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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon this friday, rick and sara are off.
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i'm alicia vitarelli, in the news the fbi revealed how they recovered a valuable painting more than 40 years after it was stolen from a cherry hill home. and there is good news for drivers in montgomery county where a disruptive road project is finished nearly two week as head of schedule. but the big story on "action news" is a very soggy, dreary and wet forecast. kind of depressing. looking at center city. we continue through the evening rush, if you head outside you'll need a sturdy umbrella and a jacket because it's breezy and cold and wet. lets get the latest from double scan live radar and melissa magee. the good news it's friday. >> the good news it's friday and the bad news is that wet weather follows us today and for the start of our weekend. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we have got that rain, it's steady in philadelphia and areas to the south and east but as you look
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to the west for areas in reading and lancaster county, that is where we are dealing with the heavier pockets of moisture, here is street level at stormtracker 6 live double scan right along the i-95 corridor pockets of steady rain and coatesville and lancaster and areas in reading and lebanon dealing with the heavy pockets of rain and that will continue. we have the flood watch that is issued for the the heart of our region and stays up until 2:00 in the morning. on saturday, locally we can find 1.5 to 2.5 inches across the area. trenton .75 inch of rain and allentown .64 inch. and wilmington .61 and more than a .50 inch in philadelphia. and more to go in the afternoon and evening hours. future tracker 6 showing later today at 3:00 we have the moisture overhead and the wet
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weather gear will be need bradenton you step outside today. the thunderstorms are most likely south of the city and localized downpours are a big concern throughout the day and possible ponding on the roads. we have the wet weather and the chilly raw air overhead as well. we'll take a closer look at that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> you can track the weather throughout the weekend on and keep an eye on storm tracker 6 and follow our accuweather team on social media media for the latest updates. lets tell you about the breaking news story out of chester today. a child is critically injured after being hit by an suv and that vehicle was driven by the child's mother, it happened along the 1200 block of ivy street at 12:00 this morning. the mother drove her child to the hospital and where again the child is suffering from serious injuries, police are investigating the circumstances
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of the collision and no charges are filed. the victim of a hit and run crash in delaware has died from his injuries. two different cars struck the man but one vehicle did not stop. jeanette reyes is joining us live from the crash scene in mill creek. >> reporter: the search is on this afternoon for the man who hit and killed a pedestrian last night. police say that he ran of the man and left him injured on the road where he was hit by another car. >> that is a disgrace. you hit somebody and nobody stops? >> for many here in mill creek, news of a man being hit by two car as long kirkwood hood way is heart breaking but that the first driver never bothered to stop was maddening. >> you just leave him and someone else hits him? where is the empathy anymore? there is none. >> he should have stopped and
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made sure the guy was all right. >> a 53-year-old wilmington man was crossing from the left lanes of kirkwood hide way and bent down to pick something up. and a driver struck him. >> that is not okay. >> injured in the middle of the road the victim was hit by a 2013 toyota tacoma, he pulled over and waited for police, medics worked on him at the scene and he was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> oh my god. >> less than a mile from the scene a sign is lit up warning drivers of pedestrians crossing the busy highways meant to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> the highway is dangerous, very dangerous. i mean, these people run these lights so many times.
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>> reporter: police don't have much of a trips on that driver that got away and as far as the victim they don't know yet if alcohol or drugs played a role and he had dark clothing and he was not in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man is under arrest this afternoon for monday's gun fire in northern liberties, 29-year-old lawrence mitchell is charged for the shooting outside of delilah's gentlemen's club. he use aid rifle with a scope to fire shots in the parking lot narrowly missing a woman walking through the parking lot. and two bullets hit her white chevy truck. the shooting appears to be random. 40 years after a norman rock rell painting is stolen from cherry hill it's returned to the family. they returned the piece of art known as taking a break,
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belonging to the grant family. his grandfather purchased it after accidentally damaging it in a game of pool. this dates back to 1919. we'll hear from the grant family about the return of this heirloom. >> philadelphia's top prosecutor is expected back in court at 2:00 this afternoon. district attorney seth williams, must report on whether he has found a new lawyer to represent him in his federal bribery and extortion case. the city stopped paying for williams defense when he got indicted and the current attorney says he can't take the case without getting paid. in washington today the big word is immunity. the what former national adviser wants in exchange from his testimony about the trump campaign's ties to washington. and now the president is even weighing. we are following this from washington this afternoon. >> reporter: hi there alicia, it was just about amonth ago that
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michael flynn was fired as national security adviser to the president when he revealed he was not honest about the interaction with the russian ambassador and now they want to know more about the interactions. >> president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn wants to testify but wants immunity. in a statement flynn's lawyer says he certainly has a story to tell and very much wanted to tell it. the president weighs in on it. he should ask for immunity because it's a witch hunt. reporters are unwillinging to cut a deal. >> i don't think congress should give him immunity. if there is an open investigation by the fbi that should not happen, and i don't believe the president should be weighing in on this. >> flynn changed his tune on
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immunity. here is him criticizing former clinton staffers that asked for immunity. >> if you asked for immunity you probably committed a crime. >> if we are at the lowest points in history we are in new cold war. >> new cold war? maybe even worse. >> all this have as investigation into russia continues in the senate. >> this is not fake news this is actually what happened to us. but the same hearings remain stalled in the house and the chairman of that committee failing to say who at the white house provided him with the secret documents, the counterpart asking questions. >> why all the cloak and dagger stuff. schiff is tweeting out in response to the president, we may learn more about why flynn wants immunity when the former attorney general, sally yates is
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allowed to testify. >> an unfolding story for sure thank you. commuters in montgomery county got a welcome surprise today the easy pass express lanes reopened much sooner than expected at the mid county interchange on the pennsylvania turnpike, the lanes closed for upgrades but the toll system is back if service today. crews finished their work nearly two week as head of schedule. but the news is not so good at the jersey shore where a project to speed up traffic has been delayed. cape may county officials plan to install the easy pass systems on five ocean side toll bridges but we learned they will not be ready in time for the summer. the work will now be completed over the course of four to five months. still to come on "action news" truly a transportation crisis in atlanta after a section of highway collapsed during a fire. plus, ten children report
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feeling sick after going down an indoor water slide in the poconos. and melissa magee has the seven-day forecast from accuweather.
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it is a tough scene for commuters right now in atlanta. this is the inferno that collapsed a main traffic artery
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in that city. the fire started under interstate 85 and burned clearly through an overpass. it's used by $250,000 cars every day. and now commuters are looking for detours and look at this. you see the cars pass closely through the huge flames last night. apparently fueled by giant plastic spools under the overpass. and officials are searching for the cause and i-5-remains closed in both directions. chicago's gun violence saw a new spike four people died at a shooting at a restaurant afternoon. in the very same neighborhood. a pregnant woman was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and close to the first two scenes, two people died in a drive-by shooting last night. police are not sure if the three cases are related . a body of a man shot by new jersey state troopers removed from a highway rest area. he was killed yesterday
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afternoon at the molly pitcher service area in cranberry, new jersey, no police officers were hurt and the state attorney general's office is investigating but has not released details on what led up to this deadly confrontation. a group of kids found themselves sick after going on a water slide in the poconos. roman moss was one of ten kids that experienced breathing problems at at ta harry resort. >> we got on the ride and my friend started hacking and then i was coughing and i got off and didn't feel so good good they were taken to the first aid center and parents were called and they said the chlorine levels were high on the ride and they say it was an isolated incident and only the one water attraction was affected. space x made a critical advance
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for space travel in their latest rocket launch. >> three, two, one -- liftoff there is goes. the company successfully launched the first recycled rocket and then relanded that booster again on a platform in the eagles by reusing rockets, instead of building them new each time. space x plans to drive the cost down. and still ahead at noon experts name the five top saltiest foods in your diet and the list may surprise you. next in health check. and a brand new cafe almost twice the size of the original. pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself.
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health check this noon. a new government study pointed theficer at the top five sources of salt and the list is not what you would expect. the culprits are bread, pizza, cold cuts and soup and cured meets. surprisingly you may think an obviously salty snack are not in the top five but they did ring in at number seven. and vending machines are tempting and quick to grab a candy bar or bag of chips. but delaying the access to the treats can potentially shift your choice to purchase less
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it's a wet and dreary friday, and meteorologist, melissa magee is checking in heavy spots of rain today but the weekend continues to get better. >> slowly. >> we have a lot of wet weather now alicia. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we have got ta precipitation and it's steady in philadelphia and a little bit a pocket in south jersey but all in all we are dealing with a lot of wet weather, the moisture is out to the west of philadelphia there in reading and lancaster and even into wilmington as we
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go in tighter on stormtracker 6 live double scan can you see the heavy rain in berks county and pottstown and malvern and lancaster and even down into oxford. i want to show you another cluster we are tracking for philadelphia and areas south and east. if you are traveling along route 70 south of browns mills. we have the moisture, same thing in medford lakes, a dry spot there south of woodbury into the north of hammonton. and along the garden state parkway from seaside heights to surf city and atlantic city. we have the moisture and this continues in fact it will pick up in intensity as we go throughout the rest of the day. the picture outside. sky 6 hd, looking at philadelphia international airport, well i would check ahead with my carrier on a day like today. there are sure to be weather related travel delays with a good soaking on the way for the rest of our friday. philadelphia 44 and 32 in the
12:25 pm
poconos, and 40 in reading. lancaster 41. and at the coast in cape may 49 and millville coming in at 51. we have a stiff easterly win with this as well and there is probably a raw feel to the day as well. satellite 6 along with action radar you see the moisture we are tracking the high pressure well to the west. all the rain from washington, d.c. into richmond, virginia, it works its way into our region from a northeast direction. and the morning commute was an issue and the evening commute looks to be challenging as well. use caution on the roads and locally heavy rain on wait, we are calling for an inch and a half to two inches of rain and locally higher amounts than that. and ponding on the roads is a concern. in the poconos down to allentown and reading and philadelphia and wilmington pockets of heavy rain and even thunderstorms are not
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out of the question today. 6:00 in the evening we have steadier pockets of moisture as we get into 11:00 tonight the moisture is starting to taper off a bit. and make sure you have the wet weather gear and pack your patience. 6:30 tomorrow the moisture is starting to pull away and clouds break for a few sunny breaks. a parade of storms into early april as we track the areas of low pressure that work their way into the south and gives us freak when bouts of rain not even as we get into the rest of this weekend but for that matter into next week. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today we have got the rain some of which is heavy at times. high temperature coming in at 48 degrees, on saturday. quick drying with a high temperature of 52. clouds and sunny breaks by tomorrow afternoon. if you had to pick two days over the weekend. sunday looks to be the better, sunday a nice afternoon high
12:27 pm
temperature of 61 and monday more clouds and late rain and 60 for the high. and tuesday we stay unsettled with another track of energy moving on through and rain at times and a thunderstorm. high temperature of 56. wednesday sun to clouds and 64 and cloudy and rain and drizzle and high temperature of 62. definitely a soggy pattern for the first week of april. >> we'll take the sun when we can get it. i'll be on the lookout. coming up, a mom has come up with a creative way to keep her kids and yours safer in their car seats. detail on this buckle me coat. just ahead. >> and philadelphia natives and lifelong friends created a coffee company and now they are expanding. i'll take you inside of the shop for a sip of something yummy.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with sara bloomquist, rick williams and meteorologist. david murphy. hello again, rick and sara are off. i'm alicia vitarelli and here are the stories on "action news" at 12:30. tourists in philadelphia are not having the best weather to enjoy the visit today. details from accuweather on the friday forecast. and smoke fills two septa cars full of passengers during the morning commute. >> and a famous and very expensive painting stolen decades ago is found and
12:30 pm
returned to the local family wondering where it has been all these years. and the rain continues to fall in our region and accuweather saying that the rain will get heavier. an umbrella or rain coat is a must today. this is the scene as people made their way around the streets and sidewalks in center city this morning. and a live look at sky 6 hd showing you center city from the temple university camera, you can't even see the top of the skyline there and the situation is going to get worse with heavier rain coming this afternoon. stormtracker 6 live double scan tracking the rain and melissa magee joins us with the details. >> reporter: it's certainly going to be a wet afternoon and into tonight. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see we have got pockets of steady rain for philadelphia and areas to the south and east with a concentration of heavier precipitation. and go in tighter on street level. we have


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