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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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team, nova's fans have something to cheer about. >> and the president's budget blueprint is raising plenty of eyebrows. that's next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> finally, it was time to play but strangely, they didn't start out well. that's basketball. after finishing the first half with a one point lead, they came back looking more like
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themselves and coasted to a 20 point win. it's thursday night. the big story is game one of the ncaa is in the books and villanova fans can exhale after shooting woes held them back 20 minutes. dann cuellar is outside a villanova watering hole. what is this about the abandoning of the student center for their favorite off campus tavern? >> it wasn't a surprise because we were here last year. they were here at kelly's tavern. a lot of them are wearing these tee shirts, nova madness ve
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-peat. >> for a while, nova nation was on the edge of its seat. in the end, the wildcats came out big time. >> it gives them a sense of community. they are a great team. we love them. >> it's been a fun night. >> it's been a fun night. >> it's hotter that an a wildfire and maybe hotter than a brisket. passion of the team makes them go far. >> seniors play a big role in it. they are a tight knit unit. >> you are feeling good tonight? >> feeling good. >> senior james cary was a little philosophical about the victory. >> seeing these guys on campus, they are friendly guys. they know what it takes to be team players, i think. >> they work well together.
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the support they have at school, they are a great team. >> you know, i don't know who was more philosophical james cary or the guy about the brisket? nova fans are gearing up for the game in buffalo after the game tonight. they are hoping for a v e-peat. channel6 "action news," back to you. >> let's switch to jeff skversky downtown buffalo. what about the game store? >> jim, the way this one started, everyone was nervous. a 16 seed has never upset a number one seed in the history of the tournament. the way villanova started, head coach jay wright said in the back of his mind he thought, not us. we can't be the first. villanova hangs on and survives a scare.
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moments after surviving a scared mount st. mary's, they won by 20 but they came out missing the first eight shots. chris jenkins says they were lucky they got shots in the second half and went on to win. >> we got smacked smacked in t. our learning point, we get smacked in the mouth, hang in there, take hits and throw pufnlgs and at thpunches and at, hopefully we win. >> we bounced back. they made tough shots. i'm happy. no game is for sure. you have to battle when shots aren't falling and you don't think you are playing well. we'll use this to win and get better. >> from jay wright to the players, everyone from villanova
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says they are proud the way they fought through this this rough early start. it says a lot about the character of the team that they were able to fight back and go on to win. they have a tough battle virginia tech or wisconsin come sass. we have more coming up in, in sports. >> saturday won't be easy. thank you, jeff. we invite you to stay with "action news" throughout the villanova ncaa journey, a march to repeat. not only on the road we are posting excellent content to "6abc".com throughout the tournament. we have breaking news from new york city where an emt was killed run down by her own ambulance in the bronx. the emt was flagged down by a pedestrian looking for help from an emotionally disturbed person. the emt got out of the ambulance
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and the disturbed person jumped in and ran over the emt. new york's mayor says the emt was 44 years old and the mother of five. >> six people were injured just before 6:00 tonight when a white man broadsided a subaru in cumberland county on bilgierton road. one of the injured was taken to cooper trauma center. >> it's never easy to plow philadelphia after a storm but when the snow mixes with sleet and turns to mounds of ice, it's especially challenging. >> "action news" reporter christie ileto is in south philadelphia. i know you have tales of woe. >> absolutely, jim. we have been out through south
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philadelphia. there are residential areas that look like this, haven't seen a plow since tuesday. this is how it looks down the street. residents say it's become routine that they are last to be dugout when it snows. >> it's a nightmare coming down the street. >> to cross the street is impossible. i fell twice yesterday. >> while the city continues to thaw out from tuesday's snowstorm some residents in south philadelphia are waiting for a snowplow to clear their streets. >> people that park on the street, so they can't get the trucks down. when no one's parked on the streets, the trucks don't come. >> we went through 22 and a half inches last year. this was four. >> mayor kenney says this is
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minor compared to last year's blizzard and asks people to be patient. >> i'm concerned about people's safety. >> at this point, we are used to it. just hope it warms up so everything melts and we get our street back. >> tomorrow's weather might help melt some of the snow. residents hope someone comes to help them and plow them out wee. reporting live in philadelphia, christie ileto channel6 wphl-17. >> it looks like the g.o.p. healthcare plan is losing support from the senate. there was drama on the wiretap front when the president submitted his budget to congress. monica malpass is here. critics have asked candidate donald trump how he would pay
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for his lofty ideas. tonight we have a blueprint of that from president trump. >> defense spending is increased by $54 million but that comes at a cut to other programs. >> this is to help kids that don't get fed at home get fed so they do better in school. there is no evidence they are doing that. >> trump risked programs that help his base. >> i have to go ask these folks for money. i have to tell them where i'm going to spend it. can i go to those folks and say i want to take money from you and give it to the public broadcasting. >> republicans like harold rodgers of kentucky called the budget draconian, careless and
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counterproductive. cuts to the state department endanger america. you don't fund the state department, i have to buy more ammunition. >> meanwhile a bombshell that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. they refuted the claim saying we see no evidence that trump tower was tapped. >> they said they found no indication. i'm reading from their statement. >> i understand that. at the same time they acknowledge they have not been in contact with the department of justice. >> you believe he will be indicated? >> i believe he will. >> spicer says they'll present the evidence within the next two weeks. >> thank you, monica.
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president trump may not have disclosed his taxes but new jersey legislature is trying to force his hand. the democratic assembly created a bill. it's up to long time trump ally chris christie whether to sign the bill. >> police are on the lookout for a food truck band it that robbed two trucks on monday. the fire truck owner has a warning to fellow operators. >> they have to be aware what happened to us. i'm the target today, but he will be the target tomorrow. they know this is an easy target. they can take advantage. >> police say two hours after
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the suspect held up the quality cafe, he robbed another truck at 34th and lancaster. fortunately, neither worker was hurt. that's a good look at the band it. here's an update to our story last night on a five-year-old buck's county boy found face down in the snow. in a bizarre and tragic of incident, the family dog nearly strangled the youngster while playing in the backyard. the dog tugged the boy's star of and the boy passed out. the boy's mother found him face down. >> a pioneering journalist has died. claude lewis was an award winning newspaper reporter and columnist for "the bulletin" and "inquirer" for 45 years. he mentored many aspiring
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writers and reporters over the years. he died today after a long battle with diabetes. he was 82. >> coming up, rocks raining down. tourists caught way too close to the action as one of the world's volcanos explodes. and youngsters get a chance to play on stage with the philadelphia orchestra. cecily? >> i'm tracking a weekend with rain and ?o snow showers. i have details in the seven-day forecast. >> an unexplained spike in concussions among the oldest americans when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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and has gone to five alarms. the building burning is under construction but the blaze may have spread to a nearby apartment complex. this is video taken a short wile while ago. we have no word on whether anyone was injured or what sparked the blaze that continues to burn out of control in raleigh. this cellphone video from a person in the neighborhood. something toppling over. i'm seeing it for the first time as you are, a destructive blaze in raleigh, north carolina. >> dozens of people were sent scrambling for their lives during an explosion of italy's mount aetna volcano. >> the bbc happened to be there working on a story about the recent eruption that started tuesday. authorities say the 1800-degree
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lava run went right into snow. it created plumes of steam and rock raining down on the terrified sight seers, journalists and scientists. four people are in the hospital. montgomery county officials have recovered a million and a half dollars worth of property and they want to return the items to their rightful owners. it was stolen by four men and sold to a merchant on jewelers row. viewers can view the inventory and find out to reclaim their property. >> crystal township bucks county has a new police chief. robert a. colton was sworn in. he served as chief of police in
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ewing until 2015. >> kenneth jacobson spoke to a group at at bethel. he suggested ways to respond to anti-semitism. his visit comes on the heels of bomb threats to jewish centers nationwide. health check, falls are the top cause of injury for seniors. falls are injuring their brains like we have never seen before or documented before. elderly people suffer concussions and brain injuries from falls at an unprecedented rate. the reason is not clear. maybe more are being reported. another theory, with the growing number of elderly living at
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home, they downplay their injuries worried that someone will take aware their independence. >> several youth organizations received donations tonight that could save lives. a group called siemed's funds distributed dwi defibrillators o boys and girls club. sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among student athletes. >> a local jewelry store brightened the day for women. each piece of jewelry included a rose quartz stone, the stone of healing. let's get the latest on the accuweather forecast, cecily tynan. >> we should stay dry the next 24 hours. the weekend is looking
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unsettled. double scan showing tonight we are quiet. temperatures not that cold compared to the past two nights. right now, we are hovering above freezing, philadelphia 33-degrees. wind gusts 35 miles per hour today, now down to nine. even with the wind you have windchill factor feeling like 2. 24 in reading, 20 in lancaster, 23 millville, 25 at the atlantic city airport. with temperatures dropping below freezing, anything that melted today will refreeze tonight and untreated surfaces could be black ice. high pressure over us tomorrow. then a system is moving in. last night it looked like low pressure would stay to the north, now it looks like it will move over us for the weekend bringing rain and snow showers.
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bright sunshine but winds are light. it will feel better than this morning and yesterday. 6:00, 20-degrees, 8:00, 21. later in the day, high thin clouds move in. pretty much the luck of the irish for st. patrick's day. temperatures in the low 40s. yesterday's high, 31. 11-degrees below normal but feels better compared to the last two days. atlantic city, 45. trenton, 41-degrees. we have melting going on. ch future tracker showing late friday night saturday morning, we see moisture. philadelphia, likely rain. to the north, snow showers light in the morning, low pressure over us in the afternoon enhances it. most of it rain, snow across the poconos. that low pressure moves over us, a coastal low sunday. this is something to watch.
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this brings areas some accumulating snow, not looking at a lot. snow bands wrap around. this point looks like philadelphia areas to the east get a coating to two inches of snow. the best chance of seeing sunshine this weekend will be sunday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow, nice day, sun, clouds, 43-degrees. saturday is going to be damp. rain and snow showers most of the day. sunday, light snow in the morning, partly sunny, monday, spring arrives, 52 tuesday, morning showers, 52 behind the system temperatures back to the 40s. 43 thursday and 12-degrees below normal, the high 4 43-degrees. the best part of the weekend second half of the day on sunday. >> second half of the second half of the weekend.
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>> exactly. >> young musicians received an amazing opportunity tonight. ♪ ♪ student violinists had a chance to play alongside the philadelphia orchestra on stage at the kimmel center. it's one of the programs for young people. ♪ ♪ ♪
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win. >> i think it's good for villanova. they need not to be so comfortable. jay wright was surprised. they would right the ship. they miss the first eight shots. chris jenkins 2 from 13. the freshmen led the way 21 points off the bench. jeff skversky front and center for the tale of two halves. jay wright takes the phones away. maybe a good thing they didn't have access to twitter halftime tonight. >> ugly. how about nova nation, villanova is in big trouble in the opening round game down as many as eight. they missed the first eight shots. chris jenkins misses the first ten shots.
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even coach wright admits, started creeping in the back of his mind, we could be the first one seed to lose to a 16 seed. >> we didn't start the game with energy. we always do. >> we can't afford more games like this. we were fortunate and lucky to make shots in the second half. we didn't start the way we wanted to. we want to play 40 minutes. tonight wasn't quite 40 minutes. we have another opportunity to do that. >> thank goodness the big ragoo, the kid from delaware drops 21. villanova hangs on to fight for another day, virginia tech or wisconsin next. they are still playing tonight trying to figure out who they'll see next.
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have the phones and watching the game as we speak. jeff skversky, channel6, "action news." jamie? >> nan thank you, jeff. coming up, the flyers fight for their playoff lives when "action news" returns.
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>> claude giroux says they are angry, they are a better team than they showed. for the flyers, it may have been the nail in coffin. find themselves down 3-1. later taylor hall on the break away. steve mason can't stop him and h injuries himself in the process. six points back, fall 6-2. he is the new quarterback.
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nick foals was reintroduced as carson wentz's back up. he says there's no place like your first home. >> to have an opportunity to come back to a place you had so many great relationships, i'm fortunate to be in this position. >> he looks younger. >> good guy. >> very good guy. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live next. guests tim alan, music from the mighty, mighty boston. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, david murphey and karen rodgers with traffic. >> cecily tynan, jamie apody and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tim allen, dj khaled, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from the mighty and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. hello, i'm jimmy, thank you for watching. thank you for coming to the show. we have a lot going on, beginning with the start of the ncaa basketball tournament. the round of 6


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