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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 15, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> for now reporting live in manayunk, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> the storm hit the lehigh valley the hardest with some parts seeing whiteout
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conditions. residents will likely be clearing out this morning. bob brooks filed this report. >> reporter: the plow trucks, snowblowers and good old fashioned shovels. even though it's dark and a lot colder now they're still working to clear away the winter storm. you're still working. >> we got a long night to go yet. >> reporter: how much more you got to do. >> i don't know, i probably got another five places to do yet. >> reporter: you're not going to stop pretty much. >> we can't. >> reporter: a lot of people were busy in bethlehem trying to clear things out before the snow started to freeze. for kitty they meant her car, her method kicking it. can you show us that kicking the snow and loosening it up here. >> yeah. >> reporter: one of those, hm? it worked. >> loosen it up. >> reporter: down on third street ronnie continued clearing sidewalks but he says it's too late. the freeze is already on. >> look out there. freezing up quick. >> reporter: we ran into that this family. they were heading inside just before sunset after a day of
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playing in it. what are you doing? show me how you play. wow. over in allentown more of the same. the side streets are covered, cars were stuck. though we saw a lot of teamwork on seventh street neighbors came out and dugout one car at a time. what do you think about all this snow. >> whew. it's something i never seen before. >> reporter: never seen anything like it. >> wow. >> reporter: these guys made look easy. they're hoping for more snow. you're happy about it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: you guys are making some money right now. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: right here is a good way to show the contrast between some of the places that were cleared like this sidewalk here in time but then you have third street again in bethlehem, thats a white sheet, a white sheet of ice. if you don't have to go on the roads, don't. for now reporting in bethlehem bob brooks channel6 "action news." >> and the storm hit during high tide yesterday morning hammering the coast with high winds and some heavy rain.
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emergency crews blocked flooded streets in atlantic city. the atlantic city fire department made a handful of water rescues as a few drivers decided to test the rising waters and it didn't work out so well. >> the nor'easter brought down a number of trees in delaware including that it is one on post oak lane in newark. lisa cowell was sitting at her kitchen table yesterday when it fell. >> i heard a snap and heard it go down like in slow motion and it scraped along our whole house. very frightening. >> big reason why there are 14,000 outages in delaware here this morning. cowell thinks the damage to her home is minimal but won't know until the tree is removed. >> firefighters battled flames and icy conditions in a house fire in mantua along the 4000 block of west girard avenue last night. the fire trucks were equipped with chains on their tires in order to try to navigate those snowy icy streets.
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there are no reports of injury. >> we're on the air a half hour area because we could see a refreeze. >> yeah, absolutely. icy conditions out there. saw some of that on the way in. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we are dry for now at least and as we take a look outside we have obviously chilly and snowy conditions across the region. there's penn's landing, looks a little bit more like the base of a ski resort with all of that snow down there down by the water. looking at chilly conditions. your temperature is 23 degrees and winds west-northwest at 16 miles per hour giving you wind chills in the single digits. 21 in allentown, 26 in cape may and when you factor in that wind which is going to be building again today, it already feels like it's in the single digits in trenton allentown reading and lope double digits in philadelphia, millville and down to dover. there goes our storm system from yesterday. the center of it is way up to the north. most of the precipitation gone but there's still a decent breeze and some wind gusts coming out of the west today
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and eventually we'll see some clouds and some snow showers spin back through. you can see on future tracker6 how as soon as noon we could see some stuff up north. as we go through the day up until 3:30 there's more snow showers coming through and remember some of that snow and especially up north could be blowing around again in the relatively strong gusts. looks like things clear out later tonight. future tracker also showing you how the wind chills are going to stay pretty raw even as late as 3 o'clock this afternoon it will probably not feel much better than it does now t with the winds building temperatures are rising. by 6 o'clock a lot of wind chills in the teens. several issues to think about today. first, we are going to see some more blowing snow up north that could reduce visibility or put some snow on the roadways at the last minute so you want to be careful of that. also throughout the central portion of the region and points south where we had that icing yesterday a lot of that is still on the branches and with the winds gusty and blowing around we could see more power outages with more falling branches. icy sidewalks and side streets, too, a particular
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problem. here's where numbers are going today. 20 by 8 o'clock o we'll climb to a high of 29 probably not hitting that until about 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock tonight. clouds building after morning sunshine and high temperatures across the region not all that high. below freezing everywhere all the way down from allentown to millville. looks like a little above freezing in cape may and dover. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a high of 29 this afternoon. brisk and cold, a snow shower is possible at times and again be careful of more falling branches and of course that blowing snow and the visibility problems. tomorrow mostly sunny and breezy, 37. for saint patrick's day partly sunny 38 degrees and at night into saturday there is the possibility of at least a wintry mix. doesn't look like it's a big thing right now and of course on saturday afternoon we're back up to 46. and 48 with partly sunny skies on sunday. sunshine on monday butterfly ushering in spring 46 degrees the high there and more clouds and 52 degrees on tuesday. starting to get milder.
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got to wait a few days for the real mild stuff to kick in. >> 29. >> uh-huh. >> hard to believe it's no the that long ago we were in short sleeves. >> yeah. >> and maybe we will soon but not soon-soon. thank you, david. 4:13. still to um can on "action news" authorities in new jersey are investigating a deadly police-involved shooting. >> in the hot seat. senators grille the marine's top commander about a new photo sharing scandal. karen. >> you can see some slick spots on the roads like here city avenue at conshohocken state road but a quiet scene. a lot of people still sleep just yet. we'll take you to an accident where a vehicle kind of spun outside ways coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look. mobile6 is out there driving north on south broad street in south philadelphia. you can see some blacktop there but you do have the ice and the snow on the sides of the roads and what i saw at least coming in is you might have one stretch of road that's just fine and then you hit another stretch before the
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brine didn't take or it hasn't been plowed completely and you can see some shine on the surface which means it could be slick, it could be ice. >> here to help you out karen rogers with traffic. good morning karen. >> good morning. we're watching live this accident scene. looks like a tow truck is on the scene trying to help this vehicle. vehicle spun out facing sideways. this is 3095 in springhouse montgomery county. the ramp from norristown road to 309 northbound so we see crews on the scene trying to help them. flashing lights out here and in some spots a little slick out here. you need to be careful as you're traveling and i think tam described it right. you can drive on a main road look pretty good and a i'd street is icy. on the big picture we have that vehicle fire here so watch for that one in lower merion on cherry lane at glen road. otherwise looking at the blue route moving pretty nicely in the 50's. schuylkill 40's and 50's and mostly in the 50's on i-95. we have a disabled vehicle here in upper providence township on old state road at
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meadow green drive so watch for crews on the scene with that that disabled vehicle. outside live in plymouth meeting this is the blue route at mid-county tolls. northbound traffic headed to the northeast extension. on the northeast extension we have 45 miles an hour speed limits still at this point between plymouth meeting and clark summit. i want to ick at a you to storm tracker6 live double scan where we are mostly dry through the area. we can see just a little snow shower that had been coming down right here in medford lakes. it's near 206 in in hammonton, cherry hill, route 38, might have dumped a little dusting of snow right there and you can see near the new jersey turnpike as well as we go out to the north and west we had a few flurries out here near pottstown, green lane and quakertown. so, it's a day that's mostly dry. we are going to see a few snow showers later on this afternoon and one brief one moving through the area right now, matt. >> thank you, karen. police in toms river, new jersey, shot and killed a man who they say was attacking them. the incident happened yesterday afternoon at the silver ridge apartments on the 100 block of edge wood court.
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the officers were responding to a call for a mental health issue. they got into a fight with a 56-year-old man and opened fire. the ocean county prosecutor's office is investigating. surveillance video here shows a gas pump bursting into a ball of fire after an suv slammed into it. it happened monday night in seattle. police say an uber driver was carrying a passenger lost control and careened into the gas station at full speed. the driver is in serious condition. the passenger is expected to be okay. >> the marine corps faced criticism on capitol hill over a photo scandal. the pentagon is investigating allegations of marines sharing thousands of nude photos of female service members through a private facebook group called marines united. miller acknowledged that this is linked to a broader cultural problem that has to be addressed. >> we're going to have to
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change how we see ourselves and how we treat each other. >> the marines say no one has been charged yet. other military branches are also looking into reports that photos of female service members were posted on additional web sites. >> 4:19 is the time. we'll have more on the impact from the overnight deep freeze coming up. >> let's take a live look outside. this is the vietnam veterans memorial. you can see the snow covered ground there at penn's landing and that is the case around many parts of o your region. we will be right back. >> ♪
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>> a nor'easter brought new york city to a grinding halt even though snow totals weren't as high as anticipated. in other parts of the state snow fell at 4-inches an hour. a motorist in boston captured a tractor-trailer jackknife. in addition to snow, the massachusetts coastline sustained nearly 80 miles an hour winds. plenty of people found ways to have fun in the snow including in north jersey. police officers had a friendly
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snowball fight with children along this snow covered street in bergenfield yesterday. >> got to the have some fun with it. >> we had a lot of ice in south jersey and we lost a giant tree. >> really. >> so sad. broke it right in half. amazing the weight of that ice and the winds. let's take a look outside right now. as you're heading out you do have snow on some of the city streets. looking live in fishtown. this is frankford avenue at girard avenue. you can see the snow. you can see they cleared the main lanes are looking okay but you'll see slick spots and as you turn off to the side you'll be driving through it a little bit so you just need to be careful let's take you to new jersey. we had a little bit of a light snow shower near this area in cherry hill camden county on route 30 at cuthbert boulevard. didn't seem to do anything to the roads. you're doing okay. looks like they've been cleared pretty nicely. >> reporter: regional rails back to normal schedules. trolley and speed lines, 13 different routes suspended dave. >> a couple light snow showers through ports of the northern and western suburbs and south
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jersey as karen mentioned. these are kind of nuisance snow showers but there could be a little bit more coming in later this afternoon that might slow you down just a bit. on the bus stop this morning partly cloudy overall and on the cold side. 21 degrees at 6:00 a.m., 20 degrees at 8:00 a.m. the wind are going to start to pick up a bit at about 8 o'clock as well and today stays cold and gets windy again. up north we'll have blowing snow. down south where we've gotten the ice in an are round philadelphia and points south you could have more tree branches down. 20 degrees by 7 o'clock. a high of 29 but not until 5 o'clock. if you're headed to the airport right now anyway they're not reporting in it major delays. i know american airlines was trying to reboot at 5 o'clock yesterday. delta got going before then. who knows, maybe we have everything back on track today. it is cold and a lot of our travel destinations. no precipitation out there tam. >> and that a you david. a bizarre kind of fun scene on staten island. police officers corralled two escaped ponies during the snowstorm. of residents were able to snap picturess police say the animals escaped
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a privately owned barn. it's not the first time these ponies have escaped to have a little fun. new on "action news" cheerios is using its buzzing hundred knee cheerio nut bee to raise awareness about the decrease in the bee population. you may notice the bee mascot is missing from recent box os of hundred knee nut cheerio's with the #bring back the bee campaign. people can sign up and show their support for the cause. after you sign up you'll get 100 free wildflower receives. cheerios is asking people to plant them in befriendly areas. a big mystery about why we're losing our honeybees. >> and an ingenius marketing campaign. >> uh-huh. i like it. i like the ones with everybody dancing in the commercials. >> they increased sales. 4:24. new on "action news" a nanny lands a dream job traveling the the world with a globe trotting family. >> also new video shows the scary moments for people in a truck as the ice below them begins to crack. that's up next.
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>> here's new video showing a moment a truck plunged into a frozen lake in canada. >> oh, my god. >> it happened as the driver attempted to cross lake winnipeg in manitoba yesterday. the man and the woman in the truck were not hurt. they escaped. the truck is though still submerged under the ice and police had issued a warning to people to stay off the ice because the lake is thawing. >> the utah couple picked a nanny to travel the world with them. she beat out more than 24,000 applicants. last year the family decided to sell their house and travel around the world with their three young children. their online request for a globe trotting nanny went viral. i might have applied for this. they narrowed down the thousands of applicants lara moore the texas native is studying special education.
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at utah valley university. they say they plan to kick off that trip in july. >> she won the nanny jackpot. >> yes, she did. >> 4:28. a live report from the lehigh valley which was the hardest hit by the nor'easter. >> let's take a live look outside looking out across penn's landing over the ben franklin bridge. of course we'll give you your full accuweather forecast as well as a look at traffic on how your roads are doing. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> freezing conditions are making for a tough clean? up from the storm. piles of slush have now turned to sheets of ice. >> for that reason it could be a slow commute. mobile6 has been mobilized giving you an idea of what your drive to work will look>>hs remain in the dark this morning after whipping winds toppled trees and freeze up some power lines across the region. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 on this wednesday march 15th. let's turn right now to david and karen. >> all right, guys, we are off there. and it's also a little bit snowy in a you believe can of corners of the neighborhood. we have a snow shower in northern bucks county, another one sort of filtering away from areas to the east of reading. that's actually montgomery county. a little bit of southern bucks picking up some of that and burlington county as well. this is stuff. wind advisory is up today until 8 o'clock this afternoon. it's in the southern half of the region. the reason why it's there, these are the areas that got some of that ice yesterday and some of that ice is still on the tree branches and wires. karen was talking about how she lost a tree. and we're


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