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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 20, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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approach women. today i'm here to tell you guy this secrets, the rituals, the answers to prove to you that it actually is as easy as it looks. >> step one is preparation. >> i like to sit in solitude and feel the energy. some of the inner confidence before i go out. >> work on your breathing. >> [ bleep ]. you got this, man. you got this. >> and then just go. step two, the approach. >> i see what i want and i go get it. >> as long as the girl doesn't see you doing that, you're cool. you can walk the nerves off. >> luckily for him, she's all into her phone and not paying attention. >> hey. hi. >> she's on tinder. >> a lot of people think you have to have some sort of clever pickup line or a way with words. if you're one of those people, welcome to the club. >> no. no pickup lines. >> you know from way off over there in the distance, i was even still able to tell you had
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it going on. >> that brings us to step four. >> i found that showing affection too soon pushes them away. >> nice to meet you. i feel high affection for you. like love kind of. >> really? you just met me though? >> i know. i feel like we could turn into something great. do you want to hang out some time? >> yeah. >> yeah, sure. your tongue a all tangled up, but i'll hang out with you. >> then bring it all home. >> choose the final words wisely. if you ever expect to see her again. >> af wife. i'll let her know i'm going to hang out with you though. >> that girl's face. she was just like, what? >> wait a minute. i thought there were ten steps. >> well, the game was to be sold and not told. >> if you buy the other five steps for $100, you will attract the girl of your dreams 79% of the time. >> i see what they're doing because there are a bunch of dating gurus doing this. >> and this is a nice little
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spoof. >> now go out there and release that inner lion. thanks for hanging out with us today. check out for more stuff or catch us on suffered. >> after however many years of listening to stories from veterans and, and their families, and then, hearing some of the most heartwrenching stories, based around, what people have experienced, it was only, only right to, to share my experiences and to help, hope to encourage others to come forward. >> reporter: so he did. with extraordinary cannedor, this past week. >> i can safely say that losing my mum at theage of 12 and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on -- on not only my personal life but also my work as well. >> reporter: describing depths of his sadness after losing his mother. >> i've probably been very close
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to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions. >> reporter: the campaign with his brother to end stigma around mental health. >> children especially, young people growing up in the world today where everything is just forced upon you. we need to remove the stigma around mental health. >> reporter: when asked what would his mother princess diana think? >> i think she would be proud of the campaign. proud of everybody involved. proud of us. she would be overwhelmed and hugely encouraged by the fact that the uk, not known for wanting to talk about mental health issues has suddenly god got to this point. >> david muir, abc news, new york. >> we love harry. >> yes we do. >> great to see he is on the mend after all the years. earlieren the show we showed you the new england patriots at the white house. >> yeah, not all the team members were there including quarterback tom brady saying he would not be attending because of quote, personal family matters. espn reports he spent the time instead with his mother who has cancer. >> tight end rob gronkowski,
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love rob gronkowski. tom with his mother at the supe. gronkowski was there and crashed a white house press briefing. >> what pans out in the negotiation. can i just -- >> you need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank you. >> you sure? >> maybe. >> all right, thanks, man, see you in a minute. >> hold on, one second. all right. that was cool. >> oh, my gosh. that wasn't scripted. totally -- spontaneous. >> gronk shared the photo on instagram of him fist bumping president trump in the oval office. >> isn't gronk the same guy we talked at wwe. >> yes, yes. >> he is quite the funny character. >> a party animal. great guy. i would have thought sean spicer would have run with it. come on. please, please, save me.
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>> coming up. record number of americans have been taking to the skies for spring break. before the recent united pr disasters, we sat down with an airline expert for the best and worst airlines. >> really note worthy because of one in the top five. lateren the half-hour, festivities in the nation's capital to celebrate 420.
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♪ ♪ a record number of americans are hitting the air this year for spring break travel. and that basically means more people exposed to the best and the most cases the worst in airlines in this country. so, what are the best and worst? the points guy is out with their annual list. and brian kelly joins us this morning. with that. good morning.
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there are a lot of people who would say there are no best airlines when it comes to domestic carriers, you say, not the case. >> not all terrible. what we did with this survey was we fritried to look at data. what matters most to consumers. when it comes to flying. consumers care about price. dollars saved. money in their pocket. the number one factor of the survey. >> that said you can have a whole lot of bad when it comes to price. anyway. >> true. with price we didn't look at airfares, we also looked at fees. as the you know now the airfare is one small component of the total cost of travel. but we looked halt other things too. cabin comfort. loun lounges. how much route, the air lane can get you where you want to go as well as the missed baggage and negatives as well. we blended that all into -- a number. the results were pretty interesting. >> all right. talk about the top five best airlines here in america. number five on the list. going backwards. american airlines. why so? >> american has really great route network and frequent flier
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program is pretty strong. that was 10% of our score. am cand-- am can did well. >> jet blue? >> best cabin comfort. i am 6'7", i fit in jet blue economy. went to costa rica. did well for customer service, cabin comfort. not so much on price. jet blue is more expensive than people realize. >> virgin america, number three. best airlines. skip them for now. because they're going to cease exist in essence by merging. very soon. >> have a little funeral for virgin american. >> united airlines. shocking to me. number two. >> this was the biggest shock to me as well. trust me i crunched the numbers again and again to make sure. to nigh united did well. pricewise. basic economy fares. stripped everything out of their fares. may have. >> because they give you've a really cute little teddy bear?
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>> not everyone. get the teddy bears in the new polaris business class. >> amenity kit. >> united upping the game. united for years was kind of struggling. >> can i? >> all yours, kendis. amenity kit. >> how the other half lives? >> pricewise, did well. >> toothbrush. >> and best frequent flier program. united miles among the most valuable miles out there. >> its that right? i used to use them. but through canada air. air canada's frequent flier program. number one. best airline in all of the u.s.? >> in all of the land. alaska airlines. combined with virgin. looks like they will be poise for success. good carrier. strong on customer service. friendly flights. really good prices. also, they do really well on fees. they don't gouge you nearly as much as other carriers. >> need to race through bottom feeders here. six, is southwest. then delta.
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seven. hawaiian airlines one of the worst airlines? >> this is where i feel really bad. some one had to come in at number 8. their fares were high. now i think could be held against them. they're, you know out in the middle of the pacific. they have good, really good. number one on time. of the airlines. frequent flier program. okay. route, can't get that many places. >> frontier airline? >> frontier and spirit came in at the bottom. i can't agree more. why do you say so? >> they charge you for fees across the board. fares aren't that cheap. cram you in. that they why we want consumers to look at. when you see cheap airfare, not all airlines are the same. if you are going to get nickel and dimed. splurge extra and fly an airline that treats you as a human. >> all said. goldenage of travel? >> this is in my opinion. although many people would disagree. >> because you get a teddy bear. >> all right, brian kelly, the points guy, thank you for being here with us. >> thanks for having me. >> now we know.
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't criticize him >> no, man, no criticizing of it. back in 1979, singing that. >> still got the accent going. yeah, man. >> doctors, nurses, even the judges smoke it. >> ganja, marijuana, 4/20 day. >> 4/20 day. even on capitol hill. no one here is partaking. serena marshal has the the story. at least that we know. >> reporter: a joint session of congress. no, no, no, not like that. more like -- >> is that a joint, man? that looks look a quarter
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pounder, man. >> reporter: yeah, that kind of session. >> say, man, you got a joint? >> the first annual free give away for members of congress and their staffs. advocacy group rolling up and passing joints around to make sure congress reauthorizes the rule that would prevent the dea and department of justice from interfering with local state's medical marijuana laws. the rule expires next week. and without it, the trump administration could crackdown. during the campaign, then-candidate trump said he supported medical marijuana, called it a state's issue. a new yahoo! report found that 54% of people who say they use marijuana and 51% who say they use it regularly are parents. currently, 29 states have medical marijuana laws. and seven states including d.c., have legalized recreational use. >> thank you. thank you very former president obama, before
2:57 am
leaving office called for the schedule one narcotic to be treated like tobacco. >> new administration not so forgiving. >> a potentially dangerous, gate way drug that frequent leap leads to the use of harder drugs. use and possession is against federal law. >> reporter: the new attorney general. >> the united states congress has made possession of marijuana in every state and distribution of it an illegal act. so if that is something is not desired any longer congress should pass a law how to change the rules. >> it would be a lot cooler if you did. >> three new bills have been introduced into the sequestration of kosession of congress with bipartisan support. they could do that. chain the laws. make the federal government treat marijuana like alcohol. >> there is going to be a fight with this one. because, this is also a financial fight. $20
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this morning on "world news now" -- the king of cable. now dethroned. >> bill o'reilly out at fox news, fired after numerous allegations of sexual harassment. the show's new look debuting hours after the announcement. full story ahead. >> deal or no deal. trump administration not worried about making friends. announcing a nuclear treaty will be reviewed. this as some asian countries call the president a liar over that u.s. warship that was headed in the wrong direction. >> the deadly clash between police and protesters in south america. demonstrators running and jumping through sewers to escape tear gas. organizers calling it the mother of all marches. >> we do say bottoms up. all right. so admittedly it may be 420. but never a bad time for a cold one or is it?
3:01 am
find out why one brewer is taking on the fake news phenomenon. we'll get straight from the tap. on this thursday, april 20th. it's 420 day. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you on this april 20th. >> yes. >> a lot of people know it as a day in spring. >> a day in spring. >> some are using it as day of celebration for marijuana enthusiasts. talk about that later in the show. >> remember to celebrate it except they got high. but we are going to start. >> forgot what day it was. >> we'll start this half-hour, with the ouster of fox news anchor bill o'reilly, fired overnight after an investigation into growing claims that he sexually harassed female workers. >> changing the cable news landscape. o'reilly outside the vatican shaking hands with the pope when fox news announced his departure. he says in a statement he is disheartened calling allegations against him completely
3:02 am
unfounded. >> get this, fox news has already changed the name of the show that bears his name. renaming it, last night, the factor. we get details from abc's rebecca jarvis. >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> reporter: no spinning it the king of cable news dethroned. bill o'reilly host of cable's most popular show for 16 years out at fox news. in the whaeak of that growing sexual harassment scandal. the murdochs, executives, reportly pushed for o'reilly's ouster. their father, rupert murdoch signing off amid a growing scandal. 21st century fox announcing after a thorough and careful review of the allegations the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. bill o'reilly releasing his own statement. it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. but that is the unfortunate
3:03 am
reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. >> o'reilly's statement comes after the new images showing him on vacation, shaking hands with the pope at the vatican. back in new york, fox executives, clearly were not forgiving. and an advertiser revolt, at least 83 pulling their commercials from his show. new accusers coming forward. including this african-american fox employee, her attorney says this picture shows her calling the company's anonymous tip line. alleging o'reilly would leer and grunt at her calling her hot chocolate. one of the few who publicly defended o'reilly when the scandal broke, president trump. telling "the new york times," i think he a person i know well. he's a good person. personally, i think he shouldn't have settled. >> trump reportedly a friend of o'reilly's for years. and a frequent guest on his show. after the release of that infamous access hollywood video.
3:04 am
i'm not going to play too much of it because the it is crude guy talk. >> then candidate trump also defended former fox ceo roger ailes before he was forced out last summer after his own harassment scandal with multiple accusers coming forward. after 20 years, a stunning fall for the fox host. one of o'reilly's accusers, radio host, wendy walsh saying she doesn't want money. >> we know this is the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: an in ternl 21st century fox memo obtained by abc news, the company says it reached this decision following an extensive review in collaboration with outside counsel and that memo was signed by rupert, laughlin and james murdoch. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> move on right now. the trump administration reviewing the iran nuclear deal after declaring it a failure. secretary of state, rex tillerson said the deal struck in 2015, only delays iran's goal of becoming a nuclear state.
3:05 am
and he warned, an unchecked iran could travel the same path as north korea. now mind you the same state department had acknowledged that iran was complying with the terms of the agreement. but tillerson complained that iran remains a leading sponsor of terrorism. >> whether it be assassination attempts, support of weapons, mass destruction, deploying, destablizing militias, iran spends treasure and time disrupting peace. >> well, tillerson stopped short of promising to scrap the nuclear deal and reinstate sanctions, but he said the trump administration will not pass the buck on iran to a future administration. >> the white house right now is under fire for contradictory statements on the whereabouts of aircraft carrier group of ships. president trump said he was sending the ships to the korean peninsula as how of force. but at the time, the uss carl vinson was 3,000 miles away heading in the opposite
3:06 am
direction. this morning, asian newspapers are accusing the u.s. president of lying. uss carl vinson air craft carrier finally en route to sea of japan. the white house insists it did not mislead any body. >> republican senator believes there will soon be another high court vacancy. chuck grassley chairman of the senate judiciary committee expects resignation as soon as this summer. grassley did not name a justice. two oldest justices, ruth bader ginsburg and anthony kennedy both in their 80s. the court is back to full attendance currently after neil gorsuch sworn in ten days ago. one justice short for nearly 14 months. after the death of scalia. >> turns out a bible verse written on the forehead of former nfl star aaron hernandez. his body found in his massachusetts jail cell. dead from an apparent suicide. and there are reports this morning that hernandez smoked a synthetic marijuana called k 2 before his death. that drug has severe side
3:07 am
effects including erratic behavior. we get more know from our correspondent. >> guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty of murder in the second degree? >> not guilty. >> reporter: days after he was found not guilty for the 2012 murder of two men, aaron hernandez used a bed sheet to hang himself in his jail cell. it happened here at a maximum security prison in massachusetts. where hernandez was serving a life sentence for murdering his friend, odon lloyd, semiprofessional football player who was dating his fiancee's sister. the prison saying hernandez showed no signs he might try to hurt himself. his family in disbelief. >> he was the first one to make it. and from our side of the family. the first one. >> reporter: hernandez rose to fame, all american tight end playing for the university of florida, winning the 2009 national championship. he played for the new england patriots from 2010 to 2012.
3:08 am
the team cut hernandez in 2013, following his arrest for the lloyd murder. attorneys for hernandez promising a separate investigation. hernandez was just acquitted. now the fathers of the victims speaking out. >> he sat there, his reaction as a christian, as a person, that he never likes for anybody to die. >> according to reports, a legal technicality could mean hernandez died an innocent man because his legal team hadn't exhausted all appeal options. to venezuela now where at least two people are dead after protests against the government turned violent. opposition leaders prom igsed what they called the mother of all marches. all in hopes of forcing the president there to hold elections ahead of schedule. tens of thousands of people turned out as you can seep. and so did police. and paramilitary. venezuela's economy in severe recession. the supreme court dissolved the
3:09 am
parliament transferring legislative power to its self. >> back here at homeowner of holiday inn crown plaza and other properties says hackers accessed credit and debit card info from guests at 1200 of its hotel properties over a three month period. the intercontinental hotels group says malware stole identifying information from customer payment cards. the company warning any anyone who stayed from september 29th to december 29th to check bank card statements. >> also, popular high-end headphone maker is now facing accusations of spying. a lawsuit claims that bose tracks and shares user information without telling them. the law suit alleges that bose collected users music and audio choices through its connect mobile app and that information was then allegedly shared with third parties including a data mining firm without permission. bose has not commented on the suit. >> we have been watching this
3:10 am
absolutely riveting, kiss a kia contest much of the last three nights. >> oh, my. >> all contestants kissing a kia. came down to -- a -- no. it was a draw? >> well, listen. there was a number of different people. their lips stuck on a car. this optima sedan at a dealership in austin, texas. the winner of the drawing, this woman here, 30-year-old state health lab technician. after 50 hours of kissing that car. that is insane. >> so the six remaining contestants received lesser prizes. interesting techniques. >> she won a car. they won like, tickets to a music festival. >> 20 people began kissing the kia 7:00 a.m. monday with ten minute breaks eve. hour. >> look at this. facebook live streamed. >> trust me. i watched it. now to know it came done to a draw. i feel gypped. >> a lot of them feel asleep
3:11 am
over the overnight hours. 50 hour straight of keeping your lips on everything, got to be wearing. >> moving on. >> yeah. coming up. the fiery collapse of a power line tower, drone video captures the scene as a fire causes it to collapse. >> according to a new book, the clinton campaign collapsed on itself. the fascinating look inside the election and learn where hillary's run for the white house apparently went off course. >> and check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. promise won't show you, kendis gibson kissing a kia. >> or anything for that matter. >> you're watching "world news now." the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
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drone video capturing the dramatic moment an electric tower collapsed on to a busy highway. watch as this plays out. all of this taking place in the philippines. see what happened there. the tower of course caught fire. and then came crashing down. it happened during the morning rush hour. there were no injuries however. >> back here at home we have new
3:15 am
details on the shooting rampage in fresno, california. investigators treating it as a hate kriechcrime. the suspect allegedly targeted white men. >> reporter: the shooting rampage took less than four minutes. we just got another call in, with six shots fired. >> reporter: shaking the city of fresno to the core. zachary randalls died behind the shattered windows of the utility company truck. it was his first day in the field. 37 year a-year-old mark gassettd up food at the catholic charities office. >> good hearted person. caring and loving. >> 58-year-old david martin jackson killed feet away from gassette. 39-year-old kori ali muhammad was targeting white people. in his social media accounts he railed against white devils online. and talked about destroying the white man's world. >> he was going to kill as many
3:16 am
white males as possible. that's what he set out to do that day. >> reporter: police say muhammad spared the lives of a hispanic family trying to flee the area. he pointed a gun right at the female passenger but didn't pull the trigger. >> well coming up in the next half-hour, an apparent incident of air rage, and it was caught on camera. an irate passenger gets into a shoving match with a pilot no less. so what allegedly sparked the altercation. >> first an explosive new look inside the hillary clinton presidential campaign. the new book that portrays a presidential bid, plagued by missteps and missed opportunities. you're watching "world news now." ugh, yellow... what do you use? crest whitestrips crest 3d whitestrips whiten... 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap?
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a good morning to you on this thursday. no secret that many hillary clinton supporters are still bitter over her election defeat. >> but according to an explosive new book, many of the supporters should have seen this all coming, well before election day. here is abc's tom llamas. >> this the night for donald trump. he is now going to be the 45th president of the united states. >> the headline that rocked the world. and shocked so many. but the news shouldn't have taken the clinton campaign by
3:19 am
surprise. just months before election day, a long time clinton adviser, drafted a memo telling the campaign, donald trump could win. and not to underestimate him in battleground states. >> this adviser says donald trump can win this election. fact, he says at the top of the memo. and then, as the memo goes on it says, i would add, three or four points to every poll you see to trump's numbers. >> reporter: that report part of a gripping new book shattered. inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. the book, outlining how even before clinton launch her 2016 campaign, she instructed her it team to download top aides' e-mails from her 2008 run trying to pinpoint which staffers leaked to media and track down infighting. then, early on in 2016, while battling senator bernie sanders in the primary, the authors claim clinton admitted she couldn't get a handle on the new wave sweeping american politics. >> there is this rise in
3:20 am
populism. she is on a plane with one of her close aides. and she is, basically questioning what is happening in the country. she doesn't quite understand it. >> reporter: the book also details how clinton herself created tension in her campaign by surrounding herself with rival aide inside and outside of the campaign. and some of those closest to her, like huma abadeen couldn't be honest with the caratic nominee. >> she had trouble telling hillary the truth. she was a gatekeeper for people to got to hillary clinton. >> in the campaign autopsy, the writers found unlike the trump campaign which ran primarily on gut instinct. >> i just get the feeling we are going to win in a landslide. >> the clinton campaign relied heavily on voter data. and some key battleground states, that data hurt more than it helped. even causing a rift between bill clinton and campaign manager robbie mook. >> her team decided more expensive and difficult to
3:21 am
persuade people who didn't agree with her. and spent more and more time focused on the people that they thought they could turn out. >> still clinton's message wasn't resonating in certain voters. >> do you think donald trump beat hillary clinton or do you think hillary clinton beat herself? >> i think hillary clinton did so many things to damage her own campaign that sunny was not able to beat a flawed candidate in donald trump. and a big part of that was not understanding what was going on in the look toelectorate, same donald trump and bernie sanders were able to tap into. >> in the final chamters of the book, play-by-play from election night. how clinton apologized to president obama for losing. and making that call to the future president. >> so she calls up donald trump, and she says those words, she never thought she was going to have to say. congratulations, donald. >> tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> emotional moment for her. no doubt. but also for so many of her --
3:22 am
those who loved her and wanted to vote. >> more difficult moment to call president obama and say i'm sorry. going to church on 420, of course.
3:23 am
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♪ ♪ >> okay, it is 420. for those of you who don't know, it is a high holy day for those who enjoy marijuana. >> marijuana. >> weed. >> uh-huh. >> ganja. purple urkle. >> mary jane. >> some calling it sacrilege. others say hi, hallelujah. starting a church of cannabis. and open today. and welcoming elevationists it calls members. home to adults everywhere to those who are looking to create a best version of themselves by way of the "sacred plant." >> hashish.
3:26 am
>> yeah. see how long that lasts. >> the cush. >> okay, we get it. thank you. thanks. moving on to the next story now. >> move on. >> talk about beer. all of the vices this morning. >> all the vices. becausa adrienne its here. we love this. some folks in canada have come up with a new branding for beer. called fake news ale. guess who is on the cover? >> my goodness. >> they went with our president. it is only sold in canada. direct delivery only. it will be available mid june. they claim that 5% of sales will go to help reverse questionable policies. whatever that means. >> yeah. >> good luck with that. good luck with that. okay. this is. >> did i do ganja, say ganja? >> no. >> favorite story "the mix." dipping sauces. what do you look to dip your chicken nuggets in? >> why can it be chicken?
3:27 am
steak, salmon? >> m stereotyping. >> a sauce from 1998 sold on e bay for $14,000. the tiny square like, that you dip the chicken nugget in. just sold for $14,000. why? because people are crazy. >> judging. >> the sauce, released as promotional item for disney movie mulan. and they were cleaning out the car. person sold it. cleaning out the car. found the sauce. >> probably good stuff. >> heap put it on line. >> go to churches. fried chicken that is. >> $14,000. >> dipping. >> that will be a whole -- >> apparently. >> new level. >> they're asking for the sauce to come back. >> craziest air bnb here. >> rich
3:28 am
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z1we5z zi0z y1we5y yi0y
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," iran on notice. conflicts with syria, russia, north korea and now the trump administration turning its sights to iran. the world seemingly on the brink. >> the stunning fall from grace for icon of conservative television. how the decade's long career of a cable television colossus who reigned supreme for more than 20 years on fox news was undone in three weeks. >> a pilot approached by an irate passenger. the two get into a shoving match. what the passenger says the pilot was doing that started it. >> wow. >> and ready for the spotlight? after years of worrying about his whereabouts and general well being, fans making contact with richard simmons. you see him in the tutu?
3:31 am
>> i did. more interestingly hearing you saying making contact as if he is an alien from another plan planet. >> oh, we don't know. some of the conspiracy theories. what might this mean for everyone's favorite short fitness guru? it is thursday, april 20th. who wears short-shorts? >> you wear short-shorts. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> realized i was quoting a nair commercial. ha-ha. ♪ who wears short-shorts ♪ he wears short-shorts ♪ >> i'm too sleep deprived. >> so is everybody else. happy thursday to you. welcome to adrienne. we will start this half-hour with the trump administration putting the iran nuclear deal under a microscope. >> secretary of state rex
3:32 am
tillerson announcing the u.s. is reviewing the nuclear agreement slamming it as a failure. he is also taking aim at iran. for supporting terrorism. >> all this as tensions are nearing a boiling point with north korea. abc's correspondent has been following the developments from washington, d.c. at this early morning hour. good morning, arlette. >> good morning. with the 100 day mark quickly approaching. president trump is diving deeper and deeper into foreign affairs. the administration talking tough on not one but two nuclear fronts. secretary of state, rex tillerson, issuing a warning on iran. comparing its behavior to north korea. >> unchecked iran has potential to travel the same path as north korea. and take the world along with it. >> reporter: those comments after tillerson notified congress that iran is complying with the nuclear deal struck with president obama. despite that, the trump administration said it is conducting a full review of that agreement. >> trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on iran. the evidence is clear, iran's
3:33 am
provocative actions threaten the united states. the region and the world. >> on the campaign trail, candidate trump railed against the deal. promising to renegotiate it. >> they're doing the iran deal it was so bad, so pathetic. i looked at it. i looked at the way they negotiated. i said, these people don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: since taking office, president trump has not revealed how he'll tackle that deal. >> the iran deal made by the previous administration is one of the worst deals i have ever witnessed. and i have witnessed some beauties. but, i will do what i have to do with respect to the iran deal. >> reporter: meanwhile the trump white house is already in the middle of confronting another dangerous nuclear power. north korea. >> u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley with strong words for pyongyang. telling reporters, we're not trying to pick a fight. so don't try and give us one. and vice president mike pence
3:34 am
saying the u.s. isn't looking to negotiate. >> we are going to make it clear to the regime in pyongyang and that the days of broken promises, the days of -- of running out the clock, on agreements with the wider world are over. >> now here in washington, president trump will engage in some diplomatic outreach when he welcomes the prime minister of italy to the was today. the two will have a press conference where the president will likely face questions about his strategy on both north korea and iran. we'll have to see what he has to say on the topics. kendis, adrienne. >> there are plenty of topics. thank you. the trump administration is about to face the judge who the president railed against during the campaign. >> uh-huh, u.s. district judge gonzolo curiel has been assigned to the case of
3:35 am
a 23-year-old deported to mexico, even though he has dreamer status which allows undocumented immigrants to stay in the country if they're brought here as children. judge curiel oversaw the lawsuit against trump university. and then candidate trump questioned if he could be impartial. because of his mexican heritage. >> curiel's assignment, latest case said to be completely coincidental. >> former president, george h.w. bush spent the night in a houston hospital where doctors say he is gaining strength. the 92-year-old admitted for mild case of pneumonia, the second bout with the illness this year. his spokesperson said his spirits are high and he is looking forward to going home to his wife. >> now to what appears to be a case of air rage. started on board a plane and spilled into an airport terminal. it has the now resulted in some criminal charges. kansas city airport cameras captured a man identified by police as edward foster, walking behind a uniformed pilot, who was traveling as a passenger. now, as they moved into the terminal, foster suddenly
3:36 am
dropped his bags, and shoved the pilot. another camera. >> what? >> you can see it there. shows the scuffle escalating after foster tried taking a picture of the pilot id tag. witnesses say foster accused the pilot of taking up too much room in the island being disrespectful. the pilot suffered cults and bruises. foster has been charged with assault. >> all a case of him thinking the pilot sitting next to him on the plane, was taking up too much space. >> uh-huh. >> the pilot had a wide stance, yeah. >> you have got to be kidding me. people calm down. anyway, millions of people in the central planes are on alert overnight for -- don't, seriously. >> i agree. >> possible tornadoes in the area. >> this time-lapse video shows the strength of the same storm system moving over nashville. inhale. at the university of nebraska softball game sent them fleeing for shelter. eventually, they got the game in.
3:37 am
>> yeah, spring is all about wild weather, isn't it? >> the front will move diagonally southwest, north east. across the midwest. did you get all that? it is moving. >> a lot of directions. >> two areas with greatest potential for severe thunderstorms. one its, the texas panhandle, and oklahoma. the other is from indianapolis up to the great lakes. isolated tornados are possible in those areas. >> the u.s. navy says it is redesigning its submarines to accommodate female crew members. that includes obvious things like separate bathrooms, separate sleeping areas, but designers will be making other adjustments like lowering overhead valves, and making them easier to turn. the first new redesigned subshould be delivered to the navy in 2021. cigarette smokers in new york may soon get hit with a major case of sticker shock. mayor de blasio says he wants to raise the base price of cigarettes to $13 per pack. that is up from $10.50.
3:38 am
it would make big apple cigarettes the highest priced in the country. >> all right. and we have irrefutable proof the mascot of the university of florida does it all. >> everything. >> watch. this baseball game, young fan. albert gator shield a kid. see what he did. he was protective like a mama bear. that foul ball could have smacked him. caught on the snout. yeah, if you are a well padded mascot. >> sure it hurt. >> the boy returns the favor and performs cpr on, on the mascot. >> oh, my goodness. >> i think the mascot. >> look at the kid. i'll save you. resuscitate you. >> give you mouth to snout resuscitation. >> that kid is adorable. some one get him a ticket some where. so cute. >> the stunning fall from grace for cable tv conservative colossus. bill o'reilly, is now out of a job.
3:39 am
what we are learning this morning about the swift time line of event that led to his downfall. >> the two entertainment giants facing off tonight on lip-sync battle. channelling tom cruise. those are some short-shorts there. and britney spears. >> it gets better. you are watching "world news now." >> it gets better, kids. ♪ my lonliness is killing me ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by weather brought to you by u won't see these fos at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to
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and never go to the post office again.
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3:42 am
colossuscolossus. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're back with the big cable news controversy. bill o'reilly left the no spin zone for the unemployment zone. >> a whole new tv world. last night the first episode of the o'reilly factor aired on fox news, minus bill o'reilly's name. after that stunning fall from grace for the man who pioneered opinion-led tv news. here is abc's nick watt. >> reporter: beginning of the end for o'reilly april 1st with "the new york times" expose claimed five women who accused
3:43 am
o'reilly of harassment were given settlements, $13 million on condition they would never talk. abc news has not independently verified the claims. two days later in los angeles, lisa bloom, revealed another o'reilly accuser. >> i'm not litigious, i don't want money. i'm not -- there is no 6 no lawsuit. >> we are beginning a new segment, are we crazy? >> a triad, soon, she got a dinner invite from o'reilly's assistant. i thought the big boss, wow. and he brought it up first. soon as we sat done to dinner. saying we would look to make you a contributor. >> after dinner she says, as we walked past the hostess stand at the restaurant. he turned right towards the bed rooms the i turned left towards the bar. he caught up with me, said, no come become to my suite. and i said, i'm so, i can't do that. and then it became hostile, all his charmingness went away.
3:44 am
he said the words, you can forget all the business advice i gave you. you are on your own. >> reporter: april 3rd, advertisers began to abandon o'reilly's show. o'reilly issued a statement on his website like prominent and controversial people, i'm vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity. >> the reason why my clients got so much love from the public in the last couple week they're not asking for any money. >> two days later, april 5th, the president, an avid fox news fan weighed in with an interview in "the new york times." >> i think he shouldn't have settled, personally. i think he shouldn't have settled. no, i know bill. bill's a good person. i don't think bill would do anything wrong. >> the advertiser exodus, trickle. became a flood. o'reilly's ratings stayed strong and grew, averaging 3.7 million every night last week. viewers untroubled by reports that he was a serial offender. accused of publicly buy rating a producer.
3:45 am
in 2004 of making lewd phone calls to another producer. the times reporting back in 2011, o'reilly personally settled with former fox business channel host, rebecca gomez diamond for $1 million. middle of last week, the tide began to turn. against fox's biggest star. >> o'reilly took what was characterized as a preplanned vacation. >> well have a contest on billo' guess where bill is going? a full report when i return. >> he never did. this was his final fox signoff. >> yeah, thank you for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops here. >> tonight the o'reilly factor aired with a guest host in the air. but now, it is just called the factor. i'm nick watt for "nightline." >> ironically enough, o'reilly was spotted over the weekend meeting with pope francis in rome. >> shaking his hand, in the vip section. there has been a lot of talk. there he was and still is in italy.
3:46 am
>> hope he is enjoying it. having a few glasses. coming up. richard simmons speaks out for the first time in more than a year. >> and a doubles partner for serena williams. "the skinny" is next. ♪ >> and a doubles partner for serena williams. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny >> oh, richard simmons. starting "the skinny." breaking more than a year long silence. >> people are concerned about him. celebrity fitness guru has not been seen in public more than three years. fueling speculation that he may be missing or even worse. >> but now the sweating to the oldies star posted a message on facebook after being hospitalized for severe indigest, monday. >> his message and a photo of himself from 2014, three years
3:49 am
ago, simmons thanking fans for their good wishes. saying you will never know how much it means to me. >> an early throwback thursday photo. the 68-year-old's absence from the public eye spawned a pod cast, called missing richard simmons. now a business deal includes merchandising, endorsements, and licensing could suggest a reappearance. is imminent. >> i think simmons too, there were headlines he was upset about the pod cast. >> he was. >> what are you doing getting into my business. simmons telling his fans, hope to see you again soon. okay, maybe some cheerier news. some big news from serena williams. >> the grand slam tennis phenom confirmed that she is 20 weeks pregnant with the first child. posted the photo in a bathing suit. showing off her baby bump. then apparently she deleted it. >> the 35-year-old williams played at the australian open, back in january, when she was already close to two months
3:50 am
pregnant. >> she was pregnant when she won the australian open. >> only serena williams. >> absolutely. her spokeswoman says williams is sitting out the rest of the 2017 season and hopes to return to the circuit next year. >> the announcement, the latest surprise from williams. last december she announced her engagement to a reddit co-founder. the photo. the baby due some times this fall. >> congratulations to them. could have played australian open. beyonce could have done coachella pregnant. >> let's not push it. >> magical news about will smith. >> oscar nominee in talks to reprise the role of the late robin williams as the the genie in the live action remake of aladdin from our parent company disney. that's different. >> going to be great. >> like disney's beauty and the beast, aladdin will be a musical right up smith's alley who started his career as a rapper. racking up four grammys back in, 20th century. >> wow, feel talking about sinatra or something.
3:51 am
>> he was great. >> back in the 20th century and all. ha-ha. aladdin will reportedly wrap up shooting early next year. i really feel like everybody knows the theme song from fresh prince. >> of course. >> should have been grammy nominated. >> yeah, anyway. ricky martin. traveling tom cruise. for tonight's showdown. >> my favorite stories. two-time grammy winner, stripping down, to a dress shirt and white socks and tighty whities and preview clip, re-creating cruise's dance from risky business. >> even uses a brass candlestick like cruise in the film. >> he can get away with it. >> he did good. >> so we are fair and balanced in the overnight hours. the only reason we are showing his competition. kate upton. the model going all out. >> i feel dirty watching all this. >> back into the 90s.
3:52 am
>> lip-syncing. >> i apologize. >> baby one more time. >> can we play the clips one more time? >> no. one more time. >> can we play the clips one more time? >> no. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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smells nice... breathe happy, with new febreze. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't think bill o'reilly is crying too much. making a whole lot of money with his books and deals. speaking of old school, the book there, brie larson back on the big screen taking us back to the 70s. in an action packed film about an arms deal gone massively wrong. >> after winning an academy award she harbors some self-doubt. here is abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: brie larson in a boston warehouse during the 1970s. >> we can't all be nice girls. >> i looked at this movie. i thought she is back in a room
3:56 am
that is hard to get out of. >> little bigger this time. and mr. people. >> reporter: when an arms deal between south africa gun merchant and irarep goes side ways, a captivating shootout with larson's justine trying to save them among the bullets. >> all the male personalities, egotistical fight for power, she is the one frying to keep everything okay as calm as she is it not enough. this is not cool action hero moves. so that's what i like about it. >> reporter: larson in high demand since winning the oscar for best actress in 2016. sunny will join marvel as captain marvel. with that success, larson says she feels she is only as good as her next picture. >> for most of my life if i wasn't on set i was going on three, four auditions every day. if you are not working, you are just sitting at home with anxiety, you think i am never going to get another audition never going to make it.
3:57 am
>> reporter: you shared it w us aa dream you had you, were talking to your 7-year-old self. and you said, keep at this. but it is going to be 20 years before you get any recognition for it. what's it look now to have that recognition for you? >> i feel the same. it hasn't changed how i feel about myself. at the end of the day, like, i still question if i'm a good actor, i still question if i am doing enough. >> you have a statue in some room in your house? >> it's kind of random isn't it. it happened that year with those people. like in my brain i can sort of extrapolate and go not an absolute. it is just a thing that happened one time. i think i am always going to question myself. its that okay? >> come on, man. chris connelly -- >> why don't you calm the [ bleep ] down! >> oh, my goodness, what she said. what's fascinating learned about brie larson. began her career as a child actor performing skits on the jay leno show. >> there you go. >> tonight show. >> starting with jay. what? what?
3:58 am
♪ lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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making news in america this morning, fired by fox, bill o'reilly booted from his long-running show after a series of allegations against him. his old program already has a new name. >> the trump administration facing serious foreign challenges from iran and north korea. the secretary of state making one thing clear, the u.s. won't be waiting around to take action. details live from washington ahead. new video, the frightening moment as smoke fills a passenger plane. look at that. the jet's pilot with a request that probably didn't make too many people comfortable. a truck's strange cargo on the highway. a car dragged for miles. we'll show you more on that video.


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