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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. the apparent terror attack in paris. two officers targeted. isis claiming responsibility. just a short time ago. one officer, killed. one wounded. authorities swarming one of the most famous tourist locations in the world. our foreign correspondent standing by. the discovery in this country. the teacher accused of kidnapping his former student is under arrest tonight. the 15-year-old girl is found. authorities on the scene, where they discovered them more than 2,000 miles away. two officers, shot in seattle. authorities say a botched robbery. the manhunt right now for at least one suspect. we have new reporting on what could be a big payout at fox. after bill o'reilly is fired. tonight, reports he could be walking away with up to $25 million. and the video causing
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controversy. the 10-year-old boy with autism, arrested at school. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night and we begin with breaking news coming in from paris. a terror attack in one of the most tourist spots in the world. gun shots ringing out on the champ-elysees. it's now a crime scene tonight. the shooter targeting police officers, killing one of them, wounding another before that shooter tried to run from authorities down the champ champs-elyees isis now saying they're behind. we begin with chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: one of the most beautiful streets in the world, the iconic champs-elysees on lockdown tonight. the latest target of terror. just after 9:00 p.m., a car pulls up next to a police vehicle. a gunman armed with a military-style weapon gets out,
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opens fire. one police officer killed. two others, wounded. a bystander hit. this man says he saw it all. "he came out and started shooting, he said, he could have shot us on the pavement and killed more people with a spray of shots but he targeted the policemen. i heard six gunshots. sirens blaring, police and emergency vehicles swarm the wide avenue, usually packed with tourists. now, a scene of panic. >> ladies and gentlemen, you have to stay back, please! >> reporter: as the area is secured, parisians, many now accustomed to these emergencies, ordered to keep their hands up. snipers survey the scene through binoculars. because no one was sure at this moment if another attacker is on the loose. within two hours came that claim that boast of responsibility by isis. this attack coming just three days before the first round of the presidential election in france, bitterly contested, and one of the leading candidates, emmanuel macron, in a tv interview when news came of the
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attack on the champs-elysees. president francois hollande, somber, emotional, who has seen so many of these attacks during his tenure, speaking to the nation tonight. "we shall be of the utmost vigilance, especially in relation to the election," he said. and president trump in washington weighing in shortly after the shootings. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france. again it's happening. it seems. >> terry, what more do we know about the claim from isis. >> that claim from isis coming so quickly, suggest perhaps that this was an attack planned and directed by isis. we have seen that before in france. it could well be an attempt to shape that presidential election. david. >> all right, terry moran leading us off from. a nationwide manhunt for a teacher accuse odd of abducting
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his former student. the student found okay. also founded two loaded handguns. tad cummins and student elizabeth thomas had been missing for a month. abc's kayna whitworth from california today. >> reporter: tonight, the ago agonyizing manhunt for that teacher and the student is over. acting on a tip from a man who spotted cummins' vehicle at a cabin in a remote part of northern california. more than 2,000 miles from where the two initially disappeared. police aprehending cummins after staking out the location for hours. saying 15-year-old elizabeth thomas soon will be reunited with her family. >> all we know that she's apparently healthy and unharmed. knowing that our main concern is
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how is she motionally and mentally? >> reporter: the pair disappearing six months ago. he had recently suspended from his school after being investigating for an inappropriate relationship with a high school freshman. in an interview his wife told us 245 tad han been helping elizabeth. >> i think he was mentoring her and maybe just one bad decision started him off on a path that he didn't mean to go. >> reporter: spotted hundreds of mile from home in oklahoma city. surveillance cameras catching them in a walmart, the last confirmed sighting of the two until today. >> it only takes one tip and this is yet another example of the value of to public helping us to rescue a kidnapping victim. >> kayna whitworth with us live tonight from california. what charges does cummins now
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face? >> reporter: david, cummins faces both state and federal charges. including taking a minor across state lines to have sex. that carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of ten years if convicted. as for elizabeth, authorities say she'll be home tomorrow. and her family saying, they are overjoyed. david. >> all right, kayna whitworth with us tonight. thank you. we turn next here this evening, to what could be a major payout to bill o'reilly at fox news. fox parting ways with him amid mounting claims of sexual harassment. tonight, one accuser going on national television today describing what happened to her in the hallways of fox news. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight. ♪ >> reporter: tonight, "the factor" minus o'reilly. >> it is the end of an era here at the fox news channel. as we mentioned earlier, bill o'reilly is leaving this
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chair, and this network after more than 20 years. >> reporter: the host of cable's most popular show leaving the network with a reported $25 million golden parachute. a severance nearly doubled the amount he and fox have paid over the last 15 years to settle five claims against o'reilly for inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment. and the second big payout at fox news since last summer after network head roger ailes walked away with $40 million following claims of sexual harassment. altogether allegations o'reilly and ayles both deny. >> hey ho hey ho o'reilly's gotta go. >> reporter: the company caving to protests and an advertiser revolt -- network executives reportedly worried as more accusers come forward. >> i was getting off the elevator, he said, looking good there, girl. and the hairs rose on the back of my neck because i knew the
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grunting and groaning was going on. >> women like perquita burgess who worked as a temp at fox sharing her experience with o'reilly publicly for the first time today on "the view." >> i'm just sitting there minding my business, and he walks by and says hey, hot chocolate, but he didn't look at me when he said it, and i didn't respond. i was mortified. [ cheering ] >> reporter: ratings for o'reilly climbing since the scandal broke. his departure, a new test for the fox brand. >> not only are you going to lose your ratings king, but you could also alienate some of his followers and fans who will say, i'm not going back. >> reporter: today, on the fox news facebook page, thousands of loyal fans sounding off -- one woman writing, fox, you're getting ready to lose million of viewers. when you fired bill o'reilly, you made a huge mistake. >> rebecca jarvis joins us live
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tonight from outside fox news headquarters here in new york. bill has said quote, it's tremendously disheartening we part ways due to unfounded claims. now his legal team is now responding to this newest accuser. >> david, his attorneys tell us they're not commenting on this tonight. originally when perquita came forward with her claims anonymously, they called them outrageous. we move on now to what could be the first case of a dreamer being deported from this country. someone brought to this country illegally when he was a child. but tonight, the department of homeland security disputing his case and the judge who will decide that will force dhs on any records of the young man's deportati deportation, the indiana judge, questioning his impartially because of his quote, mexican heritage. >> reporter: he is the indiana-born judge whom
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president trump called biased because of his mexican heritage, and tonight, gonzalo curiel is back in the spotlight presiding over a suit filed by what could be the first dreamer deported by the trump administration. during the campaign, then-candidate trump repeatedly attacked judge curiel's impartiality, calling him unfit to oversee a case about trump university. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hater. i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine, he's hispanic, which is fine. we're building a wall, he's a mexican. >> reporter: it is a complete coincidence that curiel has been assigned the case of juan manuel montes, a 23-year-old whose to the u.s. illegally when he was just 9. a so-called dreamer, who under president obama, received protected status from deportation. but tonight, he is back in mexico, deported. montes says it happened in february. he was near the border in calexico, california, walking to a taxi stand.
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he says, a border patrol agent detained him. hours later, he says he was physically removed from the united states. a day or two after that, montes illegally crossed back into the united states, climbing a fence. he saw a border patrol agent and turned himself in the next day, he was deported. immigration officials say it didn't happen that way. they say montes entered mexico on his own, and was deported when we returned. today the homeland security secretary by leaving the u.s. by permission, he forfeited his protections as a dreamer. >> he gave that up by his behavior, and by his illegal actions. >> reporter: but montes' lawyers say immigration authorities are lying about what really happened, and they are now suing for more information about the case. judge curiel will decide whether they get that information. huge questions here about what the truth is. this young man deserves answers.
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shortly after taking office, president trump told david dreamers would be protected under his immigration crackdown. >> is there anything you can say to assure them right now that they'll be allowed to stay? >> they shouldn't be very worried. they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody. >> reporter: tonight, his administration still insists those dreamers don't have to worry. president trump had strong words about cure yell during the campaign. what are they saying at the white house. >> david, as you know, this president has been outspoken about judges in general. questioning their integrity. so far, this president has been silent about curiel. >> cecilia vega with us again tonight. president trump in a boost to boost american manufacture signed an order, it could restrict imports.
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there are questions tonight about a controversial piece of video capturing the treatment of a 10-year-old boy with autism. at a school in florida getting handcuffed. abc's clayton sandell with the video. >> reporter: this is 10-year-old john benjamin haygood at school. >> does he have the same rights as an adult? >> reporter: his mother, who says her son is autistic, recording as deputies arrest him for being an accused felon. >> i don't wanna be touched. >> does he need to be told -- >> he doesn't have to be told, he has a warrant. >> so not even an adult has the right to be told when they're arrested why? >> this is so -- dumb. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: deputies in okeechobee, florida, say they arrested haygood because he had a warrant for allegedly assaulting his teacher, kicking scratching and punching him, back in october. >> i don't understand. >> i know, honey. he has autism. he doesn't know what's going on. he's scared to death. he's 10 years old. >> i don't know what's [ bleep ]
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going on. >> reporter: he's been out of school since then, but was arrested when he came back to school for a test. >> it was because of his autism that spurred this incident, and he was arrested for that. unfortunately, instead of treating or accommodating, we arrest, because we don't know what else to do. >> reporter: police say they told john's mother about the warrant before they arrested him. he said she thought those charges had long been drop. she's now hired lawyers to fight those charges. general motors tonight saying it's been forced to suspend its operation in venezuela after the government there confiscated its factory. gm forced to lay off 2500 workers. it comes amid the violent demonstrations across venezuela that we have reported on. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this turz -- developing story. two police officers shot in an american city. several suspects taking aim at
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officers during an attempted robbery. police swarming the scene. the airport shoving push between the passenger and the pilot right there. we have learned more tonight about what led to their heated confrontation. and the images being seen around the world tonight, sarah palin and others well-known names posing in front of the portrait of hillary clinton. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. next tonight to that developing story in the west. two police officers shot and wounded in seattle. there's a manhunt under way right now. here's abc's jim avila. >> shot two officers. we have him cornered. but he does have access to possible other parts of the building. we're in a holding pattern right now. >> reporter: tonight a chaotic scene in downtown seattle. >> a desperate, and frightening, and an intense situation. >> reporter: two police officers shot and a suspect still on the rain. >> he is described as a black
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male, 5'11", about 250 pounds, wearing glasses and a seahawks beanie, and black clothing. >> reporter: it all started as a botched robbery. foot race through the streets. it all ended with shots fired. >> this is still an active crime screen. civilians in the area told to shelter in place as the battle played out on the street. david, the seattle mayor's is asking for patience as police cord beyond off streets in the middle of rush hour. >> jim avila on the developing story. when we come back here tonight -- the image from inside the white house. sarah palin with president trump. decided to send out this image with then first lady hillary clinton. over-the-counter products for my belly pain and constipation. i've had it up to here! it's been month after month of fiber.
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aaron hernandez. the former patriot star hanging himself in his cell. the medical examiner tonight officially ruling it a suicide. investigators say they found three handwritten notes next to a bible. the boston globe tonight reporting he spoke on to phone with his fiancee hours before his death. he was serving a life sentence for murder. to that airport fight in kansas city, an angry passenger facing charges after this video, shoving an off-duty american airlines pilot moments after they de-planed. police said foster was upset, that pilot was taking up too much in the cabin. the lawsuit, are your head phones spying on you, bose the makers of high-end head phones. the complaint accusing the connect apps that connects to sound files. it also connects a user's
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listening history that may reveal what you've been listening to. the foe-op at the white house whp sarah palin invited to the white house. the three then posed in front of hillary clinton's official white house portrait. when we come back here tonight, american strong, the boy who stood up in church and asked for a family. the incredible update. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. ♪ come on everybody. you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve. finally tonight here, america strong. we all remember the boy who bravely stood up in church, his prayer answered. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: when we first met him, he was just 15 and about to
6:57 pm
age out of foster care, never knowing the love and security of having a family of his own. that's when davion only took matters into own his hands, and walked up to the front of this florida church, where he begged for someone there to adopt him. >> i just said, i know god hasn't given up, and i'm not either. >> reporter: "i'll take anyone," he told them, old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple, i don't care." well, tonight, he is celebrating two years with his forever family. the social worker who drove him to the church that sunday, and is seen here adjusting his tie was listening with her heart. >> i think it's a human's right to be loved and wanted. >> reporter: connie going is now his mother. he has a sister in college, another at home, and a brother too, who came from his same group home. >> i feel safe, and i feel like, you know, i just have people who care about me. >> reporter: this has been a long road for both mother and son. but now there's the end of high school, graduations to
6:58 pm
celebrate, summer vacations, a beautiful grandmother, and a new last name. >> we're a family so our journey is really just beginning. we all love each other and i wouldn't give my family up for anyone. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> thank you for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir, i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an it manager from farmingdale, new york... an international development non-profit professional from washington, d.c... and our returning champion, an attorney from greenwich, ohio... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. a slow start at the beginning of yesterday's program, but a very strong finish for emmett, who is our new champion. nilanka and joanne, welcome aboard, and good luck to all three of you. here come the categories for the first round of play,


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