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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 12, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a dog in dire need of help doesn't trust her rescuer. >> he just wants to comfort her. >> but see the magic happen when he brings out the lucky leash. >> there we go. marriage trouble leads a husband to his wife's car where he decided to -- >> no. >> fix it himself. >> why his fix may just be the breaking point. a photographer grabbing shots at the beach. >> some stuff caught his attention. >> see what soon caused everybody else's too. and women on a photo
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shoot -- >> face their biggest fears. >> see why posing with a boa is not even the worst of it. >> all bets are off with that. nasty. hope for a cause is on the hunt. they are looking for lisa and she really does need their help. >> good girl. >> lisa is hiding under a car. she has a plebleeding tumor and it's a mass that ruptured. she is very scared. but you know what? i got to say the people at hope for paws demonstrate in this video how much patience they have and what they're willing to do just to help one dog in distress. see those eyes looking like, i don't know, i'm about to bolt. then he breaks out the lucky leash.
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>> good girl. there we go. come on. >> he just wants to comfort her and make her feel comfortable. so, he's, like patting her chest like come on, girl. >> yeah, she does just want some love. he's like let's go to the doctor. >> let's get this done. >> we can cuddle later. >> no way. >> that's really sweet they took the time. now get her to the doctor. >> now we see her later. she's had surgery performed. they've removed the tumor. she's been bathed. and now you just see her running around and playing at her foster family's house. now lisa's ready for adoption. completely different dog.
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couples go through rough patches. you work on it, right? >> yeah, of course. >> well, this husband decided to just -- >> no. no. >> fix it himself. >> obviously he didn't go to counseling. >> actually technically this is still working on it. >> if him working on it includes working on her car in a cement mixing truck, he nailed it. >> that's messed up. >> i can't believe they agreed to do this for him. >> this is going to cement the relationship. >> pretty much. >> your hear him, right there, right there. and go. >> how do you know a guy is going to turn out like this? you married him, loved each other, thought you'd spend the rest of your life together and he filled your car with cement. >> you don't know what she did. there's two sides to the story. >> apparent bly she loves this car so he filled it up.
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>> he took a page out of a woman's book. let's keep it 100. if you want to hurt him, you hit himhurts. >> no, no. >> i'm not going to jail over no man. >> you might not do it, but you might push down a motorcycle or something. you know. back to the video. so there's more. apparently this woman changed her last name to the name of a store. >> so? who cares? >> a dude was running a promotion and promised that the people who changed their name to the name of that store would receive a little change. the car is parked out in front of the store, so it's all just murky. either he's crazy or it's a promotion. >> are we sure? >> we're sure this went down between a husband and wife and she changed her name and reports
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are they went through a rough patch. >> really? understatement of the year. >> this is a rough patch? what about when it's bad? >> love conquers all. three, two, go. >> there are all kinds of action sports to do in new zealand. sam is a pro mountain biker, former world champion. in this case he's got a punch of guys together to go luging. >> i want to do that. >> when it comes to luge, there's no horsepower involved. you balance on the front wheel and go flying. in this case it's like real life mario kart. it is hilarious. they just have an absolute ball. about this point you wish you had a red shell. >> this is what you always dr m dreamed bumper cars would be. >> they are flying down this hill.
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>> what is on the bottom of it? >> if you see, look close, it goes red area. that's how you get your speed up. and speed up. they get air. coming off that and goes to the left-hand side. gets up to 36 miles an hour. drifting it around the corners. >> eventually they get to the bottom. this video has just caught on. already past 20 million views on facebook. in malibu, a beautiful location. he was there recording because he was sure he was going to capture whales on video, instead he got this whale of a video.
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>> you're doing it wrong. the whales are that way. >> he started in that direction until he heard some stuff that caught his attention so he turned around and boy, was he glad he was recording. with people parked very close to that rock wall there, you suddenly start seeing pieces of earth falling. and this thing is not going to stop. you hear people talking in the background that they had noticed that some of it had been falling off. but now it's unmistakable, this thing is going to give. >> oh! >> holy cow. >> and before you know it, a huge chunk of that mountain has now just fallen off. >> it's not like it's raining today. it's not like there was a small tremor or earthquake. it was just that moment that last little rock fell out and it was like, we're done.
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>> it looks like everybody was okay. i think he can be pretty proud of the video he was able to capture. >> wow. wow. very rare. pictures and sound of this mountain lion. >> and the sound will probably surprise you. >> so what does the mountain lion say? hear it next on "right this minute." face makeup with tools from the hardware store. >> not going to lie, it's a little challenging. >> yes, because it's a hammer. >> yeah, but does it work? see for yourself. of me and my discounts.ugh so this year, they're getting a whole lot more. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver, and multi-car discounts, but they're about to see a whole new side of me. heck, i can get you over $600 in savings. chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before. um, actually your session is up. hang on. i call this next one "junior year abroad."
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closed captioning provided by -- brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. jason craig set up his trail cam in northern colorado, and he captured something he wasn't expecting.
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that is a mountain lion calling to some other mountain lions. according to jason, this is a juvenile calling to another one. i'm not an expert, but i think maybe some other mountain lion might hear that saying, is that trevor? is that karen? maybe. depending what you're looking for. >> i like how that sniffing sound. can you hear that? it's steve. the noise this made had one chef running for cover. when they heard that, she said i cannot prepare this frog for dinner. i have to set it free. she said in all the time she's been cooking, she's never heard a frog sound like it was saying mom. >> stop it! get the holy water on this thing! what is going on? >> yeah, let it go.
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>> a professor says it's probably making that sound because of a deformed vocal chord, but it obviously saved its life. >> mom. >> exactly. a gorgeous city in colorado. the guys at adrenaline addictions decided to climb a building one day. >> did they misunderstand the trend of visiti ining colorado get high? >> maybe they did. >> this is dangerous. >> they were in the mile high city, is that not enough for them? >> this is a gnarly shot here. check this out. they just keep hitting building after building doing things that make us just -- this is about experiencing life from a different perspective. feeling alive. >> okay. >> on the verge of dying. i wouldn't do this.
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>> watch ig them scale these buildings and cling on for dear life has me terrified. >> i love there are people out there that can do this, that have the physical ability, the mental strength to be able to do this. >> by the looks of it, in each case they have gone where they're not supposed to be going. they're gaining access to parts of a building where they shouldn't be. they're on a construction site. so this is still technically crossing the legal line. >> yes. perhaps. >> so they should be careful in many ways. >> correct. i absolutely agree. but moving on from that, i do love these shots. >> but it's awesome. >> the lights in the city and then the blues and the purples and the pinks. >> that's incredible. >> very cool video all shot in 4k. nicole skies is back. this time she's doing a makeup tutorial using hardware and she's doing her face. starting with foundation.
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she's applied it. now she's going to blend it with a hammer. while it looks like this might be working, she says it starts to give her splotches on her face. >> yes, because it's a hammer. >> now she's got the paint roller out. and she's going to paint. >> if you've got a lot of surface to cover, you want to do it fast. >> up next the adhesive sliders. i've learned a lot about hardware in this video. she uses the handle for contouring and for her concealer. inside of that is a nail punch. that's what she's going to be using for her eyebrow. >> that's actually not too bad. >> back to the handle. what do you think she'd use a carpet sample for? >> blush. >> that's a good idea. instead she uses it for her eye shadow. she says it works pretty well except some does drop on her face. >> a shag or a burbur.
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>> look at that. >> for mascara, a screw. >> a wrinkrench for her eyelash. then she uses the carpet again for a heighter. >> that came out pretty cool. >> basically she's a good fixer upper. security camera video from a morgue catches this. >> that's the exact right reaction. nope, i'm good. >> got to be ghosts, right? see it next on "right this minute." and -- >> i just got my 30-minute amazon prime delivery. >> big excitement and done in a way that's more than amazon can deliver. >> this is how i feel when my wig come in the mail. >> see what's in the package and who delivers next on "right this minute." up, grandpa don't let joint discomfort keep you down. come play with us! i'm coming. upgrade to move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility, and flexibility.
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if you can't shut down at bedtime... you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. this video comes from a morgue in india. >> an active morgue? >> an active morgue in more ways than one, charity. check this out. security footage. i think that person notices that the gurney's there, let me take it back to where we're going to need it. suddenly the gurney doesn't want to go. >> that's the exact right reaction. yeah, nope, i'm good. that didn't happen. >> you know somebody was pranking him. had to be. >> i don't know, girlfriend. >> when you work in a morgue and something weird like that happens, you just quit and get a new job. >> i ain't afraid of no ghosts.
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i'd look for the strings. >> there are strings you can see. there may be some weather. however, i don't see the leaves or the branches blowing. >> i would like to think that maybe, just maybe the ground in that space is uneven. in a morgue, anything and everything. >> but there's another video, you guys. different angle. >> that's not one string. that's three or four strings pulling in different directions. >> it goes off the walkway and falls over. >> i don't believe it. >> i have seen much more obvious fakes than this one. considering it is only from cc tv and that guys reaction is authentic, it does weird me out a little bit. why don't we see what you think. >> or i could just tell you. >> you know? >> based on loose translation, i do believe it's admittedly a fake. >> how do you know it's fake? >> i could be completely wrong. my translator could have mixed stuff up. you tell us what you think at
2:34 am there's been a lot of chat on online shopping deliveries. drones. some people it seems are getting a little impatient and have tried to find. it's rather extreme. >> i just got my 30-minute amazon prime delivery. >> that doesn't sound like a drone. once it comes into shot, we realize that is a u.s. military blackhawk helicopter that is now hovering over his house. >> sounds like a scene out of "mash." >> you can see the guy on the edge holding a package, drops it down. >> this is how i feel when my wigs come in the mail. >> it's an important delivery. that's the social media moniker
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he goes with online. he dropped this off to kyle, realized he is going over his house and hovered for a bit. there was permission. it's okay. nobody is going to face a court-martial. sticking with the drone theme, a terrible idea. >> is that a dang razor blade? >> yes. >> that's a huge razor blade. have you guys ever played fruit ninja? this is the real life drone version. it's awesome. >> wow. it worked. >> it is oh so much cooler in slow mo. >> wow. that thing must be sharp. >> plus the speed as well. >> the apple is denser. >> it doesn't matter. flies through the apple. key wee. tomato. that's right. my favorite shot of the whole video is this one placing the camera upside nooet the banana.
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you get an idea of how quick this drone is. i thought this was a ridiculous video and one that i love very much. >> it's oddly fascinating. it's women modeling with their greatest fears. big spiders here. >> not only are they going to meet these creatures that they don't like, they're going to pose with them. >> no. >> see how the
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z1we5z zi0z y1we5y yi0y you could build this thing. problem solved. done done done. changed its name to boldly and these ladies in this video
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are going to have to be bold because they're going to face their biggest fears. >> i'm afraid of spiders. >> i am deathly afraid of birds. >> i [ bleep ] hate cockroaches. who doesn't? >> i'm very, very [ bleep ] afraid of snakes. >> not only are they going to meet these creatures is that they don't like, they're going to pose with them. >> no. >> with assistance from isis king -- >> you're going to have this and it's going to be amazing. because once you conquer it, you can conquer anything. >> easier said than done, but thanks. >> came with a collection of bugs and animals. he started with the african pie crow. >> they're seen as scary but they're super smart, social, and really cool birds. >> there you go. >> the model is not convinced because as soon as she sees it -- >> your something is just birds. >> [ bleep ] no. >> she's like 50 feet away from this thing.


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