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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news" is prison time for two former aides to chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni were sentenced for their roles in shutting down lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 as part a political vendetta and questions remain on how much their former boss, chris christie, knew of the plan. nora muchanic covered the sentencing is live from newark with the full story. >> reporter: rick, the federal judge who sentenced the two called their actions an outrageous display of abuse of power and the bridge gate trial exposed a political culture other you are with us or against us and if you are against us you pay a price and two players now have been sentenced to jail. the lawyers for bridget kelly, once the governor's chief of staff asked that the mother of
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four receive home confinements. instead the judge sentenced her to 18 months behind bars for her role in bridge gate. she was the writer of the infamous text, time for traffic problems in ft. lee. >> i want to assure my kids and everyone else that this is far from over, i will not allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case. >> she testified she told governor christie in august before it happened and the governor consistently said he did not know about the political pay back scheme to publish the democratic mayor of ft. lee who would not support his re-election. >> one day at the appropriate time. she no doubt will give an interview and lay out all the faces as she knows them to be. >> former law maker, bill baroni was christie's top appointee and he got two years for his role.
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he apologized for making poor choices but did not speak after advice from his lawyer because an appeal is planned. >> mr. baroni and miss kelly abused their positions in the government, used government resources, to settle a petty political score. and they showed a callous disregard for the welfare for the people they were suppose to be serving. >> reporter: now both kelly and baroni are free on bail while they are appealing their convictions, former u.s. attorney paul fishman whose office tried this case says just because governor christie was not charged doesn't mean he was not involved. and governor christie met with president trump at the white house and trump tapped
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christie to head a special commission to head the opioid abuse commission. christie says he will focus on increased law enforcement and addiction treatment. a contracted school worker is under arrest in upper darby after it was discovered he had a gun on school grounds and had 40 rounds of ammunition. that dominique jordan dropped a bullet in the bathroom of the middle school and jordan came to the office looking for his bull and they searched him and found several load said clips and a glock in his backpack he works as an aide for the special needs student. he is charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds. it was a crime that sent shock waves throughout philadelphia. the christmas eve killing of a beloved store owner, marie buck
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was killed in her own store allegedly by a gunman bent on revenge and that gunman was in court to face murder charges and vernon odom is also there and live in center city with more on that emotional hearing today. >> reporter: good evening rick, late today judge patrick dugan must stay on trial for the killing of marie buck on december 24th of last year. this man maurice green is held on charges stemming from a notorious christmas eve murder. marie buck was shot 11 times inside of her southeast corner store that morning. buck's grandson and girlfriend testified that they are drug addicted that regularly bought heroin from maurice green and schemed to steal a 5500 gold chain from green to buy more
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drugs and they believe that green went to the store looking for the grandson who was not there with revenge the motive. >> whatever it may be come to someone's home and ask them for the money you don't just walk into a grocery store and brutally kill them. you aren't get the money back. >> and they played video of a chevy impala, that matched one of his cars driving through the neighborhood and a man with his face covered and they say that it resembles him. >> it was him revenging -- revenge to hurt my nephew and hurt us. that is just -- i'm sorry that uncalled for. >> green entered a plea of not guilty and the buck family is bitter and screaming for justice if green is indeed convicted of murder. >> i want him to have the death
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penalty or life in prison for something like this. >> rick, again maurice green entered a plea of not guilty earlier and his trial date has not been set. live at the criminal justice center in center city, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. nearly 3 years after a woman went missing in newcastle delaware a judge has declared nefertiti trader presumed dead. she has not been seen since june of 2014 when she was forced in a silver accura outside of her home on freedom trail and the court ruling does not impact their search for trader or her attacker. the fbi and newcastle county police are offering a $30,000 reward in the case. camden mayor, dana redd announced she will not seek a
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third term and announced a successor and endorsed frank moran to succeed her and she did not say what she plans to do next but plans to spend more time with her fam. >> i truly hope i have not let anyone down in my efforts because i know i gave my heart and gave my best and i gave everything i had to give to stand camden up. [ applause ] redd took office in 2010 and said that serving as mayor is the most satisfying experience as her life and supporters say she led the city to financial health and set a positive example of progress. it is the big day at temple university. temple's media and communication school officially changed its name in honor of a broadcasting pioneer that has ties to 6 abc. a dedication ceremony is held on campus now for what is called the lewis klein college of media
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and communications. walter perez is covering the celebration and is live from temple's campus with more. >> reporter: rick, you know that lou klein is a giant in the industry and for us one of the people that helped to launch the "action news" format in 1970 and it was more about renaming the school and about honoring a great great man. >> lou klein's career includes many titles, producer and executive and even pioneer but lou's wife janet says there is one title he holds above all else. >> teacher is always been and always will continue to be lou's innate skill. >> and so how fit that the school where he began teaching television courses in 1952 is now temple university's lou klein college of media and communication. and over the years mr. klein did
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more than teach. produced shows like bandstand and captain noah. and today's emcee who took time to address mr. klein directly. >> you are an exceptional man and one of the most caring giving people, i feel like you are faxly to me. and it includes channel 6 president and general manager, bernie prazenica. >> he taught thousands of students but has a way of making each one feel like the center of his attention. >> and mr. klein donated a tremendous amount of money to his beloved school but when it came time to receive the honor he took time to talk about his wife. janet nothing would be anything if it were not for you. >> are you my life. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was really,
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really touching i have to tell you and to put it into perspective there is not one broadcast company in the delaware valley where you won't find several people that were hped,d by lou klein. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" at 6:00 tonight. student chefs go head to head in a heated competition with the culinary futures on the line and a 9-year-old golfing prodigy from montgomery county gets set to play on the biggest stage. and sunshine returns today and a storm system bringing severe weather from the west brings us a soggy start to the weekend. we explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and ducis rogers with sports and more when "action news" continues tonight:
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they are the chefs of tomorrow. a number of high school students that traded in the classroom for the kitchen today. as part of a city wide culinary competition and there was quite a bit on the line, and you could say that their futures are at stake. jeanette reyes has the tasty details tonight. >> it's about the chicken hoping it turns out right. i have a them meter but you have to make sure it's not undercooked. >> the heat is cranked up and not just on the chicken. >> how do you feel right now. >> excited. >> the beauty of the plate and timing and getting it right.
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>> 18 aspiring chefs from philadelphia high schools battle tropical disturbance out at this kitchen on drexel university's campus to compete for tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships. c cap has awarded $50,000 in scholarships nationwide. and accomplished chef richard grouseman founded c cap on a culinary mission. >> everybody was eating fried chicken and pizza and i wanted to change the pallet of america. >> the pressure is on and now the students have two hours to come up with their masterpiece and the judges will be watching closely. >> this is the tasting table. >> it has forks and knives, being fundamentally sound is important and knowing your way around the kitchen. >> a full ride scholarship worth $40,000 and now it's a whopping $120,000 up for grabs.
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no pressure. >> that would be excellent. you know. i would love to win any prize but first place is first place. >> results will be announced on april 6th and considering last place is $2,000 students say it's worth the wait. >> it will change their entire life. reporting in university city janet reyes, channel 6 "action news."
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ducis is here with sports and a lot of optimism from management. what else are they going to say? >> jeffrey lury keeps a low profile these days. but the nfl owners meeting in arizona. the eagles owner is speaking publically about the state of his football team. everything centers around this man, carson wentz he believes he is the centerpiece they have long needed.
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and the reason is simple. >> humble and hard working to the core. and you know, i think we have seen guys come into the league that have that. and you hope he is one of those because the best quarterbacks in this league lead from hard work and being humble and they are very smart. >> teams go deep into the playoffs, the quarterbacks are leading these teams. so you know, if it's tied in my success we'll make sure that you know we are doing everything making sure we are doing things right. >> the phillies are five-day as way from the games counting for real. the game opener is monday in cincinnati. and mike franco goes deep in that one and the other squad facing the tigers in lakeland and they look good against jason verlander. the big ball gives the phillies
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a 3-2 lead and they go on to win 8-2. the sixers are back home after havea road trip. the flyers need to win them all and they won last night. topped the senators 3-2 and jordan wheels scored in the third period and the shootout. they are six points out with six games to play. they host the islanders tomorrow night. golf's biggest major the masters is a little nor than a week away and while 8-year-old trevor is year as way from getting a shot at a green jacket he will be at augusta. jeff skversky as his story. >> reporter: is he one of the best golfers in the country and he can't even drive. a car. >> a third grader from west grove in chester county one of only 80 kids in the entire nation and one of the youngest to qualify for the dry chip and
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put contest. >> excited i get to put on number 18 where all the professionals putted. >> after beating out tens of thousands of kids, trevor gets a chance at the 18th hole where he hopes to sink a big win. >> are you going to win? >> hopefully. >> of course you will win. >> trevors love for golf teed off four years ago when his father bought him a set of golf clubs and now he gets to caddy for him at the masters what a dream job. >> he qualified in september and i have not been able to sleep. >> trevor leaves for augusta tomorrow and hopes it's not his first and last trip to the masters. he hopes say it went in on the tour he is shooting to
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be a pro golfer. >> i know who i'm bringing to the station golf outing. >> we knew him when. quick break and cecily tynan has your accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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not one cloud out there. we deserve it. bright and sunny. >> i saw some sunshine finally. >> it has been almost a week. >> temporary but finally. things are changing and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry out there now and the action cam taking a look along the banks of the schuylkill 30th street station and this was a chamber of commerce kind of day with the blue sky, the sunshine and temperatures running slightly above normal. for this time of year. welcome back sunshine today's high 62 degrees and that is 5 degrees above average and the big deal was the sun. the first sunny day since last thursday, it felt on the cool side with winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. and people were in a good mood to finally see the sunshine, it has been almost a week. however it's a bit of a buzz kill. friday things are changing and i'm tracking a storm system that will bring us a good soaking rain and the latest computer
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models are more juicy than before. showing all of them close to 2 inches of rain forbe philadelphia. we are looking at a washout on friday. so friday you need the umbrellas and need the sunglasses, 60 in philadelphia and temperatures mild and allentown 55 and cape may 55 and trenton currently 57. satellite and radar showing we have high pressure over us right now, and what this will do it keep our skies clear and winds are relaxing however there is a powerful storm system waiting in the wings and you see this spin south of wichita, this is actually pulling up warm air ahead of it. they are getting severe weather with tornado watches across the deep south and the midwest and that system is all sliding in our direction. we won't be getting the severe weather and we'll get a lot of rain. tonight it's clear and chilly with relaxing winds and temperatures dropping low. 30 in the cooler suburbs and 35 for center city.
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a chill in the a tomorrow morni. tomorrow morning temperatunot at keeps temperatures in the 50s. 55 in philadelphia and the lehigh valley cooler and 52 and cape may 49 degrees, with a wind off the ocean, the ocean temperatures in the low 40s and we'll see sunshine early with high, thin clouds and the will be thickening as we head into the afternoon and future tracker timing out the rain on friday and the morningit's clou showerest of philadelphia around 8:00 and then the heavier rain arrives for the afternoon, by 1:00 we have heavy downpours east of the philadelphia and the evening commute heavy downpours at 5:00 and even into late friday night lingering rain and the rain should be out of here at dawn on saturday. with left over clouds. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the clouds will be rolling in during the day tomorrow, not a bad day friday though, it's cold and
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windy, and wet. the high only 48 degrees, saturday transition day, mostly cloudy and 55 degrees, sun with a few high clouds and 61 and on monday it clouds up and shower as arrive late, 60 degrees and our next round of rain with a high of 61. clouds break for sunshine, 64 degrees before you complain about the rain on friday. consider the same storm system. that brings a half foot of snow in new england. >> we'll take rain thank you. >> abc world news tonight is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on ph almost 17 with sharrie williams and ducis rogers. now for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a fice evening. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. hi
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. a tornado hits houston. more than a dozen twisters reported. homes destroyed. three storm chasers killed. and right now, on alert for damaging storms across several states. ginger zee is live in the storm zone. the chaos on capitol hill. a driver slamming into a police cruiser. officers opening fire. that mystery visit on white house grounds. our correspondent tonight with the republican congressman leading the investigation into russian meddling. who gave him clearance for that visit? and the major headline with chris christie beside president trump today. his two former top aides sentenced for bridgegate. breaking news tonight. the deadly bus crash at this hour, reports coming in of multiple fatalities. the highway shut down.


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