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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 7, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, several breaking stories. the first, the backlash on capitol hill as we come on the air. the new plan revealed to replace obamacare. president trump backing the plan, but tonight, there is already revolt from some within the republican party who call this obamacare light. while millions fear they could lose their coverage while 20 million americans wait for a clear answer. also breaking, the stunning reveal. is this a cia security breach? wikileaks and thousands of documents. do they reveal how the cia can break into smartphones, computers and even tvs? the deadly collision. several dead tonight. multiple injuries. the tornado outbreak. at least 30 reported already. winds up to 150 miles per hour, and the fires tonight in several
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states turning deadly. our team on the scene. and the day care worker who appears to push a 4-year-old. authorities say she then realizes the camera is rolling. what now? good evening, and we have major developments on several fronts tonight. first, the showdown already under way at this hour. the plan to replace obamacare is now revealed. president trump firmly standing behind it. but tonight, some high profile republicans are rejecting it, saying it doesn't go far enough, and much of it looks like obamacare. on the other side, democrats furious, too. there have been the town halls. will millions lose coverage? one estimate saying, millions will be affected. those same critics say republicans have had years to come up with a plan to replace obamacare, and the fight now brewing within their own party. abc's mary bruce on capitol hill.
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>> reporter: now the republicans have released their relacement for obamacare, and the president making a sell. the president tweeting, there's wiggle room, saying our health care bill is now out for review and negotiation. the president has his work cut out for him. >> it's obamacare light. >> it's obamacare in a different form. >> a step in the wrong direction, and a missed opportunity. >> reporter: republicans are blasting the plan's push to replace obamacare subsidies with tax credits to help buy insurance. is this bill in its current form a complete non-starter for you? >> i think it's dead on arrival. >> reporter: on the flip side, more moderate republicans worry the plan would take a serious toll on lower income americans. those covered by obamacare's expansion of medicaid. >> the problem is obamacare has just collapsed. >> no, it hasn't!
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>> reporter: voters have already put congress on notice at town halls around the country. >> i can tell you three members of my family, including me, that would be dead, dead, and homeless if it was not for aca. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: shortly before taking office, president trump vowed his plan would provide insurance for everybody. >> you told "the washington post" your plan to replace ob a obamacare will include insurance for everybody. that sounds a lot like universal coverage. >> it's going to be -- what my plan is is that i want to take care of everybody. i'm not going to leave the lower 20% that can't afford insurance. >> reporter: but by one estimate out today, up to 10 million americans could lose their coverage under the new plan. 10 million people could lose their coverage. is that acceptable to you? >> what matters is we're lowering the cost of health care
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and dpifing people access to affordable health care plans. >> reporter: but with some republicans suggested some americans may have to pay more. >> americans have choices and they have to make a choice, and rather than getting that new iphone they just love and they want to spend hundreds of dollars, they should invest this their own health care. >> mary bruce with us live on capitol hill tonight, and mary, some conservatives angry about the cost of this replacement, and at the same time, you have millions of to americans waiting for concrete answers about what will happen to their coverage, and when can we expect concrete numbers from them? >> reporter: republicans are moving forward considering this bill before the numbers have been crunched. the budget office and not expected to release their findings until later this week, but republican leaders will vote on a new health care bill before the end of next month, david. >> mary bruce on capitol hill. thank you. in the meantime tonight, what could be a major security breach. a bombshell involving the cia. tonight, wikileaks posting what they say are thousands of
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documents from the cia, exposing the agency's secrets. is the cia breaking into smartphones, ipads, even tvs? is has their playbook been revealed around the world? here's abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross tonight. >> reporter: officials tonight are calling it a devastating security breach and perhaps the biggest leak of cia documents ever. how they are using household electron electronic devices to spy on the targets. it appears to be the 8,700 documents and files posted on wikileaks reveal some of cia programs with code names like aftermidnight and brutal kangaroo, now in the hands of terrorists and foreign targets. >> legitimate targets are now going to button up. >> so this hurts? >> oh god, it's without question that it hurts. >> reporter: one of the leaked files reveals a program called "weeping angel" which can remotely turn a samsung tv anywhere in the world into a secret listening device, even
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when appearing to be off. the name "weeping angel" seems to come from the monster statues in a bbc tv show, "doctor who," which only attack when no one else is looking. the leaked files also reveal how the cia can hack into i-pads and a full range of smart phones, and turn them into listening devices, again even when they appear off or gain access to messages before they are encrypted by popular apps. >> we have entered what i call the new cyber warfare. this is how we fight our battles now. >> reporter: the secret documents also disclose how the cia has been working on a program to hack into cars and trucks, conceivably turning them into what wikileaks says could be tools of "nearly undetectable assassinations." >> the next thing that intelligence agencies will do is have their experts try to figure out how much damage does this release do. >> reporter: wikileaks has been in the spotlight for publishing an incredible amount of secret u.s. information. most recently, the e-mails of the democratic
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party hacked by russian intelligence. that led to praise during the campaign by donald trump. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. it's been amazing what's coming out on wikileaks. this wikileaks is like a treasure trove. >> reporter: but today, there was no comment today from the trump white house. >> i'm not going to comment on that. obviously that's something not fully evaluated if it was i would not comment from here on on that. >> so we wait for comment from the white house on this wikileaks development. in the meantime, brian, what are you learning from your sources at the cia tonight about what they believe is behind this? >> reporter: for the record, cia officials won't say if the documents are authentic, but the damage assessment has begun. they were given the documents by a contractor, and they are trying to find out who may have leaked these documents. >> our thanks to you. in the meantime, from the cia, we turn to the bombshell
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allegation from president trump that president obama wiretapped him before the election. three days now, and he made those claims. where's the proof? even one top republican tonight, saying, show us the evidence that led to that conclusion. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, asking the press secretary today, do you believe the president's claims? jon's at the white house tonight. >> reporter: president trump seemed to enjoy himself as he surprised a group of tourists visiting the white house. today, a portrait of hillary clinton looming over his shoulder. >> work hard, everybody. work hard. >> reporter: but he is facing mounting pressure to provide evidence to prove his explosive allegation that president obama tapped his phones at trump tower. >> i think the president of the united states has state categorically was wiretapped that he should -- come forward with the information that led to that conclusion. >> reporter: even high-level members of the president's own team seem to be at a loss to explain what he was talking about.
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>> if the president of the united states said that he has got his reasons to say it, he's got some convincing evidence that took place. >> reporter: but still, no proof -- >> reporter: it's been a full three days since the president said that president obama had his wires tapped his phones tapped at trump tower in those three days has the white house come up with any evidence whatsoever to prove that allegation? >> the president, we put out a statement on sunday saying we would have no further comment and were asking the house and senate intelligence committees to look into this concern and report back. >> reporter: the man who headed up the intelligence community during the time president trump says the tapping took place told abc news, categorically, "it did not happen." >> there was no wiretap against trump tower during the campaign conducted by any part of the national intelligence community. >> reporter: and he said trump could get an immediate answer by simply asking his own top justice officials. can the president just ask the fbi director? has he asked him? >> no, the president has not, and i think we have gone back and to the with you guys and i
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think there is clearly a role that congress can play in its oversight and capabilities. >> reporter: do you believe president obama ordered something like this? >> i get that's a cute question to ask, and my job is to represent the question, and he has made very clear what his -- what his goal is, what he would like to have happen. >> so let's bring in jon karl from the white house tonight, and there is one other tweet i want to report on tonight. president trump's tweet under scrutiny from this morning. tweeting this, 122 vicious prisoners released by the obama administration from gitmo have returned to the battlefield. just another terrible decision. jon, you were among the many who pointed out the vast majority of those prisoners who have returned to the battlefield were released by the bush administration. here's how sean spicer responded. >> obviously, the president meant in totality, the number that had been released on the battlefield, that have been released from gitmo since -- since individuals have been released. >> so how do you reconcile the
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president's tweet which was very clear, and the press secretary obviously meant something else? >> reporter: i don't know if you can reconcile. david, only nine of those 122 freed gitmo prisoners were released while president obama was in the white house, but this is not the first time that the president's team has had to say what the president meant is something different from what he actually tweeted. there isn't a fact-checking ritual that goes on. >> jon karl from the white house. thank you. we turn to other news we're mop or thing tonight, and to a deadly collision between a freight train and a charter bus. several dead, multiple injuries, and abc's david kerley on the investigation in mississippi. >> reporter: it was a scramble to pull survivors from the charter bus, crushed and pushed down the tracks in the violent collision. only a lucky few walked away unhurt but dazed.
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the bus from austin. on a trip to a biloxi casino with nearly 50 on board. 35 taken to the hospital, along with the four killed. >> we're not sure about the train, that uh, about eh bus itself why it stopped. we're not sure if it was having engine problems or what. >> reporter: the chief says with the tourists stuck, the eastbound freight train slammed into the bus. and pushed it 200 feet up the tracks before coming to rest. a witness says the crossing is elevated and the bus became stuck, unable to move, and then the crossing signal activated. >> the front wheels went up and over the track but then the center of the bus just stopped right over the track. the arms started coming down and they hit the bus. >> reporter: as survivors were rushed to hospitals, officials were preparing to interview the bus driver. federal investigators are on their way to the accident scene. in fact, just two monthsing a, a delivery truck was hit on that exact crossing by a train. >> david kerley with us. thank you. next to the tornado outbreak. 30 reported tornadoes already from kansas to illinois.
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the worst of them, a confirmed ef-3 in missouri. winds up to 152 miles per hour, shattering entire neighborhoods there. the airport and nearby johnson county, kansas, straight line winds and up to 85 miles per hour. abc's alex perez is on the scene tonight. >> tornado on the ground! >> reporter: dangerous nighttime tornadoes touching down outside kansas city. >> i've got power flashes, big power flashes. >> reporter: those power flashes, a telltale sign a tornado is close-by. a powerful ef-3 twister ripped through oak grove missouri overnight. >> this is the bathroom. >> reporter: brenda johnson says she and her husband emerged from their basement bathroom to find their home reduced to rubble. >> if we had hesitated even a few second, we wouldn't have made it. >> reporter: the brutal storm pushing this home of its foundation and down this hill. in nearby, aolathe, kansas,
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planes tossed, hangars flattened. hail larger than golf balls falling to the north in minnesota, powerful thunderstorms. >> looks like its roping out there! >> reporter: the earliest calendar year tornado on record. this is all that's left of this home. the tornado ripping nearly a 12-mile long path of destruction. david? >> fierce winds from the same storm front fuel a deadly string of wildfires in four states tonight. burning in the texas pan handle, and firefighters losing the battle to save homes in colorado. and some family members losing their lives while trying to save their property. abc's clayton sandell from colorado tonight. >> reporter: across the plains tonight, hundreds are battling winds. wildfires are tearing through hundreds of square miles in parts of kansas, oklahoma,
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colorado and texas. in clark county kansas, at least 30 homes and structures burned the fires even forcing major interstate 70 to shut down. the fires have killed at least six people in total and countless numbers of livestock. >> you can't see your hand in front of your face. >> reporter: a 30,000 acre blaze destroyed five homes. >> we just grabbed everything we could. >> reporter: this is one of the homes lost here in colorado, but you can see the danger is not over. we're getting 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts making this a tough fire fight. >> thanks to you there. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" tuesday. the earthquake warning in the west, and the concern about the san andreas fault. the day care worker who appears to push that 4-year-old girl, and authorities say she realizes there is a security camera overhead. what now for that worker? the police chase tonight. the suspect spinning out on the highway, and what he tries next.
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but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". next tonight here, the day care worker under arrest in pennsylvania. difficult video, allegedly showing her pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. they then notices the camera above her. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: this disturbing video shows a 4-year-old girl apparently being shoved down the stairs at a philadelphia area daycare. the worker then appears to notice the camera, at that point she holds the little girl's hand and walks her down the remaining steps. >> the little girl, she just was really shaken up. she was just like, her eyes were literally, like, help me. >> reporter: that daycare's manager happened to be watching on a new camera system that had just been installed a half hour earlier. >> so i went and confronted her at the bottom of the stairs, you
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doing? we don't do this to children. >> reporter: the little girl wasn't seriously injured but the day care worker, sarah gable, was immediately fired and arrested. other day care workers left stunned. >> it was i don't know a bit disheartening. >> reporter: gable's attorney is not commenting on that video other than to say his client is relieved the child is not injured. gable is charged with simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child. >> thank you. when we come back, the new earthquake concerns along the san andreas fault. also, the dramatic police chase, and what he tries after. and the stunning crime in the zoo in the overnight hours. my dad gave me those shares, you know?
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greater. revealing quakes happen there every 100 years. the last major earthquake taking place 160 years ago. the police chase in the desert. the suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon trying to outrun police in lancaster, california. officers trying to slow him down with spike strips. he spins out, the driver jumping from behind the wheel, trying to outrun the officers. that didn't work. he is under arrest tonight. overseas and near paris tonight, a shocking crime. zoo officials say one or more poachers broke in overnight, shoot a white rhino named vince, and this is the first attack for europe. horns can be sold for tens of thousands on the black market. and cases of severe arthritis in this country. the cdc revealing a report for more than 50 million americans suffer, and that's 1 in 4 adults, and 60% of those are younger than you might think.
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. america strong tonight. the uconn basketball star celebrating a record night on the court, and then her humble move compared to another great. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: katie lou samuelson's performance was one for the record books. she went 10 for 10 all from downtown. three-pointer after three-pointer. a first in ncaa history. >> it felt good while i was
6:58 pm
shooting, so i kept going. >> reporter: even katie seemed shocked by her own performance. many are comparing her shrug afterward -- >> the three! >> reporter: to this famous shrug by none other than michael jordan in the 1992 finals. >> i kept getting balls and i was going to keep shooting it until -- i was going to keep shooting. >> reporter: they won 100 games in a row, and it looks like they are going to need bigger signs. the team is now 107 and counting. katie lou and the rest of the team will go on to win their championship title. they haven't lost a game in 843 days. >> we are all cheering her on tonight, and thanks to linsey for that. thank you for watching on a touse. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right bac
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a software engineer from mountain view, california... a law library resource center director from phoenix, arizona... and our returning champion -- a middle school band director from denton, texas... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. if you were watching yesterday, you will surely recall that alison, at the start of the double jeopardy! round, was at negative $1,400, i believe, and yet came through beautifully to win the game and a lot of cash -- $23,000.


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