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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  April 2, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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philadelphia link. action news talks to the man who found it and his personal mission. it is 7:00 on this sunday, sky 6 taking you outside as we take this beautiful look over the city. >> to get the latest on the weather, meteorologist chris sowers outside with accu weather. >> reporter: it's blustery once again this morning, i remember standing out here two, three times during the month of february without wearing a coat. gloves, hat, i didn't have anything on and now, all of a sudden we're in march and april and it's freezing again, take a look at the temperatures over the last few days, to now, remember, as you're looking at these number, the normal for this time of year is close to 60. thursday only 52. friday all afternoon we were stuck in the four times. then yesterday, we managed a high of 53. again, with lots of clouds, we didn't have the sun kind of warming us up. at a is completely different. we pushed that cooler air out to sea. a lot of sunshine expected and we should get into the 60's. but it is a chilly start. we're only at 34 right now in
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pottstown, 34 in quakertown with windchills in the upper 20's in both locations. malvern 38, center city 41. chester showing 39. pike creek 40. wilmington borrow 40 and pemberton checking in at 39. chilly out here this morning, satellite 6. with high pressure moves in overhead, expect mostly sunny skies, here's the forecast for today, for the jersey shore, sunny at night. 57 degrees is your forecasted high for places like avalon and wildwood. philadelphia 62, sunny skies a bit breezy and for the poconos more clouds than sun, a little bit chilly with highs close to 50. looking ahead here, does turn warmer, as a matter of fact, some of the latest forecasts actually has tuesday up to 74 degrees now. but there is an issue and there's a lot of rain. heading this way here. keep the umbrella close rain on the way tuesday, thursday, and
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friday. i'll let you know how much and i'll have the time of the future tracker 6. i'll seal you guys again in just a bit. breaking news from the roosevelt boulevard. in the hunting park section of philadelphia, you're looking at a live action cam picture right now. police shut down the outer lanes of the boulevard northbound to investigate a deadly shooting. they got a report around 6:00 this morning, a man was going eastbound in the 4800 block of summer dale avenue when another man in a white cadillac pulled alongside his car and opened fire, hitting the man in the head. that injured driver crossed six lanes of traffic before crashing into a fence on the outer lanes, medics found man with a single gunshot wound and's pronounced dead. the outer rains near adams avenue is shut down, traffic is getting by. this is expected to be the situation most of the morning, we will continue to keep you
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adapted here on 6 abc and on a 23-year-old woman has died after a crash overnight in philadelphia's roxboro section. she was a passenger in a car that tried to avoid a deer and slammed into a pole near bell free drive. the woman and 27-year-old man driving the vehicle were both ejected the driver is hospitalized in stable condition. also new, the search son for the person who shot a man in the back in camden. the shooting happened in the 1200 bill clinton of kaine avenue. around 2:30, he ran a short distance before collapsing, medics took him to cooper university hospital in critical condition, police have not said if they have a motive in the case. 7:03. michael neuvirth spent the night in the hospital. he collapsed during a game here at home last night. neuvirth fell to the ice. you see him here. he lays there several minutes. quite a dramatic scene, players
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rushing off bench to be right now right there. general manager ron heck stall said neuvirth was not feeling well before the game. >> he's had a little bit of a chest cold. there's a few things going on, there has been all winter. he has, in fact, had a chest cold. >> what have you been told? >> we sent him over to the hospital for precautionary reasons, everything so far has been good. >> neuvirth was in the game because the other goalie steve mason was also sick. flyers hope to have more information on neuvirth's condition a bit later. jeff skversky will have action. coming up in sports. 7:04. neighbors are talking this morning about a house collapse in southwest philadelphia. >> you saw it here first breaking news yesterday morning, firefighters had to pull a man from under mound of bricks. action news reporter bob brooks has more on the rescue and the
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chilling sound that startled people from their sleep >> it was loud. i heard it. i was laying on the sofa. watching tv when i heard it. scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: what anne adams heard was this house crashing down in southwest philadelphia. it happened around 2:30 a.m. overnight and it wasn't just anne that heard it everyone here did >> i heard a boom. >> reporter: but the house wasn't empty. there was man inside. being crushed by the rubble the home collapsed right on him fire officials say the house was flat. when they began their initial assessment and they heard a man screaming for help and started the rescue. >> you to hear him hollering >> for help >> yes. >> reporter: from video captured by the crew overnight. we see the man pulled out and rushed to the hospital. kathy sanders lives next door to the home that fell. she said the victim is a homeless man >> he was a squatter in there.
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he was sleeping in there. >> reporter: we're told this section of row homes were in the process of demolition. >> they were tearing them down. >> many say they're not surprised it happened and that is a miracle this man inside wasn't killed. they had he's houses were unsafe. >> they should have been torn down a long time ago. >> reporter: that is not something anyone should have the go through, no official cause of why the house came crashing down, still details fire officials are working to get. reporting in southwest philadelphia, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. financial demolish forms of president trump's senior staff sparking new debate over the trump team's ties to business interest. forms show that the president senior staff, its worth about 12 billion dollars. his son-in-law jared kushner and
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first daughter, ivanka have about $740. she reinstate her stake in the newly opened trump hotel in work. even though she and her husband are unpaid white house staff members, critics say such ties pose a serious conflict of interest >> a lot of us people working in this white house have substantial investments in privately held companies and we need to know much more about where they're balling their money or we're not going to know what the conflict of interests are >> the form also shows steve bannon, the president controversial chief strategist is worth up to $54 million. the stat judiciary committee is set to vote tomorrow on the nomination of neil gorsuch. that vote clears the way to weigh in. republicans could then change senate rule to allow a simple mapped vote for gorsuch's
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confirmation, that change would allow all future supreme court nominees to be confirmed without regard to the objections of the minority party. a message in a bottle discovered in the caribbean appears to have a philadelphia connection, dan cuellar spoke to the man who found the message. >> sounds crazy i know. but it's kind of a hobby. >> reporter: meet clinton buffing ton. he travels the world looking for messages in bottles >> seemed like magic. i didn't know messages in bottles were real. i thought it was something you see in movies or books. >> reporter: since starting on this crazy fda in 1987, he found 82 bottles with messages >> i met 11 people whose messageses i found. every experience has been really wonderful. >> reporter: it was back in 2015 while vacationing in the british west indes he stumble on to a gator raid bottle.
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it was hard to read >> if i hold it up to the light just right. i can see where he's written i live in philadelphia, let me know what day you found this. >> reporter: the message was written by someone named ray from philadelphia. it was written on cruise line stationery on a carnival cruise in may of 2014 >> i'm excited to find ray, i'm hope we're able to make contact. >> reporter: unfortunately he can't make out ray's phone number on the message. he's been looking for him over a year now. for buffing ton there's something magical about connecting with people whose messages in the bottle he has found through the year >> i kind of connected and made contact with them and they were super excited i found their bottle. just kind of hooked me. something -- it appealed to me somehow. >> reporter: he has a website dedicated to finding messages in bottles on facebook, it's called message in a bottle hunter. you can find a link to it on our website at
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stat center, i'm dan cuellar, channel 6 action news. >> a neat hobby. >> much more to come on action news this sunday including new video of a pickup truck swerving on the road, about to plow into a church bus killing 13 people. a philadelphia district attorney seth william legal troubles take another turn in court tomorrow. the phillies are hitting the road for the season opener in cincinnati. the general manager talks about expectations just ahead. windchills are below freezing in many locations this morning, look what happenss by tuesday, all of a sudden we're back up into the mid 70's where we like it. we'll see how long it lasts with the accu weather seven-day forecast when we come back.
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one dry day? that's what we can look forward to. >> that's about it. really nice way to end the weekend got off to such a
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miserable start yesterday. as we flip it over to the radar, everything looks good, we don't have moisture, for the most part tomorrow as well, although tomorrow night, when some of the moisture starts to roll on back in again, put 41 in philadelphia, due point 32. pressure reading holding steady at 30.16 inches, winds blustery out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour, that's makes us 41 in philadelphia feel more like 34. that's your windchill. 33 in allentown, 33 trenton, 21 in the poconos, 35 in dover and lancaster 32. satellite 6 along with action radar, high pressure is violate about there and that will keep the skies bright and sunny, cloud cover off to the southwest and to the northeast. we're kind of in between systems here, but this one is racing off to the northeast and again should get in here shortly. monday night into tuesday, all moves back in. heavy rains this morning for the lone star state.
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you have a band of severe weather start south of is an angelo. and the moisture extends northward to the high plains getting into the missouri and iowa and west of chicago, all of this is pushing to the east, the first round of rain, that will be followed by another storm thursday into friday and each system that pulls through this week has the potential to drip at least an inch of rain and in some cases maybe more, in future track 6. we're not. tracking any rain or a clouds, the clouds quickly increase and thicken and that gives way to the first rain drops around 9:00, 10:00 in the evening and right through the overnight. you can see some yellow starting to show up into the lehigh valley and poconos moderate to steady rain that's falling at that point. it should linger to tuesday morning, showers or periods of drizzle especially south and east of philadelphia. once we get to the afternoon on tuesday, mainly cloudy, warm,
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temperatures skyrocketing into the 70's which will add to the instability and that instability could fire up afternoon thunderstorms, we'll go from a steady light rain tuesday morning to hit or miss showers and storms by afternoon. not looking like a pretty day, temperature-wise, pretty nice, 74 by 2:30 on tuesday afternoon for philadelphia, and wilmington, actually 70s for just about everybody. lone exception being the poconos and the water along wildwood and cape may that's because your ocean temperatures are still in the 40's. for today, mostly sunny and breezy, 62 is your forecasted high with the breeze out of the northwest at five to 15 miles per hour. as you can see from start to finish, wall-to-wall blue skies, 1:0057, by 5:00, 60, high is 62. mainly clear overnight. and chilly, we'll call it mild considering the normal low for this time of year is 40. we'll go 45, 38 in the out lying suburbs. the seven-day forecast one dry
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day, for the most part it's dry tomorrow but tomorrow night the rain moves if, 65. increasing clouds for tuesday cloudy and warm, morning showers afternoon thunderstorms possible. 70 degrees, just saw the modelling is all the way up to 74, we may have to bump that number up. wednesday is dry. thursday and friday, not looking too good. saturday at this point maybe a left over morning shower otherwise clouds and sun and it's cooler with a high of 57. >> yes. these days are going to be like friday just kind of all day. >> that's the good thing. the storm coming in tuesday, and the one coming in thursday, the worse looks to be while we're sleeping. we don't experience that misery. >> thank you so much. time 7:16, a delaware county teacher honored with the federal bar association's first ever excellence in civics education award. lisa is a fourth grade teacher in drexel hill. the only teacher in pennsylvania
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to get this award, only 15 teachers nationwide earned this honor. a parent nominated her for her knowledge of civics. one by one, students had kind words for carney. >> my favorite memory is fourth grade when she. a state lawmake a citation. >> how cool is that that you have a great teacher across the country, everybody thinks >> carney has been teaching 20 years, the last six at saint bernadette. congratulations. bernadette. congratulations.
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news, a deadly shooting resulting in the closure of part of the roosevelt boulevard in hunting park. police say man was driving his car on the 4800 block of summer dale avenue near the boulevard around 6:00 a.m. sunday when another man in a pulled up alongside him and shot him. the man was pronounced at the scene we're working to get you more information as we do we'll bring that to you on the air also fire ripped through a high-rise tower complex in dubai. no one was hurt but badly damaged the structure next to the mall. these kinds of fires are a big concern in the desert city. fire was an accident but started in a parking level of the 72-story building. investigators are still looking for the cause. this morning, new video appears to show the truck involved in that fatal church bus crash just moments before the accident. jo joed was driving and minutes
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later that pickup truck crashed into a church bus, 13 people inside the bus were killed. a witness told police a pickup truck driver admitted to texting. it is not illegal to text and drive in texas. it is now 7:21, in health check, the fda alerting consumers to a voluntary recall of some's pie pen and injections. 13 lots of the product have been recalled by the auto inject to her product. milan has recalled 13 lots because of concerns that they can contain a defective part. milan, said they should keep and use the current pens until they get a website. go to our website to find which epi pen has been recalled.
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tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms.
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anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. dash will be starting on the ben franklin parkway by the philadelphia museum of art. it has a 10k, 5 kywing as well as a 3k walk, you can see folks participating. it will be fun, thank goodness it's today, because this is our one dry day for awhile. >> good day to have it. flyers slim playoff hopes are still alive but the thoughts are also with the goalie michael neuvirth who collapsed during last night's win. here's jeff skversky >> reporter: needing a big win, the flyers shorthanded in that
7:25 am
goalie michael neuvirth out of nowhere just collapsed on the ice. here's a scary scene, neuvirth goes down like that in the first period against the devils. he was laying there for quite some time before getting carted off and taken to pennsylvania hospital. flyers say he was not feeling well beforehand but the tests check out fine. he will not go to new york for the rangers. anthony comes in as an emergency. five minutes beforehand, steve mason was sick. tom mcdonald scored to give the flyers a 2-0 lead in the first and the flyers desperately try to avoid getting knocked out. hanging in there fighting with the devils all night. and the flyers avoid going down winning 3-0. avoid being eliminated. the concern afterwards, not about the playoff but neuvirth's health. >> there's been a bug going through the team.
7:26 am
it could have had something to do with that. sometimes those colds get you and dehydrated you. we're just glad he's ok. scary moment when you see that, something like that happen to one of your team mates >> the flyers are not sure who will play. they continue to stave off limitation. >> ever since kris jenkins had the shot to win it for villanova. north carolina has another shot at the total. joe berry struggles but hits the big throw with under six to play in the second half. north carolina up one here, under six seconds to go. they miss four free throws to ice the game and catch a break as oregon misses the rebound. north carolina hangs on to win by one. they get another shot at the national championship after falling short to villanova a year ago. and the other national semi finals gonzaga nearly blows a 14 point second half lead to south
7:27 am
carolina. leading the way with 23 and their big man holds it down in crunch time. gonzaga wins 77-73. they will play for the a championship for the first time in school history tomorrow against north carolina. phillies will hit the road for cincinnati later where they will open the season against the reds on monday, matt klentak expects the team to improve after losing 91 games a year ago. >> we had a good spring and i think credit to the manager and coaching staff. really credit to our players getting after it and busting their buts and working hard >> jeremy hellickson will be on the mound. sports i'm jeff skversky have a great day. ♪ sticking with the phillies theme, the phillies home opener is friday. we got to look at what's new at
7:28 am
the ballpark. they showed off a jersey shore inspired hot dog with a pork roll and cheese sauce, they served up a grain bowl with veggies, they have a pastrami sandwich, a pastrami sausage. in any will offer hot and cold premo hoagies. >> we'll be right back.
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breaking news on the roosevelt boulevard in the feltonville section of philadelphia. police shutdown the outer lanes of the boulevard northbound near adams avenue to investigate a deadly shooting. you can see police on the scene right there. this is expected to be the situation for much of the morning. police tell action news they got a report around 6:00 this morning that a man was going eastbound on the 4800 block of summer dale avenue when another man in a white cadillac pulled alongside his car and opened fire hitting the man in the head. the injured driver then crossed six lanes of traffic. crashed into a fence on the outer lanes of the boulevard. you pronounced dead on scene. outer lanes of the roosevelt boulevard northbound near adams avenue is shut down. traffic is getting by on the inner lanes, this is expected to be the situation most of the morning. your time 7:30.
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let's take you outside. how do we plan your weekend chris? chilly now? will it be the case all day >> no, we should back up to the 60's later this afternoon, it is chilly right now with wind chills in the 30's. this will be one of the nicer days we've seen in quite some time. we're expecting full sunshine from start to finish and again numbers rebounding back into the 60's, we're going above average for a change. 33 in allentown. feels like a cold 21 in the poconos. trenton 33. dover 35. cape may 37. you see how they cleared out. we went partly cloudy overnight and clear conditions bright blue skies overhead. as we expand the view, you can kind of see where the high pressure is right now if you look off to the lower left-hand portion of your screen and the upper right. a lot of clouds, there's a small area of high pressure in between that. that's why we're seeing the clear skies right now, that's
7:32 am
going to set up a picture perfect sunday afternoon around the delaware and lehigh valleys, accu weather calls for sunny skies and breezy with a high of 62. the wind may make it feel cooler than the 62 at times. but still a local lot better where we were yesterday, and on friday. now, with that said, keep the umbrellas handy. several more storms on the way, friday's rain storm produced an inch and a half of rain on average most of the viewing area, tuesday, we can see .8 to another inch of rain, that's about 1.3 inches of rain on thursday, within a week's time frame, the city of philadelphia could pick up about three and a half inches of rain. good soaking for the delaware and lehigh valley. but with that said, if we translate that into snow, that would have been about 35 inches of snow. you got to look at the brighter side. when we come back in a few minutes we'll to take it out with future tracker 6 and i'll have a nice warmup for you.
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>> you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 radar any time at a family managed to escape burning home on the 3100 block in the holmesburg section of physical. firefighters found heavy black smoke pouring from the second floor of that home when they got to the scene. the parents and their two children were not hurt. the philadelphia fire marshal's office right now is investigating. 7:33. more new information to tell you about. quick work by philadelphia firefighters prevented a row home fire from racing up and down the street and damaging other homes. the action cam at the scene in kensington. the fire started after midnight. crews got to the scene, they say they were approached by flames and smoke pouring out from the third story home. crews had the fire under control in about 20 minutes. thankfully no reports of injuries but this morning no word on what caused the fire.
7:34 am
carbon monoxide leak is being blamed for the death of a 13-year-old child at a hotel in southwest michigan. at least 12 others were injured. six kids were found unconscious on the hotel's pool deck. according to fire investigators they were overcome by carbon monoxide leaking from a faulty pool heater. two hotel workers along with three officers responding to the scene were taken to the hospital >> they were trying to get oxygen but there was no life in those bodies, absolutely nothing. i couldn't even see them breathing >> when we first went in we went in with monitors, monitor went off, and the time it was taking us to go back out and get air pack to come back in, we were pulling them out as we leave. all the responders took a little bit more risk but we had to get the kids out of there into fresh air >> carbon monoxide levels in the whole were 16 times above the safe limit. the russia election
7:35 am
investigation continue to be at the forefront of politics in washington, david write is sorting through it all. >> as the house russia investigation entered cloak and dagger territory, i'm david wright with this week's highs and lows. it was rocky for the embattled chair of the house intelligence committee. republican congressman devon nunez, he made waves last week when he announced he had evidence that members of the trump campaign were swept up in surveillance of foreign targets by u.s. intelligence agencies. it took another strange turn when it was revealed he got his information on white house grounds from two members of president trump's national security team. >> we will never reveal sources and methods. >> even to the other members of the committee >> never. >> reporter: the top democrat in the house intel adam shift accusing the white house of attempting to interfere in the committee's russia investigation >> it was case where they wish
7:36 am
to effectively laundry information through our committee. >> reporter: shift and other top democrats called on nunez to recuse himself from the investigation saying his actions show he's too close to the white house but nunez isn't budging leaving it effectively installed. there was a bright spot. a show of bipartisan from the leaders of the senate intelligence committee share richard ber a republican and mark warner a democrat made it clear they have no intention of letting politics get in the way of their investigation >> we together with the members of our committee will get to the bottom of this. nothing else from today, take that statement to the bank >> one potential witness former national security advisor michael flynn is offering to testify in exchange for immunity. not clear if he'll get takers. all eyes on the senate committee to see if it can succeed where the house committee stumble more
7:37 am
politics ahead on this week with george stephanopaulus david wright abc news washington. martha rat ticks falls with ash carter and arm services committee chair john mckaine all ahead at 10:30. embattled philadelphia district attorney seth william is expected back in court. the top prosecutor voluntarily gave up his law license on friday but remains on the job. his new lawyer tom berks said he'll take on an administrative role pending the outcome. he faces 23 counts of bribery and extortion. at 11:30 our inside story panel discusses seth williams's legal challenges and the district attorney's race. the panel digs into the grab money for sanctuary cities, which includes philadelphia. a stretch of road in montgomery county is now named for a fallen war hero. drivers on by berry road in
7:38 am
upper more land will see a large sign dedicated to major jennifer talowski. they gathered in hatboro to remember him. he was from willow grove and died in 2005 while serving in iraq. the american red cross held the annual ball atting lincoln financial field. the carpet rolled out for more than 1,000 people who showed up to support the red cross house which survives local disaster relief. event was complete with life entertainment and a silent auction. action news karen rogers was on hand to serve as m c. looking pretty in red. >> beautiful as always. isn't she >> so much more to come on action news. sound of bethoven. 6 abc loves the arts brings you a preview
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>>. live look right now at cape may, the sun is shining and we have a dry day. but that's not the case all week long. meteorologist chris back with t with the exclusive accu weather forecast. temperatures will go up and
7:40 am
7:41 am
it will be a nice day >> temperatures going to feel pretty nice, yesterday was kind of chilly and blustery, raw. today it will be a lot nicer with all the sunshine, much warmer numbers getting back to
7:42 am
the 60's finally look at all that bright blue. that's a sight for sore eyes, after all the clouds, rain, winds, drearry conditions. we've had a bit of a chilly pattern, thursday 52. friday the 40's all afternoon, yesterday 53, the normal is close to 60. we need warm weather to kind of get things going. 35 right now at pottstown, not warm yet. quakertown 35, mart inside creek 32, tannersville, 38 in longwood, 40 for coatesville and oxford and 38 in chester. goes over on the other side of the delaware, new j and 38 pike creek, 40 sewell 41, tuckahoe, 41, ewing checking in at 39. you'll need something with sleeves first thing this morning, by afternoon, you can leave that at the house, and maybe just a wind breaker that will do it.
7:43 am
probably about it. satellite 6 along with action radar high pressure sitting there, bright blue skies we keep the cloud cover out here towards the southwest. texas you see explosion of clouds in central portions through oklahoma and kansas. this is our next storm making, the severe weather element to that will stay out here, all the rains will pull northeastward through the ap latians. lots of sunshine expected. tomorrow starting out with a bit of sunshine quickly increasing clouds, lower and thicken throughout the day and as we get to monday night, here comes the rain, some will come down at a pretty good clip. you can see the yellows starting to show up. a moderate to occasionaling a heavy rain that will be falling. shortly after midnight monday night but this will continue through tuesday morning, so the morning commute will be damp. there will be periods of rain maybe patchy fog especially from philadelphia points southeast
7:44 am
and that should continue through the first part of the afternoon and with temperatures getting up into the mid 70's, there could even be a few thunderstorms that develop news with all instability that starts developing. rainfall totals again we picked up about an inch and a half three quarters. we're expecting another half inch, i think it's too light for philadelphia points south and east. i think you can pretty much take this and put it over top of the entire area. let's say by tuesday, we should see at least another three quarters of an inch of rain followed by perhaps another inch of rain as we get into thursday and friday. temperature-wise, the bright side, 74 on wilmington -- in wilmington for tuesday, 74 in philadelphia. dover, 71, millville 73. that will feel nice, forecast for today, low 60's for everybody. except for the jersey shore, that's because the ocean temperatures still in the 40's. we'll go mid 50's down there, sunny skies, breezy, overnight, we'll call it chilly. 43 in wilmington, allentown 38.
7:45 am
philadelphia 45. and cape may 44. the exclusive accu weather forecast, every other day or two days, expect to see rain, mostly sunny and breezy, nice one, 62, increasing clouds on monday, and mild with a high of 65, for now we're posting 70 for tuesday, as you just saw on the modelling could go warmer, we'll say cloudy and warm with a few showers, wednesday looks good, thursday and if i, periods of rain, 60 for thursday, 58 for friday. >> we're getting there. >> slowly but surely. >> thank you. it is now 7:45. the finishing touches are going up at the museum of the american revolution here in philadelphia. two giant 20 by 40 bronze sculpture panels are installed on the outdoor plaza on chester street near 3rd, they weigh nearly 1500 pounds each. depicting scenes from the american revolution, washington
7:46 am
crossing the delaware and the declaration of independence. it opens april 19th you probably know the name lou klein he made quite a mark on television and temple university. he's been at temple 65 years. now the next generation will graduate from the school bearing his name >> we owe him for his work creating the action news format in our wfil studios many years ago. client has inspired in the classroom, the tv studio and of course, right in neighborhoods. walter perez takes a closer look. >> lou klein's magnificent television career includes producer, executive, pioneer, how fitting that at the school where he began teaching in 1952 is officially temple university's lou klein college of media and communications. still, over the years, mr. klein did more than teach. >> i know him from his work with the police athletic league. you have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people that have gone through
7:47 am
over years, many of whom you don't even know the effect that you've had on their lives. >> reporter: he produced landmark programs like american band stand and captain noah >> it's captain noah and his magical arc. >> he helped launched careers of tv icons like dick clark, sally star and bob sag got who took time to address mr. klein directly >> i am so appreciative. what you have done for me, lou, is why i'm here today and why i'll always be here when you ask. you're an exceptional man >> early in my temple years i met lou klein, a professor of television production taught at the old channel 6 and right then my life changed with lou's encouragement, i went from a dreamer, and i was that, a dreamer. i used to dream about broadcasting games, to an
7:48 am
achiever. >> he talked about how to dress, being on time, aggressive understanding the dynamics of the workplace. >> reporter: along with his time, mr. klein donated a tremendous amount of money to his beloved school. when it came time to formally receive the honor, mr. klein spent much of the time at the podium to talk about his wife >> janet, nothing would be anything if it were not for you. you are my life >> teaching has always been and also will continue to be lou's innate skill and his pleasure. >> walter perez channel 6 action news.
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philadelphia orchestra is gearing up for an electrifying series of concerts that celebrate a russian powerhouse, a prodigy and evolution of
7:51 am
technology, karen rogers has this week's 6 abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the orchestra is ending the month of april and a wide ranging concert filled with everything from future sounds to the familiar. it starts with a journey through the evolution of technology. >> loves exploring a wide variety and his program gets signed to a music director. >> reporter: it opens with a work composed by bethoven? the create or of fire. >> the grammy nominated composer jason bates takes it from there. >> reporter: alternative energy it spans hundreds of years from a 19th century junkyard in the midwest to a futuristic chinese nuclear plant and finally an icelandic rain forest >> he introduces digital sounds
7:52 am
that transport us from era to era. >> reporter: also reunites way russian prodigy who earned a grammy nomination in 2015 for best classical instrument solo in a recording with a fabulous philadelphian at the end of april, the orchestra celebrates its relationship with a russian tight en with a rock festival >> he wrote many works at the orchestra, performed with the orchestra. >> reporter: it includes original plays. >> each night there will be a different play. this is unparallel to anywhere else in the music world. >> reporter: for tickets and show times visit the arts in for 6 abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. time is 7:52, a place in south philadelphia that he wants students improve piano scores
7:53 am
and a whole lot more. mayor kenney cut the ribbon at the music foundation ands being funded by a grant. it will pay for the equipment and the teachers for three years. the musical outlet was created to build a student's confidence and encourage essentially development.
7:54 am
at longhorn, tonight's special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo.
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you can't fake steak. . washington square a huge pillow fight in honor of what else? international pillow fight day. of course, organizers say it's a
7:56 am
good way to let off team and get to know some of your neighbors. i wish i would have had a chance to do that when we had that snow. >> i like that. >> bring pillows in. >> let's talk a little weather, forecast for today looks really nice, lots of sunshine, bright blue skies, about 62 degrees, that's the forecasted high, maybe few high cyrus clouds later on but the get the idea. nice finish to the weekend. the exclusive accu weather forecast, things will go downhill quick fast and in a hurry, 65 for tomorrow, increasing clouds, a nice day, mild, monday night the rain starts, tuesday cloudy and warm showers maybe afternoon thunderstorms and wednesday looks good, sun and clouds 66. the next storm system thursday and friday with more rain and thunderstorms, 60 thursday. 58 for friday. then the upper level may hang out for the first part of the
7:57 am
weekend. more clouds and sun saturday and 57, three and a half inches of rain from this past friday to what we'll see into the upcoming week. >> a lot of rain. >> i'm not going to complain yet. good morning america weekend is next on channel 6. action news continues a little later this morning >> here's some of the stories work on for you. we'll have the latest information on that breaking news we've been following now, the northbound outer lane over the roosevelt boulevard remains closed following a deadly shooting. >> communicating can be difficult for some people with disabilities, now there's an ap to help with that. chris sowers will have more on the exclusive after the forecast, for the entire action news team, have a great sunday. see you back here at 9:00 a.m.
7:58 am
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could i get my parking validated? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. good morning, america. money matters. the embattled former national security adviser michael flynn filing two different financial disclosures. the reason behind it, as we learn about the payments he got for speeches from three different russian companies. plus, the new calls for clarity about trump family businesses. poison at the pool. investigators blaming a suspected carbon monoxide leak. >> at quality inn. reported six children in the pool area all passed out. >> one teen passing away. the investigation this morning into how it happened. caught on camera, police shooting. >> come over here and talk to me. let's go. >> how a call at a convenience store quickly escalated into violence. [ gunfire ] >> three, shots fired. shots fired!


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