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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 25, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. health care on hold. >> obamacare is the law of the land. it's going to remain the law of the land until it's replaced. >> the reform bill pulled just minutes before a vote. republicans unable to unite behind it. democrats celebrate. the twists and turns leading up to one of the most chaotic days on capitol hill. donald trump's major setback. >> i'm disappointed. >> the author of "the art of the deal" unable to close this one. >> the best thing we can do politically speaking is let obamacare explode. >> is it the worst week of his young administration? and how does he move forward now? a look at his options. ready to testify, donald trump's former campaign chief, paul manafort, volunteering to appear before the house intelligence committee looking into russian meddling in the election. will he speak behind closed doors or in front of the
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cameras? this as committee chairman devin nunes comes under more fire from the democrats. what he's now saying about trump's infamous wiretapping claim. and elite eight. drama of the hardwood. unc's quest for redemption. south carolina's surprise. kentucky taking the night. and an amazing buzzer beater in overtime all setting the stage for the final four. hey, good morning. president donald trump waking up to a blizzard of unpleasant headlines this morning. trump and ryan meet defeat. divided gop drops health bill. there's this one, fiasco, and finally, is there a doctor in the house? >> that's a tough crowd this morning, isn't it? the associated press calling the failure of the bill to repeal
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and replace obamacare, quote, an epic, damaging, self-inflicted collapse, end quote. now, president trump, who has built his reputation as a deal maker, came up short this time. >> he and the leaders in the house decided to pull the bill at the last minute when it became very clear that they did not have the votes. their inability to deliver on what was a key campaign promise raises all sorts of questions about what trump and the republicans in congress will be able to achieve going forward. >> we do have team coverage this morning. we kick it all off with abc's mary bruce covering all of the action for us on capitol hill. mary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, for seven years republicans have promised to get rid of obamacare, but this morning that chapter appears to be closing. republican leaders and the president delivered their first major legislative defeat at the hands of their own party. >> i will not sugar coat this. this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. >> reporter: it was a stunning admission, just moments before the house was expected to vote, the speaker announcing obamacare is here to stay. >> obamacare is the law of the
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land. it's going to remain the law of the land until it's replaced. >> reporter: paul ryan conceding he does not have the votes to get it done. >> we came really close today, but we came up short. >> reporter: the speaker and the president pulling the bill after a frantic push to make a deal falls short. by midmorning friday, it was clear, conservative opponents were standing their ground. >> there are no negotiations. >> reporter: it's done. not going to pass. >> yeah, so the only thing going on now is basically arm twist twistling. >> reporter: meanwhile, at the white house the negotiator in chief who demanded they hold the vote now seeming not so sure. >> do you think it's going to pass? >> see what happens. >> did you rush it, do you think? >> see what happens. >> reporter: on the house floor the debate on the bill well under way. democrats railing against the republican plan. >> health care is a right. it is not a privilege reserved for a wealthy few. >> reporter: as the hours pass, it's clear the votes aren't there. the house speaker traveling to the white house to break the
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news to president trump. but the white house press secretary still optimistic. >> leader and the whip are doing their vote counts. the debate is ongoing. you know, we're going to continue. we are proceeding with a 3:30 vote as scheduled. >> reporter: but it was not to be. back on the hill at 3:31 p.m. as the vote was expected to begin, the announcement. >> further consideration of hr-1628 is postponed. the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> reporter: the speaker pulling the bill. >> that is the growing pains of governing. we were a ten-year opposition party where being against things was easy to do. you just had to be against it and now in three months' time we try to go to a governing party. >> reporter: but democrats declaring it a victory for the american people. >> let's just for a moment breathe a sigh of relief for the american people. >> reporter: now no word yet from former president obama but his vice president, joe biden reacted on twitter echoing that
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every american who worries about getting health care when they get sick can breathe that sigh of relief. paula. >> all right, so, mary, everybody is asking what's next. are we just going to close the chapter on health care reform and then move on to the next bit of legislation? what's next? >> reporter: yeah, paula, for now obamacare appears to be here to stay. republicans say they're moving on to their next priorities but this defeat exposes some serious divisions within the republican party and raises doubts about whether they can deliver on the rest of their agenda. >> all right, mary, thank you. mary has been a busy woman on capitol hill. >> yes, she has. >> thanks for your reporting mary. >> great job. the president is trying to put the best spin possible on this defeat saying obamacare will, quote, explode on its own but for now he appears ready to move on to another top legislative priority, as we said, tax reform. abc's david wright is at the white house this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. just like that, the white house is moving on. the president's first big piece of legislation has now gone down in flames. and rather than try to fashion a
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compromise, he's walking away blaming the democrats. >> i'm disappointed because we could have had it. so i'm disappointed. i'm a little surprised to be honest with you. >> reporter: in the oval office, right after the speaker's announcement, president trump tried to spin this as a defeat for his opponents. >> i think the losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer because now they own obamacare. they own it. >> reporter: insisting the future will prove him right. >> the best thing we can do politically speaking is let obamacare explode. >> reporter: but just last week, trump said that leaving the affordable care act in place would be irresponsible. >> it's the wrong thing to do for the country. it's the wrong thing to do for our citizens. >> reporter: on friday, trump insisted he hasn't broken any promises. >> i never said repeal and replace obamacare. you've all heard my speeches. i never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. i have a long time. >> reporter: but throughout the campaign --
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>> we're going to repeal and replace that horror show called obamacare. >> reporter: and the transition. >> that is why we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. >> reporter: he promised to fix health care on day one. >> we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. we have to do it. >> and you'll see rates go down, down, down and you'll see plans go up, up, up. you'll have a lot of choices. >> reporter: instead, it's back to plan "o." >> i think we have to let obamacare go its way for a little while and we'll see how things go. i'd love to see it do well, but it can't. >> reporter: with health care reform off the table for now, trump is now turning his attention to tax reform. overnight hillary clinton called this a victory for all americans. she tweeted out the stories of people who have been helped by obamacare and urged her supporters to stay focused
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tweeting, let's not be distracted. let's continue to stand up, organize, resist. dan. >> yeah, democrats claiming victory certainly. david, thanks for your reporting. there's so much political news to chew on. joining us right now tara s setmayer, a former communications director. she is on set with us and also in washington we have political contributor kristen soltis anderson or ksa as dan likes to refer to. you were on capitol hill during the vote. trump sold himself as the negotiator in chief, as the dealmaker. how big of a setback is this for him personally? >> well, it is certainly a setback. he, as we saw in the package leading up to this, he bragged about that it would get repealed and replaced day one immediately. he sold the american people on the idea that he would be able to get this done, and it's a heavy lift. trying to repeal something as large as obamacare, which is basically one-fifth of our economy, is not something you can do overnight, which i think was the folly of the gop controlled congress thinking that they would be able to do
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something like this in 64 days. they did not spend the time and invest the effort into messaging it to the american people to sell this bill. however you felt about it, i personally felt there were significant flaws in this bill and they could do better, but the democrats spent a year, barack obama was out on the trail for almost a year selling the affordable care act to the american people, which turned out to be not quite true with you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, but they sold it, so you did not see that same level of buy-in with the republican plan and i don't think donald trump was really completely committed to this despite what the public face on this really is. tax reform is something you can see he's more invested in. i don't think he really wanted to get into the details of health care. >> got you. >> kristen, let's bring you in, because the question is now what's next? we're talking about tax reform. he has an ambitious legislative agenda which also includes infrastructure.
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this is a big stinging defeat. what does it say about his ability to work with republicans getting more done going forward? >> it shows governing is a lot harder than he probably imagined. and it shows that the house lo more diverse, has a lot more varied interests than perhaps donald trump was ready for. if there are any two things that you woulth republicans would agree on, it's repeal and replace obamacare and let's reform the tax code. and so with the first sort of going down in flames yesterday, it's a question if the second will work. it's also important to think about how these were sequenced. part of the reason why republicans wanted to repeal and replace obamacare first is because it would save the government a little money, meaning when they go to change the tax code, they can cut taxes a little further. now with obamacare still in ano >> kristen, will let me ask you too because americans are justifiably concerned about health care in general. trump maintains democrats are eventually going to come to him when obamacare explodes according to him. so, what right now is the future of health care? >> i think right now the future
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of health care is obamacare. it's the law of the land. the law that was passed back in 2010 is what we've got and so i when voters begin to say, look, in my state the health insurance exchange only has one plan. i don't actually have choice. we want congress to do something. that's when the pressure will mount for congress to take action again. >> do you see that happening, tara? >> yeah, absolutely right about that. as much as we want to see -- try to prevent what's coming down the pike with obamacare because it's only going to get worse, that's true, democrats know that for sure, they've actually dodged a bullet somewhat for right now. but the rubber will meet the road by the end of this year and i think there will be -- the political climate for the electorate will be a little bit more malleable in selling an obamacare fix or replace than they are right now, because, like i said, the gop, paul ryan, even donald trump, they didn't do a great job of selling why this was so important right now,
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so, health care is a very personal issue, and it's very complicated but when people start to really feel it en masse more so than now, i think you'll see a political climate more open to radical changes. >> tara setmayer, kristen soltis anderson, we really appreciate your input on this saturday morning. thank you. as if the health care debacle wasn't bad enough, there's news this morning on another story that's been dogging president trump for months, russia, trump's former campaign manager, now says he's going to testify before congress about his ties to russia. this as democrats are saying the investigation may be tainted by partisan politics. paul manafort, who was the chair of the trump campaign for several months and who oversaw the republican convention has now volunteered to testify before the house intelligence committee. it's not clear whether that will happen publicly or behind closed doors. >> we will allow people to come forward in whatever manner that they want to come forward and we will work with them as long as they're willing to come in -- especially if they're willing to come in freely. >> reporter: we're also learning there will be another appearance before the committee next week
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from the fbi director james comey, who recently revealed that the investigation into russian meddling in the presidential election is also looking at whether people tied to the trump campaign may have colluded with the kremlin. comey made it clear recently that the president's now infamous claim that his predecessor wiretapped his phone during the election is untrue. but this past week, the republican chair of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, went to the white house to personally brief the president on reports that members of the trump team may have been caught up in government surveillance during the transition period. trump said he felt vindicated. >> do you feel vindicated by chairman nunes? >> i somewhat do, i must tell you i somewhat do. >> reporter: but on friday nunes clarified his position. >> there was no wiretapping of trump tower. that didn't happen. >> reporter: democrats are now intensifying their call for an independent commission to investigate saying chairman nunes has lost credibility and is covering for the white house. >> he, it seems, continues to be
8:14 am
more loyal to the president than our duty to have a search for the truth that is independent and collaborative. >> yeah, making matters even thornier democrats are also outraged that nunes has canceled the scheduled public hearing in which former obama administration officials had agreed to testify about the russian investigation. >> it's that drip, drip, drip of russia. all right, so let's pivot away from politics on this saturday morning to a frightening scene in las vegas. >> this is breaking overnight. guests at the famous luxury hotel, the bellagio, sent running after word of an armed robbery, and abc's jim avila is on the story in los angeles. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. a chaotic scene unfolding at the bellagio hotel and casino. this morning panicked guests fearing that there was a shooting. police now confirming it was an armed robbery. witnesses saying it lhappened a the rolex store. the search is on right now for suspects. >> one of the subjects is armed
8:15 am
with a mask. >> reporter: police saying the thieves smashing cases at the store and taking off with the merchandise. witnesses telling abc news the suspects had hammers and at least one of them was wearing a pig mask. >> there was a group of people and they were all looking towards the rolex store and i noticed a person in a pig mask and he looked like he was holding something long and black in one hand and then noticed that he was holding what looked like a gun in the other hand. >> reporter: guests fled the hotel in confusion. casino tables left empty. patrons fearing there was an active shooter. police confirming this morning no shots were ever fired and no injuries reported. police say they do have some people in custody, but the serve is still on for suspects. authorities are now reviewing surveillance tape. they say all of the suspects were wearing some kind of character masks. operations at the hotel have resumed. certainly a frightening scene playing out in one of the most popular casinos in las vegas.
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dan and paula. >> iconic spot. jim avila on the breaking news, thanks very much. that pig mask eerie. >> sounds like a movie script. we're relieved to hear everybody is okay this morning for developing news out of las vegas. so, rob, we missed you. had reports of golf ball size hail. dozens of reports of severe weather. and wind damage across northern louisiana associated with the front pushing east. new orleans, memphis, nashville, all will see severe weather as this front pushes off toward the east. tomorrow we'll recharge the atmosphere, several waves coming through. severe weather coming through this week, tomorrow looks like
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tornados in classic tornado alley. rain in chicago, 82 yesterday. in the 30s today. that's a slap in the face. spring showers across the northeast as we go through the rest of the weekend. that's a check of the national headlines, here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we have lots of clouds out there this morning, even patchy drizzle, nothing too terribly heavy, just drizzle and spotty shower. as we go live on sky 6. lots of clouds upstairs. temperature-wise, get a load of these numbers, 73 degrees high today. could get as high as 74, 75. tomorrow it's a struggle just to reach 50.
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nowithstanding. >> thanks, buddy. >> a lot of other news this morning and for that, let's kick it over to ron. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back, robert. we begin with the trump administration's mandatory electronics ban on flights from eight majority muslim countries going into effect this morning. the ban prohibits passengers from those nations from flying to the u.s. carrying on board laptops, tablets, cameras, dvd players and electronic games, cell phones and medical devices are exempt from that ban. and the government of saudi arabia this morning confirming that the suspected attacker in wednesday's deadly attack in london was in that country three times since 2005. british authorities releasing this photo of khalid masood, a 52-year-old british citizen. isis is calling him its soldier. police in london launching more raids and questioning two men trying to find out if masood acted alone. and back in the u.s. in georgia, a small plane crashed into a home and burst into flames in cobb county.
8:19 am
that is near atlanta. that happened friday evening. plumes of smoke could be seen from miles away. the pilot of this small plane died in that crash. fortunately no one else was hurt. the family who lived in the home was attending church at the time. the cause of that crash is under investigation. and the former president of penn state university is now facing up to five years behind bars for his role in the jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. a jury finding graham spanier guilty on one count of child endangerment. he was charged with failing to report to child protection authorities complaints against sandusky then an assistant football coach. spanier was acquitted on two other charges. and basket after basket after basket, phoenix suns guard devin booker on fire pouring them in and pouring it on as he racked up, check this out, 70 points last night against the boston celtics. it was the most points scored in a single basketball game since kobe bryant's 81 points 11 years ago. he made 21 out of 40 shots. even the hometown boston fans
8:20 am
you see there cheering him on. even with booker's 70 points, the suns were eclipsed by the celtics, 130-120. >> so the celtics still won. >> yeah, by ten points. >> let me tell you as a bostonian that's the only reason they were clapping about that. >> and finally, there's more, a police officer in temple, texas, thought he had cornered a runaway he had been chasing, the perp trapped behind a fence but then things changed. check this out. the officer's dash cam capturing this chase of a runaway cow. the cow goes into a fenced off area, so the officer gets out to close the gate. oh, no. >> charges. >> whoa. >> the bovine with a beef with the police. apparently that cow, i believe, still on the loose. that's fascinating. if you see it coming this way, call temple police. >> long arm of the law. >> could have used some athletes over there. >> yeah. >> speaking of athletes -- >> that's what we call a segue. >> nice work. >> we have a heart warmer for
8:21 am
you. sharita taylor started the special olympics, the world winter games by chatting with our own robin roberts and now the u.s. athlete is finishing them off with some new hardware. she's taking home the bronze medal for ice dancing. the cleveland native had a long list of people rooting for her including lebron james who even sent her a good luck message and this could be just the start. taylor and her twin sister are being called the venus and serena of figure skating. >> we had them on last weekend. they are incredible. >> they're cool. >> they're really cool. >> it was so great to watch. there were some photos out of them being hugged by family and their coaches, just great stuff. >> good for them. they're so inspiring. those smiles that just light up the room. all right. thanks, diane. >> thank you. >> thanks, diane. coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, we've got new details about harrison ford's close call with a passenger jet. for the first time we're going to hear what he said to the tower after he skimmed right over a plane waiting to take off. plus, making history on the hardwood. south carolina going deeper than they've ever gone in the ncaa
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tournament, plus the david versus goliath battle that's brewing between xavier and gonzaga. stick around for march madness mania. >> michigan -- >> yeah, they're thought. thanks for reminding us. "good morning america" is brought to you by lowe's. the moment you realize the only part of your lawn growing like weeds is the weeds. at lowe's, our personalized lawn care plans help you create the yard you want. all projects have a starting point. start with lowe's. hurry in and get 50% off scotts ez seed at the lowe's "refresh your outdoors event." ♪ [ alarm ringing ] like your alarm clock -- right on time. your double-soy whatchamacallit -- always there. your parking space. [ car alarm chirps ] seriously? girls' night -- always there.
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old. >> time for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast., limited sun, up to 73 for the first time in a long time after. there could be a spotty shower, tomorrow we get in the chilly weather, maybe 50 degrees, most of us stay in the 40s, look for clouds and drizzle. gray? >> thank you so much. a text alert helps philadelphia police track down burglars. the story on now back to "good morning america."
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, crushing defeat. a defiant president tr pority, r he failed to get enough support for his health care bill pulling it just minutes before a vote in th also right now, high-flying battle. environmentalists are vowing to fight back this morning after president trump officially gives the keystone pipeline that will the u.s. the green light promising that it will create new jobs. now, president obama had blocked construc citing concerns over climate change. and preparations are under way in hollywood for a public memorial service later today reynolds and carrie fisher, the mother and daughter who died
8:31 am
wiinitill be serenaded by john williams, the composer of "star will be plenty of singing, in fact, fisher's beloved bulldog gary is expected along with her if you'd like to partake, you can. go to, they will be streaming live the memorial at 1:00 pacific time. >> two amazing women and i love that she named her dog gary. >> great. >> amazing when they give people names. >> says the man who named his cat -- first here this half hour harrison ford's mea culpa after his plane incident in his own words. >> and for the first time we are hearing what he told the control tower after flying dangerously close over a jetliner and making that landing over a taxiway and abc's stephanie ramos joins us with details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. this was a really close call. harrison ford's plane barely missed an airliner with more
8:32 am
than 100 people on board. abc news confirming harrison has now been interviewed by the faa. >> possible pilot deviation and i need you to call the tower, advise. >> reporter: in new audio from harrison ford's frightening close call on the runway, the actor admitting his major mistake and revealing for the first time what may have happened at orange county's john wayne airport. >> i'm the -- that landed in the taxiway. >> reporter: explaining he was thrown off by another plane. >> i was distracted by the airliner which was in movement when i turned to the -- to the runway and also the turbulence from the landing. >> reporter: the actor, an experienced pilot, mistakenly landing his plane on a taxiway instead of a runway. >> for some reason his mind said that taxiway is where i'm going to land and i think that's the left runway so the distractions may have led to the ultimate mistake. >> reporter: barely skimming right over an american airlines 737 that was waiting to take
8:33 am
off. the pilot he flew over calling in as well. >> the tail of my airplane is 42 feet tall. so when he went by, you can get an idea of how close it was. >> reporter: and it wasn't the only mistake made during the flight. earlier he referred to himself as a helicopter, not a husky single engine plane. >> helicopter -- l.a. helicopter, helicopter, oh, i am sorry, husky eight nine hotel uniform is -- >> the real concern here is that we saw mistakes even from takeoff. so, the real question is, , was he just having a bad day or was the series of mistakes an indication of something more serious? >> the faa says the investigation should wrap up within a few weeks. no comment this morning from harrison ford himself. dan and paula. >> and, by the way, we know you're joining us from d.c., you have been in the abc family for a year and a half but you're making your debut on "weekend gma," so we want to say thank you for joining us and
8:34 am
welcome to the family. >> thank you very much. i totally appreciate it. abc has been great. thank you. >> and stick around during the commercial break. we'll talk about the elaborate hazing ritual everybody has to endure. >> okay. >> no big deal. don't worry about it. >> i'm ready for it. i got you, dan. >> thank you, stephanie. >> thanks, stephanie. let's check the forecast yet check this out, they had a bit of a snow drought across colorado the last few weeks, take a look at this, 20 inches of snow for skiers. we do not discriminate, you want a taste of the swiss alps go to colorado. we'll have 70s across the philadelphia, the east mostly mild temperatures getting in the 60s and 70s feeling like spring as you get toward the middle part of the week. storms in the pacific northwest
8:35 am
and something interesting happening in the atlantic basin. this could become something tropical it can happen anytime of the year outside of hurricane season. that's a check of the national headlines, here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning knowledge everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. back home we're seeing clouds and scattered drizzle. we'll see a combination of sun and clouds, more clouds than sun, but it's very, very mild, comfortable high of 73. well or her. >> name him gary. >> yeah. >> name him a people name. >> my bunny's name is frank. >> i love it. >> your bunny. >> i thought you had a buddy. >> i have a pet bunny and his name is frank. >> as in easter hopping bunny. >> two long ears and hops around. he's adorable.
8:36 am
>> moving on now -- ♪ here comes franky cotton tail ♪ coming up, what a night for march madness. espn's tony reali recaps the battle for the elite eight and looks ahead to tonight. >> can't wait to check in with topanga. and a "star wars" update. how will carrie fisher's death affect the next movie due out in time for christmas? the story ahead in "pop news" with diane who also has a pet bunny, right? >> frank. (vo) my name is bryan and i make dog chow in davenport, iowa. maggie's got the personality of a puppy. she likes to play fetch, go on hikes, she's a very family oriented dog. dog chow's been a part of my family's life for over 40 years. my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. my name is bryan and i'm proud to make dog chow in davenport, iowa. no time for a bath? johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths. they're twice as big as regular wipes,
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♪ good good ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ well, we had to wait a while but we finally got our buzzer beater, the first in this year's march madness, the florida gators beating the wisconsin badgers in spectacular fashion, overtime. espn's tony reali with more on the teams making it to the elite eight. >> reporter: this morning we have an elite eight but not before a touch of madness. >> showalter. oh! >> reporter: in the first overtime game of the tournament a nail-biter between wisconsin and florida. the badgers forcing overtime with this incredible three-pointer from zack showalter. >> my goodness. >> reporter: then in overtime seemingly snagging the win with
8:41 am
two free throws with four seconds left but then this. >> chiozza. >> reporter: chris chiozza, a gators buzzer beater, the first of the tournament. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> reporter: along with florida, the dance continuing for kentucky. >> in for two. >> reporter: what a night for the carolinas. >> nice look to jackson. >> reporter: unc on their quest for redemption after ending last year as a runner-up cruising to a 92-80 win over butler and surprising south carolina, a seven seed going up big early never looking back. >> this is for three. yes! >> reporter: surging to a 20-point win over baylor. >> and tony reali joining us from d.c., tony, i'm scared to ask what your bracket looks like so let's move on to the elite eight. >> you can ask me what my bracket looks like. i got it right here. a lot of red. it looks like olaf. how great is that? my artwork is getting better,
8:42 am
is it not? let's move on to the elite eight. >> who do you like? >> good to be a florida gator right now. the way they won yesterday. our first thriller of the tournament. they had to go the length of the floor in four seconds. this happened at about 12:45 a.m. local at madison square garden. they looked good. kentucky and the way they pulled away from ucla yesterday was the most anticipated game of the tournament. the wildcats really made a statement and they're peaking at the right time. and i should say this also, ucla freshman phenom lonzo ball after the game announced he was going straight to the nba. so a bit of news as well but nobody has looked like kansas. the jayhawks have to be the favorite right now. they're averaging 96 points a game and oregon will have their hands full with the jayhawks. >> okay, a lot of -- a game that a lot are anticipating, xavier. this is the david versus goliath. xavier the 11 seed taking on gonzaga, number one. >> gonzaga so used to being cinder the cinderella right now. they're on a streak and
8:43 am
their number one fan is bill murray, who is having a great fan. he is a cubs fan, he is a xavier fan, so for gonzaga, a game they had never won before. they've never been to the final four. they'll have to play better than they did the last game and play their best game of the tournament so far. >> hopefully bill murray will be in the stands for that. tony, we hope to check in with you tomorrow. great drawing. >> how about my artwork. do you give me the thumb's up on my artwork? i think we nailed it this time. >> i have to give you an eight out of ten but definitely hit it out of the park with the outfit. dan says you're looking dapper. >> i have a vested interest in today's show. >> tony. >> i rescind my compliment. >> you are better than that, man. you're better than that. >> is that part of the hazing? >> not at all. he passed a long time ago. >> ron claiborne, you're better than that, tony. you're better than that. >> whoa, whoa. no, no, no. >> all right. tony, we'll see you tomorrow. you're looking great. >> see you comic-con. and coming up on "gma," your summer vacation guide. we're giving you exact dates on when and when not to fly straight ahead in our weekend download. we're right back.
8:44 am
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all right, in today's "weekend download," we're getting a jump start on summer and travel and it always plays to plan ahead. here to show us how is genevieve brown, our lifestyle news editor. great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> a don't in this is the day when you should not travel. >> okay, you should not travel on july 9th. it's the sunday after the fourth of july. it's going to be the most expensive day of the summer travel, about $100 more than the average ticket. now, in general sundays are a day to avoid because they are popular with both business and leisure travelers, july in general too very expensive right behind christmas and thanksgiving as the most expensive time of the year. >> what's the day to travel?
8:48 am
>> june 6th. i'm glad you asked. it's the cheapest day of the summer so far. it's a tuesday. >> that's not really summer. >> here's what i'll tell you. if you can't travel on june 6th, look to the second half of august, in particular, august 22nd going to be an inexpensive day. for cheap tickets look on tuesdays no matter what time of year you're traveling? >> how does this summer compare to last summer in terms of the prices you're seeing for travel? >> so, really good news. airfares are trending slightly cheaper, about $20 less per ticket. that said, you should expect the prices are going to go up. as the summer near, right now the average price for a ticket this summer is about $380 so keep that price point in mind while you're shopping or getting a decent deal. >> book early. >> book early. and you get your choice of seat too. >> that's always very important. genevieve, thank you very much. rob says summer is right around the corner. so he says. we're right back with "pop news" and a bunny named frank. named frank. s. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
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"good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. time now for "pop news." diane macedo is here. what's popping? >> we got news for "star wars" fans this morning. as fans are preparing to honor carrie fisher at a public memorial this morning, we're learning more about what to expect from her up come role. fisher finished shooting when she passed. now disney sea bob iger says the film remain as is. the exact tress, of course, plays princess leia turned general leia and many were wondering if the movie would be rewritten to deal with her death. she appears throughout the film and they're very happy with it, no change is needed. "the last jedi" hits theaters december 15th. there's at least one film left in that franchise. >> i expect we'll see more. >> speaking of which, the power rangers reboot is gearing up for a franchise of its own. the film's producer tells a si.
8:54 am
it turns out the production team already intended on creating six installments while developing the first film which is out now. he also says they've already started working on the second one and, dan, i know you're a big power rangers fan so i know this one is special for you. >> uh-huh. >> dan is one of the original power rangers. >> yes. finally your horribly misspelled name, no longer the only reason to post a picture of your starbucks order. the coffee giant has taken some regular photos, posted on instagram to formulate a cult favorite drink. so it's called the medicine ball or the cold buster. it's basically jade, citrus, mint tea, peach tranquility tea. it's in half hot water and half steamed lemonade and then it's topped off with a little bit of honey and you can get an optional pump of peppermint in there so the whole thing became popular because people started ordering it and posting it on instagram and it just sort of took on a life of its own. 40 different managers said they were making 50 a day so starbucks finally capitulated and said we're making it
8:55 am
official. >> we have jade, citrus. >> jade tea, peach tea, honey. >> lemonade. >> and then it's half water, half steamed lemonade. >> steamed lemonade. >> we got you >> there you go. >> good for you. >> it tastes mediciny but in a good way. >> the medicine ball. >> hitting the spot. >> theol everybody. >> thank you, diane, cheers to >> they didn't spell our names at all. >> rob is a tough one to spell. >> how about yours? >> rob, ron, dan, paula, diane. >> feel well, ev great "pop news." everybody. thank you for watching. have a great saturday. >> we'll all be healthy tomorrow.hepoon? ere is the spoon?
8:56 am
>> i'm gray hall coming up next "action news" saturday at 9:00. the gop healthcare bill for lack of support. a home in south philadelphia broken into overnight. what police say the suspects got away with. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and a whole lot more all next on "action news" saturday morning. a pleasant good morning to
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
you, saturday, march 25 i'm gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news." healthcare bill busted, what led to republicans pulling the bill minutes before it was expected to be voted on. an attempted home burglary
9:00 am
is stopped in its traction, how technology was used to save the day. a fire breaks out at a motorcycle club in new jersey. you'll hear why crews had to badge the flames from outside. those stories, but first let's turn our attention to the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. can we dance today? >> reporter: do you want to dance? >> during the break. >> reporter: [laughter]. let's get you outside, this will be the warmest day since the month of february, i know that sounds odd. but we had 70s in february four times. we turned the calendar page into march it's a completely different story we get the chilly weather in here and snow and the whole nine yards. we're seeing the mild stuff return. we're at 56 degrees in philadelphia. look at the 60s showing up to the south. we should get into the 70s later on. 60 in millville, atlantic city, wilmington, 57 dover pushing 60. we're at 56 even the poconos


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