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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 12, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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are going to have to be bold because they're going to face their biggest fears. >> i'm afraid of spiders. >> i am deathly afraid of birds. >> i [ bleep ] hate cockroaches. who doesn't? >> i'm very, very [ bleep ] afraid of snakes. >> not only are they going to meet these creatures is that they don't like, they're going to pose with them. >> no. >> with assistance from isis king -- >> you're going to have this and it's going to be amazing. because once you conquer it, you can conquer anything. >> easier said than done, but thanks. >> came with a collection of bugs and animals. he started with the african pie crow. >> they're seen as scary but they're super smart, social, and really cool birds. >> there you go. >> the model is not convinced because as soon as she sees it -- >> your something is just birds. >> [ bleep ] no. >> she's like 50 feet away from this thing.
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>> yeah. but for people who are afraid of birds, that's even too close. >> let's see how it goes with the boa constrictor. >> get it off me. all right. bring it back. >> she does take only pictures. >> do terrified. perfect. >> let's see how this girl does with a madagascar hissing cockroach. >> roaches are nasty. >> you're trying to be like, i'm calm and cool but then you're trying to check in on it. >> yeah. it's right on her. >> nice broach. >> yeah. >> she says she liked the fact it didn't scurry around too much. >> that's because they didn't turn on the kitchen lights. >> and now a tarantula on the bare skin. >> she did it like a boss. once they saw the photos, they were kind of impressed. they did start to conquer some of their fears. >> not going to lie, though, the sister with the snake she owned her pictures. that's it for today's show.
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thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. even those that cause stomach bugs. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. >> reforms i am proposing would not apply to those who are here
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illegally. >> south carolina republican congressman joe wilson yelled out "you lie" creating the infamous moment during president obama's 2009 state of the union address. now, wilson, has had his own words used against him. constituents attending a townhall in south carolina chanted you lie at wilson several times on monday night. a long chorus broke out when wilson said obama care should be repealed and replaced. the effort failed on capitol hill last month. >> taste of his own medicine i guess there in his own district. >> stepfather of the wisconsin man who sent a manifesto to the white house is urging him to surrender. meantime, the reward for information on joseph jakubowski's where abuts doubled. >> 100 law enforsment officers involved in the search. >> reporter: while screaming for revolt in that 161-page
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manifesto, the man authorities call armed and dangerous has been quiet with no sign of him in a week. the fbi upping the reward to $20,000. releasing photos of joseph jakubowski's tattoos and images of him without hair. in hopes some one recognizes him. the 32-year-old accused of robbing a wisconsin gun store after sending the lengthy handwritten manifesto to president trump. a document officials say did reach the white house. accusing police and the government of enslaving people. jakubowski writing that he is taking a stand for the mistreated. >> revolution. police say in the infamous video, jakubowski speaks to a specific plan, but authorities are trying to determine his end game. neighbors still on edge. >> i want to feel safe in my home again. i want to feel like my daughter is safe. >> reporter: we talked to a number of jakubowski's relatives today, some telling us he is not the person police portray him to be. one person telling me he
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believes he is hiding in a larger city just trying to blend in. step farther urging him to give himself up. >> yeah, hard to believe they haven't been able to find any clues at all about his whereabouts. with, all of this, all points bulletin, searching for him. we'll see. >> coming up. tax refund are on their way. what should you do with yours? >> our expert is here with the dos and don'ts. appare apparently go shopping. right? >> save. ♪ i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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you are getting a refind this tax season. perfect time to book a trip,
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perhaps splurge on a car or get really drunk and go shopping on amazon. great idea. all right, apparently that's not what is recommended. what is recommended? we joined here. >> shaking my head. >> no-noes. >> no-noes. >> what do you do? what don't you do once you get that check? >> skip the impulse purchases. i know it gives you short term pleasure, instant gratification to go on a buying binge, take a trip, buy a flat screen tv. but you are better off investing for your future. no to impulse buys. yes to investing. ratchet up the retirement savings. maybe invest in yourself. take courses. educate yourself so you can better your career situation. different things you can do so you can shore up your personal balance sheet. >> i feel like a trip to greece is history lesson. >> right. well it is also an expensive history lesson. >> not educating yourself.
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>> not a good idea. not unless you have everything all set. no dealt. you know, you are financially disciplined. then okay. >> few of us are. >> they make it so easy nowadays how you get your tax refund. just automatically goes into your checking account. that might not necessarily be the best idea? >> i would say no for the checking account. i think once it is in there-up are probably inclined to spend it. plus you are not getting any interest on the checking account. unless you put it in the checking account to aindividual being hit with bank fees. then maybe. did a survey on this, some people were putting it in the checking account. very small percentage were putting it into an emergency fund. which know it wise. very few people have emergency funds set up. survey showing we can't afford a $500 emergency, $1,000 emergency. better to automatically have that money deposited into an emergency account. once it is there, less inclined to tap the. unless for an emergency. unexpected job loss. medical emergency.
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things of that nature. >> around tax refund time when i get my check, my cousin, nene, and nine baby mamas ask for a loan. >> no to loaning it. no. that's the thing. >> pretty hard to say no if they need your money are in bad shape. that puts fuel on the fire in many cases. you are not getting to the root of the problem. this is what a money psychologist would tell you. telling you. putting fuel on the fire. not getting to what is going on there. probably never going to get that money back. >> you know my family. >> look at all the dealt we have. we have over a trillion in credit card debt, student loans, car debt. we have lots of other debts. why not apply it towards some of that debt. the gas buddy survey showed that 11% were going to use it for credit card debt. good, average rate is 14% now. if you -- get rid of that. getting return of 14%. where are you going to get that? nowhere >> you get, once you have money,
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you get that sense that, everything that you want is something that you need. apparently. that's not the case. >> you have to separate your wants from your needs. i mean, i know you said you want few go to greece. are there more practical things you could do with your money? >> right, london. >> ha-ha-ha. >> you are good. you are good. i'm saying things like -- you need a new roof. you need special things done to your faucets. they're not working properly. 8% of those surveyed said they're going to be applying it toward home improvements. that is a practical way to go. and i should point out too. you know, not everybody is getting a refund. if you are getting a refund. big refund. you want to change your withholdings. >> okay. >> good to know. >> yeah. >> vera gibbons. good tips right there. guess we can't go on amazon and drunk purchase. after the refind.
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>> no, such a bad idea. ha-ha. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, kendis. >> you're watching "world news now." we'll be right back. lilly.
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even those that cause stomach bugs. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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so what would cause at the time a b list hollywood actor to turn down the role of a lifetime as lead in the 50 shade of gray franchise, the opportunity to star in a movie. >> the film stars talk to chris connelly. >> i told it. >> the lost city of z gives charlie hunham, the epic his fans awaited. star for jam gray in the true story of amazonian explorer, percy faucet. >> i thought it would require more from me than i ever had to give. >> joined by bearded robert
2:56 am
pattison, hunnam opted to reflect his character's lonliness and isolation by cutting himself from all communication while shooting in colombia. >> he would go on grand heroic explorations into the jungle for three, four years at a time have no contact with his family at home. lucky that i have a very understanding girlfriend who, allows me to go off and, do these, these weird, whims. >> you think of being cut off from the world sound like a challenge also sounds like living the dream. faucet's quest gets told by respect for the indigenous people and for the hardship his party endured. depicting that required hunnam to forego the muscles known to sons of anarchy viewers. he and pattison dropped 35 pound. >> don't think i was too much fun to be around. >> did you eat a second egg this morning. sort of suspicious glances.
2:57 am
off of set. is he going to eat something. >> beth actors drawn in by adventure steering clear of trouble. >> i totally got that obsession that faucet had let's just go a little further. little further. what's over the next hill. there are moments when me and charlie were hacking through jungle, with machetes. and virgin jungle, which is, in the middle of the jungle and all colombians were like what are you doing. stay on the path the you are going to get bitten by something. >> chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> you are sold. you want to see it? >> absolutely. got to appreciate their french accent, beautiful. looks like a good movie. i will see it. up next in king arthur. good movies coming up. that's the news for the half-hour all. follow us on face book at e 50 to 85:
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this morning on "world news now," more trouble for united airlines. >> the company's ceo having a tough time with damage control softening his stance after the airline forcibly removed a man from his seat. we have new details about that man who was dragged off. and then ran back on the plane. >> call it an historic gaffe. white house spokesperson, sean spicer offering apology after apology after comparing syria's use of chemical weapons to adolph hitler. but managing to forget the millions who died in gas chambers during the holocaust. the big question this morning -- will his boss keep him on the job? >> line of intense storms bringing heavy rain to parts of the south. the storm leaving parts of texas underwater forcing drivers to be rescued. at least one person is missing. feared to have been swept under by the flash floods. we'll have the latest.
3:01 am
>> get a load of this. the birthday party that has all kids in the class jealous. because of its theme? the poop emoji. meet the really young girl really inspiring us and wish her a crappy birthday on this wednesday, april 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i didn't know it was a thing. >> i guess it is a thing. a young lady wanted it. and, and, there you have it. >> took me a long time when i saw emoji, thought it was chocolate pudding with eyes. little slow on that one. >> yeah. >> quite delicious. proof some body is having a crappie week than ceo of united airlines. many people having bad week. growing anger at united stemming from the forced removal of the passenger. members of chicago's asian and immigrant community held a small
3:02 am
rally overnight to support the asian man involved in the incident calling for a boycott of the airline. >> the airline ceo changed his tune about the incident. now, calling it a horrific event. also apologized. >> 69-year-old david dao of kentucky undergoing treatment at chicago hospital this morning. records indicate his license was temporarily suspended after a felony convicted a decade ago, involving his prescribing of drugs. abc's kenneth moten is covering the fallout. united taking heat. [ screaming ] video of a 69-year-old man from chicago to louisville flight. sparking outrage. united airlines needed to bump passengers to make room for four crew members. no volunteers >> i could not believe. >> first, united airlines, ceo, oscar munez blamed the passenger
3:03 am
who he said was offered $1,000. a day later. munoz said i deeply apologize to the customer forcibly removed and all customers aboard. no one should ever be mistreated this way. ceo promming a review saying he will take full responsibility. >> oh, my god. >> also new details abumt the passenger identified as david dao, doctor from kentucky. documents show his medical license was suspended in 2003. the medical board recommended in 2013 he resume practicing medicine. he is recovering from injuries sustained during the violent incident. united making international headlines. especially in china where it has big business. the company's value dropping more than $700 million. at the opening bell. while this may blow over, may not be a hit to their earnings in the future, that its not the headline you want to see. >> out of 86 million passengers, united denied boarding to 3700 people because of overbooking. more than 60,000 voluntarily
3:04 am
gave up their seats. kenneth moten, abc news, new york. >> not sure how relevant his past is, the doctor's past, you know? >> agree completely. >> becoming a big issue. it wasn't something the airline kid when they decided hey you are the one that is coming off. how would you have handled the situation? >> the airline automatically picked which passengers to, to pull off. they had no idea of his history when they took him off. a, if the airline said, here is $1,000, i would have taken it and driven to louisville that night. from a pr standpoint, if i'm the airline, we'll look into it, the video is alarming. not sure why it took several days to get to that point. >> really, a lot of questions here. also it seems like could have put maybe other crew people in jump seats. seems like there were options, put them on a different airline. >> specially united. hub, you could get people, to those parts. all right, well we will see. a lot of that video. and the ceo of united airlines is going to be on "good morning
3:05 am
america" little bit later on this morning. >> we're going to move on to somebody else apologizing. >> who is having a worse week now? >> sean spicer, the press secretary apologizing after inserting his foot in his mouth. by comparing syria's president to hilt ltler. in an attempt to condemn bashir al assad for the attacks. spicer said some one as despicable as hitler didn't sink to the level of using chemical weapons. >> we know that mr. noon 1 million people, died . >> when it comes to sarin gas. he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing. i mean there was clearly, i understand your point, thank you. >> just giving you. >> thank you. appreciate that. there was not, in the, he brought them into the -- into the holocaust center. i understand that. but i am saying in the way that, that assad used them.
3:06 am
went into town, dropped them down, into the middle of towns. it was brought. use of it. appreciate the clarification. >> spicer's remarks on the first day of passover, drew criticism. some calling for him to be fired. spicer later apologized on skrchlt nn. he said it was his blunder. >> now to secretary of state, rex tillerson holding high stake meetings with russian officials amid growing tensions of course over syria. timerson arrived in moscow yesterday, saying russia failed to keep its commitment to rid syria of chemical weapons. tillerson will fry to get the cr kremlin to drop support for the regime. his visit comes as the u.s. intelligence accused russia of covering up what happened in the
3:07 am
chemical acake in syria. north carolina is warning of a nuclear strike against the u.s. the threat comes as uss carl vince enlt, aircraft carrier moves into the seas off korea. in a new interview, president trump confirms, u.s. its sending what he calls an armada. he wouldn't talk specifics about north korea, but said kim jung-unis doing the wrong thing. >> new details about the deadly do domestic case. officials at san bernardino north park elementary had no idea of the problems between teacher karen smith and her estranged husband. here's abc's correspondent. >> reporter: community in mourning over the loss of beloved student and teacher. >> she was a good teacher. she was help. she would need help people that need help. >> reporter: questions mounting about what led to monday's hail of gunfire. cedric andersen targeted his estranged wife karen smith while teaching. >> absolutely terrifying for the
3:08 am
kids in there. >> two boys call the in the cross fire before andersen turned the gun on himself. 8-year-old jonathan martinez did not survive. family and friends remembering a vibrant, joyful boy. authorities trying to determine how the seemingly happy couple unraveled. anderson posting these videos on face book weeks ago. >> she know when to ignore me. it makes a happy marriage. >> authorities probing andersen's dark past including multiple arrest for weapons and dope mosting violence charges. but he was never convicted. karen smith's mother tells abc news, after the pair wed, just over two months ago, andersen revealed a darker side. >> my hutz ba >>. >> smith living with her adult children after leaving him a few weeks ago. she never informed the school of maral problems. >> it appears he had been making efforts to contact her and to have her come back home.
3:09 am
she was resistant to that. >> reporter: authorities searched the suspect's home where they uncovered a net he wrote about things in his life that needed closure and feeling disrespected. moving on. one person missing after torrential rains caused flooding in central texas. emergency crews in fort hood spent the day searching for a driver whose speak was swept away. the vehicle was located. the driver was not. >> dozens had to be rescued, rain washed out roads. classes at texas state university canceled. several school districts delayed opening of classes more. rain in the forecast. >> normally rain is actually the cause of delays during baseball games. but how about a cat? >> yeah, this thap penned happe night. cat loose on the outfield. climbed the fence you can see there. pretty much made itself at home. hung out. >> took in baseball.
3:10 am
decided to paws in the marlin's home run sculpture which moves when the hometown guy hits one ow of the field. so the club turned off the sculpture for the game to keep the sats safe. if there were any home runs in the game. the cat was fine. you know. >> must be a joke you insert here with the cat. fur ball. there is something. i've don't know. >> as opposed to baseball. >> foul ball. >> coming up. get ready to pitch -- no a. but to say -- pump your fist. >> yes. >>fu fupump your fist with the world's hottest dj. >> she is 282. can mix and spend better than any body at coachella. get down later in the mix. >> looking forward to it. >> passing the trash. dirty secret among schools, administrators hide misconduct by teachers and unload them on
3:11 am
to other schools. how prevalent is this? >> join us on face book. weigh in on the stories and more. wnn and twitter. you're watching "world news now." if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar.
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>> the music of the j guiles band there. string of hits there in the 70s and 80s. including that one. sad news this morning, the band's namesake, and guitarist, jay geils passed away. indications are he died of natural causes. only 71 years old. >> one person is dead four others injured after an explosion at army ammunition plant in missouri. the plant provides small caliber and the blast occurred in a building where chemicals are mixed. investigators trying to detear min what cause theed the blast.
3:15 am
>> police are searching for answers this morning. after a deadly shooting at an auto plant factory in tennessee. >> one man and one woman were critically injured during the shooting. police say the female shooter then took her own life. >> reporter: investigators in cookville, tennessee trying to figure out what set off a woman who brought a handgun to the parking lot of this high tech production company. police are calling it domestic dispute. >> officers arrived, discovered three people had been shot. further indication, two people were female. one was mail. and she has deceased. >> three people in a very bad situation. >> man and woman who survived the shooting were flown to regional hospitals and are in critical condition. >> we understand there was some type of relationship. don't know what that is. between a couple of the parties. >> two of the persons work here.
3:16 am
>> they make rearview mirror systems. heen here posted on line. hub dreads of implease watching as police look for bullet casings and towed cards. >> police are interviewing ns ws and thankful there was no danger or threat. >> coming up in our next half-hour, mercury is rising and so are gas prices. just how will they go this summer? >> first, the alert for parents. we're going to look into the practice of schools shuffling problem teachers around. hiding allegations of serious disconduct. you're watching "world news now." even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. two kids barfed in class today. it was so gross. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria,
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>> back with a wake-up call for parents. new investigation by "usa today" about school teachers and sexual misconduct and finds administrators often shift problem teachers to other schools. >> called passing the and amy robach spoke to the women. >> for over a decade, she kept her memories of joseph coaters private. >> you told no within what was going on. >> i hated myself.
3:19 am
like i hated myself. it was my fault. you know? >> you blamed yourself? >> 100%. >> wasn't until years after graduating from a all girls school in los angeles chelsea found the courage to report her abuse prompting the school to launch an investigation into ketters which found a long held pattern of sexual misconduct. >>-up are stepping forward into the spotlight for the first time. why are you doing that? >> i can't describe it other than -- you know, feeling so viscerally what i want through. and -- wanting so viscerally to not let any one else go through it. >> department of education estimates that 4.5 million students experience sexual misconduct at the hand of school employees between kindergarten and 12th grade. a record found one child predator in schools had as many as 73 victims some times without ever being caught. referred to as passing the trash. when administrators unload
3:20 am
problem attic teachers on to other schools, by hiding alleged misconduct through confidential agreements and other means. enabling them to look for other jobs as teachers. >> there is no way to really know how pervasive the problem is a cross the country because of the nature of the contracts. administrators are keeping these confidential. >> in a year-long investigation by "usa today" reporter, steve riley he fond despite laws in most states. requiring schools to report suspected child abuse it was rare for administrators to be held criminallia accountable for turning a blind eye. >> once she started abusing me it accelerated quickly. >> chelsea believes he is an example of what it is to pass the trash. alleging in civil suit. his was a pattern of bad behavibe haven that began. in 2015, he pled guilty to four counts of sixable abuse and received a one year jail sentence for which he served half. >> never be okay.
3:21 am
never feel good. never be right. but i don't feel like i have to hide any more. >> amy robach, abc news, new york. >> both schools issued a stae statement to abc news. he was terminated for a shoving a male student during altercation. no sexual misconduct. >> the high school, denied knowing about the conduct until 2014. after chelsea and an alumni came forward. ketters resigned before, a year before in 2013. startling statistic that one predator has about 73 victims. should suggest how prevalent this its of passing the trash. >> whatever the case is might have happened. got to be troubling for parents out there. >> yeah, right. exactly. you are entrusting the people. yep. >> all right. well coming up, the mix is next. the 82-year-old dj. pumping the fist.
3:22 am
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we are back with you wednesday "the mix." and that's all, not because of the mix, just getting us in the mood for this start of the mix. there are going to be huge, huge djs in coachella of course, palm desert this weekend. >> not as beg as this lady. >> not as big as this woman. forget about it. he is 82 years old. and this is her. dumpling maker by day. night time. goes on ones and twos. >> turns the raves on. her name, she has been spinning record since her 70s. so a good, 12 years. >> yes. and really popular in japan. you can see why. she does not look 82 whatsoever.
3:26 am
she spins all of the hot songs, kids like these days. apparently a hobby when her husband passed away, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> her having a day job. night time job. 82. >> built a career. go see her once she makes it here to new york. >> we'll bring her. >> yeah. >> my son celebrated his birthday party. did thomas the train theme party. little 3-year-old. saint louis. for her birthday, insisted. >> not thomas the train. >> poop emoticon. balloons. a dress with it. there was a, poop pinata, cookies, cake. i had no idea any one would request this kind of thing. secondly that the parents would then, go along with it. >> you know. guess that was -- >> pin the tail on the donkey style.
3:27 am
>> poop party. >> everyone likes poop parties don't they? good idea for your kid for, for once he turns 4 >> hopefully not watching. >> that would not be my idea of a good party. whatsoever. and i don't mean to crap on the idea. just saying. so, this was kind of cool. my friends in the d.c. area, put out an apb, this dog at an an wral shelter got out. take a look. the dog was at the animal hospital there. >> dog houdini. >> some how able to get his way out. final leap after a search animal control found him resting in a yard. making his way out. look at that. >> 19-year-old, she dumped her boyfriend using spotify, linked songs together. made a play list like do you still want to kiss me? blah, blah, blah. good-bye the bottom line.
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3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- president trump drawing hard line against syrian president bashir al assad, saying, he is bad for the world and bad for russia. who is backing that regime. >> and as the secretary of state gets to work in moscow, the white house facing a major distraction. the story ahead. >> state of emergency has been declared in florida as wildfires rage across the state. fire crews are spraying down homes from the air to try to stop the flames from spreading. >> and new this half-hour, the curiously timed vacation for bill o'reilly. >> the announcement, the fox news star made during the show last night that has many people scratching their heads. >> searching for clues no more. the fate of blue's clues star steve burns 20 years later so. he ditched the khakis and has a
3:31 am
whole new look. just wait until you see what he looks right now. it is in "the skinny," on this wednesday, april 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> in case you were wondering, where he has been. >> what he looks like now too. >> what he looks like. >> brian ross did an investigation on that in "the skinny." >> we'll start the half-hour with the secretary of state, rex tillerson facing tense talks in moscow, the u.s. and russia clash over syria. >> not clear if tillerson will meet with president vladamir putin but is expected to discuss the future of syrian president bashir al assad when he sits down with his russian counterpart. in the aftermath of steer yeah's chemical weapons attack and u.s. missile strike. president trump told fox news the u.s. its not going into syria. and he explained why putin should cut ties with assad.
3:32 am
>> putin is backing a person that is an evil person. it is bad for russia, man kind, this world. this is an animal. >> last week, the president had talked about how much he was impacted by the images from syria's gas attack. his son eric now says his father's decision to launch the air strike was influenced by his sister ivanka said to be heartbroken and outraged. >> meantime, white house press secretary, sean spicer under fire this morning for the remark about the holocaust. he since apologized. amid calls for him to be fired. more from abc's cecelia vega. sean spicer ignited a firestorm during the daily briefing suggesting that not only bashir al assad is worse than adolf hitler but that hitler did not use chemical weapons during world war ii. you had some one as despicable as hitler who didn't sink to using chemical weapons. you have to if you are russia ask yourself is this a country you want to align yourself with.
3:33 am
>> more than a million died in hitler's gas chambers at one point as many as 6,000 jews in auschwitz alone. more than 11 million people altogether killed in the holocaust. spicer tried to explain. >> i want to give you an opportunity to clarify something that is gaining traction now. hitler didn't sink to the level of using chemical weapons. what did you mean by that? >> i think when you come to sarin gas, he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing, i mean there was clearly, i, i understand your point, thank you. >> just giving you -- >> i appreciate that. thank you. he brought them into -- into the holocaust center, i understand that. the way, assad used them where he went into towns, dropped them down into the middle of towns. was brought, the use of it. appreciate the clarification
3:34 am
that was not intent. >> the reaction immediate. israel's intelligence minister calling spicer's comments grave and outrageous. adding we must demand that he aapproximately jazz or resign. it is the second time in as many days spicer has had to walk back his own words. on monday, he seemed to shift the administration so-called red line on syria. saying it is not just the use of chemical weapons that would prompt the united states to take military action. >> if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, i think you can, you will, you will see a response from this president. >> human rights groups say assad's regime dropped nearly 13,000 barrel bombs last year alone. and they did again, but the white house rushing to clarify. saying, nothing has changed, there is no new red line. secretary of defense james mattis upping the ante with the new warning to syria. >> if they use chemical weapons they're going to pay a very, very stiff price. >> sean spicer went on television to apologize, he says if you make a mistake you on it.
3:35 am
that is exactly what he is doing. he was asked whether he has got a credibility problem, sean spicer says he doesn't believe he has a credibility problem. but the bigger question right now is whether president trump believes sean spicer has a credibility problem. >> some of the reactions from some of the reporters in the background. sort of like, come again? >> really? >> what you talking about, willis. man, we'll see how he digs himself out over the next few day. moving on. federal agents looking to monitor an adviser for donald trump last summer. "the washington post" says the fbi obtained a secret court order to keep track of carter page's communications, because they had reason to believe he was acting as a russian agent. page is among those under scrutiny, investigation into election meddling and possible collusion with the trump campaign. he tells abc news the existence of the warrant confirms he was
3:36 am
the victim of human rights violations. >> the gop held on to a congressional seat after a closer than expected race in a heavily republican district. >> ron estes, the winner of the race to replace kansas congressman, mike pompeo, who lead the ceia, estes beat thompson by seven points. seen as a measure of the trump effect. in november, pompeo won the district by 31 points. president trump took the district by a large margin. >> florida's governor declared state of emergency due to wildfires raging across the state. more than 100 active wildfires across more than 20,000 acres in florida. many of those flames fueled by dry conditions. crews have warned residents who live near a fire burning in the tampa area to remain on high alert. they are using helicopters to keep the homes safe. >> we did order up our
3:37 am
helicopter. our huey was here, dropping water, in neighborhood to wet the back of the homes. >> things only expected to get worse. forecaster predicting higher than normal conditions in the next coming months. >> bill o'reilly is taking a break. he announced he is taking a vacation. it comes as dozens of sponsors have pulled their ads amid sexual harassment allegations. o'reilly says the time off was planned a while ago. he is set to return april 24th. a. >> talk about guys showing off their moves. the newly retired tony romo, quarterback of the dallas cowboys. traded in the pigskin and pads last night for a dallas mavericks warm-up suit. look at him there. took part in the team's pregame session on the court. >> yep. look at that. he's got, who knew tony romo had those moves. we will give him credit. he looked pretty smooth.
3:38 am
appearance, part of the mavericks fan appreciation night. before the game, mavericks star, dirk nowitzki tweeted romo would be shooting air balls in the lay-up line. that was not the case. >> got some net. >> did pretty good. >> if romo's moves were good. let's take a look. we can show the next video. here we go. uh-oh. check out. show this guy. come back a minute. this guy he is coaching the, the san jose state assistant football coach alonzo carter, busting some moves. >> get it. get it. >> to mc hammer. >> oh. >> oh. >> ha-ha. >> you got to see the foot work. >> the team's spring practices. there is a good reason why carter knows exactly those moves. back in day when hammer was all the rage, carter was a leader for the backup dancers, back then.
3:39 am
so he knows the moves. >> look at him. >> i want those pants. those are kind of coming back. >> the same pants. filled them out a little bit. >> oh. i love it. he has still got it. light on his feet. >> absolutely. >> and hammer has visited the team in the past. couple of years. and, you know they know his history. it's fantastic. >> that's a good workout for the guys too t to be able to keep up with that. all right, coming up in "the "the skinny," surprise new revelation about jackie o's love life. and the hot young actor she had her eyes on. >> first, pulled off the plane. united airlines struggles to recover from its public relations stumbles in the wake of this incident. what we are learning now. first. a look at today's forecast. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol.
3:40 am
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which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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>> did you guys see that? >> did you guys see that? >> oh, yeah, we did. how about one more time. the video was shot in san diego. people reported seeing what may have been a meteor, as far east
3:43 am
as new mexico as far north as nevada. american meteor society says it received more than 400 reports about the fire ball. it still has the not been confirmed that it was -- a meteor. i'm thinking aliens. >> was it a meteor? or something else? >> yeah, end of days. >> something else to be aware of. gas prices expected to rise this summer. the federal government estimates the average price of gas, will increase to $2.46. lower than a few years ago. if that average holds it would mean the average household will spend $200 more on gas this year than last year. >> nothing such as hitting them when they're down. this morning, rival airlines are giving united a hard time after that passenger was pulled off one of its planes. >> royal jordanian tweeting we would like to remind you that drags on our flights are prohibited by passengers and crew. >> shade is real. >> abc's alex perez has more.
3:44 am
[ screaming ] >> reporter: the video of the passenger dragged off his flight to make room for united employees seen by hundreds of millions around the world. >> oh, my god, look what you did to him? >> he said why am i being chosen? what did i do? >> reporter: even after being pulled from the plane, the passenger bolting back into the cabin. >> we saw him running back toward the end of the plane. he had streaming down his face. he appeared distraught, confused. he was not in the right state of mind at this point. >> i have to go home. [ bleep ]. >> that passenger who has been identified as 69-year-old dr. david dao of kentucky is undergoing treatment at a chicago hospital. records show his license was temporarily suspended after a felony conviction more than a decade ago. involving his prescribing of drugs. passengers report he did nothing unusual other than refuse to give up his seat on the
3:45 am
overbooked flight. the investigation ongoing with one of the aviation security officers, put on leave. the ceo of united oscar munoz who received public relations award as communicator of the year last month called the passenger disruptive and belligerent. in an about-face, now apologizing directly to the passenger, saying no one should ever be mistreated this way. >> it is a teachable moment for united to look and say, how do we make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the damage may have already been done. united losing $700 million in market value, before settling at a $255 million loss for the day. and, fliers wary, many asking, even though the airlines hatch the right to remove passengers in similar situations, should it ever come to this? and the united ceo says they're investigating the incident and any possible changes to their policy on oversold flights. and will make that review available by the end of the
3:46 am
month. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> communicator of the year award. >> a month ago. before they had a couple of pr problems. you will recall, united airlines prevented the two teenage girls from boarding because of leggings. so, the, the apology tour continues this morning on "good morning america." an exclusive, rebecca jarvis with the ceo of united >> he has a lot of explaining to do. i will say. >> when we come back, steve from blues clues, see hem now. >> jackie o's hot date. "the skinny" is coming up next. stay with us. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> skinny time, everybody. we begin with a mystery. 15 years in the making.
3:49 am
>> the brian ross unit have been working on this ten years. brian, we thank you. it was 2002, blues clues was the hottest show on tv. if you were 3 years old. but one day, steve, left the show. he said he was going off to college. replaced by his younger brother, joe. remember him. >> steve burns vanished from tv altogether. urban myths developed that he was dead. where is steve now? turns out, he is a total hipster. different. no khakis and no hair. >> yeah, where is blue? >> look at that. that's steve. >> look at him. >> steve says he left blues clues because he was losing his hair. didn't want to go bald on tv. >> don't think little kids would have minded. hey? >> i don't know. maybe. they would have been creeped out by this. >> by that. >> he is still making kids happy apparently. his new album, is out with 11
3:50 am
songs for kids. as if to prove he is alive. his instagram and twitter handles are steveburnsalive. >> just in case you were wondering. >> the tunes from, from steve burns. >> all right, another man of mystery is chris bridges. also known as ludicrous, or ludi. if you have seen his video, you might have done a double take. he looks pretty ripped in it. turns out that eight pack is photo shopped. >> really? >> okay. >> it does look kind of fake, right? >> it is kind of his thing. he has been body morphing in videos for years apparently. reaction from people online. tweeting shocked responses to his physique. one person said his abs look like those rolls i buy at 7-eleven when i am drunk. >> funny. >> another person wondered why his six-pack looks like it was
3:51 am
done at sephora. his response, lolemojis. >> new book revealing something about jack gee o. might have had a thing for younger guys. >> the new book by a friend of jackies, says she called hart to see if he would set her up with alec baldwin. he was almost 62. baldwin was 33. baldwin didn't hesitate to take the former mrs. kennedy to the theater though he had just met future wife kim basinger. >> will smith's son jaden known for his interesting twitter feed. how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real? >> deep questions. i hear you. he is also known for his unique style including that hair. >>. ♪ i whip my hair back and forth ♪ >> famous dad given jaden a new do. sharing it, maybe i should have used scissors.
3:52 am
new look for a new movie he starts shooting soon. what do we think? >> hmm. ♪ we think? >> hmm. left after i break a dollar. 's never much, just whats and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay, new there. >> i saw with a z. >> think it had something to do with ncaa tournament. i believe. we'll find out. one of the other things kids are into. these days, the prom. well not going to it. because that idea of course is old. how they're asking each other. >> the proliferation of over the top prom-posals, ruining for it you lazy guys out there. here is david muir. birmingham student, indy ellison wondering who was at the door. that's walker boroughs, senior at the high school.
3:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i will dance and sing ♪ you'll probably make fun of me ♪ >> reporter: with his own lyrics to "stand by me." ♪ better than you've seen ♪ so darling ♪ you'll do better with me ♪ ♪ >> reporter: she turns and offers a wink, of course she was going to say yes. his band mates watching. and over the weekend, there they were, in findley, ohio, high school runners met each other during cross-country practice. planning a 5 1/2 run to spell out his request on a running app, spelling prom with a question mark? she said yes. then there is jacob stodemeier from arizona, re-creating lala land to ask actress emma stone
3:57 am
to the prom. ♪ you're an oscar winner, i have two of my own ♪ >> asking olive garden? ♪ i know my voice ain't great ♪ please be my prom date >> emma stone writing back. emma said, jacob in all caps thanks for making the greatest proposal i have ever received. i can't tell you what an honor that was and how much i smiled through the entire beautifully orchestrated video. i am in london working but hope you have the best time at prom. i am grateful you thought of me. she signed it, love emma. not a hollywood ending but a love note from emma stone is pretty close. >> all that trouble. and emma said no. >> if i was emma i would have said yes after that. >> should have picked a scene she sang in. >> tough, wow. >> sorry, jake. ♪ ♪ >> sorry, jake. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
sometimes we get a little wild at night. but i don't always finish. so i use k-y duration spray to last longer... so we can both... [[wolf howling]] [[bear roaring]] nothing brings you closer than finishing together. last longer with k-y duration.
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making news in america this morning, happening now, secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with kremlin officials as he turns up the heat on russia and its involvement in syria. plus, press secretary sean spicer apologizing after saying hitler did not use chemical weapons. under fbi scrutiny, the bombshell new report this morning saying a former adviser to president trump was being monitored by the feds because of alleged ties to russia. what he told abc news overnight. the growing outrage following that united airlines fiasco. the new video this morning showing what happened before the incident. plus, a passenger on another overbooked united flight saying he was threatened with handcuffs. caught on camera, look at this. a truck plows through a storefront but this was no ac


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