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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off. in the news another jewish cemetery has been damaged by
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vandals, this time in new york. plus, a destructive fire spreads to multiple homes at the north jersey shore. but the big story on "action news" is the cold weather settling in. the back to normal. a live look at atlantic city it's a chilly friday afternoon and we may see snow showers today before temperatures drop lower for the weekend many for more on that melissa magee is in for david murphy. >> we are already starting to see a few snow showers south and west of philadelphia. we'll take a closer look at that, but as you mentioned we have the chill overhead. 37 in the city and same thing in allentown and the lehigh valley and the coast in cape may 41 degrees and factor in the stiff westerly win, it feels colder, grab an extra layer. feeling like 28 in the city and
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teens in the poibs and poconos and 36 in atlantic city. and 2:00 it afternoon 40 degrees underneath a mostly cloudy skies and 4:00 p.m. 37 and 45 at 6:00 this evening and 8:00 and 9:00 temperatures in the low ever 30s. here is the radar you see the snow showers with the clipper system we are tracking moving on off south and east as we go through the afternoon hours, showers are popping up in la lancaster and dover. but the showers are here with us now through the early afternoon hou hours. the ground is above freezing and there is a likelihood of a coating on grassy surfaces but the roads look to be mainly wet. we have cold air overnight than will stick around over the weekend. we'll look at the full accuweather forecast.
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>> thank you. as always we invite to you stay with through the weekend. you'll find the same stormtracker 6 live double scan radar scans we use to track severe weather here on "action news." facebook and twitter are valuable resources as well thanks to our meteorologists, follow their accounts for regular updates. now to a developing story out of kensington where chopper 6 hd is live over the 3200 block of e street where firefighters have removed two people from a burning home here. crews arrived just around 11:15 this morning, both victims were taken to the hospital via ambulance. we are awaiting an update on their conditions and have more information as it comes in here from the kensington section of the city. now, to a developments from delaware county where a school is being searched by police at this hour. they believe that a 13-year-old student may have brought a gun to the harris school in
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collingdale. a woman told authorities that the stepson may have taken the weapon from their home yesterday and may have given the gun to another student. and both students have been removed from the school pending a review. and a shooting at a bar and restaurant in philadelphia. the gun fire erupted during an open mike night. katherine scott is live at the scene. >> reporter: rick, that is right. four people were shot. we hear that all of them now are in stable condition. you see where the glass shattered after bullets flew here overnight. >> a lot of people in there just talking and then we see people running. it's crazy. >> was standing in front of restaurant 7165 when shots were fired outside. he said his friend was hit in the back and is not sure why. >> we don't know yet, we are trying to figure it out it happened so fast.
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chalk circles and broken windows are there. detectives were back on the scene this morning. there were 20 people inside of the bar and restaurant for open mike night when an argument started inside. it was after 2:00 a.m. and staff told the group to leave. >> i saw the argument brewing inside and they got everybody outside and the employees stayed outside to try to break up the fight when the shots were fired. >> police believe that a man retrieved a gun from his car and began shootingrunnarg s sped a 26-year-oho was trying to calm everyone down wk. and police followed a vehicle that crashed into a telephone pole. aicm was in the backseat shot multiple times and two men in their 20s showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounded. >> we are confident with so many
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victims and so many witnesses and so many cameras we'll sol this shoot rather quickly. >> police say that the gunman may have fled in a red or maroon vehicle and they have not commented on what sparked the argument to begin with. >> thank you. an early morning fire destroyed homes at the north jersey shore. it broke out at a vacant hotel in neptune township. it spread to four single family homes and four condo buildings. the firefighters spent four hours trying to get the upper hand and the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. and authorities are looking into whether an incident in the grays ferry section was an arson attempt. crews on the scene says it appears that someone tried to throw something at the window of the home at wharton street. and some type of fluid splattered on the grass and the window didn't take and most
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importantly the fire did not start and the house was vacant and nobody was hurt. in washington there is fallout over the contact between the russian ambassador and u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions and more attention into the fbi investigation into russia's hacking into the 2016 election. kenneth moton joins us live in our from new york. >> reporter: it appears that fbi director james comey is between a rock and pard place on one side an investigation possibly involving his boss and on the other side congress who is demanding answers. >> the trump campaign, at ledged russian connection and the man responsible for the federal investigation front and center again. >> we need the fbi to fully cooperate. james comey is still dealing with his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. >> giving details and giving an october surprise that they
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believe cost clinton the election. now silence. but only getting louder the questions about comey's investigation into the meddle in the election and the probe that, general fbi. >> we can't represent the american people and do a thorough job if the the department of justice or fbi is not willing to tell us what they have looked at. >> democrats say he gave few details and threatened to issue a subpoena but republicans called the briefing a good first step. >> happy he was here and he was very forthright. clearly there will be a lot move information we need. the wall street journal reports that u.s. investigators have examined contact sessions had with russian officials while he was -- and leaving them ringing hands how to proceed.
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>> sessions has recused himself from investigations into the trump campaign but that there is still major conflicts of inrestch is w prosecutor is nee. >> thank you. meanwhile, a new report shows that vice president, mike pence used a private email account to conduct business while governor. and that he sent emails on homeland security matters and was the victim of a phishing exam last spring. he repeatedly criticized hillary clinton's use of a private server while secretary of state. and the two will do a meet and greet at saint andrew's school, the visit to the private school sends a clear sign that
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the education agenda focuses on school choice and teachers criticize the visit. and devos is a supporter of -- as well. and now that brings the project close to the funding it needs. mayor jim kenney wants is the city to provide $9 million over six years be covers 11 acres over walnut and chestnut streets, still to come vandals damage a cemetery in new york. and a catholic school is reaping the benefits of a snap chat ipo. >> and melissa magee is back with the seven day forecast from accuweather.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums another jewish cemetery is targeted by vanales this time in rochester, new york. as many as 60 head stones were damaged between wednesday and thursday, so far police have no suspects. this is the lightest in a string of anti-semitic incidents that
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swept the country. dozens of jewish cemeteries are targeted including mt. carmel in the wissinoming section. meantime federal investigators arrest a man they say is behind threats to eight jewish community centers nationwide and the anti-defamation ed quarters. they say that thompson made the threats to harass an ex-girlfriend. he will appear on a cyber stalking charge and has not been linked to the vanlism in pennsylvania or new jersey. and they aretigating 22 bomb thr called into nearly 100 jcc facilities nation ride. very this trying to figure out where the cover may have gone. it may have been an explosion
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but nobody seems to know. there were no passengers and there were no injuries and the faa is trying to piece together what happened at the airport. a woman used siri to help scare away an inthroughouter in seasonal. at her south orange home. he broke in to her sliding glass door and when he noticed her he began to punch her in the head and her next move may have saved her life. >> i'm calling 911 and he got frightened and police arrived in minutes and were unable to track down the suspect. a pennsylvania gym is telling members to leave their politics at the door. the great ever scranton ymca decided on a new policy after the board received complains, people were having politically charged arguments at the gym sparked by the content on the
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tvs. the y has banned certain cable news channels to avoid the debate. >> people want to come here and feel safe and in the community and when arguments are taking place over politics and things like that they don't feel safe. >> the says for the most part the cable news ban is well received. and there are complaints on the vehicles driven by the employees of vehicle. >> our two month long investigation exposed open recalls on hundreds of city cars used by philadelphia police, fire and medical response teams. >> from airbags that could explode without warning, police cars that suddenly stall and doors thly open and we found a vehicle in the mayor's fleet with a potentially dangerous recall. >> have you a car that could catch on fire. it doesn't get much worse than that. why are the cars still on the
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road, we go to the city for answers. >> the federal government did not say we needed to park the vehicles or remove them from service and we decided to kee them in service. don't miss my exclusive investigation on "action news" at 11:00.
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the young founders of snap chat are now billionaires following their company's debut on wall street. shares jumped 44% making it the most successful tech ipo in
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years. they are worth $5 billion each. and the catholic high school in california is also cashing in the saint francis endowment funds was one of the earliest investments and that really paid off they made $24 million yesterday into the cost to be a member of costco the new will b card holders, executive membership increases by $10, after the warehouse club had weaker than expected earnings andevenue last quarter. pizza hut made it easier to order a pizza pie using your oe. take a look. they are called pie tops, a special edition sneaker created by the pizza hut chain in honor of the upcoming march madness basketball tournament and you can order a pizza by pressing
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the shoe's tongue. it has gps so pizza hut knows where to deliver the pie. some think it's a tasty idea and some consider them pretty cheesy. >> sorry. >> the "action news" is work on stories today at 4:00 including the first freebie friday of the month. and this is how a michigan college student who has a severe peanut butter allergy, after members of his fraternity rubbed peanut butter on his face. he says it was not hazing but prank. meantime, accuweather is next as we look live from sky 6 hd from phl airport. melissa magee has the seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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in atlantic city it's a special thank you to the men, women and k-9s that risk their lives every day. a hero appreciation day along with dunkin' donuts and a special signature donut in honor of philadelphia's police and fire departments and they will give all the proceeds to the families of fallen officers and firefighters. >> that looks good. >> melissa is here with a clo look at the forecast and winter is back temporarily. >> it's definitely cold today and feels colder and we are tracking the snow showers about as well. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar we have light snowflake activity popping up. we told you about it a clipper
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system moving on through and not a lot of moisture but we are tracking the precipitation, we'll go in tighter with street level on future tracker 6, and south and west of the city we have light precipitation especially out in lancaster the thing is snow showers are moving on through same for oxford and rain and snow, mixing into the south of wilmington and salem and we have snow showers into the early afternoon hours this will reinforce the cold air tonight. action cam was outside earlier this morning at penn's landing. we can see the sun coming up early this morning and now have more in the way of cloud cover. if we look at the meteorological winter across the region from december to february it's one of the warmest despite the cold air philadelphia sixth place with 40.5 degrees, 36 was the average temperature in allentown coming
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in at sixth as well. same thing in atlantic city tying for third place for the warmest for december, january and february. right now it's chilly. 37 in the city and same thing in allentown. 26 in the poconos and 36 in the west in lancaster, we are tracking the light snowflake 31 in cape may and 31 in beach haven, here is satellite 6 along with action radar you see the clipper system moving out of the eastern break and moving down in areas of the mid-atlantic region, as it comes on through, light showers and mixed precipitation and wet rain and wet flakes could be around early this afternoon. future tracker 6 showing you at 2:00 this afternoon we have the flakes in reading and same for lancaster and wilmington. and today the snow showers from the poconos to lancaster and south of philadelphia and interior south jersey as we get into 7:00 p.m. early this
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evening, a lot of that activity is starting to fall apart. we are not expecting a lot of accumulation except a possible coating on grassy surfaces, nonetheless the roads are wet and temperatures for the post part above freezing heading into the clipper system moving on through. we are taking a brief dip today into saturday as the jet stream dips to the south and temperatures today and tomorrow 10 to 15 degrees below average across the region. here is the exclusive accuweather forecast. as we go throughout the day today it's definitely chilly and a high of 40 and sunny and windy and cold. and high of 36. it's overnight low saturday just 18 degrees. you wake up sunday sun to class and 60s and 50s on the way into next week. thank you. >> there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a tony award winning play is
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here for the philadelphia premiere. details on the show and the book that inspired it all. and drivers in california could not help but stare when they spotd this backwards driver. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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a here
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stornow on "action news" at 12:. at leasteople were pulled from a house fire in the kensington section. the latest on the scene coming up. a bar fight leads to the shooting of four people in east mt. airy: and the investigation into the trump administration takes new twist as more lawmakers admit to having can't with russian officials. the kensington section where two people were pulled from a house fire. chopper 6 hd is o s of east street,d at 11:15 this y ke and to the hospital and ws were seen rfming ccpr on at of them. an oveinjured four people i city's east


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