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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  April 9, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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syria and this morning america's secretary of state has a message for syria and russia. >> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., sunday morning, sky6 live hd giving you that glimpse there over penns landing. let's take you back outside, meteorologist chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast, chris, i see that big smile, it's going to be perfect today, right? >> reporter: temperature-wise it's colder right now than at the same time yesterday, yet it feels better because we lost the wind. it will feel nice this afternoon. let's flip it over to the temperatures, starting out in the 20s north and west, pilots, 29. warminster, 40. center city, 40. long wood, 33. pretty much the same deal in south jersey and delaware. cedarville, 28 degrees. vineland, 31. hammonton 31. claymont, 32. dover, 38. satellite and radar we're pretty clear up and down the entire eastern seaboard, high pressure
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in control. that will be the dominant feature in the overall weather pattern over the next several days. as the high slides off the coast, the temperatures get warmer and warmer with each and every passing day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny skies, it's chilly early on, but the temperatures climb quickly we'll call it warm. 9:00 a.m., 46 degrees. by 2:00 p.m., 65 degrees, looking ahead here after the chilly morning, temperatures again rebound nicely this afternoon, 80s return this week for the first time this year, actually the first time since october 21 of last year, that's nearly 6 months ago. overall it stays dry through the entire workweek. so the weather looks pretty perfect in my opinion over the next few days. when i come back we'll talk about the 80s heading into the philadelphia area in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. gray? >> thank you so much. 7:01 a.m., this morning we continue to follow breaking news for you this is coming in from egypt, a bomb has gone off inside a church in the nile
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delta, this happened during a palm sunday mass. egyptian leaders say the blast killed at least 25 people. that explosion took place in the town north of cairo. we learned that 71 others were injured in the blast. the target was a church filled with coptic christians going to palm sunday services. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. extremist groups have hit a number of egypt coptic churches in recent years. president trump discussed such attacks while egypt's president visited washington last week. christians make up 10% of egypt population. >> pope francis got word of the bombing delivering palm sunday mass in st. peter's square. pope francis is scheduled to visit egypt on april 28. palm sunday marks the beginning of holy week the most sacred time of the year for christians.
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it includes the commemoration of the execution of jesus. back home, drone 6 flew over the nfl draft preparations over the museum of art. the draft is 18 days away, but a round of parking restrictions is about to kick in. let's run through the closure points. 12:01 a.m., spring garden westbound will close at pennsylvania avenue. the westbound center roadway of benjamin franklin parkway will remain two lanes from 20th street to eakens oval. >> the left lane of benjamin franklin parkway will be closed from east eakens oval to spring garden street. the parkway will continue to southbound kelly drive where it will open up to three travel lanes. southbound kelly drive will have a lane dropped between 25th and benjamin franklin parkway. i know it is a lot to remember. that's why we have it covered
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all posted at our website the right two lanes of eakens oval in front of the art museum steps will be closed for the buildings of the theater. a lot going on over there. this is what it will look like when the draft goes into effect april 27th. all these restrictions are listed at hundreds of thousands are expected to go to the draft and the draft festival. the draft will end april 29. closures are expected to last beyond that. 7:04 a.m., u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to visit moscow this week. american missile strike against syria will be at the core of the talks with leaders. he said he sees no reason for retaliation against the syrian
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air base. the base was severely damage, but not out of commission. >> reporter: back in action, these pictures from russian controlled television shows syrian jets taking off from the air base, less than 24 hours after nearly 60 u.s. cruise missiles hit the syrian airfield. video shows the wreckage of the aircraft destroyed and bombed out fuel tanks. president trump tweeting the air raid was a success. congratulations to the military men and women for representing the u.s. so well. the runways are untouched. the reason you don't generally hit runways they are easy and inexpensive to quickly fix. george stephanopoulos asked
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secretary of state rex tillerson if the airstrike signals a change in u.s. policy toward syria. >> we're calling on assad to cease the use of these weapons. other than that there's no change to the military pose tour. >> reporter: the pentagon said it was from the base that the planes took off with the deadly nerve agent cruised in the chemical attacks that -- used in the chemical attack that killed 09 people. i asked of them, i said, i told them hello darlings, i took too long, i rescued everyone else, but i couldn't rescue you. >> a driver is suspected of a dui after a overnight night crash on the boulevard. two people were hurt in the crash in the northbound side lanes of north 5th street in
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hunting park. two men were taken to einstein for non-life threaten injuries. the woman driving the car that lost control is being tested for dui. a crash in wilmington, police say one of the cars involved was being pursued by officers. the collision happened at 7th and spruce. authorities say the suspect was fleeing police when it hit another car. two people in the car and person in the suspect's vehicle were taken to the hospital for treatment. the suspect was arrested at the scene. police tell us they recovered a handgun. it is unclear what touched off the chase. this morning, the predator who abducted and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl is out there on the run. police in delaware reviewing surveillance video hoping it will help them catch this criminal. so far, investigators have not released the video. here's what we know. the girl was snatched off the street while on the 4800 block of sugar plum court in
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wilmington. two hours later she was found alive in banning park 8 miles away stay with us, because annie mccormick will have an update on the case. this morning a suspected arsonist locked up in jail, philadelphia police say this is 59-year-old juan barclay trying to open car doors in philadelphia, back in february. a few minutes later he was seen near the fire at the 4th street deli. he was charged with setting the fire and two others in the city. >> there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. a man stocked with an arsenal has a chilling message for donald trump. drone 6 is flying over the philadelphia cherry blossom festival. >> phillies explosion makes history. jeff skeverski has more on the
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walloping of washington. >> reporter: it's chilly out there right now, but the numbers will be warming up by tuesday, i'll have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right after this.
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>> time 7:11 a.m., on this palm sunday some churches are shut down in wisconsin where police are looking for a man who may be plotting an attack. police say he stole 16 weapons from a gun shop in gainsville. he has a social media account sending a 116 page manifesto to president trump. >> revolution, time for change. >> please do not approach him, we consider him armed and highly dangerous. >> officials say the manifesto
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contains disparaging comments about the president and all authorities and brutal attack aimed at several targets. some churches are shuttered because he walked into a church and asked about church services and practices. delta airlines said they are canceling more flights today because of storms in atlanta, the delta hub. delta said it canceled 3,000 flights in recent days, oh, boy. okay. >> we shouldn't be seeing those problems here, unless sun is a problem. >> reporter: i was going to say if you don't like today's weather there's no pleasing you. gray will find something to complain about. >> no i don't. >> reporter: let's get you outside and show you this beautiful shot overlooking the commodore barry bridge.
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expect a lot of sunshine out there today. we have a little bit of cloud cover kind of sneak in yesterday and the skies briefly went mostly cloudy. we won't deal with that today. sunshine, temperatures climbing up to the 60s and close to 70. the radar will stay dry. as we go round and round, nothing to track. double scan live will stay dry tuesday. tuesday into wednesday we could have a brief overnight shower. yesterday, the numbers were close to 60, but the gusty breeze felt cooler than 60. reading, 59. poconos 48 degrees yesterday. today you will hit 60 in the mountains. 40 in philadelphia. dewpoint, 33. pressure is rising. winds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. so the numbers are chilly this morning, but they will climb rammedly later this afternoon.
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33 degrees -- rapidly later this afternoon. 33 in the poconos, you'll need a heavy coat this morning, maybe a light jacket by the afternoon. trenton, 36. cape may, 44. here's the good news we've lost the winds. most wind speeds are close to zero. high pressure in control, full sunshine today and full sunshine again tomorrow, full sunshine tuesday, three straight days with the high sets up shop and dominates the weather pattern. as we look at the surface maps, lots of rain across the high plains or showers this morning transitioning to rain over here. watch what happens. it has a difficult time pushing east because of the strength of the high. future tracker 6 we'll not put any pause points in here, because there's nothing to show you. dry today, dry tomorrow, tuesday
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is dry, tuesday into wednesday there's the front right there, there could be a brief spotty shower very early wednesday morning. this is after midnight, tuesday night, if you're not getting a shower, you're not getting a shower the entire week. 70 degrees the high in philadelphia. reading, mostly sunny and warm. cape may, cooler, 62 there because of the ocean influence. lehigh valley upper 60, close to 70. 44 in allentown overnight tonight. millville, 45. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's suddenly summer tomorrow. sun and clouds 70. more sunshine tomorrow, 80 degrees. tuesday, 82 degrees two shy of the record high 84. tuesday into wednesday there could be a brief early morning shower. thursday, partly sunny and 70. friday, pleasant, 66.
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saturday, more sunshine, 68 degrees. the early call for easter sunday is more clouds than sun a shower or two around. it doesn't look all that bad. >> i'm looking at the forecast i want to complain about something, just joking. nasa said an steroid about the size of 6 football fields will be passing planet earth. the fly by will take place april 19. it will get closer than a million miles from earth. there's no chance of a collision with our planet, thankfully. smaller steroids pass within that distance -- astroids pass within that distance all the time. it's been 13 years since this asteroid passed this close to
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>> in "healthcheck," ever
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wonder why your friends can get toned from exercise and you can't? it may have to do with your liver, high protein may make you resistance to exercise. some showed very boost in oxygen despite vigorous exercise. people with fatty liver tend to have more of this protein. >> mystery solved. 7:19 two trail blazers in the philadelphia fire department have earned a place of history. >> constitution and law of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> captain linda long took the oath as the fire chief alongside her is captain crystal yates,
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the first african-american female paramedic. yates father served in the fire department. i want to einstein that the fire department paid for. we had to give back three years of service, i never saw this as a career option. my dad hates when i say, i'm probably the son he never had. >> congratulations. long joined the fire department as paramedic in 1990. she is the first person male or female that rose through the ranks as paramedics and firefighters. >> i saw the fire truck in kindergarten, and i loved it. i loved being on the truck with the guys, it's like playing the best game in the whole world you're using strategy and
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tactics and knowledge and experience. >> nine out of ten members of the philadelphia fire department are men. the department has an application online. >> reporter: all right, welcome
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back everyone, 7:23 sunday morning, if you're heading to citizens bank park, it's a nice day, lots of sunshine and a warm day, 64 degrees at the first pitch 1 5:00 p.m. 9th inning, 68 and sunny skies no wind. pattern change starts today. temperatures will soar, skyrocket later this week. philadelphia sits right about
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here, across the mid atlantic and basically what's happening is the jet stream looks like, this is the path that all storms travel. when you get the areas of low pressure coming onshore, they don't travel like this, instead they go north. that's where all the snow and rain goes in the northern providences of canada and the high plains. numbers will start to warm monday and tuesday. today is not too shabby, 70 degrees, the normal is 62. monday's high, 80. maybe 81 according to a couple of forecast models. tuesday, we're forecasting tuesday 82. several model have tuesday up to 84 degrees that would tie the record high set 50 years ago. the next several days look very, very nice. get out and enjoy it. >> millville, new jersey, mike trout has accepted his american league m.v.p. award. his second of m.v.p.
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in m.v.p. fashion, his home run rallied the angels to a win. phillies offensive outburst earned them a place in the team's record book. jeff skeverski has the highlights of a night to remember. >> reporter: phillies have been playing baseball since the year 1883. that's 135 seasons. yet last night against the nationals, they did something they have never ever done before. the phillies come out swinging against the nationals first inning here we go, one through 6 hitters, 9 for 9, 11rbis. tommy joseph gets his first hit. runs are falling all over the place. later in the first, mikhail franco, rbi double. jeremy guthrie a gonner.
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michael saunders rbi double. 11-0. we're still not done. next batter, joseph again, phillies score 12 times in the first for the first time in team history, phillies win 17-3. here's the guys after this historic night last night. >> the night was a good night for a lot of us, a lot of guys put the bat on the ball and hit the ball hard and hopefully we can carry this over until tomorrow. >> reporter: they will need some today. hurting with way too many injuries and losses, brett brown said the team is fighting to the end and proud of their fight. they are fighting to end their losing streak against milwaukee. the birthday fighting -- birthday boy scores 23 on his 21st birthday. the bucks beat them up in the nird and put it -- third and put
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it away in the 4th. the season ends wednesday. well, the flyers will go home tonight for the season without a playoff trip even though they have won more home games than any other flyers team for the last 16 years. joe biden cheering on the flyers, two quick goals in the first. 2-0 flyers, in the second on the power play, jake borachek. flyers go on to win 4-2. they have won 6 straight at home. steve mason soon to be free agent may have played his final game as a flier. >> leaving in the summertime, it will be an uneasy, exiting and stressful time, too. >> the assessment of the union not good so far looking for their first win against portland, they give up 3 straight goals.
7:28 am
88th minute, penalty kick he scores and takes the ball home. union have the worst record in major league soccer. the found round of the masters in augusta, that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day! >> 7:28 happening today, the 20th annual subaru cherry blossom festival. drone 6 flew over the cherry blossom last week. today is the last day of the festival. there will be live performances and sushi making contest and pet parade and much more. enjoy today from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. we'll be right back. eaper and e. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. the volvo xc90. follow the breaking news coming in from egypt. a bomb has gone off inside a church in the nile delta. this all happened during a palm sunday mass. egyptian leaders say the blast killed at least 26 people. the number of dead continues to rise throughout the morning. the explosion took place in the town north of cairo. we also know that 71 others were injured in the blast. the target was a church packed with coptic christians celebrating palm sunday
7:31 am
services. nobody has claim responsibility for the attack. in december, isis affiliate claimed it carried out a suicide bombing at a church in cairo. pope francis decried the terror attacks at his palm sunday homily this morning. he will visit egypt later this month. nydia han is off, jeanette reyes is filling in. chris sowers is outside, hi chris. >> reporter: the cobalt blue skies look very, very nice. 33 in lehigh valley. 36 in trenton. 28 in millville. 40 in philadelphia. wilmington, 36. here's the difference, take a look at the i-95 corridor. wilmington, 36. philadelphia, 40, trenton, 36. when you factor in the winds it feels like 36, 40, 36. same numbers, because we don't have a breeze this morning. everything has gone calm,
7:32 am
therefore it feels better than this time years, even though the temperatures are colder. so, we're getting better there. we're expecting a full day of sunshine. a few clouds snuck under the radar so to speak yesterday, the clouds remained for a brief period of time. the call from accuweather, beautiful, picture perfect, 70 degrees the forecasted high. 11:00 a.m., 57 and 1:00 p.m., 63. 3:00 p.m., 67. 5:00 p.m., 68 degrees. we have no shot of rain it will stay dry through friday. we have a zero percent chance of rain all week long, we're drying out from the heavy rains we saw all last week. when i come back we'll talk
7:33 am
about the 80s in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, chris. the whether is so pretty outside we want to give you a live looking of the action cam of eakens oval. they are preception the stage right now. philadelphia is closing the streets to parking and traffic near the art museum to get ready for the nfl draft. this is a live look from eakens oval even though the draft takes place the 27th of the months, the construction and other facilities in front of museum of art is beginning at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow morning, only two lanes of the westbound center roadway of the benjamin franklin parkway will be open 20th to eakens oval. other restrictions will be added as we get closer to the nfl draft. you can see all the parking
7:34 am
restrictions by going to >> 7:33 a.m., happening this morning, police are looking for the man wanted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl in new castle county, delaware. annie mccormick reports that the community is understandably shaken, but helping police with possible clues. >> if you don't recognize the person, don't talk to them at all. whether they have a puppy or candy or anything like that, don't go near them. >> parents and kids in the village. plum run remain on high alert following thursday's kidnapping of a 4-year-old girl playing outside with friends. >> if you notice today there's no kids there's a lot of kids in the neighborhoods and there's nobody out today. knowledge saturday, new castle county police kept a patrol car near the spot of abduction. it happened around 7:00 p.m. two hour manhunt ended when the passer by found the victim walking along a tree line at banning park nearly 8 miles per hour from where the attacker
7:35 am
snatched her. the young girl was barely clothed. police say she was sexually assaulted. near the abduction scene police found a potential lead suspicious tire tracks possibly from a quick getaway. in banning park saturday, people praised her bravery. police are looking for a white or hispanic male with a dark colored four door sedan with tinted windows. the communities is looking for him, too. >> we're definitely looking for that vehicle. whoever that vehicle is, hopefully he turns himself in, because he has a lot of eyes on him right now. >> reporter: police are gathering surveillance video and going through the video they have. reporting outside of new castle county police, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the time 7:35 a.m. we have breaking news on the deadly truck attack in swedenle
7:36 am
investigators sweden. investigators say the suspect was an asylum seeker who is requests were rejected. he was rejected last june when police wentz to the home to deport him, he was not there. investigators say they knew the suspect was simple -- simple -- simm -- simple they let a russian post say comments were made during the phone conversation with rex tillerson and dismissed the assertion that syria used chemical weapons. tillerson is expected to be in moscow this week. you can see more of recollection
7:37 am
tiller -- rex tillerson's interview with george stephanopoulos after "action news." passover commemorates the freedom of the israelites exodus from egypt. passover ends tuesday, april 8. much more to come on "action news" sunday. concerts that take an audience on a worldwide jewish knee. 6abc loves the arts has a preview. >> remembering the man who brought ben franklin to life, a love story bringing two historical figures together. 7:37 let's take you live outside, sky6 live hd in cape may, new jersey, look at the beautiful shot, meteorologist chris sowers says today will be perfect, so enjoy it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come back.
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>> we're so glad you're waking up with us, 7:40. meteorologist chris sowers has an update on the forecast. he said people will be miserable. >> they will turn off the tv now. >> reporter: if i had to choose the location where the weather was nice year round, it's san diego. that's today. we go from winter like weather
7:41 am
thursday from the phillies home opener, to summer this week. there's a nice look at the skyline there from temple university camera. you can see a plane flying by in the distance, mr. william penn he is happy that the sun is shining down brightly. the radars are clear no chance of precipitation until tuesday night and then that is in the form of a brief shower most of us won't see it. 70 degrees, normal 62 starting out at 40. the normal low, 42 degrees. these areas were in the upper 20s this morning. 31 in quakertown and pottstown. lake harmony, 35. malvern, 34. center city, warminster, 40. sewell, pitman, 30, 31. vinyl, 36. dover, 38. here's satellite and radar as you can see there's hardly any cloud cover out there this morning as the high sets up shop
7:42 am
over top of us, it will hold this weather at bay and will keep it out there tuesday into wednesday. this is raggedty to begin with. this is an insignificant front bringing a brief shower tuesday into wednesday. the bigger story will be this, the numbers will start to climb as the high pushes east abbey hits the coast and stops. we'll tap into the warmth to the south. we have 70 degrees in dallas. this starts shooting northward and gets in here starting today, tomorrow and tuesday. we'll get up close to 90-degree in dallas. most of the lonestar state seeing upper 80s this afternoon. here's the set up, it's about an area of high pressure as long as it sits off the carolina cost, july and august we would be talking about the 90s, it's the same kind of set up with a
7:43 am
bermuda high, fortunately it's not july, it's april. we see the storms out to the west. nice and dry today, mainly sunny, tomorrow, same thing. mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s, close to 80. tuesday, same thing mostly sunny skies, maybe that brief shower tuesday night into wednesday morning. outside of that, the entire accuweather is -- accuweather forecast is crystal clear. winds out of the west/southwest 5 miles per hour. this same day last year, it was snowing atlantic city, picked up 1 1/2 inches on this day. there's the high of 70. 5:00 p.m., 68 under a mostly sunny sky. overnight tonight, 44 outlying suburbs, 49 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, again, looking more like summer.
7:44 am
sunny and nice, 70 degrees, incredibly warm tomorrow, 80. tuesday, sunshine, 82. wednesday looks good, probably more clouds than sun, mild high of 72. partly sunny, thursday, nice, high of 70. good friday looks great, sunshine, pleasant highs around 66. saturday, mostly sunny, very, very comfortable, high around 68 degrees. >> our facebook comments they love you today. >> whoa whoa whoa, i was loving him, too , i did hear you mention snow? >> reporter: i was going to talk about that. >> people will not be happy with that. thanks, chris. remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at and switching gears here, ben franklin found love in philadelphia, but not the real ben franklin, a man who knew everything about him. >> ralph archibald brought ben
7:45 am
alive to the city, ralph has passed. alicia vitarelli takes a look at his life. >> reporter: ralph archibald was his name, ben franklin was his passion in life. born in michigan he began i am persons -- impersonating franklin on stage. indb page references his 7,000 community events where he portrayed franklin. he represented philadelphia as ben franklin with compassion and pride and empathy. he couldn't have done a better job empowering our city. >> reporter: in earlier years he did a program called under the mull berry tree. >> you would find ben franklin
7:46 am
under the mull berry tree in franklin court sitting and telling stories to kids and that was something that he just did so well and was so passionate about. >> and let no one put asunday those who have owe asunder god has joined together. >> reporter: ralph maryland linda wild he was smitten with her immediately. >> this lovely lady was exiting and intelligent and very lovely woman. perhaps there could be something going on here, i'm falling in love. >> reporter: linda was by ralph's side as he recovered from a stroke. >> in the very beginning he could not communicate very well, that was horrible. once he could start to talk,
7:47 am
then he hadn't stopped taking and that's a good thing. >> reporter: back to the wedding, archibald felt the love from philly. i was riding along in the carriage and someone yelled out i love this city. betsy said and this city loves you back. >> reporter: alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> a fun fact ralph archibald and ben franklin shares the same birthday. >> and seven thousand events. >> wow, i'm stuck on that number. >> 7:47. we'll be right back.
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>> so glad you stayed with us if you're looking for something to do while your kids are off for easter break. here's a free, fun-filled idea on the educational side. the national constitution center
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is offer flag etiquette with general admission. this wednesday april 12 through the 19th. alex's lemonade stand has a spring festival. admission is free for kids. proceeds from parents' admission goes to childhood cancer research. some of the most classical musicians are coming to philadelphia to stage a conductor's list. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the east coast chamber orchestra is a critically acclaimed string ensemble known for putting on concerts. an ensemble of 20 musicians leading soloists and principles from americanonservatories.
7:51 am
they will take people on a journey of folk tunes and from around the globe. >> if you make a thousand cranes in ory, your dreams will come true. fantasy is based on a short story by edgar allen poe. they will play the folk tunes that you would hear coming from poland. there's a serenade you will feel like you're being transported to something. >> reporter: the philadelphia chamber music society is presenting the program. the organization has at its
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egypt now, there's a second explosion at a coptic church this one happening in alexandria, 6 people dead, 66 others injured. this comes a few hours after a first explosion at a church. a bomb went off in a coptic church outside of cairo.
7:55 am
the blast killed 26 people and 71 others injured on sunday celebrations happening at the time of the both blasts. 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, philadelphia, coming up on "g.m.a.," days after the u.s. missile strike syrian war planes are back in the air heading back to the area hit hard by chemical weapons. what could this mean for our policy in the region and our relationship with russia. plus, a feud is escalating in the white house why the president had to intervene between steve ban and jeered kushner. take a look at this, several children were tossed out of a bouncy house. we'll have a look at that coming
7:56 am
up this sunday. we'll see you soon. before we go, meteorologist chris sowers with a final check of the forecast. >> reporter: really, really nice. interesting the weather we get this time of the year. last year, it was snowing april 9. philadelphia,.3 of an inch. atlantic city nearly two inches. this year we're talking about sunny skies and highs around 70 degrees that's in the city. jersey shore, sunny and nice, 62. the poconos, sunny, beautiful highs around 60 degrees. here we go, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's suddenly summer tomorrow, warm, highs around 80. 82 degrees tuesday i've even forecast models warmer than that. wednesday, clouds and sun, 72. thursday looks good, friday and saturday looks good, as well, highs in the 60s. no snow and no cold. that's about as nice as it can get. >> thank you so much. all right, folks your time,
7:57 am
7:56 a.m., good morning weekend next. "action news" continues later this morning. >> the stories we're working on, we'll have the latest on the breaking news, deadly explosion rock two churches in egypt during palm sunday services. parking restrictions go the benjamin franklin parkway ahead of the nfl draft. meteorologist chris sowers willaccuweather seven-day forec. now, for nydia han, jeanette reyes, chris sowers an, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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let's raise a glass... those of us who stumble. celebrate the who fight the good fight...oe ...just to stay upright. we take our hats off to the hoppers... the floppers... and the produce pile topplers. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on.
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good morning, america. new overnight. syrian jets striking rebel-held territories. deaths reported. other victims pulled from the rubble. that air base hit by u.s. tomahawks, also back in action. president trump explaining why those runways were not targeted. all this, minces no words with george on the russians. >> clearly, they're been incomp twins who wishes he had done more. behind the scenes battle. reports of in-fighting between donald trump's steve bannon and trump's son-in-law. jared kushner. the stern message the president gave


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