. and you can see it looks like it's coming over from the neighbor's house. crashed -- >> small mercy the grill survived. >> the tree killed my deck. holy [ bleep ]. murdered my father. >> okay, dude. easy. it didn't take out the house. rebuilt. ut the deck. >> we're suing my neighbors because we told them for three years cut down the [ bleep ] tree and they didn't listen. oh, no they didn't listen. >> maybe they did listen. they just cut it down badly. >> i walk in the backyard and i see this entire freakin' oak tree come through my house.
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i'm not sure if it's an oak tree. i have no idea. >> he doesn't know exactly what type of tree it is. >> i do. it's a dead tree. >> okay. >> a dead fallen tree. >> look at my deck. >> imagine what would have happened if that -- >> barking up the wrong tree. >> he should just leave. >> branching out into another video. >> i am. >> stick to your story. >> imagine rolling up on this. ♪ >> i see legs. >>yes. that tree is mob do see legs. >> i'm pretty sure the person in the car will notice you're following them. hiding behind the tree. they'll never see me! >> well, i think this may have been their way to take the tree home because the root of it is the truck and d going behind. >> he's doing a good job. take a bow, brother. ♪ >> a heartbreaking moment at the hospital when a mom-to-be and her unborn baby.
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now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. this looks like my kind of weekend event, a really concar fest going on in the northeastern town of mexico. putting on a drifting doughnut demonstration. first comes one mustang. they're kind of tail happy, we know that. >> yes, we do. >> we got a second wild mustang hopping into the frey and these two pirouetting around and around they go. >> yes. >> they're putting a lot of trust in the drivers of these two cars. >> yeah. i mean wouldn't you? >> no, actually. >> oh! >> children. people. >> oh. >> you kind of saw it coming a mile away, didn't you? there is not a barricade in sight. nothing. you can see a little better from the opposite angle what goes wrong. they were drifting closer and closer to the crowd, when that one mustang clips the curb and
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that knocks him out of his doughnut and into the crowd. 12 people were injured. eight seriously. >> really. >> yes. >> it looked like they were pinned. >> it's drawn a lot of criticism and, of course, lots of people are now asking, wait a minute, where were the safeguardses here. the next video has millions of views on facebook because we've all wondered what happens if you jam a car into reverse and you're going 40 miles an hour. you hear the gears grinding. tires just engage and start to spin backwards and spark down the road. >> wait a second. >> hold on. >> yeah. >> this wouldn't have been possible. >> it was. >> i've never seen anyone successfully complete that. >> who knows if he was able to unplug any kind of safeguardses and i have to believe the tires were next to bald to have any kind of grip it would have
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locked on to that road and not have worked. >> precious little baby almost didn't make it. it turns out while still inside of her mother's womb they both died. the mother had a complication while on a waiting room bed. it sounds like she had an em knee yottic fluid embolism. what the doctors did was immediately do a caesarian section. they were able to pull the baby out only to realize the baby was lifeless. they started perrming life-saving techniques on both the mom and the baby. and after being lifeless for between 5 to 10 minutes, miraculously they were both brought back to life. >> [ inaudible ]. >> like you're being reborn at the same time as your child is born. >> they ended up performing the
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c-section without anesthetic. they were working with what they thought was a lifeless body. >> the doctor's main concern was the baby and it was mom was secondary. >> yeah. >> crazy to make that decision. that choice. >> how are they doing? the prognosis is good for both of them? >> as crazy as it may sound they both have made a full recovery. in fact, at the end of the video we have pictures of both of them. >> look at her sitting up. >> completely fine and at the end we also see a few pictures with dad as well. >> wow. >> look at her. you would never know that woman was just revived at a hospital after being dead for five to ten minutes. >> it really is a miracle. ♪ >> meet molly. molly is -- >> a little confused. >> poor molly. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- a wrestling match is heating up and then -- >> it gets a bit too literal. >> how adding extra flair leads to a miserable fail.
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2:50 pm
wrestlers. just as people try to heat things up for the audience it gets too literal. >> oh. >> yeah. you see the table starts being fully engulfed in flames. he comes out. flying into the table. the table breaks. and there he is left lying in the flames before some of the other wrestlers pull him out. >> he suffered second and third-degree burns. >> oh. >> you can't call fake on this one. looks like it's going to be quite the road to recovery for this guy. our second video we head to china. it happens quickly. bang. out of nowhere a body just comes falling into the screen. unfortunately, breaking both legs. the story behind it, if you are to believe this gentleman is he was hit by a taxi when then drove off. the police hearing this and sound likes a hit and run and they go to the cctv footage, did the taxi hit you out of the sky.
2:51 pm
we don't see any other vehicle. you clearly come dropping into shot. what he was doing in this situation is he had been out to dinner with a group of friends and rather than pay his fair share of the bill, he decided to climb out the window. >> oh. >> after climbing out the windowindo window, he fell and covered it up. he has been slapped on the wrist and won't face charges for the fake story he filed however he was made to then cough up his share of the dinner bill. that is an african gray parrot and that african gray parrot is a little moody. >> the viral video in the uk shows us even animals have temper tantrums. >> i think your -- >> cleaning house. >> messing up house. >> no. it's upset and moody. >> throwing stuff on the terrific trying to use a computer too.
2:52 pm
it's techno rage what we're seeing here. >> when it doesn't work or the batteries are low. >> i must prepare you, marty in texas got rare rare footage of the texas only bear. see that. there's the orange bear. you're saying that looks like an orange pekony. you know how crafty they are, it knows how to get into the dog food. the bear right there, size doesn't matter. i know you might be a little bigger than me, but you can't come into my property and eat my food. >> not going to grin and bear it. >> i'm very intimidating. leave my food alone. i'm very adorable. >> rare orange bear sight in texas. who knew. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to
2:53 pm cl click on the win ipad mini button. enter on facebook, twitter. >> it is software. over to and click on the win ipad mini button and enter software, that's softwa s-o-f-t-w-a-r s-o-f-t-w-a-r-e. >> later this week we will be having bonus giveaways and we'll give away an amazon echo as well. stay tuned and good luck, everybody. come touch it. >> this cutie sees something new and -- >> she's absolutely terrified. >> the adorable moments when a little stuffing has her running scared. >> oh!
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of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. over to and click on tv show or mobile app. >> the little one in this video has a dilemma whether she knows it or not it's going to be her dilemma the rest her life. >> tell us what you want first. >> [ inaudible ].
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>> that's like come on. can we wait 13, 14 years. >> he tells her she has to wait a lot longer than that. >> no. >> you're not allowed a boyfriend. >> oh. >> not until you're [ inaudible ]. >> how about a pony. pony. >> she doesn't know what a pain in the booty they are. >> ponies are not that hard. >> i'm talking about the boys she's talking about. >> those are a pain in the neck. >> that's weird. why would we be a problem? >> actually, here's a list. >> oh, you're sad. are you sad? can't have a boyfriend. >> she is laying it on thick. >> a boyfriend. >> a boyfriend. >> the next video, they know exactly what they don't want. >> come touch it. >> no. >> why?
2:57 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> it's the inside of the toy. >> the soul of my toy. >> well, it's the soul of the pet's toy. and well, she doesn't want anything to do with it. >> yeah. come here, come touch. >> she finally walks toward the cotton. >> touch. it's the inside of a toy. >> she touches it, like okay, maybe. >> it's okay. see. >> maybe. >> what did you think it was? >> oh! >> the next little girl has fear of her mother's voice. ♪ want to build a snowman >> no! >> singing voice that is. >> oh, man. >> she really does love the movie "frozen." she doesn't like when her mom sings any song. >> ♪ it's like you've gone away ♪ >> wow. >> you might not want to mess with mom. she makes the meals.
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♪ i wish you would tell me >> no! >> we'll see you on the next brands new episode of ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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this is nice. yeah. it's really nice. i know you have a lot on your mind with morgan's case. if you're not up for this tonight, i'm sure that nathan and maxie would understand. no. you know what? uh, my father's free... which is good. the case against ava's getting stronger every day. at least that's what, uh, jordan said. it was nice of her to give you the night off. we could use a break from everything. yeah. like the looming custody hearing or the fact that my daughter can't be in the same room as me without me traumatizing her... and how valentin is just laying in wait for any misstep that i make. we are awesome. we are! so fun. [ laughs ] we're gonna have fun. we are gonna have fun... yes. ...on our double valentine's day date... yeah. ...with our best friends. well, we are because they just got here, so it's too late to cancel anyway. oh. oh, please remember not to bring up crimson or nina. wait. you still haven't told lulu about what happened with nina? um, no, no.


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