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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  March 12, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to jeff skversky has a check on sports. and we have been saying it for months, villanova is tough. >> but they're in a really good position here. 31 wins. the most ever by a defending champ going into the ncaa tournament. they can win in so many different ways. for the first time in school history villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament. but will nova, will they be able to win and repeat? they will start thursday in buffalo at 7:10 against either mount st. mary or new orleans. the winner of the play-in game. jamie apody has more.
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[ cheering ]. >> reporter: the moment may not have been as drama-filled as the years past. but the first name called, brought march madness to life. >> it's not a privilege, it's an honor, it's humbling. even though we have a tough road. >> this is the first time -- it was different. because you kind of knew you were going to be number one, you knew you would be in buffalo. so there wasn't that anticipation to see who you were going to play. but it's still thrilling to know it's going to get started. >> villanova's road, not easy. never is. in fact, audible growns when they heard they would have to get through duke to get back to the final four. >> it's so wide open. the competition is amazing, the talent is amazing. no cake walk. >> reporter: the cats leave early for buffalo, take off tomorrow night to beat the impending snow. only seven in history repeated as national champions. florida the last to do so a
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decade ago. imagine if these seniors were able to go out doing the same. have you dreamed of holding than trophy again? >> always. always agree of winning and going out the right way. >> that will never get old for anybody. that's something we have to work towards. >> as great as it was last year, i kind of forget the feeling already. it's a journey, you know? and we're just going to enjoy the next step every time we play. >> jamie apody, channel 6, action news. thank you, jaime. will villanova repeat? mike joins me live in studio to debate coming up next on sports sunday. the other number one overall seeds, north carolina and kansas. two teams villanova beat to win the total. and gonzaga is the final number one seed in the west. not the only local team heading to buffalo. princeton opens in buffalo thursday at 12:15, number 12,
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facing notre dame. looking for the first tournament game in 19 years after beating yale today. the penn women celebrating tonight. beating princeton to clinch an automatic berth in the ncaa tournament. they are 22-7. they will find out where and who they will play tomorrow. yeah, the sixers, they have been struggling. but shining right now, dario saric. averaging 19 points a game. what's the big difference? he said his mom has been visiting making the homey feel at home. even on the court. sixers back in l.a. tonight against the lakers. joel embiid, giving coach some advice. helps right there, getting dario saric on the run. 21 for him. jahlil okafor, big third quarter. with 19. right now the sixers are up by four in the fourth quarter. looking to end their four-game losing streak.
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the phillies need an extra arm in the bull pen and get two arms for the price of one. trading for pat vandetti who is ambidextrous. pitches with both the left and right hand. the 31-year-old has had 41 career games. likely competing for the bull pen. they gave up a minor league outfielder in return. phillies, red sox, strikes out six. but he strikes out trying to get pablo sandoval in the first. two run shot to center. allows three runs. goes into the fourth. longest outing of the spring. 6-5, that they will open in cincinnati in a few weeks. the same date as the national championship game. villanova will be playing on that day. let's hope so. >> big questions. thanks. still to come, as more of our household devices are connected to the internet, the potential for hacking is growing. >> how to protect those devices
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from hackers and spy.
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tonight, a warning about the devices in your home connected to the internet. >> hackers are exploiting flaws, gaining access to personal information and even spying on you. and we have rebecca jarvis with more.
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>> reporter: from this jeep stopped remotely on a freeway. >> guys. i need it to work again. >> reporter: to these cars broken into with the touch of a button. even baby monitors turned into spying devices. >> i heard a voice and it was screaming at my daughter, screaming wake up, baby, wake up, baby. >> reporter: every day technology, hacked. as we learn this week in that wiki leaks data dump, it can happen to your phobe or tv. >> the truth is anything connected to the internet and exposed directly to the internet is potentially hackable. >> reporter: daryl highland's job is to find the weaknesses so companies can fix them. this all sounds like science fiction or a horror movie. >> it could be -- appear to be a nightmare. but in reality researchers are really focused on identifying these issues. >> reporter: to protect yourself the most important question to ask before you buy -- >> have they ever had vulnerabilities exposed? that in itself is not an issue.
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the question is, how did that vendor or manufacturer handle the vulnerability? >> reporter: highland says be sure to change the default passwords. and when not using a device, it should be turned off.
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they celebrated an extra special if greensville, delaware, today. she will turn 102 years old at the end of the month. the oldest living world war ii veteran in delaware. the first state military women's warrior unit 10 celebrated her birthday with a cake and a plaque. >> sports news sunday is next. action news continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, pamela. >> and now for walter perez, jeff skversky, melissa mcgee, i'm sarah bloomquist, and the rest of the news team.
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have a great night.
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>> coming up tonight on sports sunday-villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament. their road to a repeat is mapped out. >> definitely will never get old for anybody. >> march madness. carson wentz gets a receiver. discussing his upgrade. plus what is happening with the sixers process? can we still believe in it? sports sunday starts now. >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> let the madness begin. we tip off sports sunday talking march madness. i'm jeff skversky with mike, villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament for the first ti i


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