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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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evacuated from north park elementary following the shooting. they were bussed to other schools where they were reunited with their parents. once again the situation appeared to be a murder-suicide. two adults are dead, two children are being treated for critical injuries. >> judge neil gorsuch was sworn in this morning as the 113th associate justice of the united states supreme court. >> constitution and laws of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. [applause] >> the 49-year-old was sworn in by justice anthony kennedy for whom he once served as a law clerk. the ceremony took place in the white house rose garden with president trump and other justices in attendance t gore such pledged to be a faithful servant of the constitution. david muir will have more on world news tonight after
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"action news." >> a crash caused major delays on the blue route. this was the scene from chopper6 near exit three in springfield. at around 2:40 this afternoon a box truck and an suv collided injuring five people. some of them had to be extricated by emergency crews. one victim was airlifted and the others taken by ground to the hospital. we do not yet know there are conditions. well, this is how many folks spent their afternoon today, outside soaking up the sunshine and the warm temperatures. rittenhouse square was the place to be in center city as some of the lunchtime crowds brought blankets to lay on since all of the park benches were taken. call it an early taste of summer and tomorrow could be even warmer. meteorologist adam joseph is in for cecily tonight with more on this fabulous forecast. adam. >> you're not hearing many complaints especially for those students who are on spring break this week locally here and in philadelphia. we did hit that 80-degree mark for a high temperature, the first 80-degree day in nearly six months. we have to go back to the end
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of october to see the last 80 plus degree day in the city, 18 degrees above average and forget about it being april, this is more typical of early june. and temperatures stay very comfortable through seven and 8 o'clock in the 70's. then we slide into the 60's, mid 60's by 11 o'clock tonight t it will be very mild overnight with that moonlit sky and our lows will dip down to around 56 by tomorrow morning. but waiting in the wings more 70's and 80's back to chicago, down to memphis, dallas 81 degrees right now, so we will surge that summer warmth up the eastern seaboard for at least another day. we'll be near records in philadelphia tomorrow of 84 degrees which was set way back in 1887. other numbers may be shy but as you can see we'll be pretty close in all those other cities as well. we'll talk about a little area of showers that cools those temperatures off wednesday and beyond and we'll have that forecast for your good friday as well as the easter holiday in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam we'll check back in
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soon. download the upgraded accuweather app. not openly does it have live radar temperatures for your neighborhood and the upcoming forecast it also has the exclusive minute cast, the only minute by minute precipitation forecast for the region. the accuweather app is free download for your mobile device. the child sex assault trial of lee kaplan will be in bucks county with a local jury. a bucks county judge dam denied kaplan's effort to move the trial or bring in an outside jury. he's due to be tried next month on charges he raped or assaulted six girls all from the family of daniel and savilla stolfutz. >> radnor township police trying to track down this bank robbery suspect. they say he held up a bank of america branch on lancaster avenue in wayne on friday. a bank employee says the robber walked in around 12:30 handed over a note and took cash. police say he was driving a stolen vehicle with
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pennsylvania license plates. drone6 over the art museum tonight looking at the construction of the massive structure on the famed steps of the philadelphia museum of art. this will be the headquarters of the nfl draft on april 27th. but drivers face the first lane restrictions in the area today. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is covering that story for us. you can see her live from drone6 above, there she is, sarah how is the work impacting the commute this evening. >> well, rick, from the drone in the air to here on eakins oval you can see the orange barrels behind me. they did go up overnight as construction continues for the nfl draft. we are right in the midst of the evening rush and while traffic behind me is heavy, this is pretty typical for this time of the evening and traffic is moving along so we have not seen a great impact in terms of the traffic thus
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far. but these restrictions are just getting started and they go on for awhile. >> i don't object as much of them do but i object. >> reporter: some fairmount residents object as orange barrels start lining up along eakins oval on the ben franklin parkway. just the start of road restrictions that stay in place into the month of may as crews set up and take down a.m. venue for the nfl draft. >> it's insane but this is my first time coming on kelly drive. i usually take west river. this is insane. >> overnight travel lanes on the east side of the oval were blocked and on the curb closest to the art museum. a short stretch of spring garden westbound and pennsylvania avenue was shut down. on the 19th the center lanes of the parkway will close. starting the 24th, the rest of the parkway eakins oval and some adjacent streets will close to traffic. >> i'm not overly happy about it being held right -- right here. i think it should be held down at the stadium. >> reporter: some of the loudest objections come from
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tourists who came for but find they cannot run up the art museum steps. >> i was looking forward to jogging up or at least looking like i was jogging up. [laughter] >> i wanted to be at the top, take my pick -- picture. >> reporter: many find the upcoming nfl event exciting. >> it's exciting to have the draft day. >> i'm happy that it's here in the city. i think like things like this and the pope coming is good for philly. >> reporter: we did that find traffic to be light today. of course this is a holiday week with easter ahead so people may just be away on spring break. that may help to ease any traffic problems here around eakins oval this week and perhaps next week. it is an extensive list of restrictions happening over the next few weeks and you can get all the details on our web site at live on eakins oval, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news."
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rick. >> all right, sarah, thank you. philadelphia's international airport continues to take off economically bringing in billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the region. a new study on the airport's economic impact has officials steering priorities from a new runway to upgrades for passengers. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at the airport with the full story. john. >> reporter: hi, rick. $15.4 billion, that is the estimated regional economic impact of the airport. that according to the study we were just talking about. this is the first time the airport has done that sort of study in more than a decade. of course it's been a decade of change for the airlines and, yes, the airport is adapting. philadelphia airport most of us think of it as a place to catch a plane but it's also an economic engine. while it is part of city government it does not use tax monies to operate. instead, it raises money from landing fees and rent. it actually generates money
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for government coffers. >> the airport generates $78 million in tax revenue for the city. >> reporter: a report commissioned by phl says there are 25,000 people who work for the airport and airlines. shellie cameron is the airport's ceo. >> those jobs are really good jobs. the average salary for those airport jobs is more than $50,000 a year. and so again, it's al grate economic impact. >> reporter: the number of takeoffs and landings are actually down from that 2005. but the passenger count is about the same. as airlines have replaced smaller planes with larger aircraft. that change means a new runway that in the planning stage is now not the priority it once was. >> we don't need the new runway right now. because the takeoffs and landings at the airport are down. >> reporter:. >> reporter: the focus on making sure terminals are in good shape. terminal b is in the midst of an extensive makeover with upscale amenities. airports compete to attract connecting passengers. >> in this world today passengers increasingly make
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their decisions for where they want to connect through based on what that airport has to offer. >> reporter: professional travelers we talked with mixed about the amenities saying their priority getting from curb to plane and back as quickly as possible. how does philadelphia stack upup. >> i think philadelphia stacks up well but it's my home airport so i'm a little bit biased as far as that goes. >> reporter: so, the airport system working to improve the passenger experience p it sales it has direct flights down to 120 location os, one location it does not have a direct flight to yet china and we are told folks are working on that. lie at the airport, john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, john, thank you. well, things are slowly but surely changing for the best in camden as far as crime is concerned. according to police violent crime is down in the city and much of that is being attributed to a new relationship between the cops and the community. "action news" new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has that story from camden tonight. >> drop the knife. >> reporter: this is a video
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of camden county police responding to a call of a deranged man swinging a knife and ignoring officers' commands put it down. in some places police might have fired on the suspect to disarm him but instead, at least a dozen officers surrounded the man and walked with him down broadway until he finally dropped the knife and was cuffed. cops call it dee escalation. >> they have pride in saving lives in a different way without having to take a life to save a life. it's just a different culture in the police department. >> reporter: the video was from 2015 but reflects how camden police are trained note they don't have to resolve a critical incident instantly as long as they and the public are safe it's okay to move with the suspect and take time to get a peaceful resolution when possible. >> core of everything that we do from a training perspective is based upon the sanctity of life and putting a value on someone's life separate from the behavior that they're exhibiting at the time of the encounter. >> reporter: community policing is paramount. cops are on the streak and
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bikes interacting with residents and it's producing results. compared to his time last year murders are down 89 percent and aggravated assaults and nonviolent crimes have dropped too. >> what's most important is that the number of crime victims is decreasing and the residents of this city feel safer. >> i notice the difference. a little more better, calmer. >> it's a big difference. they come around, they be on the bikes and stuff. they make sure the neighborhood going to be safe especially for the kids when they get out of school. >> reporter: the tactics police are using don't solve everything. camden has a long way to go but so far the effort to avoid force whenever possible seems to be getting results. in camden i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, a shuttered school in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia is getting new life. we'll show you how volunteers are transforming the space. >> reporter: and ducis rodgers live in south philadelphia with the phillies and the mets coming up. ducis. >> reporter: hey rick we're a week into the season and the phillies are making a big change with one very important
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position. plus, pete rose finally gets his due. we'll talk all about that coming up in sports. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with that seven-day forecast from accuweather when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> volunteers are busy transforming a gym for kids in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. the former lp hill school gym will serve as a pal center. alicia vitarelli is lie at the "action news" big board with the details tonight. hi, alicia. >> rick, it's a brand new state of the art space where kids will be able to play learn and grow in a free and
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safe environment. pal reached out to the building owners and managers association for a little help renovating the gym and they took on this project for free. for the past several months they've been renovating the space for kids in a community police say is under served and can really use it. >> it's a 22nd police districts. pal is all about safety t we get kids off the streets. when they're in here they're not a perpetrator nor are they a victim of crime. >> we will be servicing thousands of kids in the community which is a high crime low income neighborhood and youth programming is greatly needed in this community. >> now, they tell us boma has put all of the work into this space for free and it will exceed $300,000 once it's done. pal currently services about 18,000 kids city wide in its centers. this will be number 19. they're also working on 20th. they tell us they expect to cut the ribbon and open the doors by the end of may just
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in time for the summer. rick. >> all right, sounds nice. thank you alicia. 56 animals arrived at inn west chester this morning after being rescued from puerto rico. the brandywine valley spca took in 31 dogs and 25 cats. it's part of a national coalition effort called operation breathing room. 200 animals were transported to 11 shelters along the east coast. the animals will be given medical checkups. the spca is hoping to have them up for adoption in a few days. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. >> 13 the mets set to square off in less than an hour at the bank. ducis rodgers standing by with that and more in sports tonight. hey, ducis. >> reporter: hey there rick. week in in the season phillies off to a decent start coming in at three and three, so do the new york mets. jerad eickhoff takes the ball for the phillies. we're a week into the season and pete mackanin has decided to change his closer. gomez who had 37 saves last season has been demoted. he had two appearances so far.
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gomez struggled at the end of last season. he'll go were joaquin ben with in that role o pete explains his message. >> i told joaquin i'm not designating him also a the closer for the rest of the season but i would like him to pick up the slack now while i get gomez out of the frying >> not trying to make it harder than it is. three outs, sometimes it doesn't go as well as we want it to. but i approach the game the same way. doesn't matter it's in the sixth or the ninth. >> he's been in that role before. this is no surprise but it is official. pete rose is the 2017 wall of fame inductee t the ceremony will take place prior to the august 12th game against these same mets. larry bowa says the honor is well deserved. expected to be special night. >> it's going to be electric.
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these people loved the way he played. he's a blue collar player. i don't think that record of hits will ever be broken. >> i'd have to agree with that as well. let's talk about therest of the day in sports. the eagles continue to fine tune their roster. they add another quarterback to the roster today and the it is a familiar name. matt mcgoyne has agreed to a one year contract with the eagles. mcgoyne was a star at penn state and he spent the past seasons as a backup qb with the oakland raiders. mcgoyne will be the number three quarterback behind carson wentz and nick foles. speak of carson wentz, the eagles success this season will largely be decided by how well he plays and improves in year two of his nfl career. wentz has shown flashes of brilliance that has his teammates optimistic. >> everybody's optimistic here. we got a young quarterback that played significant time for us, got a lot of experience and i think everybody's very excited where
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carson wentz can take us. we've got a solid group of core veterans -- core veterans that we want to build around. i think this draft is going to be really important forays and especially on the defensive side but we'll continue to put weapons around carson wentz and see if we can start to make that push in the nfc southeast. >> reporter: western see. once again phillies and mets coming up in the top of the hour. jerad eickhoff hoop looked good in his first start last week will be on the mound. rick back over to you. >> thank you ducis. when we come back meteorologist adam joseph in that accuweather forecast. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> meteorologist adam jose ph here now. if you like today, you'll love
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tomorrow. >> no complaints from you. >> not yet. >> that's hard to do folks. >> maybe tomorrow: no, no complaints. >> you can't complain. >> not on a monday. >> not on a monday. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan a lot of sunshine today, just a few high clouds and again, temperatures more typical of june around here and the action cam capturing some of the beauty around the delaware valley as the daffodils are soaking in the rays of sunshine. warm, beautiful start to the week and many of the kids have this week off so hopefully you're enjoying it outdoors with them. as we take a look at the highlights near records tomorrow as well so we can do a little better than today. we were 80 in philadelphia, going for 84 which would be record tying here in the city of philadelphia. no other records expected but pretty close. 81 allentown, 82 reading tomorrow, 80 in millville but if you're at the shore much cooler there. tomorrow with temperatures only in the 60's with a little bit of a sea breeze. now the only problem we have with this dry warm stretch is the pollen is that through the roof today.
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and that will continue right through the rest of this week as well, staying on the high side as those trees are really starting to bud and explode with pollen as they are popping. as we take a look at temperatures to the north and west, 74 right now in pottstown, 77 in malvern, 79 in bethlehem. kirkwood coming in at 73 degrees and a big difference down to the south. that ocean is just 50 degrees and we have a wind coming in out of the south-southeast so it is very chilly along the shore, only 50's right now. head to tech hoe jump 10 degrees, add vineland another 10 degrees. it warms quickly as you head inland. as we look at satellite and radar some high clouds to the west here they'll continue to filter through overnight but overall that clear sky kind of dominating with that that moon tonight very mild as well, 53 in the suburbs, 56 for center city with that south-southwesterly wind six to 12 miles an hour. one more day with high
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pressure just to our east here on tuesday ahead of a cold front and that will that squeeze the southwesterly winds up and that's what helps to warm us a bit ahead of the front of 84 degrees under mostly sunny skies. and then as the front progresses through here there's going be a little round of showers wednesday morning from the west going to that wednesday early afternoon east and then the sun returning from west to east on wednesday afternoon so the rain won't last long but a little hit of it and then temperatures drop to 72. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, record territory tomorrow at 84 degrees. watch for those early showers. wednesday giving way to sun of 72 and still nice despite that stepdown in temperature here thursday, sun a few clouds, 67 and the good friday, looking pretty decent, 65 degrees. saturday not too bad, stays dry at 70 and easter sunday there will be a mix of sun and clouds but very mild, upper 70's right now. there could be a scattered shower but overall it's looking fairly dry for easter sunday and monday not as warm but still above average at
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70 degrees. so, after a couple of weeks with heavy rounds of rain we are making up for that this particular week. >> that's the way we like it. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continues with brian taff sharrie williams meteorologist adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel6. for jim gardner cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the deadly school shooting. authorities say a man enters the school, heading for a classroom, and shooting and killing a female teacher. two students in critical condition. children rushed from the school. we're on the scene. also tonight, the firestorm. the passenger dragged off a united passenger jet, bleeding. at first, the airline telling passengers it was because overbooking. tonight, united's explanation. the warning to the u.s. and president trump from russia and iran. if president trump acts again in syria. and our correspondent asking, is there a new red line on syria? you'll hear the answer. and what the white house is now saying late today. the deadly church bombings this holy week. the bomb, hidden in the pew. brian ross standing by. the urgent manhunt in this country, now going nationwide. the man accused of stealing high-powered weapons and what we've now learned about his


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