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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 15, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a guy at a cafe is caught on camera as he -- >> opens the door a crack. >> how an intruder turns the place into a three ring circus. it's the thrill of a lifetime for some kids. >> they're like, let's take a picture. >> see when a disney moment makes way for a dad homecoming. an armed robber corners a clerk who grabs -- >> whatever she can find. >> why he's about to learn her weapon of choice. and gamers marrying their virtual girlfriends. >> in a chapel for real. >> the trend that doesn't sit well with some real women. >> hold the phone. you mean to tell me we can barely get these brothers to
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commit as it is, the video games got a man into chapel? i've been a gamer for about 30 years. take it from me, at some point in your career you have been told to just go outside and experience things irl. i mean in real life. because there's stuff to do. go out andoyoyoy enjoy the fres and sunlight. it's not like it's dangerous outside. like for example in this case in an internet cafe in thailand. this dude is gaming having a bit of a laugh. opens the door a crack. panics. what's going on here! this guy right there kicks him to the floor before he runs out. you get a better understanding of what's going on when you see it from this angle. he comes kicking in right there with a bloody snake hanging off before he makes off like the road runner. >> i'd never go outside again after that. >> it was just an accident.
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that's creepy. it's like he reacted like he saw the devil. >> cat the very first moment, you could almost think it was fake. watch when it hits the floor and it slithers off into the corner. but to put all of the fakery aside, when you go outside and see how this snake basically had an ambush waiting for this guy. watch it move. >> oh, my god! >> yeah. >> that was an ambush. it really was. >> it was a rat snake. they're not venomous. >> i don't care! >> right. >> it was chilling there just waiting. the first person out that door was mine. >> but take it from me, there's about a hundred million gamers out there saving this video to show to their moms and dads to say, see, it's safe tor to stay inside and play games. we all know there is nothing like a family trip to disneyland. i want you to pay attention, though, to the family members in
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the red t-shirt. that woman holding the baby. that is jennifer manning. she's there with her two children. one of them receiving an autograph book from pluto. pluto just playing along. but pluto and the rest of the people at disney have a big surprise for those two young ones. so they're like, let's take a picture. and so everybody's getting into formation. you hear somebody say let's take another photo. but, you know, that guy in that red shirt, he wasn't there earlier. he dropped pluto like a log and immediately goes to hug his dad. as you can see for the rest of the video, he doesn't let dad go. >> that's so cool. >> that's amazing. >> this is their first trip to disneyland. what would it be without dad? he's in the air force. he's been away eight months in south korea. but he's got a few weeks of leave, so with the help of disneyland, they made this magical for the kids. now another surprise for
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some kids. first the kids get something in the mail. son's like bam bam bam opens the box. they're two bags. they're like, whose is whose? >> let polk pokemon and lego. what could compete with that? >> i'd say dad but he can't fix in the box. that classic misdirection. training thing again. >> i love how brother was dominating the gift but when dad came, she's like you go to pokemon and lego. i got this daddy over here. >> we all know who rules the house when it comes to daddy and daughter relationships. >> that's the best g.i. joe i've ever seen. >> i know. totally real. if it weren't for the
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cameras that record these videos, you'd never believe what happens in these two situations. this first one is security camera from inside a restaurant. you can see that it's closed. you see one of the windows being hit, broken, and as soon as there's a hole large enough -- >> oh, no. >> reports say this is a molotov cocktail that someone has just tossed into this establishment, but notice what happens on the other side of the glass. that person is also on fire. >> yeah. you see that is very common when it comes to us and the people that complete rank amateurs and they often go looking at the local hospitals for people with burns. you know, that's where you're going to find them. >> that's exactly what police are looking for. they're still looking for this person. and they're asking for any leads especially if you spot someone who has severe burns. this next video is from russia. you see this man walking into a location. there is a woman behind a register. this guy has a weapon in his hand. she fights back even though
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there is a gun pointed at her. >> what is she doing? >> i don't know if she's not afraid or if she's too full of adrenaline, but she starts throwing whatever she can find at this guy who appears to be leaving but not before pointing the gun straight at her. even though reports don't say, i'm assuming he's trying to pull the trigger. >> it's interesting because the way she's coming at him, he doesn't know what to do with that. >> when you think he's about to leave, he actually turns around and comes back in again. and i think at that point it did discharge. >> that fired. >> that was definitely a flash. but it looks like she's still throwing stuff. >> he does eventually walk out of this establishment but not before coming back a third time. police are looking for this man. no reported injuries, but they also have video of him pulling off another successful robbery at a different location.
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this bra is changing the game. >> this is vitally. the world's first fashionable, comfortable, smart bra that helps you live a well balanced life. >> like how smart is it? >> oh, it's very smart. it carries technology that will let you know when to breathe and how to breathe. in this day and age, so many of us are stressed out and don't even realize it. >> really? >> yes. >> this kind of mindfulness where they tell you to stop and breathe. there's something to that. >> it notices the signs of imbalance in your body. >> with this bra i'm able to monitor my stress and do things that can allow me to reduce stress throughout the day and really know what my triggers are so that i can change my day as i'm noticing the patterns. >> and also we're all guilty of it, slouching. it notices when you're slouching and it will alert you to sit up. >> better posture is proven to lead to benefit focus and confidence. >> i need to order that. >> there is an app you download
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to your phone. >> the wellness score is a combination of everything vitally measures. personalize your goal. >> how much is this sucker going to cost? >> they have created a kickstarter campaign. and it starts at about $129. >> so whether you're at home, in the office, or on the map, vitally is the bra for every woman. this poor kitty was stuck inside that hole -- >> for three days. >> watch the rescue crew hard at work. >> how long is this going to go on? can we get out of here any time soon, please? and something spooky is happening at the drive-thru. >> i'm not crazy! i'm not crazy. >> okay. >> whoa. hold up. hold up. >> the switcheroo that has them all confused. >> what the heck is happening? i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. always discreet. incredible protection... in a pad this thin.
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get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. this started off as a really bad day for the cat that's stuck in there. >> oh. >> in fact, you can see it in there crying out for help. it had fallen at this point from the roof of this building about 80 feet. that's a long distance. it survived it though. it is a cat. might have cost it three or four lives though. but rescue crews have to get it out of there. they already cut a hole. but they have to saw off the metal bars. >> with all that noise, it's the kind of thing that makes cats go the opposite direction. >> not much room for it to go.
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it's kind of stuck. >> how long is this going to go on? can we get out of here soon, please? >> the good thing is when they make a hole big enough, they back off and start talking, calling out for the kitty to come out. eventually after little sweet talking, the cat comes out on its own. now, you see the cat drinking a ton of water. that's because it was extremely thirsty considering it'd been in there for three days. >> whose cat was it? is it just a feral cat up there? >> yeah, i think this was a feral cat. but it may have a home now. >> it's like this place is comfy, i like the rug, they give me something to drink. i'll stay. mountain bikes. as we've seen on this show they can pretty much go anywhere. but they do have limits. >> everything's trying to hurt you. it's just miles of pushing your bike, dragging your bike.
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>> now, as you can see, this looks like kind of a struggle. but for this journey, that's also kind of the point. >> i spent over half my life traveling the world looking for adventures on my bike. one thing i've learned is the best trips are never easy. pushing through the hard times always makes it better. >> this red bull video, they are exploring the glorious wilderness of alaska. the state that to be honest is top of my list of the ones i want to visit for obvious reasons. >> once they get to that trail, though, i can see why they struggle through the brush. >> certain parts of the year, the sun doesn't set. that means that the growth is constant which means a lot of these trails are overgrown because of that. and the fact that you may notice there aren't a lot of people around. they start heading up the mountain with their mountain bikes. in certain cases, they are physically having to lift and carry it. this is where they just start carving the trails.
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the kind of things that mountain bikes were created for. the thing is, these guys are on a mission. a mission that has been driving eric since he saw it in a guide book. >> no way. it's there by itself in the middle of a mountain? >> i don't know to be honest. but there it is. i would say this is probably four hikers, four climbers. certain people that run parks, they'll put those there for people to go visit, offer some safety. this was their mission. it's been driving them for so long that to fuinally get there means so much. i'm calling it right now. rahat is going to give a drive-thru employee a heart attack. exchanges the money and then -- >> where'd he go? >> did he pull up?
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>> that switcheroo could mean that the other person just drove off. >> but the car's the same. >> no sauce. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> i love this though. >> you look confused. >> yeah. what happened to the other guy? >> i was in here the entire night, buddy. >> okay. >> okay bye. >> switch back. do you see him? >> everything cool, man? >> that's what makes it so much better. the switch back. thank you. >> do i look like him? >> no. >> she's trying to play it off. >> what happened? >> what is going on? >> they're so good. >> yeah. they switch in and out so quickly. >> is everything okay? >> no. >> everything is not okay.
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>> you're watching me? okay quick, switch back. she's going to the other window. >> i'm not crazy. it was an irish dude back there with a red beard. i'm not stupid. >> i am irish. >> you're not crazy. they just got you. >> it's time maybe to go home for the night, honey. >> you okay? >> yeah. >> whoa. hold up. hold up. >> that other man was rugt there. no, no, no. >> a whole different person. painters are left hanging. >> when this floating platform they were using to paint the building with collapsed. >> see how they handle this scary situation. >> oh, my gosh. plus, he's out canoeing and pulls off a slick move. >> was he supposed to get the dog or did he just happen upon it? >> find out next. ds? like finding new ways to be taken care of.
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pronotimotional considerati provided by -- winding down - hard. brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. in colombia, they were hanging out. when this floating platform they were using to paint the building with collapsed. >> look at the one guy is like gorilla hugging it, not letting go. fortunately this guy -- was he in a harness or something? >> yes. luckily some folks inside the building saw what was going on and you'll notice -- >> look at the tiny little window. the irony is there on the least accessible side of the building.
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>> that's so scary. can you imagine? >> i can't imagine. just watching this video made my skin crawl. look at what they're doing. >> they're operating out of those two windows. how are they going to do this? >> gosh. >> a little bathroom window as well. >> you're not going to get through that thing. >> they make it happen. they come through those small windows. then they're able to help these guys down. >> they actually get the guy there is u the window? >> here we go. check it out. >> oh, my gosh. he's sitting there like i'm cool. i'm going to wait for the fire department and that super tall ladder. >> you imagine they had to stay so calm. you got to remember these guys have made a living out of being suspended up in the air. these people called for help but the people inside decided not to wait for official help because they knew that they may have run out of time before official rescuers got there. quick!
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>> yep. there it is. >> holy -- what the -- wow. >> that was a swift move. >> were they supposed to get the dog or happen upon it? >> he didn't happen upon it. that's his dog. that guy goes out canoeing with his dogs and he says this dog happens to be betty. she's 17 but he says this is probably her last white water trip because she's half blind and deaf and can't really handle it anymore. people always ask him what do you do when your dogs fall off the canoe? so he has this video of what he does. when they fall off, they go back and grab them. >> looks like he's done that dozens of times. like come on. >> this next one, no dogs. just lots of water. that's in scotland and that's pretty cool. it's like the log ride. >> it's not pretty cool. it's ice cold. this is scottish highlands and they're on the water.
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i'm amazed they made it out alive. it's a trailer for a video game from japan. >> and the purpose of this game is that you as the gamer will then be able to go through the courtship of one of these girls you will then marry that person inside the game. >> but see why it gets even more sometimes we get a little wild at night. but i don't always finish. so i use k-y duration spray to last longer... so we can both... [[wolf howling]] [[bear roaring]] nothing brings you closer than finishing together. last longer with k-y duration.
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drooling and dry at the same time. what you're seeing here is a trailer for a video game from
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japan. this video game basically translates to new wife. there are three characters. the purpose of this game is that you as the gamer will then be able to go through the courtship of one of these girls. you will then marry that person inside the game. >> all right. it's a game. >> right. and it's actually part of a genre of games that are popular in japan. these relationship-based games. so now people are trying to find ways to set their games apart. these guys have done it in a pretty unique way. when i say that you can then marry your anime girlfriend, fiance, future wife. they mean that almost literally. if you get to that point, you will be able to marry this girl in a chapel for real. >> hold the phone. you mean to tell me we can barely get these brothers to commit as it is, the video game's got a man into chapel? >> it's not on official legal marriage, right? but it's a way to have completing the game. i'm sure you're wondering how are they doing that? do you carry a laptop down in the middle of the chapel?
2:35 am
no. these guys will be in a tuxedo. they'll also wear state of the art vr goggles which will give them the appearance oh hello digital girlfriend i've been courting will be there with them. they will then be able to go through the ceremony. it's just to give the reality, the experience of reality to these gamers. and i'm thinking, situations like this and games like this are just going to exacerbate the problem they've already got in japan with their aging population. >> it makes me just think that movie "lars and the real girl" was so last century. >> the game is being released april 28th. you'll have until the end of may to sign up for a marriage if you want one. then the big day will be happening at a chapel in tokyo on june 30th. it is a crazy story. i'll see if i can keep an eye on this. if this wedding does go through, i need to see the video. that's it for today. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. ing)
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it's common decency. you want to file a police report,g) you put on some pants. i mean, is that so much to ask? ugh! well, at least he c-- he could've closed his bathrobe or somethin'. ugh. and, dude, that thing on his stomach? oh! what was that? i-i don't know. a tattoo or--or a birthmark? i was trying not to look. you know, people gotta learn to respect the uniform. i mean, we're cops. yeah. we got training. we got vests. we got guns-- yeah. hey, dov? did you leave the squad running? ♪ but i know what i am, they know what they are ♪ ♪ so let me be hey! ♪ but it's all right, it's okay ♪ check the car! i got him! damn, he locked it! ♪ i got the time but the time don't pay ♪ ♪ it's all right, it's okay ♪ ♪ i got the time, but the time don't pay ♪ ♪ it's all right, it's okay ♪ stop! police!
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where'd he go? you gotta be kidding me. (dov) i said don't move! (chris) seriously, man, come down! ♪ i know what i am, they know what they are ♪ ♪ so let me be so... how do we call this one in? ♪ they know what they are, so let me be ♪ ♪ i know what i am captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ i know what i am, they know what they are ♪ ♪ so let me be, i know what i am ♪ (dog barking in distance) dad? hey. dad?
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(keys jangle) ugh. (sighs) (bottles clink) (chris) this is car 1505-- well, not actually car 1505. uh, dispatch, this is officer diaz. i'm here with officer epstein. we're, uh... we're locked out of the squad car. (female police dispatcher) repeat, 1505. did you say "locked out"? affirmative. uh, we were in pursuit of--of sort of-- (dov) no, no. no, don't. (chris) male, 6 feet, wearing, well, kind of dressed like a superhero. (laughter) (laughing) not really your finest moment, was it? i'm not playing this to embarrass you two,
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although, that doesn't bother me much. i'm playing it to emphasize a point. yeah, there's a reason your mittens need string, epstein. that, and that everyone makes mistakes. but we are not everyone. we're coppers, held at a higher standard. without the respect and trust of the community, we can't do our jobs. so that pretty much means... williams? (chair wheels roll) don't leave your keys in the car, dumb-ass. all right, let's get out there. serve, protect, and don't be a hero. (indistinct conversations) (dov) great. we're officially those rookies. (laughing) oh, what? now it's official? (chuckling) (laughs sarcastically) hilarious. so what? it was a simple mistake. we left the keys in the squad. well, technically, you left the keys in the squad car. well, how were you guys supposed to know that batman wanted to borrow it? yeah, doesn't he have his own car? (laughing) that's what i thought. mcnally, interview one, now.
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okay, i'll see you in a second. (indistinct conversations) oh, hey! (laughs) (chuckles) (door closes) you left early this morning. yeah, well, i had to drop some stuff off at my dad's place. how is he? good. he's the same. you know, why don't we, uh, why don't we take him out for dinner this week? sure. yeah, let me just check and see, uh, if he's free. roster says that you're paired with swarek today. since when do you check the roster? i just want to know who's got your back. (chuckles) make sure you come home tonight. i will. get outta here. (door closes) so you and callaghan--


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