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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 10, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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the developing story out of lehigh county. the crash on the northeast extension continues to cause trouble for drivers in the northbound lanes. between the quakertown and lehigh valley exits in lower township. it involves two separate accidents and one had seven vehicles involved at the time. no word when this will be cleared out. meantime the snow continues to fall at this hour. the good news is in most places it's not sticking to the roadways that was the case in delaware county this morning. the snow was falling steadily along south chester road in swarthmore and cars seems to be getting along just fine, and this is tilton road in egg harbor township, now sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing and i-95 and traffic moving good at this hour. when the snow moves out the next thing we are dealing with is very cold temperatures for the entire weekend.
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melissa magee is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> there is a lot to track for the rest of the afternoon and even as we head into the weekend and we are dealing with the snow and the cold sets in. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar we have snow on the i-95 corridor and we look to the north and west. we see the snow taper for the poconos down to allentown and reading and fill in the interior sections of the city we saw mixed precipitation around 11:00 this morning to snow filling in across areas in south jersey. still mixed precip going on for fortescue and cape may, you look farther to the north traveling along the garden state parkway the light snowfall. same thing for hammonton and westward into millville and smyrna and down in dover as well. the winter weather advisory stays up until 12:00 this afternoon, the big concern is slushy and slick roads, for
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philadelphia areas north and west, we would be surprised if they started to come down as the snow tapers. and 32 in the city and 26 in the poconos and the coast in cape may 35 and 34 in beach haven. as we go throughout the rest of the day the snow is coming down and down to a half mile in millville and same in atlantic city. starting to come up in allentown and reading where the snow is moving on off to the south and east in those regions. future tracker 6 showing auto couple of left over snow showers today and 6:30 tonight a snow squall could move in meaning a quick, heavy burst of snow before we clear on out later tonight. the snow is starting to taper and winding down into the next hour or so. expecting a heavier squall tonight and turning windy and
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refreezing is possible where slushy accumulation was picked up. >> thank you. you can count on as the storm moves through and access to the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan with the latest on what comes next and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. jury selection continues tonight in chester county for the trial of erick frein, it's 33-year-old is charged with the 2014 ambush killing of state trooper bryon dickson and the jury is chose in chester county because of the widespread media coverage in the poconos and opening statements are scheduled in pike county if early april. a brawl broke out at the hatfield ice arena sending one person to the hospital.
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chop was over the scene. police were called to the arena and at the time there was a hockey game inside. we don't know the condition of the person rushed to the hospital. >> and a dover man is accused of hitting a 71-year-old woman with a car. eric wyatt is charged with domestic charges that wyatt was beating on his ex-girlfriend's vehicle. and wyatt fled when the police came and struck the victim at the intersection of white okay road and continued on hitting another vehicle before flipping his own suv. the 71-year-old woman remains in critical condition. crews are back out today at the site in old city where historic human remains and coffins were discovered. construction crews uncovered the bones while building a new
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apartment building. they have found two dozen coffins so far. it used to be a 18th century burial grown. they will study the remains before bringing them to the cemetery. and people from memorial hospital returned to work but without a new contract. more than 300 workers went on a two day strike and it ended on wednesday and couldn't come back before today because the temporary workers that filled in as substitutes had five-day contracts. well, coming up tonight on 20/20 a special investigation looking into the secret world of christian camps that practice so-called gay conversion therapy for teenagers. >> the word god, it is not
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biblecly right. >> there is a camp that nobody is expotioning on tv. >> brian ross will tell the story of 16-year-old lucas greenfield who is gay, he was sent to a series of camps in m alabama and beatings there were commonplace. >> see the confrontation with one of the pastors accused by him. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, pope francis talks about making a change when it comes to who can be a priest. and teenagers trying to fix their teeth with at home methods. why dentists say this is not safe.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. a $30,000 meat smoker stolen from a northeast philadelphia
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barbecue has been found. the two ton piece of equipment handles 2,000 pounds of meat. it was found behind an apartment complex and was in near perfect condition. pope francis says he is open to the idea of allowing married men to become priests, the pontiff says that the catholic church should consider the move to curb the shortage of clergy around the world and calls that an enormous problem. for those married men that convert to catholicism. and the associate of other do donics after seeing a spike in do it yourself braces, teens are doing everything from rubber bands to paper clips to fix their teeth on the cheap. >> hundreds of videos flooding
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social media tutorials from teens on how to correct your smile on your own at home. >> it will hurt. especially the first few days. >> doctors warn that the growing trend could mean a lifetime of pain. >> it's russian roulette. >> the american is an associate of other done tics -- such an alarming number they are reissuing this psa. >> trying to close a gap or straighten your teeth yourself could increase the risk of infection to your teeth and gums. oddly enough david cameron says his dentist suggested he use rubber bands at night to close a gap in his teeth. he thought they were falling off because they were disappearing. >> they were actually going up
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to my gums and found the rubber bands that just strangling my teeth. >> new york dentist nancy rosen says that was bad advice and the damage can happen quickly sometimes in a couple of days and fixing it could be costly. >> in the end you'll pay double to correct all the mistakes you made. >> if they can be fixed at all. >> you make a visit to the orthodontist to fix the damage sometimes it's not repairable. >> he estimates he spent between $40,000 and $50,000 over the years and now warning teens not to do what he did. >> it may look simple but it can end up costing you thousands of dollars and a lot of heart ache and pain and suffering. abc news new york. nasa released new pictures
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showing the unusual shape of one of saturns many moons, this is an up close look at the moon pan, up close that means 15,000 miles away, many comments on social media that the moon shape looks like ravioli or a walnut or brie. it's one of 15 moons surrounding saturn. the defending national champs bet st. johns yesterday. and sixer center jahlil okafor was back on the floor and missed the last two games with a knee injury and the rookie dario saric had a game. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30 another check of the forecast for you as we look live, sky 6 hd showing you the snow falling a bit here at
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philadelphia international airport meteorologist, melissa magee has an update from accuweather when we come right back.
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all right back to our snow on this friday. it started to fall this morning first in the lehigh valley and folks in allentown knew it was coming and they were ready and so were the road crews, annie mccormick shows us. >> we are snow covered here on busy lehigh street in allentown where the snow started falling before 6:00 this morning. and it kept falling throughout the morning just two weeks away from the first day of spring, this snowfall disrupted the morning rush. >> it's crazy and i didn't expect it to happen right now. >> not happy with it. very stuff to do at the house. the lehigh valley was prepared with trucks and salt trucks on call overnight. >> we woke up at like 2:30 to be in for 3:00 and we are hoping to get a lot of snow, i hope so at
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least. >> i love it! but i'm probably not in the majority. because we didn't have a winter -- >> some are taking it all in, christine doesn't mind pulling out the scraper at least one more time this season. >> we didn't have a winter and you know we needed a good dumping this is only a couple of inches but i'm all for it. >> this march snowfall was not just a nuisance snow it was the good snow. the packable time you can make snowballs with. reporting in allentown, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right in the meantime things are starting to taper off a bit winding down as far as the snowfall is concerned. >> winding down in the northwest suburbs, i expect the activity to wind down in the next hour or so and tracking snow showers in the evening, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you see that we have got the precipitation starting to come to an end for the poconos to allentown and
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left over flurries and flakes, light snow in philadelphia, picking up in the enter you' you're -- and sea isle city we have the snow but mixed precipitation for fortescue and cape may. we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd from our temple university camera, looking at the roads and they are wet. here in philadelphia. you can see the none paved surfaces on the rooftop and the snow sticking there obviously but the roads because temperatures ahead of the storm were quite mild just wet conditions and slushy accumulation is likely in the northern suburbs. and we have the winter weather advisory that stays up until 2:00 today philadelphia and interior south jersey because the snow is coming down to the north and west and starting to let up. i would not be surprised if some
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advisories expired ahead of schedule. wayne 4 inches and west rock hill township 4 inches of snow. allentown 5.4 inches and gilbertsville 4.1 inches and south hammonton an inch of snow so far. >> right now at the freezing mark. chilly in philadelphia at 32 and dew point 30 and pressure 29.89 and holding steady. and winds from the north at 12 miles per hour and the ocean temperature is 44. north and west of town we are nicely in the lower 30s and 31 for quakertown and 33 for slatington and new holland 35 and kennett square at the freezing mark. 33 at the boardwalk and 35 close to cape may. and 31 in glassboro and 33 down in dover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar there wasn't a lot of precipitation that came on through but enough cold air and moisture to support the snow in the region, it is starting to taper off from a northwest to southeast direction.
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you look to the west though you see snow squalls starting to set up down wind from the lake and as the winds pick up on the backside of this and the snow shower activity moves on through, we see a quick but heavier burst of snow tonight. for the rest of today we have the cloudy skies and light snow overhead. high temperature in philadelphia close to 40 degrees and overnight tonight the snow showers start to taper and clear out as well. dropping down to 20 for philadelphia for the overnight low season winds pick up and windchills close to zero as we head into the overnight hours. future tracker 6 showing you later on tonight and windchill numbers in the lower teens and you wake up saturday morning 8:00 it only feels like 9 in the city and 5 in reading and 7 below zero in the poconos. a bitter start to the weekend. here is the accuweather forecast, the snow is starting to taper and high temperature close to 40 in the city, as we get into the weekend a high of
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33 and sunny and still cold on sunday with daylight saving time beginning at 36 and 38 on monday and we are tracking the potential nor'easter into tuesday. we'll keep a watchful eye on that. >> when it rain its pours. >> in march right. reading terminal market in center city is getting ready to celebrate a big birthday it turns 125. alicia vitarelli is here with all the new things the historic market has to offer these days. the reading terminal market may be old. well, 125 years young. it welcomed a crop of new shopping and dining options. our friends put together a list that we used as our guide to go forth and explore. walk down the markets center aisle and you'll find fox and sons, the oldest family owned corn dog shop. >> how long? >> three weeks. >> the only fancy corn dog shop
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in philly. >> fancy corn dogs, i mean seriously. the batter is made from scratch >> my first corn dog. created by rebecca and dak. >> corn ds and fresh cheddar cheese curds squeeze when you cook them. >> we think of it as fun county fair food. >> i don't know how we lived before that place opened. >> right next door is this exotic. >> you are a fun guy. >> that is right. >> they boast 35 varieties of mushrooms, i am seeing varieties i have never seen before. like pink oyster and lion's mane. >> you put it with crab and seasoning and you have a crab cake. >> and the staff will school you
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on cooking. >> like wood to table. looking for something to go with the mushrooms. >> condiments things that make the meal pop. >> curds lemon curd. ju just like you would make at home if you had time. which nobody does. >> and now all kinded of flavors like scampi. >> there is bold broth and bread crumbs and crackers and if you buy a steak at the market they'll marinate it. >> once you find that stand it changes the way you look at the market. it offers 80 places to shop and eat. >> would you like to try a free sample. the terminal just launched tasting thursdays. fresh meat from the butchers and seafood from the seafood
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purveyors and providing boardroom spirits. >> a local business from landsdale. >> and last year 6.5 million people passed through here. >> a philadelphia icon. >> this is how philadelphia ate for 100 years. >> stocked with everything you need to cook and eat. >> and a boundy from our region. >> this weekend on fyi we are kicking off the philadelphia flower show way behind the scenes special. this year's theme is holland flowering the world. tune in tomorrow night at 7:00 for an hour long show. hosted by the entire accuweather team. >> you go to the flower show and then stop at the reading terminal market.
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all right lets get a check of the changing accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee, changing because the temperatures are getting colder? >> yes especially tonight. here is the winter weather advisory it stays up until 2:00 this afternoon. a lot of the snow to the northwest suburbs is winding down and snowing slightly still in philadelphia and the interior sections of south jersey. and the big concern is slushy roads and slick spots, it's highs will be in the 40s and right now hovering in the lower 30s, cloudy skies and still snow and mixed precipitation to the south and east and then the bitter cold sets in as we get into tonight. the winds are picking up and causing the windchills overnight close to zero. >> okay -- i know what i'm doing this weekend. channel changer -- >> a look at stories coming up today on "action news" at 4:00, we are live at the philadelphia
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flower show that kicks off this weekend. get a behind the scenes look at the displays. and a runner's biggest fear is a reality. when attacked in broad daylight and her story is inspiring women everywhere. how she fought for her life coming up today at 4:00 that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, melissa magee and alicia vitarelli i'm rick williams have a safe afternoon and we'll see you a little bit later right here.
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