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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 23, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪
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time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." as soon as he launches, a para paraglider already knows -- >> he's in trouble. >> see the mistake that sends him wildly out of control. the viral video star is born as -- >> this rescue kitten is having the first sample of milk. >> see the ear wiggles glowing up the internet. grandma's caught doing the
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kitchen cumbia. >> the rhythm is going to get you. >> find out who takes notice when her moves reach youtube. and -- the singing backwards dude gives us a shout-out. >> i was featured on "right this minute" a little over a week ago. the guy said sing a one-liner while doing something crazier. >> now see what we dreamed up for him to do. right off the bat in this video, we're already in trouble. >> oh. >> that's no fun. >> this paraglider in france was out hoping for a beautiful day the skies. instead, an error he made packingpack packing his parachute left him like this. >> his reserve is out and getting tangled, too. >> how did it get twisted like this? oftentimes you see people inflate it above you, it's good to go and you take to the air.
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that situation, i'm intrigued to know how he got himself in the situation where the video starts. >> obviously, we don't see what leads up to this but he does say he messed up his helicoat and this to begin with he's already got something against him. and then he says haven't left enough black in the bridle. so when i pulled it out in front of me it came out of the inner bag. lesson learned. >> let's hope he gets to learn the lesson that's the thing. in these situations survival don't do that again. >> gulp. formally his reserve worked exactly the way it was supposed to. it didn't get tangled with the first canopy which you do see him pulling in really quickly. and eventually he managed to carefully land in between two lift stations. the good news is he didn't suffer any injuries and this is his reaction at that point. [ bleep ] what else can you say?
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we see it all the time crimes are opportunities that make you mad. here we are at a street market in china. you can see the woman in the red jacket holding a child's hand walking along when suddenly she stops. now, pay attention to the man in the black and white. suddenly he takes out a little utensil, pops it in her pocket like a phone. >> like a chopstick. >> that's bold. >> and it looks like he just walks away. >> well, he has an accomplice. check out the dude on the scooter. >> a quick getaway. i feel like somebody could have or should have seen it. >> somebody did. the camera followed the guy. >> that's the thing. they were watching on the cameras but couldn't get to the dude fast enough. as he turned around he hops on the scooter and they took off. camera picks up here. >> oh! >> karma is -- karma is instant. >> they get clipped by the gray car and go sliding.
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>> did they get them? >> they most definitely did. karma is swift. now, this one here this tickles me. we have all seen it riding along, and just when you hit that good speed you roll up and you see an officer. in the coach waving her radar. that's when they get you. well this there. >> i love this bakery. it's awesome. >> it's a cut-out with the lights on top. apparently this is a road in the united arab emirates. >> they drive quick there. >> yes, and there are a lot of luxury cars there. >> straight through the desert people are like 150 miles an hour crazy. >> it's a great idea. hopefully it works. i'm about to show you how one tough, handsome manly man gets all sensitive in three, two, one. >> i knew it was going to be a
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cat. i knew it because of you. >> the baby. >> this is a rescue kitten. and this rescue kitten is having the first sample of milk down in australia. >> the ears -- >> i can do that. >> that is stinking >> this is stinking cuteing dangerous though in the national park. these are honey badgers known for their voracity. you don't want to get into a fight between them. >> and you definitely don't want to get involved becau care. >> they don't care at all, you're right. they are all fighting and all of a sudden they start running for it. they run, the car pursues and whatever the beef was, it's not over.
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no one is quite sure why, there's a little laugh inside you like my wife and the beautiful christian vera. there's something about the rhythm it's gonna get you. it's just the viral video of clara. but she goes by the charge of chipita who is just dancing to this in her kitchen. >> that means spark and she's a spark of energy in this video. >> you know she is serious about that dance. >> she's having a grand old time as she's doing this. all of this was caught on camera by her grandson joaquin. he uploaded the video and thought nothing of it. but this page was like cool video. put that up. 20 million views. >> sometimes when you see that spark come up sometimes it is music, sometimes it is jokes, when you see that it is so
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captivated because it wakes them up! it brings them back to life. it's amazing. >> so many songs are connected to memories in your life. when you hear that song it will take you back to a moment when you were younger and first heard that song right? >> see the skirt move that's how i got your grandfather. >> the singers of that song saw that video because it went viral. and they recorded this special briefing for her and posted this video. then she says you're a goddess, you have millions of viewers, i would love to meet you and hug you. it's a special moment in the kitchen going super viral. the spark catching on everybody and actually becoming to a point where the artist herself felt the need to respond. >> like missy elliott. she should call her for the next video. ang ray ram versus at the time tether ball in the forest. >> he sets the tether ball up
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the goal of every allergy sufferer is zero nasal allergy symp closed captioning provided by -- nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. have a look at this video. and tell me what you think is going on. dude comes into the shot, opens the back of his car and starts doing this. >> he's creating a portal. >> is this an ad? >> no it's more of an art project. because you know if you draw a circle or outline a circle on the floor, a cat will sit in it. in this case this is an
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autonomous car trap. >> what? >> oh snap. >> using the rules of the road he's created an entranceway. no problem, you can cross that line. but once you get on the inside it's a solid line everywhere. so now if it's an autonomous vehicle it will -- >> i don't know what to do! >> that is not an autonomous car, but i would love to see a real one. does it work? >> that's not a self-driving car. however, the guy behind this james bridle published this from greece and put this together to explore autonomous vehicles. he said if a self-driving car is designed to read the road what happens when the language of the road is abused by those of nefarious intent. >> or just the way the roads are re-drawn. sometimes the old line is still there and the new one is off to the side. is it going with the old marks
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that are just a little faded or is it going with the new ones? >> hold on i can't imagine some of the engineers out there listening to us going, no no no you idiot, no! the cars have a whole host of sensors and radar and lidar and all kinds of things. they are not relying on just the lines on the road. so no. >> like there's no room for error in technology! >> he named it. autonomous trap 001. so you never know. two, three, there could be more in the future. i just found that a weird video. but when i got into the whole thing thinking about it, i got a bit worried. this is christa. she just went through surgery at uch hospital in aurora colorado. her boyfriend decided to turn on the camera and steal her nose. >> i took your nose. >> why? >> as you know people go through anesthesia and sometimes take things a little too literally. >> you can't do that. >> but i just did. >> no you can't.
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>> yeah. >> i need that back. >> no. >> she's right. you really shouldn't go taking people's noses. >> she's literally right as well because he literally can't do that. but in her his he just did. >> say please. >> please. >> here. >> why would you do that? you can't just keep going around stealing people's noses and think that's funny. what if i just stole your nose? you would suffocate. that's not funny. >> right, that's rude. didn't your mother teach you better than that? >> don't steal people's noses. that was literally the first lesson she taught me. >> what the heck is this? it's like a booker on my hand. because you bit my nose off. now my bookgers are getting every. >> she's got a good attitude and
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posted this on her facebook page. she's cool with it because it was kind of entertaining for her to think just for a minute her nose was gone. >> that's why you don't steal people's noses, okay? >> okay. somewhere down there in the deep dark forest is an animal that we have known for years. very angry, angry animal. there he is! and he is now with his maturing gray ram. >> this angry ram is becoming a silver fox. >> but he's a little older now. he hasn't relaxed in his middle age. >> a guy who hangs out with angry ram and posts these videos knows his buddy up fairy well and set the tether ball up for him two years ago. this video has been viewed more than 5 million times. setting it all up now, here's angry ram, ram bro. a little younger, his horns a little grander, he seems to be
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bulkier that this being posted back in march of 2013. here's what the bhal lookall looked like then. here's how it looks today. >> i'm survived that survived two years. that's legit. >> the horns have broken a little some have broken off and some of the tips of the ram bro's horns have busted off. >> i can't imagine why. there's no indication as to why that would have happened. >> there he is still taking out his aggressions, but sadly, very sadly, it's finally dead. >> oh! >> you mean the bull right? >> the ball. >> they are still chasing it. they are old friends. >> after all these years, ram bro still hates him. >> i love how this relationship has developed over the years. and how we have been part of it one way or another. >> a love/hate relationship. he kind of loves ram bro and ram bro takes him and everything in the world, especially basketball tetherball and just
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everything in general.y creative -- >> by creating these amazing murals inside kids' bedrooms. >> a look at his fascinating wall art. >> brilliant, genius. plus time for arm wrestling at the pub. >> this is great. everyone watch nick's face. >> i hate these. >> see what happens next. >> oh my gosh! ake a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ hit it! i wanna rock right now ♪ ♪ i'm lil yachty and i'm down if you're down ♪ ♪ i'm not the most lyrical kid known ♪ ♪ but i'm known to keep the party goin' ♪ ♪ 'cause my team the livest ♪ ♪ brightest and flyest ♪ ♪ king of the teens i speak to all ages ♪ ♪ we in sync while goin' thru all phases ♪ ♪ positivity it's what made us famous, well... ♪ ♪ so much endurance i shoulda' ran track ♪ ♪ song so good, promise i'll get a plaque ♪ ♪ 'cause
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guys probably know a few. we may have one onset here. but this guy takes the cake. because he doesn't just bring superheroes into his kid's bedroom, he brings the entire experience by creating these amazing murals inside kids' bedrooms. in this case yeah he is creating a walled mural with some of your favorite superheroes from the marvel comic series. >> so basically you have captain america and ironman on the wall. this kid is never going to be afraid of monsters at night. >> this all started by accident. he painted a really cool mural with a disney theme for his daughter. >> can he come paint mine? >> i was thinking the same thing. >> well, i'm if you invited him h friends and family neighbors, caught wind of it
2:34 am
they were like hey, adam will you come to our house and paint these? and that is actually what you're seeing here. these are wall murals that he's created for other people. >> so is he a professional artist? is this what he does in his spare time? or is this a hobby of his? >> he has a regular job, so in his treefree time he paints. >> wait stop talking, do you see that? right in front of it this time the duke boys were makeing an appearance. >> cool, that is my room right there. everybody wants to be in arm wrestling at the pub, at the swiss cottage pub in ireland. this barman here he is a strong man. >> oh no! >> don't show me an arm breaking please. is that what you are about to show me?
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>> everyone watch nick's face. >> i see you out there, i know you do not like to watch these either. so you and i are watching it together like this all right? >> i'm using my safety binoculars. >> he looks over there, he gets it done and about 20 american dollars, this is how you get him out of here. >> oh god! holy -- oh my gosh. >> is that fake? >> i'm going to puke. >> he snatches off an arm. holy cow! >> and you see, they are asking if he's okay and he's holding on to his arm. apparently he had to have some bolts in his arm. he did, he put it pretty bad. >> that's like theinator. bring that kid a glass of milk
2:36 am
or two, huh? >> he's going to need more than that. >> that was awful. why did you show that? i'm sorry i made you watch with me but that was brutal. >> you're welcome. backwards dude has another special request from a fan. >> i'm going to drive down the street while singing backwards with non hands. >> see if you can figure out which song he's singing now. >> >> that is amazing. could he do it in spanish?
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♪♪ trading-in car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling just 3 easy steps. one, get your fr. two, drive to yobuying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! t...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ thing in your camp. >> and the great thing about it is you have to drink two beers first.
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backwards dude gets some pretty interesting requests. >> hey, guys what's up? backwards dude here yo. >> this time one of his followers wants him to he wants f touch" by sam songs backwards while driving. "right this minute" a little over a week ago. >> hey, what's up? >> i love that we are just as excited to hear him say that and he is to be on rtm. that's kind of cool. >> oli pettigrew was amazed that i can talk let alone sing backwards while driving a car when most people can't even talk into their dash cams. >> well,


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