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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 30, 2017 7:00am-8:41am EDT

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good morning, america. ivanka trump is set to take on an official role in the white house joining her father's administration. also this morning, the startling new allegations. did the russians use an army of more than a thousand agents and so-called trolls to spread fake clinton? the new hearing about to get under way. also this morning, deadly storms tear through the south. tornadoes touching down overnight. >> this thing is huge. >> two in texas. this man struck by lightning. powerful winds peeling off the side of this car and ripping up this roof. now neamillion americans in the danger zone and this morning, the new threat. snow moving into the east in the motorcycle miracle. the biker caught on camera flying over the edge of a cliff.
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>> stop moving. top moving. >> somehow surviving landing in a tree. >> call the friend rushing in t rescue him. how he made it out alive. ♪ how to save a life "grey's anatomy" star chandra wilson revealing the rare illness that suddenly struck her daughter. >> it didn't go away for about four or five days so because that we went to the e.r. >> how they finally figured out what was wrong and solved a real-life medical mystery. ♪ i lost a friend how to save a life. so glad they were able to figure everything out. great to have you here, david and the bell back by popular demand. the audio department has been warned. >> yes. >> robin has been singing "you can ring my bell" all morning long. severe weather again overnight we're tracking.
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>> you are 100% right, david. snow moving into the northeast and ginger is tracking that. all eyes on capitol hill today as you know, robin. the senate about to hold its first public hearing on russell brand russia's meddling. >> also, we'll have more on that in a moment. first the news about ivanka trump. facing new questions as she takes an official position in her father's administration as an assistant to the president. now she's joining her husband jared kushner as a member of the white house team. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has all the details for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. ivanka trump has been at just about every major event at the white house since her father moved in. but not in an formal role but now this famous first daughter is taking on a new job here in the white house, government employee. she's been in the roeoval offic but never in an official role
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even though she had a white house security clearance and for that she faced backlash. saying her non-employee status could have allowed her to skirt ethics role. now president trump's oldest daughter taking on that unprecedented job as an assistant to the president, joining her husband, who is president's senior adviser. but now the first daughter says in a statement she's heard the concerns and will instead serve as an unpaid employee. saying, quote, i have been working closely and in good faith with the white house counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role. a big shift from her plans right after election day. >> i'm going to be a daughter, but i've said throughout the campaign that i am very passionate about certain issues and that i want to fight for them. there are a lot of things that i feel deeply, strongly about but not in a formal administrative capacity. >> reporter: she appeared to be so involved that last month we
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asked the white house, what exactly is her role here? >> i think her role is to be helpful and provide input on a variety of areas that she has deep passionate concerns about especially in the area of women in the workforce. >> but still not a formal role. >> no, i think -- no, nothing more than you've seen now. >> reporter: but it is formal now. now, democrats are already raising concerns, ivanka trump's personal attorney tells us that she will file the necessary financial disclosure forms and be bound by the same ethics rules as all other white house staffers, david. >> all right, cecilia, great to see you this morning. right to our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl for more. jon, we all heard ivanka trump say in cecilia's piece right after the election i'm going to be a daughter helping her dad, not in a formal administrative capacity but not a formal white house role along with her husband jared kushner. but you know, jon, long before he was president he was always a businessman who surrounded himself by family and done it again. is this what he needs? how will this work? >> reporter: look, when you look at their combined role, you
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45erd cecilia talk about what ivanka will be doing and already has been doing here at the white house, jared's role ex-steps all the way from combating opioid abuse to trying to craft middle east peace and it's a huge role, the key factor here, david, is that both of them have, of course, the ultimate trust of the president. the others are staff. they are family. but there's ang interesting political dynamic. they are both considered and have been longtime democrats, and i have heard senior white house staff here refer to them as the liberals so we'll see how it plays out in the west wing. >> meantime, you have news on another front. president trump has often taken aim at china and the controversial phone call to taiwan and tweeting did china ask us if it's okay to devalue our currency? i don't think so. word that china's president is coming to the u.s. >> reporter: not just coming to the united states, it's going to be a multiday trip. two days at mar-a-lago. they will be spending time with the president down at his place
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in mar-a-lago. a key trip not just because of all the trade issues but one key topic on the agenda will be north korea. this white house like the previous white house believes that china can do much more to combat what north korea is doing on their nuclear program. >> china said enough of this twitter diplomacy. it'll be fun to watch. jon karl, always great to have you. now to new concerns about russians meddling in the election. the senate preparing for their latest or their first public hearing today and reports that fake news was much more widespread than previously thought. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has more from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. later today there's mounting evidence that the russian attack on the u.s. election may have been much broader and much more sophisticated than many people realize. investigators this morning are deeply concerned that the russians' attempt to influence the u.s. election went far beyond the hack of the democratic national committee
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and the e-mails of clinton campaign chairman john podesta which were then allegedly passed on to wikileaks. >> this is one of the biggest investigations that the hill has seen in my tenure here. >> reporter: the russians, u.s. officials believe, employed an army of military intelligence agents and so-called trolls who blasted negative stories about clinton to social media. the suspected goal, to weaponize fake news to hurt clinton's chances of winning the presidency. >> what really concerns me is at least some reports, and we've got to get to the bottom of this, that there were upwards of a thousand paid internet trolls working at a facility in russia, in effect, taking over a series of computers. >> reporter: allegedly those secretly compromised computers created the effect of making the negative stories popular on the internet, causing them to trend on social media. >> never ceases to amaze me what people respond to. >> reporter: a scene straight out of the showtime hit "homeland" where thousands of fake social media accounts run by professionals propagate
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misinformation opposing the recent president-elect and there's evidence that the russians were able to target those negative stories about clinton to voters in key battleground states. senator warner wants to know if specific areas in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin were targeted and the fbi director is warning that the rugs will be back in 2018 to target u.s. congressional races. later this morning the senate intelligence committee is holding hearings on the nature of this ongoing threat. david. >> yeah, it's really alarming. thanks to you. we turn to another major headline, the sentencing in the bridgegate scandal. trapping drivers, ambulances on the busiest bridge in america, the george washington bridge right here in new york. prosecutors say it was political revenge orchestrated by new jersey governor chris christie's aides. well, now just as chris christie was at the white house, his two former aides were sentenced to prison and abc's linsey davis is here. chris christie has always maintained he didn't know. >> reporter: that's right. he says he didn't know but his aides are paying the price.
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it happened more than three years ago but this morning the fallout from bridgegate continues. back in november two former aides for new jersey governor chris christie were convicted on all counts and heading into court yesterday they had hoped for probation, but what they got is jail time. while governor chris christie was all smiles with the president for a meeting at the white house wednesday, back in new jersey, two of his former associates were sentenced to federal prison. two years for bill baroni and a year and a half for bridget anne kelly described as political revenge against a mayor who refused to endorse him for re-election and caused gridlock for ambulances and hundreds of thousands of commuters. >> i think the message is clear. i think that as the judge said, this was a case about an abuse of power. >> reporter: kelly, a mother of four, who in 2013 wrote in a now infamous e-mail time for some traffic problems in fort lee>> s
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far from allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case. >> reporte baroni each suggested governor christie knew more about the lane closures than he has publicly acknowledged, something president trump echoed during his presidential campaign. >> he knew about it. he knew about it. totally knew about it. >> reporter: christie has long denyed wrongdoing and was never charged in the case. prosecutors say there was no smoking gun that implicated him. david wildstein who admits he came up with the idea has yet to be senten was a candidate and said he knew but was at the white house helping out the trump administration. >> exactly right, david. >> thanks. thank you, guys. now to that severe weather hitting the south overnight. multiple tornadoes tearing through texas and now the threat is moving east and ginger is in memphis where they're bracing for the storms.
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good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. breezy now but it was downright dangerous just hours ago. look at this image again just taken a couple of hours ago in northeastern memphis. trees down, big trees in people's yards there, power out for many and this is after a very busy two days of storms of violent 63 plus storm reports in the last 24 hours and those storms still blasting from chicago to new orleans this morning. >> oh, my gosh, this thing is huge. >> reporter: overnight that same storm producing at least 17 reported tornadoes since tuesday is on the move. damaging wind gusts flipping shipping containers in pasadena, texas. university of houston students taking shelter inside their student center as the storm rumbled outside. taking down trees. >> look at that. right on top of that truck. >> reporter: an ef-1 tornado in houston throwing these cars and ripping the roof off this apartment building. >> all of a sudden the window just broke and luckily i was
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able to take cover before anything hit me. >> reporter: this houston man still recovering in the icu after being struck by lightning. his hat charred by the voltage. others weren't so lucky. in ft. worth, texas, at least two children died after being electrocuted by downed power lines and in rockwall, texas, these folks picking up the pieces after 90 to 95-mile-per-hour straight-line winds blasted through their homes. that same storm is going to bring a cold front that will blast through between 3 and 7:00 p.mrm a start to pop in afrncod see flash flooding on friday and even the poten hail guess what, guys, snow i northeast. i'll tell you who gets up to a foot i minutes. >> now to the most phone, samsung introducing the galaxy s8, their first the note 7. our chief business correspondent rebe
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>> s8 plus. >> reporter: samsung unveiling its new highly galaxy s8 phone boasting a la iris scanner which lets you unlock the phone by looking plus samsung's siri. >> coming off a challenging year but they have really stepped up. >> reporter: theal samsung's first launch since pulling from the market last year. >> started to smoke. sizzle and burn on the nightstand. >> reporter: flagged overheating. 13 reports of burns and 47 reports of property damage. >> samsung galaxy note 7 powered on during this flight. >> reporter: samsung now seeking to guices are different. >> we ensure your phone will go check ever. >> reporter: with a new 8-point
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the galaxy s8 is our testament to regainingt by redefining what's 30b inmilesto samsung's legacy. it's not the first time a major co navigated the terrain after its tylenol recall and recently employed a host of new measures to ensure consumers its food is safe and the phone is already getting strong reviews in the tech community, the next big test is to see how consumers respond. apple, the biggest competitor, their new iphone is expected to september and preorders for the galaxy s8 start today. the phones hit store shelves april 212st. now it's a matter of how consumers respond to this phone. >> we see they've been forgiving in the past with other products. thank you, rebecca. now amy with the other top stories starting with a deadly bus crash in texas. this is heartbreaking. >> it is a horrible story. a church community in morning after 13 of itshead-on
7:15 am
crash with the truck. this happened wt antonio. the church group was returning frors are trying to figure out what led to the seei aggressive driving but did not elaborate on who may be at fault. lawmakers in north carolina have reached an agreement to repeal the state's so-called bathroom bill which required transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate and comes after college basketball threatened to move more games out of the state in protest but critics say the replacement bill being debated today is still discriminatory because it stops local officials from passing their own protections for transgender people. well, an emergency on board an american airlines flight landing in albuquerque as the plane was landing. the co-pilot collapsed in the cockpit and then passed away. the plane landed safely. paramedics performed cpr but, unfortunately, could not revive him. there is a growing risk on the road this morning, new figures show an unprecedented
7:16 am
11% increase in the number of pedestrians killed on american roadways last year. researchers say drivers distracted by cell phones may be the major factor. finally one person who is dedicating her life to keeping pedestrians safe, janet haines. she is a school crossing guard in virginia but she's not just any school crossing guard. she is 91 years young. >> all right. >> she was just honored for her 50 years of service making sure the students of st. james catholic school get to their classes safe and sound. you see the balloons. we salute you. her first day on the job, march 29th, 1967. and she has no plans to retire. >> why should she? >> she's going to ring that bell. wow, we salute her. >> that's dedication to the job right there. oh, boy. all right. thank you, amy. now to an incredible rescue caught on camera in california. a motorcycle driver losing control of his bike going over a cliff and his friend rushing in to save him. abc's nick watt has that story.
7:17 am
>> reporter: keep your eye on that guy. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: again, slo-mo, again, watch how close that suv came to hitting him. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the guy with the helmet cam and potty mouth who filmed it all is david. back on the scene reliving the moment his buddy rode off a cliff. willy! >> he went up six or seven feet in the air. i thought he was dead. i didn't know what's down there. >> reporter: then after that he went silent. >> yes. call 911. >> battalion 4, vehicle over the side. angeles forest highway. >> reporter: maybe a 50-foot drop but willy is alive and awake. >> do you feel anything broken? >> i don't know. >> don't move, okay. what do you remember? what happened? >> my back tire like slipped. ooh. my left arm hurts a lot. >> yeah, it's probably broken, dude. i saw you flip twice.
7:18 am
did you feel that or don't you remember? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: the fire department arrives clifftop. >> don't move. >> okay. >> throw a bunch of ropes down and get you guys out by rope. what's your name? >> willy. >> willy. >> yes, sir. >> and you are a lucky man, willy. >> oh, yeah, man. >> reporter: willy, a miracle of the angeles crest highway, a fractured shoulder. soon he says he'll be back on his bike. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. >> incredible. >> one lucky fellow. yes, indeed. back to ginger and memphis. ginger. >> you know, this is up to a foot of snow in parts of new england you can see on the winner storm warning through noon saturday. let's get to the stormy cities brought to you by carmax. >> reporter: okay, storm tracker
7:19 am
6 live double scan shot you we are dry this morning taking a look outside, lots of early sun buildings over the horizon. high clouds move in as we go through the morning and afternoon. temperatures in the 30s, bundle up, not much wind. 37 degrees currently in philadelphia. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a high of 55 degrees clouds increase. 55 will be the high, 48 tomorrow, periods of rain, a chilly breeze, yuck! lateer. >> yes, indeed. all right, ginger. coming up, the dramatic 911
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edwards, 7:23 a.m., thursday, march 30. let's head over to karen rogers starting on i-95. >> reporter: it is a mess on i-95 as we look live in delaware county i-95 northbound past highland avenue, an accident still has only one lane of traffic getting by. look at the traivel -- travel time, a 42 minute jam which should be an easy nine minutes. the delays are spilling out on to 495. chopper 6 hd was overhead captures the scene. they have fedex truck hooked up to the tow truck. a fuel spill, that's why you see the sand on the road. they have lane blocked, you're jammed from highland road to
7:24 am
harvey avenue traveling 3, 4 miles per hour. another problem on i-95, a disabled vehicle northbound past girard blocking the left lane. northbound and southbound are jam, southbound at bridge street, the earlier accident cleared, all the problems on i-95, tam. >> we hope it clears up. we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather.
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> reporter: a sunny start across the region, chilly, 37 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in allentown. not a lot of win. sunshine giving way to high clouds cooler high of 5 again, winds lighter than yesterday. tomorrow, chilly, cloudy, periods of rain, high of 48. quick-drying pattern on saturday
7:27 am
morning, afternoon high of 5. back to "g.m.a."
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never be afraid to stand up for yourself. just be sure you're right when you do. >> welcome back to "gma" and that's "grey's anatomy" star chandra wilson and she is standing up for her daughter this morning revealing a real-life medical mystery she faced and how they finally determined what it was. we'll have much more on that ahead. >> and hopefully they'll be able to help others with this. so hard when something is undiagnosed and it's so rare. so that's coming ahead. also right now the senate is holding their first hearing on russian meddling in the election today. amid those startling allegations that russians used more than a thousand agents in so-called internet trolls to spread fake news about hillary clinton. nearly 49 million people are in the path of dangerous weather as the threat moves east this morning. those powerful storms and tornado already causing serious damage down south as ginger has been telling us, a major cleanup
7:31 am
is now under way. busy thursday morning. all right, first this half hour we turn to those newly released 911 calls in that deadly home invasion. a son on the phone with police just moments after he shot three masked intruders who broke foo his father's house armed. abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene in broken arrow, oklahoma, with much more. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: david, good morning. i spoke with that 911 great ir. she said zack peters was certified and pleading for help for the teens after shooting them. >> i've just been broken into. three men, two i've shot in my house. >> reporter: new 911 audio of the oklahoma break-in that left three teenagers dead. >> are they bleeding? >> yes, i believe one's -- one's down. one's still talking. you need to get here now. >> reporter: that's zach peters pleading with the operator to send help after shooting three masked intruders. >> what did you shoot them with.
7:32 am
>> an ar-15. >> reporter: in broad daylight police say three teenagers armed with brass knuckles and a knife shattered the glass back door of this home. peters was there and opened fire. >> do you know where they both are, sir? >> one is in the kitchen. one crawled into the northeast corner bedroom and a third one i did not shoot. he ran outside. >> reporter: the suspects have been identified as 19-year-old maxwell cook, 17-year-old jacob redfearn and 16-year-old jaykob woodrier. mirai rodriguez allegedly the mastermind behind the heist and her friend claiming she called him right after the three boys were killed. >> she said that they thought that the house was e. t all she knows she heard over 12 gunshots so she freaked out and left. >> reporter: after turning herself in, rodriguez was arrested under an oklahoma law that says someone can be charged with murder if they take any part in a fatal crime.
7:33 am
she's now facing three counts of felony first degree murder and three counts of first degree burglary. now, ellison telling police rodriguez took the boys to that same house earlier that day and they made off with liquor and speakers but it wasn't enough for her to pay her rent so they went back and that's when they were killed. david. >> wow, incredible they went back a second time. kayna, thank you. let's bring in nancy grace, good morning, always great to have you back and a lot of talk about this being a test of these so-called stand your ground laws but a lot of people listening will say three masked intruders, armed themselves, that the homeowner's son had every right to protect himself and shoot them. what are the prosecutors examining here? >> well, you are darned right. this is stand your ground. although stand your ground laws really got a bad rap after george zimmerman used that when he gunned down a teen boy trayvon martin, so that's why everyone has it in their mind
7:34 am
that stand your ground is a bad thing. it's not. what it is really is a souped up self-defense and in this case, you've got a 23-year-old young guy at home. he lives with his parents. he hears a break-in. he goes down, skids into the kitchen and sees three guys dressed in black with masks, gloves, the works, brass knuckles, a knife, they have an exchange of words and he unleashes the weapon. it is an ar-15. that's considered bad in a lot of ways of the it's discuss like m-16 military rifle. it is semiautomatic and that has really turned a lot of heads but it doesn't matter if you're using an ar or an bb gun, if somebody comes in your house you have a right to defend yourself and imagine coming in your kitchen and seeing three guys standing there. so i really think this boys down to self-defense. and i'll tell you what is going to be the hangup.
7:35 am
here's the sticky part that felony murder charge they're looking at for rodriguez. she's looking down the wrong end charges. she masterminds tcording to rep the burglary to pay her hears the gunshot, bam, she's out of there and leaves them to die. so, yeah, she's in a lot of trouble. i would not say the shooter, zach is in trouble. >> those are the only charges right now are against the young woman you talk about who was waiting in the car. you believe those charges stick. >> oh, i think they're absolutely going to stick. you know, at first everyone was wondering, well, stand your ground in oklahoma, i guess in homage to dirty harry. they call it the make my day instead of stand your ground. everyone was wondering, you know, he uses a semiautomatic weapon on these three charged?
7:36 am
no, d it's going to be open and shutee one, elizabeth rodriguez is facing three charges of felony murder. >> all right, nancy grace with us this morning, nancy always cuts to the chase. thanks, nance. coming up, that real-life medical mystery involving "grey anatomy's" star chandra wilson's
7:37 am
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back with that real-life medical mystery for a "grey's anatomy" star. chandra wilson opening up about the rare illness that suddenly struck her daughter. abc's matt gutman shot down with her and is live from l.a. with all those details. good morning. >> reporter: we know chandra wilson as dr. bailey on "grey's anatomy," but when her daughter started having debilitating abdominal pain, the real-life
7:39 am
momma had to crack a real-life medical mystery. this one wasn't solved in an episode. it took nearly a year of tests. the worst part, she said, not knowing what this mystery disease was. >> this tumor is dangerous. complicated and smart. >> reporter: for 13 seasons on abc's hit show, "grey's anatomy," chandra wilson's character, dr. miranda bailey, has saved lives and solved the toughest of medical mysteries. >> this job was made for me. >> reporter: but this morning the five-time emmy nominated actress is opening up about a real-life mystery illness affecting her 23-year-old daughter sarina. it's one she couldn't treat with tv magic. >> it presented itself like a real bad case of food poisoning and it didn't go away for about four or five days so because of that we went to the e.r. >> reporter: we caught up with chandra on the set of "grey's anatomy." so, does the tv doctor in you at this point start to think, all
7:40 am
right, these symptoms don't add up. this is not food poisoning? i've got to look deeper into this? >> yeah, i started looking for pattern, right. when you are the parent of someone ho is a chronic pain sufferer you end up creating these binders for all of the hospital stays so you can keep track of every visit and any new thing that comes out. this one is a year old. >> it's only one year's worth of medical -- >> yeah. >> reporter: after ten months of tests sarina was diagnosed with sick lick vomiting syndrome or cvs. genetic experts say it's difficult to pin down just how many suffer from the disorder because it's so hard to diagnose. >> sarina was very lucky because of the care and persistence of her mother. most patients go many years without a diagnosis. >> reporter: did it feel better once you actually had a diagnosis and knew what it was. >> the name gave us a direction to go in. >> cyclic vomiting syndrome.
7:41 am
>> reporter: chand dra directed an episode scrambling to diagnose this mysterious disease. >> hear it a that's my kid, my husband, my aunt, that means so much because i remember what it meant to us. >> reporter: the mother/daughter duo posing for the upcoming issue of "people" magazine hoping their story will help others suffering from this disorder. >> that's something i can do sitting on the chair on this set, my daughter said, go ahead. do that. she says, go ahead and do it. >> reporter: her daughter's been battling this disease for six years. so why talk about it now? because after being dormant for years her daughter has suffered another crippling bout of the illness and while they have a diagnosis, that's only part of the battle for people who suffer from cvs. there's no known cure or way to
7:42 am
control these painful episodes, so, robin, still very much a mystery. >> yeah, it is. matt, thank you. going to bring in dr. richard besser for this. great that they're shining a light on it. just tell us a little more on how rare it is. >> it's very rare. we don't have an accurate number of the people who are affected but what she's experiencing is typical where you're totally normal then have episodes where you're having intense bouts of vomiting. it's one of those conditions that's hard to make a diagnosis because there's no blood test for this. so, it's looking for that pattern and having many years before you make a diagnosis like she did is pretty typical. >> how often do people find themselves this this situation that they know something is wrong, the doctors can't identify it, what do they do? >> you know, it's more common than you might think. they've cataloged more than 7,000 rare disorders and these are disorders that may affect just a few people or up to 100,000 people or 200,000
7:43 am
people. with those conditions, it's really, really hard because any one doctor you see may have never seen them before and that makes it challenging and you want to start with your regular doctor and -- but if you're not getting it there, you want to push, follow up and get to see a specialist. >> rich, you have been our regular doctor here at abc and i'm going to try to get through this without crying. i won't be here next week when you're saying good-bye because you're going on and you're doing something wonderful and i wanted to say thank you personally. you have helped me through my health challenges and everybody else here and just love you and just so appreciative of everything you've done for us at abc news. >> the time i've spent with you here has been an honor. it's been a privilege. talking with you and through you about health to our audience has just been -- it's been one of the greatest things in my life and thank you for everything. you've given me. >> bless you. michael. >> i got to say, robin, doc, you
7:44 am
will be missed. as you told me when you leave i'll be the tallest man in the building again. the bell for dr. besser, yeah! there we go, doc. we love you, man. coming up on our big board, we're going to see why this man is under fire for trying to save a baby bear. we're going to be back in two minutes. i'm going to give the doctor a hug. just saved a whole lot of money by switching to geico. huh. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose?? we've been over this, jeff... we're stickers! i'm not a real moose? give him some space. deep breaths, jeff. what's a sticker?!? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. atblue diamond almonds wein our almondmilk.ia-grown and we're proud of that. but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze.
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(singsong) budget meeting. sweet. if you compare last quarter... it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with no artificial preservatives, flavours or dyes. we are back now with our big board. t.j. holmes is here at the table for our first story. >> yes. >> glad you took those sunglasses off. >> oh, goodness gracious. >> all right, for years we've all seen those racy tv commercial, women in bikinis eating burgers but the fast food giant behind them, carl's jr. and hardee's ditching the sex appeal to focus on the food. both owned by the same company. been associated with that bikinis and burgers kind of mentality basically. why are they changing directions. >> they're changing direction. you know what you'll see in the new ad, brace yourself. you'll see people with clothes on. >> oh. >> and you might even hear about some food.
7:47 am
check out the new ad. >> take that down, put that up. >> that was supposed to be a fresh ingredient then that lady got in there and her clothes flew off. >> you know when i started this company it was about one thing, pioneering a new way to food. >> this is what i've been talking about. food, not boobs. >> shut up, junior. >> carl hardee sr. >> they have a fictional character taking the company over from his playboy son and making fun of their history putting it off on, hey, we had the wrong young people in charge and we'll be a more grown-up company. >> we know sex sells so why the dramatic makeover? why are they doing it now. >> it's not because of a backlash. if so they would have done this 10, 15 years ago when the ads came out. what they decide they need to evolve. their market has been young, hungry men. they want to expand that and decided not everybody --
7:48 am
>> they want some women come manager. >> not everybody wants a burger with a side of cleavage so you have to change what problem in marketing, if you want people t was washing a bentley you have a problem so focusing on food quality. >> i will very to look at their menu closer from what you're saying. thank you, t.j. we move on to an oregon man under fire for rescuing a bear cub he thought was dying. corey hancock says he came across the animal while hiking monday so he brought it to a nearby wildlife center thinking it was the right thing to do but wildlife expert ron magill joins us now. ron, he said he couldn't walk away and let the baby bear die. what should you do in a situation like this and how dangerous is had. >> it's real dangerous. nothing more dangerous than a mother bear with cubs answer you don't know if that mother was around. the bottom line is this, michael, it's a wild animal, you need to leave it alone. you can call authorities and
7:49 am
report the location but never take it out of the environment. his heart was in the right place but meme need to be educated. you got to let the animal -- the mother may have been taking care of it still or an animal meant not to survive. >> this reminds us of that story from last year, that father and son that tried to rescue that baby bison by putting it in their car. sadly that bison had to be put down and officials say they didn't have the resources to care for it. what could happen to the bear cub in this case? >> you know, amy, i'm hoping they find a place for it. it's gotten a lot of attention. i'm sure they'll probably find a sanctuary for the one bear. more often than not animals taken out of the wild cannot find a home for it end up being euthanized. that's what people need to understand. nature selects animals. if an animal is not meant to survive it's because it's not healthy enough. that's how nature makes sure a species is as strong as possible. only the survival of the fittest keeps them alive. it's not a domestic dog or cat thaw want to rescue, a wild animal and the wild nature
7:50 am
selects which animals will survive. >> ron, what this young man did was illegal. he could have been charged but he was just fined and he's walking away with a warning. do you think that was the right decision? >> absolutely. this man had no malintent. he wanted to do the right thing but thank god for people like you doing this story. wild animals, leave them alone. especially babies. the mothers still taking care of them. give them a chance to do so. >> thank you very much, guys. great job, robach. coming up, this incredible 7-year-old basketball phenom. she is here and we got a big surprise for her as she's going to love it. plus, "deals & steals," everything is 50% off. you guys are going to love that. it's late it's an all nighter when are we even going to sleep? got a little all nighter refuel going on
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "good morning america," i'm here the western side of the severe weather threat but wanted to take you to these pictures out of midland, texas. just amazing photographs and videos of that gustnado. rotati some ea this afternoon and evening in the ea
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by lyrica. >> good morning, i'm tamala
7:56 am
edwards, 7:56, march 30, let's go over to karen rogers an see if anything cleared up on the roads. if you're counting this is our 5th problem of the morning, southbound on i-95, a disabled tractor-trailer in the center lane, everybody is jammed on i-95 southbound approaching cottman, 51 minute jammed from woodhaven to the vine. earlier a disabled vehicle at girard and southbound at bridge street an earlier accident there, as well. two other problems in delaware county on i-95 chopper 6 hd was showing one of them, an accident, you can see the fedex truck involved with the accident scene, a fuel spill i-95 near highland avenue for over an hour, that accident cleared. within the backlog there was another accident on i-95 northbound in delaware county. that just cleared, too. i-95 is the place to avoid
7:57 am
today, tam. >> good to know, thank you karen. let's go over to sky6 live hd gorgeous skies over center city. what's it feels like? >> reporter: it's cool out, a good looking morning with the high clouds starting to reach in. 41 degrees we started to bounce back a little bit after being h. tohmorr of 48 cloudy and through the day periods of at tn the day and aty n morning. tam? >> aedis car, but the driver sped away from violations in tinicum lossthe ce
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. ivanka trump takes an official role in her father's administration facing new scrutiny as she takes on an unprecedented role as assistant to the president. plus, new concerns about russian agents interfering in the election. also this morning the "gma" exclusive, katey sagal speaks out. opening up about her struggle with drug addiction and revealing how she recovered. why she is sharing her powerful story now. ♪ 24 karat magic a "friends"-filled morning. >> i'm excited. >> with matthew perry live as lisa kudrow reunites with alec baldwin. could we be any more excited? ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ the 7-year-old basketball prodigy taking on the harlem globetrotters. plus, the big surprise we have for her this morning. ♪ this is going to be the best
8:01 am
day ♪ ? and she's saying -- >> good morning, america! [ ringing bell [ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ pump up the jam >> oh, her name is samaya and she's just 7 years old and, my, can she play a little ball there. happy thursday, everybody. it's great to have david with us this week. >> great to be back. it's thursday, right? over the hump. >> one more day. >> we were all watching samaya practice earlier. we were looking in the monitor. she is really incredible. stealing the spotlight from the harlem globetrotters and we're going to have a little bit of a surprise for her. look at this. this is incredible. >> she's only been playing a year. a year. >> she's blindfolded. >> that is a gift. that truly is. >> maybe one day she'll be playing in the women's final four where i'm headed right after -- [ ringing bell ]
8:02 am
>> that bell for you. >> ring responsibly on the back. >> i have been. >> you know what, you got me excited. we're excited about samaya but we're also very excited because tory johnson is here with "deals & steals." all for the home. [ cheers and applause ] >> every single bargain up to 50% off and these are already great deals, so tory, thanks once again, looking forward to that. >> uh-huh. [ cheers and applause ] >> but first to amy with the morning's rundown. amy. >> good morning, guys. the big story this morning the senate intelligence committee holding its first hearing on russian interference in the presidential election with the house committee's investigation stalled, the senate panel's top republican and democrats are promising to set aside politics and work together. they are looking into reports that russia tried to influence the outcome of the election by paying more than a thousand hackers and internet trolls to spread fake news about hillary
8:03 am
clinton targeting voters in battleground states. president trump's daughter ivanka has announced she is taking an official white house job serving as assistant to the president. it's a government position but she will not take a salary. ethics experts had complained any informal role could have allowed her to bypass ethics rules. rmare moving into the midwest and the so reported from texas to in parts of texas. downed power wo up to 9 inchese size of golf ba arkansas and missouri. well, federal investigators are responding to this scene of a deadly bus crash west of san antonio. 13 members of a church group were killed when their bus collided head-on with a truck. it's unclear what led up to that crash. and in colorado a great grandmother survived five days stranded in the mountains with
8:04 am
her cat. 85-year-old ruby stein took a wrong turn, drove into a rural area and got stuck on a muddy road for five days, she actually melted snow on her dashboard for water and rationed her rice krispie treats until some hikers eventually found her. she says her cat kept her spirits up through the entire ordeal. and finally, to celebrate the first day of april, burger king is introducing a very new product. it's really special. take a look. >> to keep you are yo mouth whopper fresh, use whopper toothpaste from day one, the ultra fresh advanced whopper technology will help keep your breath whopper fresh longer than ever. >> you saw it here. whopper toothpaste. the active ingredients will apparently keep your breath smelling just like the chain's signature burger and if you believe that, well, you just fell for an april fools' day whopper. >> ah! >> we totally did. >> we totally did. >> i know. >> she gets so excited too. right, when she pulls one off on
8:05 am
us. >> she did right there. amy, thank you so much. how about lara spencer and some "pop news"? >> yes, indeed. [ cheers and applause ] this one is for you, my friend. good morning, everybody. "pop news" time and you guys all probably remember this music video, take a look. ♪ there she is. a 19-year-old courteney cox getting her big break in bruce springsteen's "dancing in the dark." now a proud mom. her 12-year-old daughter cocoa following in mom's footsteps starring in a music video for the song "wild" by mono gem. take a look. ♪ that's her. she's only 12 years old. we had to share this with you today. >> cocoa. >> that's cocoa. >> wow. >> and the reason we're sharing with you today, robin, is that, well, first of all, cox's big break led to a role on the beloved '90s sitcom "friends."
8:06 am
not only do we have her former on screen husband matthew perry but lisa kudrow is also on the show today. [ applause ] >> remember seeing coco on "dancing with the stars." >> she's all growed up. >> growed up. >> see if we can get jennifer aniston in one of these stories. >> come one, come all, friends. love this next story. a philadelphia based business bringing a new meaning to multitanking. the girls auto clinic, all women's fixer-upper shop encouraging women to become shechanics. they made it appealing adding a clutch beauty bar inside. this is in philadelphia, by the way, so women on the go can get a mani-pedi blow-out while their tire is getting fixed. i think it's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] isn't that smart? right now, though, it's the only girls auto clinic in existence.
8:07 am
it's in philadelphia. the goal, though, to franchise to as many cities as possible. >> love the idea. >> i love that idea. >> they rock. i've seen then. >> shechanics is what they coin themselves. are you familiar with how your car -- could you change your own oil? i'm not there yet. i'm not a shechanic. >> if you say that i guarantee you a lot of guys will be dropping their cars off there too. >> equal opportunity. finally there's a reason i'm not just being immature like usual. time to say farewell to one of the classic colors in our favorite crayon box. >> whichup. >> i know. that's what we're wondering. for the first time since introducing it they pnretiring 24-count box. take a they will do it right he times square tomorrow in honor of national crayon day. they will at the same time -- wait, wait for it.
8:08 am
they're also going to unveil a new color. it will be poised to take its place in the 24 and 64-count box so here is the question. will dan delion be a deadman or au revoir to apricot or see you later, cerulean? we'll all find out tomorrow. the picks right here are -- >> david and i picked the same color. >> apricot. >> sort of a skin tone. >> robin was -- >> i can't. i can't. >> you can't? >> no. >> i can't. >> you just got to let it go, robin. let it go. [ applause ] >> oh. >> yeah. >> i'm going dandelion dead -- >> you felt, i was so happy with a new crayon box. >> did you ever get the 64-box. the agent one. >> oh, and the sharpener. >> i never. it was too expensive. >> that was a rich kid.
8:09 am
>> okay. >> they never -- >> i got one row. that one row gone. >> just gray. >> just say gray. >> gray in your as gray. this is better than the final four, okay. >> there are two orange, though. do you see this. there's a light and yellow orange. >> so maybe -- maybe -- >> we have our batch tomorrow and let you know the big reveal. >> all right. >> thank you, lara. >> i love that. >> bringing back memories with the crayons. coming up, katey sagal, she's opening up about her new memoir and life in the spotlight. >> and tory johnson is here. "deals & steals." everything is 50% off. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by chick-fil-a. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged.
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8:14 am
many haven't seen in memoir a moment. but first a look at h mood. just tell him i went ty big hairedor 11 years on the recen "sons ofanarchy." despite the character she plays there's another side of her many haven't seen before. singer and songwriter. ♪ >> reporter: and now in her new memoir, "grace notes," she's peeling back the curtain like never before revealing some of the darkest moments in her storied life and career. ♪ but only love can make -- [ applause ] >> great to have katey sagal here. for your first live interview
8:15 am
about your book "grace notes." we're excited you decided to come here first. >> i'm so happy you had me. >> you know what, you have played so many iconic characters. who didn't love peggy bundy? [ applause ] i had a crush on peggy bundy. >> did you? >> that kind of transfers to you. >> ah. >> but write something so personal? >> well, it started as sort of journalling for my children. i wanted them -- first of all, i like to write so i thought, you know, my parents had passed on young and i wanted my children to know about me, know about our history, not that they hadn't known quite a bit of it already by the time i wrote the book. but i just -- i just started that way and before i knew it became more than that. >> you were very open in the book. >> yeah. >> you talked about drugaddicti. and did you have any that? >> no, you
8:16 am
recovery for 30 years now.nd it t of that. my life,order for mes becausef the way i've raised mytf me, so you had tonore i am now. taking diet pills. escalated. i definitely took pills. it was sort of a -- you kind ofs i think you said ou wte each y they knew somef about your life before you wrote this there's some
8:17 am
surprises for them b they've been age appropriate i raised my chimistakes and sort of gives them t -- that we all make want to paint a picture of perfection as a parent, so but i did let them read my older two, i let them read the chapters before i put it in the book and they had notes and -- >> as your kids do. >> like, mom, really, do you have to say that? so i putted back a few things from them and but i if he would that basically, you know, it was interesting -- i didn't write a linear story about any of them. i sort of came at it the way, you know, in the moment of telling a story, so it wasn't like you were born and then this happened and then that happened. and each one of them i have a different relationship with, so it kind of, you know, gets to them through my experience with them. >> you talk about you are surprising them.
8:18 am
surprised me. the musical career. you opened for etta james and sang background for bette midler. and you got fired by bob dylan so you've had a lot of different things. >> yes. >> wow. amazing. >> yeah, well, that was really my first career choice was i wanted to be a singer/songwriter and i did throughout my 20s i made oreos, i was on the road and i didn't really come to acting till my late 20s departmr yeah, my bagr still have a band i do it becauseove you and the work you do and we're g from it for lnk you. >> katey, thank you so much.apa]
8:19 am
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8:23 am
welcome back to "good morning america." remember that picture we showed you just a couple of weeks ago of that hwoke welcome back to gd morning, remember the house we showed you encased in ice in rochester. it thawed out just in time for the cooler weather. here's your local forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be rain here and we have a sprinkle west of pottstown. heading outside, we have high clouds and blue skies, that will fill in as the day goes on him we'll move from the 30s right now to a high of 55 and not much wind. not a bad day overall. chilly tomorrow, high of 48 it's going to be raw, drying out saturday.
8:24 am
they were clapping along to the "good morning america" theme song. >> along with you. >> and clapping because tory johnson and "deals & steals." [ cheers and applause ] we have must haves for your home and kitchen. everything is 50% off. let's get going. >> you like that. first up we partnered with my audio pet so sal who is standing in the corner to helps set this up said to me these are the cutest kick butt speakers on the planet rocking to them yesterday. that teeny little thing can create a lot of noise. you connect it computer, bluesh enabled. take phone calls. puppy, mouse. difficult to choose just slashe one of oprah's favorites. >> one of oprah's -- >> that's how we found them. stasher. this is pretty brilliant. this little packet right here.
8:25 am
feel that. rethink plastic baggies and containers. this stasher bag is 100% silicone. you can microwave, broil, dishwasher safe, sort of does everything, reusable, very smart especially if you care about rethinking plastic. that you a pair $24 slashed in half $12. pack-it. michael uses these on the gf ii. instead of havin the outside it's built in on th. sal's kids have used assort man. lunch box, whatever its $35 al ing at 8 bucks from least, natural. so this company is amazing. that'sor gels, bath balms, the.
8:26 am
you get a little bubble action tth there's a huge assortment of $10 and free shipping from ov that. >> right. >>ody is going and [ cheers and applause ] more "d wi do you do it? >> good morng
8:27 am
edwards, 8:27 now, thursday, tos >> reporter: him westbound is jammed solid heading toward the schuylkill expressway, eastbound is heavy, as well, as we look live. it is our 35th problem of the morning, but it cleared, we had a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the center lane. it did clear, a 43 minute jammed in the wake of all the problems on i-95. from woodhaven to the vine it will take a little longer to come into the city. schuylkill expressway, an earlier accident, a 56 minute ride on the schuylkill expressway from the blue route to the vine. looking live on the boulevard. you see the eastbound traffic crawling as you head toward center city. we have an accident in horsham, new on blair mill road.
8:28 am
and one on red lion road off to the shoulder, but nonetheless creating slow speeds. >> let's go outside to meteorologist david murphy. not a bad day, david. >> reporter: a little chilly to start out, the clouds are starting to fill in. we're up to 41 degrees, a lot of suburbs in the upper 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows an increase in high clouds as we move through the day. high of 5 degrees. tomorrow, chilly, high of 48. damp in the morning and rain building as the day goes on. we'll have periods of steady rain in the day and at night. saturday it's damp, but overall drying and the sun returning 55. sunday, better, partly sunny, 61. rain arriving monday night and continuing on and off through tuesday. >> that's it for now, back to "g.m.a.," we'll see you back here in 30.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ you can ring my bell ring my bell ♪ ♪ ring my bell >> ooh. welcome back. what a wonderful audience we have this morning and do we have any basketball fans perhaps? [ cheers and applause ] don't make -- [ ringing bell ] >> mississippi state the women are going to the final four for the first time in the school's history. i hail from the great state of mississippi. they are going to play the defending champion, connecticut, and stanford is in it as well and south carolina, so four great teams, yes. >> and you're going. >> i'm going right after this. >> one more time, come on. [ ringing bell ] i'm losing myeable with a very
8:31 am
in the final four someday. a basketball or two as you canc are all heren [ cheers and applause ] like about [ applause ] sola >> for a year. >> play any oth so good. >> b watching basketball an tv. >> >> she was watching one wanted
8:32 am
mall, picked up a ball. th started dribbling. i looked at her and said where she said off of youtube. all right. want to show us some pulled a hanymore. show us what you got, baby. show us what you got.ou got it ♪ >> come on ♪ ladies look p ♪ take it from the club [ applause ] ♪ >> oh! [ cheers and applause ]
8:33 am
♪ >> daddy. >> oh. now, it kind of helps she's so low to the ground. no, no, you've got some mad skills there, so proud of you and i know that other people are proud of you. >> samaya, that is so hard to do for anybody. adult, kid, whatever -- in a year. had you a chance to meet the harlem globetrotters. right? did you have a lot of fun? >> yes. >> yeah, you did. >> they're big fans of yours. >> yes. >> they invited you to their game and that's coming up here and you know wayne. >> back again. >> i have >> first of all, come on now.go >> hey, she's better than me already. she's already going to
8:34 am
chance to go out to center cour the fans ahet thy're going to p. >> ab, if you did a great job wyo a chanc. i know tnt'so along with it. all for you. can you believe certainly thati time there and they're wonderful
8:35 am
people and i appreci spreading happiness. >> let's go, samaya. doing? >> you're not playin thanks, flight time. >> i remember watching the globetrotters when i was a kid. how awesome is that. >> did you fall for the bucket -- >> every time. >> doesn't get old. >> that was very special and we have another very special guest here with us this morning. he's always had us laughing as the funniest friend on tv and now a dramatic new role alongside katie holmes in everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you
8:36 am
>> good to see you. hi. >> don't you just s yrtou just . i a well, you saw sa you were young but what did you an astronaut. do. yeah [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> exactly what you "friends," kennedy story. >> the kennedy t heard that bef.
8:37 am
>> no, butou thing is a -- not it's a very serious it was just very serious set and there was no room for any jokes, like i would make a joke and people would just go -- >> oh no. >> did you feel like a bad kid at school. >> a little bit and we were shooting a scene in this old mental hospital, i mean, so depressing and we were shooting this scene where bobby kennedy had just been shot and the whole
8:38 am
kennedy family was around and i think it was a seen katie holmes was directing and in the scene and everybody was very serious and bobby kennedy, a scene about whether to turn off bobby kennedy's life support system. >> wow. >> and we were all there and everybody was so serious and i just turned to everybody and said, you all know this isn't actually happening, right? >> how did that go over? >> how did that go over? [ applause ] >> no, i mean, i finally got a laugh after a month. >> they're making you work for it. katie was here yesterday. >> she's great. >> and singing your praises and you all want to see a little bit. here it is. "the kennedys." >> i probably should have told you, this whole thing's been -- i didn't think you'd come if you knew.
8:39 am
everything is going to be okay. >> wow. really great. >> you play ted kennedy. >> yes. >> over the course of, what, 30 years or so. >> yeah, i play him from '38 to '67. >> so you go from a young teddy to a bigger teddy along the way. >> yeah, yeah. what do you mean? [ laughter ] >> well, i heard you had to like -- prosthetics and like a corset type thing at one point. >> well, it was a compression suit. >> that's what you call it. >> that's got to be comfortable. >> it was this suit because when he was young, he was more stocky and more square-like than me. so on like the second day they said we'd like you to wear this compression suit and i said sure, i'm a good sport and put it on and i was oh, my god and it pulls everything in and everything in. and -- >> morning show. >> it's a morning show. when i say everything, i mean a shoulder. you know. >> that's what i was thinking. >> so, it just -- i will say and
8:40 am
it's a morning show but i'll be honest if i had to go to the bathroom, 45-minute thing. >> wow. >> yeah. >> and it had to involve two people. >> all pretty fast. >> two-person job. i want -- >> you don't want to talk about that. >> no, let's talk about "friends" for a minute. you were the king of the one-liner. >> oh, thank you. >> on "friends" and we asked what was your all-time favorite? you chose one for us. >> yes. >> in a scene with joey. take a look. matthew's favorite. >> see frankie. he did my first suit when i was 15. no, wait, 16, no, excuse me, 15. all right, when was 1990? >> okay, you have to stop the q-tip when there's resistance. >> miss it. >> i miss it too. >> and you were hilarious with the one-liners but you do
8:41 am
one-word impressions of celebrities. justin hoffman, michael keaton. salma hayek and you have a new one. >> it all started with dustin hoffman and i did dustin hoffman saying the word why. which sounds exactly like this -- why.rd why and merely >> bananas. able to la "the kennedys: after camelotank.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
back here on "gma." i'm already starting to see the thunderstorms blowing up in arkansas, there's another storm that will bring high winds to the southwest, los vegas could see 60-mile an hour wind today. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: rain on the way sps
8:45 am
evenng apart. got some ribs so you do take ca are back now, sot could have that bottle made pla also love, you bottle or deal.
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we met dave a r "deals & steals wheels tour and hehis it and brought backhe sellers and a new one, flavor, milk, trio. think ahead. mother's day, easter basket or just because it's thursday. >> i'm telling you, i don't have a big sweet tooth. this is so good. >> melt in your mouth instead a
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lot cracks your teeth. melts in your mouth. >> thank you, tory, as always. we have partnered with these companies and you can get details on our website. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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new movie >> we babies areortal enemy. baby, "the boss baby." playing a baby i all the diape >> reporter: jimmy kimmel and p by the end
8:50 am
of t3-year-old, each other and kiss each otherey everybody breaking windows >> a couple baby" has a mission to thwart a clone puppy that will suck up all the love in the world. >> that's how it feels. there's a finite amount of ever the bunch of all o we've all had
8:51 am
that was the first together. >> reporter: balbeinjadonaghe o" >> why a little scare. >> i did 6 1/2t' yeas all you h say about my your show, great show -- are yo >> i'm surprised nobody ever toldou to start again. >> reporter: apparently booth. >> stay out of my way. othing i >> reporter: for "good morning am funny. outside to rob marciano. great crowd out here and family.
8:52 am
their creative videos that racked up 1 time to plan their do best, have funosered with f this is the time of year when allergies are tough and battled it out and wrap it up in new york and have done cool things. what are you going to do today. >> our next stop, final destiny nation the animal shelter in new york city and we're going to have fun with puppies and cats and we're goingotoday. it's going to be awesome.
8:53 am
>> you've had fun with fornia. what did you do there. learned about wildlife and we learned how to do to do yogah scenery was amazing. >> what a great trip for more fun go to e bees on their last part o d.
8:54 am
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make sure to they are dict >> could nev thursday, on the schuylkill expresswayooke
8:57 am
heavy gir the schuylkill expressway jammed as well as coming up through south philadelphia, ten miles per hour there and the boulevard is jammed because of the delays on the schuylkill expressway. this is the boulevard southbound heavy as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. we do have this accident in cheltenham near washington lane, stick to ogontz to get around that. >> let's go outside to david murphy taking a look at accuweather, good morning. >> reporter: the sunshine is back on the terrace. high clouds rolling in as we go through the morning and afternoon tam, 43 degrees, the temperature is inching up. this afternoon accuweather says more high clouds will continue to filter in, we'll get a high of 55. not very windy today. tomorrow, look out it will be chilly and uncomfortable with a dank, damp breeze blowing and periods of rain building in the
8:58 am
morning and steadier in the afternoon and at night, looking at one to two inches of rain. might be a damp start saturday, but i'm expecting quick drying and afternoon sun, high of 65 and 61 on sunday. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, new information about the philadelphia man shot to death by a police officer in delaware, we'll have a live report with the latest on the deadly struggle in new castle. first next, "live with kelly" on 6abc. have a great day! is
8:59 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly."
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