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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 11, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday april 11th. matt o'donnell is off. jeanette reyes is joining us. >> here's what we're following for you this morning. breaking news. a gunman shoots a man in the head in west philadelphia. now police are looking for the
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killer. >> a.m. center city block is closed as crews work to repair a cave in in the roadway. it's in a bad spot that's going to cause traffic headaches. >> good news. you can wear those short sleeves and shorts again today. accuweather is tracking record tying warm temperatures. >> we're definitely going to talk about that. karen, we got a lot going on on the roads. you're going to tell us about that but david we're going start with these wonderful temperatures. >> yesterday really was gorgeous and we have another one for you today. you can see high clouds out to the west that may try to streak through at times. once again we're expecting lovers sunshine and the temperatures right now aren't too bad. 57 degrees in millville, 56 in trenton, 53 in wilmington, again pretty nice numbers for this time of morning and this time of year. speaking of nice, how about this afternoon? 56 degrees by 7 o'clock. 73 by noon. 82 degrees by 3 o'clock. and we're going for a high of 84. we'll probably hit that around 4 o'clock which is more or less where we got the high yesterday and by 7 o'clock,
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you're still holding i don't don't -- i don't ton 78. the pollen forecast is on the rise and for the next couple days it looks like -- tam was like yes -- you're just saying yes you acknowledge this, right, not yes, you're a fan. the next couple of days a lot of snowing going on and we'll still be in the medium high range on thursday and friday. it's still fairly pleasant with a passing shower. karen what you got on the roads early on. >> there's been a lot of sneezing in my house. i'm agreeing with you with the allergies. looking at the tacony palmyra bridge it's up for a southbound ship just about to move through. head to the betsy ross bridge instead of the tacony palmyra if you're heading out right now. here's the vine street expressway looking good. no overnight construction all this week so westbound, eastbound looking pretty good right now and on the big picture we continue to have problems with a small sinkhole. the action cam is live on the scene in center city so the sinkhole look at it, it's no the that big, right, but it's
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shutting down a busy area. seventeenth closed between walnut and locust. the water is still running under that sinkhole and the water department says they're going have to assess the situation later on this afternoon to see if it might need to stay shut down through the evening. this is a big problem with 17th blocked. stick to 15th or 19th to get around that problem. we already have issues out there with the spring garden westbound being shut down, everything that's going on related to the nfl draft so that's just another headache right now in the city t let's look outside live right here. this is bucks county, route one at oxford valley road. the overnight construction is cleared. all lanes opened. looking a lot better right now, tam. >> thank you, karen. we want to start out showing you some breaking news coming to us from voorhees camden county. take a look at this building its got a restaurant on the bottom floor, apartments above it and i believe it was in one of the upper apartments where a fire broke out around 3:45 this morning. this is the 8200 block of town center boulevard there in
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voorhees. you can see firemen and other workers there on the scene. they managed top knock this down about 40 minutes after they got to the scene. no reports injuries. we'll keep an eye on this. if anything else comes in, somebody hurt in the building or otherwise we'll let you know. breaking overnight a.m. gunman shot and killed a man in west philadelphia. police are looking through evidence and talking to witnesses right now. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene on the 4100 block of brown street. she's got the latest on what we know. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. aren't the medical examiner -- aren't and the medical examiner just left the scene. some investigators remain the crime scene unit looks like they're wrapping up now. you can see that this street was closed off for hours as they gathered evidence. this happened shortly after 2:00 a.m. near brown and holly in west philadelphia t a number of 911 calls came in after the shots were fired. officers discovered the 34-year-old victim lying on his back in the middle of the
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street. he was shot multiple times, hit in the head at least once, hit in the torso multiple times. he was pronounced dead at the scene at 2:08 a.m. police believe she was shot at close range. investigators marked off several shell casings and several cell phones were marked as evidence as well. >> we're looking for witnesses. we have several witnesses that heard the gunshots, none that saw anything at this point but it is mainly a residential neighborhood so we're looking for witnesses and until possible private cameras. >> reporter: right now police don't know the motive for this shooting. they also don't have a description of the shooter or shooters in this case. we are live in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. jeanette. >> all right, thanks so much katherine for that report. new this morning, gunfire injured a woman in wilmington, delaware. the action cam was along the 600 block of sixth street. police say there were -- they were called to the scene around 8:30 last night and found a woman shot in the upper body. she was taken to the hospital
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but there's no word this morning on her condition. no arrests have been made. >> it is almost 5:06. here's the latest on that horrible scene at an elementary school in southern california. police say the gunman came after his estranged wife killing her and a student. police say cedric anderson walked into his estranged wife's classroom in san bernadino yesterday and opened fire before shooting himself. 53-year-old karen elaine smith and an eight-year-old student were. >> reporter: a nine-year-old student was also critically wounded. investigators say the two students happened to be standing behind smith when those bullets were fired. >> happening today, testimony continues in the trial of eric frein the man charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another. yesterday prosecutors introduced box boxes of evidence. in them handwritten notes left by frein while he was on the run. a officer said the search was like looking for a needle a
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haystack. frein faces a potential death sentence if convicted. >> three men are charged with committing nine armed robberies. police say they held up nine different 7-eleven stores in montgomery and bucks counties and physicals. 19-year-old quentin archie, 19-year-old philip colton and 18-year-old nazear newton were first arrested for a robbery in ambler in february. investigators have since connected them to eight additional crimes. environmentalists are mounting a new challenge to the controversial new jersey pinelands pipeline. yesterday the sierra clubbed filed an appeal of last month's approval by the state's pinelands commission. south jersey gas plans to build a 22-mile pipe from millville to cape may county in order to convert an electric plant from coal and oil to natural gas. well, the sierra club worries about the potential environmental damage its legal challenge is it doesn't benefit people living in the pinelands as is required. >> pete rose will be inducted
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into the phillies wall of fame this summer. rose was selected through fan voting. the all time hits leader played with the phillies from 1979 to 83 and helped them win their first world series title. rose was banned from baseball in 1989 form -- for bet pentagon. most fans we spoke to forgave him a long time ago. >> i am so happy he's going on the wall. i am so happy. whew! >> you can't fault the by for wanting to bet on something he loves. >> the induction takes place at citizens bank park august 12th. >> mlb disagrees with that. [laughter] >> fans still feel differently the guy who cuts my kid's hair he's babe crazy. behind the station he has a picture of pete rose. >> phillies don't win the 80 world series without pete rose. that's pretty much a given. storm tracker6 live right now
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we have dry conditioning out there and we're off to another nice start headed for another beautiful finish. as we take a look outside we have sky6. there's the commodore barry bridge and clear skies for the most part with just some high thin clouds here and there like we had yesterday morning. we are expecting once again lots of sunshine up over the horizon. now yesterday at this time most of us were in the 40's. a couple of spots in the upper 30's. not so this morning to. everybody's in the 50's. even allentown still holding onto the 50-degree mark. 57 in millville and there's not much wind out there so a very pleasant morning. satellite shows you the high thin cloud cover out to the west. some of that might streak through. generally speaking we're looking at looking at a bright one. in the lehigh valley a high of 84. even into allentown a little bit warmer today than yesterday. down at the shore improvement, too. a high of 76 degrees under mostly sunny skies, a little cooler down the shore but still not bad and in philadelphia, 84. if we hit that, it will tie the existing record set way back in the 1800s. lots of sun, very warm today and there's your wind similar
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to yesterday just a little bit avenue light breeze at times, not much. for the please tonight another great night weather-wise for our phillies baseball. clear skies comfortable 78 for the first pitch. 69 in the ninthing inning. maybe you bring along a jacket in case you get a little chilly later in the game but generally speaking it looks like it's great april weather for baseball at citizens bank park. overnight more clouds, mainly dry, 59 degrees. there's a slight chance of a little spotty shower toward dawn but only a small chance of that. and then as we go into the day tomorrow its another decent day overall. we are going have the chance of a morning or early afternoon spotty shower but 74 degrees for the high. so, not as warm as today but still pretty good. and in terms of shower activity, the latest model runs are suggesting that this comes in around 10 o'clock or so in the northern and western suburbs and this one still has a lingering shower over to the east of philadelphia as we head into the midafternoon hours. it may scoot over toward the east a little bit faster than that. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 84 degrees, record
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territory today. clouds giving way to sun tomorrow, 74 degrees with that passing shower as we just showed you and then mostly sunny and pleasant on thursday but cooling down to a more seasonable 67. 65 on good friday with partly sunny skies there. for the coming weekend, sun mixing with a few patchy clouds 68 on saturday. that's good and we're bumping that high on easter sunday all the way up to 78 degrees. now, the thing about easter sunday is that there is the chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm certainly not a washout but something to keep in mind. dry again monday. >> all right. thank you david. it is now 5:11 and a man's refusal to give up his seat on an overbooked united airlines flight leads to a disturbing scene. this has become huge on social media. united ceo is apologizing for the incident. >> a lot of people talking about that and a truck plows through a store with smash and grab thieves following behind it. more of this incredible surveillance video coming comin. karen. >> overnight construction cleared on i-95 near kerlin street.
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit >> ♪ >> good morning. we're taking a live look here sky6 at the philadelphia international airport. you know, tuesday might not be your favorite day of the week but today no problem. it may be a little bit different. looking at some pretty good temperatures today. your time now is 5:14. >> if you manage to have that good traffic it could be your favorite day of the week. >> perfect day. >> it could, karen rogers. >> that's right. this is a good time of the
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morning at any rate to get out, right, 'cause a lot of people are still sleeping. we're looking live right now in britton township in bucks county. this is i-95 at 413 where traffic here is moving fine. extra overnight construction has cleared, so your lanes are opened and looking pretty good. let's check the maps right now and head over to the pennsylvania turnpike and this is eastbound past willow grove. construction blocks the left lane and the center lanes. eastbound past bensalem construction blocks the right lane there. also we had a disabled vehicle that cleared here near sanatoga. 51, 55 miles an hour, you're just flying by. deptford township gloucester county this is 55 northbound approaching 47. construction blocks the right lane and the shoulder and that's going to continue until about 6 o'clock. we actually had an earlier car fire as well in hammonton on the a.c. expressway but things are all opened now. they cleared that one out as well. let's look at these temperatures. we're going up and it's already pretty nice. 57 in quakertown. 57 in malvern.
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57 right now in center city. 56 in media. we're at 51 in pemberton. 59 in hammonton. 59 in dover delaware but 61 already at this hour in townsend. let's look at this high today t-84 degrees, lots of sunshine, very warm, light wind out of the southwest. get out there and enjoy it today. it's a bit cooler tomorrow, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. dramatic new video surveillance video shows a truck smashing through a gun store in central florida. suspects then breakthroughs cases to swipe guns and ammunition. this happened early saturday morning. instead of fir hills police say they later found the truck after it had been set on fire. they're still trying to piece together clues in hopes of finding those suspects. >> this story is still trending on social media. the ceo of united is apologizing to customers who were on board a flight where a passenger was dragged off after plane. this cell phone video shows a passenger being yanked out of his seat, his head was slammed on the armrest and his lip was bleeding as he was dragged off
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of the jet for refusing to give up his paid seat. >> just no, you're going to leave and then he was hoisted out of his seat. >> oh, my god. >> an aviation security officer involved has been placed on leave. united airlines told passengers the flight was overbooked and four people needed to get off. when nobody got up, united's computer picked four passengers including the 69-year-old man. united's ceo calls the event upsetting and says the airline is that reaching out to that passenger. it is legal for a airline to demand a paying customer to give up their seat. >> a series by bill cosby is on a list of parents and community members most wish to see removed out of library's. the little bill book series made the american library association's annual top 10 list of challenged books. the reason is not the books themselves but the multiple charges of sexual assault against cosby. the 79-year-old is and scheduled to stand trial in june in norristown. >> the phillies host on the
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mets tonight for game two of a three game series. phillies manager pete mackanin was ejected last night after arguing during the matchup. it wasn't enough for the phillies who lost four to three. >> and the sixers lost for the seventh straight time last night. they fell one went 20 to 111 toe pacers. they play the knicks at madison square garden tonight for their final game of the season. >> there's always next year. >> there's always next year. [laughter] >> 5:18. still to come, the fight against bed bugs is getting a bit more difficult. >> plus a lehigh valley boy explains how he helped a classmate who was choking at lunchtime. that's up next after the break. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> arm lehigh valley boy
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helped to save a classmate who was choking at lunch. this all happened at lehigh township elementary school on friday. 11-year-old aiden pucio says he knows add girl choking so he jumped in to hem he says his mother a nurse taught him the heimlich maneuver several years ago. >> i was really scared when it happened but i knew that high to calm down and think about what i could do. >> aiden's mother says she taught her son the life saving technique after their family dog choked on a piece of rawhide that is the most easygoing dog i've ever seen getting the heimlich. my dog -- >> he's like this is how it's done, guys. [laughter] >> well, they both seem like, the both the dog and the boy, calm cool and collected. all right a-and kids, don't practice on your dog at home. we're looking live in southwest philadelphia. this is the mid span of the platt bridge. westbound traffic on your right head towards the airport. no problems between 26th street and i-95. you're looking good live in
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southwest philadelphia. tacony palmyra bridge back down after an opening for a southbound ship. traffic getting by again and moving okay as you're headed out the door right now and, yeah, we had that problem a few minutes ago and mass transit is looking good as well as you're headed out the door, david. >> okay, guys, we are looking at a nice one today that's going to feature lots of sunshine. let's go ahead and give you the bus stop forecast. you can see that 56 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and 57 at 8:00 a.m. those are pretty nice temperatures. mostly clear. the sun coming up nice and bright and as we roll through the day 82 degrees by 3 o'clock and a high of 84 today. a potential record tier, jeanette. >> hopefully you're not in bed with this story. thanks, david. in this morning's health check a new study shows it may be getting more difficult to fight bed bugs. yes, as if it wasn't hard enough already. researchers at purdue found some bed bugs are becoming
5:23 am
resistant two widely used insecticides. they're already resistant to several other chemicals. the findings mean pest management companies should use a variety of methods to get rid of those bed bugs like heat treatments and mattress encasement. >> there you go. it's going to make you hop out of bed. >> bats, bugs, what a week. 5:23. up next in your morning buzz a sweet story. garth brooks sends a fan a heart felt gift. >> first investigators are releasing new details about a wisconsin fugitive suspected of robbing a gun store and sending an anti-got manifesto to president donald trump. >> new details about joseph jakubowski. the armed and dangerous fugitive accused of sending a lengthy and angry manifesto top president -- to president t. their $10,000 reward still
5:24 am
stands for any information leading to his arrest. as we learn new details of exactly what is contained in that 161 page handwritten manifesto. >> in the manifesto they're together look for clues. may not be direct but there may be enough information to narrow down potential attack sites. >> but it's those closest to jakubowski including those heard on the video who could be key to this case and we'll have the latest on the massive nationwide manhunt coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm adrienne bankert abc news, jamesville, wisconsin. the average family's new, but old, home:
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>> in this morning's buzz we're talking about the man with a big hat. garth brooks gave a heart felt gift a fan who nearly died in a crash on the way to one of his concerts. tennessee stein age he were jake stroud was finally getting to see his favorite musician in february but he fell asleep at the wheel and had a big crash. jake ended up going through four surgeries after the accident and you see some of his scars. his friends and his family started a social media campaign to try to get brooks to come to meet jake. the singer wasn't able to meet the trip but he did send a box full of had been t-shirts dvd's and hats. jake says he's thankful but wishes he had good health and had been able to see the concert jeanette.
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>> a ton of stuff. 5:27 now. still to come, a car crashes into a bucks county garage. there's much more to come on "action news" this morning. >> ♪
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>> break news. firefighters have gotten the upper hand on blaze that broke out at a popular shopping center in voorhees township. >> a montgomery county father system charged with abusing two of his children for years even using an electric shock collar. >> details about what triggered the police investigation. >> and your summer warmth goes on. we're back in the 80's. we could break an old record. we might have to get out the kiddie pool you guys. >> yes. good morning it is 5:30 on this tuesday april 11th. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. let's get right tom meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. hopefully all good news. good morning guys. >> another beautiful day building across the region. let's get you to satellite and we'll show you how the cloud cover is out there to the west of us. we're not really seeing a whole lot of that cloud cover out there and there


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