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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news, president trump on russia. the president late today saying relations may now be at their low gs point. . president asked, did russia know that syria was about to launch that chemical attack? how he answers. tonight, vladimir putin face to face with secretary of state rex tillerson. also inside the white house, sean spicer the press secretary, saying today i've let the president down. and the president's new words about his chief strategist, steve bannon. will there be any changes in the west wing sf. jaywalking takedown, captured on camera. the police officer now accused of beating the man. tonight a criminal investigation has now been launched. one-on-one we have the ceo of united. what he now says about that passenger pulled off the plane as two more security officers
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are put on leave. and tonight, true colors. the gift for a grandfather, you'll see his reaction. it's america strong. and good evening, it's great to have you with us on a wednesday night. we begin with president trump, russia and the high-stakes meeting between secretary of state rex tillerson and vladimir putin. late today the president at the white house after meeting with the head of nato, saying relations with russia, quote, may be at an all-time low. in moscow, a similar message from secretary tillerson after a closed-door meeting with vladimir putin at the kremlin saying the two countries have reached, quote, a low point. the president was asked, did russia know that syria was about to unleash that chemical attack? abc's terry moran leads us off from moscow. >> reporter: at the white house, alongside nato secretary-general, the president offer a grim view of u.s./russia
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relation and we're not getting along with russia at all, at an all-time low. >> reporter: the missile strike on syria caused a crisis between u.s. and russia. it came in response to the assad's regime's horrifying weapons attack launched from this airbase. there were russians on that base and some u.s. officials believe they knew or even facilitated the attack. the president asked directly about that was skeptical. >> i think it's certainly possible -- i think it's probably unlikely and i know they're doing investigations into that right now. i would like to think they didn't know. but certainly they could have, they were there. so, we'll find out. >> reporter: and trump speaking fondly of a closer relationship with vladimir putin who u.s. intelligence believes meddled in the 2016 u.s. election. >> putin is the leader of russia. russia is a strong country.
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would be fantastic thing if we got along with putin and russia. and that could happen. >> reporter: but the chilly greeting for secretary of state rex tillerson in moscow today makes all that seem a distant dream. tillerson was clinked glasses with putin. today a two-mour heating with him. >> the current state of u.s./russia relations is at a low point. he blatantly called for regime in syria. >> our view is the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. >> terry moran joins us live from moscow. strong words about the regime from the secretary of state. what's russia's response to those words and the chemical attack, any common ground here sf. >> not right now, david. vladimir putin has shown for years he will not back down under pressure. he's standing behind the assad
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regime. the common ground is fighting islamic state in syria. meantime there are questions about whether there could be any changes coming inside the west wing. white house press secretary sean spicer apologizing today after saying even hitler didn't use chemical weapons. tonight the president's own words about his chief strategist steve bannon, saying, quote, i'm my own strategist. late today, did the president flip on china? after going after china, now saying he will not label china a currency manipulator, adding the u.s. dollar is getting too strong. abc's cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: today, blunt words from sean spicer. the white house press secretary admitting quote; i screwed up. >> it's disappointing because i think i've let the president down. >> reporter: spicer igniting a firestorm when by implied syria's bashar al assad is worse
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than adolf hitler. >> you had a -- you know someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to the level of using chemical weapons. >> reporter: of course, more than 11 million people killed in the holocaust, many in nazi gas chambers. i want to give you an opportunity to clarify something you just said that's gaining traction, quote, hitler didn't even sink to the level of using chemical weapons. what did you mean by that? >> i think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing. i mean there clearly, i understand -- >> reporter: i'm just giving you -- >> thank you. i appreciate that. there was not -- in the -- he brought him into the holocaust center, i understand that. but i'm saying the way assad used them where he went into town dropped them down onto innocent into the middle of towns it was brought -- so the use of it -- i appreciate the clarification. that was not the intent.
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>> reporter: the backlash, immediate. today president trump told the wall street journal that his press secretary made a mistake. but the president, now firing warning shots at another top aide: his controversial chief strategist steve bannon -- the nationalist firebrand driving force behind the conservative trump agenda. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. >> reporter: "time" magazine once dubbed bannon the great manipulator, but today president trump called him a guy who works for me. trump telling the new york post, i like steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late. i'm my own strategist and it wasn't like i was going to change strategies. it comes amid west wing clashes. bannon warring with the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner. >> yeah, you know, i can run a little hot on occasions. >> reporter: the president ordering them to work it out. but today he made it clear his patience is wearing thin,
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says, steve is a good guy, but i told them to straighten it out or i will. >> cecilia vega live at the white house. in his interview the president hinted at something else that's getting a lot of attention. during the campaign he promised to label china a currency manipulator. but now he says the dollars is getting strong. the dollar plunging late today as soon as that wall street journal went up online. cecilia, you covered this online. this would seem to be a reversal. >> this comes after that meeting with xi last week. they seemed to have good chemistry. you'll remember the campaign trail, china was a repeated punching bag for donald trump. an extraordinary flip in both policy and tone. >> all right, cecilia, live at the white house. thank you. next tonight here, we turn to a new report that the fbi got
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a fisa court order from the judge to monitor one of donald trump's advisers during the campaign last season. the bar is usually very high to these. it was for carter page. tonight, here, our brian ross is back on the case and what carter page said himself. >> reporter: when candidate donald trump was asked to identify his foreign policy advisers last year, he gave five names, including -- >> carter page, ph.d.. >> reporter: tonight, carter page, ph.d., a new york businessman, is being identified as someone the fbi suspected as a possible russian spy. in fact, "the washington post" reported today that the fbi actually got a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant to tap into page's phones and computers while he was a trump campaign adviser last summer. a process that requires extensive evidence. >> you have to lay out a series of facts that show that there's
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probable cause to believe that someone is an agent of a foreign power. >> reporter: as abc news reported last week, the fbi discovered in 2013 that page was the target of a russian spy recruitment effort, he told me he was no spy. >> any - any information i could give is, is again, immaterial, again immaterial and all public information. >> reporter: did you feel like you were working for them as an intelligence source? >> of course not. of course not. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: what's ridiculous about it? >> everything. making it up again. nothing. good to see you. >> reporter: page told abc news the latest allegations about the fbi wiretap show the obama administration was seeking to suppress his role as foreign policy dissident. >> brian ross with us from washington tonight. brian, president trump has said that president obama wiretapped trump tower. this report does not get to that. >> if the washington post report
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was correct, this was a very specific operation aimed at one trump adviser who the white house said was never a major player in the campaign, david. >> all right, brian ross has been on this story for some time. in other news, police in sacramento, california, conducting a criminal investigation into the action of one of their own. tackling a man accuse of jaywalking. the incident was captured on camera. abc's kayna whitworth with those images tonight. >> hey! hey! >> reporter: tonight, the arrest video that even the sacramento police department calls disturbing. >> i'm in a fight! >> reporter: newly released dashcam video shows the confrontation. it was just after 5pm and nandi cain had just crossed the street when the unidentified officer attempts to stop him for jaywalking. >> get down on the ground now! >> reporter: they begin to argue. cain removes his jacket. >> if you a real man you can take your gun away and you can fight me like a real man if that's what you want to do. >> reporter: a neighbor recording the confrontation.
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an officer takes him down. throwing punches and multiple units respond taking kane into custody. cain was arrested for resisting arrest and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. police say cain challenged the officer to a fight. cain says he took of his jacket to show he was unarmed. >> i thought i was going to be like the next trayvon martin. >> reporter: in sacramento, launching a criminal investigation. are not indicative of the dedicated women and men who work for the department. the department is reviewing their training policies. david. >> kayna whitworth with us tonight. thank you. next tonight to that abc news exclusive, the ceo of united airlines speaking out for the first time. what he's now saying about that passenger. here's our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> i have to work tomorrow. >> reporter: tonight, the new cell phone video showing dr. david dao when he was first
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approached to get off the united flight. >> no, i'm not going. i'm not going. >> reporter: witnesses saying he wasn't threatening in his refusal before things escalated. and he was forcibly removed. united ceo oscar munoz addressing the incident speaking exclusively with abc news. what did you think when you saw that video of a man being dragged off of one of your planes? >> probably the word ashamed comes to mind. this can never -- will never happen again on a united airlines flight, that's my premise and that's my promise. >> reporter: in the future, if no one is no one voluntarily decides to leave a plane based on the amount of money that united is offering. >> we are not going to put law enforcement officials through to take them off. >> reporter: tonight, chicago officials putting two more officers involved on administrative leave, united announcing all passengers on flight will be compensated for their tickets. do you think he's at fault in any way?
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>> no, he can't be. he was a paying passenger sitting on our seat in our aircraft, and no one should be treated that way. period. >> rebecca with us now. late today we learned the passengers' legal team has taken action. >> that's right. the doctor has hired two sets of attorneys today. they filed a petition to keep the evidence from that flight they were on. that means they're likely planning to sue or want to look like they're planning to sue. >> rebecca, thank you. next tonight, a new scathing report about the veterans hospital in washington, d.c., finding potentially dangerous conditions there. the va's chief watchdog laun launching an investigation after receiving information from a confidenti confidential sources.
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the report finding no outcomes. the hospital was immediately relieved of his duties and authorities say more action is coming. first lady melania trump has settled her lawsuit against the daily mail, the publication offering a full and complete retraction and apology for repo reporting rumors about her time as a model. the first lady had asked for at least $150 million claiming the report hurt her ability to develop business relationships. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the unarmed therapist lying on the ground next. his arms raised in the air there. we have new developments in the nationwide manhunt the suspect considered armed and dangerous. the new discovery, the letter he left behind the major bush crash, 13
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people killed, the church group and what we're learning tonight about what the buzz driver was allegedly doing. [ scratching noises ]
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weathertech. made right, in america next tonight here, the police officer now facing charges in florida. he's been accused of shooting an unarmed man, a counselor for a young man with autism. he was trying to help his patient, the counselor's arms were in the air. the officer then fired. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, the police officer at the center of this now-infamous video -- is facing serious charges because, prosecutors say, he should not have fired his gun hitting a behavioral therapist trying to help a man with autism who had wandered onto the street from his group home. listen to what the therapist was yelling. >> all he has is a toy truck in his hands, a toy truck. i am a behavioral therapist at a group home. >> reporter: north miami police officer jonathan aledda, seen here pointing his rifle, apparently thinking this was a dangerous situation. >> he has something inside of
6:48 pm
his hands, all units use caution. >> reporter: but the arrest affidavit says another officer positioned just 20 feet from therapist said twice over the radio, does not appear to be a firearm, and that less than 30 seconds later, from 152 feet away aledda fires his gun, that moment, not on camera. then the stunning realization -- >> it's a toy car. >> reporter: that therapist has recovered and officer aledda has been arrested, charged with a felony, attempted manslaughter and culpable negligence. he has not yet entered a plea, david. >> gio, thank you. when we come back -- the famous comedian whose mother sometimes doubled as a side kick. we remember her tonight. news this evening about a letter left behind. new developments in that deadly bus crash, 13 members of a church group killed. authorities now revealing what they believe the driver was doing. feet... jumped into city life as a kid...
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tonight and the nationwide manhunt for a fugitive considered armed and dangerous. court documents now reveal joseph jakubowski wrote an apology own tore the gun store owner he accused of robbing. saying he need to protected himself and his family. he also mailed a manifesto to president trump. new reporting on that deadly bus crash in texas tonight, 13 people were killed when a pickup truck slammed head on to a church bus last week. police report now reveals the pickup truck was allegedly on prescription pills and texting while driver. police also said they found marijuana in truck. new health headline, revealing the ban on transfat in restaurant foods is leading to fewer heart attacks. hospital records showing an 8% dr drop. a nationwide ban takes effect
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next year. celebrating america's late-night mom. >> and the number one thing i have learned in my 84 years -- >> it's hard having a son who looks older than you. >> what? >> david letterman's mother dorothy has died. she was 95. when we come back here tonight -- america strong. the grandfather and the surprise that left him speechless. us, too. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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noah stafford of lakeland, florida, is about to open a very special birthday gift. his grandchildren gathered around. the grandfather has been color-blind his entire life and his family has a surprise. the color for the color blind. >> color for the color blind. i am color blind. >> laughter from the family and then an expla mags from his son. >> these are special glasses. that when people wear them that are color blind get to see color just as we all see. >> it came with balloons and all that. >> oh, my. i can put these on. like they were supposed to be. >> reporter: then, he puts them on.
6:58 pm
his daughter molly giving dad a hug. for the first time in 60 years, he's seeing the colors. special credibilityive glasses that have helped so many. there are millions who have suffered from a color deficiency. it turns out color is something that he's been working with his whole life. he's landscaper. tonight, he sent us a photo smiling in his garden. grand grandpa, we're cheering for you tonight. i'm david muir i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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