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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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30:00 a.m. on this thursday, manner 9. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> here's what we're following, a pennsylvania state trooper injured after a chase ends with a crash. "action news" is live with the latest on the breaking news. >> a robbery investigation is underway in northeast philadelphia, the criminal behind it will i recallly could be red handed. the latest on peco's efforts to restore power to customers. >> we're getting one more day of spring this week, let's go over to david murphy an karen rogers. >> reporter: looks like a
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beautiful today, tonight things change in a hurry. in the northern suburbs up to the poconos there's a winter weather advisory that kicks in at midnight. it doesn't move in until noon tomorrow, we'll have rain change over to snow. we'll have wet snow in philadelphia and down by the shore at some point. surface temperatures will be warm, it won't be a major impact on roads. slippery conditions possible in northern bucks county and north of there. satellite and radar shows you nothing going on, there's cloud cover to the south, we expect sun to start out. looks like we'll stay fairly bright today. 53 degrees currently, too, it's not that chilly out there. jacket weather, but not too bad. a little bit of a breeze at 16 miles per hour currently. 49 degrees by 7:00 a.m. shooting up to 58 by noon. we expect a high of 61 degrees by 3:00 p.m.
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holding 51 by 7378. from there the temperatures drop as that precipitation comes through we'll see wet snow and slippery conditions up north. karen i'll have more on the advance of the snow and how much will be on the ground and where it will an impact that's coming up. >> reporter: let's take a look at the roads right now. we're dry today. looking live on the vine street expressway. no overnight construction scheduled. the vine is moving nicely, all lanes open this morning. on the big picture we see speeds in the 50s, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 all in good shape. we have overnight construction that's affecting us in delaware, new castle, 295 northbound all labels are blocked overnight construction they should be clear in 30 minutes. lower gwynedd township we have a downed tree roberts road at bethlehem pike stick to
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norristown road. live on the schuylkill expressway, so far so good. >> now to the breaking news, a police pursuit end in the crash and injuries a pennsylvania state trooper, one car rolled he over and the trooper's vehicle ended up on top of it. this happened in the city of chester. annie mccormick joins us live at the belmont police barracks where the trooper works. >> reporter: drawing video when we get to it, the trooper is in the hospital with a wrist injury. one of the passengers was taken to the hospital in stable condition. take a look at the video this is following a pursuit a state trooper was following a vehicle, his cruiser ended up on top of the vehicle. the trooper was after. the chase started at midnight when troopers noticed the vehicle swerving on i-95 at the girard point bridge, after pulling the vehicle over and the
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police approached the driver the driver took off south on i-95. the pursuit went on in the city of chester and ended at mass son and east third. three people were in the car and one of them like we said was taken to the hospital. in stable condition, the other two were taken into custody. we're waiting to hear what type of charges they will face. reporting live outside the belmont barracks, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> three businesses were robbed within a 45 minute period in northeast philadelphia abbey police are trying to track down the bandit. the suspect hit a family dollar and two miles and 30 minutes later, the beneficial bank on home avenue and metro pcs on rel rel -- welsh road. the suspect as hands on clothing may have red dye on them from
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the many from the bank. a truck driver struck a boy and was told he was force to do leave the scene. police say the driver of the pick up tells him he left the scene because witnessed started attacking his truck, so he drove somewhere safer to call 911 to report the crash. authorities say he is cooperating. mystery surrounds the discovery of a body in an apartment building in atlantic city. investigators were called to the beach view residence in the 1300 block of atlantic avenue to the report of an unresponsive person. for the 4th time this year, police rushed to the jewish comunt center after -- community center after an anonymous bomb threat. the jcc association of north
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america has sent a letter to attorney general jeff sessions expressioning frustration and insisting that -- expressing frustration and asking eff sessions for help. collaboration of the 8 jewish congregations in the country. representatives of many faiths joined them in support. >> more breaking news, republicans in the house have made the first step of repealing and replacing the affordable care act passing a bill that would end the tax penalty for americans who do not have health insurance,. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill have been working overnight on healthcare as democrat it is and republicans
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tear into the obama care replacement bill. pizza delivers kept members fueled up for the continuous hours of debate that lasted through the wee hours. as democrats tried various stalling tactics debating the name of the bill. >> it's going up for everyone a lot more. republican supporters are trying to push the bill quickly. >> we're on a mission to repeal and replace obama care a rescue mission to save families and patients across the country. aarp are denouncing the plan. american medical association said expect decline in health insurance. one early review predicted up to ten million americans could lose their insurance. president trump has promised
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insurance for everybody. that promise is creating promise among tea party republicans who called the plan obama care 2.0. president trump is inviting them to the white house to try to persuade them. all the political theater may serve another purpose to stall the bill long enough to allow the nonpartisan congressional office to score the bill how much it may cost and how many people are averaged. >> 4:38 a.m., 900 peco customers are without power after a substation fire two days ago. peco's efforts to restore power hit a snag. in an effort to reroute electrical service in north philadelphia, peco says there's a fault that knocked an extra 1,000 people off line. the magical world of avatar
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hits the stage at the wells fargo center. last night was the premier of the first flight. james cameron's film inspired the show. gawd -- quad -- >> rm mostly clear on the bus stop this morning, breezy, jacket weather certainly we're getting down to 48 by 6:00 a.m. and 50 by 8:00 a.m. it's a nice afternoon, but then we get snow overnight, the latest from act rack coming up.
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david joins us and you have a better idea what to expect tomorrow. >> reporter: we'll get snow. the farther north you go, the bigger deal it will be. storm tracker 6 live showing we are dry. looking from sky6 live hd south of temple university. the temperature are not treating us too badly. 53 degrees in philadelphia. a couple of suburbs in the upper 40s and wind out of the west at 16. like yesterday it's a little bit on the breezy side out there. if you're in southern delaware or tip of cape may county you might see cloud cover early, obviously we're looking at bright conditions this morning, looks like we'll stay mostly sunny through the day. 50 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 53 by 10. 58 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 63 is the
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high. 6:00 p.m. we're down to 54. on the way toward that dip. pretty nice, 57 in reading, 59 in trenton. some of the northern areas cooler than yesterday. philadelphia, similar at 61. down the shore a few degrees cooler today, but not bad with highs in the mid 50s for the most of the part. overnight tonight, the temperatures drop just above the surface. by midnight we'll see rain pushing down from the north. changing over to snow. 4:30, snow will be pushing toward philadelphia and the northern suburbs. by the morning commute snow overtakes philadelphia and pushes to the coast. surface temperatures will be very, very warm, especially after 61 today. i don't think we get below freezing in philadelphia. even if you get wet snow you're looking at wet roads. the farther north you go the better chance you have of having
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slick spots. in the poconos you'll be slippery up there. in the last night, looks like spotty rain and snow showers, not as big of a deal later on. if you get a snow shower late at night, especially up north, slow down in case of a slick spot. what to expect on the ground, in philadelphia, and close to the i-95 corridor, no more a coating to an inch. up in allentown, 1 to 3 inches of notice. the farther north you go to the poconos and the lehigh valley, the better chance you have of seeing slipperiness on the roads. there's a better chance in the poconos where we could go 3 inches or more. wet snow warm ground means wet roads, nonpavement accumulation is possible, maybe slippery up north. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, ahead of all this, 61 degrees mostly sunny and breeze, a nice afternoon coming. in the morning we have that snow with rain to the south, 41 degrees is the high, maybe a
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lingering snow shower in the afternoon. on saturday, brisk and colder, 33 degrees, bundle up for the union at night, set the clocks for one hour when you go to bed. on sunday, the southern storm looks so far away we'll get sunshine, 36 degrees. monday, 40, monday night we could get snow an more snow on tuesday, brisk and cold a chance of snow high of 39 back to 41 on wednesday with partly sunny skies, remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information by clicking on and there will be a little bit of weather to track i guess over the next 24, 48 hours, that's what you do. thanks, david. the bus driver blamed for a deadly school bus crash in tennessee will face charges. a grand jury indicted him for the crash that killed 6 children in chat chattanooga back in numn
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november, walker was driving a bus when he hit a tree. 6 students were killed in the crash. investigators did not face any chases of alcohol or drugs in his blood. he was driving above the speed limit and using a dead. 24 girls are dead after a fire swept through a children's shelter in guatemala. officials say youth started rioting in an effort to escape. some lighted their mattresses on fire in the girl's section of the rural campus. there have been complaints about abuse and living conditions at the shelter. comedian and actor phase n love pleaded not guilty of assaulting a man. surveillance video shows love grabbing a valet and throwing him to the ground and into the
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desk and back on the ground. he was trying to get to his car parked at the airport while he traveled to different gigs, some words were exchanged, you but it's unclear what he said. around the world mark international women's day. the empire state building was lit up in honor of women. a campaign sponsored by the united nation aimed at creating a gender-equal world. cracking down on drinkerring and driving. the state could have at strictest drinking while driving threshhold. walking to the beach, why these fraternity members spent their day walking more than one one miles when "action news" continues. we didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie that space together.
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. we're looking live at the commodore barry bridge we are dry, we have one more mild day before spring turns back to winter. let's look outside on the roads. no problems on 42, that's northbound traffic coming up from turnersville or deptford. an easy nine minute ride from the ac expressway to 295.
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we have construction chairville road near seat road. the road is closed, stick to skeet road. construction on new jersey turnpike northbound past 322 a little slowing past the scene on the turnpike. i-95 at the betsy ross bridge, yesterday we had four different problems on i-95. we are hoping for a better commute, so far so good that's southbound traffic heading toward center city no issues just yet. northeast extension southbound at quakertown, construction blocking the left lane. utah could have the strictest driving under the influence in the nation. state lawmakers lowered the limit from .05%. if the governor signs the bill it will take effect december 30, 2018. that's an unusual effective date
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for utah laws, it's to insure that the harshest standards are in place before new year's. found that it cost families far more to live in u.s. cities than the suburbs by $9,000 a year. in philadelphia it is the reverse. it has the most expensive suburbs in the country, the difference between the two is $12,058 a year. u.s. airports need $100 billion to keep up with growth and cargo and passenger activity out from airports counsel international north america. u.s. airports are coping with aging infrastructure and century consolidation. wall street ended up mixed with small gains in the nasdaq and small losses in the dow and
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s&p 500. truck platooning, trucks drive close together controlled by the lead truck driver with smart technology. the $2.1 million pilot program ailments to save time and fuel and reduce green house gas remission. an unusual award for an act of kindness. tragedy avoided in new jersey, a man save a woman from an oncoming train later on "action news." second graders e
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elementary school were listening to a lesson boo -- about the weather yesterday from meteorologist karen rogers she brought a weather balloon. she told them how dozens of balloons are launched into the skies around the world everyday to learn the conditions from the upper level of atmosphere. a man offered a pregnant woman his seat on the subway. she went to crown him the number one decent dude. she is pregnant with her second child. she spends time on the subway taking work, she started taking notice who would offer her their seat on the train. i got many seats from women, but no seats from any guys, after a
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while i thought is if guy makes a -- gives plea a seat i'm going to make a big deal about it. >> she made a statue of a man ripping of his shirt and gave it to this man who gave up his suit. a fraternity knee walked from troy alabama to panama city beach to support wounded warriors. this year they raised $43,000 and presented the check at the end of their walk. >> 4:00 r57 -- 457, the list of the dirt dozen is out, see which fruits and vegetables you may want to wash at least three times to get rid of pesticides. an entire town's water turns pink, what's to blame?
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5:00 a.m., on this thursday, march 9. tam is off, nydia han joins us, here's what's happening. >> jury selection against for the man charged with murdering a pennsylvania state trooper during a 2014 ambush. a dog attacks a police officer in southwest philadelphia who then is forced to use his weapon. at&t customers couldn't


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