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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  April 14, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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a deadly accident has shut down parts of the roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's feltonville section. and two people were killed and one person was injured when a suv collided around d street it happened in the northbound outer lanes and the survivor was taken to einstein medical center for treatment. the crash is still under investigation. and now the latest on a seemingly random attack against two teenagers, they tell "action news" they were ambushed leaving a carnival in the hunting park section of philadelphia and now police are beefing up patrols worried about more attacks this weekend. vernon odom has the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, i just spoke moments ago of the manager of this carnival, he tells me they have done this for six years in a row here at spring time without violence or
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trouble until now. this ugly teen mob attack took place tuesday might at a carnival in hunting park. police are screening this and other cell phone video, as they try to identify the mob of female and male attacks that set on a pair of teens on their first date as they left the carnival grounds. both are treated for their injuries and jayla santana sustained a concussion. >> my earrings and phone are missing and they were pulling my hair and punching and boys and girls hitting me. >> they mentioned it on social media. >> hernandez says they have seen the group of attackers before and on social media they claim to be a girl gang. and police say no way as they try to arrest the suspects seen on tape here. roughly a dozen of them and it
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happens down the street from the police district head quarters, we have extra patrols at the carnival tonight and the rest of the weekend in the area. >> reporter: rick, the carnival's operator says they have hired extra security to help supplement the police and they had some for the rest of their stay here that runs through next weekend april 23rd. live in hunting park, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a run away horse caused quite a commotion in morning as it made its way it from strawberry mansion to port richmond, for an hour and a half the horse wandered around richmond after few bringing traffic to a stand still. they finally brought a trailer and bought the horse inside. the owner says that big mama escaped the fletcher street riding club when a rider opened
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the stable door. and people are getting ready for the easter weekend tonight looks like the weather is warming up for people in their easter finery. it's going to be in the 60s and a nice look at lunch time at penn's landing, lets get the latest from melissa magee out on the terrace with the latest from accuweather. >> hi there rick not bad here on this friday. a milky sky overhead but still sunshine to get our number as above average once again. we'll show you what is going on outside 60 in philadelphia and 59 for allentown and 57 in lancaster and the poconos 54. 60 for atlantic city and wilmington and millville. dover we are coming in at 58. here is a satellite 6 along with action radar we have a partly cloudy sky across the region. otherwise we stay dry and quiet for the rest of today and into the afternoon. so the day planner, 1:00 today
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the temperature of 63 and 3:00 this afternoon 64 and middle 60s at 5:00 with a mostly sunny sky and clouds are moving on out and sunny and dry at 7:00 p.m. and 64 and clear later on tonight. the temperatures warm up fairly quickly. 73 if cincinnati and nearing 80 in st. louis and memphis, this weather will be working its way foo our region as we get into the second half of our weekend. so future tracker 6 fast forwarding and showing you by sunday afternoon 1:30 we are in the lower 80s along the i-95 corridor and 82 in lakehurst. it's sunny and seasonable for us on our friday and a quick weekend warm up on the way and an easter sizzle is coming too. we have the details if the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you. from washington now. it's been one week since president trump ordered that missile strike on syria and now all eyes are on north korea and
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the threat to launch another nuclear weapons test even as the world reacts to the u.s. dropping the so-called mother of all bombs in afghanistan yesterday. >> reporter: this is the bomb, the u.s. used for maximizing the destruction of ice is. and according to afghan officials killed 36 ice sis fighters. >> it's called a massive ordinance air blast and called the mother of all bombs. the largest non-nuclear bomb that the u.s. dropped in combat. the target a series of cave complexes used in afghanistan. >> the fighters were down in the deep valley really rugged terrain and the blast is focused and pushed up into the caves to take out the fighters. >> this new show shows how large that bomb is, so large it as to
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be carried and pushed out the back of a cargo plane. a massive show of force not just to isis but other u.s. enemies. >> we are watching north korea, was it heard and will it make an impression on kim jong un? >> showing a launch in north korea primed for saturday. and the increasing pace of missile tests there over the past six months makes the situation urgent. >> i don't foe if this sends a message, it doesn't make a difference, if it does or not. north we is the problem and the problem will be taken care of. >> president trump called north korea a problem looking for trouble. and they say that washington is more vicious and more aggressive since trump took office. >> well, president trump's
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mar-a-lago resort is under fire after a health expecter found 13 violations in the kitchen. the violations happened in january, ranging from not keeping raw meat cold enough and undercooked seafood. they said they fixed the mistakes and the kitchen is in full compliance with florida's health codes. you only have until monday to sign up for the preliminary elections. go to philadelphia and find an appdation. the primary election is may 18 and. and now they are looking for this group men that vandalized a group of businesses along sycamore street. and one man picked up a wooden bench and tried to throw it over a fence and it came back and hit him. they are looking at video from other stores to try to identify the suspects. if you have information contact newtown township authorities
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right away. septa is cracking down on panhandling on subway lines, they are concerned about the process expanding as the city gets ready to host the nfl draft. panhandling on trains can be especially problematic because they can block commuter's paths and they can feel pressured to give money. and there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. we have tips and last minute tax tips for you especially for those that work more than one job. and orlando police have released more documents are the pulse nightclub shooting, now we learn more about the police response. and it's manhunt is finally over a wisconsin man accused of stealing guns from a store and sending a manifesto to president trump has been captured.
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now, to a developing story, a wisconsin man accused of stealing firearms from a gun store and sending president trump a manifesto has been caught. it comes following a week long search. kenneth moton has the latest. >> wisconsin manhunt over. >> he was captured this morning after an intense ten day search that had the state on edge. >> law enforcement and citizens throughout the country are breathing a sigh of relief. >> time for change -- >> the man seen it this facebook video accused of stealing 18 guns from a store before burning up his car. >> revolution -- >> and sending a threatening 361 page manifesto to president trump. they obtained 35 pages from the suspect's hand written letter calling the government a gang of
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terrorists. >> the number of weapons he took we feel he is posing a threat. >> that threaten tense if ied when they looked into a separate later from someone claiming to be him and directed at unspecified churches in the milwaukee area and threatening violence this easter sunday and they tweeted a thank you to law enforcement, thankful that people don't have to worry about weekend holiday activities. he was taken into cust near reeds town. >> he gave up peacefully. again there was an overwhelming force there. >> authorities are planning to return him back to the jamesville area where he is facing more charges. reporting in new york, kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." the orlando police department has released new documents that shed more light on the pulse nightclub shooting that left 49 people dead and the details are chilling, starting at 2:02 in the morning on june
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12th, the suspect enters the pulse nightclub with a military style rifle and opens fire and deputies start to pull victims out and 30 minutes after the first shot fire 28 victims were pulled to safety and over the next two hours omar mateen fires rounds at s.w.a.t. members before they finally kill him. the orlando police chief says he is proud of the way his officers responded to the massacre. still ahead another check of the forecast for you as we look live outside. sky 6 hd showing you the jersey shore. and a pretty picture from cape may. melissa magee has the update from accuweather for the weekend.
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ready or not tax day is next tuesday and for the millions of americans that juggle two jobs or more there are several tips they should know before filing. rebecca jarvis reports now with
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expert advice. >> reporter: whether your side gig is for a rainy day fund or more like an addition to a full-time career. uncle sam will want his share. >> uber, airbnb. we see a lot more people getting into the new gig economy. >> and what people forget is that you have to pay taxes on that income. if you are working the second shift for a business. it's simple your employer deducts withholding taxes from the paycheck but things can get complicated quickly. if you areself employees or running a business from your home or cash heavy careers like bartending. >> when you work for yourself there is not someone withholding the taxes or paying taxes on your behalf. >> however there are serious tax advantages forself earners including a whole host of deductions, among the most common a portion of your home use and mileage of your car use
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especially if you drive for uber or lyft and tools and equipment and even tuition for related education. >> so this other trend we are seeing is the home sharing and the airbnb those kinds of things, and this is a really exciting way to maybe make a little bit of income, what you need to be care of is not to become an accidental landlord. >> be advise if you rent out your home for more than 14 days you can fall into the landlord can a category. >> good advice. it's going to be an enjoyable weekend rick. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we don't have any issues with precipitation and we are still dry across the region and we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd from our temple university camera looking at the
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center city skyline we have a bit of a milky sky and a fair amount of sunshine overhead and numbers are responding nicely. here on this friday afternoon. right now in philadelphia, it is 60 degrees and the dew point 32 and the pressure 30.40 and it is on the rise, an east to northeasterly wind at 5 miles per hour. and the northeast northeasterly wind comes in off the atlantic and it brings more in the way of cloud cover and water temperature 52 and winds upper 50s and 59 in slatington and same in kutztown and 57 in quakertown and malvern 66 and 60 in new holland and 61 in longwood. down in new jersey, 59 in hammonton and sewell, new jersey, 60 and townsend 63 and cape may 56 and margate in the lower 50s. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got a partly sunny to partly cloudy
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skies across the region as the disturbance moves on through and we stay dry for the ref of the afternoon and clouds break for late day sunshine. for the rest of today in philadelphia it's sunny by afternoon and pleasant as well. a high temperature of 67 and we have the southwesterly wind at 4 to 8 miles per hour. and mostly clear and chilly and seasonable. we drop down to 47 in philadelphia for the overnight low, fast forward into our weekend and we are looking really good on saturday. the ridge of high pressure is in control right now and moves farther to the east and clouds and sunshine tomorrow. but a warm front will be inching closer, so as it does. an isolated shower is mainly north and west late in the evening tomorrow. otherwise a high temperature of 66 and warm front lifts northward as we get into sunday afternoon and temperatures are on the rise as we tap into the southwesterly wind. and easter sunday, a high temperature of 85 degrees, we are a good 21 dwrg degrees above
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average compared to normal and outdoor plans for easter sunday. we look okay. sunrise services a temperature of 63, and 77 at noon and partly sunny and 4:00 p.m. on sunday breezy and warm and a high temperature of 85 degrees, it's a good weekend to be outdoors and it doesn't look like that thunderstorm threat for sunday move until late into sunday night. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast pleasant today a high of 67 and saturday sunshine and clouds and an eye temperature in at 66 and on sun a warm day, a late day thundershower is likely and we max out at 85. average for us this time of year is 64. we are well above that by sunday. the cold front comes through late sunday into monday, nice for the start of next week, it's a temperature of 74 degrees bright on tuesday and pleasant in at 65. and then wednesday the pattern changes just a little bit. it's cloudy midweek and damp at
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times as well. a high temperature of 68 and thursday mostly cloudy and a shower around and high temperature 74 and unsettled into next friday but this one looking good as we head into the weekend. >> sounds great thank you. well, a colorado teenager has made history by signing a letter of intent to play football, her name is becka longo and she is the first to win a football scholarship as a division level two or higher, the kicker at adams state university. espn says there are only a dozen women known to have played college football but none of them with a scholarship. >> i will go in and be ready to compete. i don't back down to anybody. >> she put herself in this position. she deserves it -- >> brca longo will play basketball at adams state as
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well. topping our people scene, john mayer is back the singer's first full length album in three years dropped at midnight. called the search for everything. it includes four previously unreleased works and recordsings. the 39 musician released it in three waves. is he currently on tour. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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families across our area will fill their tables with all sorts of special treats for the upcoming easter holiday and be sure that many of them are coming from denises in north philadelphia. this popular bakery is used to handling big holiday orders and folks line up early to get their
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hands on all sorts of sweet goodies for easter sunday. >> chef's opened up for the east ever rush and they have made homemade polish sausage and food since 1958 and it's a favorite around the area. the store on the 3800 block of tilton street is super busy until easter too. looks good. lots of eating and people are going to be outside. >> it will be a nice one to be outside. on friday clouds are around and sun and it's still a nice day and high temperature in philadelphia of 67 and in the middle 60s in lancaster and 58 in the coast in cape may and atlantic city 58 and down in dover a high of 64 degrees. a good start and it looks like the finish on easter sunday well into the 80s.
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not 90. >> that is too warm. thank you. finally at noon star wars fans are flocking to orlando florida to celebrate a major milestone for the franchise, more than 50,000 people are expected to attend the star wars celebration commemorating 40 years since it hit the big screen and even harrison ford and george lucas were on hand to welcome everyone. >> bring the force together. >> if you can't get to orlando for the celebration many seminars are streaming online. and just moments ago fans at the star wars celebration got to see the new trailer for the eighth installment. the last jedi hits movie theaters on december 15th. here is a look at stories on "action news" at 4:00.
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if you watch that waistline, we have a story you'll want to see before you eat a handful of east ever candy. and the trip of a lifetime for a group of local students, coming up at 4:00 and update on the fundraising efforts of a camden teacher trying to take her class abroad for the first time ever. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, melissa magee, sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team. have a nice afternoon.
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