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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  March 26, 2017 9:00am-10:22am EDT

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after a shooting at a nightclub in ohio. the latest on the developing story. and dueling rallies face off, details on the tension a ah in center city. plus, teenagers in delaware pull and all nighter, we'll we'll explain those stories in a a moment, chris sowers repn philadelphia yesterday, now thi. the cold wthve on sky6 live hd n penns landilit breeze,thursday,s
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lookrday, some locations city,. what we're seeing, 37 in saint david 41. 40s for the sou. 42 in cinnaminson. 42 in glassboro. when youll the numbers feel like the low to mid it's a little bit blustery out there this morning. satellite and radar cloud tt ohio and tennessee valleys. it will stay mainly cloudy occar during the afternoon or patchy drizzle. it will be similar to yesterday, the numbers are 30 degrees cooler forecasting a high of 49. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the warmer numbers in the accuweather seven-day forecast. developing right now, one person is dead and 15 years
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injured after a shooting at a cincinnati, ohio overnight. police say shots rang out at 1: a club. investigators believe there were multiple shooters. they say there's no indication that the shooting was terror related. the saturday night crowd is a young one. while there have been incidents in the past, this is by far the worst. >> i believe there was a large crowd earlier this evening, when the shooting started. a lot of chaos, people trying to get out of the way, get out of harm's way. >> investigators are checking to see if surveillance cameras the video will lead to any suspects. no arrests have been made. a motive is unclear at this time. rallies were held across the nation and right in philadelphia this weekend in support of and against president donald trump. >> the dueling rallies was billed as make america great
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again, in many places, scuffles broke out, it is reflex of how divided our nation has become. >> reporter: bob brooks was at the ral yesterday. >> reporter: the day tarted out as a pro independence mall. >> i wanted forth country and veterans and >> reporter: the crowd heard from numerous speakers and songs. a mostlymarched around the mallo vieght flares igniting flares and smoke burning things on the man who organized the trump rally said the plan wasm the mall to the art museum stems to cancel the march for fear>> we e fact of the violence. children.oncerned
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>> reporter: saturday the market street instead, many times they tried our cameras. once they reached chaos erupted. trump rally decided to march, some masked, as well, the pte today, groups were set tobut n, two groups that couldn'tmore din politics took to the philadelphia street. the one step ahead to insure safety. march, keeping things in easy, and seemed like it was on the breaking point. things never got violent because of the job done by the men and women in blue. the only thing that would were two citations that were handed out by the police department. what an incredible job by the
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police department in keeping things in order. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> president donald trump weighed in on the rallies without addressing the conflicts, he tweeted thank you for all the trump rallies today, amazing support we'll make america great again. new allegations this morning against the trump administration former national security advisor, michael flynn is accused of talking to turkish officials of going around the extradition process to remove a turkish cleric who lives in pennsylvania. turkish president has accused the cleric of directing a failed coup. the u.s. government has refused to have gulen extradited. president donald trump vowed in a tweet that the
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current healthcare atlantic will implode. he promises a new plan will emerge after house republicans failed to garner enough votes to pass their failed healthcare plan. mike pence was in west virginia yesterday reassuring small business owners. >> congress was not ready with 100% of house democrats and handful of republicans standing in the way. >> republicans in congress have not said what the their next move is, but the administration said it is moving to tax reform. >> right now a man is in critical condition after an suv jumped a curb and hit him. it happened as he was leaving the restaurant early this morning. take a look at the scene on conchester way inlare. the man was leaving the restaurant when the vehicle hit him trapping him underneath.
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he was rushed to no arrests have been made. a night fire in north philadelphia. it at 10:00 p.m. man tside then unit at temple aken to the hospit burns, no word on what srk jerss christie is calling on have cuba return wan convicted of killing a state troop. a 2 millr capture. yesterday marked the conviction for the death of troop edn the new jersey turnpike in
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chessimar was sentenced to a life in to castro granted ae local hero awarduntion at fight. after he threw himself williamsuf jaw, but the teacher was not nfl player l was garden section to raise money for families whose children are battling cancer all part of the still strong foundation. the inaugural event coincided with the second anniversary with his daughter's cancer going into remission. leah was treated at children's hospital in philadelphia. chop is one of the local from the event. >> dozens of wilmington all
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night, the lack of sleep we allf women it supports b that raises money for pdcancer. >> as much as cancer suc ks itc and got hoops. >> sunday morning edition of "action one , which c saddest in the u.s. celebratitwo hollywood's ml for debbie reynolds and
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daughter, carrie we'll be going backstchris sowers, you better bundle up if. the
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most difficult part of a massive 6800-ton ferry. three years ago ferry ferry san.
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hundreds of fans showed puo celebrate the lives of debbie f. heren sons of personal pictures of the musicae reynolds dance studi for tho to los angeles to take part. >> n who couldn't afford to my mother would have wantedwe needo getting t loss. >> r2d2 was there, too. >> a much lighter note here
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advances on toilet technology are on display in san francisco. the japanese company calls theme world. they are eventsthey have heated0 to $5,000. every penny. warmers?er: did you say the laughter].d to me. let's get you outside, swi weather. as we go live on sky6 lived, mrn the clouds locked in once againo
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see any kind of sunin today. it will be this way right through tuesday, genet you saw there. we'll see clouds break t wk. howers mayn live is clear for pop up over the next coupl o an. laic city, 81 degrees,e lancaster, 76. we manag with limited sun. of sun, everybody would be in the . it was warmthest since -- warm est since october 21. the arrows are out of the are in the low 40s that's why that would be a diffe or july on
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temperatur iing anything like this. chilly, we're seeing windchills. we'll see hig 40s it will feel live the upper long. sateit mid atlantic and therepitation e north and another band outvernit tonight it will lift stretches from p the delmarva, l lift the warm front to the north. southwest we'llike yesterday, not as warm, but 70 degrees. the water vapor the coast of three bringing shod
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periods of rainfuture tracker 6r this afternoon or steadier rainn overnight tonight,rothat will s. steadierai and most of the afternoon will feature a lot oft or miss shower or heavier downpour and again we'll do it . breezy and cooler, showers, 49 degrees, not a washout by any means, but bring an umbrella to be safe. winds out ofto 20 miles per hou. tempts plateauing in the mid to upper 40s, numbers are not going anyw lots of cloud cover, hit or misd drizzle. suburbs, 46
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for center forecast, 69 degrees for we'll do today. 49 today, 69 tor thunderstorm on tuesday, 72. and sun, 65. finally begins to breakdown by,. guess what,next weekend, fridayd saturday look just imagine how a couple of we. >> thank you. a teenager set a new guinness world records with his head. 16-year-old tae , right? a guinness wook of world
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differently. maybe that and now you can . all for $79.99 per month, for the first ar it's the onlyntvr service foo years. and verizon wi
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fios mobile app, data-free. saddest cities, jackson mississipp fattest, followed by memphis, little rock and dallas, texas. the allentown bethlehem area
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came in 45tphiladelphia camden,n region -- region, 65th. this is the longest running study in the world to look at birth control. researchers in scotland followed 46,000 women for up to 44 years. women who took the pill had a lower risk of ovarian and colorectal cancer. important questions remain regarding the lock term cancer risk associated with the pill. the. the american heart association trying to improve medical care for the elderly. the group said doctors should focus on the person's functional ability and daily quality of life. factors like strength, balance and the ability to perform daily
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household chores can offer a better picture of health than taking blood pressure. doctors should be doing simple tests like making sure sure a person can walk across the room. >> reporter: a
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everyone, 9:24, sunday morning,d the delaware and the lehighlls. lots of clouds out there, limited sun, if any 50 degrees at the shore. 49 for philadelphia coming o yesterday's high of 77. the poconos maybe iwill be chilh of 42. we have a couple of frontal systems we're watching. philadelphia sits right there. area of low pressure right here northwest of detroit. what we have is down to the south. this is the same front that came through yesterday and knocked the temperatures down. mid to oh,s, low 80s
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for -- 70s low 80s for some. it has stalled out to the south. all this is wind. this front will lift to the north as the low lifts we'll get back into the sector. watch what happens to the windy. look at the arrows, they are out ocean temperatures in the 40s. the switch out of the south that's a south/southwesterly breeze that will put temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. >> thank you for the update. sears says there is doubt they will keep their doors open. company shares hit an all time low last month, continue to fall. ac regulatory filing, sears holding corp lost $2 billion last year. the corporation said the ability to sell assets such as stores
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and store leases, could be limited because it needs the assets to pay for the pension plans. they employ 140,000 people. experts are recommending yn stored in the cloud from hackers, make sure private publ. you don't have to handle over information when you're -- hand over information when you're asked. especially a security number. take extra precaution checking out as a guest rather than storing billing information on a retailer website. that way if that site is hacked, thieves cannot get your person information. jay-z is teaming up with weinstein for a special about trayvon martin. he was shot and killed by a white man, he was acquitted.
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the projects are based on two books written by the incident and the aftermath. corey booker may have started a romance with mondayy kaylig. he delivers the vine, i guess anything to get out of newark. they went back and forth with friendly banter on twitter, it was then that booker asked her to dinner in newark, of course. she said yes. that's one way to do it. >> we'll see what happens. >> 9:27 the time. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. former vice president joe biden was at the 76ers game last night. here what he said about child abuse and neglect. >> meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it will warm up, when "action news" continues.
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in our suvs, you feel every mountain
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we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. replace the affordable care act, president donald trump promises to put together another healthcare bill. dogs in danger in thailand make a nine thousand trip to the u.s. details on where they are now. >> two people are injured in a fire, what crews believe sparked a blaze. >> outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers, it's a bit chilly today, chris.
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>> reporter: felt better yesterday, windchills are in the 30s. yesterday we were in the mid 50s some locations pushing 60 degrees and now we're in the 30s with the winds. feels like 21 in the poconos feels below freezing up there. if you're heading north to do skiing add layers. 34 in allentown. 33 with the wind in trenton. 39 in millville. wilmington, 37. satellite and radar we're not going to see the warm march sun today that will not help matters, either, normally on a chilly day when you get a day in march, the warmer sun tends to help things out. again with all the clouds you won't see that. you'll have the raw wind out of the east/northeast 15 to 20 miles per hour, cloud cover and temperatures barely getting into the upper 40s, a raw day. future tracker 6, we set it in motion for you, we're watching this band of moisture right here, on the left-hand side of
9:31 am
the scene. it's trailing to the north an that will lift up a warm front that is stalled out to the south over washington, d.c. and pittsburgh. winds will shift out of the southwest we'll get into the warmer stuff. that will arrive tomorrow. today, chilly, raw and damp. periods of drizzle this afternoon. maybe the occasional shower, otherwise it's breezy. a dull day. high temperatures 49 with the winds, feels like the up 30s, not the way we wanted to finish the weekend, it could be worse. we've seen worse in the last couple of weeks. when i come back we'll talk about the warmer temperatures heading this way in the seven-day forecast and several chances of rain. >> president donald trump will go back to the drawing board on healthcare. he is still vowing the afford annual care act won't be around for long. >> that comes as rallies were held in support of and against the president. david wright has the latest from the white house.
9:32 am
>> reporter: in ohio, california, and even the jersey shore, fist fights and mayhem at pro trump rallies as protesters crashed with supporters. in huntington beach, california, pro tersers allegedly pepper sprayed one of the organizers, witnesses say a group of trump supporters attacked and beat him up. the highway patrol ended up making several arrests. philadelphia's independence mall, police cut short another trumpy, citing safety regions. the two side squared off and sounded off at each other. police caught in the middle. ths trying to reassure supporters. vice president mike pence was
9:33 am
out in coal county. >> we'll end the obama care nightmare and give the american people the world-class healthcare they deserve. >> reporter: the president seconded that on twitter predicting obama care will explode and we'll all getting together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry. former obama administration officials say that partly depends on him. whesdz this things will -- when he said this things will explode is part of that in his power. >> that's inheriting an overseas war and deciding you'll let the soldiers get killed because it wasn't your idea to enter the war. >> that was abdomin's david wright reporting. this week with george stephanopoulos will have more on the trump's administration failure to pass the human being bill. mark meadows discusses what this means, this week is coming up at
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10:30 a.m. following this broadcast. >> 9:35, an abandoned dog in north philadelphia has a second chance at life it was left abandoned trapped inside a crate in an abandoned home with no food or water. one man made it his mission to save the animal. jeff chirico has his heartwarming story. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: ramon rodriguez gets emotional talking about what he found. >> i got the keys last night. >> reporter: inside a home abandoned by addicts in his north philadelphia neighborhood. he recorded as he saw a pitbull locked in the cage no food or water living in his own waste for what he said was two weeks. >> i'm here to help.
9:35 am
when i opened the cagey didn't do nothing, he liquid me. >> reporter: rodriguez said he was tipped off the dog friday night. he is known about saving outline sort of animals, many live in his home. >> i rescued that right there, that's called bingo. >> reporter: he is a pig. >> >> bingo the pig. as for the dog he named diesel he is healthy and >> i have an idea what it is to be in a cage, but that's my life mission to get him out of the cage, he doesn't deserve to be locked up, man. he had no choice. >> reporter: the pennsylvania spca took custody of the dog late last night. they plan to evaluate him and put him up for adoption. jeff chirico channel 6 "action
9:36 am
news." >> now to another animal rescue story, some dogs from asia made a roughly 9,000-mile journey and call the delaware valley their new home. the providence animal shelter rescued these dogs from the streets. they were taken to the shelter in media in hopes of giving them a better life. >> these dogs came from a shelter down there, they had no way out, because we're a live saving organization and can open our doors to helping those in need we're ain't to do that. >> the shelter said the dogs will be put up or adoption starting monday morning. >> from our new jersey newsroom, fire investigators believe a propane barbecue grill may have caused a fire that damaged three townhomes in burlington county this weekend. the viewer video shows the flames in medford yesterday.
9:37 am
three townhomes were damaged in the two-alarm fire. firefighters say use caution before firing up the grills as the weather gets warmer. >> be careful with the propane gas grills. we don't know if that's what it is, that's what we're looking for right now in the area of back deck. >> injuries were reported three families were forced out of their homes by the fire. >> friends family and fans gathered to pay their final respects to joni sledge. ♪ funeral services were held to the legendary singer in north philadelphia yesterday. sledge was a philadelphia native and one of the foundings members of the 1970s r&b group sister sledge. they were well-known for the break-through album, we are family. she was found dead in her home in phoenix, arizona march 10. she was 60 years old.
9:38 am
form vice president and delaware's first son joe biden was in town for a special occasion he was at the basketball last night. during half-time, the philadelphia 76ers organization donated 20 $20,000 to beau biden organization forers a tendency y it's not my business, it's a family issue. a child abused is not a family issue. a child abused these are all our children. they>> in addition to the donan a portion of last night's ticket sales went to the beau biden foundation. >> it's such an important one.
9:39 am
there's much more to come on "action news." >> apple unveils a social media app we'll tell you what clips let you do and how soon you can download it. >> several buildings in england collapsed overnight injuring dozens of people. what investigators believe caused the incident. let's go live to sky6 live hd, a shot of penns landing, hey do you like rollercoasters, because we're going to ride today meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we see you after the break.
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>> thousands of people got their rear in gear early this morning to raise money and awareness in the fight against collin cancer. it took place -- colon cancer. ali gorman was there to emcee the event. chilly morning for a run this morning, chris.
9:42 am
>> reporter: perfect for a run, you don't have the sun blaring down on you. >> spoken like a true runner. >> reporter: if you're not running, yes it's chilly. we'll go live on sky6 live hd, looking at the masonic temple in center city. it's cloudy out there, damp and chilly. temperatures have taken a nose dive. we were in the upper 70s yesterday, low 80s in some locations and now we're seeing windchills in the mid 30s. this was sent in by ginny down in cape may at the point. this was the back door cold front sliding there, this is where the bay meets the ocean, that came in with a rush of cold air. when the line pushes through, the cold air behind it that's the leading edge that work over the bay southwest into the state of delaware, now it is stalled out over the washington, d.c.
9:43 am
metro area and stretches westward into pittsburgh. it will return in the form of a warm front as we head into the overnight hours tonight. tomorrow morning, we're back in the 60s and 70s. pressure is rising. winds out of the east at 17 miles per hour. the ocean temperature is only 43 degrees that's why it's so darn chilly out there right now. the ocean temperature is chilly. the 24 hour temperature change anywhere from 15 to 21 degrees colder yesterday. we were close to 60 degrees this time yesterday. now we're seeing 43. 30 in the poconos. trenton, 41. cape may, 43. millville, 45. a pair of 40s for wilmington and lancaster. you can see where the front has stalled east of pittsburgh and south of washington, d.c. to the north it is chilly, south it's mild. 58 in pittsburgh, 5 # in
9:44 am
charleston, 57 in roanoke, 58 in richmond. this is the air mass heading this way monday and tuesday. radars looks like, a couple of showers, steady to heavy across the appalachian mountains and the northern portions of the ohio valley. we're not seeing severe weather or downpours or anything like that. this slides through overnight tonight and sets up a dreary start to your monday. clouds break and maybe peeks of sunshine by monday afternoon. today we're locked in pretty good, drizzle or scattered showers, otherwise it's cloudy and breezy and chilly. it continues through the evening hours. overnight tonight, cloudy and chilly and damp occasional shower or drizzle. tomorrow morning, it's the same thing, stagnant pattern here. this will persist tomorrow morning. after lunch, things open up
9:45 am
somewhat, an isolated shower or two develops in the afternoon, tuesday we do it all over again. as we look at temperatures, chilly today on the cooler side of the front. tomorrow the front lifts to the north and the winds shift out of the southwest, 60s and 70s. if that's not warm enough for you, low to mid 70s tuesday afternoon. showing 66 by 7:30. around 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., we should be around 72, 73 degrees, 49 in philadelphia today, breezy and cooler with showers later on. reading 45. 53 in dover. cape may, 50. overnight tonight, a brief period of rain, temperatures holding steady in the mid 40s, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows the warmup tomorrow, 20 degrees tomorrow, 69 degrees, morning rain followed by peeks of sunshine during the afternoon and stray shower later. tuesday, cloudy, 72. wednesday looks good, 65 degrees, thursday,
9:46 am
combination of sun and clouds, 59. the next system moves in here brings more wet weather for friday and saturday. >> right in time for the weekend. >> reporter: perfect, right? >> you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of the day on our website >> the time 9:46 a.m., the company in australia has combined the love of a spa day with the love of babies. look at that cute baby. baby spa perk offers spa services for the newborn offering infant massage. it may improve sleep and muscle growth. they insist the treatment will strengthen the bond between parents and child.
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9:49 a.m., 30 people were injured after several buildings collapsed in england. it happened overnight. debris could be seen scattered along the road. crews say two people were seriously injured and 32 others were taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. investigators believe a gas explosion caused the buildings to collapse there. about 20 people were evacuated from homes in the surrounding area and moved to a nearby church as a>> in this morning's technically speaking, apple has
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unveiled a new social media app that creates sleek videos to share on sites like facebook and instagram. they string together video clips and photos and music and add filters and emojis and narration. it will be available for free in the app store for apple. you don't have to say goodbye to instagram live videos. a new update gives users the ability to save videos and rewatch them later. they can reroll, not the app itself. it does not save comments like number of viewers or live interaction. guess who this is? this is jeff bezos. he tested out a mechanical suit.
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to focus on robots in space. it is almost 14 feet tall and designed by a south korean company. the designer has worked with pan sonic and intel and paramount and more, that's why it the design looks like it belongs a movie. that's a look at technically speaking we'll be back with sports.
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>> turning to sports it's not looking good for the flyers if they hope to keep playing in the
9:54 am
post season. >> history was made in the elite 8 as more brackets were busted. here's jeff skeverski with sunday morning sports. >> reporter: the flyers shot of making the playoffs is less than 1% after former flier sure -- sergey stopped shot after shot. it comes back to haunt them in columbus where they have not won in 12 years. sure gay stone walls -- sergey stone walls jake borachek. it is deflected in, flyers down 1-zip because sergey shut it down. flyers lose, 1-zip they are 8 out with 8 games to go.
9:55 am
thanks a lot bob. >> they got lucky, couple of times they didn't know where the puck was be we didn't get the rebound. he is the best goalie in the league. we put a lot of shots in the net, but nobody cares we lost the game. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: nobody cares they lost the game. flyers in pittsburgh later today. talk about all the teams, villanova, the only one seed that is not in the elite 8 this weekend, if you have kansas winning it all, tear up the brackets. formers sixers coach larry brown on hand for the elite 8 game. tyler dorcey beats the clock, 27 for tyler. ku beat up. number one chances upset losing by 14. or -- oregon is going to the
9:56 am
final for four for the -- final four for the first time in 80 years. crazy turn of events against xavier. williams bounces it off the floor and goes in his own bucket. xavier at the buzzer, it goes in, but it's called off not in time. down ten at the half, it slims further way, watch out, move it or lose it. they are going to the final four for the first time in school history. they will play south carolina or florida. move over vince vaughn we have a new wedding crasher, eerlings -- eagles offensive lineman brandon brooks crashed a wedding after being invited to a wedding by a fan he doesn't know or never melt. he showed up at the wedding in ohio to see the couple.
9:57 am
jeff lane admired brooks wrote him a letter asking him to come, why not, free food, free drinks and a great time. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day! >> there's much more to come on "action news." a special guest at a phoenixville high school. while brian westbrook surprised a teacher with an award. former vice president gets overshadowed by joe biden when he meets joe biden. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast >> welcome back it is
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 a.m., sunday, march 26. in the news, more questions than answers after a deadly nightclub shooting in ohio. what we're learn being the gunfire. >> details on a crash that left a person in critical condition in delaware. >> plus, pro and anti-trump rallies are held in center city. what happens when the two groups face off. >> those stories in a moment, but first the meteorologist chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. hi, chris. >> reporter: a cooler accuweather forecast, good morning to you, gray. look at the way the temperatures tumbled, even the jersey shore managed to get into the low
10:00 am
70s at one point. the back door cold front slid through in the span of 3 hours places like wildwood dropped 20 degrees, 70 at 5:00 p.m., to 50 degrees at 8:00 p.m. atlantic city, 81 degrees by 3:00 p.m. the back door front slides through, and 12 hours later they are down to 51 degrees, that's a 30-degree drop. we saw 15 to 25-degree drop in temperatures throughout the entire delaware valley and lehigh valleys. quakertown, 38 degrees, pottstown, 38. saint davids, 42. center city, 44 degrees, hammonton, 43. atlantic city, 42. gandys beach, 44. vineland, same thing. it's thanks to the east northeasterly breeze, there's the culprit right there. ocean temperatures, 43. the ocean is in the 60s and 70s that's what the air temperature would be. it's a chilly ocean so it's a chilly air mass today.
10:01 am
as we get into tomorrow and tuesday we'll see things slowly start to improve. here's satellite and radar cloud cover across the entire mid atlantic, no rain, maybe a scattered shower this afternoon or patchy drizzle. most of the steadier stuff arrives after sunset. here's the day planner. lunchtime, 45. 2:00 p.m., 47. 4:00 p.m., 48. yesterday we were sitting at 77. huge difference, 6:00 p.m., 47, scattered showers, 8:00 p.m., 46. guys? >> developing this morning, one person is dead and are 15 others injured after shots were fired at a nightclub in high overnight. what caused the shooting still not clear. trish hartman live with the developing details. trish, what are you learning about this? >> reporter: we're getting new information on the shooting all morning long. police in cincinnati are saying only one shooter is responsible for this attack that left one person dead and more than a dozen others injured. earlier police said they thought
10:02 am
a couple of shooters opened fire at the cameo nightclub around 1:30 a.m. police are investigating whether others were involved. are 15 people were shot and some drove themselves to area hospitals others taken by ambulance. no motive was determined, but police do not think it was terrorism related. a body was removed from the scene after 6:00 a.m. one person is in critical condition at the hospital. >> it was a large crowd earlier this evening, when it started, but just a lot of chaos, obviously when the shots went off trying to get>> this nighta trouble spo incident is the worst by five. li i center, trish intman channel 6 "action news." critical conditionit him.
10:03 am
it happened when heurant early s morning. take a the scene in bear restaut when the vehicle hit h rushed td the driver no arrests have been made. a man aously burned duringa philadelphia around west rush the building taken toe burn unitversity hospital in critical condition. a woman was taken to the hospital with third degree burns, no word on what sparked the blaze. >> rallies were held across the nation and right here in philadelphia this weekend in support of and against president donald trump. >> the dueling rallies were billed at make america great
10:04 am
again. in some places scuffles broke out. >> reporter: "action news" reporter, bob brooks was at the rally in center city. it started out as a pro trump rally. >> i wanted to put forth my support for the country and the veterans and president. >> reporter: they heard from numerous speakers and participated in patriotic songs. a mostly masked protest group marched around the malls igniting flares and smoke and burning things on the road. according to the organizer of the trump rally said the plan was to march from the mall to the art museum steps. he was asked by the philadelphia police to cancel the march. he complied. >> we were asked to cancel the march because of the violence. they are concerned about men,
10:05 am
women and children i can understand. >> reporter: saturday the protest group marched down market street instead. many times they tried to block the cameras. once they reached logan square chaos erupted. some members of the trump rally decided to march. some masked, as well. the protesters caught wind. the two groups were set to clash. but never were able to, philadelphia police department was the star today as two groups that couldn't have more differing opinions on politics took to philadelphia streets. the police were one step ahead to insure safety. plus both groups were able to march, keeping things in order was not easy and seemed like it was close to the breaking point. things never got violent because of the job done by our men and women in blue. after everything you saw, the only things that happened were two citations that were handed out by the police department, what an incredible job by the police department in keeping
10:06 am
things in order. reporting from independence mall, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> president donald trump weighed in on the rallies without addressing the conflicts tweeting thank you for the trump rallies today, amazing support we'll make america great again. >> meanwhile, trump said in a tweet that the affordable care act will implode one day after the house republicans failed to garner enough votes to pass the healthcare plan. vice president mike pence was in west virginia reassuring business owners. >> with 100% of house democrats and hand. of republicans standing in the way of the plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> republicans in congress have not said what their next move will be. but the administration said it
10:07 am
is moving on to tax reform. 10:07 a.m., from our new jersey newsroom, governor chris christie is calling on the federal government to have cuba return a woman convicted of killing a state trooper. joann chessimar was convicted in the death of trooper warner forrester who was shot and killed after a traffic stop on the new jersey turnpike in 1973. chessimar was sentenced to life in prison and escaped to cuba in 19. where fidel castro granted her asylum. a student was who -- was honored by the freedom foundations of valley forge after he threw himself over a teacher during a fight. williams suffered several broken
10:08 am
bones and fractured his jaw. the teacher was not hurt. form nfl player devon still was in spring garden last night to raise money for families as children battle cancer all spatter of the still strong foundation on the second anniversary of his daughter going into remission. leah was at children's hospital in philadelphia. it is one of the local hospitals that will benefit from the event. it was the love run this morning, the run raises money for local charities. roads in the area, closed, expect delays. they will be off limits to you until noon. a teenager's prom proposal goes ahead. why it's capturing the hearts of all who watch it. >> plus, a tornado rips through
10:09 am
arkansas. we'll take a look at the damage left behind. >> now, let's look live through sky6 live hd, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. warm yesterday, cold today. what will happen tomorrow? we'll tell you. >> a section of the vegas strip
10:10 am
is back open after a fatal shooting and standoff. a gunman opened fire killing one
10:11 am
and injuring another on a double decker bus. he barricaded himself inside a public bus. four hours later the gunman surrendered to police. 10:11 a.m., a tornado ripped through arkansas leaving a trail of destruction in its path. we'll show you the video right there. it dpll -- demolished mobile homes and ripped up trees. the national weather service confirmed the tornado as an ef-2 with winds topping 120 miles per hour. >> it is that system that's giving us colder air. >> reporter: fortunately we are on the more stable side of system. we don't have to worry about that, but you have to worry about the cooler temperatures. it's a dramatic change from yesterday when we topped out in the mid to upper 70s with a few of us reaching 80 degrees or
10:12 am
higher. it was a lovely day. the back door front slammed through and the winds shifted off the water. the ocean water is chilly. there's a man doing striper fishing on the water. the temperatures on the water are in the 40s. there could mist falling along the coast, but most of the precipitation is off to the north, or well out to the west. 49 degrees that's the high temperature we're shooting for today, after yesterday's 77 that's a good seven degrees below 66. the low temperature was 42 which is a tad above where we should be for this time of the year. windchills in the 30s, look at the direction of the arrows because of the easterly breeze, ocean temperatures anywhere from 4 to 42 degrees, as long as wind continues to blow out of the direction it will be chilly. after midnight, the winds will shift out of the southwest, the numbers will start to warm. all afternoon temperatures in
10:13 am
the mid to upper 40s, feeling like the mid 30s north and west by 4:00 p.m. or close to 40 or a degree or two warmer than that south and east of the city. satellite and radar this system right here lifts the warm front which is stalled out from pittsburgh to washington, d.c., it lifts everything to the north and winds shift out of the southwest and we get the warm stuff again. unfortunately it will come at a cost, we'll see rain after midnight tonight. storm system number one and two and three push through on a track. they have to clear out before we see the return of sunshine. this may bring severe weather today and tomorrow, and bring a thunderstorm to our neck of the woods on tuesday. storm system number one brings clouds and patchy rain and drizzle overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. it is this one right here we have to watch closely because
10:14 am
the atmosphere becomes unstable as the temperatures start to warm. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cloudy skies and occasional shower patchy drizzle not a big deal. overnight tonight, same thing. tomorrow morning, steadier rains north and west, you will need to allow yourself extra time to get to work abdomin -- and school. late morning, afternoon we'll see that clear out. peeks of sunshine maybe an isolated shower later on. doesn't look like a bad way to start your monday, after the morning, at least the afternoon looks that way. tuesday, these are rainfall totals, most of us should be on the lighter side. a couple of downpours could develop with thunderstorms tuesday afternoon, that's why you see the elevated numbers from philadelphia points south and east. wilmington, two inches, same thing with dover, that's assuming you get underneath a thunderstorm tuesday you will see a couple of downpours. otherwise most areas will see a half inch of rain over the next few days. breezy and cooler that's the call from accuweather today.
10:15 am
a couple of showers, 49 degrees is the forecasted high, windchills around 40. all day long stuck in the muck. 47 by 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 48. same thing by 5:00 p.m. overnight tonight, cloudy and damp, rain developing after midnight. 42 degrees outlying suburbs, 46 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the warmup tomorrow we're up 20 to 69 degrees. after the morning rain, the afternoon doesn't look all that bad. clouds, peeks of sun, hit or miss shower. 73 degrees tuesday, watch out for a late-day thunderstorm. could be on the stronger side, 65 degrees wednesday, thursday, sun to clouds, 59. more rain heading this way for friday and saturday. >> i could take the rain, but if you say the other word. >> reporter: we've moved on. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenny was on hand to help honor the memories of two two firefighters this weekend, mayor kenny joined the mural arts director to
10:16 am
finish the mural of joyce craig the first female firefighters to die in the line of duty, heinz died in 1997 and worked in the same neighborhood as craig. a teacher in philadelphia got major praise this month and a guest was there to make it a special occasion. jeanette reyes shares the story. >> reporter: the spotlight is something that this high school teacher doesn't seek out. though he was thrust into it for good reason. hundreds of fee -- phoenixville high schools students packed into the auditorium to hear brian westbrook speak. >> this is something about a teacher -- >> reporter: westbrook presented the citadel heart learning aware to thank area teachers for what they do. an incredible 2200 nominations
10:17 am
were submitted by students and parents for 1100 outstandings teachers. >> when a teacher suffered a dramatic injury she. she -- much to the surprise, mcnaughton was chosen as a final list. >> accepting the award from one of his favorite athletes nearly left him speechless. >> amazing, brian westbrook one of the greatest running back of his of all time. >> one of his star students helped make it happen with a letter. he cruised his personal time to stop by the girl's house to insure she didn't fall behind when she suffered a dramatic brain injury. >> he helped me catch up on my
10:18 am
work. >> it made me happy to want to continue to be the guy i am. >> reporter: he is one of the finalist going for the prize, he will find out in may if he is not winner. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> mariah carey will be offering a new gift for all this christmas. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas. the singer and universal home entertainment are rolling out an animated movie with all i want for christmas is you. it will be delivered via home video this december.
10:19 am
10:20 am
>> it is time to check out what's going viral in the social corner. >> this is where we chat about the videos and image also on fake and youtube and a whole lot more. >> a boy in kansas asked his friends with down syndrome to the prom. the reaction is the sweetest thing you will see today. >> that a yes? you're going to love this story, the moment was shared on twitter it's like half a million times. high school senior said
10:21 am
15-year-old carlie whitman loves doritos. he said i am a not your typical dorito, but i'm going to be cheesy and ask you to go to prom with me. >> she decided to go to prom with a senior. >> love that. now to an update to a story we brought you last week, a woman in north carolina was reunited with her wedding dress after her husband accidentally donated. she and her husband realized what happened, the donation had sold the 1,000-dollar dress for $20. she posted on facebook and hoped that the person who bought the dress would see her post. they tracked down the buyer who kindly agreed to return the gown. it's no secret that former vice president joe biden a real
10:22 am
charmer, just like me. >> right. >> he met another biden on capitol hill, biden the puppy. the same name pair shared an adorable meet and greet that went viral. little biden is a 4-month-old golden restever who shares big biden, he was there to speak out about the gop healthcare bill. his appearance may be forever remember when the biden the snow met biden the puppy. >> that's adorable. >> tell us what you think about the videos by going to facebook and twitter accounts. >> inside story is coming up later on 6abc. here's the preview. >> reporter: good morning we have a big show coming up on inside story, we learn the charges against seth williams and take a look at the charges and ask how in the world who
10:23 am
should have known the guidelines, finds himself in this position. what does it mean for the other district attorneys trying to prosecutor -- prosecutor, what does it tell us about the political system in our city. you want to stick around and hear what they have to say, we'll see you later on inside story. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
10:24 am
the dinosaurs' extinction...
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don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. >> one more check of
10:26 am
accuweather chris. >> reporter: break out the sweaters again, but tomorrow you're back in shorts. 49 degrees windchills in the upper, low 40s, monday, rain, 69 degrees, tuesday, 72 watch out for a late-day thunderstorm. wednesday is quiet, 65. thursday increasing clouds high of 59. more rain, joy, joy friday and saturday. >> thank you chris. this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up at 10:30, here's the preview. >> reporter: good morning, coming up this week lessons learned from the week did you work the trump presidency. we'll talk about the loss on the obamacare repeal. the two men responsible for the defeat, mark meadows and chuck
10:27 am
schumer, questions over the russians involvement in the campaign, we talk to roger stone coming up on this week. we're following several days of rage and evidence gathering what british authorities are saying about the terror attack in london. do they think the suspect acted alone. with our weather trying to turn the corner to full spring, the urge to soak up the sun is growing stronger, but doctors say keep a few things in mind before heading out. now for gray hall, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll you back here at noon.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
>> fails to close on his first big promise. the president blam democrats. >> i think the losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, because now they own obamacare. >> now, the fallout. how deep is the damage? what will it take to get back on track? does his new presidency need a major reset? and how will trump handle


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