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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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can see the crime tape is up and the investigation is going on all day. it was just before 6:00 this morning northampton township police say that a woman shot her husband in the driveway of her home. certainly not a typical morning for neighbors on this quiet street to say the least. >> we looked out and there were police cars and plain clothes detectives and that kind of stuff. >> and police chief michael clark says that the wife that pulled the trigger was an off duty philadelphia police officer. >> chief clark says that the gun she used was not her service weapon and the couple's identities are withheld right now. >> at this time we are not releasing the names of the individuals involved. >> the couple's three children were home but inside at the time. neighbors that live nearby say that the couple kept to themselves. rose who lives across the street says at the times they saw each
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official they were always pleasant. >> they live there had about a year, good neighbors, no noise or problems and very polite kids. >> the husband was shot in the midsection and no word on the extent of his injuries. >> reporter: the good news is the husband is expected to survive and as soon as he is able to do so, the police will question him. reporting live bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks bob. the manhunt for steve stevens the so-called facebook murterror. came to an end when he took his own life. he was on the run since sunday after killing a man in ohio and posting it on facebook and then his cell phone pinged in eerie pennsylvania and an alert citizen reported stevens in an mcdonald's parking lot. and when they respond the stevens tried to get away and then his vehicle was stopped he
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killed himself. and now the federal government and delaware is facing a lawsuit after the prison uprising in smyrna, delaware. floyd was killed and the floyd family is blaming the state for ignoring staffing problem as lowing it to happen. according to their lawyer the guards that survive ready still recovering. >> they are subject to constant flashbacks and nightmares and terror, insomnia, ptsd i could go on and on. >> the complaint names former governors, mintner and markell. police are trying to find two teenage suspects after a home was garage was broken into.
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the suspects entered the home wearing masks and made off with hundred dollars and an iphone. nobody was hurt. and now police are looking to track down a gunman that happened on louise street. the victim was shot in the abdomen and is in critical condition. officials in camden gathered to call for an end to gun violence. they walked to whitman square park including mayor dana redd. they are encouraging lawmakers to pass gun control legislation. philadelphia is on the clock, the crews have less than nine days until thousands of fans take over the ben franklin parkway and tonight they have
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more room to work as another set of road closures goes into effect. sara bloomquist is live now at eakins oval with the details. >> reporter: that is right. the next phase of traffic restrictions about to take effect in just a few hours now. lets go live over head above the parkway using drone 6. overnight the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway will close to traffic between eakins oval and 20th street. you see traffic is moving along but closer to the art museum work continues on the massive stage. >> there is a lot going on this is really big. they are constructing the huge stage for the nfl draft and worked 11 hour days sometimes longer to get to this point. and now on the finishing touches with skilled technicians doing various tasks. >> it's pretty awesome actually, you feel like a part of history
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and eagles fans are up there all philadelphia boys and jersey boys and it's a home town for us. people passing by can't help but be impressed especially as signage goes up. it's kind of crazy. >> new artist renderings released by the nfl show what the steps and the eakins oval will look like once it's complete. >> i brought my grandson because it's a good experience for hip. >> inbound and outbound from eakins of to 20th street will close to traffic and on monday all lanes on the parkway close between the museum and 20th and some side streets get shut down, people that live and travel in this area are well aware and make adjustments. >> i have the thing on my computer when things are getting shut down and we just take a wide berth. i'm a plumbing contractor and my
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supply house is in west philly, i make it's long route. >> reporter: once again 12:01 a.m. the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway is closed from eakins oval to 20th street. so far the parking restrictions and road closures had not had too much of an impact around the art museum. that could change. more restrictions are ahead of the draft the 27th, 28 and and 29 and. the full list is on our website at sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. our coverage continues on line at draft. there we have the list of road closures for you and the transit changes for the event and take a look at the history of the draft in philadelphia. former pennsylvania governor, and philadelphia mayor ed rendell says it's time for a change in the controllers
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office. she left her role as mayor jim kenney's officer to run. >> i think she'll be independent and won't worry about ruffling feathers and go after inefficiency if the city departments. >> rinehart started her career on wall street and worked under the nutter administration. and they are set to square off in two debates before the primarily election on tuesday may 16th. turning to accuweather the gorgeous spring day is out there with temperatures mild and another warm-up is on the way. cecily tynan is here with the forecast. >> it puts you in a good mood i saw people in the parks running and biking and walking their dogs and a perfect day to do that. wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures slightly above normal s normal high is 65 and
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right now philadelphia holding at 68 degrees and that high pressure over eastern canada really carving outs a slice of nice. you see we have got clouds to the west and clouds to the east and clouds to the south. but we are under that bubble and that brings us loads of sunshine and tonight it is going to be a cool night. overnight low dropping down to 44 degrees and once the sunsets temperatures drop down into the 50s. and by 11:00, 51 degrees and overnight low in some suburbs will drop foo the upper 30s, looking ahead the rest of the week, i'm sorry to say is not as bright and sunny as today. but the main wet period will be over the weekend. i'll have nor details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. i'm hanging out here for a while. it's protectiony nice. >> thanks cecily, lets go to the roads and a check of the traffic
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report. >> matt pellman is live now to see what is new. >> we have lots of people hanging out here along the schuylkill expressway hopefully with windows rolled down and sun roofs open and enjoying the nice weather and stuck in a jam. and especially on the eastbound side from the blue route 476 a slow crawl coming in from king of prussia and belmont avenue on the brakes again from montgomery to south street. we are watching a crash in bryn mawr this afternoon montgomery avenue. and cobb's creek still the scene of the police activity along walton avenue. on the roosevelt boulevard at home avenue a crash in the outer drive and still have the crash in warminster by mike's bar and grill. approaching street road taking out one lane there. up in the lehigh valley getting better but slow on the westbound side of 78, and go for 22 instead. and coming away from the coast heading towards six flags, 195
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westbound is blocked in ocean county a serious accident there. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, high tensions between the u.s. and north korea, how mike pence is trying to keep the peace during his swing through issue and why the department of homeland security is getting involved in the fight against opioids.
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we are following developing news out of fresno, california, where a man is in police custody after shooting and killing three people in separate incidents. witnesses say that corey ali muhammad was shouting god is great in arabic during the attack. muhammad told him after the shooting he hates white people and the alleged shooter is wanted in connection with another murder that happened just days ago. the motive is still being investigated. in less than two hours the polls close for a special election for a key house seat in georgia. the spot in the six district was held by tom price and vacated it in february when confirmed at secretary of human services since then democrats are pushing
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the election to show voter discontent with president trump. trump won that district by a point and a half but a democrat has not held the seat since in the 1969. an a shocker from goldman sachs, it missed the mark early on concerns with tensions of north korea affected the markets today ending down 114 points and the nasdaq 7 and the s&p lost 7 on the day. to health check, in america's heroin and opioid problem is getting the homeland security in on the fight. >> reporter: according to the sent of homeland security john kelly, he says that heroin and opioid trafficking is contributing to the united states from criminal networks and organizations and he is
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targeting that trade. in his speech at george washington university kelly says that the organizations are making a lot of money from america's drug problems and the 52,000 people that died in 2015 from drugs is staggering. >> it's in a single year, we have lost nearly as many americans to drug overdoses that we have lost almost in the entire world war i and almost 12 years of fighting in vietnam. that is just overdose deaths that is nothing about the health damage to our citizens who survive. >> kelly promises to continue using drug possession and distribution including marijuana to build the case tore deporting illegal aliens. in other news, it's tax day, people use this day or tax season to take a closer look at their finances and budget. some doctors at cleveland clinic
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suggest doing the same with their health and diet. just like think budget their spending money you should budget your calories. most adults need 1600 to 1800 calories per day. and add or subject for your fitness level. and you need to look at the big picture to prevent chronic diseases. >> if your health habits are good, then you'll probably not get chronic disease. in fact 80% can be prevented with the big four. >> avoiding toxins such as tobacco and exercise of course and eating healthy and also managing stress. just like with your finances there are experts that can help you manage your health and use smart phone apps to monitor your eating and other habits. >> ali thank you. meantime a new initiative will provide comprehensive
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health care for our military in new jersey. chris christie was there to launch hero care connect. it gives active duty family and veterans access to more than 75 special medical services currently unavailable on the base. still to come, the new summer tradition the philadelphia flyers are starting for a good cause. and the big honor, seven local school principals get tonight when "action news" returns. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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drivers underage 20 have the highest number of distracted fatal clashes and today the you arrive alive tour express their message of safety. they use a simulator to show young people the potential dangers of driving impaired or distracters. it travels to high schools and community colleges across the nation. the philadelphia flyers are starting a brand new tradition in july and expanding their popular charity 5-k to include runners walkers and cyclists the flyers put on a whole day of activities including a 5-k walk or run or a 10 k family bike ride. and the event stretches through
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the city on the main line on sunday july 16th, registration is now available online. >> story time at the childrens learning institute at southwest philadelphia was hosted by the mayor. jim kenney read to pre-k students as they got their day startd this morning. the beverage tax funds the pre-k program. the action cam was in center city this afternoon where seven principals were honored for their outstanding work and leadership at their respective schools. the foundation will hand out $20,000 rewards for each honoree and used for their district. terrific coming up we'll check out the forecast for you. i dare you to try to find a cloud in that shot. with summer coming, meteorologist, cecily tynan with timing. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the week ahead for accuweather. >> it's not as beautiful as today. today bright and sunny. nobody complaining about today's weather. we are live on the temple university sky 6 hd seeing blue
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skies and sunshine and nothing more than a few clouds. and normal high is 65 and currently 68 degrees in philadelphia and allentown 70 and wilmington 60. and notice the wind off the ocean. the on shore throw making a difference along the beaches, temperatures only in the 50s. not really a great beach day and winds stronger. on the coast you don't get the friction of the land. toms river 14 miles per hour and philadelphia 6 and reading the winds are calm right now. satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure to the north carving out an area of clear skies over us and this high pressure is with us for tonight before it begins to move out. and we see clouds moving in during the day tomorrow. tonight is a killy night overnight low of 44 in philadelphia and allentown could drop into the upper 30s and 39 degrees and wilmington 43 and cape may the overnight low of
5:26 pm
46. definitely a spring chill in the air tonight. future tracker 6 showing the best chance of sunshine tomorrow will be in the morning. at 8:00 some clouds to the west and as we head through the afternoon with the easterly flow it pulls in all the moisture from the atlantic in the form of clouds and could be a few scattered sprinkles across the poconos and for the most part the dry tomorrow and with more cloud cover, and easterly wind it's not as mild today. showing the planner at 9:00, 51 and temperatures struggle to make it to the low 60s by 3:00 in the afternoon. the five-day at 5:00, not a bad day but it clouds up through the day not as warm as today. a high of 61 degrees, and thursday though a warm front advances north and it brings us warm air and 76 degrees and a possible of a few scattered thundershowers late in the day and thursday night friday chance of a shower and clouds give way
5:27 pm
to sunshine, 81 degrees the warmest day of the work week and then behind a cold front temperatures step down over the weekend. saturday 65 degrees and clouds up and rain is possible by saturday night and sunday looks cold, cloudy and wet. 58 degrees with periods of rain at times. sunday a great indoor day and adam will let you know if we dry out in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast planning the weekend saturday much better than sunday. >> noted. >> thank you. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. a chain reaction crash snarls roadways during the morning rush. and the man accused of killing young eton patz learns his fate in court today. those story and more when we come right back. if you have medicare
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hello again, rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us here is what is happening on "action news." president trump's administration faces a key test as hostilities with north korea escalate. and a fast moving fire forces
5:30 pm
reads out of their home in delaware and one goes to the hospital. and a big day for staff and students at a delaware elementary school they settle into their new facility after years of careful planning. and north korea says that missile tests will continue perhaps on a weekly basis despite tough talk from vice president, mike pence, he says that patience has run out. megan hughes has the latest from washington. >> president trump stops in wisconsin to talk about domestic obstacles while he faces a nuclear showdown a half world away. vice president mike pence is the messenger, telling japanese leaders. >> our commitment is unwavering and our resolve could not be stronger and president as a candidate subjects they cannot police the world. >> and at some point we say you know what we are better if japan
5:31 pm
protects itsself against this maniac in north korea. and shift his posture towards china. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country -- and that is what they are doing. >> after the meeting in mar-a-lago with the chinese president president trump tells fox news -- >> what will i do start a trade war with china on the middle of him working on a bigger problem frankly with north korea, i'm dealing with china with great respect. >> and james mattis says even though the missile test was a failure it was a reckless provocation. >> we all share, china and japan, we all share the same interest. >> and some see the foreign policy as a positive. >> i do think ratcheting up the issue and pressure is important at this time. open sources say that north korea has 20 to 30 nuclear weapons today. >> that was megan hughes
5:32 pm
reporting. in france police thwarted what they call an imminent terror attack. vest dirts arrested two suspected radicals in the southern port of marseille. this started days after the first round of france's presidential election. two men intended to commit an attacks on french soil in the coming days, the nature of the potential targets or motive was not released. the suspected organizers of the st. petersburg underground bombing appeared in court today. the man from cursic stan was arrested and eight others are taken into custody with the connection to the bombing. the april blast killed 14 passengers and injured dozens more. world news tonight with david muir has more on the terror arrests in russia and france. and rising tensions with the u.s. and north korea. three people were shot during a home invasion in dover, delaware and investigators are
5:33 pm
trying to piece together how it unfolded. it happened at the townhome apartments on cardinal drive after 2:00 today. officers responded to several 911 calls and found two men lying on the ground between two buildings, they determined one man was a victim and the other a suspect. both were taken to the hospital for treatment and several hours later a third man showed up with gunshot wounds. also from our delaware newsroom, this is 26-year-old carl carl carl carlosmal den at oh. the victims contacted police and he was taken into custody. the maple shade new jersey man convicted of killing a child almost four decades ago in new york learned his fate. pedro hernandez was give 25
5:34 pm
years to life in prison and they convicted him of killing 6-year-old eton patz. he was abdubbed the first day he was allowed to walk two blocks to the school bus by himself. he was one of the first to appear on milk cartons. one of two people overcome by smoke when their house caught on fire. the action cam was there as firefighters battled flames at the front of the home. you see the flames and smoke in the front and the fire marshall determined the fire was accidental and the resident is expected to be okay. and an accident involving three cars and a fedex truck snarled traffic at the atlantic city expressway in winslow township. it happened near mile marker 34 at 9:30, and circumstances are under investigation but the fedex truck ended up here in the woods and three people were
5:35 pm
hurt. it closed the expressway for more than an hour. it was like the first day of school for students of hallowwell elementary. they got to move into their new facility. katherine scott was there for that first bell. >> i was like oh my gosh. >> rave reviews from mrs. york's third grade class in horsham. kindergartners totive and graders joined their parents walking from their old building to the new one next door. >> i saw my classroom. and was like whoa i can look out the window. >> i was kind of sad to leave my old school, but i am really happy to see the new one. >> this $33 million building replaces the old one built in 1961, the design phase began in 2013 and administrators toured
5:36 pm
other schools and got input from staff and students. >> we have various spaces and things you won't see in a regular elementary school like a fitness area. >> in the days leading up to this the children got a tour of the building and patients got a look around then are excited about the new opportunities that the children allow. >> it's hard to update a school that is some old. >> love the new building and the newness of it. and the technology that comes to the school and be able to use. >> from music classrooms to the media room and the gymnasium to the cafeteria. parents and teachers love tropical disturbance. >> it's four times the size of the building we left and fully air conditioned. and it's 40% less energy use per
5:37 pm
year than the previous building. >> and they will double the student body and that comes in phase. >> i really like it and now i maybe can get used to it like my last classroom. >> katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." nine days and counting now until the nfl draft festivities in philadelphia and preparations are kicking into overdrive. and speaking of drive more street closures coming to an already congested part of the city. drone 6 is over the ben franklin parkway. in just less than eight hours the inner lanes close to traffic between eakins oval and 20th street. lets check out the rest of the traffic situation with matt pellman. >> when tax day ends things become more taxing around the art museum and starting with the morning rush i would expect the backups on the kelly drive and
5:38 pm
mlk drive. but tonight the mlk drive is closed for maintenance starting at 9:00 and going until 5:00 in the morning. you'll want to stick with the schuylkill expressway but right now i'm not sure i would do that. busy on the eastbound side toward center city and speeds on the schuylkill 7 miles per hour on the northbound side of 95 as you pass the ben franklin bridge with normal afternoon volume and speaking of the bridges tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. you will want to avoid the walt whitman bridge and avoid the traffic stop to set up the shield to protect the cars from the paint job, no walt and the ben franklin bridge right now looks just fine. >> issues in bucks county and traffic lights on the fritz quakertown and park avenue, staying on 309. major issues reported there and east rockville a crash along blue school road at bucked road and an earlier crash along
5:39 pm
allentown at 78 westbound, it's looking better now than it was earlier with speeds if the 20s and 40s and single digits than an hour or so. 195 westbound is blocked towards six flags, monica and brian over to you. >> still ahead on "action news" tonight. when you love to play soccer what better way to do tricks with professionals. students go to the do just that we'll take you there. >> and a boys and girls school has renovations what you get to enjoy there. >> cool air is lurking to the north and swinging in temporarily tomorrow and a chance for a few showers. >> all right plus jaime apody with sports and eagles nfl draft news when "action news" comes right back.
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney talks with per spspectiv hires in center city. the philadelphia diversity career fair was held at the pennsylvania convention center and specifically organized to
5:43 pm
help businesses diversify their workforce. meantime officials in bucks county launched an initiative in the fight against drugs. the drug epidemic blitz getting everyone in the county involved in stopping drug use they will hold seven events raising awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol. and a high-profile visitor, congressman brendan boyle a democrat visited the meals on wheels to see it firsthand. they feed 1500 home bound seniors daily. and president trump's budget would cut one-third of the funding. jaime apody is here with the nfl draft. we are talking about the eagles. >> it's a year long convation, football the talk of the town as the eagles continue their voluntary spring workouts a big year for brandon graham.
5:44 pm
an eight year veteran up for the challenge of stepping into more of a leadership role with the departure of connor barwyn and make sure i'm more vocal and have fun with it and i'll bring the same approach. >> i'm excited to show it this year because i have big expectations for our team this year and i have to make sure i do what i can as a leader to help. you want a true leader to root for. brett celek took a pay cut to stay with the birds. we are still over the salary cap goes from $4 million to $3 million. but this is a guy that says he wants to retire as an eagle and putting his money where his mouth is. >> brent is one of those guys obviously who everybody respects. and that is just a sample of one
5:45 pm
of the reasons why he is so well respect the in the league. >> the nfl and the rest of philadelphia is on the clock the draft is less than nine days away. who will the birds pick at 14. most believe the need is corner back and luckily the draft is full of them. like jerry connelly who the eagles could be targeting or r marsean lattimore. >> i see them going corner, corner, corner. that is my opinion. two guys at ohio state, both outstanding, when you look at lattimore and connelly both guys that could step in and be starters quickly and they are well coached. an urban meyer team. you get good disciplined coaching and both guys can play. >> and complete draft coverage, jaws joins us one week from
5:46 pm
tomorrow. the draft preview party live from the parkway next wednesday night 7:30 p.m. right here on channel 6. and they meet again. fresh off being swept away at home by the mets last week the phillies are trying to avoid the same fate as they start a series at city field. and kendricks could sit on the dl and that would have been wishful thinking for clay buchholz but he underwent surgery on a torn tendon, and he is likely out for the year. all they got in return was two whole starts, a 12.27 era. >> sixers forward robert covington had a surgery to repair a torn meniscus. a four to six week recovery and should return this summer. someone should check in the water with the sixers meniscus.
5:47 pm
and jahlil okafor and joel embiid tore it twice. >> thank you. 50 local students scored the chance to learn from the best when it comes to playing soccer, a soccer clinic was held at the stadium for the union. they gave them training advice and ran them through different training stations and a few players were there to offer advice as well. more than $90,000 in improvements are completed at the h. flexor brown boys and girls club in wilmington. local and state representatives cut the ribbon to unveil the changes and the facility got a new gym floor and pool floor was resurfaced and lighting fixes and fixed the locker rooms.
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all right adam joseph along with the accuweather forecast. a beautiful tuesday out there. >> did you like it? >> loved it. >> it's not a bad rest of the week but not the brilliant sunshine and true warmth. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing sunshine out there. we want to go to weather one --
5:51 pm
and i'll show you there it is stormtracker 6 live double scan we switched a few things over. all is good. i gave it away for tomorrow. look at the action cam showing the cone flowers out there kind of basking in the rays of sunshine. they need a drink of water and will get a few showers here and there through the rest of the week. but beautiful shot there. temperatures to the north and west. 68 in center city and 65 in malvern and 66 in longwood gardens and to the north and west. bethleh bethlehem 72 degrees and the sea breeze easterly wind throwing the numbers back into the lower 50s along the show and 59 in hammonton and vineland 61 and glassboro 61 degrees, a chill in the air for 50% of our area but lift to the north and it gets warmer in ewing at 65 degrees. a bubble of high pressure in control and i can put my hand
5:52 pm
here and most of the sunshine is, in the eastern half of the county and clouds from the north and west and clouds will increase across the region and for tonight mostly clear with a spring chill in the air. 39 in the suburbs and 34 tomorrow morning in the city of philadelphia. and here is the day planner, 49 degrees at 8:00 in the morning and sunshine in the morning and increase in clouds during the afternoon and not as warm as today. we'll try to hit the 60 degree mark and only in the 50s once again especially south and east. for the lehigh valley 61 degrees and early sun and clouded take over much of the day. and at the shore tomorrow. morning sunshine and a really cloudy afternoon and with the wind out of the southeast off the ocean of around 49 degrees and the high will top off at 55 degrees but then warmth comes back in here two days from now on thursday as we push it well
5:53 pm
above normal into the 70s across the area and in fact 76 in philadelphia by thursday afternoon and again with relatively dry weather, could be a quick shower here sometime thursday into friday on and off. the pollen level will remain on the high side until we get a good soaking rain. it will arrive and fort fatally over the second half of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast morning sun and afternoon clouds on wednesday, 61 and warm with a scattered shower or even a random thunderstorm late on tuesday 76 degrees and warm and again a pop your shower or thunderstorm and 81 on friday and neither of those days is a washout or a lot of rain, and saturday dry and cooler and turns cooler after morning sun of 65 and a cool rain sets in here on sunday. of just 58 degrees and monday some morning left over showers and gradual clearing and partly
5:54 pm
sunny on tuesday and 64 degrees for the high temperature. temperatures are kind of all over the board and rainy day at this point is sunday out of the seven days. >> thanks adam. much more "action news" coming your way. it's blinds to go's sheer savings event. right now take 25% off all sheer shades, our fastest-growing collection. classic. modern. beautiful. the latest in window decor... now 25% off. sheer savings. sheer limited time. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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it's blinds to go's sheer savings event. right now take 25% off all sheer shades,
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our fastest-growing collection. classic. modern. beautiful. the latest in window decor... now 25% off. sheer savings. sheer limited time. blinds to go. blinds for life. it is a unique way to teach young people about making good choices, the choice bus is parked outside of kensington high school today and ninth grade students got on board to see a full scale replica of a prison cell and they talked about the importance of staying in school to achieve success and asked to sign this pledge promising to finish school. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. police say that a police officer shot her husband today in their bucks county driveway. and officers held hostage in
5:57 pm
delaware are filing a lawsuit and who they are blaming for the prison takeover. >> coming up next at 6:00. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, rick williams, brian taff and the entire "action news" team. have a good night. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from
5:59 pm
the kensington section of philadelphia. witnesses are saying that a police cruiser struck a female pedestrian on f street near kensington avenue. lets get to reporter dann cuellar at the scene. >> reporter: jim, we are at the mcpherson branch of the philadelphia free library a small park at kensington avenue and f street. chopper 6 hd was over the scene after the police pursuit involving district officers, a part of the mark scare is cordoned off where a police cruiser struck a woman in pursuit of a male suspect. we don't have the official account of what happened here just before 5:00 this afternoon but witnesses tell us that police were chasing a guy on foot inside of the park and a police cruiser involved in the pursuit and that cruiser accidentally struck a woman standing in the park and that woman was knocked unconscious
6:00 pm
and we have video of the woman being placed in the police cruiser here is more from witnesses. >> she was right here. and they smacked her. boom and then backed up and they picked her up and she looked like she was dead. and then they put her in the car. >> i saw the car run over the girl. >> she was sitting on the bench? >> yes. >> how bad was she hit. very bad. >> what happened next? >> they put her in the cop car. >> now the woman's condition is not yet known we are working to get that information but again she appeared unconscious when she was carried away and the suspect fled on foot in the chaos that ensued. we are waiting for the police official account of what happened here earlier today and we'll have more on this story at i'm dann cuellar,


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