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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  March 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading, news program , with meteorology goodies melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, several philadelphia neighborhood are in the dark as peco shuts off power to make repairs to a burned out substation. also thousands celebrate luck of the irish at saint patrick's day parade, winding its way through center city. but the big story on "action news" is a major nor'easter that is expected to bring heavy snow to much of our area. snow is expected to start monday night and it may not let up until late afternoon on
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tuesday. >> in fact, it could develop into one of the biggest march snowstorms, in delaware valley has ever seen. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the storm and joins us with the very latest, melissa. >> there is a lot to track as we get in to monday night and into tuesday and one of the ingredients we need to get a big nor'easter to blossom is cold air. we certainly had a lot of that overhead today. current air temperatures are in the 30's but it is 23 when we lot at wind chill in the city, 18 in allentown. six in the poconos. current wind chill in millville 25. feels like 22 out to the west, in lancaster. as we go throughout the rest of the evening if you are outside on the town, 7:00 p.m. that temperature 32. mostly sunny sky with a sunset ting at 7:05 this evening. 8:00 p.m. at 31. mostly clear tonight at 9:00 p.m. 28 degrees at 10:00 o'clock tonight. 27 degrees at 11:00 p.m. underneath mostly clear skies. winter storm warnings have been, posted across the region where we had a watch it has
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been upgraded to a warning. this is for northern burlington, gloucester, camden , salem counties, i-95 metro and points north and west. we have a winter storm watch for the be shaded counties here in south jersey. so this goes up at 8:00 p.m. monday right through 4:00 p.m. tuesday. wh w ae tracking still off to our west. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar, 3-d, two pieces of energy we are tracking here one piece out of the dakotas and another area of moisture moving just to the south of the gulf coast. we we are tracking is this northern piece, that is energizees the southern branch of the moisture as it works up the mid-atlantic coast. where we have that intensification is where we will find those high snowfall accumulations, across the delaware and lehigh veil. future tracker six showing by 6:30 on tuesday morning we've got a wide area of snow, for philadelphia, and for mixed precipitation down across south jersey, and also, into delaware. so what we can expect, as we go throughout the early half
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of this workweek here, best storm time line and tracking nor'easter, late tomorrow night but first flakes will start to fly, then during dawn and predawn hours right through midday on tuesday, it is when we do anticipate steady and heavy snow, across the area, and then by tuesday afternoon that snow will start to taper. coming up we will take a closer look at the storm time line, let you know when precipitation starts to exit and expected snowfall totals. i will tell you, some locations could easily see a foot of snow, with those details with the accu weather forecast. >> we thought we escaped it. >> not just yet. ith snow in the forecast stay with six especially over the next few days. you'll have access to the power of the storm tracker six live plus latest on whatever is coming our way. the coming storm has peco scrambling today too fix that substation in north philadelphia, that caught fire last week. as a result thousands of customers are without power, once again, while crews worked
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to make repairs. "action news" reporter jeanett e has more from that substation from north philadelphia. >> i got a voice mail from peco saying that their power will be off from 6:00 to 9:00. >> this is peco calling with an important message about electric service in your area. you'll experience a planned outage which will begin no later then 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> reporter: early this afternoon nearly 10,000 people in north and northwest philadelphia got the same call , a note business a planned power outage for much needed permanent repairs for west moreland substation, the site of the blaze last tuesday that knocked 20,000 residents off line. brendan skully was one of those customers. >> it was fine, they have to do what they have to do to repair the system but obviously minor inconvenience it could be worse. >> reporter: officials say refer pairs will be made on the generators which will increase reliability especially as monday night's storm approaches. >> hopefully, you know, they will get everything back, you know, working well and we don't to have deal witt during
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the summer. we have developing news, out of the cities mantua section a 16 year-old boy had was autistic is hospitalized after being found partially tied up. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live at the scene with the full details, christie? >> reporter: well, walter, call for help came just after 11:00p morning, according to police and witnesses that 16 year-old, lives just up this block on forty-second near og den and apparently he was found outside in the freezing cold in between these two row homes, and now this teen was apparently found, with his feet bound, and bruces on his wrist, and taken to chop hospital, and listed in stable condition, wepokewith ses area, and they say that they cannot believe something like this would happen but definitely refused to talk on camera. reporting live from the mantua section, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you.
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three people were critically injured in the fire this morning in the home in south philadelphia. the blaze broke out just before 10:00 a.m. in the 2200 block of fitzwater street. four people were rescued but three suffered serious injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital. seven three-year old man, 71 year-old man and a man in his 30's were all in critical condition. the fourth man who is 67, was not injured, no word tonight on the cause. in chester county two dozen people without a place to stay after an early morning fire at this apartment complex the fire broke out around 4:00 l town in downingtown. it started in one unit but six other apartments were damaged by smoke and water. nobody was injured. investigators say fire was started by careless cooking. it was a day to celebrate irish pride and culture today despite cold wththousands of ped parkway and market street for pa reporter bob brooks was there. >> ♪ >> reporter: it wouldn't be the philadelphia st. patrick's
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day parade without the bag pipes, beautiful irish dancers , all kind of band and of course, loyal cheering fans of the crowd. the st. patty's parade, the longest running in the country more than 20,000 participants, all ages, and sizes. are you having fun. >> yeah. >> reporter: are you cold. >> yeah. >> reporter: how are you staying warm out here? >> dancing. >> reporter: no matter what you dit was cold out, some snuggled up together. what is warmer blanket or him. >> blanket. >> reporter: others just didn't want to be in it. >> do you know what the news is. >> no. >> reporter: most people are out braving the parade in the cold, some people, are inside on a trolley, and hey, are you guys having fun in here. >> yes. >> reporter: happy st. patrick 's day. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> reporter: few understandable frowns st. patty's day parade brings out a lot of joy and a lot of people. greg marshall, -- we're very
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proud of where our families came from we want to, promote that here and we are a cross section of people, i'm a construction worker. we haveocnurses, we have a fullp here. >> reporter: it certainly wouldn't be a st. patrick's day parade without beautiful irish dancers. despite the cold he they could not do a lot worse, but, reporting from center city bob brooks, channel six "action news". we have breaking news, now a big win for villanova basketball, a applause on campus just minutes ago wildcats are the number one overall seed in the ncaa mens tournament for the first time in school history. they will play thursday in buffalo, new york, against either mount st. mary or new orleans. jeff skversky and jamie apody will have more in a few minutes in sports. >> good luck to them. much more to come on "action news" tonight, if you think it is cold here be grateful you don't live in this house. we will tell you why this
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pennsylvania senator bob casey held a town hall event at the penn museum in university city to day. hundreds of people attended to ask questions about his stance on health care, climate change , and unemployment. the democratic senator vowed to do everything he can to fight against the effort to repeal the affordable care act pennsylvania governor tom wolf took part in an event aimed at organizing and mobilizing people, against president donald trump's political agenda. group called individual northwest philadelphia held a meeting in the cities germantown section. governor wolf called groups effort to make their voices heard important. group of men gathered in
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south philadelphia for a free breakfast and health screening twentieth annual wellness breakfast for men was held at universal audenried charter high school on the 3300 block of pass kerr street. the goal was to teach men how to better manage chronic health conditions by keeping tabs on their blood pressure, body mass index and glucose levels. several families that benefit from kisses foundation had a fun day of pampering free of charge. >> kisses for kyle helps family dealing with childhood cancers. stars of the salon on the 1400 block of easton road in warrington bucks county hosted fun event, clown, queen elsa and star wars favorites also showed up.
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>> yes, they are. thirty-one wins, entering the tournament that is most ever by a defending national champion, villanova is number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament for the first time in school history. there is a big bull's eye on their back as they look to repeat as national champs. lets go live to villanova, jamie apody where there is little drama, jamie, as far as seeding, they have been a lock for the top seed virtually all year. >> yes, i am joined by architect of the no number one overall seed jay wright. you are right, because drama filled on this day. >> we're waiting, waiting, we didn't to have wait long, coach. lets take a look at that moment as number one overall seed, here it was. >> overall number one seed, villanova wildcats. >> yeah. >> we heard it, wildcats, picked as number one overall seed, they will play thursday in buffalo against winner of mount st. mary's new orleans.
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does that ever get old to hear your name called. >> no, no, never. it is first time, because it is different because you kind of knew you would be in buffalo so there wasn't that anticipation to see who you were going to play but it is still thrilling to know that it is getting started. you are in it. getting started. number one seed is nice. but once we start monday we're just one of 68. we all have to win games. >> it is true but never in school history of had number one overall seed what does that say about the body of washing you have put together this year. >> it says a lot about our senior class, it says a lot about the players on this team , that really focused throughout the entire season which is hard for an 18 to to 22-year old to do. there are a lot of good placer i couldn't have done that at their age. there is a great job of focusing just every day. >> when you look at bracket usually number one seed has easiest road some names popped up when you heard duke as number two seed. >> we have learned over the
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years, also, though that we have had some real really tough looking brackets and we made it through. other yeast it looked like we had a nice pass and it didn't make it. one year we who to connecticut in the second round and we were a number one seed and they won the national championship. you will play great teams in this tournament. anybody that is there has had a lot of success. just go play. >> so go play, you held up trophy last year. what will it be like to manage to somehow do that again. >> you know what, it is great as it was last year, i kind of , forget the feeling already i remember the journey. that is what we will try to translate to our guys right when we meet when i'm done here. it is a journey. we have to enjoy the next step every time we play. >> jay wright, thanks very much. congratulations. good luck. >> buffalo thursday night. national champs trying to do it again. jeff, we will send it back to you. >> thanks, guys. good luck to coach jay wright trying to be the first national champs to repeat in 10 years. not only villanova but
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they are not only local team to punch their ticket to the big dance, and heading to buffalo, after beating penn yesterday, princeton clinches a birth in the ncaa tournament for first time since 2011. princeton tiger, on the first ever ivy league tournament game at the palestra. the win of the championship tigers are a 12th seed. they will play, five seed notre dame in the less region. they will open in buffalo on thursday, just like villanova princeton has won 19 straight games this season. they are looking for their first tournament game win in 19 years. phillies add something pitching depth trading for seattle mariners reliefer pat vandebti who has a rare skill set e pitches with his right and left hand but 31 year-old has struggled. he has pitched in 41 major league games. he spent majority of his career in the minors but he will likely pete for for the final spot in the bull pen. phillies give up a minor league outfielder in return. spring training baseball
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phillies/red sox. aaron nola strikes out six but he strikes out trying to get sandoval out in the first. three run shot to center. only runs's loud. nola works in the fourth his longest outing of the spring and phillies come back to win six-five in the ninth. >> it is gone. >> looking forward to march madness. >> cannot wait, we will talk about march madness a lot tonight on "action news" sports sunday, mike missanelli will be in the house, we will talkville know of, how tough of a road do they have, and march madness is ready to go, villanova, let's hope. >> they have a tough bracket. >> having duke in that bracket , virginia, wisconsin, but look they are the number one overall seed for a reason. >> very good. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next on "action news" we are tracking what could shape up to be a major snowfall for our area. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the latest on the storm's projected path and possible snow totals when "action news" comes right back.
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you have seen it all when it comes to deicing your cars and homes. take a look an entire house in upstate new york completely encased in ice. house is right on the bank of the lake ontario, this is as a result of the freezing temperatures and high wind for several days capturing moisture from the lake, and hitting this home. that is not good. >> not at all. >> houses in south philadelphia might look like that, come tuesday. >> that is right. but we are tracking this big storm. >> yes, we are, and it will be a heavy, wet snow so it is exacted too.
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that is something to keep in mind with the tree limbs. >> weight, right. >> and power outages as well. there is a lot to go over. we have you covered. storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry right now. no issues with precipitation but it has been a cold weekend we will show you picture outside, action cam was outside earlier today, there in rittenhouse square. folks walking around with the park and they are certainly bundled up with the right gear , the scarves, and the protective layers, because it was certainly cold today, and it looks like the cold is sticking around, and as we head into monday night and tuesday as we track that storm and that nor'easter on its way n currently in philadelphia we are coming in at 33. that was our high. 18 degrees below average. thirty in reading. nineteen in the poconos. at coast in cape may 35. 30 degrees in trenton. wind chills currently in the 20's, and teens. here's satellite six with action radar it is dry, quiet but cold with that constant, northwesterly wind, we will
6:24 pm
widen on it picture here and let you know what we're tracking in to monday night and into tuesday. there is a piece of energy moving through dakotas right now and also some moisture, gathering to the south. so we're tracking the northern branch of energy that will help intensify moisture to the south as it works its way up mid-atlantic coast, and we have intensification where we will get that high snowfall accumulations. across the delaware and lehigh valley. over next 12 hours it is career, cold, breezy. we will drop down to 40 in the suburbs. 20 degrees in philadelphia, for the overnight low. fast forward in the day on monday, sun to increasing cloud, and still pretty chilly , high temperature coming in at 38 degrees. so for bulk of the day tomorrow we are going to be dry. high of 39 in wilmington. thirty-nine in lancaster. thirty-four in allentown. at coast in cape may we are coming in at 37. it is really late monday night into tuesday that we will track that precipitation. so future tracker six showing us as we get in the 1:11 o'clock tomorrow night we
6:25 pm
will see first flakes starting to fly, south and west of philadelphia, to lancaster, even to the south and west of dover, as we get into 3:00 o'clock during overnight hours on tuesday, note that is precipitation, in the form of snow, and it will be steady a long i-95 corridor, interior south jersey and points to the north and west but mixed precipitation, to the south ande. by 8:00 o'clock tuesday morning i stopped it here because we have got that snow line in philadelphia, but just to the south, we have got some mixed precipitation taking over areas in south jersey and delaware but it stays all snow a heavy wet snow to the north and west. we will get that transition, from mixed precipitation back over to snow, at 3:30 on tuesday afternoon, and then eventually this storm system will pull away into tuesday evening. as far as the snow, we are expecting, one to 2 inches down in cape may because we will have limited snowfall with that mixed precipitation moving on through, two to four for atlantic, cumberland counties and areas to the south of dover, four to 8 inches for interior south
6:26 pm
jersey, along i-95 metro area and philadelphia, 20812 inches of snow, with lancaster reading, allentown up to the poconos could find 12 to 16 inches of snow. as i mention sod spots getting a little higher then that. what to watch, the location of the rain/snow line is going to be key. if the storm moves furthere, you can tap into more snow with less mixing if. if it cuts up west we have more mixed precipitation which could put a cap on the snowfall we will see across the region. so thunder snow is also possible, the location, locally which is 20 inches north and west in some spots and there will be a brief period of, sleet, tuesday morning, in the city, before you get that change over back over to snow. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. on monday sun to increasing cloud, high temperature coming in at 38 degrees. and then on tuesday we are tracking that nor'easter with a high temperature coming in at 38. and then on wednesday, a few snow showers, it will be windy
6:27 pm
, high of 30, and thursday, brisk and chilly in at 36. st. patrick's day sunny and cold, 38 and then back in the lower 40's, as we get into next weekend. i keep saying one thing i didn't mention was that the shore will be impacted with strong gusty wind as well. >> boy, all right, thanks melissa. >> thanks, i think. there was an extra special birthday, in greenville delaware, she will turn 202. she's believed to be oldes living world war two veteran in delaware. today first state military women's warrior unit number 10 celebrated her birthday with cake and a plaque in her honor >> happy birthday carabell. abc world news sunday is next. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we are back gannon six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez and the entire "action news" team, we will see you right here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." bracing for impact. the monster snowstorm bearing down right now. millions in the path. high winds, bone-chilling cold. a dangerous monday morning commute, and blizzard watches from new york to boston, as winter refuses to give up. the health care blitz. president trump's big sell. amid fears americans will lose their coverage and criticism from his own party. can the president behind the art of the deal pull off one to replace obama care? the deadly hoverboard fire. a 3-year-old girl loses her life after the toy ignites. and then the firefight killed responding to the blaze. how many are still out there? magic act. criss angel, perrm


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