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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  April 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday april 19th. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> breaking overnight a blaze in south jersey injures at least one firefighter. we're live on the scene. >> residents in a philadelphia neighborhood are living in fear of a pack of pitbulls which they say killed a small dog on easter. >> the museum of the american revolution opens today in olde city. >> we have a chilly start. matt pelman is here. karen rogers is in for david and she's outside experiencing it. >> that's right. you know, it's going to be somewhat pretty to start you off. we've got clouds mixing with some sunshine early on. we can see the skies trying to brighten right now ahead of the sunrise but it is cool out here. satellite6 and action radar showing the clouds have already rolled in. at first they're high thin clouds mixing with some sun and then the clouds really lower and thicken through the day. we see the showers to the south and west. we'll see a few spotty showers around today as well, although most of the day is dry. let's take a look right now at these temperatures.
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it's only 42 in bensalem, 43 pottstown, 46 malvern, 46 in center city, 42 degrees in newtown square. it's 42 in browns mills. 45 in cinnaminson and glassboro. up to 50 in dover delaware. you can see the winds though. they're pretty strong out of the east and it's that easterly component today that's bringing in the cooler temperatures off the ocean and we're really socked in with the clouds, too. at 8:00 a.m., 48 degrees. we'll see some sunshine early on. by 11:00 still some of that sun mixing with clouds but it's 55. we're up to 60 by 2:00 p.m. your high is 61 about 4 degrees below average. at 5 o'clock it's 57, at 8 o'clock 56 degrees. we have a warmup tomorrow. it's short lived so you got to plan to enjoy it. i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast in just a couple minutes, matt. >> good morning to pull out the spring jacket i guess. >> yes. >> good morning karen. good morning, everybody. we're having a pretty good experience so far this morning on most of the highways. just a little bit of building volume here along the vine street expressway as you head
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westbound toward the schuylkill. no major delays so far on the schuylkill or over on 95. but near the vine we are waiting on more closures along the ben franklin parkway and the action cam is on the scene early this morning. this is the parkway at 21st street by the barnes foundation and the inner drives of the parkway were scheduled to close at midnight so about six hours ago. didn't happen yet. which we're okay with but could happen at any time and then those inner drives will remain closed through the remainder of the nfl draft. katherine scott is out here this morning, she's going to have a report in the next half hour on exactly what's going on there along the parkway. but coming back out here, watching an accident scene this morning here in pennsbury township chester county. it's just up ahead there where the arrow points to behind the flag along route one baltimore pike right there by chadds ford elementary school so watch out for that as you're coming up from kennett square but our crash in robbinsville on the new jersey turnpike northbound luckily that is gone. matt. >> thank you, matt. breaking this morning at
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least one firefighter was injured battling a blaze in camden county. chopper6 is live over the scene in pennsauken where smoke is still rising and firefighters remain at the scene. the injury happened as the burning home collapsed. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes joins us live on the ground with video of these intense flames. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, nearly four hours later, still quite a presence here by firefighters as they work to put out some of the hot spots that we've seen. take a live look here behind me. you can see kind of in the distance just a little haze of smoke coming up out of part of it is just a shell, another part is just a pile of rubble since that home collapsed but take a live look here from chopper6 and you can see again just the shell, the frame of the home is left after it collapsed. the blaze broke out around 2:30 this morning along the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue. firefighters arrived on the scene and found the fire engulfing the first home and quickly spread to the second
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and third floors. embers flew onto neighboring homes and other wooded areas, so firefighters had to kind of spread out and put out those flames as well. we're told all of the occupants, all of the residents were able to get out safely is. one man has his dogs to thank for that but we did speak to a distraught woman who says she grew up in this home. she was staying at her father's house in philadelphia babysitting when she got the phone call. >> reporter: how are you doing. >> horrible. i lived here since i was two. i just can't believe it man. >> she called me up and said my house is burning down and right weigh i knew that she was serious 'cause she was crying so i told my daughter who i had over my house babysitting my son for this morning for an event that i had and i just took her over here. >> reporter: and this was a complicated fire. utility crews had to be called out to turn off the power very briefly because some of the
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flames were catching onto some of the wires but again, a lot of progress has been made. they're just working on some hot spots and red cross is out here assisting some of the displaced residents. reporting live in pennsauken, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeanette. flames tore through a warehouse in chester delaware county. chopper6 was over this fire on the 700 block of west third street last night. the entire roof collapsed during the two alarm blaze leaving just four walls standing. the warehouse was filled with mattresses but we don't know the commercial name of the facility. there were no reports of injuries. >> an off duty philadelphia police officer is accused of shooting her husband during an argument at their bucks county home. but so far no charges have been filed. police say the shooting happened just before 6:00 yesterday morning in the drive way of the couple's home on marmic drive in northampton. the husband suffered a wound to his midsection and is expected to survive. investigators say the shooting did not involve the officer's service weapon. a lansdale man will go to prison for 10 to 20 years for
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shooting and killing a fellow church goer during sunday services. 46-year-old mark storms was sentenced yesterday on voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges. he shot 27-year-old robert braxton, iii at keystone fellowship church last april. storms intervened when braxton was arguing with someone else and then fired when braxton punched him. >> police vet gating a deadly attack when a pack of pitbulls gang ted up on another dog. antoinette neighbors say the dogs are terrorizing the entire neighborhood. >> they should be taken before somebody gets -- somebody die, not a dog but a human. >> philadelphia police issued a citation to the own he were. the handle control and care
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team of philadelphia says it has issued numerous citations to the dog's owner for previous incidents. >> ♪ >> happening today, a new museum honoring the beginnings of america opens in olde city. the museum of the american revolution will host its grand opening celebration at third and chestnut streets this morning. it features more than 500 original artifacts and tells the story of how the united states became an independent nation. your admission ticket covers two days of exploration. >> there are reports that bill o'reilly and fox news are working on an exit strategy for the host. o maribel aber is live at the nasdaq. many advertisers are dropping him but viewers still like the host. >> reporter: good morning. fox news and representative for bill ohry reilly in discussions for the cable host to leave the network. this follows a new york times report on payments fox parent company made to settle sexual
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harassment claims against o'reilly. the cable host is on vacation at the moment but an announcement on his future could be made by the end of the week. stocks fell yesterday as weak corporate earnings weighed on the market. federal reserve's beige book is due out. the report offers a look at economic conditions in the various regions of the u.s. add december today's apologized for an e-mail stone customers in the boston marathon the subject line of the marketing e-mail said "congrats you survived the boston marathon. ." people reminded the sneak maker about the bombing. two of the survivors ran in the race. adidas said it was sorry for the subject line. that's the latest in business. >> thanks marple. >> pretty big blunder. >> yes, it is. >> amazing that happened. >> we find that happening sometimes. let's take a look at storm tracker6 around the area. we're dry but chance for a spotty shower today. let's go outside and see what it looks like right now. skies are trying to brighten a
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little bit ahead of the sunrise but you can see we have a lot of clouds as we look live on sky6 over the commodore barry bridge and it feels cool out there with temperatures in the suburbs just in the low 40's f here in the city it's 46 degrees. the dewpoint is 42 degrees, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and really socked in with a lot of cloud cover. the pressure is holding steady. the winds are easterly and light. it's the easterly component to the wind that's pulling the cooler air off the ocean and moisture in the atmosphere as well. so, you're feeling the change out there today. the ocean temperature is 51 degrees. satellite6 and action radar showing the clouds have really rolled in and the clouds we see right over philadelphia area for the most part are thin. they're going to lower and thicken through the day. we can see some showers out near pittsburgh and washington, they're moving almost due east so certainly our southern south of philadelphia has the better chance to see a shower but a spotty shower around today t let's look at today's high. 61 degrees for your high today. just going to be in the 40's at 8 o'clock.
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grab that jacket. some sunshine mixing with the clouds but by 10:00 a.m. it's a little better 51. by lunchtime you're in the upper 50's a bit more cloud cover and just solidly overcast through the afternoon. at 3 o'clock 61 so it will feel cooler than average today. at 6 o'clock dipping down from that it's 58 degrees and because of the easterly component that we talked about along the coastline you'll just stay in the 50's. cool today but cooler still if you're in atlantic city cape may, you'll have a high of just 57. tomorrow things change for us. tomorrow we're in the warm sector, the warm front lifts through. 76 degrees for your high but we will have a chance for a scattered shower but best chance looks to be book ends early in the morning, later in the afternoon and evening, so much of the daytime hours tomorrow again are dry. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. starting with today, lots of clouds. some peeks of sunshine early. but total cloud cover in the afternoon. it's cooler with a high of just 61 degrees and with the clouds feels even cooler than that. tomorrow it's warm, though. we make it up 76.
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whatly a change as the warm front lifts through. we do get a couple of showers or a thunderstorm around but it looks like the best chance in the overnight hours tonight into early tomorrow. and then late in the day tomorrow. so, most of the daytime itself will be dry. friday very warm, spotty storm especially early, 79 degrees for your high so near 80 on friday. saturday it's cooler, turns cloudy, only 66 degrees for your high for the union. you'll be dry, though. but late at night saturday into sunday, it's kind of raw and rainy, temperatures just in the mid-50's with periods of rain at times and then monday looks a lot better. we start off with clouds but by day's end we have sunshine, 66 degrees. tuesday partly sunny, above average again and 68 degrees for your high. so, temperatures really ranging but today one of the cooler days of the seven-day forecast. >> all right, karen, thank you. 6:11 right now. a police officer makes an unexpected potentially dangerous find on a traffic stop. a weapon disguised as a pack of cigarettes. >> republicans are in danger
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of losing a house seat that has been a gop shoe in for decades. results of a special election in georgia coming up. matt. >> roosevelt boulevard extension in east falls southbound traffic by fox street moving along just fine towards the schuylkill but we'll check that schuylkill expressway and a crash elsewhere on route one when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> 6:14 on this wednesday and chopper6 remains over the scene of this house fire in pennsauken.
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now that the sun is coming up, it gives you a better idea of just how devastating this is for whomever owned this house on zimmerman avenue. it broke out this morning and there was a collapse just about all of the home is now on the ground and during that collapse, at least one firefighter was injured. they're still spraying water on this. it's still smoking. jeanette reyes will have a live report at 6:30. >> let's go to matt pelman with the traffic situation. >> local street closures there in pennsauken around that scene along zimmerman avenue but at least njt's river line is running again so that's the bit of good news there. i know you're wondering what makes today special. let's talk about the things we're celebrating on this wednesday morning. it is national amaretto day delicious. national garlic day, throw a clover or two in your omelette. national hanging out day when you're encouraged to hang out your laundry to dry instead of using the dryer. kind of interesting. a more somber note we remember
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the oklahoma city bombing today which happened in 1995 on this date so 22 years ago 168 people killed in and so we're thinking of their families on this day. this is the schuylkill expressway close to spring garden street. no big eastbound delays yet as you head in toward center city and the mlk drive west river drive over here is reopened for your travels. but as you come off the drive around the art museum we are just getting word that they just closed the inner drives of the parkway in both directions. they were supposed to do that at midnight. ran a little late. we're okay with that t but now those inner drives of the parkway are closed. katherine scott is going to have more for you on that coming up in the next half hour. otherwise some slow speeds starting to kick in on 95 southbound in the 30's as you pass cottman avenue there. and just off 95 in chester, we're still watching that fire location along third street at reaney. second and yarnell would be some alternates. we're also still watching this accident scene it's way up in the distance here along route one baltimore pike in
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pennsbury township. right by chadds ford elementary school. actually i'm not seeing as many flashing lights out here now so i think they may be clearing the scene but one scene you want to avoid today it's a construction zone going on all week between gibbsboro and voorhees, kirkwood gibbsboro road to be avoided. berlin road your alternate. matt. >> results of a special election some pundits are calling a referendum on president trump. a democrat near technological ly captured a house seat in georgia. democrat jon ossoff was the top vote getter but fell short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff. he'll face republican candidate karen handel in june to fill the house seat vacated by health and human services secretary tom price. >> new on "action news," police in new orleans are trying to track down the thief behind a burglary at a day care. this is surveillance video from inside clara's little
6:18 am
lamb's preschool. detectives say the suspect climbed in through an unlocked window stole food from a staff break room and then went to sleep in one of the classrooms. you can see the suspect then leaving through that same window early the next morning carrying two bags of stolen items. a police officer in georgia found a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes during a traffic stop. police say the driver repeatedly requested to smoke while the officer was speaking to him outside his vehicle. the officer did not allow the driver to get his cigarettes and when the officer confiscated the pack he discovered it was a stun gun. police have not said if any charges were filed. >> 6:18. a young cubs fan showing what it means to be a true fan. >> you may want to keep your eye on the sky for an asteroid fly by. we'll tell you the you the best time to see it. >> in today's tech bytes facebook enhancing your camera's capabilities abilities. >> mark zuckerberg unveiling facebook's next big thing augmented reality.
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>> so, they were a little bit late. >> yeah. >> again i emphasize we were okay with that. >> that's okay. >> sounds like now they have blocked the inner drive to the ben franklin parkway. action cam is on the scene. police officers out there on the scene as well and, yes, indeed, the barrels are up inner drives are closed and this does not bode well for your morning commute. both directions of the ben franklin parkway inner drives now closed through the remainder of the nfl draft. expect major congestion as you come off the kelly drive, the mlk west river drive around eakins oval. it's going to be a mess starting this morning now that those new closures are in place. but on the maps, mass transit we're looking good. river line on njt is running again. karen. >> kind of cool out there. it's 46 degrees right now in philadelphia, 47 in allentown and millville. it's at least 50 in dover but only 43 degrees in trenton right now. storm tracker6 live double scan showing us 3-d that we have some showers, you see them in washington, in richmond out in pittsburgh. we have a chance for a spotty
6:23 am
shower today. much of the day is dry today though. today we're looking at through saturday at pollen index that's pretty high out there. we'll see a high today of 61. that's below average for a change. normally we would see a high of 65 degrees, nydia. >> karen, thank you. happening today, a 2,000-foot long asteroid the size of six football fields will pass close to earth. nasa took these radar imagery matches of the asteroid yesterday. nothing to worry about. the asteroid will be more than 1 million miles away and scientists say there's no chance of a collision. you'll be able to see it with a telescope or you can watch it, where else? online. >> it won't have that name on it when it's flying through the sky, though. >> true. >> okay. 6:23. a massive fire destroys a home in south jersey. jeanette reyes is live on the scene. jeanette. >> reporter: well, that fire engulfed the entire home very quickly. we've got details on injuries and why this plays was so --
6:24 am
blaze was so complicated coming up after the break. >> ♪ vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we made it to hump day. sky6 hd taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. it is 6:26, 46 degrees a-chilly start to your day. it's going to be a little gray as well. >> (crying). >> child's happy. even if you're not a cubs fan you can agree his reaction to
6:27 am
getting tickets is astounding. nine-year-old colt kyleer's family decided to surprise him. they are headed to wrigley field for the game in june when the cubs take on the cardinals. >> the nfl draft begins on thursday in philadelphia. we invite you to join us for a 6abc special draft preview party. "action news" will examine the eagles options with their 14th overall pick. that's what they have right now. espn's ron jaworski and sal paolantonio will join us.
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>> ♪ >> breaking news. as firefighters get control of a house fire in pennsauken, new jersey, that home collapsed and a firefighter is injured and we have a live
6:30 am
report. >> more lanes have closed near the philadelphia art museum as the city gets ready for the nfl draft. what you need to know before heading down the ben franklin parkway. >> new overnight a man was that rushed to the hospital after he was shot while walking to his house. >> good morning everyone. 6:30 on this wednesday april 19th. tam is off. nydia han joins us. >> let's take a quick look at weather and traffic with meteorologist karen rogers in for dave murphy and matt pelman has our traffic. good morning, guys. >> good morning, everybody. there's a little bit of chill in the air so grab your jacket. we're going to see some early sunshine but lots of clouds today. let's show you satellite6 and action radar. we could see how the clouds have started to fill in. we'll be in and out of them in the morning but solid clouds in the afternoon. and we're watching that rain right now especially the rain that you're seeing southwest of our region and it's runing into a lot of dry air mass but we see a spotty shower around today. it's mostly a dry day though. 43 degrees in quakertown but it's just 40 now in bethlehem. temperatures have dipped only 43 in pottstown little better in coatesville at 46.
6:31 am
46 right now in malvern. 45 in media. 46 in center city. and 42 degrees in newtown. in new jersey it's only 42 in ewing and browns mills. low 40's in hammonton. 45 in glassboro. 48 in fortescue and 50 in dover delaware. here's what the day is going to look like. some sunshine mixing with the clouds early on. then solid clouds the rest of the way out so 8:00 a.m. it's 48. by 11:00 a.m. it's up to 55. a little better at 2 o'clock, it's 60 but your high today only 61. that's below average. at 5 o'clock it's 57. at 8:00 p.m. dipping down to 56 degrees. we are tracking a warmup, show. it's short lived but it's a warmup. details in the seven day in a minute. >> got an eventual warmup i've got a slowdown here along 95. yes, it's that hour of the morning, karen, we're on the brakes now in the southbound lanes from cottman through this point at the betsy ross bridge on into girard with normal morning volume. you can see on the big picture that speeds have dropped into the 20's as you head south on
6:32 am
95. not fairing so badly just yet over on the schuylkill. in fact, if i were you i would think i would use the schuylkill and the vine at this point instead of the ben franklin parkway. inner drives are now closed in both directions because of the nfl draft preparations. katherine scott is going to have more on that coming up in just a bit. we've been watching a crash this morning in pennsbury township chester county. it's along route one baltimore pike at fareville road there by chadds ford elementary. looks like it's mostly off to the side now. you can get by between kennett square and chadds ford. and we have been watching that downed wires a truck mowed them down in hamilton township atlantic county. route 40 harding highway remains blocked. old landis avenue or 322 would be some alternates around that. we've also been watching a big fire in pennsauken this morning. local street closures along zimmerman avenue remain in effect but at least njt's river line is now running again. matt. >> thank you, matt. we continue to follow breaking news. chopper6 is live over what is left of a house that was
6:33 am
engulfed in flames for hours in camden county. now that the sun is up, you can see the home on zimmerman avenue in pennsauken is in ruins. basically just the chimney is still standing is. one firefighter was injured as that burning home collapsed. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes joins us live on the ground with video of these intense flames. jeanette. >> reporter: yeah, matt you described it well there. it's really heartbreaking to see the residents as they take in now that the sun is up what's left of their home, hardly anything. take a live look here behind me. smoke is still coming out of much of what is just a pile of debris from this home. take a live look here from chopper6 hd. this is an overhead much better view of the damage that this fire has done. this happened about four hours ago, 2:30 this morning along the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue. firefighters arrived on scene and the fire wall well ahead of them. it was already engulfing the second and third floor.
6:34 am
embers were flying onto neighboring homes and other wooded areas so they had to scatter and put those fires out as well. small fires, though. all of the residents were able to evacuate. one occupant tells me has his dogs to thank. they woke him up to those flames. now, he was able to get out safely. one firefighter was briefly trapped on an upper floor. he was evacuated as well and suffered just a broken ankle. so, the good news here is that no one was seriously injured but again, this moment is a total loss. we talked to an emotional woman who said she grew up in this home, she grew up here from the age of two years old and when she came out and saw her home, she was just in tears but she was thankful and others here as well that no one was seriously injured. reporting live from pennsauken, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." nydia. >> jeanette thank you. as matt pelman has been telling you this morning, even more lane restrictions are being implemented on the ben
6:35 am
franklin parkway as the city gets ready for the nfl draft. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along the parkway. katherine the draft coming to philadelphia is causing excitement as well as some aggravation, right? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, nydia. people are excited about this. i know some of the neighbors here not so much. as these lanes continue to close ahead of the nfl draft. it was a little later than expected but phase two is now complete in that the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway are now closed. they were scheduled to close to around midnight. they ended up closing a little after 6:10 this morning. you can see police are posted near 21st and pat, what at the closure. inner lanes are closed from 20th to eakins oval for this next phase of road closures. the outer lanes are still opened. the three day festival starts next thursday running through saturday the 29th. the nfl released new artist renderings to get a idea of what it will look like once the work is complete. dozens of stage hands have
6:36 am
been building the stage for the nfl draft working 11 hours a day for the last two weeks. they're on the finishing touches with skilled technicians completing various tasks. in the meantime more and more roads are being closed so back to those road closures. the inner lanes of the parkway inbound and outbound from eakins oval to 20th are now closed. they closed about 25 minutes ago. then on monday, all lanes of the parkway will close between the museum and 20th. then some side streetsological shut will shut down as well. the draft begins next thursday. we are live along the parkway, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thank you katherine. a man was shot at point blank flanch olney. it happened on the 5900 block of north seventh street at 3 a.m. police say the 27-year-old man was shot in the back and shoulder while walking up to his home. stray bullets also hit two parked cars. the incident was captured on surveillance cameras which police are now reviewing in hopes of tracking down the gunman. the victim who survived is at einstein hospital in stable condition.
6:37 am
>> a woman remains in critical condition after reportedly being hit by a police cruiser in the city's kensington section. video taken by witnesses shows two police officers carrying the woman into their patrol car before rushing her to the hospital. according to police, the crash happened during an investigation at a small park at kensington and f streets. witnesses say the officers were chasing a man running through the park when they backed up into the woman. but officials denied the officers were pursuing anyone. also police have not released the woman's name but say she appears to be in her 30's. >> ♪ closing arguments are expected today in the trial of accused cop killer eric frein. the prosecution rested yesterday in pike county and the defense declined to call any witnesses. frein is charged in the 2014 attack on the blooming grove barracks that killed a state trooper and wounded another. when a verdict is announced we will send out an alert on the 6abc app. >> family and friends are remembering a well known philanthropist and the
6:38 am
granddaughter of the founder of the campbell soup company. dorrance hill hamilton died yesterday at her home in florida at the age of 88. the heiress was almost always seen in her wide brimmed hats. often referred to by her nickname dodo. she was a millionaire that gave away to institutions like jefferson medical center the university of the arts and the kimmel center. >> she did a lot of good work for this community. >> she d high the -- did. i had the pleasure of interviewing her. if you're getting ready for the day we're dry at the moment. we could see a spotty shower today but it's a lot cooler. let's go outside. we'll see what it looks like right now and, yes, lots of clouds as we look live on sky6 with our temple university camera checking out the center city skyline. in some areas we're seeing some breaks of sun here or there but certainly the clouds will that rule the day today. let's look at these numbers. it's 46 right now in philadelphia but even cooler in some of the suburbs so grab that jacket as you head out.
6:39 am
42-degree dewpoint. the pressure is holding steady. the winds are easterly at 9 miles an hour. it's the easterly component blowing offer the ocean that's helping to add some moisture in the air aren't the cooler conditions. 51 is the ocean temperature. here's satellite6 and action radar. we're watching this rain that's out to our south and to our west. but the area of precipitation is encountering a drier air mass so we'll have to see how much of this actually makes it to our region so we're at least going to see a spotty shower around but watching pretty closely that rain that's advancing from the west. lots of clouds today. it's not a pretty day and it feels kind of cool, too, with temperatures below average. 48 degrees at 8:00 a.m. a sliver of sunshine or two through the morning hours. by 10:00 a.m., it's 51. by noon, just mostly cloudy, 57 degrees. solid cloud deck through the afternoon and evening. at 3:00 p.m. it's 61. at 6 o'clock, it's 58 degrees. temperatures running about 4 degrees below average but it will be cooler still along the coastline where you've got
6:40 am
that easterly flow kind of pushing in off the ocean, only 56 for a high in that atlantic city, 57 in cape may. tomorrow gets better its a quick warmup. we have a warm front that lifts through and thursday and friday we're kind of in the warm sector of this so 76 degrees for your high temperatures jump up there well above average. we have some breaks of sun, lots of clouds and the chance for some scattered showers but i want to show you future tracker 'cause it shows the showers coming in overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning, that's 1:00 a.m. thursday. shows much of the day is kind of dry with clouds tomorrow. and then we're looking at late in the evening and nighttime we have a few more showers or thundershowers around on thursday so even though we are showing you on the forecast you see lots of shower icons i think the daytime is dry. today we have a chance for a shower, mostly cloudy skies, cooler, 61 degrees for your high. tomorrow it's warm, though. 76 with a shower or a thunderstorm around. same situation on friday, 79, very warm. good chance for a shower in the morning, maybe a spotty storm later but again most of the day thursday and friday is
6:41 am
dry. saturday cooler but it turns cloudy 66k the real rainy day is on sunday and watch these temperatures jump down there. only 55 for your high. raw with periods of rain. starts late saturday night through the day on sunday on and off but monday's better. we start with some leftover clouds. then we see some sunshine. we're up to 68. this is a better way to start our work week. tuesday 68 degrees, partly sunny skies. so temperatures ranging from the mid-50's to nearly 80 degrees in the seven-day forecast. quite the span you got there. >> i like some consistency in the temperatures. >> well, you can't have that. >> she demands it. [laughter] >> the philadelphia police department shares an important message as it pays tribute to the victim of the so-called facebook killer. >> a texas man explains how his iphone burned him while he was in his bed. matt. >> we're zipping along so far this morning along 95 in delaware county right at the state line and no issues reported on any of the major highways in the state of delaware itself. we'll check traffic on the
6:42 am
vine street expressway and talk about a construction closure in camden county when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> matt pelman saving the day helping us get through it all, right. >> yeah, of course. we and want to let you know where not to go or at least where you'll need some extra time. as is the case most mornings extra time required along 422. eastbound side slow going from this point approaching oaks into route 23. it's just volume, though. that's the good news. no accidents on 422 but plenty of volume already on this wednesday morning. elsewhere in the western burbs we had a crash in pennsbury
6:45 am
township chester county by chadds ford elementary school along route one baltimore pike at fareville road, sounds like that's mostly cleared out now so that's good news. but we've got problems now and we predicted them. we told you they were coming along the ben franklin parkway. inner drives are now blocked in both directions as of less than an hour ago. they were supposed to close at midnight. closed a little bit later but those inner drives are blocked now. if i were you i would think about sticking with crowds on the highways like the schuylkill and the vine because i think the delays from those inner drive closures are going to really back up onto the kelly drive and the mlk drive. of course we'll keep watching. speaking of the vine here it is, westbound side is backing up, some heavy morning volume here in the westbound lanes approaching the schuylkill but nothing we're not used to there. we are watching a construction issue for the rest of this work week in camden county. kirkwood gibbsboro road right by gibbsboro elementary school, mostly blocked off. if you can stay down on berlin road, you'll be better off.
6:46 am
kirkwood-gibbsboro not where you want to be. route 40 harding highway still blocked because of downed wires. stick with old landis avenue or 32 to get around that. nydia. >> matt thank you. the manhunt for the accused facebook killer is oh. steve stephens took his own life. police got a tip call from a mcdonald's employee who recognized stephens when he pulled up to the drive through. after he placed his order employees tried to stall him but he drove off when police arrived. there was a 2-mile chase that ended when police performed a pit maneuver stop. police say stevens then pulled a gun and killed himself. philadelphia police are paying tribute to the victim, robert godwin sr. officer johnny castro created this digital painting of him and the police department posted it online offering its condolences. in the post the department also urged the public to call police with tips just like the mcdonald's employees did to help bring closure to families.
6:47 am
>> a big tip brought a waitress in connecticut to tears. carrie marie carlson was walking a customer to his table at a restaurant. the rust mer noticed carlson had trouble hearing him. she told him one of her hearing aids was broken so the customer gave her $500 to help fix it. >> he just came in the back and was like i'm not going to take no for an answer. and i want to you have this and i tried to give him back the money but he was just like, no, you deserve this. >> the owner was so touched he's now using t-shirt sales to raise money for the american society for deaf children. >> ♪
6:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ la vie est belle. la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lancôme. customize your free 7-piece gift. available now at boscov's.
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>> ♪ >> breaking news. former new england patriot and convicted murderer aaron hernandez has been found dead in jail after apparently hanging himself. prison officials in massachusetts say hernandez had also jammed his prison door with various items to prevent an early discovery. he was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder but was acquitted of a 2012 slaying just this past friday. again, aaron hernandez the former new england patriot and convicted murderer found dead in prison this morning. >> it is 6:50 now. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> robin roberts is tracking all of the rest of the news for us this morning and joins us live in nyc. hi, robin. >> reporter: hi there matt and nydia. yes we'll have the latest on the breaking news about aaron hearne dens also that close
6:51 am
race in georgia that drew the attention of president trump and the gop. a democratic nominee nearly clinching the house seat in a historically conservative region now heading to a one-on-one runoff in june. more details on that ahead and that new trouble for knocks and bill o'reilly. another woman now accusing the fox host of sexual harassment and racial misconduct. protests are being held calling for the embattled host to be fired from the network. we'll have the latest on that. and a live stream that has a lot of people talking. and the people kissing. check out this competition. have you seen this t the radio station in texas dedicated individual who outlasts a the pack will go home with a brand new car. just has to kiss that kia. does it go too far? we're live there this morning. i don't know why but we are. it's coming up here on "gma." [laughter] >> i was going to ask. >> it's still going on. that's incredible. >> reporter: every -- you remember every kiss begins with k but i guess that stands for kia. >> good one robin. >> and i got a kiss from
6:52 am
michael. >> nice. >> every kiss begin with strayhan. >> go wash that cheek robyn. >> every kiss begins with strayhan. >> thank you. >> see you later robin. >> more power to those people but no thanks, not me. let's head outside this morning. speeds just starting to slow along the blue route 476 southbound approaching the schuylkill. those are your taillights. headlights are coming northbound. during the midday watch out for construction on the blue route between the schuylkill and ridge pike. also getting reports of a new crash on ridge pike in lower providence by d and j delicatessen. karen. >> lots of clouds out there. we're seeing a little bit of sunshine mixing with the clouds early on but the afternoon totally overcast. watching these showers heading towards harrisburg baltimore and washington. i think they're mostly going to fall apart but we'll see a spotty shower today. your high only 61 degrees so that's below the average high of 65 today. so, as you're headed out make sure you grab that jacket. we start with a little bit of sunshine but you see how those clouds really fill in through the afternoon. matt. >> thank you, karen. a texas man claims his
6:53 am
iphone gave him second degree burns. luke schilhab accidentally jumped into a pool with his iphone in lake jackson on saturday. schilhab says the phone seemed to be disabled and dead. when he went to bed sunday night he decided to sleep with it rolled onto the phone and later woke up to a bad burn on the side of his body. experts say lithium batteries can pose a burn risk if they have been compromised. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
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>> ♪ >> top stories at 6:56. a chimney is basically the only thing left standing at the scene of a house fire in south jersey that left a firefighter injured. the three story apartment building collapsed along the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue in pennsauken this morning. several residents have been displaced. the museum of the american revolution will host its grand opening celebration in olde city this morning. admission ticket covers two days of exploration. >> might see some restrictions along chestnut street as a result of that. here live vine street expressway slows westbound approaching the schuylkill and at the bottom of the spring police officers now blocking offer the inner drivers of the ben franklin parkway in each direction as we get ready for the nfl draft. karen. >> just had an update with our temperatures. 47 degrees throughout most the region and right now. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that. let's look at those temperatures right now and the day ahead.
6:57 am
so here's what you can expect. at 8:00 a.m., 48. by 11:00 a.m., 55. your high today is only 61. at 2:00 p.m. we'll be sitting at 60 degrees and overcast with a spotty shower. >> "gma" will have more on that breaking news. aaron hernandez found dead in prison. for matt pelman karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards nydia han, i'm matt o'donnell. see you later.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. former patriot aaron hernandez found dead in his jail cell this morning while serving a sentence for murder. the new details coming in right now. breaking overnight, president trump's close call. the democrat emerges on top of that special election in georgia after the president's big endorsement of his republican opponents. the crucial seat in congress heads for a runoff. overseas the trump administration talking tough to north korea but facing new questions about that aircraft carrier. they said it was heading to the region. it wasn't. calls growing louder for bill o'reilly to be fired. [ chanting ] >> as a new accuser comes forward saying she was a victim of sexual and rac


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