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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  April 5, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the emergency repairs that forced it to close. >> the action cam is live in the spring garden section where parking restrictions are already in place in advance of the nfl draft and uh-oh, cars are still parked there. >> now on "action news," stroller scare. a woman pan in this case -- what you need to know to prevent your car before being panics when a stranger grabs towed away coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ at a child. >> philadelphia is remembering ben franklin actor ralph archbold. >> sun and 70. enjoy today before the bottom falls out on our perfect have ink time weather. a trap door on thursday. >> not being dramatic either. >> 5:30 on this wednesday april 5th. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> good morning. >> david and karen are here. >> there are some big changes coming up you guys are right. phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" for its a good kind of pattern ♪"a new friend's coming that we're looking at. here to sesame street."♪ all new a little bit of visibility its sesame street live! issue east of philadelphia. make a new friend playing liacouras center most of us looking at clear this weekend only skies, sunshine coming up over tickets on sale at the horizon. liacourascenter dot com
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it will be a pretty bright day with mostly sunny skies. sitting on 60 degrees which isn't a bad place to be early in the morning, feels pretty comfortable ought there. 58 degrees in wilmington, 56 degrees in allentown. a little cooler but these numbers aren't bad particularly when you consider there's not a lot of wind out there. visibility problems exist in trenton and then starting to sweep down into parts of northeast philadelphia the way this model is showing all of this stuff. airport in atlantic city very low and visibility, too, so to the east of philadelphia there is the chance of some fog and some visibility issues. as we go through the day overall though we're looking bright. 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. 60 by noon. 67 degrees by 7 o'clock and your high of seven is going to be late in the day. we'll probably hit that at about 5:30 or 6 o'clock this afternoon and holding upper 60's in through much of this period so a really pleasant day ahead. winds on the light side but tomorrow we have a flood watch that kicks in in the morning and doesn't end until friday afternoon and that's because during the day on thursday we are going to see some pockets of heavy rain come through. we could total one to 2 inches and with the ground already
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saturated and creeks and streams already running high from our previous rains there definitely is a flooding issue here. also severe weather may come through at times might even happen during the morning and early afternoon which is kind of an odd part of day. we'll talk about that with the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up karen. looks like you're looking at a little bit of a haze or fog. >> yeah, we've noticed the fog as we're traveling around right now. this is a live look in bucks county here, i-95 at the scudder falls bridge. as you head towards mercer county you're driving through the fog right now, use some caution. david showed us the visibility reports. in new jersey just .3 of a mile that's when i the new jersey turnpike has reduced speeds of 35 miles an hour. no of exit five, five, six, 7a dealing with speed restrictions and be careful with that. looking in new jersey on 42 it doesn't look too bad in gloucester camden county coming from turnersville or deptford you're looking all right on 42, just a touch of fog maybe coming up from that area. vine street expressway no overnight construction all week. the vine is looking good. no the really looking at any
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fog here and some light volume to start you off its pretty early yet, no big deal there. we have an accident in upper >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, taking a live look at the moreland township fairway road talen energy stadium where at edgehill road so watch for philadelphia union have their that one as you're headed out next match at home at least right now, matt. against portland on saturday. >> thanks karen. right now it's 60 degrees, a morning coffee run took a frightening turn for a getting up to 70 today. would. in center city. a man put his hands on a child great day today. tomorrow lots of problems with in an apparent kidnapping attempt. katherine scott is outside rain. >> hm. that's no the exciting at all. police headquarters with the well, switching gears, officer's plea for the parents to come forward in this case, philadelphia police are right, katherine? looking for three suspects in connection with a home >> reporter: that's right, matt. invasion robbery. this case is a little it happened on the 100 block different. in this case they know who the ma and is who -- man is who of west wildly street in northern liberties yesterday approached the baby. afternoon. police say the men tied up the homeowner took a handgun the police wants to find the $5,000 cash, cell phones and a parents or cake taker -- wallet. the victim was not seriously caretaker of that baby. hurt. >> happening today, executives let's go to that surveillance video. with hard rock cafe it happened a few days ago. internationally will unveil you see a man approach a baby plans for the former taj mahal in a stroller. in atlantic city. the baby's caretakers are right there. the sale after casino was it's unclear if they're the parents. finalized on friday. the caretakers intervene and the florida based hard rocco chase the man out. purchased the pro. this happened inside a dunkin from carl icahn in march.
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donuts at 1425 locust street it is excepted to remain a hotel and casino. around 10:15 on sunday. there's no sound to this video emergency repairs have forced a bridge connecting two but investigators believe the man approached with a elf will jersey shore communities to close. inspectors found a crack in of aggression and they're concerned this was an supporting pier of the abduction attempt. police were called by a third townsend inlet bridge along party and when officers got ocean drive. there the child and the it connects sea isle city with caretakers were gone but the avalon. officials hope to finish person police say committed the act was nearby and repairs before memorial day. >> were your time now 5:57. temporarily detained. they talked to him but now they want to talk to the care back in the game. hundreds of people at a local take terse or parents to sports clothing company have solidify what police think happened much it's difficult just learned their are safe. to pursue charges without the parents' cooperation, though >> setup for the nfl draft in had police would still likely philadelphia is starting to confer with the district have an impact on the roads. we'll run down the parking attorney's office. restrictions that took effect >> even without the parents' overnight next. cooperation they would at >> ♪ least verbally review this with the district attorney's office but i tell you that would pose a significant challenge because it's not uncommon that people approach people with children and say oh what a cute kid, you know. we don't at all that's what happened here. the have id yo' certainly supports something completely different. >> reporter: the police say they want to act appropriately if a crime did occur. they don't want to leave the public open to someone who may
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do this repeated. at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news also. ? end net. >> thanks, katherine for that report. a man shot in philadelphia's frankford section is in critical condition at this hour. police were searching for clues in the 2000 block of bridge street late last night. officers say a man in his 20's got shot in the head and the hand. the search for the gunman continues this morning. a vigil against gun violence will take place this i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. evening in the north i represent the money you save for the future. philadelphia neighborhood rocked by a triple murder. who's he? extra police have been he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? patrolling the harrison plaza gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. p had. he's got a killer backhand. a apartments since munn's when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. shootout between rivals. officers are looking to are two gunmen who ambushed four men. three were killed. one victim remains in critical condition. there is a $70,000 reward posted for information leading to the shooters. >> the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting this morning in response to the deadly chemical weapons attack in syria. at least 72 people died
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including 11 children. witnesses claim the attack which also included airstrikes came from syrian and russian forces. both damascus and moscow denied responsibility. the white house called the attack reprehensible and one that cannot be ignored by the civilized world. happening now oregon democrat jeff merkley is still talking on the senate floor in opposition to supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. while republican majority leader mitch mcconnell has already moved to end debate on the nomination. his extended speech here is not a filibuster and will not delay the eventual voting. but he says he plans to talk for as long as he is able to. he is outlining reasons why he believes gorsuch is outside the judicial mainstream. >> happening today, >> ♪ philadelphia sugary drink tax >> "action news." dells leading news program. will be the focus of a court hearing. with matt o'donnell, tam tam, a commonwealth panel in pittsburgh will hear arguments karen rogers and on the new law. meteorologist, david murphy. the tax went into effect in january but it is under
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appeal. >> ♪ the money goes toward funding >> good morning. for mayor jim kenney's it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday apec. universal pre-k plan. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. critics are fighting the fee's here's what's happening. impact on the beverage >> the search is on for the industry. >> ralph archbold the man who two killers who shot three people to deck near a in order portrayed ben franklin in school. philadelphia for more than four decades as died. the community remains on edge. >> philadelphia is getting archbold passed away last week ready for the nfl draft. at the age of 75. it's still weeks away but it he spent 44 years as the is already impacting drivers near the ben franklin parkway. city's official ben franklin. and even shared a birthday, >> former 76ers star allen iverson is behind the mic gentleman and 17th, with franklin. again, this time he's mocking as a fixture in philadelphia that epic rant about practice. you ma you remember that. archbold spent his day find out why in the morning chatting with modern day visitors from around the buzz. >> one of us is in a place world. archbold also shared his where everyone is going to knowledge of ben franklin in area schools. >> i mean he was such a frank-o-file. oh knew more about ben franklin than ben franklin knew about ben franklin. >> he leaves behind his wife linda who famously portrays betsy ross in philadelphia. his family says contributions in his memory can be made to the ben franklin museum at third and chestnut streets. >> all right. looks like we have a little bit to be excited about on not so excited about this week.
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>> that's basically the story, yeah. storm tracker6 live double scan right now, jeanette and matt shows you that we are dry as we take a look outside, we are looking at clear skies over talen energy stadium the home of the union. they got their home game coming up on saturday night against portland and looking for their first win but they looked a lot better in the second half of the last game so we'll see what happens. temperature 60 degrees currently in philadelphia. the winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour its a pleasant enough morning with light winds. over toward the east theres a problem with some slow lying cloud cover around trenton and then areas cutting straight down toward about atlantic city, so low visibility for awhile this morning but that fog will break up. and overall today we're looking at a sunny and nice one. 53 degrees by 8 o'clock, 57 by 10 o'clock, by noon we're up to 60. that will be pleasant walking around and by 3 o'clock 67k it looks like the high of 70 doesn't hit until close to dinnertime today so it will be a struggle to get there but along the way a pretty pleasant day a70 the high in philadelphia. looks like upper 60's in allentown red regular
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wilmington and from end ton. millville at 68 and down the shore mid 60's for your highs this afternoon. there is an issue for tomorrow, though. really a couple of them. tomorrow we are expecting a storm system to arrive and along the way some of us could be seeing some severe weather out of this. there is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms all the way up to about wilmington and over south jersey and delaware and we actually think that this area will likely get shoved north by the time we head into later today and tomorrow. the time period of course is thursday especially in the morning and early afternoon. notice how there's an orange area farther to the south where it's even a better chance of thunderstorms that could produce damaging wind gusts. and all of this again has a chance of coming even closer to us. in terms of future tracker6, between 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock in the morning there does look like there's the chance on the model of a couple of showers and maybe some early gusty thunderstorms so this could be one of those days where some of that more severe weather against to churn fairly early in the day. by noon there's a chance of month are of that.
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this model run showing more of a broken pattern that a and i think we're actually going to get. again more thunderstorms than probably what you're seeing here too but the idea is that it's going to be unstable. we're going to get those periods of heavy rain downpour producing showers and there could be some gusty thunderstorms. by 6 o'clock, a couple more storms possible but i think by six, 7, 8 o'clock we really are seeing this wind down. so, what to expect tomorrow? the first issue would be flooding at times heavy rain, probably totaling one to 2 inches and with the ground already saturated from recent rains and creeks eighty two and streams already running high we have a concern about flooding. you avoid anything like that, okay. do not walk or drive through flooded areas. gets you in a lot of trouble. the other issue is the severe weather. we are at some point expecting a squall line of damaging wind gusts producing storms and strong storm shear which is sort of a twisting wind pattern over us, above us in the atmosphere. could even lead to a tornado threat for tomorrow particularly in the morning and early afternoon so stick with us tomorrow. that's going to be a bumpy day.
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70 is today's high mostly sunny and nice. heavy rain producing possible flooding and maybe some severe thunderstorms. it will be cooler tomorrow with a high of 63. then for the phillies home opener windy and cooler with a spotty shower, 53 degrees. bundle up if you're headed to the phils. i think they'll play that game but it's not going to be particularly comfortable. saturday mostly sunny and breezy 57. starting to improve. the union and phillies at night and then a beautiful day on sunday, mostly sunny and warmer a high of 66. passover arrives at sundown on monday. we're in the mid 70's there. hey, tuesday, upper 70's possible. >> almost 80. >> excited. >> thank you david. 5:41. a teen says strangers beat him up at one of the most famous shopping centers in the country much we have video of the attack at the king of prussia mall in ex. >> a cell phone battery catches fire in a third grader's pocket burning him. what may have caused it to ignite. karen. >> we're live on the mid span of the platt bridge where we're looking pretty good. traffic moving all right. no issues right there. we're clear, we're dry but there's some fog. we'll check the fox coming up. >> ♪ are allergies holding you back?
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and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. 5:44 and we have arrived at the best day of the week weather-wise at least. >> weather-wise. >> already 60 degrees. >> uh-huh. good stuff. >> turn now to karen rogers for traffic.
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>> that's right we'll continue the good trend right now and check out the suburbs at this early hourly i want to start in the lehigh valley. i do a facebook live every morning and they've been saying to me some of the people on there they want to more from the lehigh valley so we're live in bensalem. this is bucks cnt here route one at the pennsylvania turnpike northbound traffic headed towards langhorne. a little bit of fog here or there. over in bethlehem on the waze app, we found someone talking about a construction zone, it's the bird on the route i-78 eastbound so watch for crews on the scene in bethlehem. we do have construction also on the pennsylvania turnpike eading towards norristown, the left lane is blocked with construction crews out there and an accident just popped up in doylestown on bucks county, butler avenue at shady retreat road. watch for crews on the scene there. in pottstown we have a house fire here or a building fire so watch out for crews on sheffield lane at shankle rude. crews on the scene with that one right now. let's look at the visibility reports. fog is an issue especially
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east of the city, .3 of a mile in trenton and atlantic city, .8 in toms river. we have noticed some fog up in bucks county as well as we saw with some of those visibility reports earlier. temperature-wise it's nice out there. 60 degrees and what an afternoon we have. rain tomorrow but not today. mostly sunny skies, pleasant, 70 degrees for your high so enjoy the afternoon. matt and jeanette. >> looking to are ward to -- forward tore it. >> officials say a missile flew about 37 miles. the launch comes as south korea and u.s. troops conducts their annual military drills. the north used those drills as an invasion rehearsal and responds with its own military training. >> an elementary school student whose cell phone battery exploded while in class is going to be okay. the 10-year-old told authorities that the phone was in his pocket and suddenly he says the cool pad 3622a started to beep and make a noise so he took the battery
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out. >> when he took the gather reout he apparently dropped the battery on the floor so when he went to pick the battery up he noticed a hole in it. >> is authorities say the boy put the phone and the battery back in his pocket and about a minute later it caught fire. he suffered minor burns on his leg. no one else in the classroom was injured. upper merion police are using cell phone video to vest good it a fight at the king of prussia mall. police say a group of teenagers attacked a 14-year-old boy on friday night. the video shows the teen being recorded and followed for a few steps before the fight breaks out and fists are flying. there have been no arrests. >> talk about a good problem to have. a new jersey teenager has a big decision to make. she's been accepted to every single ivy league school. ifeoma white thorpe of denville said she was shaking when the eighth and final notice arrived. she hasn't decided where to go yet but says her financial aid packages will probably make a
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difference. if the schools can't come through, white thorpe says she also got into stanford. >> but of course. [laughter] >> smart girl. 5:48. a random act of kindness helps a young woman fulfill her dream. see why a stranger stepped in to help. >> and hospital workers needed to be treated in the er after eating cookies and muffins but it was an unexpected ingredient that made them sick. david. >> sunshine on the bus stop in most cases. over toward the east by trenton down toward ac we have some fog so if you encounter there be careful. 52 degrees by 6:00 a.m., 53 by 8:00 a.m. we will be back with your 12-hour forecast and a check of conditions at the airport a. that's come >> ♪ you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise...
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>> a fast food worker from missouri is heading to college and she has a loyal customer to thank. >> you to go to nursing school. >> he set up a crowdfunding page to support her dream. the kansas popeye's worker had told carter about wanting to be a nurse. carter said he saw a sparkle in her eyes and wanted to help so he has raised $14,000. >> wow. very sweet. >> also sweet is today's weather. >> it is. >> traffic is not too bad. >> traffic is all right. it will get bad later but it's okay for now. let's take a look outside. this is king of prussia 202 at the schuylkill. no problems coming up from exton malvern or paoli. not seeing any fog in this shot although in some of our camera views we've spotted some fog. with mass transit we have issuortheast corridor with both amtrak and new jersey tran sit from sunday's train derailment.
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on modified schedule. 50 minute delays coming in and out of penn station, 25 minute delays other times. >> karen we're looking at a nice one we're in the 50's probably still there by 7 o'clock. mostly sunny skies across the region. there is some early ting over to the east of philadelphia around trenton. some of it creeping down toward northeast philadelphia and then ac but that should lift out pretty quickly. by noon we're at 60. 67 degrees by 3 o'clock and your high of 70 is actually not going to hit until very late in the day probably around dinnertime. back down to 68 by 7 o'clock. great day to get errands done especially considering how rainy and stormy it may be at times tomorrow. all green aircraft on the big board at the airport. there is some fog reported in j.f.k. maybe some delays there jeanette. >> thanks so much david. well, you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just head to >> pot laced brownies send six
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north carolina hospital employees to the er where that he work. authorities say a worker brought in cookies and muffins that a family member had baked. the employee told police he didn't know that they had thc oil that them the active ingredient in marijuana. the hospital called the incident accidental. authorities say no charges will be filed. >> hm. well, your time no you 5:53. up next, a bridge connecting two new jersey shore communities is shut dow
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