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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 5, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ this is where it happened two gunmen spray up to 25 bullets
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striking four men, three are dead, the fourth is in the hospital. this is the harrison public housing project on west styles in north philadelphia the scene of yesterday's carnage but the two gunman are still out there, out there somewhere. it is tuesday night the big story on action news tonight is the frantic effort to track down two killers. there is nothing to suggest right now that police are close. action news reporter dann cuellar is live at police headquarters dann what is the latest on this? >> reporter: well jim as police continue to search for the two killers reward leading to arrest has grown to 70,000. it is now believed that rivalry between two groups led to the execution style killings. for most of the day and night a heavy police presence lined several block of harrison plaza pha apartments as police worried about a retaliatory attack. we will flood the area with
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police and always worried about retaliation and always worried about them coming back and shooting and injuring more individuals in the area. >> reporter: at least 25 shots were fired in broad daylight by two men in a small gray suv that caught the four victims by surprised and 20-year-old tyair jabbar and 32-year-old fenwick and 27-year-old robertson a fourth man a 26-year-old is listed in critical condition. they were all friends and all buddies, however, all four of them were well-known to police. >> reporter: by st. malachy school and parents were a bit relieved by the police presence. >> after the police leave then what? >> so you hope a more permanent solution. >> yes. >> reporter: for some the horrific carnage has memories of massacre back in december of 2000 ten people shot in a crack house and 7 of them killed.
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>> if they are not lying like flies they are in a penitentiary. philadelphia ceasefire will be staging a vigil on behalf of the victims families. we can only appeal to the community to start engaging in dialog and put the guns down is our main focus is put the guns down and try to resolve a lot of this conflict that is going on out here in the communities. >> reporter: the vigil will take place tomorrow at 6:00. near the area of 11 and styles where the shootings happened live at police headquarters i'm dann cuellar for action news. the trial of eric frein is underway in milford pick pennsylvania and frein is charged in 2014 ambush attack that killed pennsylvania state corporal brian dicksson and wounded trooper alex douglas a state police dispatcher was the first to take the stand today and nicole palmer described the ambush and how she tried to help dixon after he had been shot and surveillance of the attack was also shown to the jury, frein's
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attorney says the defendant will not take the stand but the jury will hear a videotaped statement frein made to detectives after he was arrested. and we urge you to stay with action news for continuing coverage of the eric frein trial john wallins in the pike county and look for live reports tomorrow on action news, philadelphia are looking for three suspects with a home invasion and robbery in northern liberty this afternoon and happened at 3:15 on 100 block of east wide e street and the men tied up the homeowner took a handgun, 5,000 in cash, cell phones and a wallet. police do not have a motive, the victim was not seriously hurt. new jersey state police are investigating a fatal crash in burlington county this happened tonight at 7:00 on northbound 295 near mercer county line in borrow dentown and the driver
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lost control went off the roadway and crashed into some trees. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the world is watching and the world is outraged. more than 80 syrian civilians including two dozen children have been killed by a chemical weapons attack. some of these images are very disturbing. volunteer medics spraying down victims with water trying to control the damage from the chemicals. piles of lifeless bodies show the magnitude of the tragedy. secretary of state rex tillerson called on russia and iran to use their influence on syrian president bashar al-assad to stop this latest developments in the russia probe texas representative castro a member of the house intelligence committee said today he thinks some of president trump's associates will quote end up in jail once the russian related investigations are completed. meanwhile former obama national security advisor susan rice is still at the center of
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controversy accused of spying on members of the trump transition team. rice was reportedly the official who asked for the identities of trump campaign advisors whose communications were swept up in intelligence reports but she flatly denied any wrongdoing. >> the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes that is absolutely false. >> reporter: mrs. rice wouldn't say if she viewed intelligence involving trump or his aid saying that is classified but she did say quote i leave nothing to nothing. majority leader of the senate mitch mcconnell invoke what they call the nuclear option, that will defeat the democrats filibuster of the neil gorsuch nomination and insure the confirmation to the supreme court on friday in a nuclear option will change the senate rule so a supreme court nominee can be confirmed with a simple
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majority 51 votes not 60. it would mean that future supreme court nominees could get on the court with no as sent from the minority party potentially leading to a more polarized supreme court. 600 jobs in the lehigh valley are safe, majestics plant in palmer will manufacture apparel for major league basic when the current contract expires in 2019 and announcement came today and making professional baseball uniforms and fan gear since 1982 but majestic lost the contract with major league baseball last year but we learned that it was sold to a sports apparel company the fanatics and the jobs will stay. >> couldn't be more excited to have majestic help fanatics to be an even bigger and more successful company and be stronger together. >> reporter: here is how it will
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work fanatics works with under armor and they will start producing major league baseball uniforms for the 2020 season. in less than an hour the first parking restrictions due to the up coming nfl draft in philadelphia will take effect. beginning at 12:01 there will be no parking on south side of 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue that restriction lasts through the first week in may. the first road closers will begin next monday april 10 part of spring garden and lanes on the parkway will shut down then. more closers take effect leading up to the draft on april 27th and we have all the parking and road closer information on our website at draft. emergency repairs have forced the closure of a bridge connecting cl city and inspectors found a crack in one of the supporting piers of the inatlanta bridge along ocean drive and the damage is 30 feet
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under water, officials hope to finish repairs before memorial day. jewish center of doylestown tonight and the scroll contains 304,000 individually handwritten letters. jewish tradition says that a new torah is to be belichicked into a community just as one welcomes a bride and groom and carried under a wedding canopy during a procession tonight with live music and dancing before the torah was placed in the holy park. one of philadelphia's most recognizable figures and why not he played one of philadelphia's most revered historic figures but word has come that ralph archbold died last week and action news reporter christie ileto is live in front of independence hall where ralph archbold aka ben franklin did
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some of his most important work. >> reporter: catch him at independence hall chatting with visitors sharing colorful stories and those who knew him best being ben franklin was not just a job it was almost second nature. >> he was bern ben franklin from the moment you started talking to him. >> reporter: rarely out of character ralph archbold was 44 years as the city's official ben franklin and sometimes like looking in a mirror and even shared a birthday january 17th with big ben. >> he was one of a kind. there will never be another ralph. >> he was such an franco file and knew more about ben franklin than ben franklin knew. >> reporter: he shared that knowledge with local school children and chatting with modern day visitors from around the world, his wife linda also famously portrays betsy ross and for their wedding on independence mall he designed the wedding ring. >> stars and stripes and
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lightning key around the finger. >> reporter: he was in franklin court suffering a stroke seven years earlier. >> he was a very outgoing person. he was very knowledgeable. >> this is sort of larger than life this a lot of ways. >> reporter: bill also a ben franklin interpreter filled in when archbold was in recovery, do you feel you have big shoes to fill? >> i'm not sure big shoes to fill but certainly there is a legacy that has been established that we need to continue to honor. >> reporter: a piece of philadelphia gone but not forgotten. he was so very special and in honor of what he loved doing most his family says people can make charitable contributions in his memory to the ben franklin museum live in old city christie ileto channel six action news. >> still to come on action news irs policy of not using debt collectors to find delinquent
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taxpayers is about to change and payless shoe stores is about to close hundreds of locations cecily we have accuweather. >> a powerful system of bringing a threat of tornados and heading our way on thursday the latest on what that means for us in the accuweather seven-day forecast. tony romo is retiring but not done with football yet that and more when action news continues.
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south korea says north korea has fired a ballistic missile in the waters off its east coast. officials say the missile fired wednesday morning flew about 37 miles. the launch comes as south korea and the u.s. are conducting their annual military drills, the north sees the drills as an
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invasion rehearsal and responded with its own military training. russian investigations are searching for possible accomplices and suspected subway bomber a 22-year-old kurdistan has been identified as the attacker and forensic experts say the suspect's dna was found on a deactivated bomb at a second subway station, the attack killed 13 people yesterday. transportation officials in georgia now say they hope to rebuild the i-85 bridge by the middle of june. the huge fire caused it to collapse last week in atlanta. authorities say the fire was started by a man under the bridge north of downtown. the closed section of i-85 carries 400,000 vehicles a day. the state of north carolina is apparently back in the game, the ncaa has lifted its ban on holding events in the tar hill
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state after officials semi repealed a controversial bathroom bill and 7 events were pulled from north carolina because of a ban of people using bathrooms that did not match the sex indicated on their birth certificate. the statement today the ncaa said a compromised bill signed last week creates a nondiscriminatory environment. vice president mike pence is on a mission to revive the failed healthcare bill and pence has been holding talks with conservative members of congress. the freedom caucus. the white house is trying to address conservative complaints that the bill the original bill didn't go far enough to undo obamacare, house speaker paul ryan did not offer any kind of timetable for another vote. for years the irs has warned they will never call a taxpayer to demand payment but starting this spring the irs will have a private company call you if you are behind on your taxes and to ensure you're not being scammed the irs says it will first
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contact you multiple times in writing. you won't hear from a collector unless you have several years worth of over due taxes and all payments will be made to the irs not the contractor. the shoe chain payless shoe store announced today it will file for chapter 11 the retailer will close nearly 400 under performing stores immediately as part of a reorganization. the company has not yet released a list of those stores. payless does have stores in this region, it has more than 4400 stores in over 30 countries. well a university is taking a stand against sexual assault, tonight students and community members attended a take back the night event for support for survivors were written on fabric squares and turned into a quilt more than a dozen student organizations set up informational tables showing how they stand up to sexual violence. ♪
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there is plenty of music and dancing tonight in fair mount park, a fundraiser for the philadelphia school districts music program was held at the please touch museum and sponsored by the national association for catering and events, there were plenty of props on hand for photos and of course an auction. and trampoline park in downingtown opened doors to children with special needs along with families and teamed up with ebs children's institute for this fun night out which of course included a lot of jumping, climbing and running around, area businesses donated food and drink and coincides with autism awareness week. good time had by all including i have a feeling some parents who were jumping. >> i have gone to a place like that with my kids and birthday parties and have fun with the trampoline getting some exercise. >> cecily it's time to go home. >> get out get out. if you need to do some jumping
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or exercising do it outside tomorrow because the weather will be fantastic and, in fact, bruce neuman took this photo and takes the best photos over the ben franklin bridge and the clouds we had this afternoon clearing out just in time to r the for the sunset at 7:28 this evening but storm tracker six live is picking up a little bit of radar echoes. now what this is actually some fog developing. we have a backdoor front that is trying to sneak down from northern new jersey and this is pulling down from low level colder air and that is resulting in the condensation in the form of fog so atlantic city airport toms river visibility half mile trenton a third of a mile but philadelphia and areas to the west we have completely clear skies and temperatures tell us a story in philadelphia it's 69, northeast philadelphia airport it's only 53, trenton it's 50, beach haven it's 48 degrees so much cooler to the east where you are getting those winds out
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of the northeast and satellite and radar showing we are clearing out the skies as we head through the overnight hours. high pressure is nudging in so any moisture being pushed up to the north and the east but that high pressure does not last long. this is a developing storm system and have tornado warnings for parts of missouri and arkansas and this is a system that will be moving in on thursday and bringing us some very wet and potentially stormy weather. the good news is for tomorrow it's not here yet, tomorrow it's going to be a bonus day nicest day of the week and loads of sunshine and 8:00, 56, by 11:00 already reaching the average high for the time of the year of 60. we should see about 10 degrees better, 70 degrees and then if we head through tomorrow night the clouds will begin to roll in. if you are in allentown very nice 68 degrees and bright sunshine down the shore for the ocean temperature of 48 degrees. it is going to be a little bit cooler with a high of 62 but also plenty of sunshine. thursday is when the storm
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system rolls in, we have potential for some localized flooding. 1-2" of rain the ground saturated from tuesday and friday rain with a high of 63 and also the possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms, the biggest threat straight line winds but surface winds will be out of the southeast, higher in the atmosphere out of the southwest and that creates a bit of a wind sheer so the threat of isolated tornado or to is not out of the question, the severe risk you can see areas to the south of philadelphia under a better risk looks like enhanced risk and highest is virginia and north carolina and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow a spring beauty loads of sunshine a high of 70 degrees. thursday heavy rain with a possibility of severe thunderstorms, the timing looks to be thursday morning into early afternoon. 63 degrees. fririday that low pressure stor becomes a cutoff low that keeps
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us socked in with the clouds and showers and perhaps some snow showers in the poconos and heading in the weekend we gradually improved and cool on saturday, 57 but the sunshine is back and sunday is 66 and monday 75 degrees it will be dry to start pass over at sun down and tuesday temperatures making it aim at 80 degrees at this point calling for a high of 79 so we have some really nice days in the seven d-day forecast, thursy looks to be pretty close to be a wash out and of course david murphy will have details on action news beginning at 4:30. trinity lutheran church in lands dale was full of beautiful music in english and in polish. ♪ germantown academy singing patriots and the choir the first high school of craka performed tonight the sixth meeting joint concert involving the two schools, the first was 2007 when
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the patriots traveled to poland, the two schools will perform together again friday night at germantown academy's art center. 13 middle schools in chester and delaware county answering the question what is so cool about the manufacturing? they made two minute videos about local companies using go procameras, tonight they set up cables at pennsylvania state in mel burn and gave people a glimpse of what they do and jimmy kimmel live at 11:35 after action news and here is jimmy with a preview of the show. >> thanks jim and philadelphia and it's important you see this. martin burnt in the fire. >> your ashton martin burned in the fire. when you are james bond doesn't another ashton martin appear magically. >> i wish. ♪
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eagles picking up some more help ducis rodgers. >> doing it ahead of nfl draft and added chris long to defensive line today another piece is brought in the birds pull off a trade with ravens to get jernagan and he is 6-4 and weighs 295 pounds and had five sacks in the first nine games in the past season but didn't have a single sack for the final 7 games and they swapped third round picks to the nfl and birds are 99 over all and tony romo trading in cleats for a microphone and going to the cbs broadcast booth and injuries hampered him and in five games the past two season and leaves as the cowboys all time leading pa passer. and giving the youngsters a chance to shine and flyers and
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devils with vecchione and sam morin and scoreless in the third period and skating in on kincaid and denied and scoreless and eventually go to over time and devils and the flyers in a line change and moore with steve mason flyers fall 1-zip in 0t. still ahead a very bad inning for one major league baseball player and want to get away? see w
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the sixers season is winding down as well there is just a week to go tonight they hosted the nets, josh heart will soon wear nba uniform and tonight he watches a sinker and 0 defense and lopez is three and he shoots 70% in the first half and jeremy lynn scores 16 and sixers behind as many as 39. the sixers are spanked. 141-118. yes you heard that right. the phillies season just started and they already got a day off, their series with reds will resume with jerad eickhoff on the mound and scotty is hit from a pitch by chicago then while trying to steal second base the catcher throws and hits him in the elbow. next while trying to score the throw home hits him in the head, scotty is hit three times in the same inning. he will leave this game with a head contusion. he will be reevaluated tomorrow.
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tough day at the office. >> bad luck. >> it may be spring outside but that didn't stop hundreds of kids from having one last night of winter fun nearly 200 from the police athletic league laced up their skates and gladed across the rink at the university of pennsylvania and this fun came curtesy of penn, each of the pal's 19 centers represented here tonight and even saw officers enjoying a spin on the ice. jimmy kimmel live on channel six followed by night line and pierce bronson and music from justin lynch and we continue at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and metrologist david murphy and karen rogers and from brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph, ducis rodgers, i'm jim gardner. action news is brought to you by
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