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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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we are following breaking news from south jersey this noon. sources tell "action news" that two infants were found dead this morning in camden county. "action news" reporter gray hall is livederw pine apartments in lyndonwald. >> reporter: it has been difficult at this point to confirm much information but as. sources are telling "action news" two infants were found dead but that was not confirmed by the prosecutors off nor the police department. but the victims are under the age of 1 and they needed medical attention. this is surderound around we believe is apartment 5105, it came if this morning at the pine apartments. it was for medical attention, we believe some individuals inside were having respiratory issues, not sure what was going on
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inside of this aparor who was i ch time we talked r earlier. >> makin going on widespr with the complex or anything like that.again, tw, ery sad i feel parents, i want to see if i can find out any information on what was happening. >> reporter: so back out live this investigation continues and sources telling "action news" that two infants were found dead inside of the apartment and that has not been confirmed by police or prosecutors office. we are working hard to get you the information and once we get it we will bring it to you. gray hall, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news from the united kingdom where police are responding to at least two violence incidents london.and lets go live to a sp report already i process.
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>> confirmation from the police authorities about what is going on -- shall endeavor to do the best i by communicating with my opposite numbers in other political parties to ensur re kept aware of what advice of policeat the moment security iouse we should remain under suspension and the ber should remain in lockdown until we receive advice that it is safe to go back to spondent is on the scene alex you are across the street from the police are not e contained. >>orge, that is not defined asn act of terror but assume this is a
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terrorist incident. those are the houseparliament a westminster. that is the westminster bridge, the traffic is stopped andnd ca buses remain on the. that is where we believe that a man went up on the car and mowed down people and drove into particlmed into the and rammed into people ande got attacked a policeman with a ual and killed. dly be at a higher state of alert. the alert level here meaning that an attack is highly likely. this is a crude attack, have seen in europe. last year in
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that terrorist who attackedng t bastille day killing80 people a people were killed when another terrorist k rilling a dozen people. the police here have not said that this is a terrorist ls here in the uk warn that an attack here in london and beyond is n a of if but on the anniversary of the attack on th. and they say thatish prime minister, teresa may was whisked away and put in a waiting car and taken away from the grounds of parliament t attack began on t, the toward and a ridgeeading photographer was an eyewitness and spoke to eyewitnesss. lets hear what he had to say.> o
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the south bank, i didn't see the car but heard wt i t just a collision. and then i looked through the window of the taxi and saw someone down obviously in great diress and a down and i started film and another person down who was bleeding profusely, i saw an incident involving at least five people seriously injured. >> we are looking at the video you shot moments ago can you describe what reaction there was and were the police already there. >> no, , this -- i started film can seconds after the car victim.nd people rushed forward >> you saw the aftermath of what
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ooks le a car driving into several people? >> i saw five people down. >> and then what happened? >> my taxi moved away. and the taxi driver informed the police and then we started hearing sounds of ambulances. >> that is the video, he saw at least five people mowed down by the vehicle. of course this put our own department of homeland security on high alert. latest on that. >> senior fbi officials and homeland security are aware and tracking this closely. the only guidance they have are what you are reporting, two separate crime scenes, one officer being stabbed at the parliament and another people
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getting mowed down by a vehicle. and an investigation is underway to see if they are and people are considering this a terrorist incident even know it's not officially described as such. law enforcement officials clos working relationship we have the british government. >> and the police in new york city are increasing security a-. >> and the president is now briefed. >> yes, by mcmaster, the president is here at the white house in meetings mostly about health care today. we haven't heard much more and we reached out to senior white house officials and find out what the president knows and what the reaction from the white house is and will be. the president made a brief comment about this on camera, they were in the room for health
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care talks, he apologized that he was dealing that situation in in london but george as you know, day 62 of this presidency and this is perhaps one of the first large scale terror attacks if this ends up being that, that president trump will respond to. >> martha is here by farm, this comes on the heels of 24 hours after the united states and great britain both announced a ban on certain electronics coming from majority muslim countries. >> it certainly did and that is what local authorities are focuses on here, those laptops from the majority muslim countries being banned from certain airports on flights into the united states. this is an entirely different kind of attack if it turns out to be a terrorist attack. so far person involved crude and
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what we know of. but whether there are others what we are addressing rights now, that is why the area is on lock down and they continue to bring in ambulances and other authorities. >> again, the british parliament on lockdown. the british prime minister is taken to a secure l and being treated in london this ive hours people seenjured so far, it appears according to police reports that the assailant was killed on the grounds. we'll stay on this all day long. >> this has been a special and of cours to follow the latest developments fromhe uk on air and online at much more "action news" including your accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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in less than to hours, philadelphia's top prosecutor will face a judge on 23 counts of bribery and extortion. district attorney, seth williams is set to be in court. >> the charges come after a two year investigation, district attorney seth williams is in court to be arraigned of this
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afternoon and his defense attorney says they will the charges. seth williams is due in court facing 23 federal charges, the indictment alleges he sought and accepted thousands of dollars in bribes and gifts and in exchange he would trade his influence as the city's top prosecutor. >> it's a violation of federal law to solicit bribes and just make yourself available to take official action in exchange for the gifts. and that is essentially the heart of what the indictment alleges. >> last month williams announced he would not run for a third term. according to the indictment williams solicited a long list of goods and services from two philadelphia business owners, the value roughly $110,000. >> in the form of money, expensive vacations, airline tickets, a jaguar xk 8
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convertible and expensive furniture and other things of value. >> he stand as accused of filing fraudulent personal statements and upon learning of the investigation, h amended the d and charges williams with defrauding a nursing home for money earmarked for a relative's care. >> he simply took money that did not belong to him and then lied about it.>> his arraignment is 2:00 this afternoon. >> meanwhile the race to replace seth williams is crowded with eight people vying for the office. beth grossman is the only republican running and the primary is set for may 16th, the information on seth williams is at, you can watch the
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entire news conference and view all 50 pages of the indictment against him and look for updates today when williams is arraigned in court. accuweather is tracking bitter cold windchills making it feel like the dead of winter instead of spring. >> david murphy is here with a first check of the forecast. >> the colder weather has returned. if you go out you need a heavy coat. plenty of sunshine out there, the closest cloud cover is this stuff spilling down off the great lakes and looks like it is stopping short of the delaware and lehigh valley, the temperature is 40 degrees and it looks like we'll settle at 40 and you are stuck in the 30s in the northern suburbs and not much better farther south in the region and wind gusts are up to 40 miles per hour in willing and 32 in philadelphia and 32 in allentown and just about any of us could see a gust popping up to 40 or so. when you combine the chilly air with the wind, a windchill feels
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like 29 degrees and we have had worse considering the other hits we have had. and obviously chilly out there and will you want your winter coat when you head out. 42 by 2:00 and i expect to be on or about the same number and 36 by 6:00 and as soon as 8:00 we are back to the freezing mark and sliding from there. overnight we get down into the low 20s and teens. however, rick and sara we are looking at a better afternoon. and things get a lot better heading into the weekend, i'll have details from accuweather. >> looking forward to saturday that is for sure. in other news, we are following new political developments from washington where the trump administration is struggling to win support for the health care
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bill. and under new suspicion after revelations of his campaign chair's new ties to russia. >> pullman fort is speaking out about the newly revealed allegations and white house has deflicted on anything to do with manafort and russia as it works on health care. >> it really is a crucial vote for the republican party and the people of our country to finally repeal and replace the disaster known as obama care. >> the day after the president's full-court press after dinner and on capitol hill. today more presidential pressure, trump working the phones from the white house and staffers scurrying back to the hill to win over the republican no votes and 22 would kill the bill and trump pulling outs the threats, saying they would be
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fools, warning their next election is on it's line. >> i don't think it's legislation is what the american people sent us here to accomplish but the fbi investigation into it's president and his alleged ties to russia. they reported in 2005, trump's excampaign chair, paul manafort worked with the russian to advance vladimir putin. >> that he launch aid ambitious pro putin stra strategy. he said this morning that the work for the russian billionaire did not involve representing russian interests. >> reporting in washington, kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." meanwhile, president trump's supreme court nomink on capitol hill for the third day of hearings, judge
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neil gorsuch answered questions from democrats for ten hours, they pressed him on his view and future rulings, despite a number of democrats calling for his confirmation to be delayed as the fbi investigates if there are ties between trump's presidential campaign and russia. police identified the man shot to death in pemberton township. shaquille williams was founded in a car on the 100 block of kinley road at 9:00 a.m. he was shot several times. overseas the the boxing attacks in belgium were remembed ceremonies in brussels and a moment of silence and king carrive, and another 16 were
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killed at the airport and more than 300 people were wounded in the attack a year ago today and isis claimed responsibility. new details about an electronics ban on flights heading to the united states from eightus majority countries. based on intelligence that associates of icy are creating technology that are targeting airlines with bombs that look like electronics. outbound flights from the u.s. do not have this restriction and the uk iss he's a nascar champion who's faced thousands of drivers. she's a world-class swimmer
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time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it is a chilly one. >> it sure is. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry and as we take a further look outside we see plenty of sunshine in camden, new jersey look across the river to society hill and the towers and bright blue skieserhead and we are loo hour and 43 is the temperature and we have to sit on or about 40, that doesn't sound that bad but with winds running out of the west at 24 hours and gusting as high as 40, it feels below freezing. a good day to bundle up. 34 in allentown and 35 in reading. no argument there cold in the north and west.
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and 42 in millville and cape may. satellite showing you we have cloud cover to the north and filtering down a lake-effect snow sort of affect, filtering out and fall ago part as it gets into the dry air here, we are expected sunshine from start to finish today. lots of sun in the lehigh valley. and windy and uncomfortable and high of 36 and windchills in the mid-20s through the best of times this afternoon shore windy and 41 feeling like the upper 20s a good portion of the day. philadelphia plenty of sun and windy and the temperature of 40 is where we have been the last couple of hours or more and where we'll be later on. the winds are gusting at 40 miles per hour adding to that chilly feel. for at afternoon and evening commute. this afternoon we fade down to 37 sore so. and 35 by 5:00 and 6:00 down to
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34. 7:00, 31 degrees, may not see the number of clouds i have in the icons, it will be bright and you'll need the shades. in terms of windchills right now we have them in the 20s and future tracker 6 showing you by 5:00 in the afternoon things don't , it's chilly and windy and windchills in the 20s in most of t. and more of the same into thursday morning, by thursday morning the winds are dying down and the temperatures are so cold we get the temperatures in the teens tomorrow morning and tomorrow will start out pretty chilly. the low 22 degrees and still brisk some suburbs down t teens and t continue to relax during the day a temperatures come up more. lots of sun and high pressure not as much wind out there. as we l the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast today isstery and colder feeling like the 20s and tomorrow sunny and cold in the morning and improve to 46 with less wind and friday 53 is the high. in the morning in the northern and western suburbs there could be freezing rain. that is something we'll track fridaymorning. the rest o the day 53 and saturday the pick of t week. we are going for a high of 72 and if we get sun outs of the clouds, we could get more. we'll allow for a spotty shower and sa not a bad day. sunday mostly cloudy and 53 degrees periods of rain we'll see clouds through the day. and 52 on tuesday and still cloudy. >> thank you david. >> well, camden's adventure
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aquarium is marking a mileste, button the turned 20 years old and gr she munched on veggies and children signed the birthday card for herigned the streets with jenny her roommate at the aquarium.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy.
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>> hello again here are stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. breaking news in london. wherey saw a man outside of btain's parliamentthe man was t, we have the latest coming. denies a giftss xim.rosecutors we are liveit latest and singer wyclef john speaks outs ing he was racially profiled. >> and details on news from london, officials say a man with a knife attacked a police officer at britain's parliament and was then shot by officers. witnesses say that a vehicle stuck several people on the westminster bridge, they are treating the attack as aist ince to stay awa from tea. the parliament is on lock down and underground subways are also
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on lockdown and british police


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