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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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villanova clinches the top overall seed in the ncaa tournament. next on action news. the new lc. the new ls. the new lexus. experience amazing. ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa mcgee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and walter perez. you can call this one the cold before the storm. it was a frosty weekend.
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in just about 24 hours we'll need to wear snow boots along with hats and scarves. a major snowstorm is barreling down. and tonight people are stocking up and preparing for what could be the biggest snowfall of the season. sunday night and the big story on action news is a winter storm warning in effect for nearly all of our area. >> the snow could start falling around this time tomorrow night. but by tuesday night, more than a foot on the ground in some spots >> team coverage of the coming nor'easter. christie ileto is live in north philadelphia with a look at storm preparations. but we begin with meteorologist melissa mcgee with the latest from accuweather. >> sarah and walter, significant snowfall overnight monday throughout the day on tuesday. we need moisture to works it way into our area. but we have a fresh injection of cold air. moves in over the weekend. the high today, just 33. right now, 23. when you look at the wind chills in the city, zero up in the poconos. teens to the north and west.
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16 degrees up to 95 corridor in trenton. throughout the day tomorrow, the majority of the day is dry. alt it's going to be cold, sun should start giving way to increasing clouds. 20 degrees at 7 a.m. mostly sunny at 10 a.m. increasing clouds throughout the late afternoon hours. high tomorrow tomorrow, maxing out at 38 degrees. then the changes, late monday into tuesday. at 8 p.m. on monday right through 4 p.m. on tuesday, a winter storm warning has been issued. this is for northern burlington, camden and salem, points to the north and west. you're you should a warning and a watch in south jersey. the exception, cape may county and kent county in dover. heavy snow on the way. and tracking two pieces of energy here. an area of low pressure coming through the dakotas and the plains states. we have this frontal boundary with an area of low pressure.
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these pieces of energy come together and form our nor'easter as we move up and through the mid atlantic region. 6:00 attitude -- tuesday morning, widespread snow. something to keep in mind with the major snowstorm, a lot of moisture with this storm. this is a heavy, wet snow we're tracking. and the way to that snow could bring tree limbs down. heavy snowfall accumulation is likely along the i-95 corridor and areas to the north and west. strong winds, beach erosion another big concern. expect the snowfalls with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> lots to keep an eye on. and now to reporter christie ileto live in north philadelphia with a look at how folks are getting ready what's expected to be quite a storm. christie. >> reporter: we have time before the first flake falls, but a lot of people aren't taking chances. they are getting out here early. whether that is at the hardware store or the supermarket, people
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are stocking up ahead of the storm. >> right now it's very crowded. snowstorm coming, everybody getting ready for it >> first came in, no carts available. >> reporter: a maze of shopping carts at the shop right ahead of a nor'easter that's 36 hours away. >> i like snow. >> reporter: not everyone feels the same way. >> we got like snow, cookies, we got a bunch of snacks. >> i have to be prepared. i have kids. i have to be prepared. they're going to want snacks, going to want to eat. >> reporter: eight stores later, she found salt. >> thank god. winter wasn't too bad. but not looking forward to snow. >> topping it off now. >> meaning full tanks of gas for whatever mother nature serves. >> tires get to spinning, too much snow the tires start spinning spinning and you need gas. >> reporter: now today was tame. a lot of the stores that we spoke with said the real mad
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dash for supplies starts tomorrow afternoon and evening. reporting live in north philadelphia, christie ileto, channel 6 action news. >> thank you, christie. and some states across the southern u.s. are already receiving snowfall. in fact the faa issued a ground stop in charlotte, north carolina, flights delayed and canceled. and salt trucks trying to stay ahead of the -- dangerous driving conditions. be sure to stay with especially over the next few days you will have access to the power of storm tracker 6 live plus the latest of whatever is coming our way. >> neighborhoods in north philadelphia have a power outage on this cold night. it's intentional to make repairs to the substation damaged by fire week. working to get the repairs done before the storm. the substation sustained extensive damage in the fire
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tuesday at the plant on west westmoreland street. they shut off electricity to thousands to repair. it was supposed to be over by 9 p.m., but the crews are behind schedule. developing right now out of west philadelphia, a 73-year-old woman found dead inside this home on the 4800 block of sampson street. when they went to the home to check on the woman around 8:00 tonight they found the front door open. they said the unidentified woman had a head wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. police are trying to figure out what happened. an autistic 16-year-old hospitalized after found bound and bruised in the mantua section of the city. all police were called for reports of a person screaming. found outside in between two row homes with feet bound and bruises on his wrists. they are investigating.
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anyone with information is asked to call police. and police in philadelphia are investigating a deadly shooting. the victim was found along the 1900 block of south 61st street at about 7:30. the man described at being in his 20s suffered a gunshot wound to the head. pennsylvania governor tom wolf ordered flags at half staff to honor a fire fighter who died on his way to the scene of a deadly fire in harrisburg on friday night. a 3-year-old girl was killed in that fire. and officials say it was all caused by a hover board that caught fire while it was charging. action news reportser jeanette reyes joins us live from the satellite center with the full story. >> well, sarah, that fire fighter died in a crash that is believed to have been caused by a drunk driver. he was on his way to battle a blaze and the cause of the fire may have been a device that's been recalled by nearly a dozen companies. >> reports of kids trapped on the third floor. >> reporter: this is the call
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that lieutenant dennis devoe was responding to. the 21-year veteran was on his way to the station to pick up gear before heading to the scene. while at an intersection, he was hit by this woman, 19-year-old cann cay kendall, reportly under the influence. back at the scene of the fire, more devastation. >> my granddaughter. we can't replace her. the pain. it's so deep. >> reporter: mark hughes lost his granddaughter who was just shy of her third birthday. fire fighters rescued two others. one girl jumped from a second floor porch to safety. both are still in critical condition. >> reporter: her -- my soul is hurt. >> reporter: authorities say the cause of the fire was a hover board that was recharging. >> they heard sizzling and crackling in the hover board and shortly thereafter it exploded in flames. >> reporter: the toddler's
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tragic death is the latest incident involving the popular hover boards which have come under scrutiny after spontaneously catching fire. the flaw, battery packs that overheat. a massive recall is under way for 500,000 of them made by ten companies after these frightening images. a recall that came too late for mark hughes. >> just everything you buy. make sure it works right. >> reporter: and another heartbreaking twist we've learned that the lieutenant was actually leaving the funeral of one of his fellow firemen who died of cancer. the alleged drunk driver is facing a list of charges. reporting live in the sat center, jeanette reyes, channel 6 action news. a disturbing story on several levels. three critically injured in a fire at a home in south philadelphia. the fire broke out along the 2200 block of fits water street.
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four were rescued, three with serious injuries. a 73-year-old man, a 71-year-old man and a man in his 30s were critically injured. a fourth man was not injured. >> the defending national champions, the villanova wildcats clinched the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament. >> it was exciting, but not surprising. exciting, not surprising. i think i have that right. nobody is surprised, but still very exciting for the team. >> they are very happy. obviously have a very difficult road ahead. repeating is not so easy. happened only once over the last ten years by florida. see if they can do it. villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament for the first time in school history. and there is a big bulls eye on their back. they are looking to win back-to-back national championships. a feat only accomplished twice over the last 43 years. >> yeah!
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[ cheering ] >> here's nova as they hear their fate today on campus as the one seed, play in buffalo at 7:10 on thursday against mount st. mary or new orleans, from the play-in game. a number one seed never lost to a 16 seed. but down the road, yes, it will get harder as they try to win back-to-back titles. >> thrilling to know it's getting started. you're in it. getting started. the number one seed is nice. monday, just one of 68. we have to win games. >> it's not a privilege to play in the ncaa, it's an honor. it's humbling. we have a tough road. >> it's great for our school. but for our team, just where do we have to play and go. and we're focused and ready to go. we'll be watching mount st. mary and new orleans game and looking to see where we have to play. >> and they have a very tough road ahead. a lot of big games. assuming they get by this first
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game which no team has ever lost. the 16-1 seed. >> it's a guarantee. >> thanks a lot. >> very exciting. much more to come tonight. over the weekend president trump made explosive allegations that former president obama wiretapped phones. tomorrow lawmakers expect proof. plus thousands got st. patrick's day started early, irish pride was a sight to behold. >> march madness about to get under way. jeff skversky has more in sports when action news comes right back. sleep is super important.
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officials, a local rabbi and members of the jewish federation of philadelphia took part. a jewish center in new york received another bomb threat. the second time in a week. happened at the jcc near rochester. they received a similar threat march 7th. each time the building was secured and reopened. last week president trump accused former president obama of wiretapping his phones. now congress is demanding proof with a deadline of tomorrow. the house intelligence committee wants the justice department to provide evidence of trump's claim. and top republican lawmakers are on board saying prove the allegations or take it back. >> president has one of two choices. either retractor to provide the information that the american people deserve. >> meanwhile, president trump is facing another key moment this week. the independent congressional
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budget is expected to release the assessment of the health care legislation. it's economists and statisticians. but in advance of the report the trump administration is casting doubt on the cbo saying its findings will be false. and tonight learning new details about the man from california who scaled a white house fence. court documents say that the 26-year-old was carrying a letter for the president that mentioned russian hackers. and tran reportedly told the secret service he was a friend of mr. trump. he was carrying a copy of one of mr. trump's books. former vice president joe biden spoke at the sxsw festival. his son died of brain cancer in 2015. he called on those attending the festival to use ingenuity to fight for those with cancer. >> it is my hope that this new
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administration once it gets organized, and i'm not being facetious -- will be able to focus on and be as committed to and enthusiastic as we were in the goal of ending cancer as we know it. some of the most innovative minds. >> biden said that billions of dollars for cancer research comes from taxpayers and vowed to work with the trump administration in that regard. former president obama was in omaha, nebraska, today for a brief visit. he visited a private country club for lunch with warren buffet and buffet's wife. it's unclear what they discussed. this is the first time he has been in omaha since january, 2016. >> it was a day to celebrate irish pride and culture today despite the cold weather. thousands lined the parkway and market street for the annual st. patrick's day parade in philadelphia. bob brooks was there. >> reporter: it wouldn't be
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the philadelphia st. patrick's day pride without the bagpipes. beautiful irish dancers. all kinds of bands. and, of course, the loyal cheering fans in the crowd. the st. patty's parade is one of the longest running in the country. more than 20,000 participants of all ages and sizes. you having fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you cold. yes. >> reporter: how are you staying warm out here. dancing. >> reporter: no matter what you did, it was cold out today. some snuggled up together. what's warmer, the blanket or him? >> the blanket. >> reporter: others just didn't want to be in it. do you know what the news is? >> no. >> reporter: most people are out braving the parade in the cold, some people are inside on a trolley. hey, you guys having fun in here? happy st. patrick's day. a few understandable frowns, the st. patty's day parade brings out a lot of joy and people. the parade marshal sums it up
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pretty well. >> we're america first. but we're very proud of where our families came from. we to want promote that. a great cross section of people. i'm a construction worker, doctors, lawyers, nurses. we have a full facet here. >> reporter: and it certainly wouldn't be a st. patrick's day parade without beautiful irish dancers. could have been a lot worse. could have had freezing rain or snow. stayed dry. reporting in center city, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> much more to come tonight. a major snowstorm may be on the way. but hoping it's not like this. how a few waves and wind encased this home in upstate new york in ice. >> and continuing to track the storm. melissa mcgee with the exclusive accuweather forecast when action news comes back ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now! book your african adventure now! book your african adventure now! >> so you think you have seen it all when it comes to deicing your cars and your home. you ain't seen nothing.
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take a look, an entire house in upstate new york completely encased in ice. right on the banks of lake ontario. this is freezing temperatures and high winds capturing the moisture from the lake, encasing the home. >> that is something. so is this storm. >> it really is. the winter storm warnings and watches posted. and a lot to go over. so show you what's going on with storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. dry right now in philadelphia. all about the cold air overhead. and stays locked in as we track this nor'easter that moves through late monday night into the day on tuesday. it is chilly outside. right now in philadelphia we're coming in at just 28 degrees after a high today of 33. 18 degrees below average. 12 up in the poconos, 24 in reading, 32 at the coast in cape may. wind chills right now are in the teens and lower 20s. satellite 6 with action radar. stiff and constant northwesterly
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winds. temperatures falling off quickly tonight. widen the picture. tracking two pieces of energy to form the nor'easter late tomorrow night into tuesday. out of the dakotas, pressing into the plains states. and the sought out frontal boundary. tracking low pressure there. but the northern branch that will help to kick and intensify the low to the south, up the eastern sea board. and that's what we get get into the heavy snowfall accumulation. for the rest of the day tomorrow, start out dry and stay dry for the majority of the day. sun giving way to inincreasing clouds. 38 in philadelphia, 34 allentown, 39 in lancaster, 37 in cape may, down in dover, coming in at the 39. here's future tracker 6. because as we get into late monday night, track from southeast to northwest. 11 p.m. on monday, first flakes
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starting to fly. south and west of philadelphia. creeping into reading and lancaster, wilmington and dover as well. during the overnight hours tuesday morning, 3:00, the steady snow starts to develop. but we've got some mixed precipitation down across south jersey. heavy rain as well. even down into the county, dover. 8:00 in the morning, still snowing in philadelphia. but the rain/snow line, that mix line is just to the south of the city with heavy rain down across atlantic city, wildwood and dover. still snow for areas north and west, lancaster up through the poconos. another transition from the mixed precip back over to snow as the storm starts to taper and moves off into monday, or tuesday evening, i should say. so expected snowfall total late tomorrow night into tuesday. the heaviest snowfall accumulation still looks to be along the i-95 corridor to the north and west. 8-12 inches expected for philadelphia and the metro areas and the immediate suburbs to the north and west.
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12-16 inches of snow likely for lancaster, western chester, northern montgomery, bucks county, points to the north and west. 48 across interior south jersey, 2-4, mixing down in south jersey and delaware. what to watch as the storm gets closer to the region, the location of the rain/snow line is key. if it moves a little further to the east, more snow, less mixing. cuts to the west, more mixed precipitation. thunder snow is likely. snowfall rates from 1-2 inches an hour. that will intensify the snow across our region. there could be a spot where we find locally 20 inches of snow in our northwest suburbs and a brief period of sleet tuesday morning for philadelphia before it changes back over to snow. so expected wind gusts, big concern as well monday night. 30 to 50 miles per hour across the region as we track this coastal storm. exclusive seven day forecast,
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showing sun to increasing clouds on monday. 38. we have that nor'easter on tuesday. 38 for the high. a few leftover snow showers wednesday, and windy. and at 30, stay in the 30s into thursday. another model run coming up close to midnight. more details coming up tomorrow morning. >> all right, melissa, thank you. >> up next, jeff skversky has sports. >> plus heard how the cia can use phones, cars and tvs to spy. ♪
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