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tv   Action News at 530 AM  WPVI  April 24, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> new this morning, an suv slams into a man walking along a road in bucks county. it's one of two serious pedestrian crashes we have to tell you about. >> storm tracker 6 live shows wet weather making its way here. accuweather is timing out when you have to reach for the umbrella. >> good morning, 5:30 a.m., april 24. let's find out about the rain, karen rogers is in for david murphy and matt pellman has the commute. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, starting off the week cloudy, cool and wet at times, lovely, right? storm tracker 6 live showing showers south and west of the city. look at storm tracker 6 live, all the moisture we have look at the heavy rain hitting the carolinas. all this will cycle through the area over the next couple of days. this is just the beginning of it. it will take a while to kick it out. let's show you when it looks like on satellite and radar. we see the cloud deck in philadelphia, not so much in allentown and reading you will have sunshine that will dim
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early this morning before the clouds fill in. south of the city you're starting off damp with lots of cloud cover. 50 degrees in philadelphia. in the low 40s in allentown. 48 in reading. 49 in millville. and 50 in cape may. you have an onshore flow, the easterly component to the wind gives us clouds it's cool with the moisture pulling up from the south, as well. we'll have showers at times. 7:00 a.m., 52. lunchtime, clouds and 58. we could see a shower at any point. i think the best chance for steadier rain will be late in the day. 3:00 p.m., 60 degrees in philadelphia. much of the day you're spending in the 50s, it's cool today. at 5:00 p.m., 58 with rain dropping. 7:00 p.m., rain south of the city. it's wetter tomorrow, details in the seven day forecast. i know it makes it sound great, right. we have sunshine in the seven day. >> reporter: not a great week for rain, we have work to do to
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get ready for the nfl draft along the benjamin franklin parkway, the inner drives are blocked, they remain blocked this morning. it's tonight when you get more closures that go into effect. 7:00 p.m. they will block this ramp from the vine westbound to get to the parkway via 22nd street. this ramp will close tonight and remain closed until next week. right now ramps open and traffic is moving fine on the vine street expressway. no major issues on the schuylkill expressway or i-95 or the boulevard so far this morning. had a nasty overnight motorcycle accident in chester county that did shut down the eastbound lanes of the 30 bypass. it's shut no longer. the crash is cleared. you're getting by between parksburg and coatsville. getting by in knew castle 45. weekday construction is gone. we're dealing with an opening at
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the burlington bristol bridge. triple b right now for the a northbound ship you want to head to the turnpike connector if you're heading out on this monday morning. >> new this morning, a fire that started in a bedroom spread through a building in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. crews found smoke pouring from a second floor of a corner store. no injuries were reported. a serious crash closed part of a busy road in bucks county overnight. a vehicle struck a pedestrian along route 611 in warrington township and stopped near the scene. this happened near oxford drive late last night. we are awaiting an update on the victim's condition. a car struck and killed a man who tried to jay walk across the boulevard. an suv struck melford pinkney yesterday afternoon. his family said he had just left the house and didn't know where
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he was heading or why he was walking. the driver of the striking vehicle remained at the scene. philadelphia police busted up a massive pot party over the weekend. investigators say 200 people crammed themselves into what authorities described as a death trap. police narcotics officers raided warehouse in the frankford section saturday night. when it was over they arrested 22 people and seized 50 pounds of marijuana and $50,000 in cash and several guns. this scene was ripe for disaster. l.and inch found the fire -- l.and i found the sprinkler and fire alarm did not work. there's no word on who owns the building. at least two organizers are facing serious charges. >> the stage is nearly set for
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the nfl draft in philadelphia only three days to go with more road closures taking effect today. jeanette reyes is live along eakens oval on what to expect as the excitement buildings, -- builds. >> reporter: matt we're days away from the big event and hours away from the big closure. this is the stage swallowing up the front portion of the art museum. it's one of the many changes you'll see in the area. >> it's the price of fame as it were, what are you going to do. >> reporter: the city of brotherly love is no stranger to big events this week, the nfl draft will overtake the art museum steps and the surrounding area. >> you can't see the art museum from down the parkway. it's unbelievable. i've never seen a stage that big. it's crazy. >> we came here my cousins are
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visiting from north jersey, i came to show them the beautiful city, the beautiful parkway, i know it's temporary, but we can't see the art museum. >> reporter: street closures are being done in phases. at 7:00 p.m. all lanes of the benjamin franklin parkway will be closed from 20th street to the art museum. kelly drive will be closed at fairmont and pennsylvania airforce. >> i -- avenues. >> i think people ought to take a vacation. because the city will be insane. >> reporter: for most, the nfl draft is nothing more than a traffic nightmare. >> the draft is boring, all you care about is your pick beyond that does it matter? >> reporter: coming back outside live this is the benjamin franklin parkway it's almost unrecognizable. there's actually another round of closures on the way, we know this is a lot to take in, we'll keep you posted online and informed along the way. reporting live from eakens oval, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action
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news." tam. >> thank you jennette. >> reporter: speaking of draft day a local football standout hoping to get the call on draft night will receive a special honor, camden mayor will present reddic a key to the city. he is ranked number 11th on espn's draft board which is an uncredible showing. >> going on to politics it's going to be a challenging week for president trump as he gets ready to mark his 100th day in office. with the budget deadline looming he is bracing for a showdown with democrats for funding of the border wall along mexico. democrats and republicans signaled they do not want to see a partial shut down over the issue, but it's a possibility. >> i can't imagine the democrats would shut down the government over an objection of a down payment on a wall that
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would end the lawlessness. >> to think he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this proposal of a border wall. >> on top of that, trump plans to unveil his tax reform plan. he will mark his 100th day in office with a rally in harrisburg on saturday. >> why don't we get rid of all the rain early in the workweek. get it over with. >> reporter: why didn't we think of that? okay, we will. let's take a look, the first half of the week, yes it's wet. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry in philadelphia, dry north in the city. we showers west of reading, lancaster, wilmington anne south of vineland and new york city. you can see near sea isle city it's damp. in cape may, smyrna, delaware it's damp and west of wilmington. let's go outside and show you what it looks like because sky6 live hd is looking live in penns landing where we have lots of
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clouds. we'll see breaks in the clouds in allentown. south of the city you're stuck in the clouds. a degrees in philadelphia. 45-degree dewpoint. a lot of moisture is running into somewhat drier air mass and kind of falling a part. nonetheless it's going to be damp and gloomy and cool the next couple of days. the pressure is holding steady. the winds are easterly. when you have the easterly component to the wind, the ocean temperature is 52 you're bringing in the moisture you've got more cloud cover and that's what we're seeing. satellite and radar showing the rain that's trying to spread up through the region. i want to go wider here. here's the area of low pressure you see the spin in the atmosphere. that's going to take a couple of days to draw up here, today and tomorrow all this moisture works its way in our region at times it's pretty wet. today's forecast, it's damp at best, cooler at times, it's not going to rain all day, but you could have a shower at any point south and west of the city you'll be seeing that.
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8:00 a.m., 55. 10:00 a.m., 56. lots of clouds. lunchtime, 58 degrees much of the day holding in the 50s. 3:00 p.m., we'll hit a high at philadelphia international 60. at 6:00 p.m. rain again and pulling the temperature down to 56. as we look at highs around the region you'll see the low 60 in the lehigh valley where you will see sunshine dimly mixing with the clouds. 63 degrees in philadelphia. cooler south of the city where you have a better chance of the steadier rain. future tracker showing the rain pulling up at 5:30 p.m. where it fills in a little bit more. 8:30 p.m. showers, tomorrow morning commute could be wet at times. it's tomorrow afternoon it looks steadier. today and tomorrow, rain at times, this is a look at 9:30 p.m. tuesday night. the steadiest rain in the afternoon hours, monday and tuesday, rounds ever rain with the easterly flow. not very pretty, but things change midweek.
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it's damp today, cooler, showers at times, a chance for steadier rain later in the day, especially south of the city. 60 for the high. tomorrow rainy and breezy at times, 58 degrees for the high. wednesday the day of transition, we have leftover showers and clouds as the low tries to depart. looks like it departs by day's end, sunshine, 70 for the high. thursday in time for the nfl draft things change for us. it turns warmer, partly sunny skies, 82 degrees for the high. friday, partly sunny, 84 feeling summer-like. saturday, 86! nearly 90-degree on saturday, 20% of a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. i think it stays dry. sunday, warm, 82 degrees, make sure you have the accuweather app downloaded because it will be rainy at times for the next couple of days. >> 5:41 a.m., traffic trouble it was not because of construction, instead a group of
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cyclist take over the vine street parkway. a holocaust survivor remembers holocaust remembrance day. >> reporter: 309 on the southbound side approaching the pennsylvania turnpike in fort washington we're moving just fine. we'll warn you about other work zones you will want to avoid when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
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>> hello, good morning, 5:45 a.m., it is mud, the commodore barry bridge currently dry in this location, but we have rain moving in from the southwestern portion of our viewing area. >> that will eventually make your commute not so fun. let's see where it is now. good morning. >> reporter: brand shining new workweek that is not so sun shinying the next couple of days. dry in the burbs along 476 past route 3 in broomall, upper darby, this is not where you want to be northbound they expected to crack sealing before broomal and villanova during the midday. they gave us problems last week we expect them again this week.
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northeast extension we have overnight work in the southbound lanes between quakertown and landsdale. the right lane is blocked. in bedminster township, bucks county, 31 is closed. the update is today, they start the work on the bridge over perkiomen creek the east branch. going to remain closed since mid june. 313 out of commission, stick with elephant road or cal callol road. we have work along state road that's along 29 we're installing a new gas line, flaggers are out there in the midday, belmont avenue is scheduled to play by west law hill cemetary. stick with 23 or the schuylkill expressway to get around that during the midday. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waz -- weadz -- waze app there's a
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hazard before the 413 split. there's viewer video of what happened on the vine street expressway yesterday afternoon. 100 teenagers took their vehicles for a spin on the highway. nobody was hit during the daring ride. family and friends were dreerving the loss of a college student killed during a track and field competition. this pictures shows the memorial for 19-year-old ethan rosser who was accidently hit by a hammer during a hammer throw event at wheaton college west of the event on saturday. rosser was serving as a volunteer. as the world marks holocaust day, one living survivor shared her story. she was hidden for 6 months before she was put on a train
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for auschwitz. a hungarian guard pushed off off the locomotive. later she learned that everyone else was slaughtered on the train. >> i think from my heart, i never lost my faith. >> she eventually found the swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of jews, she urged everyone to continue telling her story so the holocaust will never be repeated. >> 5:48 a.m., water rescue see the moments firefighters saved a to an from a flooded creek. we have details on former president obama's first public speech since leaving the white house. the 6abc zoo balloon is
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ready for lift off in lego land. the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks hosted the show that allows lego lovers to bring their imagination to life. the one thing it doesn't fly. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: we're happening nothing is blocking traffic right now so speeds. >> good one, matt. >> i got it. >> reporter: we're live along city avenue route 1 at conshohocken avenue headlights coming northbound along the schuylkill expressway. you will find midday work at st. joe's. we're waiting for the light to turn green. septa bus detours in effect
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because of the nfl draft. new patco schedules take esked esked -- effect today. >> reporter: showers south and west of the city, north of the city you have mostly clear skies and philadelphia areas south and west you're kind of socked in with the clouds at times. 39 degrees in bethlehem. 41 in quakertown and pottstown. it's cool out there. 48 in coatsville. 49 in malvern. 50 in the city. new new jersey, only 45 in browns mills. 48 in glassboro, 50 in dover, delaware. you can see the direction of the wind right off the ocean that onshore flow brings us the cooler air and lots of moisture and that's what we'll be dealing with. today's high, 60 degrees much of the day we're spending in the 50s, it's damp and cooler than yesterday. you can see a shower at any point. the best chance for a period of steadier rain is later in the afternoon and evening, matt. >> you can watch the rain come
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in by going to storm tracker 6 live/weather and viewing storm tracker 6 live radar. a teenager in tennessee survived a close call in a flooded creek. he got stuck riding through a flooded creek over the weekend. one firefighter walked through the rushing water while others threw a rope to him and pulled the pair to shore. the water as 50 degrees and the teen was showing signs of hypothermia. >> if at first you don't succeed, a demolition crew needed a redo on a bridge implosion. the bridge was standing after the first blast, the second attempt was a success. a connection to the special connection loose.
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new information about a tragedy in new york city, five killed in a fire. >> uber is coming under fire again when it comes to light they track people even after people have deleted the app. that's coming up at 6:00.
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about the three children and two adults killed in a devastating house fire in new york city. the victim were a 2-year-old boy and 10-year-old boy and two girls 16 and 17. and a woman. new york city mayor said this is the city's deadliest fire in two years. >> a family literally destroyed before their very eyes, this is is a very, very painful day. >> there's no clear cause of the fire. a burned out car was found behind one of the homes and some witnesses report hearing loud booms, but the city fire commissioner said it does not appear there was an explosion. >> happening today former president obama makes his first public appearance since leaving office. he is scheduled to speak to students at the university of chicago as part of a mission to encourage and support the next generation of leaders.
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300 students from universities in the chicago area were invited to attend. the former president met with young at risk men in a jobs skills program yesterday. >> demand for the delivery is driving up business for a fast casual chain now they are looking to higher thousands of new workers. >> in today's tip we help you tackle the down side to the great outdoors, bugs.
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., monday, april 24. we're following breaking news. >> a man was shot and killed inside a home in germantown. police were able to make an


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