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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 21, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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heist. a bandit lowers himself into a business by rope on makes off with the goods. >> good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this tuesday, february 21st. time to go back to work and school with david and karen. >> all right, guys. we are off to a colder start. looks like we've got some sun slipping underneath the clouds a little bit later this morning but obviously cloud cover is moving in from the west and overall will transition to a clouds and sun mix probably more clouds the later we go through the day. 34 degrees, we talked about this yesterday. it's colder across the region this morning than yesterday morning. below freezing by a tick or two in allentown and reading. 36 in wilmington. 32 in trenton. 31 in millville and 39 in cape may. not much wind out there, though, so we're not going to bother with a big deal wind chill. you are growing to need your winter -- going to need your winter jacket. it does get better this afternoon 34 degrees by 7 o'clock, 46 by noon. 53 is your high had that it would help if i put on the little click thing if we do that but 53 is the high. we'll see clouds gathering. 53 well above the average high
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of 4. then still holding 50 by 5 o'clock and 47 by 7 o'clock. the warm air is really surging back this week. in fact numbers later in the week look better today than yesterday. i'll have the latest from accuweather on that karen. for now chilly enough for a winter coat on the way out the do are. >> all right dave this our third straight weekday morning when we had an overturned tractor-trailer on a ramp. this is west conshohocken. this overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound and when i showed you this earlier we had no police on the scene. i know it's dark but now puck make out thabut now youcan makee arrived. traffic is squeezing by an overturned tractor-trailer so watch for that one. looking outside live on the vine street expressway and we can see traffic's opened. we have no problems right now. the overnight construction is cleared but crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock, shut the vine down in both
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directions so we'll watch for that. big picture showing no other issues out there right now. in newark we have a water main break still causing a problem on 72 southbound near bellevue road. just stick to 896 as your alternate and construction crews still out here blocking the right lane on the turnpike southbound in new jersey approaching exit two, that's in gloucester county, tam. >> thank you, karen. breaking this morning o-there was a feverish fleece pe search for a four-year-old boy. police had been told he was taken by a carjacker. authorities now say this was a made up story. this started along north sydenham street last night. investigators say a delivery driver claimed he was carjacked and that the four-year-old boy was in the car at the time. the car was found a short time later but the child was not in it sparking an intense search. the man admitted to police he was not carjacked and there was n no missing child and why he made up the story is still not cleared. we have learned
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philadelphia police officers did not come under fire while responding to a call in the city's olney section. chopper6 was was over fifth and champlost street last night where officers responded to shots fired. they found shell casings on the street but no victim. the officers chased the suspects into nearby fisher park. police are not able to find the suspect. >> a reward eagle offered for informatiois being offered."actl katherine scott is live with why police think they're connected e the latest victim was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries at the hospital. continues for that ice say the latest attack bears striking similarities to one that occurred last monday and they do believe that the new cay policehind them both. believe the same suspect could be behind two abductions that took place less than a we apart.
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>> 2012 gray honda civic. >> reporter: the latest one happened around 7:45 sunday evening just as the victim arrived home to the arundel apartments in the pike creek section of wilmington. >> shocked. nothing like that happens around here. it's a really quiet area. >> reporter: were police say the masked man waited in a common area inside the building then at gunpoint pushed his way into her apartment where she was and sexually assaulted then forced to drive to various atms where he took her cash. she managed to escape and call police. >> definitely feel safe around here all the time so it is very scary knowing that something like that happened so close. >> reporter: back on february 13th in the parking lot of the top of the hill apartments in wilmington police say the suspect forced the victim into her own car and made her drive to an atm to withdraw money. while she was in the vehicle p-police say the suspect struck her in the face and had unlawful sexual contact with her. incidents police say the suspect spoke to himself about his intentions and his plans. >> my girlfriend said i don't kind of feel safe around here like as of right now she just
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wants him to be caught so we can like live our lives. >> reporter: a $20,000 reward is available for anyone with information leading to an arrest or conviction in this case. we're live from the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thank you, katherine. two crimes in montgomery county sound straight out of mission impossible. this is surveillance video coming up from inside lansdale meats and deli on north broad street taken early wednesday morning last week. police say al burglar broke through a roof vent and used a rope to drop down into the store. he stole cash and a 9-millimeter pistol that kind of looks like this. police say another burglar used rope to rappel 4 40 feet from a costco skylight and swipe fine jewelry last week. detectives are trying to determine if both incidents are connected. >> i feel bad for the owners. yeah, and i hope that they find whoever did whatever and i think it's awful that somebody would do something to
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such good people. >> police entered the stolen weapon into a stolen firearm database. >> tom wolf were hold his first town hall on facebook live. he wanted to give his social media followers a chance to ask questions about his state budget proposal the democrat claims his plan will save taxpayers more than $2 billion. republicans are criticizing it for increasing state spending. governor wolf's live streamed event will start at 2:00 p.m. many ways to get to that site if you want to participate. >> absolutely. >> winter's a little more than a month away -- >> the end of it, yeah and it's already feeling like spring. >> it feels great. watch april it will snow, right. [laughter] >> it looks pretty good at least into the early part of march. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, that's also looking pretty good. no rain to hinder your morngcom. as we take a look outside we have sky6 looking north along
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the atlantic city coast to some of our casinos down there and camera not bouncing all that much this morning because we don't have real strong winds, but at the same time it is colder this morning than it was yesterday. so, let's check it out. your temperature in philadelphia is 34 degrees. some of the suburbs including allentown and bethlehem and easton are a little bit below freezing, same thing over in reading. 30.37 is your barometric pressure fairly high although clouds will be coming in and i think you'll see that drop off a little bit. winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour and here come the clouds on satellite. not a lot of rain associated with this. there's a little shower way up in canada and we might see a little of that pop through in the overnight hours. generally speaking today, though, is sun giving way to clouds and kind of a clouds and sun mix during the day. overall we'll call it partly sunny, 35 degrees by 8 o'clock, so starting out pretty chilly but then by 10 o'clock, 40 and by noon, 46. the afternoon in particular does look okay. by 3 o'clock we'll get a high
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of 53 which is not quite as mild as yesterday when we got to 58 but there won't be as much wind today so gathering clouds but not as windy and you keep your jacket handy this afternoon and you should be in pretty good shape. high temperatures across the region not much of a range. up in allentown we're getting to 50, low 50's in trenton and reading, about 52 in wilmington, 52 in millville and in cape may. so, everybody enjoying very similar numbers. tomorrow we're up into the 60's but after that, look out, we've got an area of low pressure well off to the west, high pressure down here to the east. cold front that's going to take forever to get to us. it will be several days before it finally crosses the region and ahead of it we're going to be able to zoom those temperatures with an increased southwesterly flow and so by thursday and friday it looks like high temperatures in the 70's. lots of records may fall. we'll be close to it both thursday and friday with a forecast high of 74 and 75 and there you see the records very close to those numbers. so, look for two very warm days on thursday and friday. friday afternoon there could be a shower around and then saturday a shower or a
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thunderstorm but still pretty mild. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 53 and you know matt said this a little while ago, if this was the high temperature that we were getting for the entire week, we'd say this is a pretty nice day because the average high is back in the mid 40's. so, not a bad day even though it's cooler than the rest of the stuff that we've got coming but 63 tomorrow, clouds to sun, not bad and then thursday, 74 degrees, near record warmth and another near record high of 75. in fact, the 75 in philadelphia would be a new record on friday if we hit it. again, there's a shower friday afternoon. and then saturday clouds, some sun, in the afternoon in particular some rain possible at times and maybe even a thunderstorm but still very mild at 69 degrees. and then on sunday, that front departs and we do wind up with sunshine but it will be breezy and cooler with a high of just 50 and by monday 48, probably not as much wind but clouds gathering again with another front arriving and there could be some rain around on monday afternoon. overall, though, those are
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pretty nice february numbers. >> more than acceptable. >> all right. >> thank you david. 5:40. next, video of a close call. a van smashes into a store narrowly misses hitting man inside. >> 70's heart throb david cassidy reveals a private health battle. karen. >> we're live in delaware county looking the the blue route at baltimore pike where travel is fine here but elsewhere on the blue route we've got an overturned tractor-trailer. we'll take you to the scene when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:43. in that early morning darkness you can kind of see the battleship new jersey, the nation's largest and most decorated ship. 34 degrees a little chilly right now. >> let's head over to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we've got more on this breaking news. third week day morning in a row we've got an overturned tractor-trailer. what's up with the tractor-trailers on a ramp? so, this time it's in west conshohocken. we're live on the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound. hard to see right here but chopper6 headed to the scene right now to get a better view of this. so i showed it to you even before police came and now we can see police on the scene. we have an overturned tractor-trailer. looks like there are two other -- here are some more police as well. looks like a lot of emergency workers here right now and there are a couple other tractor-trailers here off to the side. we're not sure why or if maybe
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they're there to unload the products onto one tractor-trailer onto another. but right now we're watching traffic is squeezing by on the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound breaking news an overturned tractor-trailer here in west conshohocken and the action -- and chopper6 headed to the scene right now. other problems around the area, brookside road at manor road, we have an accident in cheltenham involving a deer. live in new jersey this is what it looks like on 42. that's your northbound traffic coming up from creek road moving just fine. no big issues there as you look at 42. let's check the weather for you. today partly sunny skies. it's a chilly start right now but the afternoon a high of 53 so it will be pretty nice for this time of year. how about looking ahead? thursday and friday, forecasts of 74 on thursday, 75 on friday. so, we're talking more springlike weather coming your way by the end of the week matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. we want to take you up north to new york city times square take a look at some breaking news coming to us from our sister station wabc. on one hand it may seem a
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little quiet but in that area which will be packed with people shortly, there is a diner that is dealing with a three-alarm fire. it's 5:45 just the time when that people start stepping in for bacon and eggs and a cup of coffee. firefighters responded around 5:00 this morning. the fire appears to have started in the ductwork. it has spread to a neighboring building but they've managed to put it out. no injuries were reported which is great because that's where our friend robin roberts and others are getting ready for "gma." new on "action news," surveillance video just made public shows a minivan flying a gas station mini mart in new york city at a mobile gas station in the bronx on sunday afternoon. the minivan just narrowly missed a customer. police say the man only suffered minor injuries and there's no word on what caused the driver to crash into the store in the first place. police are not saying yet if she's going to face any charges. and hundreds of people showed up to honor a california police officer who was killed in the line of duty. a vigil was held at the
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whittier police department last night for officer keith boyer. a suspect opened fire on boyer and his partner patrick hazel in the l.a. suburb yesterday morning. officer hazel and the suspect were also hit during that shootout but they're both expected to survive. investigators are now giving the details that the suspect is a gang member who had been recently released from jail. >> authorities are still trying to account for the 11 people who passed through an unstaffed security checkpoint at new york's j.f.k. airport. some of them even set off the metal detector and just kept on going. officials say three of the travelers boarded a flight to california where they will be screened but they are still trying to track down eight other people. the t.s.a. says it is confident the incident presents minimal risk but does plan a review of the breach. >> it's 5:46 and we're getting fit for summer. the move that you should be doing to work several muscles all at once. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m. right now if you're looking to have a smashing good time, we will introduce you to the
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place that actually wants people to arrive angry. david. >> mainly clear on the bus stop. clouds starting to move into the western suburbs but it's a lot colder this morning with temperatures just a little bit above freezing before 6:00 and 8:00 so bundle the kids up on the way out the door. we'll have your 12-hour forecast coming up. >> ♪
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>> if you're having a bad day this could be therapeutic. partners in wisconsin opened up what they call the rage room. for $30 guests choose the items they want to break. then with protective gear and a tool it's a 15 minute free for all. >> wow. [laughter] >> concept in oshkosh seems to be catching on. there are a handful locations. >> yeah. >> that's pretty cool. >> after your snowball fight with karen i think we should send the two of you there.
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>> somebody open one of those in philadelphia and we'll play baseball with the computer. >> i often break the clickers but i don't throw them i just drop them. >> i wouldn't need one of those places. >> take a look outside right now. i'll give you some eastern issues. mass transit has no problems and looking pretty good but we want to show you in west conshohocken we've got a problem right there and there it is right now with that breaking news t-the ramp from the blue route and northbound to the schuylkill westbound and we could see traffic squeezing by. chopper6 headed to the scene. this is an overturned tractor-trailer. police are on the scene with this one. traffic slowing in the area and there's chopper6 live on the scene right now, just arrived on the scene to check this out for us. it's dark but there's an overturned tractor-trailer. we're hearing that the trailer itself was empty and the driver was not injured but the problem is it's overturned its on the ramp. police are there. it doesn't look like a heavy duty tow truck just yet so this may be a little bit. chopper6 just arrived live on the scene in west conshohocken
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a overturned tractor-trailer partially blocking the ramp from the blue route northbound to do schuylkill westbound dave. >> karen on the big board we're looking at cold temperatures this morning, 34 degrees in philadelphia, numbers actually slipped a little bit in the last half hour or so. 31 in allentown, 29 in reading, 32 the freezing mark in trenton and 39 in cape may. not a lot of wind out there but good idea to get that heavier coat on. then it might be cold enough for gloves, too. by 7 o'clock still cold, 34 degrees but by noon, 46 and in the afternoon it isn't bad, it's a little cooler than yesterday but with light winds not too bad, 53 degrees is your high. that's still above the avenue are a mucaveragehigh for this d. by 5 o'clock you're hanging i don't and to 50 so again if you have plans to head out to the market or get stuff done, any time after lunchtime you start to get a little bit milder, matt. >> thank you david. and you can get that seven-day forecast any time you want and when there's a threat of rain you can look at radar at firefighters rushed to the scene of at least four fires in northeastern colorado yesterday.
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unseasonably warm windy weather helped push the wildfires through dry grass. at least one home and several buildings have been destroyed but as far as we know, no one has been hurt. and new here, children in a massachusetts town are welcomed to give high-fives to police officers, just not at school every morning on fridays. the northampton police department had instituted a high-five friday program where officers greeted students on their way into school. some residents, though, were concerned the weekly police presence may be interpreted negatively by young people of color or undocumented children. so, the police chief and the school superintendent decided to cancel the event. >> it's very important to take care of the kids' emotions and be sensitive towards it but i think that maybe stopping it abruptly was not the best way to go forward. >> the police department says it will still gladly accept high-fives and fist bumps if you ask for one when you encounter officers on northampton streets.
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>> former partridge family star david cassidy opening up about his struggles with memory loss. in the wake of that the 66-year-old performer is now revealing he has a family history of dementia as well cassidy has dealt with numerous personal problems in the decades after his initial big success including substance abuse and bankruptcy. the actor and singer says he now is doing his best to stay focused and to enjoy his life. >> 5:53. wasting 58 hours a year sitting in traffic. if you happen to be traveling on a certain stretch of highway around here. >> and a firefighter is recovering after being injured battling a fire in the lehigh valley. >> ♪
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>> ♪ 5:56. breaking news to get to here track-wise. karen rogers has been mentioning this. we have yet another overturned truck during the morning commute. this happened on friday, it happened yesterday and now we have another one today. this time it's on the blue route northbound ramp. this truck was trying to get onto the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway. really not completely jamming things up right now but karen will be following this for you and she'll have an update on it coming up in a few moments. a triple shooting left three teens injured in philadelphia's olney section. this happened at about 7:30
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last night along the 5500 block of north american street. police say someone shot a 19-year-old, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old all of them are currently in stable condition. and police are also telling us the victims are not necessarily cooperating with detectives. if you think your commute is bad it could be worse. according to a new list of the most congested cities, transportation analytics firm inrix ranks los angeles as the worst. philadelphia came in at 93rd worst in the world and 17th in the u.s. it did name a stretch of the schuylkill expressway from that west conshohocken to spring garden street as the ninth worst stretch of highway in america. drivers clocked 58 total hours of delays during the evening rush in that area last year. >> and if you've ever been stuck there and just about everybody is, you do know that you end up with a lot of time to think. >> there's an overturned truck there right now. >> and karen is going to have more on that in just a moment.
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next and new overnight we're learning about the american connection to a horrible plane crash into a mall overseas. >> also coming up today's fitness tip shoshanna will show you how to slim down several problem areas all at the same time. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 21st and breaking right now. >> the search for a missing four-year-old is over. philadelphia police say the story of a child being abducted was completely made up. >> new this morning, two pennsylvania teenagers are behind bars accused of brutally killing two disabled men, one of them with a sword. >> also breaking, make it three straight weekday commuting


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